Keith Neblett -General Manager of the National Conservation Commission Orders Coral Stone Sculptures @Batts Rock DESTROYED

The work of Sculptor Philip King located at the popular Batts Rock beach.

The work of Sculptor Philip King located at the popular Batts Rock beach.

The following was extracted from Rosemary’s Facebook page. There is rising concern and anger by Creatives at the callous manner Keith Neblett, General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) has dealt with the matter of coral stone sculptures located at Batts Rock. This is the same Neblett who was a key player in screwing the NCC workers – David King, Barbados Underground

Please check what Corrie Scott and I (other comments are on her page and mine) have written about Mr. King’s installations at Batt’s Rock…this is too ridiculous for words…and whilst I know many will feel there are far more important issues in Barbados to worry about, when the work of creatives such as Mr King is so shamefully destroyed for no apparent reason, for us, this is the beginning of a situation that could spiral into more foolishness that we as creatives have to endure. Creativity is the essence of any country, so we are allowing this to erode too?

Keith Neblett, Chairman of NCC

Keith Neblett, General Manager, NCC

Corrie Scott: For shame Mr Neblett of the NCC. Truly.
I have just been told that Mr Neblett of NCC has ordered that Philip King’s coral stone installations at Batts Rock be knocked down??!!

Does Mr Neblett not realize that these iconic coral stone sculptures have become a landmark? Photographed by both locals and visitors?
People travel to Batts Rock just to see them.
Mr King builds and adds to them every week.
They are in no one’s way. Most are built on a ridge of coral.

Geeeez wept man!!!
I am so angry.

Here is article written by Heather-Lynne Evanson of the Nation newspaper which tells the story.

Members of the Barbados Photographic Society travel there regularly to photograph them in their beautiful location. They have been featured in newspapers, magazines and online. Please, if any of you feel strongly about this speak up.

Rosemary Parkinson:
Dear Mr Neblett of the NCC, we creatives on this island are really, really on the verge of being extremely annoyed at the shennanigans being played with our lives and our work already, and suggest you do not push us further Sir or we might just have to show up the ignorance that persists on this little island of ours on an international level. Now, we know that many of us do not have the wherewithall to travel but we do have something called internet so perhaps you might like to look up the meaning of ‘installation’ as an art form so that you can recognize that what Mr King does is indeed worthy…so worthy that it has been not only photographed extensively but has appeared in international magazines to high acclaim with both locals and visitors making it a point to visit Batt’s Rock just as one would an art museum. These are continuous exceptional pieces done freely by a man whose honour is simply to have them play on the eye of the beholder – a vision of art which clearly you, Mr Neblett of the NCC, seem not to possess. If Mr King is not allowed to continue this awesome work of his that does not do anything but enhance the area attracting art lovers from all over the world, we will ensure that this will not go unnoticed. We would love it if you would see the light, apologize to Mr King and urge him to continue his blessed work. David King can you please take note of this foolishness and help us creatives to protect these ever-changing stunning installations that this son of the soil meticulously creates almost daily.



  • Piece,
    Not getting into argument with “the old man”, but …: are symptomatic of an indisciplined populace who have difficulty in adhering to rules…” that you chide me on, is modified by:”The objections raised….are symptomatic of a …populace…” so it is quite correct.
    Well Well,
    Here we go again. NYC is not as “free” as you would have others believe. The authorities in New York, were so disgusted with the graffiti on the subway cars that they have them treated with a surface that cannot be defaced by graffiti. Not as “free” as you would portray. You ask “how do you know King did not extend the courtesy of requesting a meeting with Neblett…and was rejected. (Do you know if he did? Obviously you do not otherwise you would not ask me the question)If he was “rejected, then how could he take it upon himself to do it on his own. Discipline is the operative word.
    All free society is well regulated.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Alvin…I distinctly outlined what is NOT allowed in NYC..but most artistic expressions are…..and I expressly stated graffiti is one not allowed….are you blind as well….

    ……anyway, what is happening to you is what happens to perpetual yardfowls who are unable to think for themselves, always need someone dumb to think for them….they have no memory……the same thing happened to the yardfowls ACs at 6:20 this morning….ask them about it..I still cant stop laughing…lol hahaha, lol.

    If only you had discipline you would not have been exposed enabling Clare Cowan and government ministers with the Cahill scam against the people, which was WRONG Alvin…

    ……you have no authority to talk about discipline, you have none. Dont point a finger because 4 of them are pointing back at you…you have not seen the structures, nor read what the young lady posted or you would not now be posting such rubbish.


