Future Centre Trust Letters Go Unanswered

Submitted by Kammie Holder (Future Centre Trust)

Click to read a letter from the Future Centre Trust which was hand delivered to the Ministry Of Environment on two occasions during the last 10 weeks as of August 2013 .

24 thoughts on “Future Centre Trust Letters Go Unanswered

  1. Well Gittens is certainly in a position to “broadcast” the concerns to the rest of the world … the rest of Barbados (apparently the Caribbean link up experiment did NOT work out … Wonder why … Could it be as a result of a lack of private sector support …? Seems to me therefore that the Private Sector is very much a part of the separation of domiciles domiciles as are the Political sectors …)

  2. There are people who have know Edison for 50 or 60 years and have never heard him say anything more than “hello” and “good morning”

    Unlike Vivian-Anne and Harold he ain’t too wordical.

    They shoulda sendt him a short sweet letter.

    3 pages? Don’t expect an answer.

  3. Hudson had international appeal and ties … These local guys have no power beyond these shores. Environment issues require international leverage, that is what Goddard went after when he was in a ding dong cuffing match with the BLP leadership … A Minister even get fire, if memory serves …

  4. One t’ing ’bout dah Minister is that dah Minister had real staying power … Owen had he hands full wid dah Minister and Mia, but dah Miinister din frighten fah nabody … not even Donville, well then again …

  5. Look, it’s quite simple. A Waste to Energy Facility means that Government will get a foreign loan and that will prop up the foreign reserves. In addition some money and funds will be sloshing around for political party, and Member of Parliament donations and “consulting” fees and the like.

    It would be amazing if a facility of this size and impact could be constructed without a an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study which would also entail Town Hall meetings. I am sure I heard Lowe on TV saying construction will start in a few months. Not that means anything. He also said about 4 years ago that he was bringing the long awaited environmental legislation to Parliament and to date that has not happened.

  6. Next week the Hon Dr Denis Lowe will be chairing a SIDS meeting here in Barbados and the Waste To Energy Plant will be looked at by the Infrastructural Committee. Sorry, Future Centre Trust de minister say he can save the country $425 million in energy cost. Mr Graft and Mr Steel in there as money talks. LMAO

    • @enuff

      Isn’t the criticism of the landfill located in St. Andrew about it being a National Park/Scotland District?

  7. david
    i think the issue was that folk who lived in the area for a long time said the area of the landfill in st andrew was prone to land slippage

    • @GP

      That may well have been so but the overriding concern some will say is that a landfill should never be located in the area of a national park.

  8. Why don`t the Future Centre Trust meet the delegates at the airport and give them the letters. Heard by a friend in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that delegates from as far as the Pacific and Asia will coming. Or they can even mount a peaceful protest outside the Conference. This is so bad of the Dr Lowe not to respond.

  9. Health Issues: incinerators can emit as much as 44.6 tons or more of fine particulate matter, including something refered to as PM 2.5. These particles are so small that they are invisible and only seen as a haze. Ther are small enough to go into the deepest part of your lungs and are known to cause respiratory illness such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, and now strong evidence linking PM 2.5 to type 2 diabetes.

    Town Planning has a WTE plan whuch was submitted by Sanitation awaiting approval.

    What are the incidence of diabetes and respiratory ailment in in St Lucy

  10. The Future Centre Trust should not allow this government to make the same arrogant mistake the BLP made at Greenland which cost the taxpayers over $40M and more every month. Dr Denis Lowe must be watched in the absence of ITAL as his urgency with incineration as an Environmental Minister seems strange . Every Minister of the environment seeks to encourage the 4 R’s not waste production. Thus the DLP and Dr Denis Lowe must not be allowed to commit environmental madness.

  11. @ Simple Simon


    I disagree about the literacy challenge that you impute that Edison (by name only) Alleyne has.

    If you had only been there when the Union representative read his email that he sent to that lovely specimen of womanhood that he was going to do those unspeakable unmentionables to, you would know that he like lond letters.

    Granted that the content and the “f” words and the sucking tings dem were repeated alot of the time and de udder ting dat if you do wid a man is called bu**ing featured in his literary treatise a little but he does write long letters so he might read them too.

    It is obvious that VIvianneG did not know how to compose a letter that Edison would have preferred reading.

    She should have used some of her verb in a different context e.g. “stimulate the cli*oris of environmental education of young Barbadian (women) or juxtaposed “disclosure and transparency” with negligees and sucking something, you know you has to be ingenious wid you letters.

    I myself would simply have sent him the Future Centre letter, dropped in some crypto references to the Advertisements in the Nation and then used my substantive position at the Nation to publish some small scanned excerpts of the email he sent under “psychic wanted” and “Do you need your DoG*ie to grow 4 more inches” you know, among the advertisements that they presently carry.

    By the way, VivianneG if you reading this, i would like a pic down dere at de nation as an editor. Not under Roy of course, and certainly not under you

    I have a piece here on “Sins of the Fathers – A Study of Paedophillia, Consentual Sex and Gunplay”.

    Can i come for an interview on Monday?

  12. @PODRYR “the Union representative read his email that he sent to that lovely specimen of womanhood that he was going to do those unspeakable unmentionables to”

    There is no fool like an old fool.

    And I don’t mean you PODRYR

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