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@ David:

If the Estimates for the 2014-15 financial year have been laid in Parliament is it possible to get an “early bird” copy posted on BU for our perusal so we could identify some trend as to the fiscal direction the country is going in?

It would be most interesting to see if operating expenditure provisions are made separately for the four revenue collection agencies that ought to be merged into the BRA w.e.f. April 01.

It should also give us some indication if this administration is really serious about the restructuring of the various statutory corporations and agencies (some 19 involved) due to take place from June and based on the findings and recommendations of a high powered think-tank.

With regard to the restructuring think-tank, the following is an extract of what the MoF committed to the HoA in his August 2013 budget presentation:

“The Committee has recommended that there be a concerted programme implemented to create operational synergies between these organizations so as to build efficiencies and save government significant sums in transfers and subsidies. This is to be achieved through the merging of some, and elimination of others of the organizations.

Following a review of the research and recommendations of the team, Cabinet has noted the paper and asked for additional work to be done to fully build out a sustainable government reorganization project through the statutory corporations identified. Cabinet has also instructed the Ministry of Finance to put in place a special unit to examine the Team’s proposal in full including the implications for service delivery, staff, and financial allocations
from the state to manage these organizations.

The Unit will comprise management, finance, human resource and legal expertise and has been mandated to return to Cabinet by December this year with a final set of recommendations on which organisations should be retained and which should be cut in pursuance of the objective of making government more lean and efficient and reduce the level of subsidies and transfers in the expenditure budget.”

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    http://epaper.barbadostoday.bb/ page 8 BARBADOS TODAY.
    No CLEAR TITLES for CATS CASTLE,GREENFIELD, GARDEN LANDS,THE CITY,ALLEN VIEW, Well, Well, we can clear them and then they can spend 60Million,We can clear FOUR SEASONS A, HIGH COURT ALSO, From Beatrice Henry, to Violet Beckles , to Plantation Deeds .
    Lets clear title all deeds and put Barbados to work

  2. Can anyone locate any provisions in the published Estimates for the completion and operation of the “soon-to-be-opened” St. John Polyclinic?
    Maybe Hawk-eye “ac” can find justification for this oversight.

    What is of major concern is the increase in overall expenditure resulting in an increase in the estimated deficit from $1.249 billion for the current year to $1.444 billion in 2014-2015.

    How does the present administration intend to reduce/finance this massive deficit unless it intends to go with the Estwick UAE plan?
    Fractured BLP and Fair & Balanced can you guys shed some light on this massive divide between projected revenues and estimated expenditures, taking into account the deficit financing arrangements for the current year (less than 3 weeks to go) have not turned out as was optimistically planned?

  3. What 2014-2015 Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, What!!

    It is total deceitfulness and madness on the part of the government to refer to the online electronic copies and the hard copies of the document as the Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, as well as it has been pure deceitfulness and madness too for all the previous DLP/BLP British colonial governments to have described ALL (electronic hard copies etc) of these particular documents as so-called Draft/Official/Revised/Supplementary Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure EVER provided over the years by the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Barbados to the general public of this country, when it is patently truthfully clear to many people in Barbados that the Government per se has been ONLY getting little REVENUE, and has been ONLY providing MODEST EXPENDITURE in every fiscal year since the beginning of the bringing about of these documents, or their precursors.

    Therefore, it is fundamentally wrong and evil for the DLP, BLP and British colonial governments over the years – and up to this incoming fiscal year – to have been manufacturing these false fictitious numbers that are contained in these so-called Estimates, to make it appear to many Barbadians – but only the very uncritical thinking, the gullible though – that these said jack o lantern thieving governments would have been really GETTING THOSE REVENUES and PROVIDING THOSE EXPENDITURES to the absolute extents delineated by these so-called estimates, when in truth and in fact these deceitful governments would have been getting ( estimating projecting revising for actually too) so enormously fewer REVENUES (nominal) and providing for (estimating projecting revising for actually too) so modestly fewer EXPENDITURES (nominal) than those false fictitious numbers inserted in the all the so-called estimates would have been showing over the years, and gigantically fewer than the particular estimated actual amount of use of money of government would have been indicating over the years too.

