Indiscipline on OUR Roads

Minibus involved in Eagle Hall accident

Minibus involved in Eagle Hall accident

Last week a 62 year old man lost his life when a minibus ran a red light at Eagle Hall in St. Michael. All reports suggest the driver is known to the courts of Barbados and has been for some time. The easy reaction by the public is to continue to criticize the PSV sector, we have been doing it for nearly 40 years. It seems like yesterday when the late Prime Minister Tom Adams legislated draconian taxes on the sector which was interpreted by a few people at the time as a surrender to the lawlessness which was beginning to show way back then.

If Barbadians are honest about how we use our highways and byways it is obvious there is an indiscipline which has become pervasive.  Private vehicles run red lights with the same frequency and acceptance as the PSVs. It is an every day occurrence to observe motor cyclists performing ‘wheelies’ between lanes of traffic.  What about those filter lanes on the ABC Highway? The vehicle in the filter lane is suppose to enter the right lane when there is an opening. In Barbados it is not uncommon for motorists to ignore the rule of giving way to the right. A classic case of how uncaring our road users have become is to observe those who make a left and a sharp right at the Belle island’ to avoid having to wait in lines of traffic. There are many examples which can be cited which define the problem which authorities have been unable to resolve.

Who should we blame for the breakdown in order on our roads? All Barbadians must be responsible road users however we know that enforcement is always necessary once human beings are part of anything. The indiscipline on our roads is a symptom of how values have corroded over the years on our small island. Bear in mind that an orderly society use to be a distinguishing characteristic feature of Barbados compared to other places. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before a vehicle ‘burse’ a red light and a tragedy occurred. Although we are sorry one person died and thirty two were injured this time around, it could have been worse.

BU holds the view that the government and police are unable to rein in the terror which is currently experienced on our roads any day of the week. If we observe how government through the ministry of transportation and works continues to manage road design, the evidence is there. Take a look at Warrens which was highlighted on sister blog BajanFlickEngineering Madness @WARRENS. Our government through its several agencies made the decisions at Warrens, a DISGRACE to human intelligence!

There is every probability  another mass casualty accident will occur if nothing changes and it wont.

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  1. We in Barbados need to enforce the Laws of the Land. This thing about who know who and you cant touch he because he is friends with Mr X or Mr Y must go through the door. Lets hope that the Central Revenue Authority can go a long way in curbing corruption amongst Public Sector Workers who are really following the example of the bigger boys.

  2. The entire situation of bad mini bus drivers and all can so easily be resolved,,,,play baseball with them,,,after three infractions of the specified code of commercial drivers being transgressed,,,liscence to drive revoked for eternity,Next,,,who want to drive come forward,,I am sure beyond very little comprehension or relation to the ZR so called culture that there willbe an absence of persons eagerly awaiting an opportunity to be that proverbial NEXT in line to drive,,,until they too transgress the laws……..Now this in no way relates to extremely serious bad drivers who’s disregard,,,driving under the influence of illegal and legal substances could,did,attribute to serious accident causing loss of life,body and physical damage whereupon anysuch drivers liscence should be immediately nullified and voided.

  3. After reveiwing my 5 cents worth,,I realized something that I did not take into consideration,1 The will to undertake measures to put in place quick and effective laws that would deal with all transgressors,,2 The physical arrest of delinquents no matter the family connections,friends of immediate self ,family,,etc.,,, a published outcome of the fate,,,and some form of JUSTICE which when one reads where a 60th previous delinquent is CRD (criminally repremanded and discharged) for an act he or she has DELIBERATELY repeatedl

