Prime Minister Stuart a Pressing Matter Deserves Your Attention

Submitted by Peter Rabbi
An intriguing case

An intriguing case – photo credit: BBC

I think that this sordid mess concerning the Derrick Crawford issue has more than gone far enough. It has now reach to a stage where it is before the British Parliament with a recommendation that a travel advisory be issued against Barbados. We can only wait and see but we can logically anticipate a fall in tourist arrivals from that market. In addition to that, if a civil suit results from that we the tax payers of this country will most likely have to compensate Derrick Crawford, a known criminal who has been a parasite preying on visitors for years.

I do think that this is a serious indictment on the AG who has either refused to or believes he is powerless to act on this issue.  I can only now call on the PM to do something. I was in total agreement with the way that you handle the Alexander issue, but certainly Mr PM if that industrial dispute that did not even meet national proportion attracted your attention; should it not be more compelling that this issue that has reach global proportion merit some attention?

Would anyone really believe that these two women could possibly be mistaken, they are fighting this every step of the way, they seem to have some peculiar knowledge of what ever has taken place. They are using they hard earn cash and concentrating the time and energy and should not be dismissed as they were. I would have understood the position taken by the COP Mr Dottin if it was one victim but certainly not two educated and mature women. Can anyone say with any certainty if there was in truth a third victim?

What will it take for the powers that be to act? I believe that it has passed the stage where it can be done but if those in position had given this issue some attention, pay a listening ear to the victims and do the necessary damage control, we would not now be in this position. We can no longer let the perceived power that we have master us but we must master the power. We are now in a global environment within minutes what happen here could be all over the world as this issue now is.

My friend Mr Stuart, you have a good policy, he who humbles himself shall be exulted and he who exult himself shall be like Mr Dottin the laughing stock. Have a meeting with those women, at the highest possible level as it has now gone pass the police force and let us do what we can to SERVE, PROTECT and REASSURE.

May God Bless you.

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  1. LooK at What? evertime there is a problem the PM must get involved? now must the PM take on the role of Commisioner of Police ? and entire police department ? before it washis role to be MInister of EDUCAtion when teachers strike .thenMinister of labour when the Lime employees strike. What next. Look PM don”t read BU. . ,,Further more don’t need the advice. it always PM must do this orPm must do that> stupsee.Those woman got a barrage of lawyers and media working on their behalf . Now the PM must get involved I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  2. Ac why you don’t go long sleep nuh?
    …that is when you are at your intelligent best…

    By choosing to accept the role of PM, Stuart automatically accepts responsibility for all national issues.
    ….we probably can’t blame him for you though…. 🙂

  3. What national issue.? such issues are under the jurisdiction of the BPF . that is their job. Everycountry have experienced similar incidents and their leaders go about doing the the job they were elected to do.not jumping around from ministry to minisrty like headless chicken with 2×4 in hand threating people. PM stuart have a blessed Easter…….

  4. There is also the matter of the the young girl Viciously tortured and Murdered in St John.
    That has been swept under the carpet after a Saga of the most blatent criminal manipulation of the evidence,by the DPP of Barbados Charles Leacock.
    Wherein ,after one of the most horrific killings in Barbados Legal History, DPP Charles Leacocks evidence to the Courts of Barbados ,made both Murders not only; NOT GUILTY of Murder; but actually both having been (if we look at DPP Charles Leacocks evidence) the “Innocent” party.
    The Guyanese leader and perpertrator of the crime being made “Innocent of Murder ” by DPP Charles Leacock s” diametrically changed evidence ,at the first trial and the last trial.
    Now I understand that the Guyanese Murderer, is “Appealling” as he feels his treatment was “unjust” (Leacock asked for 25 years but ACCEPTED 15 after allowances etc) (Very reassuring for any Tourist to see)
    Who can beleive that DPP LEACOCK acts solely on his own.
    Where is the AG?The Cheif Justice? The Comissioner of Police?
    Was this crime NOT HORRIFIC enough to have been worthy of his , the PM’s attention?
    OR WAS IT worthy of his attention?
    That being the reason the matter was “reasolved” in the blatent “Upsiderdowner” fashion of total criminal misrepresentation of evidence to the Courts by DPP CHARLES LEACOCK.

