Government MUST be Transparent About the Waste to Energy Plant

Minister of the Environment, Denis Lowe,

Minister of the Environment, Denis Lowe,

Where is the transparency? Two letters to the Minister of Environment Denis Lowe and a full page in September have not even garnered a response from the government. Is this government serious about open government?

Thus can you post the above article from Dr David Suzuki who the Future Centre Trust is hoping along with Nature Conservancy and Greenpeace to  ask for support? Thanks in advance on behalf of the other Environmental NGO’s

Kammie Holder, Advocacy Director, Future Centre Trust

Many urban areas have built or are considering building waste-incineration facilities to generate energy. At first glance, it seems like a win-win. You get rid of “garbage” and acquire a new energy source with fuel that’s almost free. But it’s a problematic solution, and a complicated issue.

Metro Vancouver has a facility in Burnaby and is planning to build another, and Toronto is also looking at the technology, which has been used elsewhere in the region, with a plant in Brampton and another under construction in Clarington. The practice is especially popular in the European Union, where countries including Sweden and Germany now have to import waste to fuel their generators.

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77 thoughts on “Government MUST be Transparent About the Waste to Energy Plant


    Government MUST be Transparent About the Waste to Energy Plant@
    Those crooks dont show or want to look at nothing,
    Now you have this Big Crook , Dennis low-e down and Dirty,

    Pick a Minister any Minister , See if you can pick a clean one ,
    Always bet on BLACK , can not loose ,
    Middle men for slave masters , House Niggaaas,

  2. Was the much talked about renewal energy bill discussed yet? Did I miss it? Kammie Holder look find something else to do your innocuous writings bore us.

  3. Government is in its own world and everything is good in their world.

    They are getting paid , they are flying all over the world, the per diems, the per diems man -good money.

    They own boats and have cash on hand. They maintain their psychological balance by blaming others, especially the members of the opposition party. They feel comfortable in their comfort zone. Nothing has stopped for them. In their world , everything is fine, really good.

    • Leaked Memo Reveals U.S. Plan to Oppose Helping Poor Nations Adapt to Climate Change
      Newly leaked documents have revealed how U.S. negotiators at the U.N. climate summit in Warsaw are opposing efforts to help developing countries adapt to climate change. According to an internal U.S. briefing memo seen by Democracy Now!, the U.S. delegation is worried the talks in Warsaw will “focus increasingly on blame and liability” and that poor nations will be “seeking redress for climate damages from sea level rise, droughts, powerful storms and other adverse impacts.” We speak with Nitin Sethi, a journalist with The Hindu newspaper who first reported on the leaked document.

  4. Acid Rain! Instead of incinerators Caricom should be looking at how a proper facility could be set up in one of the member states to recycle glass, metal etc

    • It should be clear that Kammie is making a case for transparency. Who would not agree? We make everything too political? It is the DLP who has championed transparency. What will be their legacy?

  5. Does the building of a waste-to-energy plant imply that Barbados will be committed to maintaining the present level of waste generation? There must some threshold level of waste that makes a waste-to-energy plant feasible. It is noted that Sweden and Germany actually import waste to fuel their generators. Is it more economical to burn the waste than it is to reduce, reuse and recycle?

  6. Transparency. Great, firstly explain why the Guvment bail out the previous owner of Almond.

    That would be a start.

    Let us hope they don’t *DECIDE* to buy the for sale property down by Fontabelle TOO!!!!!

  7. what is transparent is !that in such hard economic times when everyman boy woman and child is trying to get out of the slippery hands of “Big oil” we have “tree huggers” and so called enviromentalist doing their darnest to kill and dismiss efforts by govts who have been placing their countries on a future and realistic path to sustainable energy and out of the hands of the greedy oil companies who for years have gouged and pillaged all with the grip of an iron fist, the call for transparency is another distraction which moves the public attention away from those goals necessary to address high fuel cost and once again revert to misguided and calculated attempts to put fear and scare tactics in the hearts of a weary public .

  8. Why is it that everything must be political the guy ask for transparency and partisan jackasses inject politics.Yard-fowls pick at everything with a partisan beak. Its sad how selfish my BIM has been taken over by person who only care about their political parties and only too willing to defend nonsense. As a bajan who once worked with a quasi EPA organization in the USA the writer has a legitimate concern. In August I vacationed in BIM and was amazed at the level of vehicle exhaust on the streets and wondered what was being done about it. @David, keep the good work up as I enjoy reading your blog more than the sanitized papers in BIM

  9. why not debate the issue, like show how the enviromentalist and those that asking for transparency have viable solutions to high energy cost which is choking the daylites out of households and running third world countries into the ground.

