Tell Us About Wiretapping Mia

Assistant Superintendent met with the Commission on 22 July, 2011. She gave an account of a meeting she attended with Commissioner of Police and Inspector Anderson Bowen, during which meeting the Commissioner manipulated his laptop computer and played a recording of a telephone conversation between Inspector Bowen and another person…

(Extracted from the Police Service Commission Recommendation of Retirement of the Commissioner of Police)

The passing of Inspector Anderson Bowen has given reason for pause in the BU household. While many may remember his exploits to capture the fiercest criminal, BU will always remember him for daring to challenge Commissioner Darwin Dottin in 2005 and as a consequence suffer uncalled for indignity before his peers when he was disciplined in 2007.   Although he was reinstated by the Police Service Commission in 2010, his career had been effectively derailed by Dottin.


Is it not regrettable that almost every issue in Barbados is distilled through a political partisan lens? Take for example the issue at the heart of this matter, wiretapping by Commissioner Darwin Dottin. Should this issue not concern all Barbadians whether Dee, Bee or Pee. Instead we have the BLPites supporting Dottin and the DLPites leading his prosecution. BU is satisfied that Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley who was Attorney General during the period of wiretapping must be asked by the citizenry to explain what she knows. Dottin would not have been motivated to order wiretapping of a political  nature without being directed.


In memory of the late Anderson Bowen and his family BU will continue to highlight what in our view remains an unpunished crime which was directed against an innocent citizen. It is time for Mia Mottley to speak to this issue.


The excerpts have been taken from the report which was sent to the Governor General to have Dottin removed from office.

189 thoughts on “Tell Us About Wiretapping Mia

  1. If the information about the alleged criminal activity as highlighted above was in the hands of the Police Service Commission since 2008 ; why wasn’t it acted upon before or was there an attempt at a cover-up.

    Are we to draw any conclusions from the sudden resignation of the former Chairman Mr Trevor Carmichael a respected and successful Attorney in his own right?

    And in the above post, Mr Bertie Hinds refers to Memos in 2010. Were these memos issued in Ms Mottley’s tenure or were their issued in 2010?

    What message is the Government sending to the public in not taking disciplinary action against Mr Dottin for these very serious violations of public trust whereas people are committed to Dodds every day for smoking a spliff or loitering or stealing a bottle of rum.

  2. Ignorance abounds in Barbados. The people have grown very dumb. The results of the February election demonstrates this shift.

    Barbados was known to have smart , bright people.

    People seem to have sworn their lives to a party, specifically the DLP. It seems that some people are in denial. The party is not doing well as a Government but rather than face this reality, apologists want to brow beat those who criticize the DLP into silence . e.g the lady who spoke to Brasstacks Moderator . Nefertari Caddle bemoaning that Nef seems to be happy when callers criticize the DLP. She had plenty to tell Nef and it was obvious that this female caller was a DLP supporter , sympathiser or apologist. I must say that it is difficult for sensible , impartial persons to support the DLP at this time. This is about country, the country Barbados not about party- that is nonsense. You do that when you are making sport. When these assholes have exited the scene, Barbados will still have to deal with its problems.

    I honestly do not see why they should remain in power for any length of time.

  3. The only people dat think they have all the sense in bubadus is de ignorant BLP yardfowls .So why dud they not put all this sense to good use in all the years they held the reigns of govt .now like armchairs politicians bemoaning bitching and complaiing about all that shouldda and musssah be done.

    • @Bush Tea

      We let the ideologues and those with agendas confuse the issue every time. There is a present need to apply a commonsense and practical approach. Even in the EU there are magnet countries which demonstrate this is an issue and distributing hot air is just that, hot air.

  4. ac…… that the much touted Rihanna show that was supposed to (according to DLP ministers) boost the Barbados economy has turned into another pipe dream………..what’s next??? any sensible suggestions from the DLP??

  5. @ Well Well

    Auctionsell ac , Carson and Bite Muh in the town square byup under Nelson……surely some visitorarsonist will find some use for them back home as a conversation piece….murda

  6. @ac | October 25, 2013 at 7:19 PM |

    Hello girlfriend ac:
    What’s up with the WTE plant project? Taken a back seat to the Sandals pipe dream?
    We are putting it to you that Minister Low(e) would be six feet down in the ground in Greenland (like the miller wrapped in a toffee paper) or cremated like you before one kilo of waste is burnt in St. Thomas to generate one kilowatt of electricity for the Emera new generating plant and distribution system.

    But then again the big “Sinliar” and crew can kill two Bajan birds with one Chinese stone. $500 million for Sandals and another $400 million for the Lowe’s Memorial Garbage Crematorium to be funded from the Stinking Liar Solid waste Tax.