    I understand that the Law offices of the present PM were involved ,in a case against the father of the Murdered child, by a Foreign woman,who was allowed into Barbados and stayed for ONE year ,WITHOUT PAPERS and was GIVEN FREE LEGAL AID to put the father in Court over a matter that was “not of this jurustiction” and long out of date had it been..
    (A Foreigner gets off a plane and ILLEGALLY stays in Barbados for a YEAR while recieving FREE LEGAL AID and recieves daily many phone calls at her Accomodation from the law office of PM STUART) and Strange enough the “Bosom Buddy ” of the PM ; Hal Gollop ,has the work routed thro his office. (Note here that Gollop was at the time representing the father in this matter and never informed the father that the lawyer representing the woman was from Gollops’ own chambers)
    Also WHY was the law office of the PM needing to “Call” this attractive ,white ,young female,when that case had been placed thro Gollops Chambers?
    Then when the case is over and the Woman “loses” the father of the murdered child, is not allowed to collect his 12,000B$ costs.
    His lawyer refuses to collect and the father is “Advised” he does “NOT KNOW who he is up against” and to “go to another lawyer if he wishes to collect as the current lawyer “Is not getting involved”

    Do we see a “Vendetta” here, another incident of those “that Can” abusing the Law of Barbados.
    Sounds very much like a Case the British MP dealing with the case of the “Arrest of a Rapist” in Barbados, is very likely to find, extremely usefull.

    Anybody want to book on the SS,Titanic /Barbados for a nice cheap One way trip.
    Any investors in Barbados ,encouraged?
    Any family with young girl children,STILL considering a nice “Uneventful” trip to “Paroe,dise”

  5. What do you expect the PM to do. He wasn’t very good with the Alexandra affair; how does he now solve more of a messier mess – no tourist industry by next year. I would not panic about the attitude of these ladies; they believe that they are cuffing at this island’s under belly, but for years good old Hawaii was the rapist capital of the world; none of the international networks said anything including the good old BBC.

  6. @Bushy. Do like I do with ac. Read the first few lines and see from that if there is a modicum of sense (which happens – RARELY!) and, if not, scroll down smartly and ignore. You get the hint that ac is not on her meds when she says that this is not a national issue. Something occurs that hits the international press thereby losing Barbados tens of millions of dollars in tourism revenue and international respect for the justice system (which includes the police) that we, the taxpayers, pay for – but ac sees this, like Dottin the Dolt, as being solely a police matter. So the moment you see this, you have to figure that either it is a full moon or ac has stopped taking her medication.

    @Peter Rabbit. Agree with you overall. It is a disgrace and the PM does have an alternative, which is to seek a commission under the Constitution for the removal from office of the CoP and the DPP, which would require that they be immediately suspended. In the case of the CoP, there is a reluctance to do this, as he would, if dismissed, probably lose his pension from us, the taxpayers. But of course, we have the lehal advises of the wife of an un-named lawyer that this is NOT a matter that ought to concern us, the people who are paying the bill.

    Bottom line. If Crawford brings a civil action, he will likely win it and yes, the Bajan taxpayer will be expected to foot the bill – but this is, of course, none of the taxpayers’ business.

  7. The CoP in one of his press conferences on this matter ‘threatened’ to open the case file on the matter to support his claim the Force has run a good investigation. Open the damn file, we are dying here.

    Surely it is asinine to spend millions in marketing tourism in the UK and have this Crawford matter being carried in the same press eroding all the gains?

  8. Please read INTO my last post.
    What the post exemplifies is DEPTH of the CORRUPTION and the level it is at.

    THINK who would have been involved and how WIDE SPREAD the CORRUPTION is (there fore to the perpertrators the NORM.)

    Just the matter of the year without papers. Think ,HOW many and Whom and at what ;levels must have been involved.

    Just the matter of the FREE LEGAL AID (and the cost .It was a year) Must have been Chairman of Legal aid Fredric Waterman and Lawyer and WHO else??? Remember the woman was a TOTAL ALIEN not a Bajun.
    Steps off a plane onto a RED CARPET of State arranged finance,paid for by YOU.

    Think about the LAWYER refusing to claim the Fathers Costs.
    Firstly the lawyer, KNOWING who was manipulating the law , denying the law to a person justified in receiving JUSTICE.
    Not informing the client of the dangers and what they were BUT STILL taking 12,000$ for 20 minutes in Court.

    Worry yourself to DEATH about the antics of a GUYANESE DPP of YOUR BARBADOS.


    Just SIMPLY rearrange the LAW as he wants/is Instructed .Just SIMPLY TAILOR the jacket to fit.
    Return US into BONDAGE of whoever is STRONGER, RICHER , MORE CORRUPT.

    THINK THINK THINK, about HOW MANY and WHOM were Intimately involved and that it MUST have BEEN at the VERY HIGHEST level to have been , AGREED and carried out.

    ITS NOT about WHAT we expect any person of Goverment to do.
    IT IS ABOUT OUR RIGHTS as FREE PEOPLE and OUR ability to EXERCISE those rights FREE FROM Corruption.

    IF you CAN I invite you just to THINK

  9. @ ac | March 30, 2013 at 11:46 PM |

    Ac, let us play a little game of time travel as is your wont to go back in your 14 year OSA space mobile and assume we are stuck in a time wobble on March 30, 2005.
    Let us assume also the same events raised in this thread are being played out with OSA as PM.
    Now Ac, what would be your views. Would you still say that this matter is of NO National Importance and that PM OSA is doing the right thing by leaving it under the sole jurisdiction of the Police & DPP? Why did this PM not leave the Alexandra issue under the sole jurisdiction of the MoE as per the King report?

