DLP Propaganda, Indoctrination, Control: Moles Hiding, Mules Executing Poisonous Arrows

George C. Brathwaite, founder and interim president of BAJE

George C. Brathwaite, founder and interim president of BAJE

Given the political issues, crises, machinations and shenanigans impacting on Barbados over the last three years, and especially with the types of defences made by and for PM Stuart and his, the two poorest
performing Cabinets in living memory, several observers have concluded that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is superior to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) regarding the use of shaded innuendo, political ‘spin’ and crass propaganda.

Noam Chomsky presents the view that “even though people have the freedom to make their own decisions, they must guard themselves against powerful influences that intend to direct what they think and do in an attempt to maintain power.” Barbadians have to be very mindful of the indistinguishable moles and figurative mules that are antithetical to the interests of working class Barbadians and their offspring.

David Thompson speaking at the first DLP annual conference after he  became prime minister in 2008, reminded a DLP audience still basking in its long-awaited electoral victory that “we are a family and we have a duty to look out one for the other.” As if that was insufficient, David Thompson coached his followers directing them to understand that in no uncertain terms should they shy away from commitment to the DLP because, “your duty is to play your part in maintaining the honour and dignity of this institution, especially now when it forms the government.”

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109 thoughts on “DLP Propaganda, Indoctrination, Control: Moles Hiding, Mules Executing Poisonous Arrows

  1. I and the majority of Bim are willing to listen to a coherent exposition on this vision…..so bring it on…..hopefully all forms of religion will be excluded as well as the failed western concepts…..would love to hear something novel…nothing wrong with looking at the concepts of previous ancient empires of rough geographic areas found in places such as Africa,China,India,South America and Rome of more modern vintage.
    Their is nothing new under the sun….so be creative and produce an amalgam of proven concepts of the past that will carry our dearly beloved country forward,after all we are highly educated kudos to UWI.

  2. You want a vision of Barbados’ future….?
    Try Jamaica and Guyana….
    …except that those people are NOT brass bowls. They have been able to face hardships and rise up with pride.

    Visualize economic ruin happening among proud, lazy, useless, brass bowl Bajans…whose best assets are our abilities to pick at each other based on which political pack of nitwits we choose to worship…(.not picking on this particular PhD candidate…. 🙂 )

    …not a pretty picture….perhaps its best not to visualize Vincent.

  3. Chuckle…..sad to say,you are not wrong BT…..but hope springs eternal….
    I believe we are of the same vintage and when I recall the vision we had in the 60’s….and when I see where we are today……and the lack of any coherence in our leadership…..we shall await the child to lead us..

  4. Bush Tea | September 11, 2013 at 10:38 PM |

    “You want a vision of Barbados’ future….?
    Try Jamaica and Guyana….
    …except that those people are NOT brass bowls. They have been able to face hardships and rise up with pride”
    You really think we are heading in that direction bushie? May the good Lord forbid. Having grown so comfortable with masking our sores with plaster for some time now; Do we have the requisite resilience as a people to combat and withstand those devastating societal and economic challenges which tested the fortitude of the peoples of Jamaica and Guyana.

  5. with all the economic hardships over the last five years and previous years when Barbadians had to face similar challenges of high unemployment and soaring food prices ,Bajans have been able to demonstrate that above all odds the will survive yet the bush T’s have continue to underestimate the will and the strength of a people and a nation despite the partisan politics hunkers down and pulls together when push comes to shove,

  6. HA HA HA …man fool dem once twice, why not three times?…..computer lay offs nah..wid help from Rosie and Baloney….we got them Down Pack…they won’t know what kick them…call me Pinocchio I doan give a FCKU….

  7. Oh ac shut up fuh once nuh!
    What pull together what? ..you and George? Steupssss!!

    Can you imagine we have a situation where we DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY to maintain the nonsense of paying people (mostly to do nothing), and yet we have people on the BLP side goading the government about layoffs….
    WUH UM IS ONLY OBVIOUS….either Stewart lay them off or wait two months and let the damn white people from the IMF come and lay us all off…..

    Any reasonable brass bowl would listen to Checkit-out and let us ALL come together and take a COLLECTIVE pay cut so that the smaller cake can be evenly distributed and we are able to meet our obligations….BUT NO!!!
    …a lotta shiite talk from a set of UNREASONABLE brass bowls.

    We prefer to wait and let the IMF come and give us the pay cut through a devaluation by 50%…..

    Wunna could imagine the BLP pass a law to REMOVE that option of pay cuts from a government? Is that not the HEIGHT of brass bowlery?

    Wunna could imagine that the DLP want to cut expenditure but keep on all staff at the same pay? Is THAT not even higher brass bowlery?

    …and apart from Checkit-out none of the rest of wunna bowls don’t seem to see the shiite being played on us all…..

    SORRY Mr. balance, but we are totally fcuked….as Islandgal would have put it….

  8. @Bushie
    Why the B rASS they doan get rid of some of those ministries FIRST ! FIRE Surkeroo,Kellyman, Haf-dead denis,and lil boi Lashes.Wasted money and bare crass I dare say. Jobs that draining down $17,000 each month. Instead we hearing bout maids and a messenger, $1,367 salary a month. Doan mind Baloney and S,fcuked indeed I say !

    They get what they VOTED for and I GLAD!

    • @Bush Tea

      As you know very early in the post 2008 period BU was on board calling for what the Americans refer to as a bipartisan approach to tackling the challenging issues which confront the country. It seems local politicians have bought into the view of political scientist that the Whitehall system is by design adversarial. The conclusion by you and others is probably correct but let us hope.

  9. PS Harry Husbands roaming all bout gine to schools and taking bare shiite, Denis pun Brasstacks again, Wait he aint got nuh work to do? PS Edison allyne walking about like a lap dog lookin fa meat, PS Blondey Iren gine to eva cock fight free free and airing she mout bout barrells. Bare nabodies just drawing and drawing from the money pot. FIRE OFF SUMA DEM BRASSBOWLS FIRST, I dare say. Ps ‘s and asstn PS’s tell me that aint a bucket of doo?

