Whistleblowers to Blow the Whistle on TWA Flight 800 Crash Investigation

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TWA Flight 800

Many of us who maintain an interest in aviation related matters will recall the explosion and crash of TWA flight 800 off of Long Island NY in 1996. The official conclusion of the NTSB investigation was that a stray spark in an almost empty centre wing fuel tank caused an explosion of fuel vapour which blew the entire nose section off the aircraft and basically destroyed the structural and aerodynamic integrity of the aircraft in flight, and the wreckage subsequently fell into the ocean killing all on board.

One of the most striking features of this explanation was the discounting of and attempts to discredit the testimony of multiple, credible eyewitnesses who insist that shortly before the explosion they saw a rocket like object rise up from surface level and head off in the direction of TWA 800, or they claim they saw an apparent missile like object hit the plane, then an explosion followed. Not everyone in the aviation community or among the victims’ family members have bought into this explanation by the NTSB, and over the intervening years some have strenuously  maintained that in light of all the available evidence, some of which it is alleged was intentionally withheld from the NTSB by the FBI, the centre wing fuel tank explosion just does not make sense as a cause of the crash, and in light of all the evidence the destruction of the aircraft by a missile strike is the most logical answer as to the cause of the explosion witnessed by observers at the time of the crash.

Now you might be interested in knowing some whistleblowers who were part of the official investigation team have apparently come forward also alleging a cover-up and stating that the evidence indicating a missile strike on the aircraft was intentionally overlooked.   Evidently these whistleblowers are to be featured in a new documentary on the TWA 800 disaster to be released on July 17th.

Of course if these allegations are true, from my point of view the fact that the US government found it relatively easy to direct the investigation of the TWA 800 crash into a desired (but false) channel (whatever their motives might have been), one has to wonder what other official investigations into other serious matters might have been sidetracked over the years as well to serve some politically expedient or useful purpose.


New Evidence Points to TWA-800 Coverup

By William Boardman

On June 19, this group formally petitioned the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to reopen its long but inconclusive investigation of the strange mid-air explosion that brought down TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996, killing everyone aboard, 230 people from 13 countries. NTSB chair Deborah Hersman declined to discuss the petition. Board spokesperson Kelly Nantel issued a statement indicating that the board would probably respond “within about 60 days.”

The newest challenge to the long-distrusted official story of TWA Flight 800 comes from a group led by six experienced crash investigators, all of whom worked on the original TWA Flight 800 investigation from 1996 to 2000. The nameless group also includes a physicist, a documentary film producer, and a CBS News producer whose coverage of the 1996 story was suppressed by the network at the time. Also supporting the petition to re-open the investigation are a number of eyewitnesses to the explosions and several family members of the victims.

Epix Film Charges Cover-up, Evidence Suppression, Witness Intimidation

The petition to the NTSB is timed to help promote, and directly supported by, a new documentary, “TWA FLIGHT 800,” that tells the story of how, “17 years later, inside investigators finally break their silence.” The documentary premieres on July 17 on Epix, the premium cable channel started in 2009 by Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Documentary co-producer Tom Stalcup is a physicist and co-founded the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization in 1999 (www.flight800.org) to assure the integrity of the NSTB crash investigation, based on the belief that “the FBI unlawfully denied the National Transportation Safety Board access to forensic results and eyewitness interview documents” and continues to do so.

Focusing on whether TWA Flight 800 was brought down by an internal (i.e., gas tank malfunction or bomb) or external (i.e., missile) explosion, physicist Stalcup told Democracy NOW!:

The most significant piece of evidence that we have analyzed, that the NTSB has not analyzed, is the initial detonation that caused the crash. This was recorded by multiple FAA radar sites. And it was consistent [with] and corroborates the eyewitness reports. The eyewitnesses reported something going up, heading out down towards that airplane, a long distance, colliding with it in a perpendicular fashion, detonating near or at the aircraft…

More at:

Investigating TWA Flight 800: Interviews with Thomas Stalcup and William S. Donaldson III

Government investigators say that TWA 800 was brought down by a fuel tank explosion, but independent experts point to compelling evidence of a missile attack.

On August 22nd-23rd, 2000, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) met in Washington, D.C. to consider its final report on the crash of TWA Flight 800, off the coast of Long Island, on July 17, 1996. According to the NTSB, the tragedy, which killed all 230 aboard, was caused by a spark in the plane’s center fuel tank.

Although the public was invited to attend, only NTSB personnel were allowed to comment. Numerous private investigators who take issue with the NTSB’s findings, believing that TWA 800 was destroyed by a missile, were among those present. Of this group, Dr. Thomas Stalcup and Cmdr. William Donaldson, USN (Ret.), were recently interviewed by John F. McManus.

