What Do Mottley and the BLP Want?

Submitted by Douglas
Mia Mottley's has bee critical of the way Commissioner Dottin has been removed.

Mia Mottley’s has bee critical of the way Commissioner Dottin was removed.

Since late last year, and again earlier this year, some persons in the BLP had been telling this country that they had no confidence in the Police Service Commission. They wanted to see the back of the the Commission that was chaired by the highly respected and above-board Dr. Trevor Carmichael, and the other members.

I guess after all the griping and bad-mouthing of the Commission, Dr. Carmichael, an outstanding Barbadian of impeccable character, appeared to have had enough of the idle talk and stepped down.

A new Chairman, an attorney at law, an untarnished former senior police officer and former Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority, Mr. Guyson Mayers, a man with an unblemished reputation, was appointed.

Now Mia Mottley is crying foul. She says he is too young. Too Young! She wasn’t too young to serve in the highest institution in the land? Nor was she too young to be Deputy Prime Minister or Opposition Leader? Bear in mind that Mr. Mayers is older than Ms Mottley by years. Yes, it is true that her party and its then leader, as well as the sensible Barbadian electorate, decided that she was too young, too immature and too rash to be Prime Minister of this country; and with much justification. Indeed, a former Prime Minister said somebody was not fit for public office. Something to do with that person’s lifestyle.

Like, you don’t know how to please the woman. Apparently she and the BLP  want to appoint the members of the Police Service Commission. I wonder who is in charge? They think that they are still the government. By the time they awake, they will realize that they are 6 years behind time.

On a related matter, I see Sir Roy Marshall and Ricky Singh have jumped on the band wagon of persons critical of the most recent action by the PSC. I hope they have the salient facts. They are quoted in last Friday’s Daily Nation as saying the decision to send the COP on early retirement was unprecedented in the Caribbean. “It was wrong ……., it should never have happened,” the story screamed.

Talk about a rush to judgement without having an inkling of the facts! Those two are very guilty. In fact, Singh is calling on fellow COPs in the region to register their disapproval.

Well, I wonder if we live in the same area. I am sure regional Police Chiefs have been summarily dismissed before or retired prematurely in the public’s interest. So, there is nothing unprecedented with the recent development here.

In fact, I am reliably informed that back in the 1960s right here in Barbados, Major Ronald Stoute, the COP, was retired early and replaced by Captain Wilfred Farmer. The only difference with this one is that the then Prime Minister dismissed the COP; whereas the PSC sent this COP on early retirement; it wasn’t our PM or the AG.

When all the dust has settled, both Marshall and Singh will be privately wiping egg from off their face.

I would advise Ms Mottley, her cohorts and the ever-present government antagonists in the print and electronic media to desist from their inflammatory statements and partisan views; hold their breath and await the evidence. They will be shocked at the overwhelming proof; and that is putting it mildly.

But, then again, they may be well aware of the evidence, and are only trying to put on a brave, defensive face or helping their political appointee, who not only in 2003 leapt-frog over other senior police officers (aka – supersession), but was also appointed retroactively. So much for merit, transparency and fairness. That was blatant political involvement!

Please bear in mind that the PSC is an independent, statutory body, with vested authority under Section 91 of the Constitution. It is not made up of madmen or imbeciles. They are decent, qualified Barbadians, who did not wake up one morning and out-of-the-blue decided  to act ultra vires or without just cause, as some nutty detractors would want the public to believe.

So, we should all ‘cease and desist’, or as the youth say: “cease n’ settle” and wait for the evidence.

37 thoughts on “What Do Mottley and the BLP Want?

  1. I hope readers digest what you have written. I wonder if the BLP remember the death of Pele. Enough said

  2. @Douglas. Apart from the superlatives, such as “unblemished reputation” etc., this is a good report. BUT, I want to warn you to be careful. No one in their right mind has any problem with the PSC getting rid of Dottin. However, if the process as legislated has not been followed, there will be a problem. With the benefit of a very great deal of experience, I would tend to be extremely careful how I dismissed the comments of Sir Roy Marshall. He has an alarming habit of being right. Let us hope there is no problem, because it is high time Dottin was fired. In fact, dear Mia Mottley, he ought never to have been there – and that, with respect, was your fault, Mia, and no one else’s.

