An Ex-Cop’s View of Darwin Dottin

Wade Gibbons

Wade Gibbons

The following was extracted from Wade Gibbons’ Facebook Page. He is a reporter for Barbados Today and is a former policeman.

Some excellent administrative and proactive moves by acting Commissioner of Police Tyrone Griffith. He is going to make a terrific leader of the RBPF, a position he should have held a long time ago.

The phones of innocent law-abiding Barbadians could not have been tapped by Dimwit Dottin without the knowledge and participation of some in the Special Branch which Dottin once headed. It was an ongoing criminal act by Dottin, deserving of imprisonment and not pension, and as such the hierarchy of that specialised department should have squealed on the thug and not be drawn into his criminality. No commissioner of police – an incompetent one at that – can compel a police officer to commit a crime.

If the force is to be purged of Dottin’s criminal presence, then of necessity some house-cleaning has to be done in departments such as the Special Branch. One transferred from that department is as close to me as a brother and I love him as such but wrong is wrong. Now that the Dottin cancer has been removed the organs of the body should gradually start to heal and return to a state of normalcy. Full praise to Commissioner Griffith. May God guide your every move.

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  1. “Wiretapping anyone”;

    To answer your first question, Both.

    You obviously have a lot of information on the wiretapping that I don’t have. Could you give us all the references.

    Let me repeat in words you can understand. Having no detailed information on the wiretapping case (perhaps you could give us the url’s to the Bowen case if they cover the info you placed here as fact) I assumed that in a normal wiretapping case in most democratic countries the COP or someone at that level would bring info to the AG to support a request that there was need for wiretapping of certain individuals because of National Security concerns. The AG could then concur or deny the request. Your claim is that it went the other way around in this case. Where is the proof. Bring it.

    Do you have any proof that MAM inspired the COP to wiretap her PM, and even DT and FS and his head of security in THIS current administration when she ostensibly had absolutely no power so to do. In which case it appears, if that really happened, that it was likely to have been the COP and not MAM who ordered at least the latest wiretaps?

    Bring the proof.

    I am also stating that PODRYR made a good case against MAM as far as I was concerned and I am having second thoughts about my former feelings re. the wiretapping case purely based on his examples and the feeling that they evoked in me that there might be some justification for the view that seems to be the overweening one on this matter by the BU family.

  2. @ Wiretapping anyone? | August 1, 2013 at 9:28 PM |

    It’s a pity, Wiretapper, that the PM the person responsible for National Security does not share your “factually established” view.
    Unless you are prepared to call the man a bold faced liar then you should stop casting aspersions (not aspirations as one of your cronies used to put it) on people’s character especially honourable sitting members of the august Chamber called Parliament the highest Court in the land.

    Just to remind you, wire-tapper, in case you were drunk and not eavesdropping that historic day on the PM’s contribution to the debate on Integrity or anti-corruption legislation, he the PM made it crystal clear in plain language that all sitting members were ‘clean’ and above suspicion. All rumours- real or imagined- must be dismissed since all members were indeed honourable and should be absolved of those rumours like the type you are spreading here on BU. As far as we know the same sitting member at the time who is the grist for your rumour mill is still an elevated sitting member posing as the opposite number to the PM.

    Unless you have evidence to prove the PM wrong like the Pegasus Hotel tapes on OSA whom you are now holding up as a defender of the faith and saviour to political fabric of the country and rescuer to the moral fibre of the BLP you should stop exposing your lying ass for easy attacks.

    But you see that same file marked “All there is to know on Mottley & Dottin” it will soon be “dottined” and placed in File 13 just like the mobile CLICO report that went walking out of the PM’s office or the missing FBI report a copy of which still cannot be obtained from the original source.

  3. Wiretapping anyone;

    I did not see your second post until after I posted mine above. I note that you have answered some of my concerns there. So no proof will be forthcoming at this time.

    Now need to hear from PODRYR.

  4. Check it out, I am with you on this one and in the fullest of time the paperwork will follow thru BU but now is not the time for that but it is enough to say that the reading of it will not be healthy pleasant or nice to many including David not BU.

    When files are created and named POLITICAL it speaks volumes about what the mission of Mottley and Dottin was, this had nothing to do with keeping or tracking Drug Dealers it was all about Mottley’s ability to arm herself with bits and pieces of information on others including Arthur to fight her Political battles with, immoral and very disgustingly sick by a power at any cost Mottley.

  5. Miller go take a Bush Bath or take your medication you can defend this you are more stupid than I first thought of you. There canned no defence for corrupt Commissioner of Police nor for former Attorney General it is not dependable unless you are part of the corruption yourself. Are you?

  6. i just had a discussion with a technical person from a provider and after directing him to this story he asked one simple question which did cross my mind at one point.

    how would this wiretapping be done? he then when into details of how the systems work and the long short is he said they are no less that 20 people at all levels who would have to come together to make something like that happen because the system is design so block a single employee from listening into persons discussions.

    now he say it could very well happen but it would take some manpower to make it happen. so the questions he ask is, would you want so much people involve in breaking a law? would so much people take part in breaking a law? does the law have some special device to tap into the providers systems?

    but Bushie, don’t trouble yourself with these small details. keep up your stupid comments.

    what should be of note is he has ask if there is proof why not bring it forward? i tell him stop thinking like an idiot.

    i really feel for your kind Bushie.

  7. Wiretapping anyone;

    Just one more thing. Please correct me where I’m wrong since my memory is really not too good these days.

    Your claim is that;
    MAM ordered the COP to wiretap her boss – the PM and Minister of National Security – when she was AG in the BLP Government. The COP meekly did this and passed the relevant info on to her. OSA ran a tight fearsome ship. Was it reasonable that the COP could get away with something like that?

    MAM and the BLP lost power but the COP remained COP and during this administration MAM ordered the COP to wiretap first DT and then FS, the two PM’s of this administration. The cop meekly acceded.

    The COP also illegally wiretapped Inspector Bowen during the BLP’s term of office (Was that wiretapping also on the orders of MAM?). A case was brought by Bowen. Bowen was reinstated. The COP pleaded that the wiretapping was justified on the grounds of National Security and this was apparently upheld.

