What Manner of Men Are Peter and Thomas Harris?

Barbadians who know the Grant family were shocked to learn in April of 2012 that they were charged with the theft of over $1/2 million dollars. The alleged criminal act is reported to have taken place at the Sandy Crest Medical Centre in St. James.  Bail was posted at $250,000.00 for each of the accused, with two sureties. Regrettably Carole-Anne Grant, the matriarch, has since passed no doubt as a result of the tremendous stress the matter had placed on her health.

And why was BU shocked? The conceptualization of Sandy Crest was entirely done by Dr. Malcolm Grant in 2003. The Grants – husband and wife team – later approached Dr. Brian Charles and as they say the rest is history. After several years of a happy partnership both the business and social relationship soured.

The alleged facts of the case are as follows:

Mr. Peter Harris was invited by Dr. Grant and his wife to set up the radiology department at Sandy Crest, primarily because:

  1. They considered him a close and trusted family friend;
  2. Mr. Harris and his family owned Diagnostic Radiology Services;
  3. The emergency physicians invited by the Grants to participate in the Sandy Crest project, stressed the importance of having CT, X-Ray and Ultrasound capabilities at their disposal;
  4. Mr. Harris seemed to have access to the over BBD2 million that was going to be needed to get the Sandy Crest radiology facility off the ground;
  5. Mr. Harris had the potential to drive a lot of business in the direction of Sandy Crest;
  6. He (Harris) was then regarded as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs around

Mr. Peter Harris quickly accepted the invitation from the Grants to set up the radiology services at Sandy Crest. He incorporated this company as Teleradiology Inc. Mr. Harris’ company was essentially a tenant of Sandy Crest.

BU understands, that while allegedly unknown to the Grants, Mr. Harris in the interim offered key shareholders/directors of Sandy Crest very concessionary insurance premiums re their cars and houses.

BU checks reveal that Mr. Peter Harris has since replaced Dr.  Grant as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sandy Crest. And it is alleged that, in spite of the fact that Dr. Grant owns 18.5% of the shares in Sandy Crest, Mr. Harris has made certain that Dr. Grant’s shareholding is not represented on the Sandy Crest board of directors in defiance of the provisions of the Companies Act Cap. 308 of Barbados Sections 228 to 235 – which means that the allegation is that Dr Grant’s shareholding is being oppressed.

Further more BU was reliably informed that in October 2012, Knights Pharmacy, who was a tenant of Sandy Crest from the day it opened, August 6, 2005, was evicted from the Sandy Crest building. The space was taken over by Healthsmart Pharmacy, a pharmacy jointly owned by Mr. Peter Harris and Dr. Brian Charles.

Once, allegedly, the Grants were awakened to the true nature of Mr. Peter Harris’ modus operandi, a significant rift developed between the Harris and Grant families.

Besides the fact that this matter has up to now disrupted the Grant family, it may be about to get worst. The BU household has ALWAYS placed the needs and wants of the family unit at the top of the pile. Whenever there is a disagreement between adults the BU household has unwaveringly subscribed to the view that children should be protected.

News reaching BU that Rebecca Harris, the claimant, and a minor suing by her father and next friend Thomas Harris (Peter Harris’ brother) Chelsie Grant (a minor and the defendant), has awakened all the emotions which any responsible parent should possess. Can you imagine when an aledged spat occurred between Rebecca and Chelsie occurred they were 16 and 14 years old respectively? What manner of parent (family) will preside over such an occurrence instead of reaching out to a mediator, and for the children’s sake, attempt to reconcile any and all outstanding differences?

BU must confess we are sympathetic to the Grants. The ruthless characteristics of the Harris’ are not unknown to the BU household. Even if one concedes that to be ruthless is a prerequisite quality of the modern businessman, it does not explain why a child who is a minor and about to do her CAPE exams, should be dragged through a court system not equipped to efficiently treat with family matters.

