The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part II

Journalist On Sex Charge

ROY MORRIS, managing editor of The Nation Publishing Company, appeared before the District “B” Boarded Hall Magistrates’ Court yesterday on a charge of rape. Morris, of Warrens Park, St Thomas was not required to plead to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old female. There was no objection to bail and Magistrate Robert Simmons released him on a surety of $10 000.  He was ordered to turn in his passport, and to report to the nearest police station thrice weekly – Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The matter was adjourned until November 1.


Former Nation Editor Charged With Rape
Web Posted – Wed Aug 15 2007

FORMER Editor of the Nation Publishing Company, Roy Morris, was charged with one count of rape. He was placed on $10 000 bail with one surety. Morris was required to surrender all travel documents and has to report to District B police station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He will return to court on November 1. Morris appeared before Magistrate Robert Simmons at the District B Magistrates Court.

Source: Advocate News

Editor Charged With Rape
Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Editor Roy Morris has appeared in court charged with rape. District B Magistrate, Robert Simmons has released him on 10 thousand dollars bail with one surety. Morris was made to surrender his passport and told to report to the District B Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He was represented by attorney-at-law Ralph Thorne and will return to court on November 1.

Source: CBC

Above are some of the headlines breaking news by Barbados media houses this morning, as we continue to mourn the passing of one of the country’s veteran journalist. This day is sad in more ways than one.  Contributors have been consistently critical of our coverage, which would have you believe that we don’t want to cover the story; but more so, the symbolism of what Roy Morris represented to Barbados at this time in our history. Since the political enfranchisement of Barbados, a predominantly black country, we have proudly educated our people to ensure that as a country we produce leaders who are capable to lead in all fields of endeavor. Over the last decade Roy Morris, a black man, has demonstrated his willingness to approach the task of being a journalist in a snub nose manner which has earned him the respect of a Barbadian public who has shown little respect for the profession of journalism over the years. The contribution of our Press and particularly journalists like Roy Morris, Harold Hoyte and David Ellis in our recent history have struggled to represent the face of journalism in Barbados at a time when our democracy has come under threat more and more from the political directorate.

We can debate why it has been a struggle for journalists like Roy and others to deliver unbiased reporting over the years and whether the obvious manipulation of the media in Barbados has been responsible for the rise of Bajan blogs. In today’s Barbados Free Press commentary on the unfolding saga, the role the blogosphere in fanning the Roy Morris incident has been suggested as part of the reason why the authorities were forced to act this time around. We are not sure if the blogs led to Roy Morris demise; however, we are sure about the thirst by Barbadians for opportunities to discuss issues unhindered by the strictures of a controlled society. This position is becoming reinforced every day as we witness the growing readership of our blogs.  Bear in mind the growth is being achieved without any commercial advertising; just by word of mouth and the collaboration of bajan blogs who “ping” each other.

We do not feel that we are digressing to suggest that the departure of Roy Morris at the Trinidadian controlled media house in Fontebelle may now offer the opportunity for One Media to take more editorial control. BU’s position on the dominating influence by Trinidadians on the landscape of Barbados is well documented.

As Barbadians battle this day with the shame which Roy Morris has visited on a proud black people, let us all use this opportunity to reflect on how we can work to protect the right to have freedom of expression in our small but proud country. Some of us forget that our democracy cannot only be defined by the right of our citizens to place an X on a ballot paper; but equally as important is the right to expect that news will be reported uninterpreted by our media houses.


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46 thoughts on “The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper Part II

  1. You are forgetting that the man had a huge flaw! At a time when women are struggling for self respect this man saw them only as his playthings. I am saying that the Management and Directors of the Nation newspaper including Horald Hoyte ought to be in the dock with morris charged with rape as well. It is their covering up of his dastardly deeds which allowed him to flourish all these years. He would have been put away years ago if not for Harold Hoyte protecting him.

  2. I too am disgusted by Roy Morris’ behaviour,however I cannot deny liking the man’s writing skills and felt that he was truly one of the few qualified journalists.

    However despite all his skills and qualifications we the public were not able to enjoy true investigative journalisms because of the political bias at those at the top and the desire to maintain the advertising dollars.