    You are strongly advised to ask your husband to read what Amused wrote above @ “Amused | March 31, 2013 at 4:04 AM | “ and to explain the serious ramifications of what is happening to the image and reputation of Barbados in one of our main source market from which we earn foreign exchange the lifeblood of this economy.
    Amused knows what he talking about. The British Media would destroy the image of this country as a tourist destination and a place to buy properties and invest unless this country seeks immediately to change the perception being spread as far as the halls of Whitehall and Westminster. If we fail to rectify the deteriorating situation this scandal would end up at the door of Number 10 Downing St as a petition to the PM to really do something about that banana republic called Barbados.

  10. There has to be something fundamentally wrong with this DPP.

    Example- The last case where he accepted a plea of manslaughter against a man who went to his former employer’s house, waited for him to return home and shot him dead in front of his family…..
    …and the DPP argues that he was provoked “because he lost a case against the man” when our shitty court system UNFAIRLY dismissed the case for lack of evidence in his absence having not advised him of the court date.
    …so he was provoked to get a gun, go to the man’s house and kill him.
    This DPP want sending back to Guyana….

  11. This reinforces the need for the attorney general to take decisive action over the reorganisation of the criminal justice system.
    In case he nbeeds reminding, the police commissioner is sresponsible for operational matters, while he is in chare of strategy and policy. I suggest the ball is now in his court.
    As I have said in my Notes before, we need to separate uniformed police from the investigative branch, removing the right of arrest from the detectives.
    Set up a number of mobile stations under the operational direction of an inspector, which can be moved in to troubled areas with a day’s notice, and the team will be tasked with knowing every househokd, every animal, every bird on their patch; who the troublemakers are, the ddrug dealers, the people living beyong their means.
    In the meantime, immigration and customs officers will be given the right of arrest, with drug dealing being the remit of customs.
    Fraud and other economic crimes will come under the direction of Inland revenue, with the support of more export staff, including forensic auditors.
    The professional Defence Force will be disbanded with the current team divided between the police and Coastguard, maintaining only a skeletal staff to deal with the volunteer regiment.
    Senior officer who now deal with prosecutions in the magistrates courts – so-called police courts – will be put back on the beat, with the director of public prosecution’s office taking responsible for all prosecutions.
    The one thing Barbados is not short of is lawyers.
    Although police prosecutors have produced some outstanding lawyers in the past – Garry Sergeant comes to mind – those were in the days when there was a shortage of lawyers.
    Once we have reorganised the criminal justice system, then we can talk about competence and efficiency.

    • In T&T the soldier has been given the right to arrest hell there was even talk about flying squads. Are we there yet?

      Can we locate the debate on the issue if we can?

  12. @ Dr Love | March 31, 2013 at 7:02 AM |

    And to think the people involved are currently walking the inner corridors of power in this country parading as icons of integrity and good governance.
    The miller was like a lone ranger fighting against the lies, deceit and barefaced hypocrisy hiding within a political eggshell coated in a yellow facade of false integrity and living a personal lie.
    Many arrows with their tips dipped in a chalice of poisonous innuendo and carried in a quiver full of partisan DLP rotten bile were directed at and continue to be aimed at the miller. But the Light of Truth shall prevail!

    Come out things! More to come! We shall soon see whom and what we as a country are really up against. They shall “ugly away” before we hear from them again.

    “Men are not punished for their sins, but by them.” ~Elbert Hubbard.

  13. Amused ! i couldn’t give two shit..s about wether ANYBODY agree or disagree with any of my comments. Really not interested in joining a bandwagon of “know it alls” here on BU predominately males.
    As a female i stand ALONE and enjoys that status tremendously as a matter of fact I wear it with a badge of honour as my my ego is firmly intact and secure so much so that when the arrows of the pseudo =intellectuals come flying by i simply ignore. Unfortunately similar cannot be said of people of your ilk and Bush Tea who reveals in egotistical fanfare and pomposity seeking the approval of others.