The case is currently pending case management (scheduling) and the BU household is optimistically expectant that the innate parental characteristic of a parent to protect their offspring will prevail. Our best advice to the parent of the Claimant is to agree to take this matter to mediation for the sake of the children.

BU will continue to observe this matter.

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  1. Do not let you-self get tie up, Malcolm is a selfish ass when he’s ready… Do you know his mother is in St Vincent and dying slowly of Alzheimer’s and he’s yet to pay her a visit since she was diagnosed? He is a lying & scheming piece of shyt – I bet he left out a good chunk from the pestle so look for some real reading glasses before you pour a cup of Simple-Tea for this conniver!

  2. I once met a business man who told about a friend who who treated very similarly by Peter Harris. I listened but the facts here seem too close to what took place. In fact when Peter Harris had finished with the company; this man’s friend still owed nearly 400,000 dollars which he would have paid off by now. Does he still own the building in Warrens. How is his insurance doing.

  3. You know very little(if anything at all) about the Harris family but you are quiet willing to drag their name through the mud.

    Need I say any more?

  4. This is cock fight … no place fah a roach … But I gun’ say that anybody who makes a profit out of the provision of health care, particularly one who has not even bothered to be trained in the discipline is someone to be scorned …

  5. BAF
    His mother (Peter) is a trained in the area of diagnostic medicine. She is a fine physician. But I believe this thread is about his business practices.

  6. @David the Blogmaster “for the children’s sake, attempt to reconcile any and all outstanding differences?”

    Alas sometimes it is impossible to reconcile differences.

    Ask any divorced parent.

    Ask any DJ.

  7. And David another thing Never mix business and pleasure no matter how much you are tempted to do so.

    Keep your business life separate from your family life.

    Do NOT introduce your children to your business partner’s children. Your business partners children are NOT your friends. They are simply the children of your business partner. Do not offer or accept to be the godparents of your business partner’s children. Find a nice church lady with no business interest, but with a deep spiritual interest to be god parent. etc.

    Keep business meetings at the business place. Or in a public place like a quiet restaurant.

    Do NOT hold business meetings at home.

    So if the business relationship breaks up, your family is untouched (except perhaps financially)

  8. @Simple Simon

    You try mediation, the court is the last resort.

    Finally the rule of NEVER dragging children into adults fight stands.

    PS. Leave DJ out of it please.

  9. There are many sides to people and many will see the side they want to see. It all depends on whose friend you are.

  10. Wait Simple Simon you hiring a DJ? Why would David want to leave the DJ outta de fete? He got connections?

  11. @ David the blogmaster “Mr. Harris had the potential to drive a lot of business in the direction of Sandy Crest;”

    Why was Mr. Harris seen as having this potential. Does he have more access to more sick people than the average Bajan? In other words where was he going to find these people who needed radiology services and who are willing and able to pay expensively for them.

    Sandy Crest is there but I’ve never used it myself. I feel that if I pay X-amounka taxes each year the QEH HAS TO look after me. That is what my taxes are for.

  12. @Hypocritic Oaf | April 1, 2013 at 7:27 PM ..”Do not let you-self get tie up, Malcolm is a selfish ass when he’s ready… Do you know his mother is in St Vincent and dying slowly of Alzheimer’s and he’s yet to pay her a visit since she was diagnosed? ”

    Dear Hypocritic Oaf: The more important question is when YOU are sick and dying of Alzheimer’s WILL YOUR CHILDREN VISIT YOU?


    I thought that you would not be able to answer that one.

  13. @ Baffy,

    Sometimes Baffy you will kick the ball clear past the goal bars.

    If i am to follow your seemingly acerbic comment that is directed at Peter that would mean that people who are investing in businesses that they are not practitioners in, are, because of their frugality and alacrity, to be scorned.

    So for example if i have shares in American Airlines or Barbados National Bank (whuloss Sincliar done sell dat) i am to be scorned because i am not a pilot nor a banker??