    Just remember though sweetheart ac, Chinese money means many Chinese men (at least 2,000 of the excess 17 million) coming for good to Bim. Are you interested in some Oriental snake, sorry, slug oil? Never mind that materials and fittings would be sourced direct from mainland China.

    You better conclude all these Chinese deals before the IMF arrive. They absolutely will NOT allow Barbados to borrow a billion dollars without its approval and direct supervision. Now how do you intend to keep the big bad IMF wolf away from the Chinese door? Go ahead, ac, cuss the miller and call him a prophet of doom and gloom. He hasn’t been wrong so far about the foreign reserves. Neither has he been about “outing” both Sinliar and Fumble. It’s just a matter of months before the Speaker rules on it.

  7. Onions…………..that is one use, another would be ac and carson as bobble dolls who constantly shake their heads up and down saying yes, yes, yes……. AKA yes men/women. As we can clearly see the DLP has no PLAN B……….

  8. I read page 18 of the Saturday Nation, October 26 and I see Vincentians bringing in Drugs as usual and a Jamaican labourer living here charged with trafficking and intent to supply drugs, a man who is “already on bail for a matter before the courts”.
    Last year we had the Jamaican man who came to Barbados for 3 days and broke into the Jewelry store in Dacostas Mall the next night, the Trinidadian who caught a plane to Barbados and then went and held up the Digicel outlet in Hastings.
    We need now more than ever to track who is coming into this country and how long they stay . This CCJ nonsense about hassle free movement is bare foolishness.
    I agree with Mr. Hoad. If we do not guard our borders and allow any criminal from a Caricom island to come in here and stay. the crime and drug situation will get worse and unsanitary housing will increase.

    Unfortunately, we have idiots like Peter Wickham who join Ricky Singh and Tennyson Joseph in calling for free movement and criticizing those who do not agree.

  9. “Unfortunately, we have idiots like Peter Wickham who join Ricky Singh and Tennyson Joseph in calling for free movement and criticizing those who do not agree.”

    What is wrong with peaceful Caribbean brethren travelling freely among each others territories on their legitimate free from the tyranny by some of those charged with welcoming us to each other’s shores.

    By the way, a pregnant Barbadian woman was jailed in Bermuda last week for importation of drugs and there are Barbadians languishing in the jail of t Vincent as well. You seem to believe that criminal activity is only confined to natives of the other islands.

  10. @ balance
    What is wrong is that when there are no borders, there are no standards …and EVERYONE falls to the lowest common denominator.

    What do you not get about that?

    Do you open your house for all and sundry to move in at will?
    …if you do, Bushie will drop ninja man a note with your address…

  11. David
    We will always get the spin from those with agendas. But Bushie expects better from balance.


    In principle, what is good for Barbados should also be good for our own personal families. If Wickhan et al are arguing that Barbados should bend over and open its doors to all and sundry then they should also be prepared to exercise that same principle with their own home and family…

    LOL …those that have homes and families that is….and some with agendas may have no problem with the above.

    It is only obvious that those out there who have CHOSEN to operate at a different (lower) standard will happily migrate to your home to enjoy the fruits of your family’s sacrifice – and in short time, your standards will be the same as theirs……then they can move on to the next idiot family.

    When apples are mixed, the good ones NEVER cure the rotten ones… It is ALWAYS the other way around.

  12. ….and balance asked….
    What is wrong with peaceful Caribbean brethren travelling freely among each others territories…?

    What is wrong is when NON PEACEFUL parasites seize opportunities created by naive jokers who are incapable of seeing the bigger picture.
    ….and that can go REALLY WRONG!!!!! …so it is WISE to put things in place to seek to discern between the “peaceful” and the “others”….

  13. Bushie good morning…there is a little island called culpepper where you can go and take up residence. On it is a grape tree, a fart pork bush and a hole in the rocks that is big enuff for you to lay down. There are some long long stick and a some vines you can make your fishing nets and fishing rods with along with some dry sticks to mek a fire. I think you will be very happy there since there will be no brass bowls, no neighbours from the other islands and no politicians.

  14. Hey Bushie

    Man what you raising D ole blood pressure for this saturday morning….you ent kno is puddin n souse day?…Man look if you ent want that, I could carry you up by the Sea-cat woman for sum

    Looka here man …dun know how you feel BUT…..soon no one will want to setup here like before….have you given thought to that? Guyana is now the country to be..didn’t you hear her growth projected to be like 5% this year…

    Soon your soon called non peaceful parasites will heading down south and we will be free to enjoy the sweet life …..howzat ?