  14. I think that the people of this country should stop and think and see that some action is done abpot this whole state of affairs. Where are the media houses are the suffering to from the nine day disease. Where are the investigative journalist.
    This is no longer a police issue is the COP also responsible for Tourism, where are the human right watch dogs or are they only interested in The stopping properly convicted murders from getting hang. What about the possible economic fall off if tourism is affected.
    Does the people understand that the British market is our main source destination now. What image is being painted that Bardados has being feature negatively since late last year in that market.The Crawford issue, the shooting of the cruise ship visitors and the stabbing of the professors in St Peter. How can someone intelligently conclude that this is a policew issue. How can the officals be so silent.
    This issue has gone way pass the RBFP. It should be actively engaging the attention of the Cabinet, it certainly touches on Min of Tourism, Min of AG, Min of Foreign Affairs, and to a lesser extent Min of Internation Development because if the justice system is allowed to remain looking like a circus how can we expect to arttract foreign investement. Let put it down to a basic level which one of us with $150.000 to invest in a home will make our first option Nelson Street, theRred Sea or the Marl hole certainly more peace and secure communities will be our option.Why should then we expect stranger to want to invest wher they cannot feel secure.
    This whole issue has the potential to touch on the standard of live that we has become acustome to, the info is availible check how the Rodney King affair affected the tourism in L A a few years ago can we afford a 4% drop in arrivals i think not well LA had something like a 44% drop. What else do we have to offer other than safe peace and tranquillity to our visitors. All others sorts of attractions are imported from the very markets we target.
    Mr PM, AG, and cabinet plz nip it in the bud stop the personal attackks and be wise it is not a laughing matter.

  15. @ David

    We do not want to follow the Trinidadians in lots of things, including the crime levels and the ways of fighting crime, including Canadian senior officers.
    Paramilitary policing divides up society in to them and us. In Barbados we want police to be part of our society. Uniformed police, not muscled-bound young men (and they are often men) in baseball caps and overalls terrorising our streets.
    For one, young men know who they are, where they live, who their parents and family are. We want ideally young men and women obeying the law, and one way of doing that is by giving them jobs.
    We have a number of bogus criminologists now talking about toddlers using drugs and drugs being the cause of the break down in society.
    Global cocaine use is basically a US problem, wish they skilfully try to export. Drug dealers only use the Caribbean for trans shipment and Europe as a second market.
    The big drugs market is the Washington beltway.
    Our politicians must stop taking money from the US and Canada to set up drug courts and special squads, and marine patrols.
    Do not let them set the agenda.

    • @Hal


      The comment was meant to be tongue in cheek recognising that we are prone to be reactive given our conservative disposition and a strong inclination to romaticise the fact that Barbados is God’s island.

  16. On the article, maybe it IS time the case file be opened. But likely the Police would need written agreement from the parties concerned, to do so.

    My first question, was there forensic evidence and what did it indicate. Forensic evidence is usually self explanatory unless contested.

    That said, as for the further matters written above, as comments, I sincerely hope those statements of events are not true, re both the little girl case and the former employer case, cannot be, it boggles the mind.

    If twere true, our land has surely gone mad.

  17. @ Hal Austin | March 31, 2013 at 7:51 AM |

    Hal, you really don’t know what’s going on at the socio-political coalface in Bim today.
    What you have suggested and the proposals outlined are all fine and good with many of them either doable or already in place as policies, laws, regulations and procedures but not implemented or enforced. The problem with Barbados today is the excessive political interference and incestuous relationships between wrong doers and the political and administrative elite.

    The tax dodgers and drug dealers are either related to or are “big friends” of the political elite and protected from investigation far less prosecution. Leroy Greenverbs is a case in point. Many of these lawbreakers are financial backers and vote buying enforcers to the political parties.
    When we can have very senior appointed lawmakers stating publicly they both have witnessed vote selling and buying and drug dealing without pursuing these matters to the point of resolution permitted by our justice system one can only conclude we are in a downward spiralling quagmire leading to further social and political decay.

  18. No wonder the PM here don’t live to a ripe old age .Each dept of govt is assigned a Minister and when inefficiency and any problems arise those are the people to whom the issues should be address.
    The BTA ! The BFP ! the AG ! the DPP ! maybe we should abandon all these ministries and depts and have a country run by a dictator who can implement t any and all policies at a whim.
    Yes there is a crime problem of growing concern that should be address but asking the PM to address the role is not going to contain the situation. the possibility of more funding may be of assistance in helping the Police Force do a better job at apprehending and keeping crime at a minimal.

  19. AC why does everything in this country have to become a gender issue. Why do we have to stoop to the level of behavior that you are exhibiting. If womwn are really comfortable about themselves and are reallly shining as they are suppose to be why is it still necessary to continue to shout Iam a woman can we not have a trational debate without gender being an issue
    Is not the physical appearence enough for us to know the difference between men and women. A good rational debate need not be fan in the face of genderism

  20. @ Miller

    You are talking about a flawed, maybe even corrupt system. It has eve been thus. People are prosecuted on the basis of who they know: why do you think relatively few white Barbadians go to prison, or even end up in court, and for serious offences such as killing their young sons, end up on minor charges.
    It may surprise you that I am fully aware of the under-wiring of Barbadian society. You can either become fatalistic about these flaws or try to put them right.
    I am talking about an efficient and workable system in which law and order are enforced objectively and according to law. I am sure this is not too much for even Barbadians.
    A cousin of mine was a senior police officer. I won’t call his name so as not to embarrass his immediate family.