    Leave the 110% proof drinks alone around 7.30 in the evening.

    At what percentage shareholding is one to permit an astute investor license to invest in a lucrative investment? 10%, 20% what is acceptable?

    Suppose that the author of the company you are investing in is not a good financial manager would you not seek to safeguard your investment by any sensible, legal means available? The children of the said investor may consequently be hurt in the crossfire.

    What is the asset base of the company? Did Peter’s $2M make him the majority shareholder just by virtue of the size of his investment?

    When Manning Wilkinson and Chanellor bought out the dealership in Amana air conditioners from the black man in Diamond Towers by the careenage in 1977/8 many would say that this was a sage investment by the then conglomerate MWC but let a little black boy (is Peter black or coolie/dugula) come to the point where his building is on the skyrise in Warrens among de white boys, Bruce is a white boy you know, and acquiring investments and his seeking to have a controlling interest in business he invests in becomes the Unforgivable Sin.

    Next thing you going tell me is that the investors who took the major shareholding in TriMart/Neville Rowe were unforgivable men because (i) they were not food merchandisers and (ii) they became the major stockholders in a business owned by a “poor black man” who started his empire in Baxters Road aand St Michael’s Row selling pampers and Elasta Curl .

    Peter is not a simplistic moron who can be hoodwinked by the various con men out there. He came from small beginnings (remember Cheapside Road and United Insurance and the other big boys trying to destroy him and Bruce?))

    He is entitled to his place in the sun.

  14. Mr. Grant would have OBVIOUSLY had to surrender his passport to the law courts. For over a year now. How is one supposed to travel without the appropriate travel documents? Can Hypocritic Oaf answer such a simple question?

  15. Dear pieceuhderockyeahright from David’s article it seems as though Peter Harris was never a shareholder in Sandy Crest. He seemed to be a tenant of the business and was in the right place at the right time which allowed him to take advantage kof a situation. It also seems that he aand his family have their daggers drawn for the Grant family.

  16. Many years ago I had an old neck injury was in acute pain. I went to a certain doctor’s office that had opened recently in Maxwell which was closer than my regular doctor. The receptionist told me that the doctor hadn’t come in as yet and he was due in few minutes. After waiting for some fifteen minutes, she saw that I was in severe pain and crying so she called the doctor. The doctor wanted to speak to me so the young lady handed me the phone. The doctor asked if I had been to him before and I told him no, I told him that I was in severe pain, he then asked to speak to his receptionist. He told the receptionist that he can’t leave his home and that I will have to wait till he gets there. She looked surprised and told me what he had said. I left barely able to walk and drive and went to another doctor at a clinic further down the road. There I was ushered in and given an injection by a kindly doctor. I never went back to that first doctor and I will never forget his name.

  17. I have been to Sandy Crest on several occasions with members of my family. It is a very convenient for people who live in the North who need emergency treatment. They are expensive especially if you go there after midnight, but are kept very busy. Service is very good but expensive. If you have insurance it helps.

  18. @islandgal

    This is a serious matter which highlights the involvement of minors (at the time) in our courts because of the actions of adults. Although your encounter is to be regretted it is a generalisation and many reasons may explain away the matter.

  19. “Once, allegedly, the Grants were awakened to the true nature of Mr. Peter Harris’ modus operandi, a significant rift developed between the Harris and Grant families”

    David you may have to turn that statement around.

  20. Lest we forget the issue here is about the willingness of parents to get children involved in big people affairs. In fact it is no less barbaric than what was witnessed on a video last week.

  21. Children have no right in big people’s business, children’s work is to play and they should be allowed to play.

  22. islandgurl please elaborate, “Children have no right in big people’s business, children’s work is to play and they should be allowed to play.”

  23. BU apologise for the quality of the Thomas Harris picture. It is an old picture of him on the golf course. It appears he and the DPP have something in common.