  4. Our indiscipline on the roads have gone past the Minibuses and ZR Vans, like the famous character, Dushe Can,replied “look everybody is doing it now. ”
    We huffed and puffed each time there is a serious accident, the police and the Minister of Transport included, threatening to rigidly enforce the Road Traffic Act and Regulations to the fullest extent of the law, and as predicted, after 9 days or so all is forgotten and its back to business as usual.
    Just tonight I observed a Minibus, going through the traffic lights at Dalkeith /Garrison junction, followed by other motorists, and this is a common occurrence , not only at the Dalkeith Traffic lights, but at every set of traffic lights which incorporate a controlled pedestrian crossing mode. Many motorists seem not to be aware that when the lights are on solid RED, that they are obliged to stop, as the traffic lights are on a pedestrian crossing cycle, although the white flashing crossing signal may not be visible to some motorists.
    Barbados has now become the only country in the world, where bicyclists have priority, and motorists, and pedestrians are forced to give way to them, even though they are riding at nights with no lights or warning bells, on the wrong side of the road and on the sidewalks, or doing wheelies . And wo betide , any law abiding motorist or pedestrian who tell them off. This basically is where the indiscipline on our highway begins. Pretty soon these bicyclists become ZR, Minibus, Transport Board and Taxi Drivers. Not to be left out on our highway madness, are the bicyclist’s, bigger brother, the motorcyclist, who takes pleasure in doing wheelies in busy traffic and crowded streets. And if this is not bad enough, all during the day and at 1 ,2 and 3 o’clock in the mornings, they continue to make their presence felt with the ear splitting noises coming from the unbaffled exhaust systems of their mostly scramblers.(and pedestrians ,especially , are now aware why these bikes are called scramblers)
    I am quite sure that there are many motorists on our highways ,who have never taken a driving test,here are in any other country. And equally as shameful, are the many thousands of motorists who have never looked at the inside of a copy of the Barbados Highway Code.
    The present and past Ministers of Transport seems to be only interested in building monuments for themselves,and securing themselves in their ridings , like the expensive white elephant crossing by CBC, and installing Belisha beacons at pedestrians crossings in Oistin, when these are needed throughout the island, especially near schools and roundabout crossings .
    Some years ago we had a serious accident at Joes River, nothing has been done to prevent an occurrence. The same goes for the Campus Trendz tragedy, business places like the one to the east of Chicken Barn in Hastings have been allowed to be constructed ,after the tragedy, without any fire escape,.
    We are a nation of talkers, from top to bottom,as this comes easier than taking action.
    Our National Motto ; Put it back till tomorrow, or the end of the month.

  5. Everyone in Barbados has their own “story” about minibuses and motorbikes. The percentage of serious accidents per capita involving these out-of-control criminals is surely among the highest in the world. Why can’t anything be done? I agree with @DW—3 strikes and out. That is reasonable even in corrupt, bleeding heart Barbados. I have said it repeatedly: a mass casualty involving children is inevitable on both yellow and blue busses. The terrorists on 2 wheels, the majority of these ear-shattering thugs blatantly without number plates, are a national embarrassment. The police should be ashamed to be mocked by them pulling wheelies and speeding in excess of 120kph. SHAMEFUL!

  6. Indiscipline on our roads
    Indiscipline in our schools
    Indiscipline in our Parliament
    Indiscipline in our courts
    Indiscipline in our police ranks
    Indiscipline in our governance
    Indiscipline in our politics
    Indiscipline in our journalism

    hold on a minute… methinks there is a trend here.

    Just observing

  7. @ Observing
    When exactly have you come across a ‘disciplined’ brass bowl?
    It goes without saying that indiscipline will be endemic…..

    Believe it or not….there is a clear and definite reason for this situation….

    The tail is wagging the dog.

    As Bushie has been saying for some time now….the REAL LEADERS in Barbados are to be found among the ZR crew.

    Consider it:
    These fellows defy the Government, the Courts, the Police, the Ministry, the Church, the other road users and GET AWAY. WITH IT.

    Tom Adams hit them with a MASSIVE tax……no difference
    Tom Son made bus fares free ……no difference
    Freundel ain’t do one shiite…….no difference

    Engineer John Boyce could not get the Transport Board run even with Millions of dollars in subsidies….
    The minister before him could not get um run…
    This current minister after him can’t get it run…

    BUT the ZR men can make a living from old locally made ZRs

    So wait…..
    If these fellas could defy all o’ we – and still make a success of their business …wunna could imagine the potential if THEY were running Barbados?
    …and does ANYONE think that ANY of these 30 jackasses in parliament could run a successful business….? (Apart from being a thieving lawyer where the Law guarantees them access to people’s money to steal?)

    The ZR culture is dominant because the REAL BOSS MEN in Barbados can be found among that crew -while the country’s jackasses are running our politics and businesses….

    Our idiotic education system rewards the morons and ass-lickers who are good at being teacher’s pets…
    …while it penalizes creative, non-conformist “rebels”; defines them as failures, and confers them to the ZR community….