    • This is part of the problem, BLP yardfowls and their sharpening of the long knives. Is there any thing the DLP is doing that the BLP likely would not be doing the same?

  10. U bush T have been pushing the same agenda using Jamaica as example of theway things supposed to happen for the past years. Yet i am stilling awaiting for u prophesy to conme true. given all that Barbados has experienced in the last twenty years the streets should have been over flowing with riots accordingv to your predictions .however Bajans have looked at those countries and realised that the alternative is not an option. realising that constructive and not destructive solutions is the answer

  11. Again, this is the opportune time for the broad masses and middle classes of Barbados to continue the process of permanently removing both DLP and BLP from the political governmental landscape of this country.

    To rid the country of the DLP and BLP is the correct way to once and for all remove the extant vast majority of DLP and BLP political governmental material social and other problems in this country.

    Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!


  12. Bush Tea

    Forgive balance. He, by that post, is showing that he is hiding his head in the sand and cannot face the reality of where we are and, given our past soft living and inability to take pressure, cannot even bring ourselves to contemplate where we are surely headed.

    It really saddens me that even some otherwise sensible posters, don’t get the point and cannot see the true situation we are in. If they can’t, could we expect the politicians who all have a safety net and golden lifeboats to do so. It really saddens me that the only realistic way of dealing with this situation is relegated to the dustbin because we realize the total stupidity of our politicians (all of them) and would prefer to invite the IMF to do, with maximum violence, what we could do ourselves with less.

    But then, perhaps the BBE master plan is for the Island to go through the coming fires to forge a younger generation of stronger tried and tested Barbadians with hearts of steel and the proven ability to take, adapt and ride on whatever visiscitudes are placed in our path and who would have certainly got rid of the politicians and political systems that got us in this position.

  13. @ David | September 12, 2013 at 8:38 AM |

    Are you referring to the piece of IL passed last year that has been sent to the GG for proclamation?
    Is this the probable reason for the rubber stamping procrastination?

  14. If bajans had your kind of mentality by now the country instead of teetering would have collapsed and a dictator would have taken full control given your view of how mentally retared and lazy, and hand to mout. bajans are. no political system is perfect and striving to do what is right is all that matters and the people have always made a choice when voting. no matter the imperfections barbados is still standing.

  15. Look ac
    Hush do you giving me an instant belly ache.Men pissed off and U talking shhh? What still standing you talking bout? Barbie wid -a-dos guts all but spewed out and you in here wid ur rot? Bet come 2018 you would even bother to be associated with vacationing this rock. Not even Carson and his shenanigans as they will have sucked OUT all ! .

  16. More and more Prime Minister Stuart is showing why he must go!!

    A CBC 94.7 FM news story this morning encapsulates that Stuart has said that BARBADOS MUST DETERMINE whether it wants the Prevention of Corruption Act or the Integrity in Public Life Act – as it was reported in the same news story – that his view was that they overlapped somewhat.

    What rubbish!!

    Barbados CANNOT DETERMINE anything!!

    It is the DAMNED DLP Government that has got the blasted political capacity to do as the DLP had pledged in its blasted 2008 Manifesto, to get proclaimed anti-corruption legislation that it said it would bring into existence in the country, – which is the integrity in Public Life legislation.

    So, if it is that some of their DLP members have many problems with the Integrity in Public Act, then the Prime Minister must say so.

    He must leave the generic Barbados out of his do and must not attempt to make it seem that this is the people’s responsibility when it is clearly the Damned DLP government’s responsibility to do whatsoever with those two pieces of legislation.

    What piss poor intellectual political leadership, again, from the Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP do!!


  17. A simple problem (overlapping components in two seperate pieces of legislation) is being presented as an issue? Well then I want the the ” Prevention of curruption and Integrity legislation act. Chupse!

  18. wunnah bajans real sick. De real problem is dat nuff nuff of wunnah live here, work here and doan want to pay nuh taxes. Wunnah send school pickneys, tek de bus, guh tuh de polyclinic and hospitals fuh free, get welfare, got nuh health insurance, irresponsible, drink nuff rum and smoke weed, pick nuff fares, buy nuff remy hair, refuse to eat what we grow, drive de biggest gas guzzlers and tief summuch. It is only the lil monies of the civil servants and them in companies paying taxes. De rest uh wunnah are leeches. Fishermen, self employed, carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, well diggers, driving instructors, etc. Get de picture? How wunnah expec dat summuch cud eat out de pot and lil pay. De place did bound to collapse. An de got a nex set uh wufless brutes called sperm throwers with reckless willies dat wont support de lil chrilren. dem want castrating. Stop washing wunnah mout pun de guvment and play yuh part. Dem politicians B nor D cant tell wunnah this so I doinig it fuh dum. Dat is why Owen bring de vat tuh get some money from wunnah so but it still aint enuf fuh de tings wunnah calling fuh fuh free

  19. @ George
    Your thesis is obvious for all to see. I call it Politics of Collusion.I wish all my fellow Barbadians well. It seems the Dems can do anything and it is right. Just read ac.

    @ David
    What bipartisanship you talking about? The US system is set up to facilitate that type of government…unless you planning to reform government. The current government clearly hiding a lot of info, imagine what a ‘bipartisan’ approach would reveal. Bajans wanted Dems again let them suffer from Demitis. Hard ears yuh doan hear, own way yuh does feel.

    • @enuff

      We are suppose to be intelligent people. No system should be so sacrosanct that we ignore the need to analyze and change if necessary. It seems many of us (especially the politically partisans) are unwilling to even entertain the idea. It makes sense that if we are ‘intelligent’ we must examine the need to change to improve how we manage ourselves. We have to find a way to break the stranglehold which these two parties have on Barbados. The system must be changed to encourage more participation. As it is now a significant % of the population has become disillusioned. What it means it that we really don’t have a democracy.