  21. What about the DNA ,it was his DNA that was found ;by the way to most WHITE people we all look the same and he may had put on some weight and got some grays in between but from how Derrick Crawford was in them women faces he is guilty just doing what some rapist do playing with them that the don’t even recognise him.He playing with them woman and enjoying it.

    • If the file which the COP has will vindicate the Force and himself then he and or the authorities concerned need to release the damn file.

  22. Butt looka my big able crosses…….Big Easter Sunday and waana want to give Stuartie a heart attack…..cheeseon breds…man musse sweating bullets.

    @ ac…..cuddear LOL..tekk um like a man dear,,,its ur turn !

  23. Forgetting my manners……Happy Easter All

    An Easter Prayer
    Of all of God’s gifts
    Easter shows us our fate
    Forgiven we will rise
    And pass through Heaven’s gate

    This Easter remember
    The sacrifice of a Son
    And through His resurrection
    Eternal life we have won

    This Easter I pray
    That the love of God
    Is resurrected
    Reborn, renewed
    Inside your heart
    God Bless You All !

  24. @ ac | March 31, 2013 at 7:57 AM |

    So you can’t intellectually defend your position and as a result resort to the GENDER card.
    Every male BU blogger is against ac because she is a “woman”!

    No ac, we are against what you are arguing. Your position is totally untenable and your persistence in defending it- not out of principle but pure political ass licking- is beyond human understanding or even simple commonsense.
    We are against your idiotic ranting not you as a woman; like how Christians claim they hate the sin but love the sinner. Ask Bushie or Caswell for confirmation!

  25. It appears that those who have been put in charge of running the affairs of this country have no one to report to. Who is in charge of our security? The RBPF? Then if complaints are made who looks into those complaints? The PM of Barbados in charge of the country and if he sees something or someone not working he should alert the necessary persons he appointed about his observations. The PM has made several observations aloud but no action has been taken. He has taken over the MOT and has been meeting with them. They must have brought the incidents of crime against Tourists to his attention. Has he fallen asleep after the elections? Why is it so difficult to govern a small society like Barbados. Has progress has exposed the monster in us?

  26. @ AC
    It is people like you that made our fore fathers conclude that women cannot reason. You want support for women well this coming from a woman like you do us a favour and shut your mouth ya full breed jenny ass

    • Of late we have heard the AG and his throw your hands in despair statements. We need a short term strategy, we need a medium term strategy and we need a long term strategy. Politicians seem to believe strategies are only required to deal with fiscal/monetary matters. Importantly, we need to ensure whatever strategies are eventually stumbled upon that the people are on board.

  27. Miller …….AC has acquired the taste of shoite that is why she loves ass licking the PM. Sorry AC but that is how you present yourself. Why can’t you let go of your partisan ways? Stop defending people who are not doing their jobs! Are you afraid that by criticizing the government means that you are no longer a supporter? Jeez girl take of those rose tinted glasses and look at the dog in its face! Bring something new to BU nuh?

  28. @ ac | March 31, 2013 at 8:19 AM |

    The bucks stops at the boss, my dear!
    It is he who makes people feel he has the solution to our problems and tells us everything is fine in Bim under his leadership.

    That’s what you get for telling lies and pretending to be a person of utmost integrity and competence but surrounded by a bunch of lazy ass incompetents lying thieving puppets in a cabinet.
    Now get on with the job and stop complaining. The fire has just started, lying bastards!

  29. Lemuel | March 31, 2013 at 12:53 AM |
    What do you expect the PM to do. He wasn’t very good with the Alexandra affair;

    Absolutely disagree with you in fact the PM wise moves in the AX affair is one of the understated reasons he rose so rapidly in the leadership stakes. It caught his nemisis the CADRES liar Wickham by surprise.

    I’m with the Commish on these rape cases.Although my heart goes out to all women who are victims of rape all roads from the evidence leads to the accused who is now a free man.

    The English women’s hate for and anger at the Commish and RBPF has overtaken their sanity and natural desire to put their rapist behind bars. The criminal psychologists will tell you this occurs sometimes. Now thier rage aided and abetted by some local traitors is aimed at bringing down Barbados. They’re not only hunting the Commish and RBPF with the assistance of the British MP’s theyve manipulated methinks their objective is to see the collapse of our country.

    • @Hal

      Ignore Reality Check, one of those DLP supporters who believe that a moniker change does the trick.

  30. HAPPY EASTER YUH ALLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>running Late. Talk to wunna later. any nhow to make a long story short . i stand by my comments.

  31. @ Hal Austin | March 31, 2013 at 9:27 AM |

    Quite serious, indeed!
    This is the kind of political mindset running the affairs of this country.
    We hear a similar tone coming from the Cabinet regarding very serious issues facing this beleaguered country. A country that is fast losing the confidence of people with genuine interest and commitment to see this country keep its hard won reputation of a developing state with great management and great potential.
    We are really up a creek here, you know!