    That is how women operate…..
    If you REALLY want a system fcuked up…..simply put women in charge of it…

    Our asses are condemned to the grass….
    While we are led by jackasses posing as businessmen and politicians….
    Our REAL leaders are rebels
    They did NOT benefit from the education system
    They do NOT feel much loyalty to the system
    They do not respect women – indeed they resent them
    They do NOT respect out leaders (who respects jackasses?)
    They do NOT share our values

    ……but they DO have the required LEADERSHIP skills and will dictate the direction that this country will go in…..
    (Look and see who our children model……)

    So prepare to lay in the beds that we have made up…..

  8. @ Colonel Buggy | January 16, 2014 at 12:03 AM |
    “We huffed and puffed each time there is a serious accident, the police and the Minister of Transport included, threatening to rigidly enforce the Road Traffic Act and Regulations to the fullest extent of the law, and as predicted, after 9 days or so all is forgotten and its back to business as usual.”

    Excellent analysis of what is really going “wrong” with Bim. Just put the litter and dumping problem into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for social chaos.
    Imagine police driving pass vehicles parked on sidewalks and do nothing about it!

    As you correctly pointed out nothing will be done about the recklessness and lawlessness on the roads (not even the removal of the 30,000, and growing, uninsured vehicles) until a few “white” visitors to the Island are either severely maimed and disfigured or killed resulting in the country being sued for millions in damages that would Al Barrack debt look like chicken feed.

    Indiscipline of the people is the greatest threat and obvious limitation to Barbados social and economic advancement. As a result the country could only continue to dream of achieving first world status while begrudging Singapore of its success in its disciplined approach to law enforcement.

    But Colonel there could be light at the end of the tunnel if only the managers of the country’s public health and environmental protection agencies can get the garbage, debris and detritus removed from the roads in a timely manner, say within 24-48 hours instead of 24-48 days.
    Is that asking too much, Colonel, of a people who were once accustomed to keeping the plantations and white people premises spick and span, even with spit and polish?

  9. @ Bush Tea | January 16, 2014 at 8:16 AM |
    “That is how women operate…..
    If you REALLY want a system fcuked up…..simply put women in charge of it…”

    We must begrudgingly agree with your ‘informed’ assessment of the ‘discipline’ situation and the paucity of good leadership skills right across Barbados.

    But Bushie are you saying to us the BWU is about to go south because it will soon be headed by a woman? Can we therefore conclude a similar fate awaits Bim at the national level? (LOL!!)
    We regret we can’t support you on this misogynistic outlook.

  10. A very good friend of mine and a former Head Boy at St. Leonard’s Boys Secondary School and Mounted Police of The Royal Barbados Mounted Branch. Derrick Benn was killed by a drunk- driver on his way to collected his wife from work one night. So it is personal for me because Derrick was a good guy, a husband as well as a father.

  11. @ Miller
    …and when have Bushie EVER enlisted your support?
    …powerful and influential though you may be….. 🙂

  12. I also saw Derrick Benn as a mentor as well as a wise and faithful counselor. A watchfull eye and a supporative presence! You’re gone good Friend but not forgotten. I’ll see you once again in that place called Great -Beyond. When I shed my earthly tabernacle their called flesh.

  13. @ Bush Tea | January 16, 2014 at 8:59 AM |

    it is not a matter of canvassing for support Bushie. It is one of facing up to the social realities of modern Barbados.
    The same educational system you were one very supportive and proud of and which you now so vehemently condemn is the one that is creating the environment where 70-80 % of graduates of the same system will be the ones in charge of the affairs of Barbados in the very near future.

    You must face up to that reality unless you plan to become a gender terrorist and form some anti-woman movement similar to the Taliban to ban women from holding high offices and denying them access to further education.

    Sorry to be rude to you Mr. Bushman but your comment about women in your contribution makes you appear as a brass bowl that was born through the backside of a man.

  14. Indiscipline on roads? When did that become an issue? Wuh even a former Minister of the Crown promoted the beneficial merits of jam busting on the roads. Hey but the whole world got dese bouts of indiscipline, while wunnah worrying about being run over by ZR’s or some yute with overcharged testosterone I read this morning that some Air Force Officers whose fingers are on the nuclear button(s) cheated on some proficiency exam. One minute yuh could be walking down the street looking out for a ZR and the next moment yuh vaporized,

    But back to the subject why can’t punitive measures be enacted on the owners of these vehicles which are used to transport people? Why shouldn’t the ZR drivers have to obtain special licences which permit them to carry passengers for hire? The Treasury needs replenishing so if you hit the owners who permit these scofflaws to drive their vehicles in the pocketbook perhaps they would see the light. I recommend a series of escalating fines for owners whose drivers consistently break the law leading to confiscation and sale of the vehicle at public auction.

