Police Investigation Involving High Ranking Officers Questioned

Updated 05 September 2013
Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin

Barbados Today published the story that former COP has formally handed over to COP Griffith and withdrawn from court matter against the Police Service Commission.  Included in the report is alleged authorization of wiretapping by Dottin.

Read report: Darwin Dottin officially hands over reins of police force

  • Letter sent to Commissioner Darwin Dottin by the Police Service Commissionparts I,II

Submitted by Fedup Cop
Letter sent to CoP - see links inserted blog

Letter sent to CoP – see link inserted in the blog

Let Mr. Dottin tell the public why Sgt Boyce aint get charge for assaulting a Junior Officer whilst he was investigating an accident. Is it because she is his staff officer and his cousin Mr. Corrupbatch woman?

Let him tell the public how is it that civilians witnessed the onslaught of that officer and gave written statements all of which have disappeared. Insp Margaret Stephens was given the matter to investigate but out of common sense or fear said that the officer is her subordinate and she goes to church with Ms.Boyce and asked for it to be reassigned. Then the problem started. Supt Grafton Phillips who is one of Mr. Dottin pimps was given the mater to investigate and here are his recommendations to Mr. Dottin. That his Junior officer and his Sergeant be charged. And the biggest nonsensical recommendation that the civilian and independent witnesses account of what transpired not be taken into consideration. And to make matters worse, Lisa Cutting who is Corruptbatch’s son woman all of a sudden was in the vehicle with Ms.Boyce and gave a statement to that effect.

  • Letter sent to Commissioner Darwin Dottin by the Police Service Commissionparts I,II

The civilians stated in their evidence that a man was in the vehicle and we all believe that it was Corruptbatch but allow a sudden Lisa Cutting Con 1363 was there.  She is the same Lisa Cutting who stated that she was not working until she be returned to the major crime unit and ent break a sweat till DM put she back there. Went on sick leave when she get transferred and did not work until she was returned to that post by the Sam Darwin Dottin with whom she had some kind of affiliation be it political or otherwise.

Mr. Dottin got what he deserved and the morale of the force in the last week is at an all time high. When was the last time that police week was held?  Dottin and Pussyard Cumberbatch are two wicked men and the force will be better served seeing their back.

153 thoughts on “Police Investigation Involving High Ranking Officers Questioned

  1. @Barbados Today of July 17 “It was the second road fatality in which the driver had been involved….However, no charges were brought against the individual who is the brother and cousin of two very senior members of the Royal Barbados Police Force. (WG)”

    Steve is the son of Cumberbatch’s female first cousin.

  2. @enuff September 7, 2013 at 3:11 PM “enuff September 7, 2013 at 3:11 PM Haha,” I hope the writer got court clothes, legal fees and payout money.”

    Writing doesn’t pay very well. Most writes don’t have a poe to piss in nor a window to throw it through

  3. That is why we have so much corruption in Barbados –because some people do things and get away, other people see this and react and talk

    There must be a level playing field in Barbados if we are to achieve First World Status. Corruption must be attacked if not stamped out accordingly.

    Anyhow like it or not, Technology will see that it happens. God did not put the knowledge to develop technology in mans’ brain for nothing. All corrupters go feel it in a Babylon

  4. Seems it isn’t only Caswell that can’t find his tongue to comment on the recent developments surrounding this case; has anyone heard anything from Mia Mottley or Dale Marshall? LOL!

    • @Adrian

      MAM and BLP cohorts have avoided this issue like the proverbial plague so far. It is interesting in the closing Budget debate the government side was very vocal on this matter with their ‘asides’ (allowed by the Speaker) and MAM and co were very silent in the issue.

  5. David, when the COP was fired both Marshall and Mottley had a lot to say during a press conference-according to people who would know – about “democratic values, and freedom, and rule of law etc.” Where are they now??

  6. From facebook; someone stated….”The allegations also claim that much of the spying was political. Hmmm. Who stands to gain from spying on two PMs but didn’t need to bother spying on David Thompson? I only know 2 politicians who fall into that category and Chris has all but said it wasn’t him….”

  7. David

    ………………..and brimstone too, not just just fire alone. MAM didn’t see this one coming but FS got her on the run. This is some serious shit.

  8. They hoping halt the slide by using the Courts but FS don’t got that under control too. So it look like will get his way in that 1) Mia will NEVER become Prime Minister and 2) Kerry is the next Leader of the Opposition.

  9. @ Cuthbert of England | September 8, 2013 at 6:12 PM |

    You small fry! Why don’t you keep out of big fish waters?
    Don’t you know that Mia and Fumble are “friends”? Why do you think she is so ‘soft’ on the man? Same thing goes for Sickliar.
    Why doesn’t he go after the BLP crooks that people like you claim stole hundreds of millions from the Treasury and from the last count by Bushie $800 million stashed away in offshore accounts and real estate?

    In any event the DLP is a spent force in any future election. Even if the BLP were to make George Payne the ‘LoO’ the DLP would still lose any coming election.
    Make use of the time while there is still some ‘sweet life’ around.

