Keith Neblett -General Manager of the National Conservation Commission Orders Coral Stone Sculptures @Batts Rock DESTROYED

The work of Sculptor Philip King located at the popular Batts Rock beach.

The work of Sculptor Philip King located at the popular Batts Rock beach.

The following was extracted from Rosemary’s Facebook page. There is rising concern and anger by Creatives at the callous manner Keith Neblett, General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) has dealt with the matter of coral stone sculptures located at Batts Rock. This is the same Neblett who was a key player in screwing the NCC workers – David King, Barbados Underground

Please check what Corrie Scott and I (other comments are on her page and mine) have written about Mr. King’s installations at Batt’s Rock…this is too ridiculous for words…and whilst I know many will feel there are far more important issues in Barbados to worry about, when the work of creatives such as Mr King is so shamefully destroyed for no apparent reason, for us, this is the beginning of a situation that could spiral into more foolishness that we as creatives have to endure. Creativity is the essence of any country, so we are allowing this to erode too?

Keith Neblett, Chairman of NCC

Keith Neblett, General Manager, NCC

Corrie Scott: For shame Mr Neblett of the NCC. Truly.
I have just been told that Mr Neblett of NCC has ordered that Philip King’s coral stone installations at Batts Rock be knocked down??!!

Does Mr Neblett not realize that these iconic coral stone sculptures have become a landmark? Photographed by both locals and visitors?
People travel to Batts Rock just to see them.
Mr King builds and adds to them every week.
They are in no one’s way. Most are built on a ridge of coral.

Geeeez wept man!!!
I am so angry.

Here is article written by Heather-Lynne Evanson of the Nation newspaper which tells the story.

Members of the Barbados Photographic Society travel there regularly to photograph them in their beautiful location. They have been featured in newspapers, magazines and online. Please, if any of you feel strongly about this speak up.

Rosemary Parkinson:
Dear Mr Neblett of the NCC, we creatives on this island are really, really on the verge of being extremely annoyed at the shennanigans being played with our lives and our work already, and suggest you do not push us further Sir or we might just have to show up the ignorance that persists on this little island of ours on an international level. Now, we know that many of us do not have the wherewithall to travel but we do have something called internet so perhaps you might like to look up the meaning of ‘installation’ as an art form so that you can recognize that what Mr King does is indeed worthy…so worthy that it has been not only photographed extensively but has appeared in international magazines to high acclaim with both locals and visitors making it a point to visit Batt’s Rock just as one would an art museum. These are continuous exceptional pieces done freely by a man whose honour is simply to have them play on the eye of the beholder – a vision of art which clearly you, Mr Neblett of the NCC, seem not to possess. If Mr King is not allowed to continue this awesome work of his that does not do anything but enhance the area attracting art lovers from all over the world, we will ensure that this will not go unnoticed. We would love it if you would see the light, apologize to Mr King and urge him to continue his blessed work. David King can you please take note of this foolishness and help us creatives to protect these ever-changing stunning installations that this son of the soil meticulously creates almost daily.



  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Yes Piece Un De Rock Yeah Right – INRI. Understood. We just want Mr Neblett to see the light, maybe come down at sunset and see the light on the rocks….bring his wife if he has one, even his children…hopefully nature will get hold of him and he will fight for Mr. King to keep his installations and for us all to be able to enjoy them to the fullest for ever.


  • Most of the sculptures will be knocked down by the next “rough seas” in that area.

    They are too close to the sea to survive.

    The sea giveth and the sea taketh.