    Does something seem a little strange here and not quite computing?
    What fulcrum did MAM use to get the COP to wiretap extremely powerful individuals during the term of this present administration when she had no political power? Why would a COP go outside the bounds of reason to accede to what you present as MAM’s orders?
    Could it be that the alleged wiretapping might have had more to do with the observed animus between MAM and OSA than MAM’s alleged and long bruited around sexuality?

  8. Rubbish, not BU there are any number of recordings of Bertie Hinds and Broomes and many others, look accept that you got a rogue in your party in Mottley and a rogue for a C of P Dottin.

  9. Wiretapping anyone;
    Our posts crossed again.

    Could there also be somehow mixed up in all this, the wiretapping that is allegedly carried out on behalf of the US in the name of their National Security, of any level of individual by the US/ Israeli Global espionage machine. That machinery is reportedly capable of tapping calls of anyone throughout the world, once identified by in-country individuals.

  10. @ Wiretapping anyone? | August 1, 2013 at 10:07 PM |

    What do we expect from you other than a retreat into red herrings and ad hominems since you have been exposed for what you are as just a damn lying political parasite trying to deflect the focus from the real problems facing the country.

    You should recommend your treatments for lies and intellectual constipation to the PM since he is the one doing the covering up for Mottley et al.
    BTW, if this evidence is available on the CoP (as your unequivocally claim) why send him on administrative leave.
    Why not fire his incompetent law-breaking blasted ass and save the taxpayers the much needed money required to make termination payments to the hundreds that will soon be on the breadline?

    You can bullshit many here on BU but not this son of a gun who knows your type and MO only too well, shit hound. Now go and find another toilet to do your thing!
    BTW, you can adopt some of Dottin’s dirty ways and wiretap the miller and see if he cares one SFA!

  11. “Wiretapping Anyone ? | August 1, 2013 at 10:37 PM |

    Rubbish, not BU there are any number of recordings of Bertie Hinds and Broomes and many others, look accept that you got a rogue in your party in Mottley and a rogue for a C of P Dottin.”

    would it surprise you to know i got a few recording on my phone? i do not work for Dottin or Mottley. what is your point again?

    bring the blasted proof or carry ya a$$.

  12. LOL @ (Not BU) could really be serious!?!
    You feel for Bushie?! A man that wants for nothing…? LOL don’t waste your feelings… 🙂

    But who is this fellow that you ask about wiretapping …he is the gardener at SLIME? Or the watchman at Digicel?

    Wuh think bout it….if the US Homeland Gestapo could check emails and phones from practically all and sundry on earth – how could it be difficult for the Bajan authorities to do so for 50 or so locals?
    Your gardener ‘contact’ is privy to the equipment provided for World Cup security?
    Is the gardener privy to the skills brought by the top secret Israeli security team?
    Why do you think so many POLICEMEN are happy…? You think they all hate Barbados or that they may know more than you do…?
    As man and Check-it Out will cause a run on toilet paper if wunna continue at this rate yuh….

  13. Bushie, i really now do feel for you and you do want for something but i understand you could not want what is about your level.

  14. Check it out, the Wiretapping has NO Overseas connections it has all to do with Gross Insecurity by both Dottin AND Mottley, why do you think he had transcripts made of conversations between the Pm’s Head of Security and Bertie Hinds and why do you think Mottley ordered that Arthur’s and PM Thompson and PM Stuart’s communications both need to know everything about everyone. NOTHING to do with National Security all about Dottin and Mottley’s insecurity.

  15. here is a question, who has their hands on the wiretapping now? or because Dottin was removed he wiretapping has stopped?

  16. Where have you been not Bu that nasty despicable arm of the RBPF has been terminated. and next should be the termination of both Mottley and Dottin.

  17. A witch hunt den. The men hate MIA, because she is a woman.
    And they hate her even more because she is a woman that is not submissive to any man.
    The men hat uppity women.
    The men like around them women who will say “yes sir, no sir” even when the men talking shite, or especialy when they talking shite.

    A witch hunt. Plain and Simple.


  18. @ check it out

    1. You are unsure but I will share that I have no allegiance to BLP nor DLP, I pledge allegiance to my flag and either side of these incompetents that goes south of the border is fair game

    2. Many of us readers and writers have given epidermal attention to this wiretapping. CoP dis, Wade Gibbons dat but I suggest that we stand back a little and elevate the convo a little. Use the incident of the 6 year old boy wukking up on that full woman as the azimuth of this discussion to focus on the fact that the visible inappropriate act speaks to a deeper more sinister phenomena. So here goes. Pay especial focus to the “left side” questions.

    3. Who is alleged to be doing the wire tapping? Their names are known rather supposedly known.

    4, Who is being tapped? Is it all and sundry or specific parties?

    5. What is the purpose of all the domed cameras which have recently been appearing all over the country and we are not talking about the CWC installations.

    6. Who stands to profit from leveraging the content of the surveillance? “Content” here is not limited to what it is about but who is being tracked, their associates, their patterns, where they go, when, frequency, possible places of domicile during the Night of the Long Knives?

    7. Why would a cache of weapons be secreted at the mouth of the Garrison barracks, the main entrance/exit of the islands sole trigger happy recruits?

    8. Why would We Jonesing, the acting PM make the famous comment of “crack some heads and kill some people?

    9. Where is Captain Straughn, former PS of Defense?

    10. Why are Defense force trucks now traversing the island with heavy payloads? Why are they decentralizing their armaments from the Bay Street kill zone?

    11. Why would Wade Gibbons, a former police officer and a journalist, both professions being cognizant of the laws of defamation, be so emboldened to publish such spurious content on a Facebook, tell the world all my business page, commenting about the demigod Mia Amor Mottley?

    12. Why can’t my peeples see the subcataneous signs and real issues here instead of attributing this to simplistic wire tapping?

    13. No sane PM, armed with this information, like a plot from a Central African coup, with an economy that is beholding so much on tourism, would be so stupid to advertise to the whole world what is going on in BIM. And you wonder why Seethru hates Mottley so?

    14. Wunna feel that slant eyes Adriel Brathwaite meeting with US AMBASSADOR Veneer to find out if the latter’s hair colour is real or Miss Clairol #11 Grey? So the drone flyovers and the increased US Navy presence wid dem attachment is just a figment of the imagination.