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    These girls so hungry that
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    For those who giggling,
    I like Sparrow,
    Never had a white meat
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    When they get back home,
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    Flooding me with pics and
    Videos of themselves etc.,

    Which incidentally I never save
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    So police don’t come;
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    For you …

    Let me tell you
    How sick these women are …

  21. @ lighthouse | September 12, 2013 at 4:45 PM |

    Lighthouse Baje you have some very good points there.
    But you have omitted the Constituency Councils handouts and football tournaments, free bus rides and summer camps. Or are you scared to go there?

    So Lighthouse Baje would you agree with privatizing some of these free services provided by the government and let the parasitic Bajans who don’t pay taxes pay directly for them?
    Just asking ya here!

  22. what is is there tto read a self serving article which points the finger in one direction, somehow omitting or purposefully forgetting that under the fourteen years of the BLP reign all that was Barbadian became Trinidadian, George Brathwaite should be ashamed to even sit down and put pen to paper and come up with this partisian hogwash and presented it as informative, . very entertainting i must admit

  23. Guys
    Remember OSA was de onliest man dat tell it like it Is lately. He did real bold. He say dat nuff ah we want tuh guh tuh heaven but nun ent want tuh die. Fellows, I doan play politics. Leff out me and dat. I feel dat dem social services necessary and ting fuh good standard of living but de adults —– all able bodied souls got to tek responsibility. In big Amurca and Britun ef yuh doan pay taxes look out, some prison coming. Even if yuh live abroad from dem countries. Look at dem scandanavian countries, nuf social services and high standard of living wid high happy index but dem folk responsible is citizens. Get wid it people build your country. Guh down town and see dem reckless brutes on fridy and satday. Liming, cussing, robbing, shoplifting, sellin weed, drinking rum, giving de family money to wufless women and dem pickney hungry. Wunnah get real and see where we are yuh. This got non to do with b or d

  24. @ ac | September 12, 2013 at 7:00 PM |
    “..somehow omitting or purposefully forgetting that under the fourteen years of the BLP reign all that was Barbadian became Trinidadian,”

    You are a blasted liar in keeping with your pathological make-up.

    When did Neal & Massy take over BS&T? Was it during 2003 to 2007?

    When were the shares in the BL&P sold to Emera?

    When was the remainder of the shares sold in the BNB to make it a clean sweep to Republic Bank?

    Go and jerk yourself off, liar?

    • @enuff

      Understand your argument but the Westminster System as we practice it has been bastardized beyond recognition. We need our own system which is not so easily penetrated by the influence of money.

    • One of the ironies we are witnessing is that in the 1990s the public service was trimmed to 21,000 (8% cut and 3000+ sent packing). Twenty years later we are back to square one with 30,000 not stated to make up the public service. At this point the Ds will blame Bs and vice versa.

  25. @ David
    The majority disillusioned because they are lazy not because of the system. The system is there for people to contribute, don’t fall for that get out of jail card!!! Aren’t there political parties in existence in Barbados? Even in the ‘bipartisan’ system that you are promoting POLITICAL PARTIES and MEMBERS exist. Where are the THIRD SECTOR bodies working to help? Too many talkers and no actors. That is why I give MPs and those that faced the electorate (even the clueless ones) some kudos for at least having the guts to step up to the plate.

  26. @ ac | September 12, 2013 at 7:52 PM |
    ” who were the conspirators……….”

    The current DLP.
    Even to this day they are ready to sell out not only the West, South, North and East Coast but also citizenship to the highest paying crook and tax evader.

    Why would decent honourable law abiding rich people be prepared to buy citizenship in some small backwater republic unless there are involved in nefarious activities?
    Why not make your money honestly and openly and retire to the islands as many have done in the past like Ian Fleming, Noel Coward, Oliver Messel, Claudette Colbert, Cliff Richard and the other many rich and famous who have made Barbados and other Caribbean islands their retirement home.

  27. David even in America money gets to talk easily. It is the PEOPLE more than the system. We need good candidates first and foremost.

    • @enuff

      You have created a chicken and egg argument. We should be satisfied by now that the system as currently designedt will NOT attract the change agents it/WE need. If this is happening then we have to respond intelligently to change the system to influence the “rules of engagement”. It is not the ideal position but we can’t remain ideal while we are bulled by a few.

  28. @David,Why is it that because the DLP won the last election there is all this talk of changing the system? There is provision in the system for the formation of as many paarties as the citizens want. st the moment we have three registered political parties; the BLP. The DLP and the People’s Empoerment Party. We had Independents contesting the last election. You never mention the PEP Why? You never mention the National Democratic Party which once formed the official opposition party.
    Are you also saying that there is no influence of money in other countries (Democracies) like Canada, which has the Westminister System, The United States which has their own system and so many others?

  29. @Miller “…Why would decent honourable law abiding rich people be prepared to buy citizenship”? Ask the Americans and Canadians this question for they both offer this type of citizenship. This blog also shows what you think of the citizens who you profess to care about. “Is Barbados really a “backwater Republic?

  30. @Miller and those BLP critics of the “free Busfares” work it out: A “poor” woman has three children going to secondary school. Bus fare (Pre free bus fares) $12.00per dayor &60.00 per week =&240.00 per month or &2,800 per year. With the free bus fares she now has this money to spend on other things (money in her pocket) multiply this by three thousand and see how much money becomes available for other things than bus fares. Why can’t you people look at the big picture/ You are all so small minded. Or is it because you are so well off that you can afford to only talk about the “poor”people instead of doing anything for them. More to follow.