  3. @ Amused !!!
    Like you , i am a great admirer of Sir Roy Marshall. He continues to demonstrate the kind of intellect that is seldom present among our scholars . However, Sir Roy might have committed that fatal error THIS TIME AROUND ; he has ventured to give an opinion BEFORE becoming seised of the FACTS . I am sure that Sir Roy himself would advise that such a practice is inherently dangerous . Were Sir Roy to become familiar with the facts in this matter I am sure he would start sprouting a fresh crop of hair. I make no comment in respect of Ricky Singh; he has never won my respect..

  4. If you call a 94 year old man and ask him a question, he bound to have a comment and an opinion.

  5. If Mia was instrumental in Dottin leap frogging other officers to become COP, then loyalty has its rewards so it would understandable that Mia would be critical of his removal.

    This whole episode has brought some respite to the BLP and particularly to Mia because it has temporarily removed the spotlight that was Hinkson/Payne from the front pages.

    I have some sympathy for someone who has had to be Nik Wallenda walking the tightrope between the old guard and the young? Turks of the BLP.

  6. Finally someone putting forward a very sensible and balanced article.

    Read Stephen Alleyne’s article in today’s Monday Advocate.

    Was very disappointed in Sir roy’s ill-advised comment.What does he know about this situation and how much further should we allow the RBPF to decline.

  7. To say that the ‘report’ is well-written is a fair comment. To say that the report contains innuendoes, inaccuracies, exacerbations, and subtle warnings to those of a view not consistent with the contents is also fair comment. One simple question, is the purpose or the agenda clear? I think so.

  8. Ole man weighing in

    This is a battle where for those who want to win, there will be no winners.

    For CoP and MAM to win you would have to burn down District Station A and the “Big Brother is Watching You” windowless facility there so that all of the incriminating evidence there disappears like the hard drive at that other Lands and Surveys place.

    To the Powers that be, as ingrunt as Fumble might be, or seem to be, this ole man would suggest that you clone the hard drives or something dat me grandson does do at he highfaluting job. I would come and do it for you if he show me what to do, so i cud get a berry to increase de pension. an doan use nuh foolish DOS command copy and paste tingy, get de real McCoy.

    The pen is mightier than the sword when interpreted in these times of electronic files has a completely different connotation. In seconds one can transmit files that show the indiscretions of politicians during their romps behind the closed doors in big people house pun ** Plantation or the wiretapping of phones of both (political) enemies, fiends and friends (an impossibility of course for politicians dont have friends)

    MAM MUST seem to defend the CoP with unflinching public determination for 2 reasons (i) after all she appointed the man and (ii) WHEN what he was doing is exposed, AND IT WILL BE EXPOSED, it will damage her fate and political aspirations forever, which loosely translated means for the 2 WEEKS that the BAJAN POPULACE will remember it, the national attention deficit disorder withstanding.

    Script for Dallas a la Barbados styling.

    Scene 1 for the Antagonist MAM

    Get your people to get into district A and place a virus on all of the computers up there and destroy de files. Get an incendiary device which McGuiver can build for you. like the one that get used at Glendiary Prison, to bun up de rest uh de evidence. You could tap into some of de money from de B.O.L.T agreement wid dem Dodds prison peoples.

    Optional Scene 2 for the Protagonist RJ

    “We Jonesing”, get de government boots pun de feet uh de recruits to go out dere and crack some skulls and kill a few people.

    Scene 2 for the DLP led by Noble Fumble

    Once you wake up (en keep awake, you sleeping giant you) get dem copies I tell you bout earlier mek befo you goes back to sleep.

    Now dat i tink bout it i ent want you to be no star boy bout hey in me movie causing you likely to go to sleep and my script brek up. So i gine rewrite dis scene and choose who now?

    I cyan choose Sinkliar, he too lied, and he probably gine lead de eager 11 up dey an brek up my script agin… plussing he big like a buffalo, en cyan get through de scene whey de star boy gots to roll pun de ground en pull out he iron and shoot de bad boys, (and wunna dun know Cris, he gine be pushing he iron in some uh dem police womens while huffing en puffing like de big bad wold he is).

    No, i gine hafta get a fas man pun de draw wid he iron,

    Bulldog Estwick, dats de man, ne fast and he draw is legendary. Looka how he pull he iron pun “smiley teets Marshall”, put it back in it holster en nuhbody ent see it yet.

