The Vernon Smith Vs Marcelle Smith & Family Affair, with Court Documents

Vernon Smith QC

Vernon Smith QC

The unfortunate death of Marcelle Smith who was the wife of retired headmaster of the Lodge School Aurelius Smith and who is the brother of Vernon Smith and Frederick ‘Sleepy Smith’ of the venerable Law Firm Smith and Smith has generate a distasteful public story.  Based on the documents attached we have a family feud which is fuelling serious allegations. In the interest of being balanced and transparent BU will post the attached documents to inform public discussion and leave the speculation to others.

308 thoughts on “The Vernon Smith Vs Marcelle Smith & Family Affair, with Court Documents

  1. @ SSS

    To you and We’ll Well and Consequences of one thing I can be sure that when 5 o’clock rolls around and the ole man is sleeping, having dispelled the fear that Death has been scared off one more night, and the breaking sunlight will keep him away until tomorrow, GOD DOES NOT SLEEP!!!

    @ Heather

    There is one thing that I have learnt over the years about women is that, irrespective of where this article will auto rate in the recent posts lists, you females will search it out and keep posting week after week after week.

    Unlike we menses whu, unless it is fronts, or an ego trip, will discard a topic or calling, once they have willed one of you, you going talk about it like if it happened yesterday.

    Girl good ting you ent give you last name

    Transparency International.

    I am always encouraging the Honourable Blogmaster to seek an official status with these organizations where this website becomes the model and modus through which matter of serious disparagement against citizens are aired and monitored.

    They done know who you are, and who your wife is, why not up the game, and the credentials of the site AND, MOST Importantly, YOUR INSURANCE POLICY ON YOUR LIFE, because, to kill the Honourary Consul Plenipotentiary of Transparency International or any other Human Rights entity that you get to accord you standing, would be real ingrunt

    It like me, why kill de babbler and leh peeple know dat he babbling was true? Leh de ole fool fuh long causing he ent got long tuh live anyways

    You is a young man wid family and chilrun who de ole man hope are is reading well and you need to shore up against the Troika for all of our sakes.

    Ohhhh ammmm install PGP 2 on your machines with the dongles or without, even theFBI can’t BREK dem when dem get de search warrant, bless dem souls

  2. Piece…even better insurance, know where everyone on the island can be located, easy to do….and…these types of vicious acts need to be brought to the attention of international agencies that can easily access the information before putting out info that they believe to be accurate…but is not.

    FBI and Interpol can always find the ones believing themselves untouchables whenever they step foot off island, they cant hide.

  3. My sweet piece

    A woman is seen through the eyes of man as vulnerable, weak, easy peasy and good for pleasure. This makes us more of a target for predators to go after . This elderly woman suffered a horrible death and was disposed of like an animal. I need to have some consolation that this crime will be given the full attention of the law to the extent that leads are followed and all the evidence provided in the case brings all the perpetrators to justice. I want to know that when I am home, I can report a matter of sexual harassment without some cocky police looking at me with vulture eyes telling me shite that I should not be dress more appropriate, this is Barbados not overseas:. You do not know what it is to be hustle, to be whistle at, to have some men trying to touch your butt. Once I was in the Oistins Fish Fry waiting in line for Fish Net Grills delicious goodies and a rasta man grabble my hand telling me to come and dance with him. I said to him are you stupid. Do not touch me, I do not know you. He got so aggressive telling me that if I do not want to be touch I should not be dressing so sexy. I light in his ass but he advanced towards me like he wanted to fight. I think he was high beside the fact that he was grizzly looking. A few men nearby saw what happened and came to my rescue. Then I went for a policeman to complain. When the police got there the shite told me nothing serious happen and he told the man not to do it again. Can you believe the rasta man told him that he was just making sport, not serious, and the ignorant police accept that as gospel? The thing is I went ahead of my girls so they could find a parking spot, thinking that by the time they got there I would have had all the plates. When they got there they ask me what happen and told them. They were so hopping mad that they went to a policeman who told me that shite and painted his ass red. He said not a word but to caution us. After that, we went looking for the man who touched me but he had left according to what the men who came to my rescue told us. Sweet Piece, we are girls but they were two of them who were at that time martial art trained. This happened before I started my self-defense classes and body strengthening programme. Now all of us are self defense trained. I am telling you they and I would have offloaded licks in his crutch places he never thought he could hurt.

  4. @Ms SSS, one comes away from your remarks often under the impression that the blessed physical beauty which you possess is such a hard burden to bear.

    What happened in Oistins was straight up battery or assault. You obviously had every right to be royally pissed off for being man-handled. Clearly how ‘sexy’ you looked was not a justification for that behaviour.

    I get that.

    What I don’t get oft times is the battering ram perspective that female beauty is a burden so heavy to carry…

    … So because men may whistle or look lustfully or ‘accidentally’ brush up on you on trains or crowded places or be unable to break eye contact with your ‘girls’ (or whatever you label your mammary glands), or buy you unsolicited drinks and so on and so to any of the other sexual harassment slights you have encountered over the years you get so pissed!

    I presume you have every right to react with anger if you so choose but I know very hot ladies who don’t have your perspective and have navigated the rapids of their beauty differently.

    So glad to know you are now able to defend yourself well but the action to go and find that guy was simply a bad move.

