The Estimates Debate 2013-2014

Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance

Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance

The Draft Estimates 2013-14 and related documents are available for public comment.

Hon. Chris Sinckler will move the Second Reading of the Appropriation Bill, 2013 on Monday 25th of March 2013.

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  1. @ Miller
    What young fellow what?!?
    …you really think that Ping Pong is a young fellow?
    …by Bushie’s and piece o de rock standards maybe… (Under 80 🙂 ) … But ping is far to wise to be categorizable as “young”.

    @ Ping
    Bushie takes offense at the classification of ” prophet of gloom and doom”. 🙂
    …you consult a doctor who advises that your current lifestyle of poor diet and nil exercise will result in High blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, amputations and an early death….
    …does that make the doctor a prophet of gloom and doom?

    Bushie is at the prime of health, wealth, percolation and fortune… Lol
    Wunna feel that the bushman wants to see the place mash up?
    But reality is reality….

    In any case the bushman has cut back on the lotta talk bout gloom and doom now, ’cause much more articulate bloggers like Dr Love, Piece o de rock, Miller, Check-it, Green Lizard and Ping have been doing a far better job than the bushman ever could….

    Even MME, before his untimely departure, was coming around to the realization that science will NOT be able to save our butts….
    ….only David remains eternally optimistic….. Lol

    Bushie is not a ‘prophet of doom’….. Just a realist and someone who is lucky to be able to see the bigger picture.

  2. The estimates debate is now finished. I did not watch it but I heard a few snippets from the news and from the little that posters here on BU gave us.

    This is what stands out to me:

    That 1 billion dollar deficit that has to be closed somehow.

    The $600 stimulus package for which the reports suggests that the MOF has not yet got everyone on board with him so far, notably the Min of Tourism and the alleged author of his preelection finance strategy, Dr. Howard.

    Dr. Frank Alleyne not unpicking his teeth on the above matter.

    The disclosure by MP Toppin (I haven’t heard the rebuttal on it) that (120?) million dollars has been surreptiously paid to bond holders for the Four Season’s project. and the MOF’s disclosure that it should be up and running shortly (Seems like I’ve heard that before) and also that the solution to that situation will not cost the NIS or Government anything.

    The CLICO situation is now definitely on the back burner as also seems to be the Barrack matter.

    The Min of Agriculture’s reported decision to stop the hemorraghing of subsidies to the Planters through propping up the sugar industry’s exports of sugar at a very significant loss. That strategy was bipartisan for over 20 years and was designed to milk valuable foreign exchange from the exportation of sugar. I applaud the decision to stop it but I wonder where that lost foreign exchange will be coming from.

    To be commended is the MoA’s disclosure of an intent for barbados’ farmers to provide 100% of the products that we are capable of providing; The yams, sweet potatoes, eddoes, various vegetables, chicken, eggs, etc. I am not certain however if he went on to analyse where the massive foreign exchange outflows for food products are situated and if these are significantly made up of the items above and what such a strategy might do to our neighbours who supply the tannias, etc which we can produce in marginal quality and quantity but have traditionally imported. Also, what does he intend to do about dampening the demand for or substituting the products that make up the majority of the imports (Flour, Onions, etc.) that constitute our massive food import bill and substituting them with the products which we can produce locally.

    The Energy related projects that will use renewable resources appear to be a step in the right direction and should help significantly, eventually, in reducing the outflows of moneys now spent on oil. But where are the projects related to energy conservation. perhaps I missed them.

    But overall what came through to me was usual spirit of confrontation and political belligerence in which the debate was carried on. Mia Mottley tried to get a spirit of bipartisanship in the debate. But Stuart and his group would have none of it. I even heard on the news this morning that the MOH was blaming the BLP for the problems that the West Coast hotels are now having re. water supply in this very bad drought period. Surely, in the unaccustomed close position he now finds himself in Parliament it might have been wise for the PM to extend a real olive branch of his own and graciously accept the one MAM offered?

    All in all quite predictable, but will await the budget to see what the fallout of these estimates will really be.

    • @checkit-out

      If one listened to how Estwick dismissed Mottley it is only a matter of time before her is forced to retaliate. How long will the public accept a ‘passive’ Mottley given our expectation of how political leaders should behalf?

  3. Such times of hard ship and uncertainity brings out the best or the worse in in people.the survivors are those who have learnedto adjust to circumstance and knows that govt can,t do it all.Meanwhile the losers sit by the wayside and holler “doom and gloom”to their own detriment..So what If the students/are asked to cover some of their UWI expenses that should be seen as a good cause also when the circumstances are explained vs. the long term consequences people adjust accordingly.