  24. Dear David:

    Did Rebecca and Chelsie see or hear or know something that affects the business? Is the court interested in what Rebecca and or Chelsie may have seen or heard or may know?

    Are you suggesting David that 14 and 16 year olds should not be required to testify in criminal or civil in court?

    But David 14 and 16 year olds are required by law to testify in courts all the time, and this is so all over the world. If fact I believe that in Barbados children as young as 12 can be sworn to testify in court. And indeed can be compelled to testify.

  25. Children repeat what they hear/overhear from their parents. Could this be a case of one pot calling the coal pot blarker? Sorry Coal Pot ….I doan mean yuh!

  26. @”David “Carole-Anne Grant, the matriarch”

    David I don’t know if you can call a 40 something woman a matriarch, but anyway you guh long

  27. What we need to be doing as parents and adults is to encourage the Claimant (Thomas Harris) to explore alternative dispute methods as a first option.

  28. pieceuhderockyeahright

    A leech is a leech a’ight. Barbadians need people to Exploit their every NEED like they need a whole in the head. Your blued eyed campaigner should try exploiting other people in the world, in Korea or Afghanistan and earn some foreign exchange rather than tagging on to a miniscule population that should really be provided with an ALL encompassing health care facility. Health should be kept away from the sharks … Goal posts, my ass

  29. I mean Christ, I just don’ get it. There are those who exploits Barbadians, make them pay dearly for a service that they NEED, and the same Barbadians are to be expected to react with awe and reverence. These people will have NO legacy for they would have created nothing, developed nothing and left nothing of lasting significance …!

  30. adr shhould be explored as a first option, and only if such has failed,it should end up in court.

  31. Simple Simon | April 1, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    Great advice.

    In other words don’t ever mix business with pleasure, I am sure that we have all heard that before and we ignore it at our own risk.

  32. This article is typical DAVID, he is backing the Grants and he refuses to let the truth get in the way.

    As far as he is concerned there is only one side to this story. He sought out the worst photos of the Thomas clan to use as well hoping this will put them in an even worst light.

    It is a good thing that the Justice system does not work like DAVID otherwise a lot of us would be lock up.

  33. Obviously as individuals our experiences in life combine/forge to build our character. One of the experiences which stand out for the BU household is in 2007 when then Minister Noel Lynch agreed to do a Sunday morning interview only if another invited to VoB the same morning sat in a different studio/location.

    It records in the BU household as one of the most embarrassing moments for Barbadians or it should have been anyway. It is one of the reasons BU was given impetus.

    Sometimes we forget how important and precious is the right to speak and share views to keep a democracy alive. We trivialise and sometimes it leads to losing it.

    Some commenters often question our patience. It is not difficult to be patience once one understands what is our purpose in life.

  34. A leech is a leech…………..sucking up all that insurance money at CGI and then fighting not to pay out for valid personal injury claims does not make anyone a suitable candidate as a saint, even if Peter and family came from humble beginnings. I remember Carole Grant, did not know she had passed, oh the days when the St. Ursula’s (ursuline convent) clan used to suck up to her and hubby, they were on top of the world, while she looked down her nose at others, how times change. These people were a closely knit clan, their children schooled together played together, they were inseparable, however, when it hits the fan, obviously the kiddies will also be able to testify, cause you can guarantee they know everything. I don’t know how completely the people in Bim understand the mental dynamics of the wannabes.

  35. @islandgal246 DJ was married to Grant’s wife and she was also married to Danny Evelyn (bro to Jeff of Polo & Security fame), she played Lah De Dah but was like left hand side of bus

  36. Hypo……….when a mother disowns her own child by saying it is her sister should send warning bells to those around her.

  37. @ David [BU]

    I really dont know what support some of us can give David.

    There are numerous legendary squabbles over estates and assets left by parents who died intestate. Sometimes people even go so far as to declare the will invalid for numerous reasons, some of which contrived.