    If those ‘offloaded licks in his crutch’ were done you would have crossed the same line that every aggrieved person believes is right; the same line that cops cross when they are out of danger but shoot the perp in the back as he runs away after nearly ‘chocking them to death….Aggrieved or not…it’s stupid thing to do.

    The cop is seen on tape and with bullets in the back…he is charged with murder.

    You and your peeps being out of danger and already smoothed over by the cop would have been the aggressors. You would have been the ones charged with assault.

    Worst yet, you could have walked into a GUN and a few bullets of death…despite all that martial arts.

    Beauty is not a burden …and by all means kick ass on the spot if you are man-handled…that’s self defense!

  5. Dribbler

    Do you know what is to be a woman? Men can talk to us, men can compliment us but are not allowed to sexually assault us, touch us like if we give them permission or make nasty remarks just because we do not want to hear their advancing language. Most of you men are tricksters, pretensive, smooth and predatorial. You do not think much with your brains when you see a beautiful woman, only with your other hard head. I am telling you now if my peeps had seen him we would have offloaded licks in his crutch. You can talk all you like. And for your information, I neve said beauty was a burden, it is a gift. You need to tell the others who can’t keep their advances to themselves, stop burdening us with behaviours we find inappropriate. Big difference between a compliment and a come on, and every single day of my adult life, I have not had a day where I am not hassled.

  6. SSS….Par for the course, my children marvel that at my age, I would be walking with them and still getting hit on by youngsters younger than my sons….that’s the nature of the beast, but they know when ya packing, they can sense it, they also know when you are unarmed and vulnerable.

  7. @ Piece, you are contradicting yourself. You stated that only women will go back and keep the post alive yet you are inferring that I am a man.

  8. @WW&C
    “They know when you are packing, they can sense it”
    All of use are not equipped with this natural radar; but I do agree that a person (man/woman) who appears vulnerable is likely to be preyed upon.

  9. @ Heather Cole.

    That post did not carry your last name, and even though, I thought it was you, I changed my submission.

    Since it was you I acknowledge that you came back.

    I had actually retracted the compliment but since you are here and not one can say it was you who said it, there being no last name, and even if there was a last name, they could not say is was you, (I know that is complicated to a few but you would understand what I said) I was going to say that, of the three ladies here in this contentious part of the woods, what you posted in that anonymous, yet not anonymous submission, made me do a recalibration Viv a vis your gonads, being polite I am.

    WW&C from the north intrigues me because of what she knows and about who she knows and how she tells you don’t mess with her cause, well let me say that she is not theoretizing about whether you hear the sound after the muzzle f lashes at your temple.

    Well everybody dun know dat, in addition to the fact my baby doan play and that she dun know where a lot uh skeletons buried but respects Daddy a lot, every body dun know de ole man in love, cyberspacally, I add that word just in case one Hants and the other fellow, he knows who he is, put a spoke in my wheel. I doan mek no excuses dat is me gf and dere is no fool like an ole fool.

    By why you got added is because you, you used your real name and, insofar as Barbados is concerned, and this blog, especially with the bongo lords that are concerned, dat mek de ole man say whoa!

    No I doan count you as no man.

    Talk whatever we like, if you kill a woman in Afghanistan you kill a woman in Barbados, if you rape a woman in Somalia, she cud be whatever race you have raped a woman in Barbados

    When you give us birth, bend our wills to love you so that we abhor Jack the Ripper practices and to truly practice I will not lie cheat or steal

  10. @Sunshine Sunny Shine April 7, 2016 at 10:22 AM …My original remarks made it absolutely clear that there is a ” Big difference between a compliment and a come on”.

    I engaged you re your handling beauty as a burden based of your comments over time. It certainly was nothing you said explicitly…but again here you are effusing implicitly that “every single day of my adult life, I have not had a day where I am not hassled” . There is that BURDEN again.

    Look, this was mere throw-away psycho-babble on my part due obviously to too much time …

    … your remarks certainly suggest that you often do not find the ‘castle of your skin’ as the wondrous gift of which you speak…you know …as the rewarding gift the top-man bestowed on you.

    As a man I have met my share of tricksters too…that are “pretensive, smooth and predatorial” like you have. Mine were all women though…

    Life is what it is…

    Earlier I noted that if you had lost way de idiot in licks when he first manhandled you den that would have been his just rewards…but if you can’t understand that subsequent that moment and too after involving a police-officer that you stopped being a victim and became a vagabond when you went looking for the perp den so be it.

    To repeat from above there are any number of police officers who cross that same line daily around the world and when we get video or audio of that we crucify them here on BU.

    Or if some person breaks into your house and you scare dem away, chase dem down de road and shoot their backside well off your property…not even a Zimmerman ‘stand your ground’ defense will save you.

    So if you perceive that as you are ‘woman hear me roar’ it absolves you from any sensible restrain den go for it…

    My psycho babble. early morning ‘sleep-apnea’ induced awakening done pon dis!

