BARBADOS MEDIA IGNORES RELEASE OF POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION REPORT: PSC Report Recommended the Retirement of Commissioner Darwin Dottin


Read the Recommendation of the Police Service Commission to retire former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin – Read it and weep!



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158 Comments on “BARBADOS MEDIA IGNORES RELEASE OF POLICE SERVICE COMMISSION REPORT: PSC Report Recommended the Retirement of Commissioner Darwin Dottin”

  1. Cin Cin October 31, 2013 at 7:43 PM #

    Question………….. Will Dottin be on leave until he retires??


  2. Rational Thinking November 1, 2013 at 5:09 PM #

    Anyone listened to the Minister of Finance he not long ago ?

    It is now abundantly clear not only the charge of Wire Tapping and Eavesdropping the only dishonest act she has been involved in but it is also being reported that Mottley has not been paying what is due to the VARIOUS office on both Pelican Football and her billings Four Seasons being one such case, now this is the same one who even while crying down the use of NIS funding for Four Seasons is the very same one and the first to draw her cheques from Four Seasons after the injection of the NIS Funds into the project, what are left to believe about this vicious woman beater and FRAUD and Vagabond oh let’s not forget that she is a Mottley do I need to say anything more ?


  3. newblood November 2, 2013 at 5:54 PM #


    you are like an ostrich burying your head in the sand. Who was the PM when Dottin was appointed. Didn’t the same Owen handpicked who he wanted promoted in the public service during his tenure. Do you see the GG refusing to appoint the PSC recommendation. Who choses the person to be appointed to the PSC.

    you want to discourse this topic let us go for it. You are the same person that pontificated that the PSC is a creature of the PM.


  4. balance November 2, 2013 at 8:15 PM #

    yes newblood since the 1974 constitutional amendments were passed into law by the Barrow administration promotions and appointments to most posts particularly senior ones in the public service must first have the blessing of the political directorate so that is not an issue but the issue with Mr Dottin’s tenure according to the allegations rests with Ms Mottley who is accused of aiding and abbetting Mr Dottin in his illegal wiretapping activities even of Mr Arthur or his chauffeur.


  5. newblood November 2, 2013 at 8:31 PM #


    I am happy that you will admit that dottin was a creature of mia and owen. and as I said what goes around comes around. In their haste to sideline bertie, they created a monster and now he is like an albatross around their necks.

    I though u said previously that the issue was, that he was tried in the court of public opinion r u now twisting your mouth. Please remember that my memory is very good and knowledge of the constitution is excellent when it comes to certain matter. He has a constitutional right to appeal any decision. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  6. balance November 5, 2013 at 6:20 AM #

    “He has a constitutional right to appeal any decision.”
    except the guilty verdict as evidenced by the general comments on BU and yours as well already handed down by the court of public opinion. Unfortunately, that verdict might very well play a role to Mr Dottin’s benefit in determining the outcome of the charges against Mr Dottin in a matter which is sub judice.


  7. pieceuhderockyeahright December 22, 2014 at 1:15 PM #

    @ Balance


    LATIN FOR UNDER JUDGEMENT a legal term related to the state where a matter is “under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.”

    I am intrigued by Balance’s comments and his intimation that “the guilty verdict might work out to Commissioner Dottin’s benefit”

    I am intrigued for two reasons.

    The first being (i) what is being proposed to be in the public interest and (ii) what hindsight oft refers to as “the signs being on the wall”.

    I would ask you Mr. Balance to keep the penultimate paragraph of the PSC Report in front of you as you walk with me down the path of geology just a moment to a term – the Mohorovičić Discontinuity or more commonly known as the Moho.

    That Geological layer has given rise to a term in contemporary lingo (MOHO) which speaks to a state where solid/liquid/gas transmutes freely based on the presence OR absence of (threshold) energy to excite or retard the movement from solid ice, through liquid water to gaseous air.

    Once the particles have become gas THEY CANNOT RETURN TO less excitable (or controllable) liquid or solid states, sine the removal of that energy. (Much like the leggo beasts that the Democratic Labour Party has become)

    While it is obvious that the writers (plural) of this document are not of Shakespearean DNA (and noticeably do a stellar-ly poor job of their rendition of stating that “they will not mention particular things yet mentioning the unmentionables”) there are two sentences that smack of the making of a Reichsführer-SS a la Bulbados styling.

    “Impossible to discipline or prosecute and incumbent Commissioner of Police” followed by with “a pattern of legal gagging” emerging as the modus operandum of said Commissioner of Police.

    There is a place for the Watergates and Wikileaks of this world when those who we entrust to guard become the personification of what we are guarding against.

    SUB JUDICE or otherwise the state of being that this report by the Police Service Commission on the then Commissioner Dottin, purportedly aided and abetted by the then Attorney General, and current Leader of the Opposition Mia Amor Mottley potentially, if true, would have put us at a precipice and point of no return where elements in the Moho, meant to be solid or liquid, would have moved to a level of Gaseous Impunity, disguised as National Security, where even you, the current champion of “Under Judgement” matters for obvious scoundrels, would be without any privacy.

    We Bajans have cause to weep every single day as a result of the ineptitude of this current administration but, in light of these SUB JUDICE matters that have come to the fore in these times, when a COP under direction from and AG, can tap the phones of the Prime Minister (and his obscure driver) that is something that ALL of us in Bulbados need to be fearful of.

    What state of dictatorship are you “pledging allegiance to” Balance when things like this can be happening right under our noses and so-called patriots like me and you can sit down and quote SUB JUDICE in the face of borderline treason????



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