  31. Nothing short of a change of Government will satisfy investors in this country called Barbados.The lack of confidence in the Cabinet and the Judiciary and the failure of the Government to remove restrictive legislation which gives Employees all the rights and the Employer no rights,not even to make a profit,
    will militate against a return to a safe,secure and prosperous Barbados.Any new Government must as the first order of business,reduce the Cabinet to no more than 10 ministers,cut out all unnecessary freenesses including the large pensions certain MP’s voted themselves,privitise or return to Central Government all major Statutory Corporations,confront and reduce the perceived power of trade unions in Barbados by introducing an Essential Services Act,make it illegal to make promises to the electorate and then refuse to make good on those promises,legislate against corrupt citizens and entities,
    implement the penalties in the Act covering General Elections,prevent the Chinese from using their money to demand the right to live and open businesses in Barbados …..to be continued

  32. With proper Zoning, the bus fare argument is null and void, Mr. Alvin Cunnings
    Proper Zoning -Zoning is the key . Barbados needs to stop the crap and wise up

  33. The DLP is the worst political party in the WORLD!!
    The DLP Government is the worst government ever in the history of governments anywhere.
    The DLP has the worst parliamentary /
    representative in the WORLD!!
    The worst supporters –the supporters in St. John, the most backward and ignorant people in the WORLD !!!–to the WORLD !!!
    St. John are so people are so bewitched that if you paint DLP on a frog and put it to run , they would vote for. A people cannot be so backward. It is a national and worldwide disgrace.

  34. @ Alvin Cummins | September 12, 2013 at 8:58 PM |
    “Is Barbados really a “backwater Republic?”

    Ask Al Barrack, Leroy Parris, Terrence Thornhill, Bushie who claimed the BLP ministers some of whom are still in Parliament today.

    Ask the many people who are still on remand for years awaiting a fair trial in a backwater republic justice system.

    Ask Sinckler who confirmed the disappearance of $300 million in foreign reserves in less than 3 months but can’t explain who are behind this disappearance.
    Ask the PM who has told myriad bold-faced lies and still is dictator in charge.

    Ask Ronald crack some heads and shoot some people Jones.
    Ask Lashley why he is unable to travel to other backwater republics.

    Ask Bushie why he always refers to Bajans as brass bowls.

    You want more evidence?

  35. @ millertheanunnaki | September 12, 2013 at 10:57 PM |
    “Ask Al Barrack, Leroy Parris, Terrence Thornhill, Bushie who claimed the BLP ministers some of whom are still in Parliament today.”

    Should read: Ask Al Barrack, Leroy Parris, Terrence Thornhill and Bushie who claimed the BLP ministers- some of whom are still in Parliament today- salted away $800 million through project cost overruns and kickback deals with much of it stashed away in foreign bank accounts and real estate.

  36. @ Alvin Cummins | September 12, 2013 at 9:06 PM |
    “Or is it because you are so well off that you can afford to only talk about the “poor”people instead of doing anything for them”

    Let us strike a deal. We would ease up on the free bus fares if you would give back the very poor workers the 50% of their reverse tax credit and stop calling them cheats and swindlers while harbouring Leroy Parris the biggest crook in Bullbadus.

  37. @miller etc. “Ask Lashley why he is unable to travel to other backwater republics.”

    Dear Lashley (Mikey is that you?)

    Why are you unable to travel to other backwater republics?

  38. @Alvin Cummins | September 12, 2013 at 9:15 PM |

    Correction to the above $2680/00 per annum.
    You based this on children going to school everyday of the year, right? Only a DEM could come up with this! Kellman spouted the same rhetoric in the house recently!

  39. @millertheanunnaki | September 12, 2013 at 11:18 PM |
    Let us strike a deal. We would ease up on the free bus fares if you would give back the very poor workers the 50% of their reverse tax credit and stop calling them cheats and swindlers while harbouring Leroy Parris the biggest crook in Bullbadus.
    I cannot believe that a PM could be so nasty as to insult Barbadians, the same poor people whom they fooled and had running around the place shouting Dems now, Dems again. Was the lady who jumped in front of a BLP motorcade with a Dems now, Dems again flag, was she one of these cheaters? OSA stupidly called a journalist a bad name and the Dems never let him live it down! Talk about hypocrisy?

    But tell me something! Every year we see hundreds of people lined up outside the Treasury, waiting for the IR staff to help them fill out their returns. I would think that these would be mostly the people who would be applying for this reverse tax credit.

    If the IR staff is completing these returns, how is it that the IR staff did not spot
    the fraud in the application process or at the preparation of the cheque stage? Is the PM saying that the IR is complicit in this fraud? Why not go after those who committed the fraud, the law is there for that. Does the IR not go after tax cheats?

    I think that was a slip of the tongue from the fumbling PM to try to justify the slash of the tax credit to poor people as it seems that the tax was to be abolished all together but the liar we have for a MOF bungled the lines and one of them on the front bench corrected him and he said then the tax would be cut in half!

    What a mess!

  40. @ Prodigal Son | September 13, 2013 at 8:16 AM |
    “If the IR staff is completing these returns, how is it that the IR staff did not spot
    the fraud in the application process or at the preparation of the cheque stage? Is the PM saying that the IR is complicit in this fraud?”

    What fraud what? These same poor people are even scared to walk pass a cemetery after dark far less try to trick the tax authorities.
    The reverse tax credit (RTC) system is based on evidence of employment earnings supplied by employers and signed declarations by the low paid workers applying for the RTC.
    How can so many low income workers with limited education fiddle a system (a system administered by the best civil service in the region and wider afield according to the PM) to such an extent that would require its abolition?

    As you pointed out the initial intent was the scrapping of the RTC as recommended by the external “advisors” since it represents a loss of revenue and additional administrative burden on that revenue collection agency as a prelude to the establishment of the Central Revenue Authority (CRA).
    However, there was some dissension in Cabinet about its political impact on some representatives with many constituents especially females who benefit from the RTC.
    A temporary 50% deal was struck and the cheating and fraud spin was used to justify the crap. This is just a temporary holding measure but the objective is for its total abolition along with other tax breaks that ‘appear’ to create additional non-productive burdens on the proposed CRA.