  • Shouldnt the coral rocks be preserved and protected because of their importance to the eco system in the preservation of plant and animal life.As innocent as Mr king projects seems at face value it can become problematic and troublesome to endangering our eco system as he reconstructs or shifts valuable coral rocks which are vital for maintaining plant and animal life along the shores


  • Our Eco system is vital to human existence these plants and animals that live and thrives along our seashores and coastalline become adapted to their natural environment seeking food and refuge within many of the rocks that lined our sea shores,
    It might not matter to some who believes that human survival in excess is necessary for man survival, However mankind must understand that we are living on a planet with other inhabitants that need consideration and protection for their survival which is of importance and valuable to our well being and for our own survival.
    So instead of decrying those in position who have the knowledge and expertise to guide us away from our own demise through our ignorance we should be wise in our dissemination and seek facts rather than preach or improvise what we do not know
    Facts matter


  • Mr. King displays excellent art work. However those rocks are vessels or homes to animal and plant life that protect our fragile eco system , How would each and every one that condemns and criticize those who understand the value of our ecosystem ,how would you like for someone to uproot your place of safety and security which you call home
    Unfortunately for these living species they have no voice from which they can cry out with immediacy for help when disturb or uprooted ,but to our detriment when the damage is done it is too late


  • @ AC
    So you are concerned that Mr king may one day uproot the rock under which you slither when not ‘yardfowling’ …. Is that it?
    How do you manage to constantly find new ways to make yourself and your party seem more and more stupid every day….?

    How come you show no such remorse as you daily put common sense to death with your contributions on BU and else where…

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  • sir go confer with BBE on those matters which you do not understand, Thou fool


  • @ Bushie,

    Anyone who lived on the coast of Barbados knows that those rocks were sculpted on the reefs and and the sand in the sea before they were thrown up on the beach by waves during “rough seas”.

    We have used those rocks as anchors when we went fishing in a moses.

    Some Bajans used to pick them up from the beach and take them to “put round de garden” at the front of their house.

    If I was as talented as Mr. King, I could have used “sea rocks” creatively instead of as anchors and to put roun muh late granmother garden.


  • Because bush shit has no viable way to construct an argument to counter scientific and marie biological facts to counter my comments he goes on his usual brassbowlery of nothingness to prove how gawdawful his ignorance can be


  • @ Hants
    ….and anyone who ever turned one of those rocks over, knows that a variety of AC-like vermin tend to scamper for cover as a result…
    One can thus understand AC’s rancour at Mr King for threatening her abode…. but wuh Bushie do she bozie…?!!

    Bushie don’t whack rocks… much to hard on the nylon.
    …but wait till Mr king chase her donkey in the bushes….
    ha ha ha… whaloss!!


  • ac November 6, 2016 at 3:49 PM #
    Is it still illegal to remove sand from the beach
    Connot be. Not after last year when the same NCC was pleading with every Tom, Dick and Harriette, every club and organisation to come to the many affected beaches and assist in the removal of the Sargassum Sea Weed,and in so doing, quite a large tonnage of sand had to be removed also.


  • what i am not understanding are those people who rush forward all geared up with defensive armor to strike down information in the most decisive manner taking up a position mostly hardened by emotion while distancing themselves from the truth
    Yes the beach is a place where peace and solace can be found, far be it for me to express a negative opinion on an issue which i do not understand, in the case of Mr. King art he believes that his art work on the beach is harmless and is part of the bajan dream that uplifts and compliments our culture true as that maybe. the other side of the coin reveals that in the chosen environment where he does his artwork there is a neglect and fragility which impacts our existence begging for a concern


  • what there should be left until nature takes its course, however govt concern should be and must be focused on a bigger picture of protecting or vast land for future generations in those ways that would secure or survival
    Mr, Kings talent is undeniably a work of beauty constructed with some of natures handy works and as we struggle to find a balance between the beauty of nature with all its built in and formidable purposes vs man made handiwork with an equal amount of beauty we must not fail to understand that natures handiwork has strict laws with a design order which man can not ignore
    I wish Mr King good luck with all his wonderful and magical endevours but hopefully he would not be guided by emotionalism and anger but a greater understanding that we are inheritors to a big world that must be protected and each of us who share this vast lands have views and ideas which we grow to love but in so doing we must recognized the art and beauty that draws and directs us closer with an intention of a mutual understanding and clarity for our purpose on this earth which includes the preservation and highest regard for natures beauty


  • Could someone translate in unambigous terms what the govt spokesperson is saying on this matter,as it would seem that the older I get the less am I able to understand the written words of some.