  10. Just like Agriculture no post Independence Govt has been seriously interested in Environmental issues. No would have thought that a Country which depends Tourism as it main source of Foreign Exchange would have adopted Environmental issues as a matter of urgency – not only to ensure a beautiful healthy place for it’s visitors but more important for us Barbadians.

    Tell you what we excel at though – signing agreements!

    • Those who watched CNN’s Frank Sesno last Sunday would have concluded that the lack of awareness of these kinds of issues is universal. Of course not sexy enough for media coverage.

  11. Tudor said:
    “Tell you what we excel at though – signing agreements!”


    Tudor, you for got to add they are so adept at signing agreements which they obviously DON’T READ and DON’T UNDERSTAND.

  12. However there must be a balance in how we address these issues in regards to the enviroment rather than using fear and unproven rheoteric . The fact is that high cost of energy is ruining poor countries whose deficits continue to get out of control. if one wishes to have an intelligent debate one should have substantial facts on the issue. the question one should asked are there cheaper and faster long term energy alternatives that would not impact the enviroment and save household and govt billions

  13. Someone just told me that no other food establishment EXCEPT Haloute’s Cheffette can sell food at the Grantley Adams Airport, i understand it has been an agreement between Haloute and the government(s) of Barbados for many years…….if the government(s) of Barbados EVER tries to break that agreement, they (the taxpayers) will have to forfeit millions of dollars to Haloute….now speaking about transparency, why are the taxpayers ONLY NOW hearing about this blatant thievery and why are both government(s) involved in this blatant disregard for the bajan taxpayers?? disgraceful. Did they and their lawyers ever read and/or understood what they were agreeing to, and did anyone take bribes to see this injustice materialize??

  14. The issue here is 3 fold cost of plant enviroment and high fuel cost. the govt has already been transparent in laying out cost the enviromental issues are being studied and govt and have not being fully vented and analyse therfore it would be stupid to say anything until govt is completly certain of the impact on the enviroment. what i see here is an unnecessary called for transparency on a project in its early stages.

    • The government has not laid out anything. Putting the cost to build a waste to energy plant in the public domain is not being transparent. What was the process used to arrive at the decision? Who are the vendors and other players involved in the transaction? Where are the forums to engage vested partners. This is what transparency is about BUT you are too partisan to appreciate and respect these tenets in a relevant governance system.

  15. Steupssss @ David (with all due respect of course 🙂 )
    What transparency what?!
    When have ANY government of Barbados provided such data?
    Why would they do such? ..and to whom? ..a bunch of brass bowls?
    If YOU were PM ….would you be transparent? …when Bajans like um just as um is…?

    Transparency shiite…. You done know that YOU and BU have inherited the role of “Transparency Barbados” too….
    We don’t want squat from no government…. Knowing you …you probably already have the documents and are in the process of scanning them for publication…..

    Stop playing diplomatic games and just publish the things do!

    If you don’t have them yet, just ask Ping Pong and he can arrange for a leaky truck to be diverted by your front door shortly…or for some school children to walk by…..

    You smart enough…..”retired civil servant indeed!”

  16. @ Bush Tea | November 20, 2013 at 3:34 PM |

    Nice one, B T!
    We should congratulate and support David and BU for the untiring efforts to keep true democracy and freedom of expression alive in Bim.

    If not for BU Barbados would be just another muzzled backwater fiefdom of the intellectually stunted money class and the sycophantic parasites of government’s handouts posing as the middle class.
    Bu has given a voice to those who don’t toe the line but use their education to liberate both their psyche and political soul.

  17. What is see here is unnecessary alarm for a projectthat is in the early stages of formulation. ideas and assumptions does not make is not sufficient to ask for transpaprency .Evrything is carefully scrutinized befoe govt make “a for sure” statement as to if ! how! when ! the project would indeed be statrted. again i reiterate a plan or an idea is not a guarantee that the WTE project would become a reality. So to alarmist just cool down they are plenty years and much planning ahead.until then Chill.

  18. i would agree that BU has opened a door forfull expression. HoweverWTE project is very techinical and a risky propostion cost w to govt and taxpayers and takes time forall details to be put in order.the need for some to chomp at the bit and bite before they bark does not help. Yes transparency is relevant and deserving of taxpayers. however one must bear in mind any statments coming for govt on this projects should be percise and with total clarification and not only geared to the wishes of a few.

  19. @ ac | November 20, 2013 at 5:11 PM |
    “What is see here is unnecessary alarm for a projectthat is in the early stages of formulation. ideas and assumptions does not make is not sufficient to ask for transpaprency .”