    Dis is why ole men like me needs to remember to get a long term supply of insulin causing, when it run out, I does start to hallucinate and ting

    Yet ah! why should they know their fate, Since sorrow never comes too late, And happiness too swiftly flies, Thought would destroy their paradise, No more; where ignorance is bliss,’Tis folly to be wise’

  19. @simple Simon

    Simple by name simple by nature.

    Yes this is a conspiracy led by Baffy and I am his under secretary of the Royal Order of Machiavellian Male Chauvanist Pigs out to get your Saviour of the Bajan economy.

    She could be a die in the woods, Amazonian, sapphic, man hating whatever, I have never been disposed to being party to any witch hunts for things which a quirk in nature decides.

    Stick to the facts here.

    I have already said enough here.

    A few of you, with ears next to the throne, can seek verification of what I scribed while de madam sleeping.

    Fellows like Cocky Locky Cadogan while dem does pontificate like if dem in de know ent gine be able to comment on my “observations” and those who can, well dem understandably hesitant to talk, barring we Jonesing “crack some heads and kill some people” should now start to make some sense to a few of you. Words of an over zealous acting steward for a Stuart.

    This is a new vista for the powers that be. Both Fumble and Seethru are in uncharted territory for whereas Sydney Burnett Alleyne was an interloper here we have a daughter of the rock upon we all stand, aided and abetted by underlings, in and of themselve, without similar motive and all consuming ambition to be PM at any cost.

    But doan mind de ole man, let we all go out and wuk up and have a good time while worshipping Bacchus.

    Come 13.9.13 Buffalo Sinckler going do a nex wuk up pun we as he grease all we bald cat pooches and give we annuder type of ammmm Sexual experience (man I nearly said fxcking)

    Yes Simple Simon as you can see I seem to got it in for de men’s, de wummens, de gender anomalies, de DLP de BLP evah body

    “He be jes a spiteful ole man, I doan know why dem does jes doan lay down, close dem eyes, en dead”

    Leg we get David[BU] to ban he mam!!

  20. @Bush Tea

    You have to forgive that fellow who talk bout “20 people need to be in the loop”

    A lot of us really deserve to be de gardener instead of the cardiac surgeon we are having put a stunt in our heart

    I call them nanny GRs. No that is not like a new model Mini Cooper GTS it is a nanny goat relation – someone with goat parts and goat IQ and corresponding intellectual capacity and alacrity of an African snail needing to cross the ABC highway DURING RUSH HOUR. SCRUNCH!!

    If you want to put my ramblings to the test call ***.

    You will note that they, like the few people who know that your phone line is tapped, always tell you ” you put down, I going call you back” disengage the phone, enter the bypass code, and call you on a rerouted call, clear of the tapping.

    Sometimes you get a semiliterate on the shift who does not understand the process and unwittingly reroutes the call/text between party A and C to de wrong body. Instead of trolling the communication to themselves

    That is called DIU not to be confused with DUI – Dimwit In Uniform and not Drinking Under the Influence though, not you come to think or it, **** the fellow who f up that Broomes Gollop transmission is well known by the Alleyne Arthur bottle (not to be confused with the bottles of Owen Arthur)

    De madam is rousing. Unlike me, she has no fear of a good night’s sleep as some of us old fogeys who believe that while in that somnambulist if state, death will creep up on us

    She firmly believes that if she should die before she wakes she will wake up in the arms of Jesus.

    The Saved living with the Sinner indeed symbolic of the dichotomy of life, hot and cold, peace and war, stability and coup.

    She coming down de hallway so I must do what de grandson tell me not to do, turn off de cuntputer without shutting it down properly.

    And dem pretend dat I did heah sleeping all de time

  21. Wow PODRYR!
    Food for a lot o thought! Deep! Words to ponder! O once very highly placed one and erstwhile patriot. Lemmie get out of here boh, before dey come fuh me fuh just tryeng to get some info from PODRYR and the other one “wiretapping anyone”.

  22. This is real my friend this is a Can’t Wait Power Hungry Politician Mottley Corrupting the System to See Who She Can Find Shit On To Have It To Use Politically and otherwise.

    If ever our PRIVACY was breached and our every action made available to a Sick Politician it is this very case, there is not a man or woman that Mottley instructed to have all their private communications intercepted that were person of a National Security Risk Case, why would she and Dottin create a file named POLITICAL FILE one would have thought it would have been something else more in keeping with what that division was really meant to be serving the country doing. Not being used by Mottley for her sick and depraved pleasure.

  23. @ Wiretapping Anyone ? | August 1, 2013 at 11:31 PM |
    “.. and why do you think Mottley ordered that Arthur’s and PM Thompson and PM Stuart’s communications both need to know everything about everyone.”

    Could you please explain to the BU family what you mean by ‘Mottley ordering Dottin to spy on PM Thompson and PM Stuart’?
    We would be prepared to accept the verisimilitude of the scenario of Mottley issuing such “orders” to the CoP in relation to PM Arthur when this alleged sapphic character was AG but find it totally unbelievable that this megalomaniac of a witch would still be so powerful after being deposed as Leader of the Opposition to have so much influence and control over the levers of government and the national security machinery.

    Here is a piece of advice to an incompetent liar. One of the basic requirements of being an effective liar and convincing bullshitter- as you are trying to aspire to be- is that of “CONSISTENCY”.
    You must first get your lying timelines in sequence and not allow them to overlap or contradict one another as you seem to have a major problem sorting out and arranging in a believably correct chronological order.

    The question to you, Ba Liar, is if this evidence you seem to have (and guard like the gorgon sisters one of whom in the form of the sapphic intellectual siren Mottley seem to be still alive in your imaginary venomous snake pit of your maliciously dangerous mind) was available at the time of Stuart’s elevation why did this paragon of integrity not blow the whistle and bring the whole dirty filthy saga to an end?

    It would have made great electoral fodder for the scandal mill in the last elections giving the DLP an unassailable advantage and instead of 16:14 more like a 28: 2 with SMNE one of the BLP casualties.
    But if the truth backed with tangible evidence did not work against Pornville why would a tissue of fabricated untruths stop Mottley from returning as a senior player to the biggest lie factory, i.e. Parliament?