  • Doufus Alvin

    “The objections raise here are symptomatic of an indisciplined populace who have difficulty in adhering to rules”

    The objections …are is correct

    It is the “indisciplined populace” that “HAS DIFFICULTY ADHERING TO RULES”

    The verb adhere cannot refer to the objections fool

    The objections adhere to nothing in this sentence

    And you say that you are an author??


    My grandchildren can tie rings round your ingrunt self.

    Modified what!!!


    Who learn your scvunt?? cause you certainly were not taught anything and even if taught learnt nothing…


  • I would like to know the reason WHY they have to be destroyed/


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Wait…what happened5 to the ACs they made themselves scarce today after jumping out this morning, just little bit ashamed for making themselves look like idiots at 6:20

    They will be back, they can’t help themselves, they have no memory…just like


  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Thank you David. The picture was taken by Corrie Scott this morning in the rain…the installations are still standing tall and are just so beautiful. Perhaps by now Mr. Nesbett has had time to think over his decision, on the other hand we all know what rain does to us in the Caribbean, we get wet and then disappear with head colds, so it is quite possible that the order could not be carried out today. We shall see. And I hope we shall see a very positive positive outcome. Come on Mr. Nesbett – shock us all, show us you are a visionary and an art lover. Keep the rock installations. Sending love to you Sir, maybe love will help.


  • @ Rosemary Parkinson

    De ole man have a sort uh skill dat GOD give me and *** augment heheheheheheh

    Here is whu de ole man wud do

    1).Photograph and Video the totem Sea Pillars as is with Mr King among them

    2).Video Mr. King and his supporters tekking dem down and dissembling the structures

    3).Tek Pictures after the disassembly and show Mr King pun de spot and video his and others of his supporters remarks

    4).Write two letters/email

    One to the British Monarch who is coming here this month and copy that to dat Prince Henry Trust and dem Sandy Lane people

    The Other one to Danny Glover with copies to David Commisiong and the Cuban Ambassador and the UN in New York

    5).Incorporate the Rastafarian Community in the disassembly and let them do some ritual of Praise over the Stones

    6).Wait pun de responses from all parties concerned

    7).Send in the letters to the NCC at the same time too heheheheheheheheh

    8.)Wait for a month and, whatever the outcome, come back and rebuild the structures one more time

    It really is a moot point who disassembles the structures now since he always builds them back anyways but the point that your video which is being sent to the parties overseas will make is the inflexibility and the insensitivity that these vandagers have towards local art and the Rastafarian Culture

    (OOOps de ole man expose dat heah right but ammmm whu you gots to do is de same ting dat Baloney and Bark at a Man and dem fellers does do when dem doing tings bout heah.

    Strut like effing you own de Rock, be wrong and strong, demand your rights but, effing you is a poor black man realise dat when de police come, you is going to get some unlucky lefts too.

    Like dem po people next to de esplanade dat Mugabe Mottley pleaded for de same way Trevor Prscod had tell de squatters in de Zone 1 Area in de Belle doan left and dem has been defecating in our drinking water ever since.

    I hope that my conflicting style of writing does not offend you cause it does do dat with people heheheheheh


  • The art is beautiful. Reminds me of the inukshuks I saw up in the Arctic. Native Inuit rock art.
    I tell you, I have paid good coin to see worse. At the Modern Art Gallery in Amsterdam, I saw a piece of burlap (crocus bag) with a rock on it! This was ART. Another piece had three bottles of differing sizes standing on a piece of driftwood.

    Then of course there was the “Voice of Ire”, (Voice of Fire), which Madame Shih of the National Gallery paid $10million Cdn. for. It was a canvas with three virtical stripes. One red surrounded by two blue. Canadians raised Cain from the dead. Several people painted their own versions and offered them for sale. Others raised theirs from their flag poles or staked them on their lawns. It was in all the newspapers and on the talk shows. There were the fors and the against. I don’t think anyone won, but I doubt any questionable pieces were acquired since.


  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Thank you Piece Uh de Rock Yeah Right – INRI
    I get you.
    I am not offended by the way your express yourself…it is your way and there is nothing offensive in the written word as long as it is not offensive (smile)
    I shall post your advice to the Concerned Creative Citizens Group


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    Have to thank Hants for the video and RP for the pictures.

    Think I saw something beautiful today.