  32. @ David
    i hear u always talking about ppl changing their names/handles on this blog, but for goodness sake do u think that every household has a computer in every room, you dont think that more than one person can use the same computer, and contribute to the same blog? smh wunna old ppl boy

    • @bk

      You comment and let BU manage the blog. Don’t you think after 6 years we know what we are doing?

  33. Wickedness must be stopped in the country and the COP must be stoped. I know a young constable who has servrd this country for ten years applied to go overseas to finish his legal studies and permission was refused. He submitted his resignation and proceeded to go the goodlygentleman the COP ha refused to forward it saying that he is not acepting it that he is waiting to dismiss him on his return. has we now gotten to the stage of force Force labour. this young man is seeking to progress at his own expense. Is this how we are to encourage our young to progress. No wonder the weak thing it better to turn to crime than fight againt the wicked dealings in high office.
    Take attorney -at law Mr Bennet, he studied law when he was an Inspector of Police alond with another Inspector. on their return that other inspector now a S/Superintendant was put to act three ranks up which was unprecedented inn this country wit and increase pay of almost $3000 but Mr Bennet was transfered tpo a department resulting in him loosing an allowances with amounted to a reduction in income. tell me who in their right mind would not have done what he did to seek greener pastures. do you inprove yourself for less.
    Would ypoubelieve that after Mr Bennett left the COP would not even acknomledge his application for a licence firearm Mr Bennett as a police was involved in serious drug intradiction matters the Raul Graciea affair to mention one. He carried a firearm for over 15yrs both on and off duty as drug officers do and then to be treated so by your own. Tell me is this motivation for others to give quality service after putting yourself and family at risk for so many years to be treated this way.
    Can you imagine how it would feel to know that you stopped millions of dollars in drugs from in the Columbia, Jamacia,and Vincentian drug trade and because you made a decision to improve yourself the very country and ouganisation you serve slap you in the face and say to hell with you we don’t want to hear you. You could be a target for death we do not care.
    Sorry this is not personal but Wicked Darwin and Seymore must be stopped.

    • @TPP

      Where have you bee living the last 3-4 weeks? Have you not seen the BBC and other UK links to UK media discussing this issue?

      On the subject of vote buying does it matter that it occurred? You should not worry too much about it because the PM promised on the morning after he was reelected that he will allocate some time to it. Maybe you should tell the PM to forget about it.

  34. No one should be surprised that both the Hal Gollop law firm and the PMs Office is quite active in conflict of interest issues that are illegal but the accepted norm in legal circles in Barbados, no great surprise there, most lawyers in Bim are proud that they can actually circumvent and manipulate the system to a successful outcome by being attorney for both defendant and plaintiff.

    Hal Austin…………you are a little behind, from what I am hearing, the drug shipments are now leaving the US and Canada and being sold in Bim because the profit margins are now quite larger if sold in Barbados.

    I never heard of any DNA match from Crawford (as miserable a character that he has always been) that matched any taken from the females, I may be wrong, but police in Bim are not big on evidence gathering.

    AC??………, when I see her posts I can never decide if to laugh, cry or do both. If the PM cannot get involved with all matters of national interest he should not be PM and should not be paid by taxpayers, he is a very questionable character as things already stand and the island is already on shaky ground. Some of ACs posts border on the mentally deranged and others on the semi-retarded…………and I am a female who try to be objective and balanced but ac tends to provoke the soul through her most often illogical and incestuous party rantings………….it is scary, but it does not look like it will change since she is set in her ways, it is a cross we will have to bear.

  35. Reality check
    The ONLY people in Bim who believed the PM handled the Jeff Broomes affair properly and with great statesman ship are you and those like you who sing for your supper at the feet of the said same PM. The DLP final straw was to buy the elections and they did just barely.

  36. i was talking to someone who lives in england ans was told that this matter and the recent shooting of the tourists have attracted the attention of the british press.

  37. @Lemuel

    i think it is time to move on and let us discuss passinately the ills facing this society. Stop the foolishness of vote buying.

  38. Welll ! Well. your post drew my attention not because of your torrid opibnion in respect to my mentality.but because it cause me to ponder and reflect on the “giants and geniuse who traverse this planet And was cursed ! humilated! and even crucified because they opinions were differnt and not staying in step with the majority some how i feel elevated.

  39. @ TO THE POINT | March 31, 2013 at 10:32 AM |
    “Stop the foolishness of vote buying.”

    We notice how you are backpedaling since you are beginning to realize what a silly arrogant fellow you are supporting.

