They Making (HYATT) Mock Sport at WE!

Submitted by David Comissiong, Citizen Advocate

Mark Maloney – Vision Development Inc

Over the past week or so an entity named “Hyatt Centric Development Team” has been sending out invitations inviting selected persons to a “public interactive discussion on the project” at the “site of the Hyatt Centric Resort, Carlisle Bay, Bay Street, Bridgetown” on Saturday June 10th, 2017.”

This development constitutes a callous “slap in the face” of all Barbadians and a monumental insult to our intelligence!

Indeed,these people are so contemptuous of us that they are bold-facedly holding a public town hall meeting (or as they term it— a public interactive discussion) NOT during the period  of the processing of the application; NOT prior to the Minister making a decision on the application, but some four (4) months AFTER the Minister has made his decision to grant permission to construct the controversial hotel!

This meaningless town hall meeting is therefore simply a window dressing and public relations exercise on the part of the developer ! It has no substance or utility!

The whole purpose of a public town hall meeting is to give the Citizens and residents an input or say in the decision-making process BEFORE any decision is made by the authorities.

Indeed, when a public town hall meeting is held as part of the processing of an application for a construction project it is stipulated that a record MUST be made of the meeting, and that the record must be forwarded to the Town and Country Planning authorities for their consideration PRIOR to the making of a decision on the application.

I wish to reiterate that the application of Mr Mark Maloney’s company for permission to construct a 15 storey hotel on the beach at Carlisle Bay required that the proposed project be subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  BEFORE any decision could be properly made on the application. And the staging of a serious and meaningful public town hall meeting would have been an integral requirement of the EIA process!

Here, for the record , is what our Town and Country Planning Department’s “Handbook and Guide To Town Planning” says about this matter:-


Any application to the Chief Town Planner which requires the preparation of an environmental impact assessment SHALL be the subject of a PUBLIC  MEETING. The EIA report shall be made available to the public for a period of not less than twenty-eight (28) days to allow for perusal and scrutiny. The EIA report SHALL be made available within the community, district or main public library and the Town and Country Development Planning Office.

No later than fourteen(14) days after the public meeting the applicant is REQUIRED  TO  SUBMIT  THE  REPORT  OF  THE  PROCEEDINGS  TO  THE  CHIEF  TOWN  PLANNER.


The public meeting shall be advertised on local media and at least one daily newspaper announcing the availability of the EIA report at the commencement of the twenty-eight day period. The advertisement should occupy at least one quarter page in the newspaper and should be bold and noticeable.

Furthermore, Section 12.2 of our country’s Physical Development Plan stipulates that “where Environmental Impact Assessments are required they shall be completed to the satisfaction of the Chief Town Planner  PRIOR to approval being given“.

In light of the foregoing, the proverbial “Six Million Dollar Question” is :- “Why wasn’t this particular project subjected to an Environmental Impact Assessment, inclusive of a substantive and meaningful public town hall meeting in which we— the people of Barbados– could have asked serious questions, demanded answers, and recorded any concerns or objections that we might have about the project ???

Somebody will have to answer this question , whether that answer is provided in the public domain or in the confines of a Court room.


  • “How many years was Mia practicing without her LEC?”

    I hope you include NINE (9) years under this inept DLP administration: two (2) years Freundel Stuart was Attorney General and seven (7) years after Adriel Brathwaite assumed the position.

    Then, according to Angela “Tight Weave DLP Yard-fowl” Cox-Skeete, this means that Mottley was practicing law ILLEGALLY under two DLP Attorneys General during the past nine years.

    In June 2015, Adriel Brathwaite COMMITTED the office of the Attorney General to investigate whether or not Mottley is legitimately practicing law in Barbados. However, in June 2017, TWO YEARS AFTER, Brathwaite has NOT REVEALED to Barbadians if the investigation began and what were the results.

    But Brathwaite continues to remain silent, while Mottley continues to practice law.

    As such, Stuart & Brathwaite are also RESPONSIBLE and EQUALLY to BLAME for CONTINUING to give “Mia SPECIAL FAVOUR unlike others who have to burn the midnight oil to get their certification.”

    With six (6) lawyers in their Cabinet, namely Stuart, Adriel “aware of illegal non-nationals illegally squatting in his Rock Hall, St. Philip constituency, and turning a blind eye because he has friends living there” Brathwaite, Stephen Lashley, Michael “cases of with-holding clients’ funds pending in court” Lashley, Michael “Thieving from senior citizens” Carrington in the lower House and Verla DePeiza in the Senate, the DLP has Scraped the bottom of the barrel and resorted to TWO YARD-FOWL IDIOTS who can hardly write a proper sentence, to spew rhetorical political diatribe via social media.

    “Only in bubadus. lol….”


  • I don’t have to pretend to know all that you’re “nothing” but DLP yard-fowl idiot…………… 99.5% rope and 0.5% goat.


  • Dennis Lowe is a fraud.

    I heard Dr Clyde Mascoll said at the Cahill political meeting the BLP had at Tyrol Cot that when this matter of Lowe’s questionable qualifications came to light by OSA during the 2003 election, the party was rattled by the revelations.

    As the then leader of the party, the party asked his wife to look in to the matter and she came back to the party and told them to stay away from the matter. He went on to say that the qualifications that Lowe was now claiming he had was not the same as when Mascoll lead the party.

    Go figure!


  • This talk is only to distract from the perilous state of the economy, the uproar over the 400% increase in the social responsibilty tax and the unconscionable purchase of the $350,000 car.

    Dont be fooled and get drawn into the DLP cesspool. They are desperate.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Morning Prodigal

    A fraud is a person who cant produce the necessary qualifications to support them in their line of work.

    Is there anyone on your side of the fence like that? And O levels don’t cut it.

    Her Majesty the Queen must be informed of this development.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    You like to encourage a lot of EVIL.

    Is this how you used to operate at Barclays Bank?

    Instead of encouraging her to apply to Hugh Wooding in Sept. and do the Legal certificate for 6 months or 2 years whichever is appropriate providing she can produce an LLB, you saying that people desperate.

    You are wicked just like your Barbados Labour Party.


  • Carson C. Cadogan June 13, 2017 at 7:02 AM #
    Morning Prodigal

    A fraud is a person who cant produce the necessary qualifications to support them in their line of work.

    A fraud is also someone with nuff qualification and simply cannot get the job done. Always making mistakes and don’t have the capacity to lead. Let’s hear the list of frauds.


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