    Wouldn’t it be great if after this controversy, the sculptures were ‘saved’ and more Bajans became aware of what local artists were doing.


  • Dr Bannister’s had some metal sculptures , one of which was located near the gas station in Roebuck St. There was the old sea captain, Beansie , who used to often draw nautical bits and pieces in the streets of Bridgetown.


  • “There is rising concern and anger by Creatives at the callous manner Keith Neblett, Chairman of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) has dealt with the matter of coral stone sculptures located at Batts Rock. This is the same Neblett who was a key player in screwing the NCC workers – David King, Barbados Underground”

    Two things here that attract my small mind-

    Do we really believe that Mr Neblett can wake up one morning and unilaterally decide to destroy the coral stone sculptures at Batts Rock without consulting with/ or having been given the authority to do so from his bosses. Mr Neblett like all senior civil servants in managerial positions have to act on instructions and that is why I felt that the ire the union was casting on Mr Neblett'” actions in the NCC debacle was unfair and should have been cast on the Minister for acting outside the instructions of Cabinet re first in/ last out and the Prime Minister and Cabinet for not holding Mr Lowe to account and
    what does Mr Neblett’s purported screwing of the NCC workers have to do with his carrying out another order completely unrelated to what happened to the NCC workers.
    By the way they are certain laws governing parks and beaches which require one to seek permission from the Government to carry out or install or use – Was the necessary p4ermission sought before these sculptures were built?


  • Have you even taken the time to read the post/comments?

    Didn’t Neblett appear on at the ERT NCC case to defend his decision as Chairman of the NCC?

    The BU household given the partisan and political machinations at the NCC under Neblett reserves the right to take editorial license. Many of you operate under the misguided notion that business as usual will trigger change.

    Liked by 1 person

  • If Mr Neblett has destroyed any historic sculpture designated by the Minister then he is guilty of an offence under Section5(1) of the Act and is liable in the case of damage that does not exceed the monetary limit on summary conviction to a fine of $2500. or to imprisonment for a term of 12 months or to both : and in case of destruction or damage that exceeds the monetary limit on conviction to imprisonment for a term of 10 years.
    So If Mr Neblett has infringed the laws of Barbados in relation to parks and beaches then there is recourse for the sculptor and public.


  • “Keith Neblett –

    Chairman of the National Conservation Commission Orders Coral Stone Sculptures @Batts Rock DESTROYED”

    You need to correct that misleading heading which could end up all over the world.
    As far as I am aware. Mr Keith Neblett is the General Manager of the National Conservation Commission of Barbados so perhaps I was reading the wrong reports coming out of the ERT tribunal to which you referred.


  • “Bush Tea November 5, 2016 at 9:23 AM #

    Neblett is right!
    Doing shiite seems to work for him….

    When hundreds of NCC workers were fired, and the work NOT being done (in keeping the ABC highway clean, for example) by these workers was then undertaken SUCCESSFULLY by about ten private workers, it should have been clear to us that Neblett was an incompetent joker….. WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

    Instead, he was rewarded with a brand new SUV to drive bout, while the poor workers who only did as they were told…. were home scrunting.
    Why should he act wisely now….?

    Wunna wait till he mash up every shiite …..”

    Bushie what brassbowlery you talking now

    Why should a man be fired for carrying out the instructions of those who employ; as far as I know failing to carry out the instructions could be deemed insubordination. you want the man to lose his pick and come on BU and write a lotta shite according to you.


  • @ Charles Skeete
    You obviously cannot decipher between men and boys….
    Boys do what they are told.
    Men do what is right…. and have the balls to deal with the consequences.
    Why would we hire a GM with a big salary and a new SUV… to be a messenger…?

    …besides, Bushie is on Neblett’s side in that post… 🙂
    If being a shiite ‘messenger boy’ works for him, bushie suggested that he continues smartly…
    The bajan brass bowls will pay…
    …or did you miss that?


  • I was at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A UNESCO world heritage site and even there, people had taken the historic stones from some of the monuments and made inukshuks. They were still standing when I was there and not destroyed. These sculptures at Batts Rock are not on the beach. They are on shoal.


  • …”besides, Bushie is on Neblett’s side in that post…
    If being a shiite ‘messenger boy’ works for him, bushie suggested that he continues smartly…
    The bajan brass bowls will pay…
    …or did you miss that?”