  15. @ Onions
    Dat same pudding ‘n souse going wuk you…watch and see…
    Spoken like a true onion.
    You will be left “Peaceful” because you have nothing of worth left…. …and you see nothing wrong with that…?
    You mind Islandgal….she is one of the “non peaceful ones” from some “island” – who hate Barbados so much that she left her native island to come to live here and tell us how pathetic we are…..
    …and of course she is right.

    A fool is destined for destruction….against all the odds.
    Yuh can’t help him…..or her….no matter how hard yuh try….
    But Bushie don’t care bout that….the bushman will STILL point out the folly…. LOL Ha Ha
    …just to keep wunna awake at night….. 🙂

  16. Looking ahead said:
    “By the way, a pregnant Barbadian woman was jailed in Bermuda last week for importation of drugs and there are Barbadians languishing in the jail of t Vincent as well. You seem to believe that criminal activity is only confined to natives of the other islands.”

    It might be added that the pregnant bajan drug mule took the drugs all the way from Canada into Bermuda……..there is also a bajan woman in jail in St. Lucia who was caught taking marijuana from St. Lucia to Barbados, but to hear the Bajan hypocrites tell it, it’s only the other islanders commit crimes in other countries, never Bajans and never white tourists who infest the island just like the Bulgarians. lol

  17. Man Bushie
    Nah boi….once I wash dun D souse wid lil johnnie wata…I safe, i safe

    I dun give up long time bredds……ya can’t fight a tide…Boss Barbados got in 350,000 people EZ…(those that run from the census).The best joke I had for a long time was 2 weeks ago on Brass Tack…..had this woman wid an accent… gone ballistic and arguing strong strong… these foreigners wants to come bout hay and mekk life hard for we…I dare ya Bushie to go in town or anywhere for that matter …I bet ya ..listen and here in 2 outta every 3 conversation is foreign accent….signs of the time Bushmaster, signs of the time…

  18. Onions………where are you hiding ac and Carson this morning, they are uncharacteristically missing from the BU blog, what’s up with that??

    • Surely when we discuss criminals moving around the islands the word ‘scale’ must be top of mind. Stop simplifying the issue.

  19. Well Well
    Didn’t you hear …a BLP convention up St.George……ac and CCC musse gone incognito…..hoping to get a scoop….

  20. @ David
    Forgive them…for they know not….

    @ Onions
    It is not about accents. It is about “BAJAN-NESS”. a “Bajan” is someone who identifies with the way we do things. Someone who is comfortable to adjust to our brass-bowlery and our “easy-goingness”
    You could want a more Bajan than Loveridge? That fella does tek a cussing from CCC, ac, Ministers and still come up next week with more articles on saving Barbados…..

    When people (even if they have a Bajan accent) come here with their totally different styles, violent predispositions, mercenary attitudes, and religious extremes, SOMEBODY must have the role of screening them with the aim of protecting, this little place….
    ….so the comparison with the Bajan idiots who get caught with drugs in other jurisdictions is nothing but a red herring….we reserve to ourselves no rights for such morons.

    @ Islandgal
    The REAL joke is that when the shit hits the fan and people like you are barricaded in their homes shivering in fear, and not even able to venture into town in broad daylight…… and when court witnesses routinely disappear before the trial dates… like in some other places…
    It will be YOU shouting at the top of your voice for your rightful “freedom and safety”…..check Bushie by Culpepper then .. 🙂
    (S)he who knows not and knows not that (s)he knows not….avoid him/her.

  21. Bushie.
    ……ya got a good point ……if we don’t do a good and thorough screening…..we and our children will regret it…..T &T a perfect example…..RBPF can’t handle that sorta crime….A bajan would teif a fowl and rob for bling and maybe get he self in a lovers quarrel and kill somebody…..but he ent nah Court witness or Judge killa…..Bajan doan love jail….nor nah gallows ……Immigration man stop dem in dey tracks…..we ent want nah parta DAT wufflessness bout hay…..when ya got the slightest doubt..tell them GUH SO….

  22. old onion bags | October 26, 2013 at 10:25 AM |

    Well Well
    Didn’t you hear …a BLP convention up St.George……ac and CCC musse gone incognito…..hoping to get a scoop….



    BushTea said:

    “so the comparison with the Bajan idiots who get caught with drugs in other jurisdictions is nothing but a red herring….we reserve to ourselves no rights for such morons.”