    Before you continue with your politically partisan ululation to prepare for the $400 million worth of grief about to unfold in the coming weeks/months here is a shibboleth to prove your credentials.
    What do you think would be the result of mixing a porn baron living in rich Pornville with an Amazonian pussy biter and a homosexual fraud who can’t even spell his own name called Greenverbs?
    No need to rack your brain only useful for lying, here is an ear of corn for you to bite on.
    It’s called a cocktail of 6 feet deep in dirty politics in Bim fighting over taxpayers’ money and a game in which small time idiots like you “Wire tapping” are just pawns on the political chess board like the other bald pooch cats.

  24. @ (Not BU)
    Some of us spend too much time asleep…

    These people are supposed to be in OUR service. WE should have confidence in them and in their honesty. THEY need to justify and maintain that confidence.

    If you are a businessman and you need to produce “hard evidence” before you will even discuss concerns with an employee that you suspect of dishonesty / illegal activity etc – then you probably operate at the level of selling snow cones…or nuts…

    …and any employee who is unprepared to explain any such doubts to his bosses cannot seriously expect to continue in their employ.

    This is so simple and straightforward a case that it is truly amazing that anyone can be taking the position that you have…..well anyone who has nothing to hide that is… 🙂

  25. Millertheannunaki;
    I like the word “ululation”. It has a nice onomatopoeic ring to it. Nice post!

  26. Bushtea;

    Grateful if you would explain your post above to a dimwit like me. You’ve lost me, and perhaps others, there.

  27. Mark these words Never Before Has Barbados Ever had a Commissioner of Police Who Has Been Involved In Criminal As Dottin Has Done. You will see these words published sooner rather than later, in actual fact it will be amazing if Dottin can take home a pension after he and Mottley are stripped bare and exposed for what they are over Zealous and Power Hungry Perverts.

  28. Mark these words Never Before Has Barbados Ever had a Commissioner of Police Who Has Been Involved In Criminal Activity As Dottin Has Done.

    You will see these words published sooner rather than later, in actual fact it will be amazing if Dottin can take home a pension after he and Mottley are stripped bare and exposed for what they are over Zealous and Power Hungry Perverts.

  29. Miller AKA Peter Symmonds. This bald pooch cat don’t bite women privates up nor does this bald pooch cat beat women up like Mottley and this bald pooch cat don’t listen to people’s private conversations. that is left to you and your band of thieves, women beaters and crooks to do.

  30. Wiretapping anyone?……………i believe there is some merit to what you are saying knowing the usual suspects and how they operate, however, you have to realize that there will be some scepticism, and rightfully so, given that there will be now a reason to distract taxpayers (ask Carson) from what is really going on with the economy such as the ongoing IMF and credit agencies’ research into the financial viability or lack thereof in the economy.

  31. This infringement and intrusion of Barbadians rights to Freedom of Expression Freedom Of Association and Privacy surpasses any Economic debate today, these are the fundamentals from which our society is founded and if they are being molested by Dottin and Mottley It is the number one reason it must be ventilated and aired and for people to be made aware that these are actions of Power Hungry Dictators Who Must Hold Power and Control of a Nation of Barbadian People.

    These people that Mottley instructed to be Wiretapped are all decent upright honest people their only flaw is not to have supported either Mottley or supported Dottin, is this reason enough to have your every movement tracked ?

    This is more Hitler in style than a Democratic Society like Barbados.

  32. @Wiretapping Anyone ? First of all, let me assure you that Miller is NOT Peter Simmons. Miller is MUCH BRIGHTER than Peter Simmons ever thought to be. Next, all we have so far is unsubstantiated allegations. Whether we believe them to be true, or even know them to be true, is completely irrelevant, unless someone posts the evidence that PROVES them. So far, no one has!! So come on….if you have the evidence, let us see it and judge for ourselves.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright. VERY interesting posts. Thought provoking!!!

    @@@Well Well. | August 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM | “If people could stop living for politics, politicians and political parties for just 1 week, they would see life with high definition clarity and gain a much better perspective.”


  33. I more than anyone else would love to see people who feel because of familial and political connections have free rein to trample on the rights of citizens and may i repeat again, the same taxpayers who pay the monthly salaries of the same dodgy and shady politicians.

    Wire tapping anyone?…………….this is the right time to get it all out in the open and include any such illegal activities also being done by the present administration, if such exists.

  34. @Well Well. Again, AMEN!!! But can you encourage our friend to post his proof, not just allegations. I would like to say that with so many plumes of smoke rising, there must be a fire. However, in Barbados, experience has taught me that this is not by any means always the case. And I must say that Wire Tapping Anyone has made me question his input by his allegations that the Mighty Miller is Peter Simmons, because unless Peter has dramatically increased his brain power (and humanity)…….no way.

    @David. I am now following with great interest the unfolding drama between Jack Warner and David Simmons. Always interesting when birds of a feather fall out instead of flying together. Do you have anything on it? Because I am thirsty for knowledge on this one.

  35. Amused………….i posted yesterday from yesterday’s Trinidad Express information on the Warner/Simmons drama, what they said is Concacaf gave Warner the go ahead along with documents to purse a lawsuit against Simmons…..get you popcorn ready, this is not a bajan Simmons will be going up against, Jack has a much longer reach and he is deadly now seeing he is staring at the threat of extradition to the US by the Justice Department and also an investigation by the Integrity Commission in TT about his money hole, you can see all that in todays Express, i tried to post two links to BU but it did not take.

    I am trying to make Wiretap see that this is the right time to expose any criminal activities by BLP and if he also has anything on DLP don’t be shy and don’t hesitate, this is the right time to gift the taxpayers with information for all the years they have had to sit and watch both DLP and BLP run amok on the island at their expense, while they suffered in silence.

  36. @ Checkit-out
    What do you not understand? ..or is it not WANT to understand..?
    These are people who WORK FOR and on behalf of THE PEOPLE.

    Can you not see the difference between them and if we were talking about COW MB or some other PRIVATE person?

    If you worked for a large bank and accusations turned up in the public that you were a crook and had been involved in various illegal rackets…would you say to your boss …. Man frig you…bring proof?


    Well both MIA and the ex-COP worked FOR the people of Barbados by choice. If there are serious accusations in public alleging illegal activities on their part …how are you suggesting that they should say to us (their bosses) “frig wunna and bring proof”?

    If such accusations were made against a private citizen (like a bank president making a political contribution -bribe- to a political party) then Bushie would agree with the need to bring proof- cause he don’t wuk fuh we….