    I agree with you BU that we have to watch this editorial control coming from Trinidad now at Roy’s departure.

    But then the act was done when Harold and the others sold out to Trinidad.

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  5. what is so shameful and scandalous is that his daughter is 15 years and he had sex with a 16 year old girl and sees nothing wrong with it .. i respected him as a journalist as he is a hard nosed reporter and always seemes to be fighting on the peoples behalf .. but this? he is a sick sick man .. i know i should not throw stones but he could as well be having sex with his daughter!!!

  6. Too many managers in Barbados are having sex/relationships with junior staff and nothing is being done about it. Companies should have ap policy in place to deal with such harassment. When will women stop using their bodies for promotions and favours and managment stop abusing their positions? It is quite sickening and the person who doesn’t sleep with a manager isn’t being promoted.

  7. No one can condone an act where power or position are used to exploit others for self gratification. It was wrong in times of “plantation power” and still is now that we have “Nation” power. Is it possible that we have inherited the intrinsic behavior of our colonial masters? Is there a correlation between increase in knowledge and change in values?
    What is the symbolism of the presence of the Nation Ltd in a place where Blacks could not trespass. And what does the growth of the Nation Ltd that incidentally started with small loaves and a fish, and many doubting Thomases, tell us about the attitude of Barbadians towards journalism? When Harold Hoyte by virtue his actions stood up for journalism, and the entrenched cracked the whip across his back, it was the Trinidad Express that provide plaster and oil.
    I hope that the comments on the Roy Morris situation promote deeper self reflection especially with regard to the parallels and connections to our history and ultimately transform or perception of self and others. No slave owner that is true to their cause will knowingly free a slave. Neither will a big house, cars or academic qualifications. It only occurs when there is a change in our mental landscape.
    Finally, there is wider interpretation of the notion of voting that goes beyond the narrow walls of politics. We vote whenever we keep our friend who is a gambler from the One arm Bandits; we vote when we do not feed the ego of our brother who continually boast about his sexual exploits. We vote whenever we remember that the real critic is someone who searches fro the good and takes a stand for it. We must be careful that as we shake the mango tree for fruit we don’t also get rid of the blossoms

  8. All o’ wanna could really shut wanna traps. Wanna sound just like the same roy morris used to to me. ‘Holier than thou’ and always know what wrong with everyone else.
    So a man loss control of heself with a 16 year old girl .. hip hip what is new.
    In a world where we have been asked to accept men falling for other men and where most of the women around the place chasing, beating and biting other women what the hell is the big deal?
    let the man pay the price of his errors and move on.
    Men were made to be attracted to women -especially young cute ones, I suggest that morris’s beam in the eye is not as large as many of the holier than thou’s who rushing to condemn.
    Shut wanna traps, and see if wanna can pray for the man and for wanna selves -do.

  9. His wife was carried home a total wreck on Monday. Why has she taken so much abuse? Must be a strong black women is all I will say.

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  11. Here’s the thing, while your comments about upholding a tradition of quality journalism is all fine and dandy, I do not think you should call Roy Morris in the same sentence as either David Ellis or Harold Hoyte. Those are men with some actual talent, and Roy Morris has little to none at all.

    This is not a spiteful comment, I am a long time observer and participant in the journalistic field, and I have sufficient experience in this arena to know what I am talking about. I cannot tell you the number of times I have read what Roy Morris passes off as journalism and been disgusted by copy rife with spelling and grammatical errors, choppy style and overly cliched claptrap. He is a lazy writer, a lazy editor and an extraordinarily arrogant human being. No doubt his arrogance is fuelled by the sheer number of times he has allowed to dodge the bullet, aided and abetted by his… ah… ‘colleagues’.

    I must also add that he was arrested and charged with rape, is not in the least bit surprising. What is surprising is that FINALLY someone is going to hold this man accountable for his actions.

    Bush Tea, in his comment above states that this is merely a case of a “… man loss control of heself with a 16 year old girl .. hip hip what is new.”