    So this WTE is the same project you and I had a good ‘knees up’ over some months ago?
    A project in the early stages of formulation but can a earn a cost of $400 million for over 3 years since the 5 & 10 % low(e)down Minister been in that
    position of Mr. Environment leading on from his yard-boy days at Graeme Hall Sanctuary? No updates, no cost adjustments since then!

    I will tell you what ac, let us see this project in the same light you would wish to see the new hospital at Kingsland or the Performing Arts Centre at Brandons.

    Greenland would be open to accept a “toffee paper” before $1/2 billion goes up in smoke from a furnace designed to burn imported garbage to justify its existence and satisfy investors and certainly at odds with government’s RE programme and a green sustainable economy. Here is a reminder to prick your environmentally forgetful and inured mind taken direct from the Book of Deceit, Lies & Propaganda (DLP)

    “Why environmentally sound? We all have to live, move and have our being in the protection of the environment. Daily, as we interact with one another we also interact with nature. The contest with nature which characterized man’s relationship in earlier times, has now become a contract with nature in our times. A degraded and unhealthy environment is a threat to man’s very existence on this planet; and this Manifesto recognizes that important fact.”

  20. Thanks miller for the reminder but reality and words are not always in agreement. So instead of tackling these burning issues head on and pretending. why not just to back to the days of wooden stoves and backyard kitchens and oilamps sound good to enviromental issues .no high energy cost and nobody to blame . everything would be hookey dookey

    • BU source has advised that the transaction is at a critical stage and all will be revealed as soon as is practicable.

      Stay tuned!

  21. Well in essence such a relevation tells u that govt has nothing to hide and intended to hide nothing the sounds of alarm bells blasting in the distance from alarmist is nothing new .what would have been new is if all agreed on the process which is necessary and the importance of a WTE energy plant as a feasible and cost saving plan for all and the future generation. coming to terms with change uh understandly can be hard. an easy choice for govt. alarmist well they alternative is to stoke the fire

  22. Some many questions remain unanswered about this WTE. @ac you are so selfish and unpatriotic you seem to have a malfunction in the logic centre of your brain. Fortunately many who support the BLP behave the same way. Future generations will find it incomprehensible that their ancestors could have being so ignorant.

  23. @ kammie Holder and the other guy
    the fact is that people who have no alternatives than to throw a pissing party are the selfish and brain dead ones , go ahead bring a viable solution to long term energy cost to govt and taxpayers, many products that are present in the market can not even be purchased by most individuals because of high cost govt incentives are not working as high cost keeps the average household from affording also the built problems associated to long term care and cost which includes heavy insurance associated to wind or storm damage, calling ac names only shows your level of intelligence and your inabilty to see another side, if you alarmist have a viable and more productive alternative sufficient to meet the needs of household and govt in reducing cost state them, i would happily look at it and decide which is most favorable but for the time being i will go with what i have researched and believes that is a wise choice made by govt , until then kammie and the other alarmist can do what the do best and cry “wolf”

  24. @ ac | November 20, 2013 at 11:14 PM |
    “if you alarmist have a viable and more productive alternative sufficient to meet the needs of household and govt in reducing cost state them, i would happily look at it and decide which is most favorable”

    Look no further, ac! You have it straight from the Queen’s mouthpiece outlined in the Throne’s speech earlier this year.

    Against a background where the costs of this country’s oil imports continue to rise astronomically, with concomitant drain on our foreign exchange, it is imperative that firm steps be taken to reduce this financial burden and allow such funds to be allocated to other sectors of the economy.
    My Government will therefore put systems in place to reduce the cost of imported energy by $150 million over the next five years. It will reduce CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuels and cut electricity consumption by significant amounts. It will also amend the legislation relating to the provision of electricity to allow for the disaggregation of electricity services, where specific rates or fees are established for generation, transmission and distribution.
    My Government will also establish a Stakeholder Forum with all major financial and banking institutions with the objective of implementing a “Rapid Finance” initiative to fast track financing for homeowners seeking to install renewable energy electricity generation systems.
    My Government will continue working with our CARICOM neighbour Trinidad and Tobago for the construction of a natural gas pipeline linking Trinidad and Tobago to Barbados.”

    How about those initiatives and proposals announced in the August 2013 Budget?

