Can Barbados Export Services?

Clyde Mascoll was paid more than $32,000 to to prepare three speeches from 2010 to 2012 as a consultant.

Clyde Mascoll was paid more than $32,000 to to prepare three speeches from 2010 to 2012 as a consultant.

On an earlier blog the point was made that Barbados should be selling services given the high level of investment in education. The fact that we have been unable to do so suggest we have not done the job of educating our citizens for the global market.   The irony is that we are being beaten out of the unskilled jobs as well offered by the Canadian farm labour program similar opportunities.

In the same way the country remains in a tizzy as to the correct approach to take to give impetus to the agriculture sector to bring a level of food security.  The fact that we are churning out grads with a mindset that to earn their way in the world they must work for organizations, what conclusion can we make. Barbados does not have a significant entrepreneurial class. BU goes as far as to suggest that the self employed class is not highly regarded.

The few consultants we have can we say they represent a pioneering breed? Is there an opportunity for other Barbadians to follow? These are questions Barbadians have to answer. Why do we educate ourselves – in the case of Barbados – allocate a significant percentage of the national budget to education, if the output will not generate contribution to GDP. The fact that we have to ask the question maybe an indictment already.

Despite the pessimistic outlook as to where Barbados finds itself to earn its way in the world, BU was pleased to read of two Barbadian consultants blazing a trail.

For example, government hired a pair of Barbadians to provide communications services. The Ministry of Public Finance paid former Barbados minister Clyde Mascoll more than $32,000 to prepare three speeches from 2010 to 2012, including a “Strategic Policy Statement for Premier” in December 2010, as well as budget speeches in June 2011 and 2012.

Before that, Cabinet paid communications consultant Reudon Eversley, a former editor of the Barbados Advocate, more than $97,000 from February 2008 to May 2009. Cabinet provided copies of Mr. Eversley’s contracts (being the only entity to provide copies of consultant contracts), which showed that he was tasked with putting together and implementing “a communication strategy with the aims of creating a virtual omnipresence that will give constant high visibility to the work government is doing”.

Further, “The approach will focus on identifying credible media contacts, who are friendly with government and working closely with them. At the same time, a plan will be put in place to counter hostile communication which deliberately seeks to undermine the government’s record.”

Additionally, the website of Mr. Eversley’s firm May Hinds Consulting says that Mr. Eversley “fine-tuned the core message that drove the campaign on constitutional modernization” and “authored almost every major policy statement delivered by the leader of government business”  (CayCompass)


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  1. @ David [BU]

    There is nothing wrong with being the writer and communications specialist for any grouping for a fee. It is an honorable profession and from time to time I have been begging Vivianne to get a piece (no, not of dat tingy) a pick at de Nation.

    In the real world we have advocacy and lobbying groups that are paid to do the same thing so it is an honorable job, albeit what is written is in many cases a figment of the imagination.

    Now to the issue of exporting services. There are a few guys who use both virtual and physical distribution channels to make some significant money for themselves. I can name a few but I don’t know what they are reporting at Inland Revenue so I shall remain quiet.

    The fact is that very few on either side of the divide can think outside the box so, saddled with the visionless for the 30 years we are like an airplane where the pilots put the craft on autopilot and parachuted to the safety of the USA or are now safe in the arms of Our Lord or the other fellow that Barney does talk bout so fluently

  2. Until we understand the word “TIMELY” and “PROMPT” we will remain where we are. And I forgot the word “COURTEOUS”!

  3. The sticking point for BU which is open for challenge is whether we have a cadre of professionals on the shelve who just need to market themselves regionally or are they not trained in areas that would make them competitive.

  4. The problem is we have many consultants advising people and don’t have field experience. That is the biggest problem hindering our so called “Experts”.

  5. Any Jack ass can devise a policy … Any Jack ass can say things like “Barbadians need to produce more” and “Barbadians need to earn their way in the world” and “Barbadians need to consider entrepreneurial exploit as a career” … and so on, but the problem is as always in the implementation.

    Secondly the types of services that Barbados may want to offer to the rest of the world, the rest of the world can quite readily provide for itself. (Of course lawyers work predominantly in a domestic space which they have ensured is protected). Interestingly enough Cheltenham made a comment about Bree after his passing, that is hard to let go of and that was that Bree practiced “difficult law” which was not what the rest of the group engaged in. Bree, I believe was an expert on law of the sea, or something like that.