    Well this in itself is not new, but that it could not, did not, would NOT be swept under the rug, IS NEW!!! It means SOMETHING is changing in this country, and possibly some kind of real accountability will be adhered to.

    Bush Tea, in is hopefully inimitable style adds, “In a world where we have been asked to accept men falling for other men and where most of the women around the place chasing, beating and biting other women what the hell is the big deal? let the man pay the price of his errors and move on.”

    Oh Bush Tea, you poor archaic fossilised mind; work your atrophied brain muscles, and excercise some humanism and (dare I hope) emotional intelligence for a moment won’t you? Equating consensual sex between men with this situation is irrelevant. Your reference to women beating and biting is also out of place here.

    If you really want to offer some valuable commentary, at least do us the decency of employing a spell check and not reducing this issue to being something you can be flippant about. At least attempt some arch witicism.

    Rape is wrong, and serial raping is wrong. Serial raping with assistance in avoiding the ultimate consequences is wrong. Don’t you think it worthy of comment that the Nation Newspaper is so pro-Christian, but this is the sort of thing that goes on? This is also not merely a matter of paying for one’s mistakes and moving on. This I believe will ultimately turn in to a landmark case.

    Maybe it will give other victims an opportunity to be heard, and this I think is far more noble than a loser masquerading as a power-broking journalist ‘paying for he mistakes and moving on.”

    (Come on Bush Tea… massage those mental muscles! We must get the blood flowing… I know it’s hard work, but do try to keep up.)

    His behaviour in the past has been covered up to the great misfortune of not only other women who have been victimised by this man, but in my view, to the Nation Newspaper itself. Is this what Harold Hoyte created in the 70s, a haven for sexual egomaniacs? Say it isn’t so! I respect the man!

    It saddens me to no end, that an organisation that has at least two strong Black women in positions of power, could do so much to shield a raper-man who cannot even write, is a piss poor editor and one who keeps costing them wads of money!!! What could his value to the Nation as organisation be? Certainly he has felt the sun shone through his ass… anyone who has been in a room with the man can attest to his egocentrism. But can he back it up? I think not… he can hold down though… I’m sure he’s very good at holding down and forcing. Is it enough though to warrant numerous coverups?

    It quite simply begs discussion.

    The teenaged girl who has the courage to stand up in this ridiculously feudal society and accuse the man, is the first one I think to fight this particular power, and to her I say: MORE POWER! We should all empower this young woman. Those of you who belittle her and her experience ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

    Bush Tea’s comments are evidence of the same attitude that allowed this pattern of behaviour to continue. It’s not even funny that people think a man who rapes and gets away with it once, could control himself not to do it again. Alas, this is not so. Tragically not so. Roy Morris leaves a broad swath of pain in his wake, be assured of this people.

    It is only when brave women like this girl, this not-allowed-to-vote MINOR, stands up and refuses to allow that Old Boy Network to run rough shod over their bodies, their dreams, and call thes men who ‘lose they self with a young girl’ to task for adding to the suffering in the world, that that suffering will end.

    I write with a certain emotion, having been a survivor of rape and other sexual abuse, and being someone who has know about Roy Morris’ particular sexual deviance for many years, I must say I hope they rake his ass over the coals. He deserves it! Let him be an example to all. The sword he falls upon has jailbait written along it’s shaft.

    Tonight, someone, another Sister I know, is feeling vindicated. I know she is. I write for her now, because I have no gag.

  12. One Mad Black Woman~sorry that your post was moderated but it is long!

    Just want to make the point that we judge Morris as a good reporter not because of good grammar or syntax but on his willingness to expose and discuss issues of emotional interest to the public. You say that you are a journalist and you therefore are prepared to judge Morris’s work with more of a critical eye. On the other note if you are a reader of Bush Tea’s comments here and other places you must see that he declares a deliberate provocative line with telling effect!

  13. What issue is of more emotional interest than rape and sexual abuse, brother? Have you ever heard him bring that up in his column?

    Lip service… that’s all it ever was, and not even well written lip service.

    Well this comment is short and still moderated! Don’t worry because we quickly clicked the approved button!