Interview of Dr. Thomas Stalcup
Massachusetts native Dr. Thomas Stalcup recently earned a Ph.D. in Physics from Florida State University. Dr. Stalcup currently devotes his time to investigating the TWA 800 tragedy and is affiliated with the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization (FIRO).

(Green Monkey’s note: Cmdr Donaldson USN (Ret) passed away in August 2001 see http://www.TWA 800.com)

Interview with Dr Stalcup & Cmdr Dondaldson at:

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  1. We heard of this at the time, Our information said it was a message sent to those who were on the plane , After coming back from a meeting dealing with MONEY. To know why , we were to looked at the passenger list ,The target were some on the plane. this was a top feeder WAR.White on White crime , With the little people in the middle.
    more later…

  2. Nothing new folks, there was a spate of plane crashed between in the 2000’s and only certain people were on board the planes, easy extermination.

  3. Well Well @ you mean like Commerce Secretary Ron Brown?

  4. We have been living in an ”Alice in Wonderland” for centuries. Nothing is sacred; everything around us is either a lie, propaganda or self delusion. It is misguided for us to any longer assume that anything and we mean anything is really true, even this comment LOL

  5. Right here in Bim around about the same time, an ex army sergeant (Sarge you know he by any chance) discharged a weapon that brought a helicopter with two guests and pilots down some where over the country side. The official story was “pilot error”. Bajan Helicopters is now closed but I am sure that the father of the pilot is still uncomfortable with the official story.

  6. Seems like there’s another Mr. Snowdon on the horizon. Peoples consciences are going to start to persecute them soon enough until they cant take the inner turmoil anymore and have to speak out against injustices and lies.
    It will be interesting to see who wants to speak about 9/11 next!

  7. @ BAFBFP
    My earlier comment said that peoples collective consciences will persecute them to the point where they have to speak about the lies and cover-ups that they either have knowledge of or participated in.
    I’m sorry to say, I’m not sure this carries over to Bajans. We like so much rumor that the Bajan Helicopters story will probably always be shrouded in mystery and suspense as it was that fateful day the rain fell and Barbados aviation changed forever.

  8. 400 years of victimisation
    down here in Babylon

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  9. So called legit democracies cannot afford for the grime to be exposed. What would ordinary citizens think who work around clueless to these things. Note Snowden’s revelations by big brother justified by invoking national security.

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    Understood ..!

    • @Baffy

      If BU has mashed the corns which adorn the feet of the powers that be let them accept our profuse apology.

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  14. why r we surprised? america is a country of deception. What has it done to the black soldires when it carried out its experiement. Did it not carry ot a secret experiment on yellow people as they wold consider them in either central or latim america, cant remember the name of the country. It is believed the said america invented the aids virus and the pharmacetical companies have milked billions. next the avian flu would become a pandemic. no wonder russia and china aint paying america no mind. it has lost its creditbility as a world power.

    it has not recognized that capitalism gone mad and that in about 5 years time it will not be the once feared military power, as most countries have also developed the cyber technology to spy on america too and copy their advance technologies. didnt we just hear that america spied on its friends. what a tangle web we weave. have we forgotten what america has done to the native americans. all of its nasty ways will be revealed in time. what is done in the darkness will be revealed in the light.

  15. When the cockpit and much of the first-class cabin was blown off the aircraft the rest of the airframe, by now in flames, made a brief upward trajectory before plunging into the ocean. There is not one single credible eyewitness report of a missile.

    The main problem with modern conspiracy theories, as Jonathan Kay exhaustively and wittily demonstrated in his withering demolition of them, is that there is literally no arguing with them. They will always be with us. Conspiracy theorists are immune to the presentation of contrary data, because their theory can always expand to encompass such data and incorporate it into their conspiracy theory. They are waterproof, and they are idiots. There’s a very good chance, as Kay observes, that they have “issues” of mental health.

    And now that I’ve said that, of course, it can be incorporated into any conspiracy theory. Go for it. It won’t change the fact that you’re an idiot.


    This was a hit, there were some persons on board that came from a meeting , The Hit was to send a message. check the flight list and see who was on the plane and what were there title and work.
    all they talk about was kids going on a club flight to France.
    Roth and Child

  17. at Jack Bowman (Fictional Character)
    Are you
    (a) A Spy, who do you work for
    (b) Suffering form any mental health issues / pshychologist

    All issues should be out on the table (fully declassified if necessary for investigation) and looked into and formally proven untrue generally speaking, same with wars which should all go through Courts for challenging and false flags options always considered

  18. Jack Bowman, following the explanation first offered in a video produced by the CIA wrote: “When the cockpit and much of the first-class cabin was blown off the aircraft the rest of the airframe, by now in flames, made a brief upward trajectory before plunging into the ocean. There is not one single credible eyewitness report of a missile.”