    • @Bush Tea

      And they need to communicate with the flipping people as a matter of routine!


      We are following in the press.

  37. A bunch of hypocrites on wonder we in a mess. These same people that pompersetting about wiretapping never did or will utter a word about the CLICO Forensic Audit. But hey yardfowlism is alive and well even if it is now more than corn beef and biscuits but a pick for $150/month on a constituency council or board.

  38. @ Wiretapping Anyone ? | August 2, 2013 at 9:47 AM |

    The more you write the more you expose yourself not as a lowly bald pooch cat but as a blasted high class jackass devoid of commonsense.
    If you know that there is sufficient evidence to prove Mr. Dottin broke the law was this evidence made available to the GG as a basis to terminate his services as the CoP? Why waste taxpayers’ money by using a most defective mechanism to dismiss him?
    Breaking the law is a rather serious charge against a public servant especially one entrusted to uphold the same law and can be used to justify dismissal in line with the Constitution.

    Until actions are taken to demonstrate that such evidence exists to dismiss Dottin without a pension and to face justice and also to revoke the instrument of election of Ms Mottley as a sitting member of the House in accordance with the general spirit of Sections 44 & 45 of the Constitution you should desist from dragging your red herrings across the BU pages.
    Do like a real decent cat and cover your mess before you are dismissed as a classless idiot of extremely poor intellectual pedigree.

    “Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to.”

    BTW, poochie, have you ever wondered why there is this secret rush to seal the more ‘in depth’ CLICO forensic report from the eyes of the public. Why don’t you use your eavesdropping skills to find out such and you might just find out why LP is well protected by his big friends in high places.

  39. @Enuff
    “By the way is Four Seasons for sale in today’s Nation?”

    I wondered the same thing. It is also advertised in the Advocate today Aug 02, 2013 on page 54 under a heading “REQUEST FOR OFFERS TO PURCHASE AND DEVELOP PROPERTY” . It reads the usual “The Mortgagee invites offers to purchase and develop the property as described in the schedule below……” It is 31.3755 acres and the description about the situation of the land sure fits what we call “Four Seasons” .
    Offers to be sent to The Corporate Secretary, Clearwater Bay Limited by Sept 30, 2013.

  40. Sorry to say, but I am doubtful of Wade’s suggestion of wiretapping. It would have been political suicide for Mia or even Dottin to conspire of wiretapping since as you see it involved both political divide and who the hell is Wade Gibbons. He is no top ranking investigative reporter of the like of Al Gilkes or Timothy Slinger or Harold Hoyte. Maybe, he probably might be receiving documented information from someone within the angered ranks opposed to Dottin. How come we don’t have wiretapping on all the drug dealers or money launderers or murderers or people like Miller or even Bush Tea or David of BU. But we are hearing Wade phone tap. Give me a Break. Probably, this might be a partition to take us away from the economic stress we are encountering.

  41. LOL @ Tell me why
    …he who knows not and knows not that he knows not… is the happiest man at Kadooment and CPL.

    ….which is where we find most Bajans right…?

  42. Wrong Bushie. I attend two tents – Cave Shephers All STars and Celebration time. Last time I pay to see cricket was over 30 years ago. I can’t stand defeat that’s why the little boy say that he leaving home because he mother, father, aunt and everybody beat kill him at home and he goin’ to live with the WI team since they don’t beat nobody. LOL to the world.

  43. This is almost certainly a diversion from the economic pain the government has to inflict on us in exactly 11 days time. It is a diversion from the fact that the government is trying to hide the facts of the expensive CLICO matter from us. It is an attempt to demonize Mia Mottley. So maybe Mia wants to be Prime Minister. Is that a crime? In the Bible is says “it is a good thing for a man to desire the office of bishop. 21st century interpretation “It is a good thing for a woman to desire the office of Prime Minister.

    And no I am not Mia’s friend, nor lover, nor party member. I’ve never met her nor voted for her. Don’t know Wade either nor any of the people mentioned in his essay. But some of the people on this blog are setting up Mia as a witch so hat they can then burn her at the stake.

    Does the government of Barbados have the technical ability to wiretap?
    I believe do.

    Has the government of Barbados both parties ever wire tapped anybody’s communications? I believe so, both parties.

    Will both parties continue to wire tap. I believe so.

    Do they always obtain court orders to wiretap?
    They should.

    But I am sceptical whether they have and whether they will.

    Am I a member of any political party? No.

    Have I ever been a member of any political party? No.

  44. Just as some people are setting up the workers in Barbados by telling them that they are lazy and implying that they ar no good.

    But it has always been so.

    Throughout Barbados’ history the majority of workers were told that they were lazy, and no good and deserved the poor wages and poor working conditions inflicted on them, and yet…

    for much of this time the Barbadian worker made this place one of the most productive places on earth, and Barbadian workers produced billions of dollars for other people, most of whom never spent a minute in the sun in their entire lives.

    And Barbadian workers are still doing this even while reproducing the Barbadian work force, and raising the next generation of Barbadian workers, and raising and nursing and teaching and and feeding and chauffering the children of those who call us lazy.

  45. Simple Simon……………….i should think by now that black bajans should recognize the pattern and do something about changing it, they are in the majority and the ones who actually keep the wheels of the economy in Barbados well greased and running smoothly so others can become millionaires and boast, look down upon them and denigrate……….time to change the pattern. We all know who the lazy ones really are, time to do something or remain in the cycle.

  46. here is a question for the conspiracy theorist. BU has been up both government asses. as David pointed out. MAM wanted to shut down the blogs. are you telling me with the power she and Dottin had/has they can’t get this done?

    are they that incompetent?
    are the ones running BU?
    did they hide this equipment from this government?
    is this government that incompetent? don’t answer that one.

    these and more questions. stay tune for more.

  47. In summary here is what we know so far:

    Bowen in a sworn affidavit accused Dottin of wiretapping his phone. In response Dottin refuse to respond on the grounds that it was a national security matter. Bowen was suspended on half pay was reinstated by the PSC with full colours.

    Gibbons, a for CID officer posted the above on his FB page which was subsequently removed.

    What the above confirms is that the opportunity for the police to wiretapp is available. We will have to wait for more info. To line up based on political position is a nonsense.