  11. Only a few of you would understand why women like me, WWC and Heather Cole would pay specific interest to this case. Barbados is a place that has created its own systems for women to succeed. Some of them conventional and others not so convention, Feel free to interpret as you wish. Some of the many hideous crimes committed in Barbados have been towards women. The island has developed a culture of indifference towards horrible situations that prevail in the domestic environment. It is only now since a few innocent babes have become victim to what goes on in the home, that public outcry for something to be done is now heard. Be that as it may, there is a cesspool of spiralling immoral social constructs that are breeding the next generation of vagabonds and deranged thinkers. Young impressionable minds are the subject of all forms of abuse and, allowed to view. daily, the contentious situations prevailing in their home environments. At the moment, you have a crisis of our young girls pursuing an alternative lifestyle in order to obtain some of life’s niceties in an effort to have what their parents could never afford. And, one has to ask, what took the authorities so long to figure out that missing teenage girls only go missing until it is time to come up for air and forge the perfect ‘reason’. If we do not address the threads that hold a society together with commonsense approaches that seek to cater to the entire whole then paying attention to only specific aspects of it will not help the situation too much. but will only continue the worsening state that Barbados now finds itself in. Barbados needs to operate on constructs that provide supports to obtain the type of environment that caters to the highest levels of social development. At the present moment, we are ignoring too many of them to tackle the problems we face with any degree of real seriousness., If we continue you like this, domestic violence will continue, unfair practices will continue, murders will escalate and women will continue to live in fear as prey creatures for perverted predators.

  12. Dribbler

    Again I ask, do you know what it is like being a woman? If you want to do the comparable thing between who are the worse of the pretenders, tricksters and predatorial two legged homo sapiens preying on the vulnerabilities of either of the sexes- go right ahead. I am not here to defend unacceptable behaviour of the female clan, but here to tell you straight up, some of us women, like me, are tired of your cockiness and attempts to get some. As to my comments over time that led you to believe that I am burden by my beauty, first up, you are new to this forum so what you read of late or the picture showing part of me, are all recent events. On here, the only time I have alluded to myself as being a cut above the rest is in exchanges with the cunt AC. Other than that, I made no remarks alluding to myself at any physical level. You are obviously dribbling between sleep and awake where your analytical mind and aspirations to exert the psychologist in you is indeed leading you to pedantic dribbles.

  13. There is something disturbingly sad about this tragedy that I can’t get understood as hard as I try.

    4 Canadians with 100 lbs of marijuana street value of $6,600 per lb, if high grade, released with Roughly $200k of fines, not a day in prison, while the DPP still holding a fisherman s boat that was stolen, and nuff Bajans from the hood, pun lockdown, and here, in the face of obvious irregularities, men, of whom a few are police, just coasting to ef by.

    And we have a slit eyed Attorney General and a Guyanese Director of Public Prosecutions jes effing around?

    • We are always coming up with stupid solutions from other jurisdictions. The latest is a sex offenders registry. If a rapist’s name is in a sex offenders’ registry that would not stop him from raping. I am for a more permanent solution. I am talking about CASTRATION, and I don’t mean chemical castration. I prefer the use of a razor.

      Sent from my iPad


  14. My Sweet Piece

    This is nothing new in Barbados. How many cases involving tourists resulted in the full weight of the law when compared to cases involving murder resulting in lesser sentences when a local kills another local? What about the situation where German-born B-jerk-man killed his son and was allowed to roam as far as overseas for medical treatment. Yet a father, who forgot his baby at the back of his car (an occurrence that happens worldwide with studies to prove it is possible for non-accustom activities that are not programmed into one’s psychy of everyday routines can be easily forgotten) was charged with gross negligence. Or, the father upset over a matter that struck and kill his own child while reversing was charged and placed in prison for gross negligence also. You really think, my sweet piece, that you or I could have bend over and ‘moon’ the exterior to any judge in Barbados without consequence? Barbados judicial system is going, gone, completely bunkers.

    • SSS

      You wrote:
      My Sweet Piece

      This is nothing new in Barbados. How many cases involving tourists resulted in the full weight of the law when compared to cases involving murder resulting in lesser sentences when a local kills another local? What about the situation where German-born B-jerk-man killed his son and was allowed to roam as far as overseas for medical treatment. Yet a father, who forgot his baby at the back of his car (an occurrence that happens worldwide with studies to prove it is possible for non-accustom activities that are not programmed into one’s psychy of everyday routines can be easily forgotten) was charged with gross negligence. Or, the father upset over a matter that struck and kill his own child while reversing was charged and placed in prison for gross negligence also. You really think, my sweet piece, that you or I could have bend over and ‘moon’ the exterior to any judge in Barbados without consequence? Barbados judicial system is going, gone, completely bunkers.

      What do you expect? Have any of those people you mentioned ever contributed money to a political party? Don’t you know that illegally financing political parties amount to a get out of jail free card?

      In Barbados you can make a mistake that result in the death of your child, come clean and go to jail, but if you have money you child can die at your hands from a gunshot; you can make up an impossible scenario and walk free. The story that was related to the police about cleaning the gun could not possibly happen. No one that ever handled a gun could believe the story that was accepted by law enforcement in Barbados.

      I am sorry, I know that I am off topic but whenever I am confronted with the fairy tale of that little boy’s death, I her angry.

      Sent from my iPad


  15. @Sunshine Sunny Shine at 2:16 AM…too sweet wid: “You are obviously dribbling between sleep and awake where your analytical mind and aspirations to exert the psychologist in you is indeed leading you to pedantic dribbles” Nice touch…LOL..

    I clearly told you what type of references you made which brought out my remarks re ‘the burden of beauty’. Never said you “alluded to …being a cut above the rest”. You are quite smart so you are playing games. There is a clear inferences that can be made from your remarks…so I’ll leave dat alone. .