    “Alternative Energy Sector:
    In relation to the Alternative Energy Sector Sir, I am happy to announce that both the long-awaited Electric Light and Power Bill and the Income Tax Amendment Bill which relate to renewable energy concessions and incentives are ready for debate in Parliament, with the latter expected to be passed at the end of this week.
    In anticipation of these, government is forging ahead with the unveiling in the coming weeks of a major renewable energy initiative aimed at not only garnering energy cost savings for the government but also using some major government buildings to generate electricity from solar energy for “on sell” to the Barbados Light and Power.
    The Cabinet will shortly be called upon to consider a proposal to invite the private sector to supply, erect, operate and maintain solar electricity systems on the roofs of selected Government-owned buildings using the modality of a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA). The electricity generated by these systems will be used by the Government and the excess sold to the Barbados Light and Power Co. Ltd. This novel Public Sector/Private Sector Partnership (PPP) arrangement is intended to advance the penetration of solar electricity systems in Barbados.
    The Government considers that as many roofs as feasible in Barbados need to be turned into generators of electricity to the home, business or office. This would lead to the democratization of the generation of electricity from intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar so that every householder and business recognize their ability to contribute in a meaningful way to energy security and the reduction of the fuel import bill.”

    Do you consider WTE the renewable energy the Government is so upbeat about with $400 million coming from the same place as the $500 million to rebuild Heywoods the future home of Beaches.

  25. What is the required feedstock of this proposed energy hog and will available feedstock be adequate?

    Will garbage have to be imported to satisfy incinerator operates at optimal level?

    How will the 1200 tons of daily household waste generated be apportioned without decreasing what’s available for recyclers?

    How much of the flyash generated will be used in the construction industry and what is the biological carrying capacity of our shallow soil before ground water contamination?

    If we cannot monitor, measure, police or control vehicle pollution or the flyash ash the residents in St Lucy deal with how will we police and measure dioxin,furan and toxic levels of waste generated from incineration?

    Ask Denis Kellman why his constituents are now seeking legal advice after years of their complaints falling on deaf ears?

    Which Minister can guarantee that if this state of art plant is sited in his constituency that absolutely no dioxin or other pollutants will escape into the air from the incinerator beyond what occurs naturally?

    Why the government no longer seems interested in waste reduction or legislated recycling as a way to create a new industry as well as earn foreign currency thru export of recyclables. What could be the financial considerations for this about turn in favor of this green washing product?

    Plastics including plastic bags, cans, bottles,glass and even stoppers, paper, electronic waste, appliances,cardboard, tetrapak containers, old cars, batteries and all metals including granny topsie are all recycled here in Barbados. Due to ignorance and granstanding by persons car tires for use in road construction and biodiesel is on hold.

    Chernobyl , Titanic and Fukishima disasters where not suppose to happen, yet they did. Can Barbados deal with a dioxin spill if this state of art Waste To Energy plant suffers an accident?

    Every 10 x 12 sq ft of surface area, sunlight hits, can generate as much as 3kwh of electricity from sunlight, if in doubt ask the Germans PV manufacturers.

    Imagine how many households this $400M or $800M can help to become grid tied while decreasing our dependence on fossils fuels due to decrease in domestic demand for B’L& P services.

    It’s also discourteous that no environmental / social impact studies have being done or shared with the public if the info from EPD is correct. Yet the MOE speaks of deal to be finalized in 4 to 6 weeks and construction to start in 18 months while TCP Department says they have drawings. What’s the sense of inviting persons to a town hall meeting after all the decisions have been made?

    Secrecy leads to unnecessary rumors especially in the absence of that piece of legislation passed in the house last November 2013 on the eve of elections but not proclaimed by the GG as at November 2013.

    I await the ignoble and partisan assault by those who like true cowards anonymously engage in puerile rants to defend whatever is perceived to be against their political party!

  26. Why in 2013 BWA is building a multi million dollar building yet paying light and power millions yearly. Paying for brackish water at over $250,000 monthly thanks to one sided contract coupled with a lack of transparency and accountability under the former administration. Why should the citizenry remain silent and when is enough, enough?

  27. @ Kammie Holder | November 20, 2013 at 11:40 PM |
    “Yet the MOE speaks of deal to be finalized in 4 to 6 weeks and construction to start in 18 months while TCP Department says they have drawings. “

    Which overseas investor or lender would take up $1/2 billion to build a WTE that would require imported waste to be commercially viable in a broke country about to undergo an austere IMF restructuring programme?

    Which is more important, a WTE plant or a hospital?
    Probably a WTE because you can always dispose of the dead bodies through incineration aka cremation instead of keeping them in the hospital beds suffering from diseases caused by environmental hazards and pollutants.

  28. where are your facts kammie you have rattled off a lot of concern with out proven facts associated with WTE even with man made disasters the incidents have not occured due in part to govt stringent monitoring of those plants… so far the WTE energy plants that are up and running worldwide according to govt monitoring and guidlines being followed have not reported any increased in dioxides or heavy levels of ash or pollutants in the air or caused any heath threats to humans or natural habitat in or around those plants . those are facts kammie which have help to guide and direct govts commitment to the WTE project, Your concerns should as well be taken seriously but can also be easily dismissed given the fact that the WTE plants that have been already been in use for many years have not produce any of the negative concerns of which you stated,

    • @Kammie

      It seems your blog has yielded some results. BU understands that information will be shared about the project soon because negotiations are at a delicate stage. And in fact the project will result in 350 million inflow of foreign exchange. The project will not cost 400 hundred million dollars to taxpayers.