    But getting back to indiscipline and advice from Ministers, a former Minister said “a man got to learn to tek a horn” but she didn’t say anyting bout women so the President of France stepped in to tek a piece from e outside woman and de inside woman has been hospitalised wid de vapours.

    So tell muh when de nex batch of ZR drivers leaving to tek up driver training in India?

  15. David…..forgive me for dropping this information on this thread but as so many of us see it, parents in Barbados are being misled by so called medical professionals and the health minister….parents should also be aware that when you sign a consent form, as we know it in NY, you are signing a RELEASE FORM, releasing the culprits from any liability should your daughter become disabled, sick or die……….parents need to educate themselves.

  16. Bushie you are the biggest BRASS BOWL example we have here. Who de rass used to cut yuh behind when yuh do wrong when yuh was a chile? Who de rass was there to comfort yuh when yuh fall down? Who de rass used to find de money to buy what yuh wanted when yuh fadder never got? Who de rass yuh see driving ZR’s ? Who de rass is de majority in Parliament? Wunna menz can only blame wimmen for wunna short comings. Look in de frigging mirror and see who de rass in charge! Who de rass yuh does see liming pon de block? Who de rass yuh tink in charge of Buhbaduss? If yuh ent sure check between yuh legs!

  17. Luv that video. We wasting time with expensive traffic lights and policemen who should be solving crimes. Unfortunately, we will have to post nuff ambulances close to our intersections since bajan don’t love to giv-a-way. Lol!!!!!!

  18. Sargeant, the difference is that, in India, like many countries, drivers are aware of what is going on around them – they are used to a system of give and take – the video shows this clearly. In Barbados, drivers are not capable of seeing what is going on in front of their car bonnett or cell phone, and they never look in their mirrors. And we could cheapen cars by importing them without left hand indicators – NOBODY uses them!

  19. @ Islandgal 🙂
    ….by the way you don’t wuk neither?

    Bushie’s mother was the greatest mom in the whole world (Wuh after all look wuh she come up with…. Ha Ha )
    …and let Bushie tell yuh….if she DID run a business she would probably have busted its ass …just as she regularly busted Bushie’s …LOL Ha. Ha
    Horses for courses…
    Just because you run things with Island guy don’t make it right….

    @ Miller
    Bushie thinks that thou doth protest too much…..
    Are you not betraying your bias in the testosterone war…?
    Ha Ha ….”third leg” – Bushie’s foot…. Rotfl…

  20. Islandgal
    …Look in de frigging mirror and see who de rass in charge!

    Now look past the mirror and see how much shit we in….
    Then ask ac how much is one and one…. Ha Ha

  21. @ Bush Tea | January 16, 2014 at 1:23 PM |

    Bushie, being closely held by women has been the ‘sweetest’ moments in my life. But my love, admiration and respect extend much further than that.

    Women, in spite of all your protestations in support of keeping them “poor, barefoot and pregnant,” are equal, but different, to men. And there is not one damn thing you can do to stop them; not even your BBE who chose a woman not a man to carry his seed. Why did he use Mary and not Joseph in the fable of the immaculate conception?

    After all, he is, in your mind, omnipotent and could have made Joesph the first man to deliver a child. That would have been a good act for you to follow and would have been a real sweet loving Trinity of BBE, Jesus and Bushie.

    • We have imposed large fines on persons found with unlicensed firearms but has it stopped illegal firearms in the country. Just this week the Attorney General was in the news lamenting increasing illegal firearms in the country. Now we hear that breathalyzer is coming. Will it stop driving under the influence?

      And the sands of the hour glass, so are the days of our lifes in Barbados.

      On 16 January 2014 17:59, Barbados Underground

  22. @ David
    With respect, to follow your comment through to its conclusion, there is no point in having any legal sanctions as people will continue to do as they always have done.
    Even if that is slightly true – and I accept that banning bus drivers after they accumulate a certain number of offenses would not stop all future crazy driving – it must have some effect.
    In the case of the Eagle Hall incident, if it Is true the driver has 78 previous convictions, he should never be allowed near a bus again.
    A system like the Police Certificate of Character would solve it. Produce your certificate to the bus owner showing that you have less convictions than the law sets out and you can drive. Absence of a certificate would mean a steep fine or jail for the driver and owner.
    The only missing element seems to be the will to get such a law through Parliament as I am sure it would supported by the vast majority of the public.
    Is it true that the lack of action is because there are a number of MPs who own buses?