    Bushtea………you can’t disown or pretend your children don’t exist because they may be bad, drug dealer, murderer, rapist etc….every country in the world has criminals, screen people absolutely i agree, but don’t discriminate and pretend there are no criminals in Barbados, we all know you don’t have to look far for them……The US loved to pretend self-righteousness and moralistic hypocrisy and trying to deport everyone, particularly those from the Caribbean, some of the crimes committed by their own citizens now makes me cringe, some articles related to the US and crime i don’t read anymore because they are so horrific… there is also danger in pretense.

  23. Bushie you getting on as if Bajans are sin free and never commit crimes. Who do you think these drug mules are bringing the drug for in Barbados? Who do you think is selling them? Who do you think is trafficking these foreign women in Barbados? Who do you think kill those five young women in Tudor Street? Who do you think killed Mr Chaderton and his Austrian son in law. Yes we have some foreign criminals among us, some from our Caricom neighbours and some from over and away.

    We can’t stop every criminal and potential criminal from entering Barbados. What we need is good policing, co-operation from the public in helping solve crimes and a more efficient court system. We need to have a a more humane approach to treating people we suspect of entering Barbados with drugs or with criminal intent. Until we can prove that they are guilty we need to treat them humanely.

  24. @ Islandgal
    Bushie you getting on as if Bajans are sin free and never commit crimes
    Sometimes one has to wonder about your comprehension…. You mean Bushie? ….who sees the place packed with dishonest brass bowls?
    BUSHIE getting on like Bajans perfect??!!

    LOL HA Ha! …oh shirt!!!! ….Bushie belly!!!

    Miss ting! This is not about perfection. It is about sticking with the devil that you know…cause you may not be able to deal with the one that you don’t know….

  25. As usual this topic has drifted away from its intended purpose which was evidently to deflect discussion from the myriad problems of our current economic situation by once more demonizing Mia Mottley and as a side dish getting at the former CoP.

    I think that Balance’s solution to the stated problem was the best advanced. Let the current Government bring the CoP to justice. Charge him with whatever malfeance they think fit and punish him in whatever way is necessary if he is found guilty. In so doing the innocence or otherwise of the other protagonists should be clarified. Also ensure that Mia has her own day in court in this matter as a defendant or as a witness. If she is found guilty, with the hostile and highly successful DLP propaganda machine, it is unlikely she could survive to lead the BLP and the Country again if her credibility were damaged in that exercise.

    The elephant in the room that could change everything is the ramifications of the security matters hinted on by PUDRYR and a few others.

  26. @ Checkit-out
    One of these days your tongue will stick in your cheek permanently….ya old trickster yuh!

    What prosecute what CoP what?!?!
    You talking bout Barbados? ….where everyone who matters is crooked? ….prosecute a man who had access to sophisticated surveillance equipment since World Cup days….?

    LOL HA HA ,…oh Shirt!
    Skippa … is make some REAL mock sport sometimes hear…?
    ….you and balance…..

    • @Checkit-out

      How can you suggest BU is trying to deflect the focus when we post several blogs in any given week on any given subject? Are you saying we should not ask Mia if she knows anything about wiretapping which the PSC has suggested occurred when she was AG? You need to be fair.

  27. David the likes of check it out are only deflecting the focus of the blogs, for some like him it pains them greatly to see their bombastic vicious Mottley being exposed in the public eye in this way, they would wish that she be never be spoken about as dishonest and one who should not be trusted with you young daughter, or leadership of the BLP and to be kept even further from Leadership of this Law Abiding Island, she is everything that a Rogue a Vagabond and Thief and Crook are and it is enough that every Bajan Man, Woman or Child be made aware of that.

    The likes of Mia Mottley are not healthy or wanted anywhere Trust and Honour are required as she has no relation with either, she is at odds with them, big time.

  28. Amused- your speculation about the nastiness emanating from the bowels of the BLP to discredit Ms Mottley might very well be true but it does not detract from Ms Motley’s culpability if politics aside the inferences in the report can be linked to her directly and indirectly to then administration.

  29. @islandgirl246
    “Bushie you getting on as if Bajans are sin free and never commit crimes. Who do you think killed Mr Chaderton and his Austrian son in law

    An interesting note – in the case of the Salters double murder mentioned above, both of those men convicted were raised and socialized in the United States and sent back here as deportees into our society.

    The fact remains that we need to have a clear screening of who is coming into this country and not this “pie in the sky” ideal that we can all move to and fro into each other’s territory. If we have people coming into Barbados and bringing and encouraging behaviours that are criminal, guess whose reputation suffers when the crime statistics in Barbados start to rise?