    But to pick up on another of your remarks, viz “do you know what it is like being a woman? If you want to do the comparable thing between…” This is not a Mars v Venus fight. Endless words have been written about the male female dynamic so very little that either of us can add to that centuries old debate … thus I suggest that it is all about individual actions and reactions.

    In Barbados today females at the basic male-female level probably suffer more harassment than they did prior to independence despite the fact that they are elevated much higher in status professionally and socially. No need to give nah long talk on the reasons because that is exactly what you are living and complaining about:

    — Females, like you are being totally objectified because of the prevalence of so much sexual innuendo in all advertising, movies etc; the wall-to-wall availability of pornography and of course the social media ‘selfie life’ explosion which the folks like the Kardashians have exploited so well.

    All of that makes your (female) existence very difficult. I get that…even as or particularly because I am a man!

    So Ms. SSS it all comes down to how I and you of course deal wid our actions and reactions…

    … do I look at any lady out there as ‘Kim Kardashian’ who because she flaunts her assets so readily that I can just go and figuratively grab her (… her stand-in like you in Oistins) and say ‘I want you to dance wid me’. Nope don’t work that way and really never did.

    So in turn, should you react to every misguided half twit of a male who objectifies you as nothing more than a ‘piece of pootang’ with serious anger..well of course…do exactly as you want to…in the end It’s all about individual choice.

  16. Piece…..check out the Follow The Money, Inside The Worlds Tax Haven link…

    SSS ….to compound your point and concern that the crap predatory males do is a learned behavior, check out the little youngsters who kidnapped a young girl and gang raped her during the UWI carnival.

    Four have been arrested, but the exact number range from 8 to 20, that’s a pack mentality, adult , males are not doing their jobs re guiding young males and boys to respect females or giving these youngsters any positive guidance period.

    The males do not have a positive on the minds of young people.

  17. Piece……the police can be seen as enabling what happened to the Smith female, by their illegal presence at her residence with those 2 greedy asses, Gollop and Smith, whether knowingly or knowingly is up for debate, but their very presence is an indicator that they were used to cover up crimes.

  18. *the adult males do not have a positive effect on the minds of young people….bottomline

  19. Dribbler

    You ain’t no knucklehead though you are exhibiting a close leaning, with a noted propensity to be branded accordingly in spite of all your nicely expressed put together phrases. But, you finally get the point as you concede. Pity it took you 9 paragraphs and a pause in your dribble to get the main gist.

  20. So pieceuhderockyeahright at 6:05 AM, what are you saying. That the DPP should only have released dem after levying a bigger fine closer to that street value of $660,000; that they should be lost way on remand awaiting trial or what.

    BTW was that roughly US$200K or BDS$? Didn’t read the case but I’ll presume bds$ as you said ‘roughly’ like in a conversion. Either way its money and likely forex that they didn’t have before.

    Better to do it that way rather than the Singapore way and execute these drug tourists. We wouldn’t be able to handle that negative exposure as it would show up our legal system in flagrante delicto!

    So leh dem come, catch dem and fine dem up the wazoo!

    Not so sure wha to do wid dem locales dem…as I said the system is itself flagrante delicto …

  21. WWC

    It is as I have said in my post at 1:52am. While all efforts are being made to find ways to earn forex (nothing wrong wid dah), keep tourist attracted (nothing wrong wid dah), and significant others in the money (every shite wrong wid dat), there is a gross neglect of that percentage of the Barbadian diaspora that are breeding grounds for social discord and violence, due, largely, to the crumbling situations that are their domestic environments. WWC, If you neglect the cornerstones that promote and build a good society, which is linked to the development of the ”intact family,” then what prevails are all the ills in a society that your social services will become completely overwhelmed and powerless to bring under control. You have a high price structural network, a burdensome support mechanism, no system that mandates a civic duty at 18 years to expose pent up energies to the rudiments of discipline through military service or other services to instill a sense of duty and responsibility. What you have are growing negative perceptions that cling to all that is wrong with Barbados. It is an already festering misconception of right and wrong that has no significant standout role models that the youth can follow and emulate. No early etiquette programmes that teach respectability and honour. What you expect, ma girl, the devil finds work for idle minds with idle hands. When you do not provide means for idle minds to be exposed to what is positive and wholesome than they will find pleasure in the perverted. After all, we have seen the decadence in the pleasure postings after the effects of the crop over or reggae on the hill sexual orgies with banks bottles and dangling doggies. We saw it with a young boy pelting bird in a sheep and a young child wukking up on an adult in skimpy underwear like he was a grown up while the crowd roared and cheered. These were all signs of the bigger troubles that were coming, troubles that the authorities sought to deal with by treating the canker sore and not the cause of it. That is what has been happening to Barbados over time, and the Democratic Labour Party and Barbados Labour Party,only made it worst with their negligence.

  22. If de country short on money and they fine the young Canadians instead of incarcerating them think of the money that is saved since the Bajan public don’t have to pay for their room and board. The Prison authorities are releasing prisoners (some say it is an effort to save money) but that’s another story. Those people were just “mules”, perhaps they squealed and disclosed the name(s) of Mr. Big (they didn’t get up one day and packed their suitcases with mayjane). If I was Mr. Big I would be looking over my shoulder for “Dudley do Right” because dem young tings when faced with Dodds must have squealed louder than a piglet getting castrated.

    That’s my view from the Sunny North, I look forward to “Bushy” expounding his opinion on women in society and “Bushy” does have a view starting with barefoot, pregnant and tied to the kitchen sink but I don’t ever want to speak for “Bushy”.