  4. One can perceived by MAM response to the budget and her return to her campaign script that she has be weaken by past events also she lacks the selfassuring confidence one sees/in a leader.maybe this could be in part brought on Past and current negativism within the BLP also the decision by the RT HON to absent his vote which could have been instrumental in boosting her credibilty.

  5. @ ac | March 23, 2013 at 10:22 AM |
    “So what If the students/are asked to cover some of their UWI expenses that should be seen as a good cause”

    Oh, Oh! Do we detect here another indication of quiet retreat from that stonewall of resistance and loud mouth denial about funding University education?
    Is ac surreptitiously backpedaling blindly from being punch drunk into the miller’s corner?
    Before Barbadian students can be asked or forced to contribute any additional amounts to the cost of their university education this political administration must come to the people and apologize for telling them lies.
    This administration- seized with the full facts surrounding the financial crisis facing the Cave Hill campus- gave the students, their families and the whole nation the ironclad assurance that free tertiary education will continue to remain free as long as this DLP administration holds the reins of government.

    Free tertiary education is the sacred cow of the DLP body politic and unassailably inscribed in the party’s philosophical DNA.
    The PM made it abundantly clear that over his dead body would such attacks on this sacred cow be tolerated. The principle and its application of free at pointed delivery will be defended to the hilt.

    Now we will watch and see if the Man of Integrity saves his soul in the battle of lies and deceit. We will see if he has to cut off his financially short nose to save his politically scary face.
    Words in the mouth of liars can be more deadly than guns left in the hands of monkeys.
    A clear case of someone shooting themselves in the foot with their own bullets of words.

  6. NO miller this is not vackpeddling or fast forwarding on the issue. i am only questioning your “trendof thought” Which is persumptive in assuming that this govt cannot reorganise or re-adjust its policies according to economic situations which means everything the govt says about the economy is iron clad and cannot be is/a silly strategy which you haved adopted and only plays well to those who does not understand how all economies work

  7. @ ac | March 23, 2013 at 12:06 PM |

    Your condescension is pathetic. No new factors have raised their unknown heads or no additional facts, figures or information have be brought to the fore that were not known and in plain sight or operating in the political arena that did not exist prior and during the last elections.

    Just admit that the DLP and its leader just pull wool over the eyes of dupes like you and those that fell for the propaganda of the country’s fiscal health and the DLP’s commitment to maintaining jobs in the public sector and keeping all social services in tact.

    One step forward two step backward can be used to describe you current position. Please continue on the path of truth. But remember the cleansing can only come about when confession forms the balm of light in the water of honesty and integrity.

  8. More licks.

    Nationnews reports “A British MP has called on the Foreign Office to warn travellers that Barbados is “not a safe place” until the local police properly investigate the rape of two British women.”

    • @Hants

      The Commissioner hinted in an a press conference while addressing this matter that he may be forced to make public the file on the Crawford (rape) matter.

      Now is a good time you think?

  9. I am predicting that Barbados have another Election in less than a year unless the DLP is careful not to let a vote like this happen again.
    “Friday, March 22, 2013 “In the end, the new DLP Government was able to break a 14-14 tie just before 9 p.m. when Chairman of Committees James Paul voted ‘aye’ for a 15-14 majority.”

    The BLP opposition will spend all their time plotting to bring down the government at the first opportunity.
    Every sjin teet ent a laugh.

  10. Question didnt police extradite Crawford from another jurisdiction(island) after he they couldnt find him in Bdos. Not accusing him of anything but curious as to why he was in hiding then fled the island. Mad dogs and Englishmen(women). Methinks there is truth in that old saying.

  11. How will the Government spin the news that 30% of Barbados National Terminal Company Limited is to be sold to private interests?

    Does anyone else remember the Minister of Finance at the end of the last Budget debate in June 2012 promising to make an announcement “soon” on a resolution to the CLICO issue?

    Now the same Minister announces 8 months later (and no resolution to the CLICO matter) that the Four Seasons project is to be taken over by a private sector interest “soon”.

  12. It seems that the fastest way to get a regular column in the Nation Newspaper is to criticise the DLP government relentlessly in a most one sided way.
    If Caswell Franklyn ever launches an attack on Mia Mottley, he will be either chastised by the Nation editors or removed. I dare him.
    Caswell – are you a man or a mouse?

  13. The Nation BLP newspaper has once again done an injustice to proper journalism in its coverage of the estimates-
    Predictably, a;; of the BLP columnists in the Nation are cursing the government – Sanka Price, Clyde Mascoll, Pat Hoyos and Harry Russell.
    Then we are treated to an entire page from Ryan Straughn’s comments at a BLP sponsored event / branch meeting.
    Fair and Balanced – just like Fox News. The higher the Nation newspaper climb, the more you see its blatant political bias.
    Now Caswell Franklyn has been rewarded for his attacks on the DLP with a column and he like a good political yard boy is singing for his supper.

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