  29. Holder I may have missed it but for the record please post your educational and University qualifications so that the BU family are better able to put your comments into perspective and reminding us of your educational qualifications in this area of expertise would help significantly.

    Because as it appears you are talking thru your hat and seems like you seek attention or seek to be seen as important or relevant and really without your qualifications being known it is hard to make a logical decision as to why the authorities should seek your advice and your blessing rather that be taking advice and guidance. From officials who work in the Ministry of the Environment or from those professionals in the Ministry or the professionals from the company with whom discussions are taking place, this is not a discussion or consultation matter that requires the input of a Environmental Hobbyist this is much more serious that non qualified persons Hobbyist this is serious professional business.

  30. Oh yes ! kind of exhausted now..any how wherewas i….they would always be the”LAWD HAV MERCI” brigade never able to see the bigger picture. one of restructing a project of this kind would be a long term stimulant for growth and savings therfore putting money in peoples pocket. The alarmist only goal is to REJECT and repeat what they have heard but as for vision they are a bunch of clueless backward thinkingYahoos

  31. @ are you for real, you ever seen a fire heap in a backyard that is get use often, there is no life around and after the heap is stop being used nutting don’t grow there for a while that spot is now dead for a year or two and that is waste from one house.

    How much qualified persons it will take to tell you what gin happen if you build a fire heap for de whole of Barbados.

  32. @ David, the Minister Of Finance sent info to VOB on Tuesday after Brasstacks saying its a Plasma Gasification Incinerator. Thus we must ask what are the financial returns and considerations for Barbados? Dr Denis Lowe said in last Wednesday’s Advocate that ” authorities are a month and half away from signing of an an arrangement for the construction for the propopsed Waste To Energy Plant.”

  33. All this info the govt has been releasing and u think that these hot air gas bag longwinded alarmist would have read or heard is it that others have seen or heard. but NO. just to draw attention and act as if they have been doing or say something in the public,s interest they come kicking and screaming with political tempertantrums

    • @Wade Reid

      Based on what we are hearing it means if government is getting forex inflow (350USD) from this deal they must be giving some thing in return. As stated in an earlier comment BU understands the negotiations are at a delicate but late stage and we have to standby for more information.

    • Posted to Facebook:

      Who will pay for the 900 tons of garbage needed? Plasma torches burn at temperatures approaching 5500ºC (10,000˚F) and can reliably destroy any materials found on earth with the exception of nuclear waste. he economics of MSW plasma gasification are favourable, although complex. Waste gasification facilities get paid for their intake of waste, via tipping fees. The system then earns revenues from the sale of power produced. Electricity is the primary product today, but liquid fuels, hydrogen, and synthetic natural gas are all possibilities for the future.

      Plasma gasification: Clean renewable fuel through vaporization of waste
      iPlasma gasification technology in the US is developing fast, and could be the perfect way to divert MSW from landfill and produce valuable by-products. Here, we look into the benefits.i h2by Ed Dodgeh2 Plasma gasification is an emerging technology which

  34. “We’ve found projects similar to this being misrepresented all over the country,” said Monica Wilson of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. Wilson said there aren’t enough studies yet to prove the company’s claims that emissions will likely be less than from a standard natural-gas power plant. She also said other companies have tried to produce such results and failed. Currently there are no large-scale PAG plants processing municipal waste in the U.S.–the ones in Tallahassee and St. Lucie County, FL, are the closest to coming online and according to this article they’re still in the permitting phase. I believe there are some very small U.S. operations being used to process medical waste, which the process is ideal for, as it obliterates every possible containment. This is the cost/benefit issue that led Honolulu to reject its plant initially as mentioned in the Wikipedia piece linked above. I’m not impressed with the 46 percent efficiency figure–it needs to improve, and it probably will, because this technology is still in its infancy. I also think the cost/benefit ratio will pull even with and then surpass landfilling once the demand for electricity goes up because of the switch from gasoline to electric transportation. We’ve found projects similar to this being misrepresented all over the country,” said Monica Wilson of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives. Wilson said there aren’t enough studies yet to prove the company’s claims that emissions will likely be less than from a standard natural-gas power plant. She also said other companies have tried to produce such results and failed.”