  23. Caswell, surely you as a man who expounds well re precedent and understanding the English comprehension of life fully understand that the ‘sex offenders’ registry’ concept if implemented to the extent that it is in some US jurisdictions would be quite foreboding on the lives of anyone thereon…and I speak to those who got there due to simply misguided deeds rather than out-and-out sexual deviancy.

    No argument that it cannot and does not stop persons from raping or whatever they committed but that’s a dangerous piece of legislation if not handled properly.

    In some jurisdictions the Bajan school children caught in sexual acts would be tarred for life as they could be on such a registry…

    …but then again Barbados has a different mind-set to these type of things so maybe being on such a register would not presage the same pain and difficulties as in US.

    The case of 17 year old Genarlow Wilson in Georgia USA is an instance of how that registry can stain you when one should never be so painted (that is a case of a lot of wrongs but he would also end on the register and that would be his life-long burden affecting jobs and all aspects).

    I hope folks understand what being on such a list really means – based on current laws, that is.

  24. No wonder our politicians believe we have ‘short memories and limited attention spans’ ! We tend to stray off-topic so easily !

  25. Once again, to the official BU self appointed TIme Keepers, when you come late to the party, you will learn that with any and all BU topics people will move away from the substantive topic sometimes so radically that you are unsure if it returns to the centre BUT, when it comes to the matter of murder, they WILL COME BACK.

    Rest your horses AND UNLESS YOU CAN TELL US WHERE THE DECEASED WAS CARRIED, BEFORE HER BODY WAS UNCEREMONIOUSLY PLACED IN HALTON PLANTATION, or any other substantive detail which, once uttered, would immediately coalesce all discussion around your topic, go with the effing flow and try not to direct the BU blogging.

    I doan know where wunn Johnny come latelys does come from.

    Menses talking bout sexual predators and deterrent strategies agains such crimes and you talking shyte bout politicians and short effing memories.

    Man carry yuh whatchamacallit yuh!!

  26. @ pudryr

    “Sexual predators and deterrent strategies” are indeed important, but are they relevant to the topic ? Are/were they at play in this awful tragedy ? Given the seriousness and need for the fullest ventilation of the topic at hand, should we allow ourselves to be side-tracked … a technique used very often by lawyers and politicians ? I think not ! Nonetheless, you are entitled to your opinion and your vulgarity ! I shall adhere to that old dictum, ‘Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise !’ Peace, Piece !

  27. We see persons who have been charged for murder being released on bail. We see persons who have committed murder,and in one case double murder, being released from prison before the time given to them by a judge and jury. In todays Nation we learn of a man incarcerated in Dodds for what Bajans refer to as “Cock Tax”, not being allowed to attend his mother’s funeral after she was tragically killed in a vehicle accident on the ABC Highway. The similar type of red tape that stopped me from attending my own mothers funeral .

  28. @pieter pieper at 12:55 PM …you really can’t be serious. How can a tangent taken after 200+ comments on a blog be critiqued as you have! How.

    How is ventilation or lack of seriousness re this lady’s death being disregarded by anything said whether it’s comment one or comment 260. The people who need to be acting are the DPP, Ms Smith’s family the BAR Association and related parties.

    Any and all comments here beyond the documents first posted are titillating gossip at the end of the day. Any further really useful ventilation since about post #1 would be a confession document!

    So as the ole-man said unless you have “any other substantive detail which, once uttered, would immediately coalesce all discussion around your topic” then please get real.

    Again to place your remarks into context…this is a blog where over 260 comments were made of varying degrees of common-sense and seriousness.

    To coin other more recent dictum: it’s possible to walk and chew gum. I am sure you can do that.

  29. @dpd

    Ad hominem remarks are useless, pointless, and senseless ! We are each entitled to our own opinion !

  30. In my humble opinion, the lady’s family need to take this to the wire, had she been a relative of mine, I would be making everyone involved very miserable, but that’s my personality… appears that people have become lawless because there are no boundaries set for those who believe they are untouchable.


    The accused needs to be tried as soon as possible for this heinous murder of a kind and caring lady.

  32. More importantly, the accused needs to be made to allocute, as is allowed in common law jurisdictions….and call the names of those who paid him to kill an elderly senior citizen.

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  34. @pieter pieper April 8, 2016 at 3:53 PM ——- Absolutely, “we are each entitled to our own opinion”. That is the entire point of blogging…everyone is an editorial writer.

    Are you being fair and honest in your role as editorial writer in stating the opinion at April 8, at 9:49 AM? Is that a valid remark after 200+ blog post ?

    I believe blogger Pieces is also entitled to his opinion – laced with some mild and friendly tongue lashing- but very factually strong

    It’s either ironic or hypocritical that you should sound off about going off topic and did not in the least offer any new and enlightening information with your post…off-topic on off-topic…doubly guilty you were…LOL

    Of course that’s just my opinion that you are standing on sand …and the claims of ad hominem are exaggerated.

    None here will solve this crime with our words…and all of us here want to see JUSTICE regardless of our words!