    These little REVENUES would ONLY have come through those areas in government that would actually have been providing commodities and commercial services to the public and thus getting actual money from the particular members of the public.

    And these modest EXPENDITURES would ONLY have come about where these joke DLP, BLP and British co governments would have been using up those REVENUES, and where they would have been getting the use of actual money from credit transfers provided by the relevant financial institutions, or provided through individual, business or other entities savings, and thus having been able to PROVIDE EXPENDITURES to government workers and to the persons doing business with government in the context of they altogether providing commercial goods or services to the government over the years.

    There are absolutely NO other ways of these intellectually and politically bankrupt, discredited and moribund DLP and BLP governments getting REVENUES from the relevant others or providing EXPENDITURES to the relevant others.

    Thus, where these very unenlightened DLP, BLP and British colonial governments have been over the years dishonestly fraudulently saying that they have been getting these false REVENUES of these very outlandish amounts, such has mainly been arrived through TAXATION – where these governments have been willfully and dishonestly expropriating countless portions of the remuneration properties of the relevant individuals, businesses, and other entities in this country – (and) have been with intention permanently depriving the owners of those portions of their own remuneration properties – a crime against humanity.

    Where they have been also dishonestly fraudulently saying that they have been getting these expenditures, to these outlandish amounts, much have been false expenditures, that they have been getting modest amounts out of the criminal and illegal Taxation process in this country.

    So what estimates of revenue and expenditure what!!

    What deceitfulness and madness!!


  4. @Miller

    What you expect from a government that is now saying the reason for not helping poor inner city neghbourhoods was the fear of land surveyors to do surveying work in those areas? Talk bout lies!!!

    • Two statements which appear in the news yesterday:

      – Gline Clarke, the BLP will reemply retrenched public workers – Donville Inniss, we wlll import sand.

  5. @ David | March 12, 2014 at 8:47 AM |

    Gline Clarke needs to keep his mouth shut on the layoffs and stop making promises that cannot be kept. The NHC is broke and could be closed in a few months.
    Why is he doing the same thing the DLP did in the last elections, promising fools the impossible just for their ‘bought’ votes?
    Why isn’t he promising the fired Drainage and Transport Board workers their voting largesse (aka jobs) back? Does he really feel these people would vote for the BLP anyway?

    Where is Donville Inniss going to source the imported sand? From volcanic St. Lucia or St. Vincent? Does he appreciate how expensive it would be to ship sand into Barbados

  6. The economic conditions in this country seem to be driving people mad and out of their senses. Talk about two ignorant statements??

  7. I agree with you, miller. Gline Clarke is known for always making stupid statements, always putting his foot in his mouth and causing problems for the party. I hope he is not running again, really.

    How could this government continue on their spending spree………spending more than they receive? I despair for this country and that we are ruled by such buffoons. Even a former DLP operative agreed in a conversation recently that this is the worst government ever and that they do not care about Barbados, only about their pensions.

    He asked how else can you explain what they are doing, the latest is taking a party of nine to the meeting in St Vincent. Do you need nine people to go to this meeting, cant the PM think for himself? These are people working for a big salary, yet you would take them to then have to pay hotel accommodation, airfares and per diems. Yet this inept incompetent government would send home people making only $300-400 per week with not a cent!


  8. Miller said:

    “Gline Clarke needs to keep his mouth shut on the layoffs and stop making promises that cannot be kept.”

    Clarke should be glad he is not the one who croaked or all his nasty business while a sitting minister of government would be out in the public domain also……Miller, as usual, they tell lies while they are still alive and don’t have to pay for their lying tongues.

  9. Is it possible that the Prime Minister has 400 people working with him, each being paid $100,000.00 …? How about there being a requirement to have 800 strong in staffing, each averaging $50,000.00 a year … Of course the Prime Minister himself draws down close to $250,000.00 of the public’s money. The 40,407,000.00 million dollar question is … fah wah ..?