  14. I dont argue with women – especially mad black ones. Therefore I stand corrected. i am sure that you are perfect yourself and well able to cast the first stone at morris. i am not – can’t even spell, so I tend to feel the need to pray for such weak persons. you know?? “there but for the grace of God” sort of thing.
    Ididnt even real all your stuff ,i confess – but then again i hardly used to read morris’s either. Always felt that he had no compassion for poor fools like me who err…

  15. And this is the best defense of Morris you can come up with?

    It makes one positively sigh for lack of real discourse.

  16. Not breaking my self-imposed rule about arguing… but since you are obviously endowed with journalistic experience and wisdom – pray show me where there was any attempt on my part to defend morris.
    What defend what?!?
    This new information technology is a blessing in its ability to root out wickedness, crime, dishonesty etc. It is also very revealing in demonstrating the levels of HATE and SPITE and MALICE in our society.
    There is a big difference between rooting out evil and demonstrating how hateful we can be. It really is not very encouraging to see the levels of glee and rejoicing (and hateful posts) when someone is caught out.
    I am happy that justice is done but sad for the pain and suffering being caused – even to the accused.
    See if you can understand why Jesus did not support the stoning of that (guilty) woman…

  17. Bush Tea~we are singing in the same choir!

    You would have read that a commenter continually takes BU to task for not spreading the gory details of the Morris story. Like you it is a time of sadness for reasons explained. We hope that our readers would use the Morris experience as inspiration to mould a stronger society.

  18. Glee? How could anyone be gleeful that a girl was raped? How can anyone be gleeful that Morris has destroyed not his life but the lives of other women?

    I think RAPE has it’s roots in MALICE, HATE and SPITE. It has it’s roots in a basic fear than men have of women. It has it’s roots in a basic, fundamental disrespect for women, for humanity on the whole. Agree or disagree, it is ultimately irrelevant.

    I think that JUSTICE has a chance to be done in this case, as it was peverted in other cases, and if that makes it appear as though I am gleeful at Morris’ demise, please allow me to divorce you from this notion.

    I am however, NOT an apologist, Christian or otherwise. I refuse to make excuses for what is clearly deviant behaviour and I do not make excuses for men who behave badly.

    If in my posts, I have intimated that you are defending Morris, it is a response to the flippancy of your treatment of the issue. If you do not defend Morris, or do defend him for that matter, certainly, telling everyone to “shut wanna traps” for criticising the behaviour of the Morris and drawing biblical references to stoning etc. can only lead one to make assumptions on your stance.

    You are right. It is wrong to assume. At least you are in support of justice. Let me tell you, justice is not black or white, and in this country its eyes are wide open and seeing keenly where it should be blind.

    To quote a great man, “There is no peace without justice.”

    As for Morris’ suffering, it is a drop in a bucket against that which he has inflicted… not only on himself, but to the corporation which has continued to enable him, and to his wife, and not least of all to the women he has used and abused.

    I have heard people suggest that this is a set up. That Morris was set up, so he can be removed from his position so that a Trinidadian owned corporation can appoint their own editor of choice.

    I cannot speak to the veracity of these claims, but even if it is so, you can only catch a man in vice and debauchery, if vice and debauchery are common place in his character. If he was plotted against, and caught doing something wrong, doesn’t it speak to the very nature of the person caught? Does it really matter who set the net and why? If it does matter, in my opinion it is the smallest of the concern.

    I am passionate about this issue… like I’ve said before, I’ve survived rape and sexual abuse and know what a hard road I had to travel to overcome the ANGUISH of these experiences.

    Maybe if you had been raped, and worked as hard as I did to overcome it, and witnessed others who did not survive it, or are still struggling with trauma of rape, if you yourself still struggled with the aftermath of a rape, you would understand why I have no sympathy for Morris–especially when I know what he has done in the past.

    To know women Morris has violated in the past, does however entitle me to feel a little vindication and give me the right not to feel sympathy.

    Have you any idea what it is like to be a rape survivor and have to be in a room with a man you know is a rapist… even if he didn’t rape you? I have had to do it on more than one occasion, and not just in the case of Morris. With more than one man!