  35. Pieter Piper

    I can understand your call to keep on the topic. I, too, on one occasion, on some other topic, lamented the fact that comments were way off topic. David, the blog master, politely told me that that he and others are good at multi-topic-ing. However, I see none of the comments that speak to the social ills in society as going way off base. In fact, they point to the very reasons why the crime against Marcelle Smith happened in the first place. My sweet piece pointed correctly to the fact that unless there is a significant revelation coming forth that could shed further light on the Marcelle Smith murder case, what more can be said that has not already been said. Amused has not offered any more information on his insights into this matter, and there is no further development besides the speculations and ND Ince’s talk of instructed to carry out the murder. The discussion is now focused on the growing disgust and festering defiance towards things moral that is now factoring detrimentally in the bajan society

    Caswell Franklyn

    I heard you and I hearing you. I think you know that we all know, those with money can purchase the best honey. B-jerk-man is one case that showed up the compromising position of the judicial system to justify tailored made facts under falsify legal jargon to make the pretense appear like the right type of justice was served. You do not have to be in the deal to know the deal was struck. Previous evidence concerning the rambunctious status quo individuals was only good for public outcry, the usual bull shit preliminary hearings, and a justification that placed doubt on the evidence leading to exoneration. You have the scam of the Caribbean century in the CLICO debacle. You have evidence that proved Leroy Parris to be a crook, David Thompson to be a crook, the Prime Minister of Barbados to be a condoner and sympathizer of crooks, whose only concern is that their behaviours have nothing to do with what they were able to achieve, and yet through all of this, the only people who are suffering, imprisoned mentality by the amount that they have lost are the disadvantaged policyholders. Not a boy have has been apprehended for the CLICO scam, and the judiciary of Barbados want us to believe that the law is executed in all fairness when it is pussyfooting with the Leroy Parris case matter by freezing his assets which we all know will soon be available for him to enjoy. On trust me, sexy Caswell, I know.

  36. Dribbler

    As I said, you are ain’t no idiot, wellllll a little moronic with a twist of inflated ego, but no idiot. I starting to like you. Your views are contextual and provide for an alternative perspective even though your feeble attempts to do the psychoanalytical thing needs to do a Cahill.

  37. Ma Girl WWC

    The case to me so far is clear cut. I really do not think you need to find substantial physical evidence and a bonafide confession to see what picture the put together dots are painting. The family, as you rightfully said, needs to press the matter where the authorities might be compromised to do so. If they have any pass dirt on Vernon Smith they should throw it in the arena of public opinion to get it diced. sliced and chop up. If Vernon Smith and Hal Gollop are indeed the scum that many believe them to be no better way to draw them out of their protective environment than by exposing all that you know to be true about them. Other than that this case was finished at the apprehension and charged of Ince. That is a slam dunk fact in the protectionist order of the consortium of things agreed upon at the kissing of the rings and the chanting of strange sayings.

  38. oh lawd, @ Sunshine Sunny Shine April 9, at 4:26 AM …. I am both “a little moronic” and “with a twist of inflated ego” LOLL. Not in de class as the real BU maguffies fah sure.

    Anyhow, I’ll leave you to Pieces. You are a handful and more than a bit on top of that!

    And talk about back-handed complimentary slaps …, ” I starting to like you. Your views are contextual and provide for an alternative perspective even though your feeble attempts to do the psychoanalytical thing needs to do a Cahill.”

    You do love that take charge aura…LOLL. Not sure if I should say ‘thanks’ or ‘ouch’!

  39. Bush Tea

    You would have to ask if she has an intact conscience sufficient enough to tell the truth.


    No, no, no, I really starting to like you. You write objectively, though, as I said, your pompersetting English skill set an attempt at doing the psychology thingie do expose an element of your inflated ego. Lord, ain’t nothing wrong with that. I have been called, Miss know all, a man pretending to be a woman, nasty derogatory person, slanderous, dangerous, wicked, all types of names. I take them as compliments because compared to some of the frauds pretending to be stand up role models of a citizen, those bad words are nothing to be compare to their type of nasty.

  40. @ SSS
    You would have to ask if she has an intact conscience sufficient enough to tell the truth
    You may well be surprised at how much incentive she has to be honest…

  41. @ Bush Tea

    I have dwindling faith in the human race and in particular little faith of so-called prominent people pun the rock. I would imagine Vernon Smith’s wife would unfortunately have enough nous of self-preservation to know which side of the bread is buttered for her and given she ain’t working herself, therefore needs to rely on the old man to keep on bleatin’ / stealin’ / murderin’ to keep paying those gym fees or whatever. i.e. little incentive. However, like you, Bush, we wait to be surprised. God help the victims of heinous crimes.

  42. SSS…Vernon’s wife was present when he picked up a chair and physically threatened Mrs. Smith, ss stated in the letter Mrs. Smith wrote when voicing her concerns about her safety. Smith’s wife encouraged him to leave the premises, as I said, if he had me to deal with, Vernon would have left the premises on a stretcher.

    I am sure the wife knows what type of idiot she is dealing with, she is the one have to live with him.

  43. WWC

    I am not sure what picture you are painting of the wife. Is she afraid, subdued, a dependent who would suffer if she tells the truth about this old spiteful brute or simply a cohort in her husband’s nefarious endeavours? What is she ma girl?

  44. Not sure myself SSS…but given what Mrs. Smith described, Vernon’s wife was lucid enough to pull the idiot outta there before he killed Mrs. Smith with chair, knowing he was trespassing.

  45. Well Well
    It is clear to all that Vernon is capable of being the hooligan that he is and as he is portrayed in Philip Znicholls’ book.A bloody hooligan for an old duffer who should be home saving his breath to cool his porridge.Obviously his young wife is more level headed than the vagabond grandpa.