    Now who are the ones that alerted to the nation about the fraud that recently passed for free and fair elections? Not our two senior law makers and enforcers of the land constitutionally bound to do such? It is those two either to live up to their constitutional responsibilities or STFU?
    Moreover, we have a man who has witnessed people using illicit drugs but has the temerity to publicly announced it but lacks the political and legal balls to do something about it.
    But who takes the biscuit, no other than the blasted comedian of them all. A man advising young people to go to the drug pushers if they want easy money in their pockets but has the ugly boldfaced guts to get up in the highest court of the land and deny ever making such references.
    It is people like you, TPP, lacking in basic morals of decency and honesty that pose the greatest threat to this country. Not the young marijuana users or unemployed vote sellers in Haynesville, Ferneihurst, the Farm, Rotten Town, and the other economically depressed areas of inner and outer Bridgetown.

    • Interesting front page story in the SUN today. Parents accepting $10,000 to drop cases against the perpetrators. To be expected there was not report about the number of convictions arising from the 1,000 reports of abuse annually.

  40. Tp the point
    It was the people who received the DLP largesse that are telling on them, not me or Miller or Bushie or Baf or AC, maybe she had some election money too. I did not go to the Farm Housing area and receive no Ipad. I was not given 40,000 to buy James Paul and Carrington places in the House. Cost U more did not give me any thing for the election purse. Why you DLPites do not stop stirring the hornet’s nest when you are sitting RIGHT OVER IT.

  41. From today’s Gleaner newspaper:

    “THE EDITOR, Sir:

    I arrived in Barbados on Tuesday, March 28, to spend the Easter weekend with my daughter, who is studying law at the Cave Hill campus.

    Having gone through immigration, I was waiting at the luggage belt for my checked bag when a man approached and identified himself as Barbadian police. He proceeded to ask a number of questions about the length of my stay, where I was staying and with whom, my address in Jamaica, what I did for a living, how many more pieces of luggage I had, what I was taking for my daughter, etc.”

    read the rest at:

    Are J’cans getting a bit paranoid?

  42. ”David | March 31, 2013 at 8:34 AM |
    If the file which the COP has will vindicate the Force and himself then he and or the authorities concerned need to release the damn file.”
    problem with that David. You will then compromise any future case, albeit it is already so.

    Also, because of statements etc etc etc, one must receive written permission from the parties concerned.

    Are they so sure of themselves that hey will allow this.

    My last question is, in a state of horror and I assume darkness (was it), is a woman going to be able to positively identify (or deny) her attacker?

    Just asking a logical question.

  43. @Crusoe

    It is the CoP who raised the expectation about making the file available to the media/public. He must be aware of the tentacles which make such a promise difficult. Why make it?

  44. Crusoe be on guard Hal Austin and miller coming fast to cuss you because what you post does not fit into their paradigm. The blog owner owner is on their side he dont like what you post either..

    • @Reality Check

      Your credibility is so ‘holy’ we don’t even bother to change your moniker any more. What should it be changed to anyway – 1000 Pounds of Blubber, devin, Watching etc. You political partisans will never understand.

  45. AC………….as we all know the geniuses and mental giants who graced this earth were and are logical, unbiased, neutral and intellectual giants blessed with the greatest of analytical skills………………tell me, just where do you fit in there?? please do not demean these gifted people.

  46. Of course while the party hacks seek comfort in trying to lampoon BU the topic of crime against tourists continue in other social media and even traditional.

  47. @ Crusoe | March 31, 2013 at 11:39 AM |

    We are a bit lost here.
    Maybe we need to employ the services of a TV detective Columbo or Inspector Clouseau to solve this case of mistaken identify or even our local equivalent Sherlock Holmes.

    But the miller is rather concerned about this DNA thing.
    You mean two so-called matured intelligent women from the UK confronted with incontrovertible DNA scientific evidence that shows an undisputed match between DNA evidence found and the Derrick’s body droppings can still say that the man is not the rapist?
    We know that white people can mix up black people and claim they all look alike the same way Bajans think all Indians or Chinese look alike or Guyanese talk alike. But in the face of clear-cut DNA evidence it is stretching it a bit too far unless that man is some kind of Casanova or Houdini sex god and carrying similar or longer dimensions in the centre of his garden of eden to that of the miller .

  48. Miller……………you have to find out if any DNA swabs were taken from these two females, if I remember correctly, one of the victims said no DNA kit was used cause the police were busy driving her around since the female officer needed to purchase a T shirt which was more important and the victim felt like she was being treated by the police like it was all her fault that she was raped and her rape was cutting into their down time.

  49. I have never heard of any rape kits being used in Bim nor any evidence that would guarantee DNA identification, except in one case where the accused DNA was sent to the US and a forensic expert traveled to Bim to give evidence and aid in his conviction. DNA evidence can either convict or exonerate, where is the DNA evidence in the Crawford case???

  50. @ping pong

    “Light your spliff, light your chalice, Mek we smoke it in Buk-In-Hamm Palace. Lend me a paper, lend me a fire, Mek we chase away all the vampire.” Is the powerful soulful refrain of Peter Tosh master musician 1979

    Me a used to get down wid a fine Jamaican Nubian when I was three years short of 50. The music evokes thoughts and longings that are long dead in this flesh.