  48. @ David[BU]

    It is obvious that some of the BU population is not to widely read for if such were the case your namesake David (not BU) might have heard of Wikileaks, and Lasange and virtual servers and all of that hoblegook and hiding ip ‘s and tings (de granson talk to me but i ent remember half of what he said)

    What i do remember is that and Megaupload were closed down by the FBI AFTER OPERATING OVER 10 years!!!

    Dottin is not the sharpers tool in the shed and, believe it or not the Computer unit at the CID does not even have an email address.

    De granson he me that once he call to have them investigate a particular cybercrime and dem give him a yahoo address causing dem cuntputer and de fax machine was not working.

    So give me a break David (not BU).

    Yes de Le Carre novels, The Spy who came in From the Cold must be percolating in de head when de morning come.

    Ludlum, he a little bit after my time and is not my genre of reading, ole man showing he calcification.

    Hold one a second, have you asked anyone of “de government boots pu de feet of dem trigger happy recruits” about this conspiracy theory?

    You know de Brigadier or Quintyne or you mussee know somebody up pun de Garrison Hill/

    My gentleman is is not talking bout Bush Hill now, i doesn’t know nuffin bout you nocturnal habits in you car wid it dark windows…

    Looka leh me lef bout heah boasie causing soon from now peeple gine ban me like dem do ****y.

    @ Sage,

    On the Anatomy of Interrogating an Idiot.

    Intelligence in War by John Keegan speaks to the age old practice of acquiring information but it is to be noted that acquisition of information from the Mossad is, on the difficulty scale pegged as easier that getting it from an idjit.

    Greenverbs, irrespective of his uncanny ability to have duped people of their money, and to have acquired some rich, some dead, yet living, friends, is an idjit.

    To pierce the veil of protection is harder than trying to find out what Mara has done with all the millions diverted to Families First.

    Say what you will about Plantation Deeds ability to be on every blog, every day, repeating the Violet beckles plight, his comments regarding the incestuousness nature of this (legal) fraternity manifest itself in the way they clam up when a question is asked about greenverbs.

    Unless you get a drunken “brother” in the fold of GreenVerbs, or a disgruntled colleague, or a disaffected victim who in being really intimate with him, interpreted “sans protection”, as a backlash talking, people fear disseminating info on this character since he is part of the sacrosanct David Thompson memory.

    We ascribe too much intelligence to this man. He is no Peter harris

    Leroy GVerbs was just the right place at the right time, practicing his inveterate obsequiousness with the right people, nothing more or nothing less.

    Verbs is not protected by Any “Intelligence Veil” like Mia his is more a “Mantle of Idiocy” augmented by specific people in the know, keeping what they know secret, for the time being.

    ARV does that to people, its stigma, like its cousins, homosexuality and lesbianism brings allegiances and loyalties into the clear light of day here in Bulbados, during grand denouements or cussouts.

    Stay tuned

  49. you people going to compare what happens in the US to Barbados? all i can say is wow. talk about a lack of understand issues and systems.

    i tell ya. i done with wanna and this shite.

  50. Not BU you relax you got a massive adjustment to follow in the days to come you will be ashamed to see what develops and what nastiness your party leaders participated in against the Barbadian Citizenry .

    You sit back and relax it will manifest itself in good time. Not in your time in good time.

  51. @Wiretapping. “You sit back and relax it will manifest itself in good time. Not in your time in good time.”

    You have uttered accusations that certain people have committed criminal acts. “Good time” does not cut it.

  52. The First Commissioner of Police of Barbados to have ever been involved in Criminal Activity is a pretty serious charge against this man and forms part of the recommendation why he should be severed from around the RBPF.

    I don’t need to say much more other than to add that the evidence of his dishonesty in service to Mottley is damaging and dangerous and undesirable and he should have gone before he came, we have never had a corrupt Commissioner of Police or corrupt Police Force before and he has been outstanding by the level of corruption both he and Mottley have inflicted on Barbadians.

  53. I have no brief for Dottin or Mia. But this is the first time in Barbados History that we had a police force that actually solve crime under the leadership of Dottin.
    What about the unsolved murders – Pele case, the Bayne lady and the canefield murders.
    The problem with “Wiretapping Anyone” might be the fact of seeing the amount of drug busts weekly including the solve murders and law and order displayed by the Police Force. Again I ask, What about wiretapping the drug lords? Ask Wade why he is not in the CID today.
    Do you have soething to hide WA?

  54. Tell me Why | August 3, 2013 at 12:30 PM | Not sure what planet you are on, but it isn’t Earth. Best go see a good therapist and get some effective meds. Hallucination is NOT good.

  55. The only planet I know is Barbados and the police have been solving more crimes including drug busts and murders for the past ten years and that’s a fact.

  56. This is the result of giving fools un-bridled access to technology! They’ve got to abuse it foolishly. There’s way too much “Lab-Rat” tv which encourages people like Dottin to pursue lofty goals for which he has no in-bred abilities to achieve. Shows like CSI NY, CSI Miami and other shows which seek to glorify policing as some great scientific work worthy of praise and admiration are, in my opinion, threats to good civil society. Policing is a community effort which should be undertaken by the humblest of persons who clearly understand the vast responsibility thrust anon them. Not those who wish to be exalted on high like gods!
    So Dottin and his “Special Branch” who were given equipment by those guys from the East which allows them to ILLEGALLY intercept cell-phone conversations between cell-to-cell and land-line to cell endpoints needed to be implemented with controls and accountability. What I find most disturbing is the fact that as much as it has contributed to the rise in drug bust and convictions of those guilty of crimes, it doesn’t seem to ever get those corrupt police who are complicit in these activities. I guess its programmed to send special “beeps” to the phones of those persons when they are being monitored letting them know to “keep it clean!”
    And just on a point of interest, who watches the watchers? Who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the people who watch us and the data they collect?
    So Barbados now wants to emulate the US and Great Britain and become a “Big-Brother” society with the sole purpose to keeping the status quo alive? That’s quite fine. They will soon discover which god they are really serving.

  57. I think that we all need to look at the bigger picture…..
    If wire tapping is really going on, then the person keeping the noise about it all should be the criminal or the criminal minded.
    We are in a crisis and its clear that unemployment and crime is a hand in hand thing.
    I the wire tapping can help stop some of the criminal activity why the hell not.
    I personally don’t care if its my phone being tapped and this is due to the fact that I don’t do anything wrong.
    What I believe though is if it was started under the B’s it will continue under the D’s.
    Like when the VAT was implemented, lots of talk but it continued under the next administration.