    Okay all de actors is heah en whuloss i gots to go now, de madam want me to go en kill a centipede in de garden… I swear dat dat ‘umman does quash all my creative juices when I starts to write tings….

    Viviane gi’ me a job nuh, at least it wud gi’ me a reason dat i gots to leave de house instead uh going in de hot sun and feeding dem indigents evey day…

  9. How come it took $600,000 and a lot of wasted time to remove a head master and it took only 1 day and a letter to remove the head of the police force? Just asking!
    It is not the actual removal that may be bad but the way in which it was done..very unprofessional. I guess now that heads of government corporations have to be on the look out because they can get a phone call in the evening to say don’t bother to come back to work from the next day.

  10. Jennifer that is good question; However it should have been asked in reference to how to get rid of a prime minister or LOTO, or even a Chief Justice, maybe even a central bank governor. The potential for a pink slip could be a great productivity motivator, and such would be “NICE.” LOL!

  11. If I were Dottin I would let my sleeping dogs lie and move on. He should take notes from Winston Cox.

  12. No Adrian I favour it going to court this will provide ample and good opportunity to state all the facts as they pertain to this case, I am just amazed that Mottley a trained attorney would encourage Dottin to do things that were illegal and dishonest in requesting that phones be tapped on her instructions,and then for her to behave as if she is without blame, give me a break, she is tied into this at the bowels and she knows what she has been involved in from the time she hand picked Dottin for the post of CoP, some sorrid and sick stuff. you only have to ask her friend and Wilfred Abrahams friend the recently fire CEO Alex Mcdonald and his two other female staff at LIME.

  13. Give us a break

    I agree with you. Let it go to court. The people of Barbados will be shock with what will be revealed.

  14. @Give us a break:
    I agree with you, for I am not Dottin; I just thought that self-interest and withat a look down de road he would not want to further tarnish his reputation. There is life beyond COP as Winston Cox proved there was beyond the governorship of the Central Bank.

  15. ,“A new Chairman, an attorney at law, an untarnished former senior police officer and former Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Barbados Anti-Money Laundering Authority, Mr. Guyson Mayers, a man with an unblemished reputation, was appointed.”

    One key attribute is missing from this description…small wonder the letter is deemed “flawed and unconstitutional”.

  16. George C. Brathwaite | June 24, 2013 at 8:22 AM |

    To say that the ‘report’ is well-written is a fair comment. To say that the report contains innuendoes, inaccuracies, exacerbations, and subtle warnings to those of a view not consistent with the contents is also fair comment.
    ……a now indelible trademark of a Douglas fragmentary.

  17. By the way …Carson who you and Give us a break fooling (D same)?….it becoming tired-ing now….

  18. The Nation newspaper as to be expected on this issue like all others is rushing to condemn the government in its editorial and even issued a front page “comment”.
    The Nation newspaper is unashamedly the mouthpiece of the opposition and especially with Mottley’s connection in the Nation’s newsroom. How can anyone justifying Mia Mottley on page

    Stephen Alleyne’s article on page 8 of the Advocate newspaper of June 24, 2013 is required reading. Alleyne’s article about the Police Force is informative and balanced with rigorous analysis.
    Conversely, the Nation newspapers presents the usual partisan ,worthless output from Albert Brandford, Sanka Price and Ricky Singh all rushing to judgement without informing and educating readers.

  19. If many of you were privilege to the information about Mr. Dottin and Seymour Cumberbatch you wouldn’t be against what the PSC is doing in the interest of the public. I am sure Mia is aware but she is defending her boy that she slip in through the back door. There is a lot to come but in fairness to Mr. Dottin, the PSC cannot at this time make it public, Mr. Dottin has been given time to give just cause why he should not be sent on retirement and they would have given him reasons why they are sending him on retirement, if he accepts then certain allegations may or may not be made public. I would suggest to many who are not privilege to the information to wait before commenting.

  20. if u cant get ya practice run and involve in nuff scandal and get people to do ya dutty wuk How ya want to run a country. Or is it that ya want to fast track getting dem out of office to fill ya dream before ya heart condition worsen from de smoke and spirits? developing story. Dutty hands dutty minds a family trait.

  21. Alex was to be in court today. every min there is a reason why case not going on. Corrupt justice system

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    On the topic, Mottley and the BLP doesn’t know what they want, they don’t want leadership, don’t think the DLP really wants it, just don’t want the BLP to have it.

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