    Why can’t this administration come clean with the people and tell the Truth?
    Well, if there are cheaters why not identify them and remove their applications from the system or even surcharge them for amounts received under false declarations?
    Why punish an entire financially vulnerable group just to get at an alleged few crooks who, in the eyes of the public, would make Leroy Parris that refuses to pay up on the $3.3 million laundered via David T money machine look like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput of tax cheats and evaders.

  41. Excellent, miller!

    You know why they had to slash this RTC? Because the DLP does not learn, they are so incompetent.

    When they got in in 2008, in their exuberance feeling that they were so good to be elected, (they got power now) without knowing why the RTC was put at $1000, they went ahead in the first budget and raised it to $1300. So obviously, it would have had to put a strain on the economy.

    Idiots. So much for Darcy Boyce……a real traitor!

  42. @Miller
    What you have described to me is not “backwater “behavior. These are the things that go on in “first world” countries; the first world status that it was the BLP’s intention to create within a certain number of years. and all the names you called committed their malfeasance during the OSA reign. If the DLP increased the Reverse tax credit initially, and have now put it back to where it was then since the circumstances changed this prudent. Did, your party ever lie to the people? do you still lie to the people? come again.

    @Prodigal Son; even with “proper zoning” the children will still have to take the bus at some point. In addition the difference in the amount based on the days the children will not be in school will still result in a huge savings to the parent. and as long as you keep up this diatribe against the people in st. John, and other people throughout the country read it you will NEVER be able to win the government again. Change your tactics. So having put a strain on the economy they are doing the right thing in easing the strain where it counts.
    @Gabriel; …”…prevent the Chinese from using their money to demand the right to live and open businesses in Barbados” what’s wrong with the Chinese? What makes them different from Americans or Englishmen? For you fossils (If you are a young person your thinking is fossilized. The people with the money these days are the Chinese. Canada encouraged the Chinese years ago since the lease expired and Hong Kong went back to China. Learn from others.

  43. @ alvin cummins | September 13, 2013 at 12:22 PM |
    “.. and all the names you called committed their malfeasance during the OSA reign.”

    Why don’t you stop with your damned lies?
    Was Sinckler Minister of Finance under OSA when $30 million disappeared from the foreign reserves? Was lying Stuart the PM? Did Jones threaten to crack heads and shoot people when he was MoE under OSA?

    Do you think a PM or president in a so-called first world country with a democratic form of governance could claim he or she witnessed criminal acts but failed to follow through with the threats of brining them to the attention and action of the law enforcement agencies?

    Are you saying that it is OK to lie?
    Are you condoning lying? We don’t want to hear what the BLP did or did not do? We want to hear what the current administration is doing or plans to do.

    Do you really feel that if Leroy Parris had done in the USA, Canada or UK what he did in Barbados he would be walking around a free man dead or alive?

    We are prepared to give Michael Lashley a free airline ticket for him to take a trip to the USA. Let us see him take up the offer.

  44. The DLP ain’t yet learn how to TIEF like the BLP.

    BDS$700 MILLION DOLLARS spent at HMP Dodds and Dale Marshall said “I asked VECO if they paid any bribes for the prison project and I was told No, I believe them”

    The Leader of Opposition told the Parliament that the prison project would cost $100 Million Dollars, where the rest gone?

  45. @Sundown
    You are clearly a stinking Dem.Only a stinking Dem would write the non sensical crap you wrote.The Quisling Minister Boyce probably told you that.
    What will become of Barbados led by three blind mice:Stuart,Sinckler and Boyce the Quisling not Boyce the fellow who falls asleep in front the TV everday morning at his office.

  46. Did Minister Sinckler not declare in the Budget that the Cruise Terminal would start this year? All that is being said in that barbadostoday story I have been saying all along–a cruise terminal is not a house in Constant.

  47. The Honourable Ronald Jones , I must called him Honourable not that I am feeling pleased to do so, is in need of some sort of attention. Mr. Jones should be looking to cultivate a level of tolerance and an environment of conflict resolution. His recent statements are dangerous for the example that is set by such mouthings. I want to urge Mr. Jones to reflect and re-think his approach. It is not setting the kind of example expected from a man who is addressed as The Honourable. Maybe the demons have a hold on this ‘gentleman’

  48. Hi Guys
    Forget the stupid political baseless arguments. Elections done and wash up. The Dems won again. The Bees lost again. Therefore, all BLP attackers let it rest and DLP guards walk away. ELECTIONS ARE NOT COMING AGAIN UNTIL THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Do not wear yourselves out. Spend time dealing with your personal development rather than hurling vitriolic abuse at the politicians and each other. It looks so childish.

  49. @Lighthouse.
    My sentiments exactly. The disappointment is hard for them to swallow but it really is time for them to let go. they lost in 2008, they used the same argument when the DLP won, indicating that they did not even have material to run the government. They did it; despite losing their leader, then they won again in 2013, despite the type of campaign run by the BLP and the predictions of “their” polster. Why keep up with the same vitriol? Let the people settle down and let the country recover. Miller, Bushie, Just asking, Prodigal son; even David, go have some sea baths, relax in the son and if need be take some bush baths, for some of you need them. the people are not as anti DLP as you think or are hoping for. Relax and give thanks for the good country we have.The members of the government went to the same schools as you, they have the same qualifications as you and in essence have the same life experiences as you. Above all they love this country as much as or more than you do.

  50. Folk who have the interest of Barbados at heart will not rest until this deprave,lying,despicable, evil,wicked,unprincipled,inhumane,opportunistic,
    government of the DLP is recalled.They are besides themselves in trying to prove everyday that they do not know what is it to be STEWARDS OF THE
    your lot henceforth.

  51. @Gabriel
    I once watched a horror show in which one guy’s head exploded. Be careful that yours does not go the same way, all this pent-up disappointment might just blow it up like a volcano blowing its top. we don’t have a system of recall in our system of government. Just wait until the election is called and then cast your vote. Remember you only have ONE vote.