  58. @ David
    You ask an interesting question and from which vantage point an answer is being sought I am unsure. Additionally, the very folk who this blog serves to expose and seeks to “rat-out” are sometimes masquerading here as legitimate posters who, behind their veils, attempt to either discredit other bloggers or attempt to gather and collect as much information as possible regarding whom is posting information about them.This is not to point an accusitory finger in any direction, but conversely it is not to extend blind trust in any of those possible directions either.
    So to answer your question I will say this: ” I am in a strong position to speak about the technology and techniques used in these activities”
    How or where I’ve gained such knowledge will remain confidential. What remains here is the big picture, that is, “The activity being undertaken against citizens, political opponents and other individuals in this country without the proper systems and structures of governance in place.”
    Lets get that solved first!

    • @The Watcher


      Feel free to open a Dropbox Account to transmit document etc confidentially. You will find it at the top of this page.

  59. Right vs Wrong | August 3, 2013 at 9:32 AM |
    “I don’t need to say much more other than to add that the evidence of his dishonesty in service to Mottley is damaging and dangerous and undesirable and he should have gone before he came…”

    it is only under Dottin that we have seen many cold case murder cases being solved as well as many drug bust occurring and criminals being caught, so even tho we might be inclined to call Dottin all kinds of names, i am starting to believe that he was purposely removed not for the public’s sake but because his agenda was to stamp out drugs and he seemed to be mashing ‘somebodies’ corns…SMH

  60. Some on this blog question the how in wiretapping. The following report should be useful to clarify for the doubting Thomases.

    Former administration was eavesdropping on citizens — Grenada PMMonday, August 05, 2013
    ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (CMC) — Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell told legislators that equipment capable of intercepting communications had been purchased by the previous administration.
    “We found one piece that has the ability to monitor a person’s home from as far a half a mile away. All they needed to do was zoom into the house and listen to whatever was being discussed,” Mitchell told legislators, as Parliament debated the 2013 Interception Communications Bill.
    Grenada has no legislation outlining penalties for any person illegally intercepting communications. The new bill provides for law enforcement officials to apply to a Court for an order before intercepting anyone’s communication.
    Mitchell, whose New National Party (NNP) won all 15 seats in the February 19 general election, said he is convinced that there were some people close within the Tillman Thomas administration who engaged in illegal interception of communication.—-Grenada-PM

  61. These types off programs are used only forr onee reason, cheating online poker.
    As nice as it is for your personjal child in order to connect with others, you have no idea
    who a person on the other side is. The Internet makes it really simple
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    you plaqy it.

  62. Caswell & David

    Looks like Darwin Dottin and his high powered team of lawyers didn’t get any sympathy from Madam Justice Reiffer with the application for injunctive relief.

    There is no basis in law for a Court, any Court to force employer to keep an employee they wish to terminate. The trite employment law so I was surprise when stove pipe lawyer Caswell claimed Darwin Dottin would succeed with his application for injunctive relief.

  63. David

    Can’t really defend the indefensible dude. Darwin Dottin will also loose his wrong dismissal case but truth be told from the very beginning a lot of people DD is really fighting someone else’s battle, an attempt at containing the evidence of his wiretapping from reaching the public and incriminating some public figure(s)

  64. @ Cuthbert of England | September 18, 2013 at 7:55 PM |

    The miller is not backing DD on this one since he should have packed it in when the fiasco with the two British rape victims came to an embarrassing head and internationally projected Barbados as some two-bit backwater banana republic.

    But lying Cuthbert, when he loses his wrongful dismissal case (as you seem so cocksure about using your mole contacts in the judiciary) would the taxpayers be relieved of the financial burden of paying him a gratuity and pension for life? Or would you advise your dirty dealing administration to strike a deal with the man you accused of illegal wiretapping?

  65. Miller

    I don’t really care what happens to him or his ‘entitlements’. He was a total misfit, placed in that position for purely political purposes and he didn’t disappoint his sponsors.

    A hue and cry about his dismissal but now you ain’t going hear anything from the the rabble rousers and political Johnny’s.

  66. @ Cuthbert of England | September 18, 2013 at 8:29 PM |

    How would that affect the price of bread and rice or even sugar for the unemployed and the many who would soon be on the breadline as the country has to deal with its past excesses in conspicuous consumption, lies, deceit and cooking of the books like the Greeks?
    Nemesis is on its way, Cuffy the pseudo Englishman.

  67. From the time the Government changed Dottin shoulda gone home. Dottin thought too much of himself because he had a Law Degree. Degrees does turn some people ‘s head. A lot of these people feel that the Government and people of Barbados owe them something because they ‘have a degree’. None of them wont start a business of course that takes creative imagination, not the lap dog behaviour as evidenced with a Government/Civil Service Job

  68. “He is going to make a terrific leader of the RBPF, a position he should have held a long time ago.”

    Is that why he did not apply for the vacant post of Deputy because he was aware of the move to remove Mr Dottin and put him in charge.

    Are you sticking to your guns that Mr Dottin has withdrawn his case despite the denial from Mr Dottin’s attorney.

    Why was Mr Dottin’s dismissal not recommended to the Governor Geneal if there is all that evidence of wrongdoing by Mr Dottin.

  69. Balance

    You don’t understand that for are practical purposes Darwin has been FIRED? Don’t mind the pretty language used to tell him ” man left the people place do”

  70. If Dottin’s use of the English Language,purposeful,crisp,clear, legato in style and delivered with lots of finesse is anything to go by,I would suggest Barbados is the poorer for this man’s passing of the baton.On the other hand the acting COP appears typical of the junior ranks of policeman who thrives on bullying language,shouting and terrifying in delivery as evidenced at the just passing out parade shown on TV last week.If that is what makes a successful COP then we have a first class candidate in the post.Not my choice however.If you have ever been addressed by the average UK bobby,you would appreciate the likes of Dottin.His legal training is icing on the cake.

  71. At long last Darwin Dottin has been sent packing by the law courts. Caswell ‘ the eat ah food’ Franklyn, has once again ‘lost’ a court case.