  23. I want to know what happened to the parking meters that were imported over 15 years ago to regulate parking along the streets in Bridge town as there occurs in New York. We have the wardens, the law, the tickets, the meters but no installation. Who imported them ? Somebody Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I remember when I first went to Barbados my future wife informed me everybody honks, we honk hello , we honk goodbye, we honk get out of my way, we honk you go ahead, we honk that were coming around a blind corner etc it always amazed me that any misinterpretation of a honk may have yourself on the way to the QE.

  25. Can’t even ask Rameses Caddle what happened to the parking meters or who got paid from taxpayers purse not to install them.

  26. @ Miller
    If you think that you have more love and respect for women than Bushie, then your middle name has to be Beau Brommell.
    Skippa….Bushie has ONLY good things to say about women….
    ….the problem is to find some…

    We gotta lotta FEMALES bout de place – yes!
    But WOMEN…..!?!
    Shiite skippa…a good one of them is worth everything……

    Lawson…you agree with Bushie bout blinding a woman…?
    WID BUSHIE???!!!
    You dangerous as shiite yuh!
    …and Enuff was calling Bushie dangerous…? 🙂

    @ David
    If you REALLY want some sport…. start digging into that Parking meter dirt……

  27. Bushie I thought were were looking for a woman, I just couldn’t imagine any girl taking you on if she had all her senses.

  28. @Miller Is that asking too much, Colonel, of a people who were once accustomed to keeping the plantations and white people premises spick and span, even with spit and polish?
    You seem to forget that we are the same people who cook and serve sumptuous meals at the plantation great house, but come home and knock up a quick grub for their own families, and announce it with a ,”wunnah betta come and get this!”
    Or the chauffeur who polished the mistress’s car, until it shined like the plantation big breed dog stones, but when he eventually bought s that car from the mistress, in a few months time , it shackled out dropped to bits.
    But not to be out done are the “top yard’ staff who call little Johnie and Elizabeth ,Master John and Miss Elizabeth, but when they got home it was , “come here , ni**** man.
    Yes we are good at doing grand things for others,and chuff to f*** about it. That’s why the Trinis, Chinese, Asians, Syrians et al, all come to this country and run rings around our people, even those in high office. And have all successfully delegated the Bajan majority to the rank of Third Class Citizens,and falling.
    It would not surprise me ,if in a future parliament in Barbados that we do not have a Minister of Minority Rights representing the rights of the 98 % of the Barbadian population. .

  29. Excellent analysis Colonel.

    @ Lawson
    If only you knew!!! 🙂
    Boss, Bushie is like a magnet for grand daughter aged things…. Its just that the bushman is a decent sorta chap …. LOL Ha Ha..
    …Bushie passed by ac the other day and caught her staring and peeping behind the bushman ….drooling…LOL Ha Ha

    BT going to check out Islandgal shortly…. 🙂 … You will soon see her posting a blog about this “hunk who stole her heart with a mere smile”….but who bolted at the thought of her 2X4 ….

    @ David
    Fess up?
    …not Bushie and that bozie…ask Well Well or Ping pong or one of those big shots??? Ha Ha
    ..Intrigue, kickbacks, betrayals, broken contracts…. Um sweet boss.

  30. @ Just Asking
    ac is a man.

    Impossible. 🙂

    @ ac
    Re Sir Roy’s successor is a woman

    Bushie won’t blame her for anything….the union has been dying for years now….
    She may just need to bury it….

  31. The government itself ,is also guilty of indiscipline on our highways.
    The indiscipline of not replacing street lamp standards on the ABC Highway, after they have been knocked down.
    The indiscipline of not repairing street lights on the ABC highway in a timely manner.
    The indiscipline of not repairing the many pot holes in the road network, and the gall of charging motorists 17% VAT on tyres, brakes ,suspension, steering and body parts, damaged by the poor state of our roads.
    The indiscipline of not demanding that utilities repair holes and trenches dug in the highway after repair work (its months now since marl was dropped in a hole in Welches Ch Ch after the BWA carried out work there.
    The indiscipline of not demanding that utilities, especially LIME, raise their man hole covers to be level with the road surface.
    The indiscipline of building side walks, and not doing a thing to outlaw the parking of vehicles on same pavements forcing, pedestrians back into the road way.
    The indiscipline of not standarising traffic lights operations.
    The indiscipline of not providing adequate lighting at junctions on the ABC Highway,such as the one by Deighton Griffith School, which for a time was under the nose of Ronald Jones constituency office.