    It’s a knot of revulsion in the stomach that you struggle not release. There is a repulsive quality to their interactions with all the people, men and women around them that is hard to endure.

    Surely you don’t know what that is like? Maybe Jesus can help you overcome that sort of thing, but Jesus does nothing for me in this situation. I will always be repulsed by men who use their strength and power physical or otherwise to prey on women.

    I ask you to forgive me my lack of sympathy and my own lack of forgiveness. I don’t need to forgive. I don’t need to withdraw into apologist religious stance to facilitate a false sense of superiority. I will not fake a forgiveness for the sake of ‘peace’ either. I am on the side of justice, and what is happening to Morris now is justice.

    Even if he is acquitted because he has good lawyers, he can no longer act with impunity can he? That to me is worth even the exercise of arresting him and charging him.

    It’s one of the first things a good therapist will tell you about during the recovery from a rape: It’s alright to be angry. It’s alright if you don’t want to forgive. It is alright to allow yourself to honor and respect your anger because it is part of what makes us human.

    I’ve read numerous feminist, womanist and humanist essays asserting that female rage is one of the most frightening things a man can encounter, and more specifically, Black female rage is particularly frightening for Black men.

    Yet, it is like a pendulum. As it swings all the way in one direction, it must come all the way back. In my view, we have not gotten angry enough about these sorts of things. Sexual violence needs to be rooted it out, because it is at the heart of much spiritual corruption. We allow these travesties to continue for reasons that astound and baffle me.

    I must speak out for the raped and abused! I will not aplogise because we have our own views.

    No I am not gleeful in the slightest that Morris has been arrested. Grim vindication is what I feel. In many ways we have created a hollow society, and this is merely one manifestation of that. It would make ANYONE sad.

    Do you know what bush tea is good for? It is a purgative, a cleanser… something to shore up the human immune system. Ponder on that a little.

  19. Has any one read “Abused Wives” comment.

    Whilst I do not and cannot condone, agree with or even support Mr. Morris’ actions, I am always saddened when something like this happens as the families are the ones who suffer most.

    OneMadBlackWomen if you want to write a thesis then you need to get back to University, this is not the place for such lengthy discourses.
    To tell you the truth you lost me after the the first few paragraphs. You would be more effective with a few short hard-hitting paragraphs.

  20. hahahahahaha. I totally agree with Warrior. Too long. I read the first couple entries, but this last entry I just scrolled down. I like the thesis and University reference. Too funny!

  21. One Mad Black Woman, it is indeed a pleasure to read your “thesis”. It represents a wonderful but increasingly rare) combination of eloquence and emotion. I know very little of Roy Morris except that we went to school together and he is a writer, and at first I thought that the incident was as described by Bush Tea…but the concept of rape throws a very different/disturbing light made even more disturbing by the suggestion of a known pattern of behaviour. I’m shocked!!

  22. Warrior and DeObserver have got it in one when you are writing about ” one mad black women”.I am a black woman and let me tell you that woman has a lot to say, too much I stopped reading it after the second paragraph.
    To me it sounds like a woman after Roy Morris’s in the UK i don’t get to read much of Roy Morris’s articles but for what I have read I can honestly say they were a very GOOD read.So Black mad woman get a lifeand don’t go off what you hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. “When will women stop using their bodies for promotions and favours and managment stop abusing their positions? It is quite sickening and the person who doesn’t sleep with a manager isn’t being promoted”

    Anonymous, Women will stop using their bodies for promotions when management stops abusing its position.
    It is interesting that any bad sexual behavior that men indulge in becomes the woman’s fault. If a man rapes somehow the woman is to blame? Don’t men know what is right and what is wrong.
    Some of you seem to be using a gender bias when dealing with ‘mad black woman’s’ comments. Are you implying that she is just the typical hysterical woman? Yes they are long but if you take the time to read instead of sarcastically calling it a thesis you might all learn something about the terror and the trauma of rape and how it may affect the victim. I have seen some amazingly insensitive comments on this subject. Yes, Roy Morris may have been a spectacular journalist but what does that have to do with his alleged propensity to take advantage of women when he is in a position of power? Are you all trying to say that it is normal for men to take advantage of situations where sex is on offer. Perhaps this is so because most men in positions of power claim that women ‘throw themselves’ at them for positions. Do you they always have to catch them?
    Are men somehow weaker when it comes to sexual morality? Do the men of this country have so little control over their sex drive that any woman who offers herself up is devoured. I wonder what happens when the sex being offered is tainted by disease. Oh I forgot, then the woman becomes a ‘dirty woman’.