    And thirdly and organization that requires a public relation specialist at great expense is an organization that has quite a bit to hide.

  6. Baf………….Maritime Law, big in the international world…………..very difficult to find a way to steal, may not be so popular in Bim among the lawyers.

  7. “The Ministry of Public Finance paid to former minister, Mr Clyde Mascoll, more than $ 32 000 to prepare three speeches from 20010 to 2012, including a Strategic Policy Statement for Premier (who??) in December 2010, as well as budget speeches in June 2011 and 2012”

    In whose government of which country did such happen?.


  8. Well Well

    You over and away so you can’ partake of this freeness tonight … The NIS annual do .. This time they have invited a gentle to speak who has found the US money to buy a paint mekkin’ plant in Eastern Europe to mek paint to sell back to Bajans … I bet you before the end of the night some jack ass gun get up and try to turn this man into a hero or some shite … I like he for one thing, and that is that he thinks big, I however obviously, irrespective of all of the business talk that one would use to create and argument in defense, do like wha’ he went and do …

  9. Baf…………these ministers like to jump up and arm these white guys with the tools to patent everything in Bim, let’s hope they check with Interpol before the week is out and see who he has already scammed, is currently scamming or is about to scam……………., we already know the people in Bim will get scammed for sure, thanks to the government.

  10. No no .. I ain’ saying that this man is a scam, not at all. Far from it, I just don’ like wah he gone and do … Barbados is NOT a society, it is a market …!

  11. Baf……………you gotta remember this guy is doing it in his best interest, not yours or anyone else’s in Bim………… he don’t really care if you like what he has done or not, he is doing it in his best interest, Barbados be damned.

  12. If this person was able to raise money to buy a paint company with projected sales in Barbados. This is the guy you need for prime minister of the island .From what I have seen most bajans think concrete is a color. Even if the guy was giving the paint away free, he probably would be still up to something.

  13. Baf……………check out this link, I am sure the government was saying this guy was the greatest thing is money as well, look what he did, scammed all of them…………,d.aWM

  14. Baf…………..this is at the heart of the SEC allegations……..”8000inc will be opening a store at the upscale West Coast development Limegrove later this year, and Bryant said ten per cent of every dollar spent in the shop will go towards the sports he supports. “

  15. Word travels really fast out here, and all these guys need to hear is that the governments in the Caribbean will let them do anything and will automatically assume they are millionaire or billionaires, it is already known that they do not want to use their own brains to come up with ways to make things better for their own people, so these guys take the next plane out of Europe or the US and work on the politicians, it’s that easy, people on the island only find out when the international agencies start looking for the conmen and it’s in the newspapers or online.

  16. I don’t see that exporting services from Barbados would be beneficial and or would save it from demise, not consulting. It should just consider exporting a product, not sugar or rum simply because other caribbean countries produces products of the same. Here is an idea, a good one – better than exporting services. Start a business and sell franchises. All of the following are sucessful business that sell franchises: McDona. All are Americian, but here is a Canadian one, Tim Hortons, etc.

  17. Successful American business that sell franchises: McDonald’s, Starbucks Coffee and 7-Eleven. Here is a Canadian one, Tim Horton’s Inc.

  18. Look………….They can try franchises, but i don’t know if they are hooked on coffee as North Americans, gotta factor in a lot, maybe a Tim Hortons like scenario that will appeal to Bajans taste………….there is also Timmys.

  19. Sell franchises??? to whom???? What kind of standards will we implement when we ent got none??? This is the biggest joke of the night ROFLMAO. Lawd BU does attract some real jokers! LOLL How about Chefette? How about Legendary fish cakes???? How about chicken Barn???? How about Unlucky Horse shoe?????

  20. Here is yet another good idea, better than exporting services and of course, better than Owen Arthur’s idea of those Nigerian water heaters. [If] Barbados does indeed have unique bushes that grow only in Barbados, they could export the bush or bulb from those bushes for landscaping purposes. The Netherlands (Holland) has exported bublbs for years.

  21. David,

    It is appreciated that you drew to our attention the link.