    While squabbles between siblings is not the most desirable thing for any family barring a plea to the parties in question, the recent incident in which a twin is purported to have been involved in the death of her sister should shed some perspective on the extremes to which people, family, is/are prepared to go to get what is rightfully another’s.

    The proverbial bowl of pottage for one’s birthright is as old as the hills and while i sympathize with the fact that they are just children we too have seen our share of inappropriate behaviour meted out to children.

  38. @ Baffy

    What sort of car do you drive?

    In my heyday, i used to drive a Mercedes Benz 300 SL. I got it by pure luck but it was, to all intents and purposes, a classic ride.

    My point is simple. No one is twisting your arm Baffy to go to Sandy Crest and pay the (exorbitant) prices that pensioners like me cant afford.

    Your remark about “pay(ing) dearly for a service that they need?.. is another left field shot that misses the goal cause the last time I checked, Sandy Crest was off the main road in Holetown on one’s way to the free Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

    Peter doesn’t force anyone to turn left/right off the main road and go there.

    It is a matter of choice to drive a lamborghini or a ZR, as long as you have the wherewithal you are allowed to choose what you want.

    Unless during the night GOD dies and you are now his Pope Benedict in Bridgetown. (You are an atheist aren’t you??) I think that you have a gripe with Peter.

    Democracy and capitalism at work for you.

  39. As to David’s concern about the children’s well being and continued state of mind………….these kids were raised by, swam and played with sharks, all they will need is lots of band-aid………….children are more resilient than we give them credit for………

  40. What are the chances of a name change from hindu to anglo-saxon have on the mind of an innocent child.Some folk wear their burden concealed but their action speak of untold hate and spite.They live an unfulfilled life and hath not charity.Go back to the 70’s.Recall some name changes.

  41. @ BAF
    But Baffy these are the ‘pretty’ hair boys, on both sides, that the culture exalts. Why would you thinks these people would want to treat ordinary Bajans with a degree of care? Why would they not want to see the working class bajans as centres of profit? Wuh, you were in slavery for longer than you were ‘free’ and never got back pay and will never be paid. So nobody has to think that this was/is wrong. But Baf, is it not you who has suborn a culture in Barbados that detests anything African (smile). On the other hand they know well the insecurities we have, as a people. They know that they looks give them a certain social class status, even if they have no real money, or hungry. The so-called curly hair boys have benefited from social Apartheid from birth, in Barbados. They know that the white people would prefer to deal with them than a man like you Baf (smile). They know that the political elites, on both sides, see them as possible benefactors of political largesse. And your own women Baffy, think that they are more desirable than you (smile). What we talking about again?

  42. Pacha ..

    Ha ha ha Wah we talkin’ about again … HA HA HA. My hair curly … Tek dah ! 🙂

    Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!!

    I aint got nah beef wif you so I gun mek this short. The past Min of Health, still a very influential figure in the current administration is hell bent on forging a relationship between the Government of Barbados (QEH) and Mr. Harris. So whether I pass Sandy Crest or not with my 15 yo Corola, I will soon still NOT be excluded from paying money into Harris’s coffers. Time to ease up on my batting …no?

  43. Hands on both sides were not clean so no one is a winner here. The truth is buried and will never be told.

  44. Blacks in Bim tend to encourage the social apartheid, people will only continue to do what you allow them and for how long you allow them to do it.

  45. @well well

    Don’t you find it amazing that we show outrage at a girl from the hood getting slapped around with a 2×4 but children being abused psychologically in a situation is not given the same weight? As far as you and others are concerned they are use to it so what?

  46. David, don’t know if you noticed but I made absolutely no comment on the beating of the teenager by her Mom…………there were too many variables involved. However, knowing personally of the psychological damage already done to these particular kids from small and the environments in which they were raised that others tend to be so envious of……………this particularly damage that you are seeing and is so concerned about is a drop in the bucket to what they have already experienced by being taught that they were privileged, above it all and better than the average human on the island.