  30. Our police Force is stretched to the limit and for the last 15 – 20 years police have been complaining about conditions at the stations and salaries and we are in tight economic times with a high demand for low and middle income housing.
    Yet , these free movement proponents believe that flooding our island with unskilled persons will help this situation?
    There is nothing wrong with a guest worker programme but our immigration policy should not be dictated by a few unelected judges in Trinidad.

  31. David; You said in your 3.24 post;
    “Are you saying we should not ask Mia if she knows anything about wiretapping which the PSC has suggested occurred when she was AG? You need to be fair”

    To be fair the wiretapping that I read about in the report seems to have been primarily occurring when Mia was NOT AG. But you can correct me if I’m wrong. The interpretation about the AG then and now, seems to be merely inference and could have been politically motivated. In addition have you noted some of the pjerotive words used to describe the former CoP that hardly have a place in a dispassionate report of this nature unless the report was designed for another purpose?

    Anyhow. I called you out to publish the full report and I’m glad that you did so. There appears to be a good case against the CoP, strengthened by the fact that it is reported that he withdrew his case against the Commission.

    But, where is the info in the report that Mia caused the CoP to bug the phones of OSA and David Thompson when she was AG? Or was that a juicy addendum by lower operatives? Looking forward to the coming case, if there is any.

    • @checkit-out

      It is not that you called out BU to do anything. We had to pass the document to our legal and seek permissions to post the report. BU has a rich history of sharing information with the public and to suggest other wise is disingenuous. We have our reasons for asking MAM about what she knows about the report and now extend it to Arthur. The problem with you party faithful is that you love to give the politicians and easy pass.

  32. And David;
    I’ve never said anywhere that Mia should not be required to defend if she was indeed responsible for the CoP’s alleged misconduct. I said the opposite if you read my posts correctly.

    Lick muh and Bite muh.
    You are somewhat correct in your post above. I had a passing minimal work relationship with Mottley and Owen over 13 years ago. I do not recognize in them the personalities that have been vilified on BU. I therefore think that until proven guilty of the infelicities of which you and others speak, I should be at liberty to put the other side of what I consider to be the true character of the individuals.

    • @checkit-out

      Let us get this right, are you saying that based on your *minimal* working relationship with the two it makes you qualified to comment with authority on their character?

  33. David; Re your post above. I am not a party faithful. My posts may appear so because I have recognized that the DLP has been doing a lot that has resulted in “wreck Barbados” and is populated by inept politicians and have said so, but giving credit along the way for the few crumbs of wisdom or policy that they have passed on to us.

    I don’t want to give the (BLP) politicians an easy pass. If the innuendo against the BLP politicians can be proven they should feel the full weight of the law like everyone else. The proof however will not come from the concerted numbers on BU who state as fact a number of unproven assertions.

    Re. whether or not I called for you to post the report. It is in the records. If you subsequently posted it after I called for it to bring balance to the proceedings does not negate that fact.

  34. David; re. your 7.35 am post, Yes.
    But I might be a somewhat gullible individual who thinks that characteristics of over 13 years ago that suggested strength of character and a certain honesty would still be there over time.

  35. What I can’t understand is that IF Mia was responsible for allowing this wiretapping to take place then bring charges against her and those responsible. Trying to discredit Mia by these so called allegations is useless. We have a incompetent MOF. MOT and PM for all and sundry to see yet not one DLP member will openly admit that and attempt to do something about it. Yet they keep blaming the opposition for all their failures. No wonder the rest of the world laffing at wee! They refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Stupse

    • @Checkit-Out

      Here is the problem, without transparency legislation and ANY government willing to robustly pursue the other when in office it will be up to ordinary people supported by the Fourth and more importantly the Fifth estate to ask the pointed questions. If it means we have to mash the line as far as reputations to do it then so be it. There is a reality which we have to accept, for 30+ years NONE of the political parties have sought to implement relevant governance/transparency laws and where they exist they have not enforced them.

  36. IG246;
    Re. your 8.37 post, No truer words spoken.
    The blatantly partisan, shown even by their handles (eg. bite muh and lick muh), have seldom or never come out to say a word against the ineptness of the leaders of this current government and the state of the economy but always, at a drop of the hat, and when the kitchen is getting hot from some revelation or other of such ineptness, seek to change the discourse to unproven allegations against MIa and Owen. eg. They have yet to show a proven and direct linkage between the past AG of 9 years ago and the wiretapping allegations of 3 years ago to be taken seriously. Anything less is pure froth.

    • @Checkit-out

      Here is a tit bit for you:

      The former COP was appoint in 2003.

      MAM was AG/Home Affairs in the period 2001-2003,Deputed PM 2003-2008.

      BU believes she is in a good place to speak to this issue.