    First , it was Jeff Broomes at Alexandra school. (Caswell swore that the taxpayers would have to pay Jeff Broomes millions $$$ , if he is moved from Alexandra ). (Caswell lost that one)

    Secondly, Caswell swore that Dottin would have returned to his CoP position.

    (Caswell lost that case too ). !!!

  72. Gabriel

    Another clown. You prefer a COP who illegally wire tapped politicians, judges, police and ordinary people’s phone because he talks pretty? You could only be a jack-rabbit.

  73. @ Cuthbert of England | September 19, 2013 at 7:10 AM |

    Now let us see if there are other clowns in the bunch and witness if the AG in association with his boss would be sweeping these (what you claimed to be) illegal acts and criminal behaviours under the carpet as in the case of the vote buying and marijuana smoking.

    We already advise you, a political chipmunk- or more descriptively speaking a political mongoose- not to try to play around when the bigger bears of the political brotherhood are feeding in the woods.

  74. @ Starwood Forest Bear | September 19, 2013 at 9:20 AM |

    I was trapped in your arms only yesterday. Oh what a sweet bear hug you give!
    Have you forgotten me so quickly already?

  75. Miller

    A sign of an aging bear is when he cannot remember which bear it was he hugged. You walk alone in that forest baby bear.

  76. @ Starwood Forest Bear | September 19, 2013 at 10:37 AM |
    Go read your Goldilocks story and you would know your place, Paedo Bear.

    Now let us discuss the economy or the funding of the UWI or earning forex. Or are those topics too esoteric or even ‘woody’ for you to see the forest for the trees?

  77. According to Jamaican dancehall singer, Goldilock’s father was a pork chop, remember?

    More light is needed not more heat. Enlighten up Miller.

  78. @ Cuthbert of England | September 19, 2013 at 3:50 PM |

    Are you asking as CoE or as the paedo bear in Sherwood Forest?

    Instead of playing musical chairs with your different monikers and political hanky-panky in the woods let us discuss the serious implications for the government’s RE policies and programmes to restructure the economy in light of the recent revelations that would circumscribe and sideline the movement of “greening” the economy so ardently propagandize by the current administration.

  79. I thought the decision against Dottin by the Courts deserves a new post here on BU.Maybe a peek at wade gibbons facebook page might surface something.

    I wonder what Mia and Lime ex boss Alex Mcdonald feeling now.I believe there are a lot of hidden matters that should come out and it will be NASTY!

    The stench of Jobby might soon be in the air.

  80. “You prefer a COP who illegally wire tapped politicians, judges, police and ordinary people’s phone because he talks pretty?”

    On the contrary Lord Cuthbert ; Mr Dottin seemed to have a difficulty expressing himself and with a kind of squeaky voice to add to his woes of expression. I often wonder what area of law he would have practised but not criminal for sure.

  81. Miller

    …………and youlay musical chairs with your b/friends? Don’t judge and I won’t judge you, deal buddy?

    That will all be revealed soonest. Those closest to the inside light know that a line of march to a reshuffle has already attracted the attention of those whose power has been waning post 2010.

  82. @ Cuthbert of England | September 19, 2013 at 6:38 PM |

    Ah, you are now discussing matters worthy of any exertion of intellectual energy.
    So tell us where would you recommend they dump Sinckler? In the MoA? Or Foreign Affairs leaving McClean to do what in an already over staffed Cabinet? At least one female minister must be kept on for the sake of tokenism and it is time McClean’s flying wings be clipped and allow her to “broaden her ministerial experience”.

    Sinckler sees himself as indispensable to the Stuart administration and he would do anything not to have his overinflated ego smashed to the ground like Humpty-Dumpty. One suspects however he is extremely tired with the bullshit he has to produce in his current portfolio to make himself appear relevant to the administration. One also suspects he would settle for the Foreign Affairs ministry since he has no plans of serving as an ordinary MP on the government’s side or on the Opposition benches as an ordinary MP in the next electoral dispensation, whenever that is but which appears more and more to be arriving sooner than 2018.

  83. Miller

    Sinckler is likely going to Ministry of Tourism or Foreign Affairs. Darcy’s long string of impressive under achievements seems over, cause as the boys does say “nobody ain’t vote for he”. Maxine is a waste of time and here high flying days seem over.

  84. I did get the feeling while watching the Budget this year that even Sinckler knew it was his last presentation.

    We need the biggest brains at the MoF not the biggest girth.

  85. Sinckler was appointed MoFA in the dead king’s first cabinet and asked to be moved because he preferred a ministry where he could distribute largesse(read buy votes)and I think he got Urban and Rural,enabling this dizhonest man to cement himself with the majority folk in StMNW who prefer a freeness rather than work.Not all in the constituency but a majority as seen in the last Buy-a-Vote campaign and distributed from a container on election day,lapdogs and all.The dead king had also in his last days on this planet give his ‘blessing’ and appointed the Buffoon Sinckler as MoF,and he did the same in anointing Evelyn Greaves’ St Lucy project Pickerings for golf course and upscale housing and all that which seem to have floundered on the inchcape rock.It is nothing short of devastating embarrassment to Stuart the anointed primus inter pares minister that since this DLP cabinet came to preside over the affairs of Barbados that the pristine record of Accountability and Stewardship of the Purse of the Realm is shattered like a Usain Bolt record breaking 100m dash but in all red ink….since 2008 and counting, compliments of Sinckler,Boyce the Quisling and Jepter’UMBIBlical Cord’Ince,approved by Stuart et aux.

  86. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog.
    Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself?
    Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a
    nice blog like this one these days.

  87. It is with much regret that I learn of the passing of top Barbadian feared crime sleuth Inspector Anderson ‘Invader’ Bowen.. Deepest condolences are extended to wife and family.

  88. If there’s sufficient evidence underpinning the allegations that Police Commissioner Dottin, unlawfully tapped the phones of private citizens, as well as certain members of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Why hasn’t criminal charges been brought against him as of yet? Because, clearly, the Commissioner’s alleged actions are a direct violation of Barbados criminal code.

  89. Note: Commissioner Dottin would have had to obtain the approval of the court to pursue the alleged phonetapping. But, had this not been the case, then the actions of the Commissioner would amounted to nothing less than an atrocious display of criminal culpability.

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