  47. @David the blog master “when then Minister Noel Lynch agreed to do a Sunday morning interview only if another invited to VoB the same morning sat in a different studio/location….It records in the BU household as one of the most embarrassing moments for Barbadians”

    David sensible Bajans were not embarrassed by this. Noel Lynch was only showing exactly who he is and subsequently the people showed him who is BOSS.

  48. @Hypocritic Oaf “she played Lah De Dah but was like left hand side of bus”

    Is it that every mounts the bus from the left hand side/

  49. @David
    Don’t you find it amazing that we show outrage at a girl from the hood getting slapped around with a 2×4 but children being abused psychologically in a situation is not given the same weight? As far as you and others are concerned they are use to it so what?
    It was relatively simple to comment on the issue about the physical abuse that the young girl suffered at the hands of her mother as it was in your face for all to see. I can’t seem to get the gist of this issue but from the comments here some people seem to know the characters and have the “inside dope” and rather than embarrass members of their tightly knit circle of associates they are closing ranks.

  50. @David the blogmaster “Barbadians who know the Grant family were shocked to learn in April of 2012 that they were charged with the theft of over $1/2 million dollars.”

    David I met Carole Grant twice and I detected a certain falseness, a certain lack of integrity. Honestly she creeped me out. I was not at all surprised to hear that she was charged with theft, and when she committed suicide I was not surprised either.

    I’ve never met Carole’s husband. and I’ve never met any of the Harrisses.

  51. And David if the children need a psychiatrist to deal with their mother’s death (and all children love and mourn their mothers) I believe that the family can afford to pay the going rate of $100 per hour. $100 per hour is what I pay, so I know.

    Sandy Crest has been charging in the region of $100 per hour for years and years, or so I have been told. If the Grant family has to pay $100 per hour for any service what is the big deal.

    He!! I have to pay my gardener man $33 per hour.x 3 hours x 52 times a year, just for a garden. Spending $100 per hour on a child is nothing.

  52. David hostile takeovers in business is not that unusual. In fact I would say that if you have a successful business you should always be on the alert to see who is working at taking over your successful business.

    • @Simple Simon

      Your fixation with attacking a dead person is unfortunate. You are all over the place.

  53. David you do not know the true story behind this business and if the truth comes out it will shock you! Since this matter has not gone to court as yet perhaps it is best to let it rest.

  54. Also David remember the accused were allowed to leave the courts through the back door and not allowed to face the public and press. If that was Johnny Nobody they would have never been given that privilege.

  55. @islandgal246 | April 1, 2013 at 9:44 PM |
    “… It is a very convenient for people who live in the North who need emergency treatment. They are expensive especially if you go there after midnight, but are kept very busy.”

    that is fine but there are cases when patients still have to go to QEH from there and there is a very thin line between life and death, it becomes thinner due to the time it takes to traverse from there to QEH. i lost a relative who suffered heart attack, she went there because it was much nearer but when they realized the enormity of the situation, she had to go to QEH, she died when she got to QEH, if she had gone there from the beginning, she probably would have been alive today

  56. @Pinkie | April 3, 2013 at 10:13 AM

    Just maybe, if she had gone to Sparman Clinic instead of QEH she might also be still alive today.

  57. i wish someone could enlighten me…do i understand correctly that these 2 kids are really sisters or some relation? do i also understand that one of the parties produced a child which they produced to the world as a sibling? i am trying to really understand what this fracas is about but it seems that many of u here know the truth but are still hiding it.

  58. i do not know about Sparman since a work mate related a very serious and negative experience with Sparman

  59. Rameses Caddle brought indian doctors from the indian sub continent to work in the QEH,when he was Minister of Health because he was trained as a doctor in India.Bajans did not take well to the Indian doctors and found it difficult to get past the names,so somebody decide to change their Indian names and adopt the name Harris.De rest is history but be told they ‘en born hey,jes like miz ram ‘n dem.