  37. David, I agree almost totally with your post at 9.07 am. I totally applaud your efforts to bring a measure of transparency to the situation. But there are aspects of that transparency that requires further revelations or investigation to be fair to the parties concerned. Many people take as gospel what is said in the Commission report. Is that necessarily so? especially given the unnecessarily pejorative words used to describe the former CoP. Perhaps such words will be warranted if charges are laid and proven but as they appeared in the report I saw them as excessive.

    As far as I can see, the other matters that demonify (sic) Mia Mottley and that formed the subject of this thread are not touched, even tangentially, in the report and yet people still harp on them and treat them as gospel. No one has yet made a believable linkage to how Mia was able to get the CoP to do her alleged political bidding against a current and a former PM when she was far from the AG post. Don’t you think it is important that that should be clarified by the protagonists?

    Let the relevant authorities, after disposing of the CoP, bring the required cases against Mia and prove her dastardly acts and I, for one, would add the matter to my gullibilities in a very imperfect world where nothing is as it seems.

    I am on the side of disclosure to ensure transparency as well as to protect the rights of the accused. I read your crusade as related to ensuring a faux transparency only. But I might be wrong.

    • @Checkit-Out

      To you last comment the only leverage ordinary people have in a dysfunctional system is to hold the feet and hands of those in positions of authority to the fire. Let Mottley draw on her vast insight to what she knows went down to defend herself.

  38. David; Thanks for your 9.26 am post that clarified one matter. Yes it seems that Mottley was the in the AG post when Dottin assumed the CoP position but, from one of Balance’s posts it appeared she demitted that position during the next year (2004). What kind of woman was she and what kind of man was he, for her to have been able to pull his strings to do the horrible illegal things which you all accuse her of doing over six tears since she left the post?
    But I agree with you that she has a duty to respond to the allegations that have been brought against her and that she should suffer the political and legal fallout if it is found that she is guilty.

  39. Amused is either incredibly naive, or a really brilliant political strategist…… and Bushie knows better that naive…. LOL

    Look Amused.
    The very fact that Mia was Dottin’s creator and boss when the shit started IN and of ITSELF gives her some explaining to do, and full responsibility to take….

    Secondly, is it not OBVIOUS that once initially bound TOGETHER in illegality, even if Mia became a street sweeper, she would still hold sway over Dottin as long as he was CoP?
    …what would he do? …Ignore her requests for more information once she was in opposition? …..go and tell all to the current AG joker?
    ….Wuh um is only obvious that he would be COMMITTED to doing Mia’s bidding

    ….that is why Bushie don’t want NOTHING from NOBODY……cause not a boy ain’t holding Bushie ransom for one shiite…..

    Same shiite when the politicians take bribes from the business community…..
    When they come later with their greedy demands what the hell the politicians will do then …… When they done spend the people money….?
    THAT explains many of the ignorant retarded projects that the political crooks find themselves trying to defend later….
    Like the Almond idiocy…….

    Bunch of brass bowl topsies…..

  40. @ Check it out

    You said and i quote “…..for her to have been able to pull his strings to do the horrible illegal things which you all accuse her of doing over six tears since she left the post?”

    A lesson in Idiocy 101.

    You go to a company and its HR officer appoints you to stock room clerk position.

    During your new job, the HR Manager asks you to let some stock drop off the truck and you, having been hired by the HR manager show how you have “pledged allegiance to your cuntry Bulbados and to its flag”

    The HR Manager goes overseas for a while, six years to be exact and you, since you are still stock room clerk and niggah wid de keys, continue to let stock drop off the truck since, no one checks on you until Inspector Bowen comes on the scene.

    Is that simple enough for you to understand or it is going to be necessary to simplify it further and let you know that even dogs show loyalty to their masters

    And just to show you how loyalty can sometimes migrate into fear, Sinckliar comment bout Mia and every man jack and woman, let loose pun “de buffalo”

    Mia, wiretap evey man jack phone en not even Owen had big enough balls to crush her for this illegal act.

    Irrespective of all the loyalty that bloggers might have for a particular party one thing that defines all we DLP or BLP botsie suckers is that we dread anyone who uses tactics that are befitting of the KGB and the Tonton Macoute and it is for this reason that evah body, including you, has reason to fear Mia Why you Bite Muh Po*ey Mottley

  41. PUDRYR
    Your brilliant submission above noted. Also noted is that we are not dealing with dogs and their masters here and whoever heard of loyalty between alleged crooks. You might add mutual blackmailing to your wishlist of possibilities but you have to get the proof to convince thinking people.