  35. Renewable Energy Scams On The Rise, Government Warned

    by Jonathan L. Mayuga, Business Mirror
    April 18th, 2011
    ENVIRONMENTAL groups on Monday warned the government against the influx of waste-to-energy schemes masquerading as renewable-energy sources, saying it will undermine the ban on waste incineration, cause toxic pollution and reduce employment in the recycling sector.

    The waste-and-pollution watchdog EcoWaste Coalition (EcoWaste) and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (Gaia) said incinerator pushers are using the climate issue as an additional platform to peddle their polluting technologies.

    EcoWaste and Gaia are joined by Ang Nars, Bangon Kalikasan Movement, Cavite Green Coalition, Focus on the Global South, Freedom from Debt Coalition, Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Health Care Without Harm, Krusada sa Kalikasan, Institute for the Development of Educational and Ecological Alternatives, Mother Earth Foundation, Sanib Lakas ng mga Aktibong Lingkod ng Inang Kalikasan and Zero Waste Philippines in opposing waste-to-energy schemes if it includes burning.

    They said government agencies and officials are falling for the ruse at great expense to the health of communities and the environment.

    Waste-to-energy schemes cover a broad range of technologies that directly generate energy from burning waste, including gasification, plasma, pyrolysis and mass burn incinerators, some of which have already been issued clearances and permits to operate.

    “The Philippines does not need incinerators since there are safer and more practical waste management options available that can best serve the goals of the country in mitigating climate change, in protecting the environment, and in generating green jobs and enterprises,” said Roy Alvarez, president of EcoWaste.

    According to the book False Solutions to Climate Change, the incineration industry has rebranded itself and is selling new types of expensive incinerators with fancy names, which often create more greenhouse gases and toxic byproducts than traditional incinerators.

    From a climate standpoint, waste prevention is the most practical carbon emissions-reduction scheme complemented by reusing, recycling and composting, the groups said, while landfilling and incinerating waste are deemed the worse options.

    From the perspective of resource conservation, phasing out residual waste or the waste that remains after reusing, recycling or composting, is the best means to ensure all discards are reusable, recyclable or compostable, the groups stated.

    Waste separation, reusing, recycling and composting, the groups pointed out, generate far more jobs and safer working conditions than landfilling and incinerating waste.

    The groups also scored the use of landfill gas-to-energy projects to justify and perpetuate the practice of mixed-waste landfilling to supposedly curb the production of methane, a greenhouse gas 72 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.

    Keeping compostable organics out of landfills helps avoid methane releases far more successfully than burning landfill gas for energy, the groups asserted.

    In lieu of the risky methods, the groups are calling for investments in waste prevention and reduction, source separation, extended producer responsibility, support for the informal recycling sector, and other initiatives that will lead to a progressive reduction of the volume and toxicity of waste sent for disposal.

    The Clean Air Act of 1999 bans the incineration of municipal, biomedical and hazardous waste, which results in toxic and poisonous fumes, while the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 requires the adoption of best environmental practices in ecological waste management and excludes incineration.

  36. bring an alternative to the table instead of downloading sh..t u dont understand……stop acting like a child unable to get his way,

  37. @ac, perhaps you have forgotten that Barbados due to its location to the equator has one of the highest solar energy penetration and you need to avail yourself to the research of the late Professor Oliver Headley. If the government is serious about green energy it would legislate mandatory recycling which would not cost them 1 red cent and allow the industry to grow while earning foreign currency.

    You seem deliberately ignorant to the Mobil Oil Contamination at Gravesend which exist and currently locked in litigation with a Canadian company.

    Maybe you can get an explanation from Denis Kellman on how the Flyash from the Arawak Cement Plant and pending class action lawsuit.

    Mr AC, ask why no government was a litigant against Shell JetA1 Spill at Pegwell Boggs and it’s even worst that the current Minister Of Environment is the parliamentary representative for the area, do ask him what he has done to assist Mr Sinckler and the others farmers whose life have being destroyed. Perhaps you are not aware that the land is so contaminated that nothing grows and area is condemned with most recent payout $20M.

    We have no regulation to manage environmental fallout and cannot even deal with vehicle exhaust.

    However, your partisan brain don’t allow you to be objective as to look at alternatives to what your party offers is hurtful for you. I find your attack on persons who oppose or contradict anything the DLP offers is deceitful and selfish.

  38. We can start a viable Solar Power Industry to manufacture PV Cells as a smart partnership with either the Germans or the Chinese and also supply the local market. Even water can be a cheap energy source by simply using the hydrogen from water as a gas . Imagine how many 3.5kwh household power plants $800,000,000 can provide if used as a funding vehicle. What about wave energy or offshore wind farms which are truly Green Energy.

