The Vernon Smith Vs Marcelle Smith & Family Affair, with Court Documents

Vernon Smith QC

Vernon Smith QC

The unfortunate death of Marcelle Smith who was the wife of retired headmaster of the Lodge School Aurelius Smith and who is the brother of Vernon Smith and Frederick ‘Sleepy Smith’ of the venerable Law Firm Smith and Smith has generate a distasteful public story.  Based on the documents attached we have a family feud which is fuelling serious allegations. In the interest of being balanced and transparent BU will post the attached documents to inform public discussion and leave the speculation to others.


  • Sunshine Sunny Shine

    As I have said before the Marcelle Smith murder case will not be investigated any further unless a piece of evidence drops off a plane flying to Panama. Smith is free to continue smartly, and Gollop never stopped. Case closed, and so am I on this matter.


  • woot^_^hey check out my site to find out what the blacks next door to you did!


  • What exactly takes so long to bring murder suspects and other big-up casesto trial in Barbados?

    ..Is it that the AG’s office is staffed with incompetent jokers who are operating by trial and error?
    ..Is it that the DPP only deals with petty cases involving people from the blocks?
    ..Is it that the whole legal profession are all LODGE members who use the system to protect each other?

    ….or are we simple a nation of brass bowl incompetents….?


  • Bushie
    Did not the Police arrest Philip Nicholls,kept the man locked up,then kept seeking adjournments ad infinitum until some sensible person tell them,cut this shoite out,wunna en really got neffin pun de man.It tek bout 6 years to make that determination.This is the nastiness the Police cannot live down.All police not guilty,but those who are should swing from the gallows.The sad part is nuff ‘o dem guilty ones are dems and dem supporters.


  • Man Gabriel this shiite is bigger than DEMS and BEES…. been going on too long now…
    Looks more like masonic influences to the bushman…
    For we fight not against flesh and blood …. (or even political idiocy in high places….) but against SPIRITUAL wickedness… against dark forces….


  • @ David,

    I am glad to see that Roger is trying to get justice for his murdered mother.

    The children and family of the late Marcel Smith deserve to see her killer tried and sentenced to the maximum penalty.


  • @Hants

    The wheels of justice in Barbados is a slow turn.


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