BLP and DLP Members of Parliament Visit CHINA

Edmund Hinkson, member of parliament for St. James North

Edmund Hinkson, Member of Parliament for St. James North

A reminder that BU’s tageline is ‘bringing news and opinions to the people’.

It is unfortunate after many years of investing billions to education Barbadians there is a lazy desire to be news takers i.e. accept (no) news and (no) views from the traditional media without question.  The traditional media is greatly influenced by interest groups -the advertiser and politician immediately come to mind. The niceties the establishment players of the media have to engage to not offend interest groups is well documented on BU pages and elsewhere.

It is no secret the geopolitical interest of China based on its investment policy now includes the tiny islands of the Caribbean. We can debate why Beijing sees value in funding tiny islands like Barbados. What cannot be refuted is he who pays the piper plays the tune. A look across the landscape of Barbados sees a growing Chinese group the result of the many projects funded by the Chinese government.

BU understands three DLP members of parliament recently returned to the island after being invited to China as members of a wider group. Earlier in the year three BLP members also benefited from a similar invitation. Some have dismissed the visit by six of our members of parliament as a non event – and perhaps it is,  it does not change the fact that is is news. Given the aggressive position the Chinese government has taken in our region why should the traditional media not feel obligated to report and critique matters that arise from a Sino-Caribbean relationship? Why must the traditional media retreat to being (no) news takers?

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Now that the six members of parliament have returned from China will the fruits of the visit ever be shared with BARBADIANS? In is interesting to note there is a discussion ongoing in the USA about the maverick approach to the press corp by President-elect Trump. The US media has been critical of Trump not providing ready access to his activities to ensure there is 24/7 reporting  to inform the public he serves.

Barbadians deserve the benefit of full disclosure if six members of the political class were invited to be part of a delegation to China.  Both government and the government in waiting should feel vested in the business of transparency -something that is very unfamiliar to the Chinese government.


  • Why would the media moguls rock the boat now? There are perks to be had by knowing yah place and taking it. Like free tickets to Illaro Court so as to hob knob wid big wigs in the absence of black cattle. As a mark of respect for our fiftieth anniversary I have chosen to use the words of two notorious Bajan characters in one sentence.King Dyal and ac….forever etched in Bajan


  • Black Dragons now called White Dragons are in the money basket of the world by at least 20% America is now 17.89 , As BRI-China-S is now a part off, Many of the World now will be taking China funds as easy or better than USofA funds as theirs backed By Gold,

    China seems to doing a Better job in dealing with truth than the IMF for where China now have a leadership role in,China had to get these fools over to know and learn the new rules of the Earth games or laws in dealing with loans.

    China do not want to give these crook , liars or scumbags any funds in there hands for they find ways for it to end up in their pockets,
    China will invest or give or loan real Real REAL THINGS YOU CAN SEE AND HOLD,
    China will not give loans they will build give and leave for proof, Money may not touch the hands of the crooks of the DBLP government for they do not have clear title to land they called crown land or UDC/NHC , many houses and money missing,500,000 000$ to start at NHC and over 18 years of VAT missing at 15% now 17.5%
    The NEW World Order is here and not the other NWO who rob the Planet before now, Their time is up and many on the run to South American and the South Pole,

    We agree that Bajan media sucks that is what we have been telling for year, they report only what the Ministers and lawyer allow ,


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  • Who are the six members of parliament?
    Will they be given campaign financing from the Chinese?
    What was the purpose of this trip?
    Why all the secrecy surrounding this from our employees in parliament?

    No wonder the millennials are showing much apathy towards voting for DBLP. The more things change the more they remain the same. Could not the BLP speak to the nation of this visit?


  • Governance will not improve in Barbados until untarnished civil society and media houses hold politicians accountable for mis-steps. Unfortunately a few who benefit from largasse when their party is in power will defend poor governance at expense of the country. #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Do you mean the media that publish in full government information service press releases? Where is the journalism in that?


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Bioh governments will continue to do the people’s business in secret, muzzle the useless media, refuse to acknowledge that the majority black population are their EMPLOYERS, continue to act like the minorities on the island and ANY foreign whites are their MASTERS, continue to accept bribes and practice corruption, that is all they know, it’s embedded in the very walls of parliament and imprinted in their DNAs and on the minds of every government minister and politician after 50 years…of unbroken and continuous practice.

    The blogs will be working overtime for years….to

    And why would the idiot clerk in parliament not want his or her employers….the taxpayers…to know that those 3 questionable ministers have been summoned to account for taxpayer’s money that mysteriously disappeared in Mark Maloney’s schemes and scams against the treasury and people on the island.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    He asked four questions for which the answers to two should have been known prior to the trip.
    “Who are the six members of parliament? What was the purpose of this trip?”