  32. Upppp……yuh Already started out to put blame …by george what if anything can u blame her for..the fact is ur comment could have been addressed in a more positive manner as seeing heras one who might apply herself in a more formidable manner than past leadership. ur knee jerk reaction which i belive to be an afterthought confirms your real beliefs and pre-existing notions about women and leadership

  33. bush tea you don’t have to worry about the young ones female Viagra has been around for ages its called…… money.

  34. it seems something is physchologically wrong with our modern leaders .here is another example ..Sir Roy sounding the warning bell. of a mental break down in families who might be losing their jobs…….my God as if these families don.t have enough to worry about.. only to hear such gibberish coming from Roy…

  35. ac
    You are SOOOOOO special…
    – What about what Sir Roy is saying is gibberish?
    – If he did not say it ….would that prevent it from happening?
    – Could be be warning the authorities that the COST of what they are about to do could be MORE than the savings?
    – Would you prefer these issues to come as a surprise?

    …you does wuk? 🙂

  36. Wait bushie i did not know that SIR ROY was a trained physchoanalyist in mental health and physchological issues……WEllll EXCUSE me…… i meaning one must have proof of such occuring before making such a blanket statement or provide medical data or substantial evidence as proof before delving into an area for which he is not trained……facts are facts….fear mongering is not the way to go..

    …ac calling for persons to have facts and proof before making statements
    …and to have proof before delving into areas they are untrained in….
    Oh shirt!!!“
    Muh belly!!!

    ac – you does wuk?

  38. Standard and expected reply coming from u a bushman who has been cornered……i can understand Roy,s commitment and concerns for the welfare of the workers.. however roy should be aware that openly putting such information out in the public domain at a time when people are looking for positive answers have the potential of doing More harm done good to the nations psyche

  39. So AC……you would prefer the former Worker’s Union head to tell them the workers of Barbados, “all is good, we have a billion dollars in reserves, don’t mind the near billion dollar deficit, which in reality means we have jackshit” you are indeed special..if there was ever someone who NEEDED to exercise her brains it’s you….try LUMINOSITY, it works.

  40. well ! well! there is responsibility and there is a time and place for everything…..i have absolutely no problem wiith ROY giving information even of a negative nature,,but it also incumbent upon ROY to dispensed of any information is a wise fashion especially ..especially and i emphasied “Especially” at a time when people are hurting and feel as if there backs are against the wall the last thing anybody want to hear is more bad news even if it is the truth and the truth of the matter is that most have already learn about job lost and many might have already made alternate plans to weather the storm. ROY .shooting off out another round of assaults can not possibly help but only recharged and inflamed peoples sensibilities who might have already accepted reality,,, and further more what good does it do any way,,,,,,the human mind can only take so much negative news and Roy should think or ponder on those things before putting his mouth in gear..

    • @ac

      You are obviously too young to recall events of 1991, we adjudge your age to be about 16 or 17. Sir Roy is in a position to recall the events of 1991 and the fallout.

  41. Look don.t you think that all of what Sir Roy have seen others in govt have not seen. I perceived that this has not so much to do with what SIR ROY might have lived or seen in 1991 but putting more strain and pressure on govt forcing govt into not having to lay off people. .It is unfiortunate that it has to come to this but my criticism of SIR ROY is not what he say but his timing and judgement. in an economic and politically fragile charged enviroment…NOT GOOD

  42. keep saying the BWU boss is/was giving information in the negative, it’s not negative, it’s called reality, that is what everyone keeps taking issue with you about…there is a stark difference between negativity and reality…at this point in time, Barbados has reached the realm of reality…understand that, and everything else will automatically fall into place, the ministers who are pushing the negativity talk will actually be able to move on and get some work done to get the island’s economy restarted.

  43. Besides, I would much prefer see and hear that my bank balance is triple zero, which will propel me to do something about it, than pretend it is in excess of 2 billion dollars when in reality it’s triple zero…..bajans are not stupid, they know they are still being lied to by Worrell (fall guy for the DLP).

  44. Well Well | January 18, 2014 at 10:57 AM |
    …..bajans are not stupid, they know they are still being lied to by Worrell (fall guy for the DLP).
    As was said by the Germans of the British Soldiers in the Great War, “Lions led by donkeys.”

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