7 thoughts on “BU Lecture of the Week – Permaculture and Development

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  2. the only way to go now..barbados has soursop trees the tea made from the leaves have been proved to cure internal cancer.was on msn google it.
    doing anything with that huge market?
    tourist waste and fluids will kill barbados and its reefs.
    sunscreen by the ton in the ocean.tired of stating the obvious.

  3. Barbados TripAdvisor .Com

    I have read the article and no way did it claimed that soursop leaves cures internal cancer. It said that, ” Studies have shown that the leaves and stem of the tropical tree called the soursop may prove beneficial in the treatment of cancer.” The author of the article further stated that, ” Whether soursop can cure cancer is still questionable.”

  4. stupssssssssssssss are you all just plain foolish or can not do a search for your self. and benificial is better than nothing. but sit and eat ya pork cutter for 6 $ soon to to be 10$. lazy people make me sick.look at the amount of comments on this issue.4 and it is the most important thing on here.
    but i forget you bajans are above all that you like to just sit and do nothing all day and get drunk pun de weekends.shame.bajans lazy.
    there are some people who would have that soursop tea making real money already. i looked online to find some and they were all sold out.
    oh well .sit on your bottom and find reasons why not to work . it is what bajans do best. they prefer to steal ,and cheat for a living.
    your loss .i got dual citizenship.
    when you run to the rock for rescue ,there wil be no rock.
    haha wunna is make laugh.

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