  60. David the blogmaster April 3, 2013 at 12:54 AM “David “Your fixation with attacking a dead person is unfortunate.”

    It is not a fixation, and it is not an attack.

    I just mentioned my observations having met one of the people, and taking into account your statement “Barbadians who know the Grant family were shocked to learn in April of 2012 that they were charged with the theft of over $1/2 million dollars. ”

    It was not me who put the issue in the public domain. It was you and other media.

    I simply stated that having met one of the people, and being an astute observer of human behaviour I was NOT shocked.

  61. David……………..I understand your deep concern for these children, i wish that concern was just as deep coming from their own relatives, but that is what you get with shallow people. Unless or until their own relatives realize the magnitude of the damage they themselves inflicted on these kids and try to remedy the destruction…………there is very little else anyone of us can do but to continue to observe and shake our heads.

  62. I tell people that everything in Barbados is politics. Some don’t believe me But it is true.

    Over the years the blog owner has tried unsuccessfully to damage the good name of the Harrises. He perceives them of being big supporters of the DLP. Hence his continuing mission against them.

    This foolishness which he has now come up with under the guise of ” de children” will not fool anyone but BLP supporters. I have known Thomas Harris for many years and he and his family are outstanding citizens of our country. I wish that they were more like them in Barbados.

    I will side with the Harris family on this issue. They are not the villains that the blog owner would have us believe(plus we know that he is always wrong). He is simply trying his best to damage the reputation of these fine people and he must not be allowed to get away with it. He is hoping that he can do the BLP a big favour by killing two birds with one stone. That is destroy the Harrises and at the same time remove a large pillar of support for the DLP. But it is not going to work.

    The blog owner has to wheel and come again, his plot will fail.

  63. @”Further more BU was reliably informed that in October 2012, Knights Pharmacy… was evicted from the Sandy Crest building. The space was taken over by Healthsmart Pharmacy, a pharmacy jointly owned by Mr. Peter Harris and Dr. Brian Charles.”

    It troubles me when doctor’s own pharmacies. I can understand why they would want to own pharmacies… After all why not get both ends of the business. Earn money from diagnosing the patient.. Earn money from having him buy medicine from your pharmacy.

    But has anybody especially the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP), the Ministry of Health, and or the Fair Trading Commission asked whether this practice is in the best interest of the patients?

    After all the Hypocratic Oath still says “first do ye no harm” not “first get as rich as quick as possible”

    Hasn’t anybody asked whether some doctors/pharmacy owners might be tempted to over-prescribe, or to prescribe the most expensive medicine?

    Aren’t we worried that even while this practice might enrich doctors it will drive up the cost of medical care in Barbados?

    Aren’t we worried that we are all becoming too in love with the American model of medical care, which even while it provides leading edge care for highly complex medical issues, is also hugely expensive, much more so that other “Western” models including the Canadian model. The American outcomes, including life expectancy, maternal morbidity and mortality are also not any better and in some case worse that the outcomes of other “Western” models, and in some cases their outcomes are worse. The cost f medical care is alos the leading cause of personal bankrupty of Americna families.

    Are we sure that we want to follow this model? Aren’t we worried about the costs? Aren’t we worried about conflict of interest?

    These are the conversations we should be having on BU, not whether some teenager said something bad about another teenager, or whether children let family secrets out of the bag.

    Barbados is a socialist country, other wise we would make medical students pay for their own educations, and he/she who couldn’t pay would not get to become a doctor. We pay extremely high taxes so that doctors can get their $250,00 tax funded education for “free”
    But even though we are socialists we must stop behaving like half foolish people. We must demand value back from our doctors from the money we have paid for their educations, or they can each pay us back the $250,000, plus accrued interest. $250,000 x by every doctor in Barbados would more than make UWI’s debt go away. It might even be enough to fund the government’s stimulus package. It might even be enough to stop the government from “borrowing” from the money old people spent 40 years putting in the NIS to fund their pensions. $250,000 multiplied by every doctor in Barbados is a whole heap ‘o money.