    One of the excuses that is being given for the separation of responsibilities in the BTA is that it is already being done in two other countries with success. So there is to be no originality in Barbados .. for example finding a way to make the BTA work first before parking a few more similarly outfitted individuals into a new organization for tax payers to keep alive

    • @Baf

      In this second term we have setup the Cultural Industries Commission or whatever it is called AND now the planned BTA split.

  10. I think you have picked up on a trend David … more picks for the administrative and consultative fraternity. It does NOT matter that there is no result, or even a means to measure a result of the efforts of these people.

    To my comment about the budget for the PM’s Office it may be inclusive of soldiers and security personnel. .. could be wrong

  11. I take note that the ministry of agriculture’s budget allocation has been increased. Very interesting! After many years of complaining that he was not given enough money to do what he wanted to do in agriculture, all of a sudden in a this time when the Stinkliar is supposed to be cutting expenditure, the ministry of agriculture is given an increase in money!

    hummmmm! Is this to keep the pit bull quiet!

    • @Prodigal Son

      Please share the numbers. There is justification to question an increase in the agriculture budget now that the treasury is a worst state than prior year when it was cut. As far as budget planning goes one hopes that it is driven by a national strategy and not to keep Estwick quiet. However we know politicians make political decisions anyway.

  12. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the comparisons people have been making between the Estimates for the coming year with the figures from last year exclude any impact from the many supplementaries that have been voted through during the course of the year.
    Just a few days ago, Parliament voted on a supplementary for $117.5 million.
    The headline about the Estimates is that expenditure on wages and salaries is going to drop by $30 million.
    Is it really, though, when you add in the costs of the various supplementaries which added cost to last year’s Estimates?


    BAFBFP | March 12, 2014 at 7:50 PM | @ If true, it equals to votes, there is short time , full time , and time to buy vote funds, The way Barbados is set up , you only have to please a few people to win , 2700 votes dont cost much .

  14. “Since the fiscal adjustment has been put in place with lay-offs being at the centre of the strategy, the foreign reserves have continued to decline. So much so that the first quarter performance is the worst in the country’s economic history, in spite of the fiscal measures.” Clyde Mascoll

    I hope this aint true.

  15. LOL
    …so after all these job cuts, budget cuts and spending restrictions, the projected DEFICIT is OVER $1 BILLION dollars? …..and almost the SAME as last year….?

    …some shiite just AIN’T adding up…..!!!

    So wait…..
    What would it take for some of the highly schooled “experts” out of Cave Hill (those NOT on non-functioning Boards of course) to lay out for us …
    1- how these political jokers come up with these numbers (given that in most cases, AUDITED reports are 10 years behind)
    2 – how estimates from last year compared with actuals (what ever “actuals” mean in the absence of audits
    3 – what EXACTLY accounts for the HUGE difference between income and expenditure…

    Bushie is betting that MOST of the projected “INCOME” estimated to be generated by our expenditures DO NOT actually ARRIVE here….for a variety of interesting reasons……and that large amounts budgeted are TOTALLY non-productive….

  16. And to top it all off, the government projects that revenue will fall by $111.7 million. The deficit will be $1.44 BILLION, and they are in fact spending $158 million more than last year despite all the talk about they cutting expenditure.

    And this inept incompetent government continues to send home poor people who were only making $300-400 per week. Absolutely unbelievable.

    In response to the opposition queries on the deal with Coverley, the Stinkliar denies that they are using NIS funds to finance Coverley. He said 51% of the houses have been sold. Now we know the Stinkliar has problems with figures……….as far as we all know only 50 houses have been sold, not 51%.

    Poor fellow! And this clown is whom we have running our economy?

  17. On Page 39/760 (Page 4 in Table 13 BARBADOS ESTIMATES 2014-2015), Prime Minister’s Office, there is new 2014-2015 Revenue line Signature Bonus $11,000,000 of a total of $34,262,388.

    What the heck is Signature Bonus?