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  26. I’ve read all of your comments, many time, but because of all the things I’ve gone through due to this ongoing case I’ve never taken the leap to give you my view; not only my view but the truth.

    Mr. Roy Morris is an animal nothing close to a man, and I’m glad my sister encouraged me to make him pay.

    Before I go into detail about what this (whatever he is) thing has done to my life; I want to make it clear I feel so sorry for his wife and all of the shame that she is going through throughout all of this as well as his children…

    But I hope that thing spends the rest of his life in prison, and if he doesn’t well the wrath of God is way mightier than any man. He had no right what so ever, I spent time at home after the incident not eating, depressed, feeling disgusting with myself and my body. I wish their way something that could just erase everything from my memory.

    I lost all interest in things that I loved to do.

    My dad afterwards wanted nothing to do with me (probably felt intimidated and helpless), consequently my mother stopped talking to me because I refused to take Mr. Morris’ “shut up” money (for a lack of better words). Due to such my life just seemed to suck more and more everyday. I became scared to leave the house and to go out in public, I also had a boyfriend at that time and only God knows how he was able to deal with it all: listing to people talk about “that girl that got rape by that Nation man” and hearing people say “she probably wanted the money” and other stupid comments.

    Some people can only take so much… thank God for His Real Strong Respectful Men.

    Now pertaining to the case I did not go in November or February because I was scared and no one, I mean no one was telling me what was going on about the case. I didn’t know who was representing me, I didn’t even see them until I went to court… well that’s what happens when you’re on your own or when your support system is weak or unprepared. Then there was in the Court date in April that I went but did not go to court because when I got there I saw his face and I started to cry and I was a mess from there…

    But I’m a bit stronger now. And my next date is October 23rd. I have to admit it’s hard doing things on your own know that there so many people who probably think bad of you because you causing someone who was perceived to be respectable. Then again picturing how women this happens to, I mean millions of women who don’t/ can’t stand up there offender.

    Also contrary to what I heard people say, and seen people write… Mr.Roy Morris and I had no sort of sexual relationship prior or after, I never worded at the Nation Newspaper, I never had/never will have sex with him for a job, I was never attracted to him, etc.

    I just said that you clear the air… trust me there are so insensitive people who can’t see pass their nose who say some mean and hurtful stuff.

    I’m not the first or the last who Mr. Roy Morris has done this to… money can’t always buy you a safe haven, If you are filth you are filth and the world will see… And I am living proof that with faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains… really big ones.

    I don’t need people to feel sorry for me… but the support is really great. I hope that Mr.Roy Morris’ family will rise above this all and to his daughter…

    I hope that you will never go through what your father/that man, made me go through.

    I wish you all a wonderful Christ filled live and may your day be happy…
    Life is too short.

  27. And in my second last sentence I have ‘live’ when it should be ‘life’.


  28. The Teenage Girl You All Are Talking About
    I am the father of dsughters and I can feel your pain. I hope this matter is resolved soon and justice is done

  29. The Teenage Girl You Are talking About.
    This is sad very sad.Why are people so judgmental and unfair? I have a sister who got rape and one of my earlier girl friends who unfortunately has died was sexually abused by some of her relatives at a very early age.I witnessed the pains both of them endured as a result of those experiences.It was indeed painful.
    I will always remembered that on a few occassions when my former girlfriend & I were about to have sex or were in the act,suddendly she would just start to cry and become hysterical.It was scary.The sex act bought back many painful experiences of the abuse she suffered as a young child.
    The Teenage Girl You Are Talking strong,justice will be serve and you will rise above that horrible experience that you endured.
    Stay strong.You have my prayer and love.