    My eyesight is perhaps failing as old age creeps up and then I might just have to understand the significance of your parable


  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Thank you David for putting up the video that Corrie Scott took this a.m. Corrie is so worried that the NCC will destroy that she takes the time to go down every day and see if they are still there and then reports to me and the whole of Facebook – even trying to get the video up on YouTube.

    We are making a big deal about saving these installations. Yes we are! Because as creatives we have had enough. This is what happens when insensitivity is shown towards us…an ongoing process here in Barbados for the longest time that has to stop. In no other island are creatives treated with such disdain and the time has come to have our voices heard. Everything we do, we do with love of, and for, our island. Yet cannot get any respect back? This is why so many of our creatives leave for other shores, the brain drain of creatives is huge and this is not good for any country.

    As a collective whole, we will repeat, for those who love to put their two cents in without reading other comments – if the NCC find these installations to be a problem:

    (a) have a chat with the artist,
    (b) understand that they are an attraction,
    (c) bring whatever forms need to be signed for permission,
    (d) cordon off the area if it is necessary
    (e) use ya God-given brain and take the negativity and make it into a positive – turn the area into a place of reflection where Bajans and visitors can come and enjoy for these installations are ever changing – as nature sweeps them away, Mr. King, bless his heart, returns and religiously creates again.

    Why just put out an order to destroy? Is this where we reach now? We ent like it, so we destroy for no reason?

    These rocks are doing no one any harm, have never done anyone any harm. They are a thing of beauty, an art form that has been photographed and loved by all who see them. Apart from international magazines, they are even mentioned on Trip Advisor.

    For crying out loud, an order does not have to just be carried out just so, communication is an art form also, given to us by creation so we can understand each other, it is called WORDS and it should be followed with COMMON SENSE.


  • LOL @ Charles
    Careful with the ‘parable’ talk boss …. you may resurrect Zoe/GP on the matter, …and we all will have hell to pay….
    They are still on this scene where a parable is ‘a heavenly story with an earthly meaning’ …or some such shiite… when we all know that a parable is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate a VERY SIMPLE matter …least the brass bowls get to understand it….
    ….So you know that Bushie is NOT into parables….
    Bushie is into WHACKING…. the diametric opposite…

    In whacking, one does NOT wait for the shit to ‘hit the fan’……
    One takes the ‘fan’ (whacker) among the bushes, weeds, vermin, the AC’s, and the Dompeys… and flesh out the shit…
    ha ha ha


  • Ms. Parkinson.

    You will be amazed to know that I did not choose my Nome de plume by chance heheheheheh.

    When you said “…Why just put out an order to destroy? Is this where we reach now? We ent like it, so we destroy for no reason?

    These rocks are doing no one any harm, have never done anyone any harm…” I had a deja vu moment.

    For a long time I wondered why de ole man found his rock hard head, one which Monies said correctly cant be the property of a clever man, in a similar vice.

    I really dont think that you understand what is happening here.

    How many languages do you speak?

    Say that you only spoke one English and you were a Professor of Linguistics and spoke it like the Queen, you know all hoighty toity, in your nose. Let us also suppose that you have lived 60 years in Englant and come here to visit.

    Now let us say dat i come from St Pharlup and you meet me in town and start to converse with de ole man.

    You understand the problem that we are going to have right?

    Now, add disdain to that inability to understand, my active dislike of you because “you speak great” what happens then? You see where we are going?

    Then add the fact that I only know how to blow a conch shell but you are an accomplished musician and have played at every big name concert hall in the world. And you have records and I have none.

    You starting to comprehend the gap, or the bridge too far that we are dealing with?

    No of course I will not mention that when I brought my outside woman down to the shoal-line late last friday night that while manouvering in the dark one of thos Sea Pillars feel and ammmmmm did some harm to the ole man that decency does not allow me to disclose here on BU but ….

    2006 years ago a fellow whose name I know well, I dont know about you said “Father forgive them they know not what they do”

    Simple lack of valuation of what you creative persons are proposing and even less value for you, notwithstanding when we travel we find ourselves at the Madame Tusaud tingy and does tek pictures and send dem back to show off we “accomplishments”

    Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth?


  • These are rather temporal and will be destroyed by natural forces, of one type or another, in time. I wonder if a suitable site, on higher ground, might be availed, possibly by some art appreciating philanthropist, for these works to be stabilized and securely relocated. In the meantime, the rule of law must be respected and legal application for retention should be made for and on behalf of the developer.


  • Is it still illegal to remove sand from the beach ?