  18. @ Bush Tea
    Were you under a rock or busy formulating the BBE? lol

    Yuh lie!! Everybody in Barbados knows that half of the houses in Coverley have not been sold.

  19. @ Due Diligence | March 13, 2014 at 10:33 AM |

    What indeed is a signature bonus estimated worth $11 million?
    What is being sold or right granted?
    It certainly can’t be the same US $6 million signature bonus promised in June 2012 for the offshore oil drilling programme?

    We wait for an explanation, if the Opposition is that capable of picking it up.

  20. Enuff,
    It was not me who said that 51% of the houses were sold. It was the lied Stinkliar in the celebrated 375 year old Parliament. He lied in that hallowed place that they made noise when the BLP did not attend their celebration recently…………Wuh….I know that I drove through there recently.

  21. Miller

    Ya sure, “if the Opposition is that capable of picking it up.”

    How many more phantom revenue items are hidden in the 760 pages

    • Has there been any serious analysis of the draft Estimates in the local media or from other areas of civil society?

  22. Really? Who in their right mind would use their hard earned cash to buy or rent one of those “fowl coops”? Those fowl coops can fit into the family rooms of most middle class houses in the heights and terraces.
    These tricksters really thought that they could have swindle Bajans but they tricked themselves. Can you imagine how such money the tricksters would have made if Bajans had bought into that project? Multiply 1000 by 280,000 or 300,000 and you would see how much they would make born putting together some concrete slabs!

  23. Prodigal Son;

    You said above about the Coverley Houses:
    Those fowl coops can fit into the family rooms of most middle class houses in the heights and terraces.

    Nice hyperbole! but Have you been inside any of those “fowl coops”? They are probably much too expensive for the size and the names of the main actors in the project, Government and Private sector, might suggest that something must be rotten in Denmark, But fowl coops they are not. imho.

  24. They look like concrete fowl coops. Imho. Also you dont even have to drive into Coverley to see it is an almost ghost town. Who should be haunted are the former head of the MOH and Jada for that colossal wastage of land and concrete slabs. What middle class worker in their right mind would purchase a house with zero plot line for 400000 bucks when you get a decent sized plot and build your own for 50000 less? Everytime Chris Sinckler tells lies about the economy he should be made to run a lap around the garrison for each dollar he earns! There’ll be public account transparency faster than you can say “eminent persons”.

  25. @ Young and untrained

    “They look like concrete fowl coops. Imho. Also you dont even have to drive into Coverley to see it is an almost ghost town. Who should be haunted are the former head of the MOH and Jada for that colossal wastage of land and concrete slabs. What middle class worker in their right mind would purchase a house with zero plot line for 400000 bucks when you get a decent sized plot and build your own for 50000 less?”

    This comment is so far off topic that it doesn’t deserve a response.

  26. Bush Tea | March 13, 2014 at 9:56 AM |

    …so after all these job cuts, budget cuts and spending restrictions, the projected DEFICIT is OVER $1 BILLION dollars? …..and almost the SAME as last year….?
    …some shiite just AIN’T adding up…..!!!”

    Bushie- when a friend drew this anomaly to my attention yesterday, my remark was exactly the same —— some shiite just AIN’T adding up…..!!!”

  27. “What you expect from a government that is now saying the reason for not helping poor inner city neghbourhoods was the fear of land surveyors to do surveying work in those areas? Talk bout lies!!!

    Why would you want the Government to re-structure an up to now successful strategy of speaking unbridled untruths to the people who have now been slavishly conditioned to accept these politically expedient ‘lies’ as trues as John 3.16. One of the concepts ‘In the Silent Weapons for a Quiet War Policy’ adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderburg Group during its first known meeting in 1954 from an idea proffered by Mr Mayor Amschel Rothschild Committee was the principle” when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.” When you tell lies often enough, they soon become the truth”

  28. ‘We wait for an explanation, if the Opposition is that capable of picking it up”

    Not capable except it seems these days by Mr Ronald Toppin who seems to be the only opposition member who does his homework. Mr Simmons does have some constructive points as well but hid Estwickish pit bullish nature of enunciating his points negate their impact to the general public in my view as well since they appear to politically motivated. Ms Mottley seems to be losing her sting. I do not know if the shadow of Mr Arthur is having an impact.