  30. I doubt this is the real victim. Anyone affected by such an act would not write such a story using empathy towards the alleged accuser’s family. Her main focused if she did in fact submitted such a letter it would have been based on her being a victim and the person as an animal. She would never have dwell on his family and with that I say this is a fictitious person trying to create hype on the case. The commenter “RANDOM GUY” is part of the act. Let’s allow the law to takes it course. Peace.

  31. I’m very sorry if some of you don’t believe that I am the girl or that “Random Guy” is being truthful but, we are giving true accounts.

    Randon Guy has been a good friend through this very difficult ordeal and he has no reason to lie.

    I can’t give you any information about myself personally and I won’t.

    Nevertheless I did not come here to prove anything to anyone, I just came here to lend you a pair of eyes. It’s up to you to accept the truth or make up excuses not to believe.

  32. Tell Me Why obviously is a psychoanalyst whose word is incontrovertible. Ok, you got us. We’re part of some contrivance to deceive the masses with malicious propaganda. You got us all figured out…. Get a clue. She didn’t come here to beg for sympathy. Morris’ family got betrayed…Bottom line. If she chooses to empathize with the family a little after all this time then let her. She said what she felt she needed to say. As for you believing, whether I exist or not is irrelevant. I didn’t come here to prove anything to anyone. She’ll be there tomorrow whether it makes “logical sense” to you or not.

  33. Whether this is a hoax or not is not important. The fact is this case is lingering too long. There seem to be a law for the Meedes and one for the Persions. Had this been some ordinary person case would have finished one way or the other. I too, some years ago had a serious case with a executive bajan man and I had to use some persuasion and pull some cords to get the case heard. Eventually, he came to court with a Q.C and bombarded my attorney with some legal jargon. In the end the magistrate acknowledge his guilt but said that a technical error made by my attorney caused him to go in favor of the big man. He walked away, guilty but legally innocent. I know how such victims feel, the system is not fair.

  34. Guilty, but legally innocent, Scout? What does this mean? Guilty of what, since you had an attorney, it seems not to be a criminal matter.

  35. Juris
    He WAS guilty but a technical legal matter saved him. This is just one of many cases like this in court. Many persons walk free not because they didn’t commit the crime but a technicality got them free. I once saw a now deceased Judge turn his colour when he had to release an accused on such a technicality. Lawyers are a law unto themselves.

  36. The reason that my case is lingering is because, Mr. Morris and his lawyer always find some sort of excuse when it comes to the case.

    For example in August was the recent time that I went, He and his lawyer was there (the time before his lawyer was, he was dealing with some other case or at least that was the excuse), but they had the excuse that his attorney, Mr.Ralph Thorne never read my statement which the police had since July 2007.

    Now tell me if you have nothing to fear why would you delay the case with such lame excuses.

    You can’t run all the time…

    God sees your every deed and his judgment is far more greater and satisfying.

  37. Jippy Doyle’s took 7 years but in the end justice was done. The old folks used to say ” day does run til night catch it.” Have faith.

  38. Care to tell more about this technicality, Scout? I know that laymen feel that a criminal can get off on a technicality, but this is hardly ever so, since the technicality would serve to prevent any assessment of guilt. Are you saying he was guilty because you felt he was?

  39. Nevertheless I did not come here to prove anything to anyone, I just came here to lend you a pair of eyes. It’s up to you to accept the truth or make up excuses not to believe.
    Don’t get me wrong my friend, I find it questionable why you knowingly have a court cast on October 23, and you try re-living the scenario. The least you talk the better it would be on your date in court. Please note that I am a parent of two adult daughters and I would have advised them to refrain from talking.

  40. BU family please note that there is no way we can verify the postings of The Teenage Girl You All Are Talking About. If she is who she says she is we remind her that her matter is sub judice.

  41. Last I checked this was a democracy….hmmm innocent until proven guilty. I wonder if some of you were called to jury duty if you could put aside the…..just a thought.

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  43. In law, a man is always innocent until proven guilty. It is a disgrace that this website has tried, convicted and sentenced this man in the courtroom of perverted opinion without a hearing.
    Anonymity is no excuse for bringing distorted facts and uncorroborated ‘evidence’.

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