  • Those who have ears to hear will hear and understand the others can continue in their selfish ways consumed with an individualistic self interest divorced from reality


  • @ Vincent
    Could someone translate in unambigous terms what the govt spokesperson is saying on this matter
    “….rah blah rabble dabble gggggag hubana bubana BLP dahhh blaaa bush shite bla bla Mr King bxppp rah …with an individualistic self interest divorced from reality.”

    …that’s the best Bushie can do for yuh Boss….
    ha ha ha


  • Another laugh and loud laughs was when society was told about deforestation and its impact on the eco system.lots of laughter and negative outburst. ..When will we ever learn it is not nice to fool mother nature.
    Bush u can laugh all u want but that day too would come when the laughter would turn to sorrow when mither natures fury says it had enough.


  • The national mindset about art, artistic expression is no different to the rest of the culture.

    These images seem to enhance the environment, and do no damage whatsoever.

    But that anybody would seek to have them removed shows a lack of appreciation for the best that humans could be.

    More fundamentally, it represents a mindset which generally serves to retard national development.

    Then again, this is Barbados so what less can be expected.

    Could it not be imagined why our country is descending currently, and must continue so to.

    Any real country would have been trying to see how to monetize artistic expression, or bring new artistic thinking into the wider culture – not the idiots in Barbados.


  • Certainly what art is there should remain intact .However one should respect and understand the consequences which can come about if mankind insist on self indulgence while disrepecting the laws of nature
    Laws design to protect ud


  • Yes……………… to protect the powerful from the weak


  • On Monday, 7 November 2016, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Isn’t it the biggest irony how we allow the politicians to usurp the laws > without holding them accountable then the same people bray like the > proverbial donkey when the small people transgress. All the NCC general > manager had to do -an there is still time, is to reach out to Mr.King and > the creative to establish what win win is available. The matter should not > have even reached the media. >


  • @ David /Pacha

    But if your income and livelihood depended on posting blogs to defend Froon and his collection of idiots in parliament…. what would YOU do?
    yuh gotta pity the poor yard fowl….

    No one can be so daft ..(with the possible exception of Dompey of course..) so we have to assume that the poor woman is being forced by circumstances to prostitute her mind… by her DLP pimps.

    The REALLY frightening part is that AC seems able to convince our political masters that she is doing a good public relations job on their behalf….
    Now THAT…is scary….in terms of he immediate future of our donkeys – relative to the grass….


  • Small or big it does not matter the laws of nature does not discriminate. It purpose of design is structural and specfic and encompass all that is cruical to mankind survival.
    My kings ideas are great and should be respected and applaud nevertheless nature ideas are better and should not be trampled or invaded upon
    As far as negotiations between the parties involved. so far one side has been told triggered by emotion and a bevy of people who has expressed their concerns based on one idea with little regard for those factors that are relevant to the protection of the eco sysytem and what impact the shifting of those rocks can have on the enviroment


  • Not crossing wunna but the BTA could partner with these fellas and produce a refined sanitized version of this video.

    Sportfishing is a multi billion industry in the USA and Canada.


  • @Hants

    The Sandpebbles, BRC and Troubadours to mention a few will be performing at the Garrison Independence night and putting on shows post.

    An interesting comment by Norman Barrow this afternoon. He quoted Nicholas Brancker as lamenting the standard of music and he lamented where the next crop of quality artistes will come.

    Another interest point “artistic expression should not be suppressed”.


  • Apparently, there is “rising concern and anger by [“among” would have been better] Creatives.

    What exactly is a randomly capitalized “Creative”? Writing cookery books?

    Take the wallpaper in one hand and the hammer in the other. Alternatively, learn about the prudent use of upper case. You’re a “Creative”.


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