    • The issue is not about picking issues in tbe Estimates, it is about being able to influence meaningful change.

  29. “But fowl coops they are not. imho.”
    Agreed that fowl coops they are not Are-you-there but just a wee bit too small for the price asked and quality of house as well.

  30. @ balance | March 14, 2014 at 6:17 AM |

    The major concern about the projected deficit will be the ability of the government to finance it.
    Where would the money come from given the lack of appetite for government paper and the country’s junk status in the international money market?

    The Estimates reflect what can be described as a “circular financing error” (eternal debt trap) from which it will be well-nigh impossible to get out of.
    The more revenues fall in a depressed economy (based on import and sell transactional activities instead of earnings from exports) with operating expenses remaining largely fixed, the slower would be the reduction in the accumulated deficits resulting in increased borrowings leading to increases in finance costs thereby sustaining the deficit.

    Now this is where the Estwick plan would appear more attractive vis-à-vis the upcoming IMF restructuring programme.

    We should expect Estwick to use the upcoming debates to present his alternative plan to the viewers to be seen as the most ‘interesting’ performance of the week of grandstanding.
    But will the jumped-up Estwick be his own wind-up man (as he claims to be) and insist his plan be adopted or else or would he again pupate into a whelp and remain agreeably outspoken with his vote of Aye in support of that hotchpotch of financial make-believe of Sinckler’s world?

    Please excuse the above gobbledygook but I hope you got the gist of the circumlocution. To quote Bushie, “some shiite just AIN’T adding up”. And that, my ‘balanced’ friend, is what the estimates reflect (LOL)!!!

  31. And we continue to dither and dither and we continue to ask what can we do to get rid of this inept incompetent bunch of wild boys and gals.

  32. Millertheannunaki;
    I was just about to write a post almost exactly along the lines of your excellent post above when I saw your post. I therefore will not attempt to gild the lily.

    But let me say this:-

    Not only is something not adding up but it is patently obvious that the technicians in the MOF and the Minister himself must be aware that there is something totally awry with the estimates.

    If this is so they must have some totally sure source of funds to fill the chasm of a deficit. Given the fact that they are intimating in these estimates that they have totally failed to meet the projections of both last year’s estimates and the interim major tweaks by the Minister of Finance, they must be coming at budget time with what they consider to be an unimpeachable source of significant moneys to fill the deficit.

    The attempts to get significant financing over the past 6 months or so have either failed or have been obtained at usurious rates so it would appear that they are unlikely to be looking to traditional sources of Government funds to finance the huge deficits.

    Where could that source be?
    The IMF?
    Estwick’s UAE?
    Neither of the above?

    These estimates suggest that someone in the MOF is finding Estwick’s proposal to be getting more attractive by the day and the few comments coming from the PM have not invalidated that presumption.

    The next most likely source is the IMF but the Government appears to have thrown the IMF management suggestions to the winds and then ground them in the dust, based entirely on the figures and projections in the estimates which suggest that they are not even trying (outside of a seemingly half hearted, but tricky, effort at the layoffs) to meet those targets. Indeed, this is another hint that the Government might have given up the traditional IMF path and is seriously considering the Estwick proposal, perhaps along with other sources of funds.

    I do not subscribe to the view that the Opposition might not be able to find the huge holes in the estimates that are evident to anyone seriously looking at them. Every opposition to my memory has been able to identify holes in every estimates presented in Barbados. I do not think this one is any different unless You and Balance are intimating that Arthur will not show up, Mia will somehow fall away from her usual standard and the other 12 will not separately and adequately address their shadow cabinet section of the estimates.

    I think the debate promises to be one of the most memorable ones of all the estimates debates we have had so far.

    But I am often wrong. So who knows?