  46. WWC

    If this man was openly violent to Marcelle Smith, prior to her death, this simply adds another dot to already overwhelming matrix of dotte evience that is overwhelming. He along with all other parties identified must be interrogated.

  47. How Vernon would benefit from Marcell’s death?Was a new will signed that he would not want her to contest?

  48. SSS..Marcelle expressed her concern to others that she feared for her safety, because of Smith.

    Gabriel…there are those close to him and are his friends who believes he omly postures, then there are those who believe Vernon tonbe truly dangerous.

    In a jurisdiction with a working police force, office of the DPP, attorney general’s office….yes, both Smith and Gollop would be investigated, questioned and interrogated multiple times, given the evidence build up…but, none of tgese functioning entities exist in Barbados, particularly when it’s one of their own the spotlight of suspicion falls upon.

    This child Jahan King was murdered, more than one child last year….and what are the police, DPP, Attorney General etc doing chasing down Naked Departure for blogging, trying to extradite and sue for talk. I would be pleasantly surprised if those 2 goons Smith and Gollop are questioned in the murder.

    Now you see what is more important to these pretenders for professionals on the island.

  49. @heather, It appears Marcelle Smith’s body was never meant to be found, based on where they eventually located it . It then took a while for it to be id’d.

    With that context ask your question again. What happens in the situation of a missing person and control of their estate.

    Since there is a court order granting a receivership which should be rock solid in principle. A missing person would no doubt complicate things for handling the estate.

  50. The court order also granted receivership to Mrs. Smith’s son, who is very much alive, it was joint so it will not be easy, there is still a problem for those trying to overturn that order….this is worth keeping an eye on to see how far Smith and Gollop are willing to go…using their knowledge of how to circumvent the system.

  51. The movie-script nature of this matter does not abate ..does it.

    Is it mere happenstance, vitality or just the nature of things that two octogenarian plus brothers were married to much younger women! … Just an interesting tidbit that has nary a connection to the murder investigation…but the psychology of life is forever strange.

    The resolution of this case is a function of who wants it more…and it seems the establishment will win.

    The DPP has absolutely no long-term reason to want to get to the bottom of this otherwise he could prime the pump to make the accused’s life a future of joy and freedom in order jump start his investigation… but to do that he would destroy his and his family’s future of joy and complete ‘freedom’.

    Ms. Smith’s family unfortunately do not have the power surely and possibly the money to usurp the DPP’s intransigence and get the details needed to move this investigation to its conclusion.

    At minimum an experienced, external PI and a hacker would be needed. The former to establish the time-lines of locations for all concerned and the latter to find any pings and other stored details that defines where any concerned parties ‘crossed’ connection.

    @DavidWeekes surely you can recommend a few hackers who might do some gratis work for the Smith family…

    And of course pretend I am in my dementia state wid dat last one…as that is absolutely illegal. But den so is murder.

  52. Pedantic Dribbler

    Phones are strange things Pedantic. Men and women, show their character and fickleness by their phones. cars and the types of Computers.

    Some phones, being fitted with specific software are to all intents and purposes – impregnable, and computers too, unless (a) you get access to the physical phone and install certain hardware/software (b) get access to the person’s house to monitor those devices and (c) unless you had a court order, similar that afforded under the Terrorism Act 2015 of Barbados which David Commissiong has been fighting against.

    OR, and this is a category which seems by all accounts to be en vogue in some jurisdictions in the region, you have (illegal) access to people’s phone records

    There is a fellow here who “joined” BU officially yesterday who would be better positioned to speak to the software defined networking capacity of the various telephone companies and their capacities IN CONCERT WITH THE JRCC equipment.

    As an aside let me just speak to that JRCC equipment for a second. The party to whom this article is directed knows who I mean, and is expected to change their name after this observation.

    Hypothetically, a group of individuals get a few devices under a JRCC bilateral aid program “to shore up their capacities to deal with matters of national security.”

    Imagine this, little boys and girls, armed with devices that provide them capacities to effect continuous? listening regimens supposedly for national security but whatever the conditions the equipment would use varied “frequencies” across various media to mine information.

    Said group, enamoured of their new toys, starts to play their “games” but they demit office and are replaced by “a king that knew not Joseph…” also a toy lover.

    Again, and I am speaking hypothetically now. So the successors, not cognisant of, and not caring, nor obliged to care for the original remit, start to chart a different purpose/application for “the toys”

    So remember Dribbler we have a group there for 14 years, 3 of which they start to experiment with the power of the toys, in comes the “inheritors” who, both lacking any knowledge of the original purpose of the tools/technology and remit, AND lacking any intellect, accuse the former party of monitoring, and chart a similar path as puny as that of their predecessors, “monitoring their own citizens”.

    Back to your query/comment, De Pedantic Dribbler. Because the primary units of interest are billed phones (again for this assumption, i refer you to my original premise about egos and our attachment to these fickle “love of our lives”), it is entirely likely that a hypothetical trail of telephony transactional data i.e. who was called, and when, being on record, is traceable.