    Economic slavery to Light & Power is slowly coming to an end and for the GOB to enter into a Guaranteed Power Purchase with the investors of the $800M Plasma Gasification Plant is suspicious.

    Look at what was done by the last BLP government negotiators with the Desalination Plant and SBRC thanks to Guaranteed Purchase Agreements. Taxpayers paying over $250,000 monthly for brackish water monthly and SBRC had a shortfall in garbage sent to them and taxpayers had to pay just short of a $1M in 2012. Don’t believe me ask Dr Lowe.

    Interesting the principals of SBRC and the Desalination Plant are the same. You would expect under the DLP that things would be different but we would be able to walk on water first. If we think $30M at Greenland was bad as a white elephant think again. $800,000,000 will be a disaster in ever meaning. Expect to have to pay for garbage collection in a roundabout way as we will also be importing garbage to feed the Energy Hog.

  39. You for real ? | November 21, 2013 at 8:44 AM |
    Holder I may have missed it but for the record please post your educational and University qualifications so that the BU family are better able to put your comments into perspective and reminding us of your educational qualifications in this area of expertise would help significantly.

    Holder is a double graduate from Brumley.

  40. mister K u have thrown a lot of accidents relating to environmental issues , yes there are problems of concern that should be address before going ahead with any project that would involved health and the environment, hopefully one should have learned from such experiences ,but we do not look back regretfully and stop progress .the fact is that the growing concerns that u have stated are unrelated to WTE incidents any place in the world, , As the industry evolves better safe guards are put in place among them the number one issue is the safety of environment,u concerns might be influenced by a past with unfounded fears.

  41. Listen to me man……a high school grad wid a O Level in physics can do justice to any energy equation breds…..V=WQ…where W is delivered, Q is charged passed and V is potential difference….even I could remember that from Cawmeer days son…and if in doubt there is Google

  42. don’t u mr K. realize that the pollutants associated with garbage is a major threat to peoples health as well as the enviroment , solar energy which is indeed another good source for combating high energy prices does not not resolve the problem of garbage You talk about the WTE plant and pollution u need to do more research and find out the health hazards and dangers that are multiple linked to death and disease killing millions of people yearly because of garbage and the airborne bacteria that thrives which travels millions of miles into the atmosphere ,, that is where your concern should be …the WTE plant has miniscule threats when compared to garbage that stays uncollected or discard by humans in the most unsanitary conditions , when one think about those factors which are real and poise and present a real danger to human animals and environment, one should take into account the cost associated and health risk associated before one regards the WTE plant as a major threat to the environment when it fact the WTE would resolve many of those issues saving govt .
    the cost effect and saving is a big plus which govt will recoup over the years mainly by getting rid of garbage in the most humanely way and the lowering of one health risk associated with garbage which too would lower medical cost for govt. not to mention the lowering of energy cost, You MR, K< could not ask for a better bargain. savings and cost wise for govbt and taxpayer not to mention health

  43. ac
    Like you want me generate 6 KMW right up your crass for good measure to get rid of your airborne bacteria….dun know you would like dat d ole mud pump long time now shut down and a lil stimulation would be good….LOL

  44. “Incinerator ash, particularly fly ash, is highly hazardous and must be treated with care, like any other hazardous waste. In an attempt to minimize the dangers of incineration, however, incinerator manufacuters and operators routinely downplay the hazardous nature of the ash. Some even go so far as to bill it as an “inert” material that can be reused for construction or roadbuilding. As a result, incinerator ash is routinely mismanged, and severe risks to public health often result.”
    The report goes on to state that in Newcastle, England, ash from the Byker municipal waste incinerator was regularly spread on pathways, parks and school playing fields. A concerned citizen, despite being accused of scaremongering, arranged for tests to be conducted, and these revealed high levels of dioxins, arsenic, mercury and lead. As a result of the initial “resident sponsored” tests, Newcastle University sought help from German scientists, who did further tests which revealed “dioxin concentrations as high as 9,500 nanogram I-TEQ/kg, compared to “target values” of under 5 nanogram I-TEQ/kg. These dioxin levels were amongst the highest ever recorded. Heavy metal contamination was similarly stratospheric” the report continues, “including mercury 2,406 percent, cadmium at 785 percent and lead at 136 percent above background levels”.

    • Guess it is no different to the aleged harmones which a feed company in Barbados uses. Barbadians are insensitive to these matters anyway so why bother.

  45. Incinerators in Disguise

    Incinerators with names like “gasification,” “pyrolysis,” “plasma arc,” and “waste-to-energy” all emit dioxins and other harmful pollutants, despite industry claims that they are “green” technologies.