    It is OUR MONEY.

    The doctors owe us, big time.

    We have to find ways of making them pay.

    Or they can each pay us back the $250,000 and we can buy our medical care elsewhere.

  64. Actually Simon the issue here is minor children being dragged through a court system because of the ‘sins’ of adults. Comprehension 101.

  65. CCC
    You are a man I Iike, not like how Fracture LIKE MEN, but at times you can be so far off course. From the beginning, David indicated that this is about children caught up in big people business. It is established that there are civil proceedings with the two children as litigants. What are children doing in this mess?

    I did not know it but you made it clear that the Harrises are financial supporters of the DLP. Good for them, but what does that have to do with them dragging two children in their adult business in the world of adults? Do not talk about politics. David Simmons a big big BLP provided the seed money for Peter’s insurance company.

    I will join you if David is wrong but I believe he has a very good point in this regard.

  66. Lemuel

    My brother, don’t be fooled. You may be new here, but this blog digs at Peter Harris ever so often. The reason is always the same, a perceived affinity for the DLP. Don’t let the “children” ting fool you!!

  67. @ David the blogmaster “Actually Simon the issue here is minor children being dragged through a court system”

    David then perhaps the Welfare Department or the Child Care Board should be involved and not the courts and NOT the blogs. Don’t you think that airing this matter on the blogs has the potential to make bad matters worse?

    But David parents do “ig-na-rance” all the time. Unfortunately there is little this blog can do to stop such parental actions. The only thing organs of the State can do is to punish after the fact if physical harm has occured. But please note that organs of the state rarely if ever punish parents for causing pyschological harm to their children. And parents cause psychological harm to their children every single day, in every single country.

    And that I think is unfortunate.

    And David: I’ve never got less than an “A” in comprehension. Either in the classroom or in life.

    A sweet Friday to you.

    • @Simple

      The law provides for a matter of this type to be heard. The purpose of the blog is to publicly make an appeal to the parent concerned to seek ADR or some other solution outside the Court. BU could have published the rantings of the minors which was posted on the Internet but we exercised judgement because it was obviously a case of minors breathing the rage of the parents. If you are interested in the matter you should go to the Registry and request the relevant filings if you want to speak to this matter from a position of fact.

  68. It’s unfortunate that both families have reduced their own lives to being spread across the public domain………..I doubt the child welfare agents will want to intervene, there is still one law for some and another law for others in Barbados…………..we will just have to accept that these damaged kids will soon be damaged adults.

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  72. On another website, I made the point that in business culture matters. It is basic: with what used to be called multi-national companies, any financial or operational troubles lead to home bias, that is the company going back to its base.
    The same with small family-run companies. The reason why we have regulation is to control many such bad behaviour. When business people take over regulation, either by offering jobs to senior people or simply through corruption, it is called regulatory capture. The courts should be the back-up to that. But when the courts too fall victims to this corruption, then the entire nation is in trouble.
    Some people come from corrupt cultures, when it is normal for officials and business people to bending the rules.

  73. This article is completely defamatory. The rantings of the children publicised on the internet were proven as defamatory and untrue with a pure motivation of bullying and the claimant won the case for the Harris side. This had nothing to do with the business. Sandy crest had over 2 million dollars stolen from the business by the grants from forged cheques. The Harrises were nice enough to settle and not claim the money back. Malcolm Grant has since lost his medical license and his own son has admitted he is abusive on a public post on Facebook. The children also suspect that Malcolm abused the mother and contributed to her death. He is now estranged from his family and was also abusing drugs. The only victim here were the Harisses especially the children who were targeted by a hit from Malcolm himself. All of this information can be verified. Don’t be fooled.

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