  • Rosemary Parkinson

    Yes Piece Un De Rock Yeah Right – INRI. Understood. We just want Mr Neblett to see the light, maybe come down at sunset and see the light on the rocks….bring his wife if he has one, even his children…hopefully nature will get hold of him and he will fight for Mr. King to keep his installations and for us all to be able to enjoy them to the fullest for ever.


  • Most of the sculptures will be knocked down by the next “rough seas” in that area.

    They are too close to the sea to survive.

    The sea giveth and the sea taketh.


  • Shouldnt the coral rocks be preserved and protected because of their importance to the eco system in the preservation of plant and animal life.As innocent as Mr king projects seems at face value it can become problematic and troublesome to endangering our eco system as he reconstructs or shifts valuable coral rocks which are vital for maintaining plant and animal life along the shores


  • Our Eco system is vital to human existence these plants and animals that live and thrives along our seashores and coastalline become adapted to their natural environment seeking food and refuge within many of the rocks that lined our sea shores,
    It might not matter to some who believes that human survival in excess is necessary for man survival, However mankind must understand that we are living on a planet with other inhabitants that need consideration and protection for their survival which is of importance and valuable to our well being and for our own survival.
    So instead of decrying those in position who have the knowledge and expertise to guide us away from our own demise through our ignorance we should be wise in our dissemination and seek facts rather than preach or improvise what we do not know
    Facts matter


  • Mr. King displays excellent art work. However those rocks are vessels or homes to animal and plant life that protect our fragile eco system , How would each and every one that condemns and criticize those who understand the value of our ecosystem ,how would you like for someone to uproot your place of safety and security which you call home
    Unfortunately for these living species they have no voice from which they can cry out with immediacy for help when disturb or uprooted ,but to our detriment when the damage is done it is too late


  • @ AC
    So you are concerned that Mr king may one day uproot the rock under which you slither when not ‘yardfowling’ …. Is that it?
    How do you manage to constantly find new ways to make yourself and your party seem more and more stupid every day….?

    How come you show no such remorse as you daily put common sense to death with your contributions on BU and else where…

    Liked by 1 person

  • sir go confer with BBE on those matters which you do not understand, Thou fool


  • @ Bushie,

    Anyone who lived on the coast of Barbados knows that those rocks were sculpted on the reefs and and the sand in the sea before they were thrown up on the beach by waves during “rough seas”.

    We have used those rocks as anchors when we went fishing in a moses.

    Some Bajans used to pick them up from the beach and take them to “put round de garden” at the front of their house.

    If I was as talented as Mr. King, I could have used “sea rocks” creatively instead of as anchors and to put roun muh late granmother garden.


  • Because bush shit has no viable way to construct an argument to counter scientific and marie biological facts to counter my comments he goes on his usual brassbowlery of nothingness to prove how gawdawful his ignorance can be


  • @ Hants
    ….and anyone who ever turned one of those rocks over, knows that a variety of AC-like vermin tend to scamper for cover as a result…
    One can thus understand AC’s rancour at Mr King for threatening her abode…. but wuh Bushie do she bozie…?!!

    Bushie don’t whack rocks… much to hard on the nylon.
    …but wait till Mr king chase her donkey in the bushes….
    ha ha ha… whaloss!!


  • ac November 6, 2016 at 3:49 PM #
    Is it still illegal to remove sand from the beach
    Connot be. Not after last year when the same NCC was pleading with every Tom, Dick and Harriette, every club and organisation to come to the many affected beaches and assist in the removal of the Sargassum Sea Weed,and in so doing, quite a large tonnage of sand had to be removed also.


  • what i am not understanding are those people who rush forward all geared up with defensive armor to strike down information in the most decisive manner taking up a position mostly hardened by emotion while distancing themselves from the truth
    Yes the beach is a place where peace and solace can be found, far be it for me to express a negative opinion on an issue which i do not understand, in the case of Mr. King art he believes that his art work on the beach is harmless and is part of the bajan dream that uplifts and compliments our culture true as that maybe. the other side of the coin reveals that in the chosen environment where he does his artwork there is a neglect and fragility which impacts our existence begging for a concern