    Dr Thomas Stalcup (PhD in Physics) disagrees that this alleged climb of the airframe minus the nose section was possible. He performs an analysis of the radar data from FAA radar stations to see if it supports this CIA/FBI/NTSB conclusion that the aircraft made a climb of any significance at all after the nose section departed the rest of the airframe. He concludes the radar data is not compatible with the climb scenario favored by Jack Bowman, the CIA and the NTSB.

    From the FIRO (Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization – Chaired by Dr. Stalcup) web site:

    A Review of the Federal Crash Sequence Simulations of TWA Flight 800

    The National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB’s) crash sequence simulations diverge from the radar-tracked course and airspeed of the accident aircraft. When the simulations show Flight 800 climbing sharply and slowing down, FAA radar sites recorded the actual aircraft maintaining its airspeed. Since there was no decelaration and the aircraft’s engines had inadequate thrust on their own to maintain a rapid ascent, the law of conservation of energy excludes any such ascent.

    The simulated steep climbs resulted from the simulated removal of the forward fuselage from the rest of the aircraft four seconds after the initiating event. No other damage is factored into the NTSB simulations–damage that could have caused the aircraft to turn left quickly after the initial explosion, as FAA radar sites recorded. This turn apparently allowed Flight 800 to maintain its airspeed, while preventing it from climbing after losing its forward section.



    The author of Exhibit 22D matched speculative simulations with individual radar datasets. Each simulation presented was outside the radar tolerances of each individual dataset during a time period when the plane was alleged to have climbed sharply. A natural conclusion from these results would be that the plane did not climb as steeply as alleged, or perhaps not at all. Unfortunately, the NTSB has not published a single simulation based on Flight 800 either descending or simply not climbing immediately following the initiating event.

    The NTSB has acknowledged that the front section of the plane detached early in the crash sequence, and used this fact, and this fact alone, to manipulate flight characteristics during steered simulations. No mention is made in either simulation exhibit of other types of damage found in the wreckage that could also affect the flight path. Such unknowns should be acknowledged and considered by the author of the two simulation exhibits. Then, by justifiably considering the possibility that Flight 800 did not climb sharply after breaking in two, a new simulation could be generated that may match the radar evidence and therefore accurately describe the main wreckage flight path.

    Note: To fully understand the NTSB’s decision not to create simulations or animations of the aircraft descending after exploding rather than climbing–simulations that could have matched the aircraft’s radar-tracked flight profile–see this review of the eyewitness evidence. The NTSB needed and cited the simulated climb, invalid or not, to explain 182 eyewitness reports of a rising streak of light seen before Flight 800 fell out of the sky in flames.


  19. Jack Bowman wrote: “There was not one single credible witness of a missile.

    Decide for yourselves if he is correct on that point and is correct in the assertion, first offered up to the public by the CIA, that what the witnesses really saw was, not a missile at all, but the main body of TWA800 minus the nose section climbing and trailing flames behind it after the first explosion (allegedly from a stray spark setting alight fuel vapours in the centre fuel tank) blew away the nose and first class section from the rest of the airframe.

    See TWA Flight 800 Eyewitness Evidence at
    Also check out the embedded link: “skip to eyewitness quotes” in the above.

  20. Retired Air National Guard pilot Major Fred Meyers (who also served as a chopper rescue pilot in the Vietnam war) explains to a news reporter from Channel 12 in Long Island what he witnessed while flying his ANG helicopter the night TWA 800 went down.

  21. If TWA800 was accidentally shot down in 1996 by a US Navy launched missile during the navy exercises off Long Island, it wouldn’t be the first time the USN had shot down a civilian airliner loaded with passengers and then tried to escape taking responsibility for its actions.

    Today July 3rd, 2013 is the 25th anniversary of the shoot down of an Iranian Airbus A300 passenger aircraft by the US Navy warship USS Vincennes in 1988.


    The inside story of how an America naval vessel blundered into an attack on Iran Air 655 at the height of tensions during the Iran-Iraq War, and how the Pentagon tried to cover its tracks after 290 innocent civilians died. Newsweek, July 13, 1992

    Exclusive — On July 3, 1988, and American warship shot down an Iranian airliner, killing 290 civilians. This is the true story of how it happened — and how the Pentagon tried to cover up the tragic blunder.
    areer preparing for combat. Winning his commission in December 1965 at the age of 27, Rogers came late to the navy, but he made up for lost time with a gung-ho attitude and – after a spell on the staff of the chief of naval operations – friends in high places. In 1987, Rogers won command of the navy’s most prized high-tech warship, an Aegis cruiser. The billion-dollar Vincennes seemed a sure ticket to flag rank. But Rogers, who like many peacetime naval officers had never been under fire, longed to see action.