  33. “Please excuse the above gobbledygook but I hope you got the gist of the circumlocution. To quote Bushie, “some shiite just AIN’T adding up”. And that, my ‘balanced’ friend, is what the estimates reflect (LOL)!!!”
    Yes indeed, i hope it does not but on the surface the Estimates do seem to characterize the same level of confusion synonymous with the administration in its mangement of the affairs. Has the completion of the stalled David Thompson’s flagship been factored in or the loss of revenue arising out of the touted MOU with the local hoteliers?

  34. It might be possible that a fair bit of the “hold-yuh-head-an-bawl” weirdness of these estimates might be some sort of tricky, rope-a-dope stuff. Could it be that the Government is merely trying to avoid the opposition getting detailed information on where cuts are planned to be made?

  35. @ balance | March 14, 2014 at 10:55 AM |

    Have you seen any revenue estimates for the Solid Waste levy due to kick in from the coming fiscal year?
    Is it budgeted for separately or subsumed in the land tax revenue line or is it going to be off the central government’s books and treated as expected revenue by the SSA, a statutory corporation?

    Maybe A-W-T-Y or D D can shed some light.

  36. Sorry Miller

    No light here.

    I will leave that for the Opposition to pick up, and the $11 million Signature Bonus.

  37. David et Al. Minister Inniss did not say that Barbados will import sand. He was very clear that sand is a finite quantity in our context and that the technocrats will have to determine amount left. He further stated that IF Barbados is to import sand it would perhaps be because we are running out of it. The Minister also stated that imported sand may not be any cheaper than what is now available.

    I found his comments to be fair and balanced. Bloggers need to listen and cut our some of the cheap nasty, partisan politics

  38. @ proudbajan2 | March 16, 2014 at 8:50 PM |

    The same minister needs to also give us an update on the new hospital he promised just before the last general elections.
    Is the new home of the QEH (something to be proud of like a real true bajan too) still earmarked for Kingsland?
    Or is his replacement at the MoH being advised by a different set of technocrats? Or would the taxpayers be asked to fund another set of technical and feasibility studies?

    That same minister you are so proud to defend is a blatant two-faced liar whom 10,000 public sector workers would like to see run down Broad Street in his birthday suit with his Vienna sausage dingolay swinging to the news that the government will soon be embarking on its much denied privatization programme.
    The BNTCL is up for grabs with Sol in the forefront.
    Now tell us we also have that wrong! What will be next? The GAIA?

  39. Somewhat passing strange that there have been no comments on what has gone down with the Estimates so far. Just to say that reading between the lines I might not be wrong about the likely epic nature of these estimates.

    Watch this space!

    The Opposition praising up David Estwick’s proposal! Remember that DE controls the balance of power in the house. If he takes up his marbles everything fall down.

    Was any one of the BU family at the estimates and can report on the mood of the Government and the Opposition side.

  40. @ are-we-there-yet? | March 18, 2014 at 5:59 PM |
    “The Opposition praising up David Estwick’s proposal! ”

    This is high political drama by trying to put DE on the spot.
    We await with bated breath DE’s initial debate before the Bill goes into committee.
    But it is suspected that both DE and FS would be quite subdued in their performances and circumspect since DE is preparing himself to be next MoF in the new fiscal year as promised (again) by FS in exchange for his support of the Appropriation Bill.


    Due Diligence | March 18, 2014 at 6:15 PM | @
    If true , he will have to guide the MOF in the study and Value of CLEAR TITLE DEEDS , and how it is effecting the People and the Island . How they will profit from telling the truth of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles. He must educate the MOF of the words of PLANTATION DEEDS FINDING IN THIS MASSIVE FRAUD INVESTIGATION . The BARBADOS LAND FRAUD INVESTIGATION AND SERVICES .
    With out telling the truth of what MIA and Owen was up to and did to Barbados along with Sir Ham and Sir Cow. Until then , it will be a waste of time for the World now knows what nasty fraud , PONZI ways Barbados DBLP is hiding ,
    Let us get to the Truth and back to the Island in the Sun.

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