    To erase the trail of the billed transactions would be a herculean task, the more knowledgeable practitioner here can confirm this, since it would mean doing some interdepartmental collusion which, while possible, will mean exposing one’s hand to a few more Bajans and you know how we love to talk. Non billed phones present a more difficult proposition since, unless one is in the USofA and other jurisdictions, those dbfs are generally not kept

    I think that another blogger mentioned these phone call trails here earlier but remember Dribbler, this is not CSI Miami. What you are speaking about requires an expertise that does not reside in the island even though the I2 software that facilitates the analytics does, and has been here, for over 12 years. Even I have a working copy of that in my catalog

    You need to be careful Dribbler because, of late, citizens who hear of these oddities of wiretapping, when they speak out about it, are deemed “treasonous and sedition prone.

    It would seem that as said hypothetical parties seem bent on continuing down this path you see a pattern of “denouncing any person who has an opinion different to theirs” AND, in extreme cases, will reach out and remove that dissent, by various means alluded to in this article.

    I forgot to mention in my hypothetical story that all this transpires while, a sleeping public, euphemism for me and you, happily walk along, unaware of these things ecclesiastical, and continue in somnambulistic bliss, a bliss augmented by the annual, steadily becoming diurnal, Kadooment euphoria.

  53. WWC

    Like I said, this case is a done deal. The DPP’s office under the current stewardship of the Leacock man is a compromised office. There will be no further investigation beyond Ince to link the dots to who the true murderers are. The two controversial lawyers have protective covers and as long as that protection exist the investigation will end at Ince. Marcelle Smith is dead and the person that killed her is already behind bars. Case closed.

  54. De Pedantic Dribbler

    There is one more thing which might be of greater use in this investigation than the pho calls/text/data use.

    The transaction data previously mentioned during that investigation of the subjects would provide – number of calls, disaggregated by incoming/outgoing source, duration and time per call ), incoming and outgoing text messages disaggregated by sources byte count and time as well as ** of SMS and of course frequency, then, if you have a data plan, internet data connections – url i.e. site visited etc.

    But what is more useful is what is on the backend of this network, the geolocation data simply put, the route that you took, rather the phone(s) took

    Even if you don’t see anyone following you Dribbler, they know when you leave the house, where you are, if you are stationary, on the move, coming back home, more time to search, things like that.

    The cell towers data would give the police force additional information it they were to access the phone/phones in question by legal or other means.

    @ Mr. Jeff Cumberbatch

    I am not sure if this is the FTC of Telecommunications people’s domain and, while this may be hindsight as well, cellular phone companies should be required to keep both monthly paid or prepay phone data for a prescribed period of time as a backup, if so required.

    Preservation of that data, enforced by law would permit that, in the event of a forensic analysis demanded by law one would be able to do what this diagram presents AT THE FLICK OF A SWITCH

  55. I want to ask a stupid question. Who is responsible for directing the police force to investigate any development further?

  56. @SSS
    Whoever is supposed to to be directing the police has fallen asleep at the wheel or missing. Perhaps that person does not know their job description.

  57. It is claimed, Heather, that Ince stated in prison he was instructed to kill Marcelle Smith. It is claimed that Vernon Smith’s, according to my girl WWC, wife had to prevent him from doing physical harm to Marcelle Smith with a chair. There is the provision of documentation that shows the lengths at which Smith and Gollop were willing to go in order to get what they were after. It is claimed that Marcelle Smith made an indication that she feared for her life. There is bitterness on the part of Smith to effect several strange moves to upset whatever hold Marcelle Smith had on her husband’s estate with Smith confronting the situation with an unscheduled visit or maybe visits with the police present. WHAT OTHER INFORMATION WOULD BE PERTINENT ENOUGH FOR THEY TO BE FULL-SCALE INVESTIGATION INTO WHAT PARTS SMITH; GOLLOP; THE WIFE AND WHOEVER ELSE; PLAYED IN THE DEATH OF MARCELLE SMITH.

  58. Analysis is one thing, just do not go down the atrocious road of that ‘other blog’ that posts libelous material without research or facts to support. Very dangerous road, we could say so many things with just as much (little) evidence to support, that would rock the boat, muchly.

  59. As I have said before the Marcelle Smith murder case will not be investigated any further unless a piece of evidence drops off a plane flying to Panama. Smith is free to continue smartly, and Gollop never stopped. Case closed, and so am I on this matter.

  60. What exactly takes so long to bring murder suspects and other big-up casesto trial in Barbados?

    ..Is it that the AG’s office is staffed with incompetent jokers who are operating by trial and error?
    ..Is it that the DPP only deals with petty cases involving people from the blocks?
    ..Is it that the whole legal profession are all LODGE members who use the system to protect each other?

    ….or are we simple a nation of brass bowl incompetents….?

  61. Bushie
    Did not the Police arrest Philip Nicholls,kept the man locked up,then kept seeking adjournments ad infinitum until some sensible person tell them,cut this shoite out,wunna en really got neffin pun de man.It tek bout 6 years to make that determination.This is the nastiness the Police cannot live down.All police not guilty,but those who are should swing from the gallows.The sad part is nuff ‘o dem guilty ones are dems and dem supporters.

  62. Man Gabriel this shiite is bigger than DEMS and BEES…. been going on too long now…
    Looks more like masonic influences to the bushman…
    For we fight not against flesh and blood …. (or even political idiocy in high places….) but against SPIRITUAL wickedness… against dark forces….

  63. @ David,

    I am glad to see that Roger is trying to get justice for his murdered mother.

    The children and family of the late Marcel Smith deserve to see her killer tried and sentenced to the maximum penalty.

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