    For future reference you should take heed in the advice given in the “reworked” Bajan proverb: ‘Yardfowl aint got na right at political mongoose party’.

  10. Dottin the BLP rogue cop is in big trouble. So too is Dale Marshall and Mia Mottley.
    Alex McDonald from LIME has already got the boot.

  11. Indeed David; Some red shirt people are asking some tough questions……

    [quote] I always have my doubts that the entire story will ever be told. This is Barbados, and no one wants to even think about who he would have been gathering information for, so we will bury this. However, I note that it is difficult to wiretap the kinds of persons he is alleged to have wire tapped without some help from the phone company. A very prominent phone company boss recently parted ways with sLime rather abruptly, with nary a public ripple. Are the two incidents related?

  12. @Miller
    In any event the DLP is a spent force in any future election. Even if the BLP were to make George Payne the ‘LoO’ the DLP would still lose any coming election

    Yuh like yuh getting desperate, if your self proclaimed saviour is found to have feet of clay yuh think Bajans will turn to another silent lawyer?

    Let me have about me men that are garrulous….

  13. Miller

    You did bout her pre February 2013 with nuff predictions too. You and the other clown Just Asking predicted a white wash but subsequent events made both you look like the FOOLs that you are, so kiss my @ss you little mealy mout pissy boy.

  14. @ Sargeant | September 8, 2013 at 7:07 PM |

    Let us assume that the majority of the electorate decides to stay home and only 30-35% turn out to vote.
    Who do you think they would be voting for? To return a government that has taken away all of their formerly perceived entitlements like free tertiary education, bus fares, summer camps, free food at schools and free uniforms and books?
    Only such free things exist in jails but at a massive cost of the loss of personal freedom. Ask Playboy, then!

    Bajans haven’t yet seen what is in store for them as far as these “entitlements” are concerned. All those cushy unproductive politically protected jobs in the statutory boards and central government would have to go. You just cannot continue to borrow a billion here and a billion there from the international loan sharks and still expect to do business as usual. These international shylocks must get their pound of flesh in annual interest payments. What therefore must give way if not freeness to the politically dispensable goons?

    People would be voting against the incumbent administration, not directly for the Opposition. And you know that too!

  15. @ Cuthbert of England | September 8, 2013 at 7:20 PM |

    If you were reading my contributions then you should realize that I wanted the DLP to win back the government for exactly the very reasons that are being played out now.
    To stew in your own ‘No layoffs, No privatization” juices.
    A pyrrhic victory that would force your pals to avoid Parliament like the plague by going on regular extended breaks.

    You have 18 months to 2 years to be well cooked for the lies and deceit.
    What is next on the agenda after the US$ 500 million fails to materialize? Banker of last resort as in the 1991/92 déjà vu?

    BTW, Who is Kingley, one of your men in arms and bed? I know no such lowlife.

  16. @Miller
    lol boy you sounding real desperate. I does got to laugh when I hear ppl like you predicting a BLP win de next election. You like you forget that just recently de ppl vote fuh de DLP. De next election way off from now so keep calm and accept that right now wid this wire tapping issue de opposition leader ent looking too good.

  17. Miller……………if Mottley does not bring that no confidence vote we will know that she is so deeply embedded (in bed) with Inniss and Sinckler that it has rendered her impotent, once again to the detriment of the taxpayers, we will see very shortly

  18. @ Adrian Hinds | September 8, 2013 at 8:56 PM |

    You seem rather keen to engage me. How about that? You want to try?
    You could start by “wiring tapping” me.
    Meanwhile continue to stew in your own No layoffs, No Privatization juices.
    That attempt to get $100 million out of the IADB would be the degree of heat to boil the pot. Keep playing the ass and pussyfooting with the fiscal management of the country and see what happens in a few months time when the forex runs real, real low.

  19. Miller

    Even if the DLP stews in their own juices (as you suggest) thats still going to be a better tasting pot than a BLP stew full of rotten nasty and corrupt deals and now topped of with WIRE TAPPING.

  20. Mia is seeking to distract by going on another rubbing shoulders tour.If Alex Mcdonald was a part of this wiretapping with Dottin and Mottley than I am glad Lime sent him packing.

    Hope the police officers are happy now that this evil threat is no longer hanging over their heads.

    I hope Owen speaks out against this.If Mottley will do something as dastardly as tapping people’s phones then she is someone to be feared if she was ever given the position of leading this country.

    Kerry seems to be having a more leading role these days I notice.

  21. “……But Queen’s Counsel Leslie Haynes told the SATURDAY SUN: ….”

    There was a Leslie Haynes that was a director of CLICO is this the same Leslie Haynes”

    Nostradamus what does Mr Haynes involvement with CLICO have to do with his representation of Mr Dottin.
    Would you posit the same question in relation to Mr Thompson’s involvement with CLICO as legal representative and his handling of the CLICO scandal in his role as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

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  23. “His Excellency has further advised that within 28 days thereafter, you may provide him with any statement or other evidence or document which, in your opinion, WITH cast doubt on ..”

    Does it really say “with” in that context? If so, how fantastically stupid. If not, how can we trust the person who purports to be citing a primary source.

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