    If Mia is / was capable of doing what you are all accusing her of here, she deserves to be banished to somewhere beyond this solar system. But I think the proof for that lies somewhat beyond the allegorical case you put above. There have been no facts that have been put on the table so far that support a linkage in crime between the Politician, Opposition Politician and the Policeman.

    Get that linkage out in the open, prove it and I would be the first to vomit and congratulate you.

  42. Bushtea;

    You said yesterday;
    “Secondly, is it not OBVIOUS that once initially bound TOGETHER in illegality, even if Mia became a street sweeper, she would still hold sway over Dottin as long as he was CoP? …what would he do? …Ignore her requests for more information once she was in opposition? …..go and tell all to the current AG joker? ….Wuh um is only obvious that he would be COMMITTED to doing Mia’s bidding”

    Obvious to you from your exalted position of knowledge at the feet of the BBE but not to me.

    Assuming that the two of them were joined in the alleged mutual wrongdoing, Once Mia was not in a position to call the shots all he had to do was ignore her. There would be a stalemate. Mutual blackmailing would trump.

    And actually His position as CoP would be superior to hers in a matter of this sort where he could exploit his position and any vulnerabilities of hers to the fullest. Yuh tink he wud have been so stupid as not to wiretap her too? Whuh kind of idiot yuh tink he wud have been not tuh do dat?

  43. @Check it out

    This is why the DLP are the most incompetent brass bowls in our history for armed as they are with the evidence those brass bowls, instead of broadcasting it from every housetop and sinking the MAM ship choir to hide it

    But then again there are some conversations that the brass bowls are in and they fear the whiplash, conversations like Jones and he boyfriends and Sinckliar and he womens etc

    Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone

  44. PUDRYR;
    re. your 7.55 am piece. Wuhloss!

    So yuh now telling we dat Mia is doing the tapping on her own! Yuh abandon de scenario dat the CoP was doing de tapping for her?

    What a tangled web! So why would Mia need the CoP’s machine if she had one of her own, presumably since the left the chair in the AG’s office?

    The better and more believable story would be that there was one machine only. If Mia has the exclusive use of another machine provided by the CoP then there is actually no need for the CoP to have one with files devoted to politics. Mia could then have presumably done all the political files herself

    Looks like wunnah making it up as wunnyuh gine along.
    Why wunnah don’t get the new CoP to arrest Mia, obtain the Machine, get an expert to check it out, and if it pans out, charge her?

    This story is not believable and sounds like a typical DLP campaign of innuendos against someone they want to damage and demonise and render incapable of competing with them in the next elections.

    Yuh better wheel and come again. You tek over from Cammie Tudor?

  45. Mottley had some training workshops last weekend done by Alex McDonald, Ian Walcott, Sutherland’s wife.

    The idea was training people how to use the Social media.

    The message that she wants out there is that by March we will be in the IMF’s hands. What has caused some concern among many Bs is her telling them that that by January things will start to improve so they do not have much time to deliver a message of Gloom and Doom as pronounced by Mottley.

    Clearly some who are even staunch die hard B’s are seeing that she is prepared to damage this country at any cost to get what she wants that is POWER. And CONTROL of the Leadership of this island at all costs.

    All the while others are seriously wondering why Owen and Kerrie and Payne and Marshall and Forde and Bostic and Prescott and many others did not speak on the No-Confidence motion, maybe because there is a No Confidence motion of their own against the joker Mottley.

  46. Now remember this is the same Alex MacDonald who was recently FIRED from LIME and many have suggested his reason for being FIRED was because of his cooperation with Mottley with listening to people’s communications written or voice.

  47. @R T

    the more the monkey climb, the higher he does show he tail. U remember that it was stated that said alex pumped load of money into the political campaign against the suckoo woman and it was rumored that some went to peter wickham. the chips seem to falling into place. no wonder he was summarily dismissed.

  48. You hitting the nail on the head, he also used LIME money to buy a nomination for that sissy boy Abrahams.

  49. Rational Thinking | October 30, 2013 at 4:19 PM |

    Mottley had some training workshops last weekend done by Alex McDonald, Ian Walcott, Sutherland’s wife.

    The idea was training people how to use the Social media.
    NOBODY–NOBODY spoke on the Minister’s behalf
    That was a SHAME
    and the Government should be ashamed to call itself a Government of Barbados.
    Freundel Stuart
    Ronald Jones
    and the other ministers like Sealy , Dennis Lowe
    Darcy and advisers like Frank Alleyne, the lot of them must stop playing these Ugly political games. It is not funny

  50. New Blood …you need to get new transfusion because the last one you got you foolish as shoite. Leff Clint alone do! Because you are DLP yardfowl and can’t see straight you feel that no one could criticize your party? Why you didn’t tell your people to support MIA on the no confidence motion to get rid of Stinkliar. People like you would talk behind the scenes and grumble but when it comes to action yuh mout shut tight like fowl pooch!