  52. @Gabriel | September 13, 2013 at 8:15 PM |

    Excellent Gabriel, I could not have said it better. If the likes of Alvin Cummins thinks he can shut us up by saying “the Dems won, the BLP lost”, he and his ilk can wheel and come again. We will not be silenced! Every inept incompetent thing ‘wunnah” do, we will bring it to light on BU. Boast about five years, we will endure, though it will be a miracle if incompetency can last so long!

  53. Do you think a PM or president in a so-called first world country with a democratic form of governance could claim he or she witnessed criminal acts but failed to follow through with the threats of brining them to the attention and action of the law enforcement agencies?
    Hi Miller,

    I had to read your above submission twice ! I could not believe you finally mustered enough courage to EXPOSE the fraud that is Owen Arthur when he publicly declared , ” that as PM of Barbados, he hired ILLEGAL Guyanese Immigrants to build kitchen cupboards at his private residence ”

    He never reported these ILLEGALS….to the Immigration or Police.

    A bold-faced SCAMP Owen Arthur is….with Miller following closely !

  54. Fractured BLP
    You are example of what is wrong with Barbados
    The level on nonsense talk and nonsense in general is astounding in Barbados

  55. What were the DLP members doing at the student march today ? It is reported that Hinkson addressed the group . I wonder if they understood what he said!!!

  56. What were the DLP members doing at the student march today ? It is reported that Hinkson addressed the group . I wonder if they understood what he said!!!


    I believe you meant to say , ‘BLP members’

    But about the proposed ‘protest student march’ , reports indicate the entire exercise was a virtual flop and poorly attended by the ‘ supposedly financially hurting Barbadian UWI students’

    I guess the said ‘supposedly financially hurting Barbadian UWI students’ are quite aware of what their UWI counterparts in Trinidad and Jamaica have to pay towards their tuition. Therefore they realise , that though Barbadians students have to pay part of their tuition fees – it is nowhere as much as that of their other UWI counterparts.

    Another blow to BLP propaganda !

  57. Good morning David
    The good thing about BU is that it helps us all to understand why a blessed, compact, high- potential country like Barbados is going so quickly to the dogs….
    The place has been infected by a scourge of brass bowlery which is quickly taking over everything and turning gold into brass.

    Without BU we would never guess that educated people could be such ( what did Rihanna call us again..?) female rabbits….?

    DAY AFTER DAY we get these semi-literates going on and on about BLP this and DLP that…. Wuh um is no wonder we end up with people like Fumble and company in charge…
    …and the more shiite we get, the more we see rational people retreating from public life, retreating from business, retreating from the damned place….. It is not hard to guess where the $300m forex has gone…. People running from the cancer…

    They may listen to you…. ( or at least you can ban the fcuking idiots)..

    -Tell them that we have LIFE AND DEATH decisions to make
    -Tell them that when the shit hits it will not discriminate between B and D
    -Tell them that even dogs will forget their petty quarrels and fight TOGETHER as a pack against external threats

    Man TELL them nuh!

    Obviously Fumble and company are WAY out of their depth.
    Obviously the BLP are equally incompetent, fractured and rudderless
    Obviously Sinckler is clueless
    …but obviously BAJANS were distrustful of Arthur with his VECO, Bannister and other dubious connections….


    Can we at least behave like dogs and not like brass bowls- and try COLLECTIVELY working towards a COMMON way out of the mess?

    Here is BUSHIE’s new plan (since Caswell dissed BUP) 🙂

    Both the parties are the same shiite anyway….so
    Let us put together a new joint Cabinet of persons selected based on personal merit.
    We need the following:
    Deputy PM
    10 Ministers
    1 LOTO
    16 members

    We give the MPs one month to make those appointments else we shut the whole fcuking place down until they ALL resign.

    If this is not done in one month all MP pension arrangements will be cancelled by the people’s revolution.

    All voting to be done in PUBLIC sessions with SECRET balloting by MPs

    At least we can begin by making the most of what we have…..

    But at the very least David….BAN ac nuh!!!! Shiite man!!! 🙂

    • @Bushie

      We currently lack leadership as we all know. Like Caswell commented on another blog and so have others our oliticians are not in it to serve. There is crisis of confidence in the country. For many of us the DLP or the BLP represent spent forces. We need a new philosophy and vision which is better calibrated to the environment in which we live today.

  58. @ Bush tea
    BAN ac ! cries from the imperal dictator.. LOL ac has become a permanant tick up ur a.sss and loving it… ban ac what u tinhorn dictator….

    • @Vincent

      There is always a starting point BUT smart decisions have to be made along the way. A vision is relevant to a set of circumstances.

  59. @ Bush Tea | September 14, 2013 at 8:47 AM |
    “Both the parties are the same shiite anyway….so
    Let us put together a new joint Cabinet of persons selected based on personal merit.
    We need the following:
    Deputy PM
    10 Ministers
    1 LOTO
    16 members”

    We like you imaginatively novel suggestion to help this country extricate itself from the current deficit position in proper leadership and management (on both sides of the political divide, in case you go off on a partisan tangent of interpretation).

    So why don’t you start the ball rolling and make some “interesting” recommendations especially in respect of the first two positions.
    We are optimistic many of your nominations would find wide favour with many here on BU.
    We await your invaluable list of possible candidates. Verbs are words of action. Will you prepare your list to start the ball for change rolling?
    Only goes to show, Bushie, with a few men like you (and women like ac) around all Bajans can’t be real brass bowls.

  60. The future belongs to our youth and only they can bring and sell that vision to the populace at large in order for it be transformed in to action.
    The question is….what can they bring….the answer is…….what they have imbibed from the well of knowledge…….however should that well be poisoned,we will have a long road to travel to find the antidote.

  61. @ David
    Here is a little secret.
    There is no lack of “leadership” in Barbados. As you will come to find out, there exist world class leadership skills in Barbados.
    The actual problem is that the agenda has been hijacked by the brass bowls such that ‘north is seen as south’ and ‘east as west.’
    We therefore have NO TRUE UNDERSTANDING of what constitutes true leadership qualities…indeed ….right now such persons are likely to be locked up….