  • what there should be left until nature takes its course, however govt concern should be and must be focused on a bigger picture of protecting or vast land for future generations in those ways that would secure or survival
    Mr, Kings talent is undeniably a work of beauty constructed with some of natures handy works and as we struggle to find a balance between the beauty of nature with all its built in and formidable purposes vs man made handiwork with an equal amount of beauty we must not fail to understand that natures handiwork has strict laws with a design order which man can not ignore
    I wish Mr King good luck with all his wonderful and magical endevours but hopefully he would not be guided by emotionalism and anger but a greater understanding that we are inheritors to a big world that must be protected and each of us who share this vast lands have views and ideas which we grow to love but in so doing we must recognized the art and beauty that draws and directs us closer with an intention of a mutual understanding and clarity for our purpose on this earth which includes the preservation and highest regard for natures beauty


  • Could someone translate in unambigous terms what the govt spokesperson is saying on this matter,as it would seem that the older I get the less am I able to understand the written words of some.


  • Those who have ears to hear will hear and understand the others can continue in their selfish ways consumed with an individualistic self interest divorced from reality


  • @ Vincent
    Could someone translate in unambigous terms what the govt spokesperson is saying on this matter
    “….rah blah rabble dabble gggggag hubana bubana BLP dahhh blaaa bush shite bla bla Mr King bxppp rah …with an individualistic self interest divorced from reality.”

    …that’s the best Bushie can do for yuh Boss….
    ha ha ha


  • Another laugh and loud laughs was when society was told about deforestation and its impact on the eco system.lots of laughter and negative outburst. ..When will we ever learn it is not nice to fool mother nature.
    Bush u can laugh all u want but that day too would come when the laughter would turn to sorrow when mither natures fury says it had enough.


  • The national mindset about art, artistic expression is no different to the rest of the culture.

    These images seem to enhance the environment, and do no damage whatsoever.

    But that anybody would seek to have them removed shows a lack of appreciation for the best that humans could be.

    More fundamentally, it represents a mindset which generally serves to retard national development.

    Then again, this is Barbados so what less can be expected.

    Could it not be imagined why our country is descending currently, and must continue so to.

    Any real country would have been trying to see how to monetize artistic expression, or bring new artistic thinking into the wider culture – not the idiots in Barbados.


  • Certainly what art is there should remain intact .However one should respect and understand the consequences which can come about if mankind insist on self indulgence while disrepecting the laws of nature
    Laws design to protect ud


  • Yes……………… to protect the powerful from the weak


  • On Monday, 7 November 2016, Barbados Underground wrote:



  • Isn’t it the biggest irony how we allow the politicians to usurp the laws > without holding them accountable then the same people bray like the > proverbial donkey when the small people transgress. All the NCC general > manager had to do -an there is still time, is to reach out to Mr.King and > the creative to establish what win win is available. The matter should not > have even reached the media. >


  • @ David /Pacha

    But if your income and livelihood depended on posting blogs to defend Froon and his collection of idiots in parliament…. what would YOU do?
    yuh gotta pity the poor yard fowl….

    No one can be so daft ..(with the possible exception of Dompey of course..) so we have to assume that the poor woman is being forced by circumstances to prostitute her mind… by her DLP pimps.

    The REALLY frightening part is that AC seems able to convince our political masters that she is doing a good public relations job on their behalf….
    Now THAT…is scary….in terms of he immediate future of our donkeys – relative to the grass….


  • Small or big it does not matter the laws of nature does not discriminate. It purpose of design is structural and specfic and encompass all that is cruical to mankind survival.
    My kings ideas are great and should be respected and applaud nevertheless nature ideas are better and should not be trampled or invaded upon
    As far as negotiations between the parties involved. so far one side has been told triggered by emotion and a bevy of people who has expressed their concerns based on one idea with little regard for those factors that are relevant to the protection of the eco sysytem and what impact the shifting of those rocks can have on the enviroment


  • Not crossing wunna but the BTA could partner with these fellas and produce a refined sanitized version of this video.

    Sportfishing is a multi billion industry in the USA and Canada.


  • @Hants

    The Sandpebbles, BRC and Troubadours to mention a few will be performing at the Garrison Independence night and putting on shows post.

    An interesting comment by Norman Barrow this afternoon. He quoted Nicholas Brancker as lamenting the standard of music and he lamented where the next crop of quality artistes will come.

    Another interest point “artistic expression should not be suppressed”.


  • Apparently, there is “rising concern and anger by [“among” would have been better] Creatives.

    What exactly is a randomly capitalized “Creative”? Writing cookery books?

    Take the wallpaper in one hand and the hammer in the other. Alternatively, learn about the prudent use of upper case. You’re a “Creative”.


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