    Dozens of start-up companies are working to site a new generation of toxic “incinerators in disguise” in communities throughout the world. These are incinerators with names like gasification, pyrolysis, and plasma arc that are promoted by waste companies as “safe” and “green” for community health and the environment. Many of today’s incinerator companies claim that they can safely, cost-effectively and sustainably turn any type of material such as household trash, tires, medical waste, biomass, refuse-derived-fuel and hazardous waste into electricity and fuels like ethanol and bio-diesel. Some companies go so far as to claim that their technology is “zero emissions” or “pollution-free” and not, in fact, incineration at all. However, all of these technologies emit dioxins and other harmful pollutants into the air, soil and water, and they are defined as incineration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union[1].

    Incinerator technologies such as plasma, pyrolysis and gasification do have some different processes when compared to conventional mass-burn incineration. While mass-burn incinerators combust the waste in a single chamber, these incinerators typically heat the waste materials at high temperatures in one chamber with less oxygen present, and then burn the waste gases in a separate chamber connected to a smoke stack. Regardless of the technology used, the core destructive impacts of all types of incinerators remain the same.

    Incinerators negatively impact public health, local economies, the climate and the environment. The short track record of pyrolysis, plasma and gasification incinerator technologies has shown even higher costs, less dependability, and inconsistent energy generation. In addition, data show that dioxins, furans and other toxins are formed in these systems, and in some cases, toxins are formed in higher quantities than in conventional mass-burn incinerators.

  46. @david, Bajans are just too busy to care or be concerned about what another Government is about to commit the country to. Perhaps when persons start dying from respiratory or mysterious ailments the undertakers will make nuff more money while Dr Denis Lowe and friend smile . Expect to pay for garbage collection if the stubborn and arrogant government go against public opinion.

  47. Spoke to Innovation Manager of Innogen this morning Mr Mark Hill and here is what he told me. $800M can equip all the domestic homes with 2Kwh household power plants with storage. All the Government would need to do is arrange a swap with manufacturers where persons can swap front loading machines, invertors and inefficient lighting.. Thus no longer would we need to import fossil fuels. So why the government wants to encourage the burning of garbage for electricity which will not encourage waste reduction. I smell bribery!

  48. Something is fundamentally wrong with this picture. Bajans will have to pay for garbage is what this is all about to support the white plantocracy. Bussa and Clement Payne turning in their graves to see how Bajans just accept this nonsense. At least Jamaicans are held accountable. Sad

    • Both political parties have a track record of suppressing reports paid for with tax dollars. Let us refer to the St. Joseph Hospital Report as an example. This government has contented itself by delivering a ministerial statement after accusing the BLP in Opposition of suppressing the report and in the process dirtying the reputation of the late Brandford Taitt.

  49. While everyone agrees that incinerators do not improve air quality, there is a great deal of controversy over that extent and nature of the harm resulting from releases into the air (and indeed releases to land and water). Although incinerator fumes pass through expensive filter systems, modern incinerators still emit significant levels of NOx and of ultrafine particles. The latter includes nano-particles which are of great concern because they can pass through the lung lining, causing internal inflammation and penetrating to organs (even to the foetus in a pregnant mother)

  50. Taylor Wessing advises Cahill Energy on $240 million investment in Barbados clean energy plant

    18-Mar-2014 | Energy & Environment, Projects

    International law firm Taylor Wessing has advised its client, Cahill Energy, on the historic agreement with the Barbados Government to build and operate a revolutionary Waste to Energy plant on the island. The plant will utilise the most innovative technology available to provide up to 25% of the island’s needs.

    Established to finance, build, own and operate utility-scale Waste to Energy plants in key markets, Guernsey-based Cahill Energy plans to transform all kinds of waste on Barbados into clean, renewable energy. Cahill Energy expects to invest up to $240 million (USD) in the proposed plant, which is set to be built in Vaucluse, St Thomas, creating up to 650 skilled labour jobs and stimulating growth across the island. It will also provide the Government of Barbados with several hundred million dollars in estimated savings over the lifetime of the 30 year contract.

    Dominic FitzPatrick, head of the Energy group at law firm Taylor Wessing said: “Like many Caribbean islands, Barbados is dependent on imported heavy fuel oil for its electricity generation. As a result, electricity prices are higher than much of the rest of the world. This project will enable Barbados to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the waste sent to landfill, bringing both environmental and economic benefits to Barbados.”

    Dominic FitzPatrick led the team at Taylor Wessing and was supported by David Quinlan (Partner in the Construction and Engineering team) and Colin McCall (Senior Associate in the Patents Team).

    Taylor Wessing is a full-service law firm working with clients in the world’s most dynamic industries, including the energy sector.

    Lawyers Dominic FitzPatrick, David Quinlan, Colin McCall

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