    @ Vincent
    The same goes to “education”.
    No ‘education’ goes on at Cave Hill ….or indeed at most modern university…who the hell would teach it…?

    Those fellows deal with LITERACY. …understanding basic concepts.
    …not education.
    EDUCATION is about preparing oneself for future success.
    That means that you would need to have a clear vision of that future; the requirements for success therein; the qualities needed to forge such success; and of the sacrifices required.
    What education what?!? …waste of damn money. That should be obvious from the RESULTS we are getting.

    @ ac
    Bushie going get David to ban you by hook or crook…. 🙂
    ..perhaps to Arizona… LOL

  62. @ Miller
    Bushie’s selections….?
    To be honest, after looking through the list of 60 (including the losing candidates) you could just as well draw straws….

    Right now Bushie would go for Bostic as PM.
    Symmonds as Deputy
    Dr Estwick as AG
    Donville as MoF
    Kellman to be LOTO
    Mia – Sports
    …and have elections for the other ministries by the joint house of assembly and senate, done annually in January.

  63. Bush Tea……………in the grand scheme of things you forgot one destructive force to any party or country, you should have suggested banning yardfowlism, any voters displaying yardfowl and die hard party tendencies to be jailed and given hard labor of breaking rocks. the politicians will not have the distraction of appeasing yardfowls by any means (stealing taxpayers money to keep party loyalists happy). That way the people’s work will get done. The other corrupt tendencies can then be taken care of by making up the laws as they go along.

  64. @ Well Well
    We can’t ever get rid of yardfowls. What would some people do otherwise? ….what would ac do?….nah! Even Jesus had yardfowls behind him….
    …perhaps a good politician would do just as the master did….
    …hit them with a few parables and confuse their behinds for centuries…. LOL Ha Ha

    The People’s work will get done when there are CONSEQUENCES for NOT doing it.
    Politicians should be subjected to INDEPENDENT audit
    People want locking up
    Pensions should be tied to productivity
    Terms should be limited…

    Perhaps the ministerial positions should be for a MAXIMUM of one year – renewable ONLY upon satisfactory performance review, where performance is matched with promises made…

  65. Bush Tea said:

    Perhaps the ministerial positions should be for a MAXIMUM of one year – renewable ONLY upon satisfactory performance review, where performance is matched with promises made…

    Oh what a wonderful day that would be, no more pretense of being lord and masters, one year and find a hole to crawl into……….next…………

  66. @David, Bushie, Miller Prodigal son, enuff PDC, and wll those interested in abandoning what we have.
    , Where were you when the Constitutional Review Committee was having town hall meetings all over the country to recommend changes in our constitution? In case you forgot we operate under a Constitution. We operate under the rule of law. We operate under a particular form of government, and this can only be changed by constitutional means. In case you did not know in order to change the constitution, or anything in it, you have to have a two thirds vote of the sitting members of parliament. All you who are talking about changes form other parties, contest elections, win, and institute the changes you want. All this long talk about changes is just that;long talk., designed to confuse thos who do not know any better. You talk about education, educate the people about the legitimate and legal ways to institute change.Or you can do like Cuba, overthrow the government by violent and suffer the penalty imposed by the rest of the world you live in for years to come. Everyone in the world will be impacted by your actions and they will react whichever way they choose and you will have no say in it.Bettetr to accept what has happened, settle down, and try to live in a better country. your discontent, petulance, and behaving like a spoilt child does not make thingsbetter.

  67. @Well Well. I am surprised at you. After all this time I know you are a deep thinker so I know you don’t mean what you say sometimes like:”…any voters displaying yardfowl and die hard party tendencies to be jailed and given hard labor of breaking rocks.’

  68. @ Alvin Cummins | September 14, 2013 at 10:01 PM |
    “We operate under the rule of law. We operate under a particular form of government,”

    So you take pleasure in referring to people on this blog who criticize not the system of laws but the application of the rule of law as spoilt and petulant little children?
    Why should intelligent people go along blindly with a system that daily violates the Constitutional rights of many poor people to a fair hearing in a timely manner before an unbiased court of law?

    Would you consider keeping people locked up for over 4 years before trial fair and reasonable and constitutionally acceptable?

    Do you think that it is constitutionally right for a government to be in total breach of court orders to settle the AL Barrack claim? Doesn’t he have rights too?

    What about those people whose properties have been compulsorily acquired for over 20 years ago and to this day have not been paid one red cent although the same Constitution dictates that they be duly compensated?

    Do you think it is constitutionally acceptable for the PM and AG the two most important executive positions appointed under the same Constitution to personally witness criminal acts being committed like voter fraud and marijuana smoking and fail to exercise their constitutionally bound duty of upholding the same rule of law you shamefacedly talked about?

    Now don’t come to us with that crap about it happened under OSA and the BLP so there is nothing wrong if it continues. It only makes you look more stupid than you ought to be.

  69. @ Bush Tea | September 14, 2013 at 9:53 AM |
    “Right now Bushie would go for Bostic as PM.
    Symmonds as Deputy
    Dr Estwick as AG
    Donville as MoF
    Kellman to be LOTO
    Mia – Sports”

    I like your refreshingly “outlier’ choice for PM. Although not surprised with your pick of the ‘regimental’ type in keeping with your rigid philosophy on human behaviour. I must admit he would make a no-nonsense minister in the new regime of administration this country urgently requires.

    What about Jones for Deputy PM as Bostic’s sidekick to carry out what the military is trained to do? LOL!!

    You should put Donville as DPM and Estwick as MoF.
    You can’t have either Estwick or Symmonds as AG. You just cannot have law breakers upholding the same law especially laws involving gun control and domestic violence.
    Symmonds could be Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade and Investment.

