BajanFlick Blog Launched!

New Bajan blog launched!

New Bajan blog launched! – click image

Barbados Underground is pleased to introduce BajanFlick blog. We all have a smartphone (blackberry, iPhone, Samsung etc) let us use them to improve our way of life. If you see a ‘Kodak’ moment which is in the public interest, capture the pic or video and email BajanFlick blog.

42 thoughts on “BajanFlick Blog Launched!

  1. This is really getting to be real faeces though Kiki.

    The site is called Bajan flick and it was constructed to feature those things Bajan which are memorable and/or a problem are of of note for us Bajans to remark on

    You sit wherever you are and like a dog flea attach this jobby to everything that you see launched and comment “you just like to do it”

    I dare you just once to blog something which is connected to the topic at hand, just once

  2. IT101
    Lesson 1 Input

    Our three dimensional eye-brain pattern recognition mechanism is able to perceive and process data much more easily and readily if presented in the form of a two dimensional pictorial representation such as a graph or diagram… or in other words … A picture us worth a thousand words

    However one should beware and fully be aware of USA NSA spying which stores full history of personal photos uploaded which is downloaded to facial recognition software to identify perceived threats to USA’s reputation

  3. There is a facebook page Barbados Wall of Shame that was created for the same purpose. Of course there is always room for a page like this on BU for those of us who are still trying to warm up to facebook and that unique community, for indeed they are a hell of a lot different to those who blog on sites like this.

  4. I had one of those moments in Barbados one morning this March. A well dressed lady, driving a silver Honda CRV, license plate S 1880 or such numbers, got out of her car, in the middle of traffic, in the middle of Arthur Hill, to go to the back, open the trunk (hatch) and retrieve her cell phone. Hear her.. I could not find the phone, sorry for taking so long to answer…

    I was praying for a bus or transport truck to come up and wipe her off/out.

  5. I will bet all the tea in China that this bajanTrick(sorry Flick) will be no different from Barbados Underground.

    All the photos and videos will be disrespectful of the Democratic Labour Party and heap praises on the Crooked Barbados Labour Party.

    Some times I wish to be wrong but you BLP people are so predictable, I know I will not be wrong.

    The same half dozen BLP people will post. Miller, PRODIGAL SON, ADRIAN LOVERIDGE, OLD ONION BAGS, ISLANDGAL, etc.

    I remember when photos were sent to DAVID showing SEETHRU blind drunk down by a popular bar and he refused to publish them.

    Mark my words. This blog will be no different.

  6. MEANWHILE next door in GRENADA:_

    “Offend someone online in Grenada… go to jail

    Published on July 1, 2013

    By Caribbean News Now contributor

    ST GEORGE’S, Grenada — The Grenada parliament on Friday passed legislation to punish people with hefty fines and/or lengthy jail terms for what is termed “offensive online comments”.

    However, the expression “offensive” is referred to in vague and broad terms, leading many people, especially journalists, to fear that anything could be regarded as offensive by the New National Party (NNP) government led by Prime Minster Dr Keith Mitchell who, following general elections in February, currently enjoys control of all 15 seats in the lower house of parliament.

    Mitchell has a long history of using the law to prosecute and/or otherwise intimidate local and international media and journalists in attempts to suppress unfavourable reporting.

    Now, according to the new law, complaints about offensive comments would be filed with police. A judge would then decide if the message was offensive. Those found guilty could be fined up to $37,000 or face three years in prison. .

    “We have problems when some use the technology to engage in mischief,” said Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod. “We have to put structures in place to ensure that persons and, in some cases, companies and characters are not tarnished.””

  7. Carson………..all you saying there Mitchell can’t step foot in the US, one slip and he will find himself in handcuffs, on a flight and sitting in a US jail waiting to be transported to prison, remember when he lost the previous elections, immediately his US entry was revoked, these jokes only have small island power.

  8. There is a point to be made and Grenada is trying to make it … unfortunately the lead man is not one that one should have confidence in to do the right thing. Carl Moore would agree with the initiative, and I have to say, that having seen the level of mischief and the potential for even greater degrees of mischief on this website, there is need for some kind of censorship. But of course the devil is always in the details

  9. Baf………..Carson is giving half the story, i saw the editorial in a European paper over the weekend, they are targeting particularly those who slander each other on facebook.

  10. Well Well

    “particularly those who slander each other on facebook”

    ….but not limited to Facebook!

  11. Carson………………if i were you i would not worry about that, i would be more concerned about what OUR people are going to do next to stave off suffering on the island, it won’t matter who is slandered if people start dying from starvation, that would be the least of your worries.