    Failing this I must ask the following:
    Is there continuity of the Government of Barbados or is it just a four year act?
    When these local officials exit, will the fruit of these trips be shared with the new government or will they be entering negotiations from a position of ignorance?
    Should we also question why the information arm of the government is silent on these matters?

    One of his questions “Will they be given campaign financing from the Chinese?” should be met with a resounding “NO” as China should not involve itself or interfere with the internal political affairs of Barbados.

    His final question “Why all the secrecy surrounding this from our employees in parliament?” points to a big flaw in our rules for governing. This level of secrecy allows honest and corrupt foreign officials/businessmen to strike deals out of view of the populace.

    To the AC, ac and Dompey there is a difference between ‘national security’ and ‘secrecy’ or between being ‘lickmout’ and sharing information.

    Without good governance, Kammie, or his political doppleganger, will be asking the same questions when the party in waiting/inheritors/pretenders to the throne gain power.


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    I see we have similar ideas, but expressed them differently.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Anon….great minds think alike.

    Plus, those politicians in Barbados never deviate from the 50 year old script given to them….lol


  • Unfortunately most of the babyboomers have either sold out are are just contented with their sedentary existence awating their exit from this earth. The millennials will have a humongous task in creating a Barbados where equality, fairness, justice, transparency and good governance becomes a mantra.

    Too much of the wealth in the country is being concentrated in the hands of a few who blatantly display their connections to our politicians. Majority of country is busy feting while a small portion is more interested in sports, two common distractions used by the capitalist!

    #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Kammie,



  • Kammie Holder

    Your prescribed criteria for holding government accountable falls flat on its face when one consider the last national election in the United States. Because the media and both parties were against Trump, but somehow Trump managed to prevail by appealing to the pulse of the people.


  • It is no secret who the members that made the trip, two of them are pictured in the post.


  • Chuckle….Trump learned from our succesive govts how to deal with the media,dont forget we have been leading America from the days of their constitution that we helped draft.

    During the cold war USSR/USA, we were viewed with interest by both,the USA prevailed and we benifited from it.

    Trump is pursuing an isolationist policy a la Woodrow Wilson which will create a vacuum that China will seek to fill this bodes well for us on our present mendicant path.



    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the top draw at a $1,500 Liberal Party cash-for-access fundraiser at the mansion of a wealthy Chinese-Canadian business executive in May. One of the guests at the event was a well-heeled donor who was seeking Ottawa’s final approval to begin operating a new bank aimed at Canada’s Chinese community.

    The Globe and Mail has learned that wealthy Chinese businessman Zhang Bin who, with a partner, donated $1-million to the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the University of Montreal Faculty of Law weeks after the fundraiser, also attended the event. Mr. Zhang is a political adviser to the Chinese government in Beijing and a senior apparatchik in the network of Chinese state promotional activities around the world.”


  • Hants

    If Chinese pay to play in Canada, is there any doubt how they got the Sam Lords, gymnasium, and other contracts in Bim?


  • The Chinese have made themselves present in the day to day commercial activities in Jamaica,Trinidad and Tobago,Antigua and Guyana.It is only a matter of time that they will move from selling human urine manured Chinese cabbage on the streets of Barbados as they did during their time here in the last 10-15 years.


  • The Chinese have been using night soil for millenia and know how to use and apply it safely.

    Human urine and faecal matter are a rich source of essential plant nutrients. Historically, human excreta, ‘nightsoils’, were collected from towns and villages and spread in raw or composted form on fields in the surrounding farmland. This informal treatment is still practiced in some areas of China, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, where municipal sewage works don’t exist or are poorly functioning.

    But is it safe?

    There are understandable concerns from farmers, consumers and food retailers about pathogens, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other hazardous organic chemicals in sewage sludge. The good news is that biosolids are the most researched and well regulated of organic materials applied to land in Britain and the framework for regulating sewage sludge is more stringent than that of farmyard manures. Numerous pieces of legislation and best practice guidelines, like the Safe Sludge Matrix, must be adhered to by everyone involved in the treatment and use of sewage sludge.


  • ” Majority of country is busy feting while a small portion is more interested in sports, two common distractions used by the capitalist”

    Strange enough by the communists and socialists as well.


  • Don’t most voters already assume our political leaders are bought and paid for by more powerful states in the international system? Isn’t that the way the game of global politics has always been played?

    Haven’t Caribbean politicians always been “influenced” by Westminster, Ottawa, and the diplomats and intelligence officers at the local US Embassy? With the UN, OAS, IMF, IDB, Russia and now China as occasional players

    When will BU invite retired politicians to explain the granular details of how political parties and their political campaigns are funded?

    Why don’t Barbadian voters understand that politics is expensive, and if it isn’t publicly financed and regulated, it will be privately financed and will remain largely unregulated?

    Somebody should be tracking how money is received and spent by the two major parties and their leaders. Also, perhaps David can describe and explain the constitutional and statutory sanctions for bribery of and extortion by public officials.