    Anyhow, though, while it is idiomatic to speak about selling services in the context of business language communications, the philosophical logical truth is that services cannot be bought, sold, or leased by any person or any entity from or to any person or anybody in Barbados (plural variables too).

    Whereas one can visualise the movement, the motioning of property from one person or a group of persons, to another person or a group of persons (plurals too), and at the same time can thus be visualising the parallelling of the concept of the selling of property, the same thing cannot be said about services, fundamentally because services are not tangibles.

    Therefore services cannot be bought, sold or leased by one person or a group of persons, from or to another person or group of persons (plurals too), fundamentally because there is no visualising of services ever being taken up, moved and motioned around from various individuals to other individuals.

    As a matter of fact, for us, “a service is the application or use of the human hands, or any other relevant parts of the human physical body/senses, or any parts of machines, or electronics, or vehicles, etc, or the whole of them, or any combination of any parts or wholes of the aforementioned, by given persons, machines, electronics, vehicles, etc., in the process of the providing for, in the facilitating of, in the use of, or of the using itself of things already made/not fully made/provided, or of there being in the process of being made/not fully made/provided, in any circumstance, in any place, in between those, in Barbados or the wider world, as aspects in the process of the achievement of what ever ends .”

    For us, too, there is a classification of services, and with regard to every sectoral market activity in Barbados, there are almost 100 per cent services involved in such activities. Hence, there are social services, political services, foreign affairs services, productive services, commercial services, administrative/managerial services, and financial services, across the country.

    What has however been happening in Barbados and to the greatest disadvantage possible of Barbados’s further growth and development is that there is a fundamental imbalance in the context of social services, political services, foreign affairs services (imports incl ), administrative/managerial services, and financial services, being far too many and too burdensome in relationship to the productive services and commercial services and foreign affairs services ( exports incl) to carry them along in this country.


  22. I can see some of these experts have no field experience and giving advice bout hey. Unique Bushes???? ….Bushie dem want to export you LOLLL Bulbs??? We could barely grow anything in our thin top soil and talk bout exporting??? Barbados is not the only tropical island in this world you know. Many have more interesting and larger quantities and have more fertile soil and more rainfall. Let us get real folks! Youent read what Dr. Love said about the gingers?

  23. Look…………..everyone of your ideas will be shot down, don’t you see starting with the government, most of the people in Bim have resigned themselves to just waiting for another con artist to come out of Europe or North American with well defined scams to just bleed the island dry, that is what they are used to and have no intentions to deviate from their fates, not unlike well ‘seasoned slaves’ (Yagga Rowe, i like that one)……….then there are the vampires and parasites on the island who are allowed by government to suck all the blood they need from the island’s people……..these people will not be ready until most of them have died off and a new mindset is born.

  24. Well Well. . . . . . don’t care that my suggestions or accepted or rejected. I don’t live there, never have and never will. My country, somewhere on the North American Continent will live a long time. Unlike Barbados, my country is NOT terminally ill and or on its death bed.

  25. “I don’t live there, never have and never will. My country, somewhere on the North American Continent will live a long time.”

    And yet you are trying to give “Expert Advice”. Stay to fcuk away!

  26. Look………….don’t forget to keep sending aid loans and grants so that the islandrat can survive, it’s taxpayers money that gets sent over to Bim you know.

  27. The IslandRat has a very short attention span and don’t realize it is still dependent and will need aid for a long time because of the “WE CAN’T” attitude.

  28. The IslandRat and others like her is mainly the reason for that country’s imminent demise. – don’t know nothing and can’t do nothing but bark shit – FROM THE MOUTH

  29. Isn’t it truly amazing how these peoples who reside over an away claiming they are sooo educated and successful have so much time on their hands to be here on BU every hour of the day seven days a week dishing out advice on how we must do things and don’t even wuk nor live here? They come in here pretending to be high above and better off and then making erroneous statements about a person’s livelihood. I truly live in a paradise, I grow my fruit and plants, I have created a sanctuary many only dream of owning and yet these fcukers have this notion that they are better than us. I don’t take handouts nor do I beg anyone for anything yet they come with this superior air that they are responsible for my welfare. I have five words for those uppity Brass Bowls….” KISS MY BEAUTIFUL BLACK BRASS BOWL” !

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