  12. KiKi…………..if you can make Obama step down, more power to you i really don’t go for politics unless i see people on the verge of disaster re Barbados, then i comment, otherwise you are free to overthrow the US president whenever you are ready kiki.

  13. Well Well
    I am doing my best, all you got to do is ask by dropping off a message to formal complaint on the web (to his filthy NSA spies). (48 Hrs deadline), before Plan B gets put into Operation All the Gods will kick him in the nuts, A Court Case filed already by the ex-nazis claiming he is an alleged fascist

  14. Well Well

    I feel sorry for you people, you and the BLP jokers are hoping for the worst for Barbados.

    I cant believe how people could be relishing the thought of Bajans starving and falling like flies. You all take your elections defeat really, really hard. I don’t think it is the Democratic Labour Party that you all are angry with. From the posting which are encouraged here on this blog and the words used to describe Bajans . You all have a great hatred of Bajans because the wise voting public of Barbados returned the BLP to opposition benches where they belong. The thing is if you jokers had listen to me you would have know that would be the outcome, I said so over and over on this blog. I got vilified for my efforts but I was correct all along.

    I keep saying and I will say it again, you all Barbados Labour Party have lost the elections.



  15. Carson…………you are beginning to sound desperate and delusional, tell me, what happened in the last week to have you running scared?

  16. Kiki………… one will ever be satisfied with one leader regardless of how genuine they may appear to be (Carson I am not speaking about leaders in Bim, the are not real leaders in the true sense of the word so stand down). However, I prefer what is there now, to the reality of what is happening to black people in all Arab countries, some people are not aware of this, that is why i lose no sleep when they are bombed into oblivion…

  17. Carson………..i suggest you keep that ‘i feel sorry for you’ for when the shit starts to splatter all over you……

  18. Once the
    story broke, the PM attempted to subvert the efforts of the
    Grenada press to report on the story. The GOG said it would
    sue local media outlets that reprinted the article from
    Offshore Alert, and Mitchell personally threatened a Grenada
    journalist who reported on the story. The journalist, Leroy
    Noel, was also detained by the Grenada police for questioning
    about his sources. These incidents brought criticism from
    several international NGOs dedicated to protecting the rights
    of journalists and were included in the Department’s 2004
    Human Rights Report for Grenada.

  19. The corrupt practices Grenada Prime Minister Keith
    Mitchell has been accused of range from typical padding of
    public works contracts to the extraordinary charge that in
    2000 Mitchell personally accepted US$50,000 in exchange for
    granting an unsavory figure diplomatic status. The
    circumstances surrounding this allegation were first revealed
    in 2004 by an offshore banking industry newsletter, which
    reported that during a trip to Switzerland Mitchell was given
    a suitcase containing the cash by German-born businessman
    Eric Resteiner. In return, Resteiner was named Ambassador at
    Large for Grenada. Mitchell has denied this charge and said
    that he received US$15,000 from Resteiner as reimbursement
    for expenses incurred during official travel to Europe and
    the Middle East to attract investment to Grenada.

  20. Comment: Keith Mitchell’s corruption may not reach
    the heights of the Bird family, which ran Antigua as its
    personal fiefdom for decades. (Note: It is LEGATT
    Bridgetown’s opinion that Mitchell, who created Grenada’s
    offshore banking industry largely for his own enrichment and
    did nothing to reign it in, could be considered more corrupt
    than former Antigua Prime Minister Lester Bird. End note.)
    But, neither do Mitchell’s activities appear to be on the
    lower level of Prime Ministers in the region who accept
    campaign donations in exchange for favors. In the recent
    case, for example, of Dominica, its Prime Minister was
    accused of accepting campaign donations from wealthy
    expatriates who were given diplomatic status. The money,
    however, was used to fund the ruling party’s 2005 re-election
    campaign and is not believed to have gone into the PM’s own
    pocket (ref C). Keith Mitchell, on the other hand, has
    reportedly been videotaped literally pocketing money given to
    him by an individual who is now a convicted felon. Such
    apparently unscrupulous activity should call into question
    the PM’s veracity when he deals with international
    interlocutors. Moreover, this demonstrated lack of judgment
    and self-serving attitude may help explain why Mitchell
    regularly attempts to discredit the political opposition with
    wild claims that Grenada is on the verge of a coup despite
    the damage this might do to his country (refs A and B). End

  21. Keith is operating just like our Barbados Labour Party. No wonder they were opposed to Blogs when in Government. Now that they are in opposition, they cant get enough of the Blogs.

    I guess that is how corrupt Political parties operate.

  22. I don’t know why nobody ever offers me $50,000 USD cash in a suitcase, or even $5,000 USD cash in a paper bag

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