    I am surprised that you have Mia in there or are you making bare sport in a tongue-in-cheek way dismissing her entirely as a jenny in a donkey derby?

  70. Miller
    Bushie likes to give Jack his jacket
    Mia would have Barbados sports up and running in no time. She is exactly what is needed to fix the jokers currently blocking progress.

    So do you know politicians who are not lawbreakers? Better the devils you know than the ones you think are Gabriel 🙂
    Estwick as AG would piss all over those self important legal pieces of shit and probably put some licks in one or two too…
    Perfect choice….

    Donville is practical but too impulsive. However practical trumps!

    Of course if left to Bushie Agriculture would go to Senator the Hon Lowdown Hoad…. 🙂

  71. @Miller,
    You spat in the air and it came down in your own face. why didn’t you all pay AL Barack from the beginning? Same thing with the rest of things.

  72. @ alvin cummins | September 17, 2013 at 1:24 PM |

    Do the ‘rest of things” also include racking up a debt of $200 million to the UWI while all along denying owing the UWI anything and questioning the validity of the debt?

    You have the habit of referring to people on the blog who do not kiss up to your DLP ass as childish and petulant. What then would you call the view you expressed summed up as follows?
    ‘Since the BLP did it we can do it too even if it means disregarding court orders, wasting taxpayers’ money and ministers involving themselves in kickbacks and corruption’.

  73. I know for sure that Richard Sealy is in the UK, so if Dr Estwick was sworn in it then means that the raging lunatic of crack head and shoot some people fame is really out of favour with the PM! Time for him to shut his mouth up!

  74. @ Prodigal Son | September 17, 2013 at 4:35 PM |

    Donville the Master of Pornville must be raging mad and seeing “Red”.
    It seems even Denis Kellman might even get a chance to snap the whip of impotent ‘power’ snatched from an electoral pyrrhic victory before Donville can practice holding the grail cup of corrupting wine to quench his thirst for ultimate power. Money means nothing without power and Donville is on the quest of the grail and would spend his ill-gotten fortune to be PM.

    The DLP is a sinking ship and Donville must soon make his furtive move to oust the current captain if his ambition is to be fulfilled. The PM is aware of the planned coup and is trying to keep awake at the helm; hence his recent outspokenness and public presence.
    But Prodigal as a person with an understanding of life you should know the same high profile appearance is really not the man’s natural MO or forte and is taking a toll on him as he appears more and more stressed out. Interesting times ahead and very soon we might witness a game of political draughts with a final showdown of the strategy of 2 king men to one.

  75. I know it cannot happen now because of the slim majority,but there are some people in the cabinet who need a change of scenery:

    Ronald jones
    Adriel Brathwaite
    Chris Sinckler
    Esther Suckoo
    Patrick Todd
    Dennis lowe

    The ones who seem to be getting results some more than others:
    David Estwick
    Donville Inniss
    Richard Sealy
    Michael Lashley
    Maxine Mcclean
    stephen lashley (to some extent)

    In the BLP camp the hard workers are Mia,cynthia forde,santia bradshaw and to a lesser extent kerry simmons.

    All of these politicians need mentoring and some one to walk with them.

  76. @ Common sense is not common | September 17, 2013 at 7:43 PM |

    How do you measure “getting results”? What measuring stick are you using, the bullshit “talkometer”?

    If you call arranging for Garcia to free up the house and go back to Cuba then McClean is getting results.
    But we would be more impressed with her if the Foreign Trade section of her ministerial portfolio was making a greater contribution to the country’s exports. This is where the country has to focus; earning and saving forex not generating hot air bull. Why not merge the overseas representation for Invest Barbados, BTA and Foreign Affairs into one overseas diplomatic, inward investment and marketing entity?

    Same thing goes for Estwick who would function more effectively in his preferred job as MoF. He is just going through the motions and Kellman would have more effect as a MoA.

  77. Miller

    Donville has no chance of being a replacement prime minister in the event that something happens to FS. I think he has been a failure as MoH.
    The way it is shaping up is for DE to lead the DLP either alone or in conjunction with FS.

  78. @ Wheel within A Wheel | September 18, 2013 at 6:25 AM |
    “… I think he has been a failure as MoH.”

    Is this the same Donville that was touted as the most visibly effective minister when he was MoH? It only goes to show how easy it is to fool Bajans with bullshit and smoke and mirrors. What is more important is not ‘talking the talk but walking the walk’ on the road to measurable outcomes of success.

    The same thing goes for Michael Lashley when he was in Housing.
    Both of them have left a trail of crap behind for the current holders of both portfolios to grapple with. Just look at the many unoccupied housing units overgrown with bush infested with vermin and being vandalized daily. But more shockingly is the annual $35 million in waste and inefficiencies that went undetected or purposely overlooked during Inniss’s reign of illusionary managerial success at the MoH.

    How can the present MoH claim that the hospital can find efficiency cost savings of that order of magnitude and still deliver reasonable effective health care as was boasted about under Donville’s tenure? It boggles the mind, dog bite them!

    As far as Estwick being the next PM is concerned he certainly has the intellectual capacity but does he possess the other “soft” skills and public temperament to operate at the national level as the voice of Barbados, (no pun intended)?

    I like the guy and know him somewhat. He has invested a lot of political and intellectual capital into the current DLP administration. He is the only DLP member who has effectively carried the fight to the BLP on the finance and economics front and does not deserve the kind of treatment that was unjustifiably meted out to him by both Thompson and now Stuart. He appears to be the only DLP Cabinet member who has an iota of understanding and intellectual capacity to deal with the economic crisis challenging the country. But would he be able to garner sufficient support from the other Parliamentary members especially those indebted to Leroy Parris like Chris Sinliar and Crack head Jones.

  79. Leroy Parris is a has been that really never was. The PM proclaimed him (Lerooooy) as his ‘friend’ and then 2 weeks later ask him as chairman of CBC to put his resignation at the disposal of the PM, whereupon it was accepted with 24 hours of its submission.

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