  51. @ David | October 27, 2013 at 9:39 AM |
    “To you last comment the only leverage ordinary people have in a dysfunctional system is to hold the feet and hands of those in positions of authority to the fire. Let Mottley draw on her vast insight to what she knows went down to defend herself.”

    Mottley is not morally bound to defend herself. That job of defence has been pellucidly put and competently and effectively done by PM Stuart himself.
    You must recall that during the Parliamentary debate on the Integrity Legislation late last year, the same PM made it abundantly clear that none of the honourable sitting members of that august chamber has ever been involved in any acts of malfeasance while holding public office. He went to confirm that all sitting members are unquestionably entitled to exoneration from the many public scandals and allegations of corruption and wrong doing.

    What is being implied here is that the PM lied or failed to disclose knowledge of the wire tapping collusion between the former CoP and any member of the House.

    If it is the case the PM lied to or misled the House then your demands for further enquiry ought to be directed at the PM. The onus is on the accuser not the accused to prove guilt.
    The PM has already exonerated the accused party MAM. What do her accusers on this blog require? Her blood or the PM’s resignation?

    • @Miller

      She is not be morally bound but she is a politician and so is PM Stuart.

      On 30 October 2013 23:12, Barbados Underground

  52. David; So we accept dat all uh dem politicians liard and corrupt but we should only hold the feet to the fire of those in the party which does not find favour with us, individually?

  53. @island

    I left u to defend mia and her involvement in wire tapping. Help her with the pr strategy nuh. U the expert on everything.

  54. @miller

    u forget that morality and perception are two different things. In the eyes of a lot of Barbadians, she is nothing more than a scamp like u.

  55. Newblood …ya ole dogg…..yes i mean you……onions ready to masserate ya time and place…..ya hound dogg U…howlllllllllll ! Ready fa ya soon… but not tonite…..doah ..ah tired !

  56. @ newblood | October 30, 2013 at 7:54 PM |

    So the miller is a scamp!
    Well why can’t the miller defend Mia the same way your deceitful lying PM defended Leroy Greenverbs?
    If Leroy can be loftily described as a estimable gentleman and successful businessman despite being associated with fraud, money laundering and other rear guard dealings why can’t MAM be referred to as ‘Lady’ not of the night but of the people?

    Now let us see how you are going to defend the PM and his bosom pal La Fille LP.

  57. …….now they even got USA – Obama in hot water for wire tapping…..tell you boys and girls..soon these machines are going to be so portable (onBB)….you will have to go back to sending smoke signals to be private….

    I should tell all though…..they already are…LOL

  58. @onions

    yes I am what u say I am, and u r what I say u r, rotten onions that not even a dog will smell yah. How yah like dah.

  59. @rotten onions

    my job is not defend the pm. he can eloquently defend himself. Again, I am begging you to help mia with her pr exercise on this one, or u recognize that her balls have been squeezed to hard and there is no way out.

  60. stop wasting your breath on the wire tapping…. Im sure that if it went on under the B’s it will go on under the D’s.

  61. There is no turning back from here…… we can actually look forward to the use of satellites for intelligence and very soon too. 🙂
    The world is technology driven so if we don’t get in line we will be left behind, well further behind.
    So if you have things to hide, well……
    Terrorism is something that we all should be concerned about and don’t say that we shouldn’t be concerned about it because… (then u give some lame excuse why)
    As a matter of fact the world is small. what happens in Israel, Africa, Turkey can easily happen here.

  62. Im hearing that at one time St Vincent had more Barbadian currency circulating that E.C….. I wonder if its true?
    If it is though, we should be helping St Vincent with their policies because it meant that we are supporting St Vincent financially.
    In return we are getting weed, nuff weed.

  63. Anyone listened to the Minister of Finance he not long ago ?

    It is now abundantly clear not only the charge of Wire Tapping and Eavesdropping the only dishonest act she has been involved in but it is also being reported that Mottley has not been paying what is due to the VARIOUS office on both Pelican Football and her billings Four Seasons being one such case, now this is the same one who even while crying down the use of NIS funding for Four Seasons is the very same one and the first to draw her cheques from Four Seasons after the injection of the NIS Funds into the project, what are left to believe about this vicious woman beater and FRAUD and Vagabond oh let’s not forget that she is a Mottley do I need to say anything more ?

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