  • ” An Al Jazeera undercover team penetrated the network of dealers, agents and traffickers who profit from the multi-million dollar trade in Rhino horn. An illegal business that is decimating the Rhino population close to the point of extinction.

    Our reporters discovered that members of the Chinese President’s delegation went on an illegal spending spree in South Africa to buy ivory and rhino horn and smuggled the products back to China, according to revelations to be broadcast by Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit.

    In a six-month long investigation the Al Jazeera team also filmed a Chinese businessman, based in South Africa, describing his dealings in rhino horn and how he escapes prosecution. “Everything in Africa is based on money”, he says.
    Al Jazeera shows exclusive footage shot secretly in a village near the Vietnamese capitol, Hanoi, which is a hub of wildlife trafficking. Despite a massive dossier of evidence on over fifty dealers in the village selling horn, ivory, tiger skins and lion bones, to the Vietnamese Government, no official action has been taken to close down the trade.

    About twenty five thousand rhino are left in Africa. Six thousand have been killed in the last decade. The largest concentration of rhino is in South Africa and the Kruger National Park has become the major killing field, with two or three animals shot every night by local poachers.”


  • @Dompey, Trump is very manipulative and knew what to say and how to deliver to the wet appetites of the masses. Once you know the ethos of a person you can control their behaviors. Americans in their insularity saw Trump as their savior for change.

    Such things are getting US companies to bring back home the jobs.
    Abandoning of the TPP.
    Border protection along the Mexican border.
    Right Wingers saw Trump rants as espousing their sentiments.
    Deportation of illegal immigrants.

    The DLP did the same thing during the 2008 election throughout every nook and cranny promised ITAL in 100 days. I voted for them believing the promise. Trump is not as dumb as some may feel, just irresponsible and politically brash.


  • Perhaps, decriminalization of marijuana, Health Insurance tax deduction of Educational Saving Plans for tax credits and raising of the minimum taxable income of pensioners to $60,000 yearly would be great vote catching initiatives.

    #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Marc De Verteuil
    Sunday, November 20, 2016
    There is such drama in this headline. It is intentional. The word “kills” grabs your attention. It is a play on your negativity bias. Our brain is more influenced by danger than pleasure. Studies show that there is more electrical activity in our brain when we see a picture of a gruesome chainsaw murder scene (negative feeling, danger) than an ice cream (positive feeling, pleasure). It is simple evolution. You wouldn’t be here today if your ancestors ice-cream-eating-dopamine release had won out over the fight-or- flight adrenaline rush triggered by the sight of a chainsaw murderer, while eating said ice cream. In evolutionary terms that chainsaw murderer would have been a sabre-toothed tiger or something similarly terrifying…


  • The above is credited from the Trinidad Guardian


  • “MORE than $100 million in advances to finance ailing regional carrier LIAT have not been recorded on the books of Parliament.”

    Can any right thinking citizen of Barbados take any of the two political parties seriously? The NHC unapproved sending reported to PAC by BLP and the DLP covered up the unapproved LIAT cash injection by BLP for years now seeking to expose. Sorry, this is extreme contempt towards to a highly intelligent society by these honorable persons. Unfortunately media houses will not have the stomach to ask why now. If it was a family tragedy the journalist would be in persons face enquiring. #ANewWay #ANewAgenda


  • Quoting Kammie…..if it was a family tradegy,the journalist would be in the persons’ face enquiring……..

    This is the nastiest of habits especially by Stetson Babb whom I find to be an insensitive brute.He seems to revel in dragging the gory details from grieving relatives and which in my opinion is the hallmark of the kind of journalism associated with the National Enquirer,the Daily Mail,the Sun and the old Bomb and Investigator.


  • This is the nastiest of habits especially by Stetson Babb whom I find to be an insensitive brute.He seems to revel in dragging the gory details from grieving relatives and which in my opinion is the hallmark of the kind of journalism associated with the National Enquirer,the Daily Mail,the Sun and the old Bomb and Investigator.

    It seems to be working class people subjected to this embarrassment, do not ever observe middle and upper class people exposed to the embarrassment.


  • Interesting that China hosted 3 Bs before 3 Ds.

    Did they want to ensure the Bs did not want to make an issue of the Ds visiting China.

    Still have not seen anything in the traditional media about these mysterious visits.


  • Vincent Haynes November 22, 2016 at 1:12 PM #
    The Chinese have been using night soil for millenia and know how to use and apply it safely.
    Lets hope that the Minister of Water and Agriculture was not one of those MPs on that China visit. Anyhow we will know as soon as the Chinese starts to barge night soil to Barbados.


  • “Tourism is very important to my country. It contributes almost 60 percent of our foreign exchange receipt and provides almost 12 percent of the gross domestic product.”

    an wen de tourisses doan come wuh wunna got as backup.


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