    By July 14, the day of Bush’s speech, the Pentagon knew the truth but failed to share it with the vice president. The tapes of the Vincennes Aegis system, with its combat and navigational data reached the United States on July 5 and what they showed was reported to the Pentagon on July 10. The Vincennes had been in Iranian territorial waters. The Iranian airliner was well within the commercial air corridor and had been ascending, not descending. There was no beleaguered merchant vessel.

    The cover-up was compounded by the official report on the incident. On July 3, Crowe chose Rear Adm. William Fogarty , a senior officer on the staff of Central Command, which controls military operations in the Middle East, to investigate. Crowe sent his own legal advisor, Capt. Richard DeBobes, to sit at Fogarty’s side at Centcom headquarters in Tampa as he prepared his report.

    The investigation was notable for the questions it failed to ask. The commanders on the carrier Forestall were never interviewed; nor was Captain McKenna, the surface warfare commander in Bahrain whose orders Rogers ignored. McKenna’s staff mailed a tape of his tense exchange with Rogers before the sea battle, but never received a response. The report released to the public did not include any chart of navigational data to show the Vincennes’ position at the time of the shoot-down.

    The map displayed by Fogarty when he briefed Congress in September placed the Vincennes and its helicopters well clear of Iranian waters and erroneously reported the position of the Montgomery. Fogarty produced stills from the Aegis-generated map of events displayed in the Vincennes’s CIC. According to three sources on board the Vincennes that day, the real map had shown Hengam Island, Iranian territory less than nine miles from the Vincennes at the time of the shootdown. On the frames shown by Fogarty, the island was simply deleted – miraculously placing the Vincennes safely in international waters once more. Asked about the Forestall’s aircraft by inquiring lawmakers, Fogarty put them 180 miles, then 250 miles away, even though those same Aegis stills show them clearly tagged only 75 miles from the Vincennes.

    Most mysteriously, Fogarty told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Vincennes had been racing to rescue a Liberian tanker, the Stoval, that morning. There is no such tanker reported in any ship registry. According to two sources, including a naval officer involved in the investigation, the Stoval was a decoy, a phantom conjured up by fake radio messages to lure out the Iranian gunboats. According to these sources, the Iranian aggression that Vice President Bush had so vigorously decried at the United Nations had in fact been in the trial run for an American sting operation.


  22. This is a 2001 documentary about the coverup by the FBI and NTSB of the evidence indicating a missile strike was what really took down TWA 800.

  23. Two mainstream New York newspapers now apparently agree with the recently released TWA Flight 800 documentary that the evidence for there being a coverup of a missile strike in the downing of TWA 800 should be further investigated.

    This is something of a breakthrough, I guess, in that they have not simply reverted to the mainstream media’s customary dismissive, knee jerk reaction when shown evidence of government wrongdoing or cover up of labeling it all nothing but another “conspiracy theory”. This by implication meaning whatever evidence was presented should all be disregard as just the deluded speculations of the mentally unstable sorts who also see sightings of Elvis or Bigfoot on a regular basis.

    From Global Research:
    The Missiles That Brought Down TWA Flight 800

    If you watch Kristina Borjesson’s new film, TWA Flight 800, you’ll see a highly persuasive case that this passenger jet full of passengers was brought down by missiles, killing all on board.

    A CIA propaganda video aired by U.S. television networks fits with none of the known facts, makes the claim that there were no missiles, and offers no theory as to what then did cause the explosion(s) and crash into the sea.

    A coverup by the FBI and the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) was blatant and extensive, involving intimidation of witnesses and investigators, tampering with evidence, false testimony before Congress, censoring reports, and numerous violations of normal protocols. Some of the government’s own official investigators concluded that the explosion(s) occurred outside the airplane.


    The New York Times seems impressed by the film and favors a new investigation but laments the supposed lack of any entity that could credibly perform an investigation. Think about that. The U.S. government comes off as so untrustworthy in the film that it can’t be trusted to re-investigate itself. And a leading newspaper, whose job it ought to be to investigate the government, feels at a loss for what to do without a government that can credibly and voluntarily perform the media’s own job for it and hold itself accountable.

    The New York Post, too, takes the film quite seriously, and simply recounts its arguments without adding any commentary other than agreement. But the Daily News offers instead a textbook example of how self-censorship and obedience to authoritarianism work. Here’s the complete Daily News review with my comments inserted:


  24. I see the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s program 60 Minutes aired a recent 20 minute episode on the TWA 800 crash investigation controversy. Looks like they allowed the whistle blowers to make their case without resorting to the dismissive “it’s just another ‘conspiracy theory’, so lets all ignore it” approach.

    You can watch the ABC program in the embedded video at this link:

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