    I want to make the point that before i went to Jamtown, even though I had lived in **, ** and ** for many years every Jamaican was a Ganga smoking sensi loving pot user.

    These sometimes parochial immigration officers and their police counterparts raised on New Jack City and American gangster movie stereotypes see all (beautiful) Jamaikis as dope users and mules so when Miss Ram comes in wid 15 bags all of them clear customs without a man jack checking one bag, but my Jamaikis and Guyanese got to be carrying contraband in them lovely big botsies.

    It is reversed stereotyping and as a cop in ** when I saw brothers late at night you were more likely to frisk them than the yuppie honkies most of whom were carrying weapons and drug paraphernalia

    An immigration officer and/or a policeman will challenge (and feel up) a Myrie but will cringe from a Naime, Mottley or nouveau arrivee who-is-who

    “Until the philosophy that holds one nation superior and another inferior …………”

  51. Miller…………to make things worse, the accused in that rape case had to demand a DNA test, that the state paid for, the accused in his ignorance was not aware of how accurate these tests are and was convicted, so in the Crawford case, we are all now very lost, including the victims.

  52. That last comment I sent made it sound that now accused rapists have to literally beg/demand for evidence to be introduced to aid in their own convictions in Barbados.

  53. Happy Easter to all

    That Barbadians in 2013 are still saddled with, at most times, the inept leadership of Darwin Dottin is but a carry over of the legacy of the Mia Mottley days in government.

    Mia Mottley placed Dottin in the CoP chair to mash up the police force, wiretap the phones of the ordinary citizens and convict the innocent citizens of this country.

    Thank Mia Mottley for what we see as wrong in the Barbados Police Force.

  54. @Fractured BLP

    If what you say is true then you should be reminded that the CoP has been in the position for every year under a DLP government. So what is your point again?

  55. Good one David…….Fractured DLP…..SMH….wuuna DLP yard fowls really make me laff. Mia is still in charge of the government so therefore she is still employing people like the COP. Keep burying yuh head in yuh pooches.

  56. well ! well ! you are a two faced mule. don”t have an opinion that is one of sincerity.On BFP you criticised Mia for the level of concern on this issue one of ” economic Terrorism ” and here on BU you spout another opinion . You are the symbol of a modern day “house nigger” . .

  57. David | March 31, 2013 at 8:03 AM |
    In T&T the soldier has been given the right to arrest hell there was even talk about flying squads. Are we there yet.
    Its not only banana republics that do this. Not forgetting that at one time in a certain part of the United Kingdom, soldiers were also given the powers of arrest. ” As a member of Her Majesty’s Forces I arrest you.”

  58. David,

    My point is that Mr. Dottin is appointed to the CoP position. Unless the DLP want to play powerful – foolish , Mr. Dottin will remain in the position until he RESIGNS or RETIRES. From the look of things Mr. Dottin is prepared to RETIRE …knowing that the DEMs ain’t going to fire him.

    There was talk sometime ago to placing Mr. Dottin in some area of the Public Service , not sure what that will achieve given that in this small Barbados people still find their way around through their well established connections.

  59. “Unless the DLP want to play powerful – foolish , Mr. Dottin will remain in the position until he RESIGNS or RETIRES.”

    So it is better to keep a fool in a job in which he has failed miserably and let crime and carnage flourish? Logical thinking?

  60. During 2010, long-stay visitors and cruise passengers combined spent an estimated US$1,222.7 million.

    You cannot put this kind of revenue in jeopardy.

    If Barbados does not deal effectively with crime, reports in international media will send a message that Barbados is unsafe and potential visitors should stay away.

    Some things of National importance require decisive leadership.

  61. islandgal246 on March 31, 2013 at 4:48 PM
    DLP’s motto…Keep incompetent people in their jobs!
    That’s true islandgal, once Mia Mottley and the BEEs put them there.

  62. Fractured you are so partisan that you cannot think sensibly. Keep the incompetents and see where they will take this piece of rock.

  63. islandgal246 on March 31, 2013 at 5:30 PM
    Fractured you are so partisan that you cannot think sensibly. Keep the incompetents and see where they will take this piece of rock.
    Hi islandgal,
    I am just following you and other BLPites belief that every decision and appointments the BEEs made while in office was COMPETENTLY made.

    So why you fussing now ?
    Wunnah put Dottin there , wait till wunnah get back in to correct your mistakes or wait till he resigns or retires.

    Case closed.

    • Imagine we have problems with crime and some are saying we can’t hold those charge with the responsibility accountable.


  64. Fractured BLP

    “Wunnah put Dottin there , wait till wunnah get back in to correct your mistakes or wait till he resigns or retires.”

    Well said.

  65. @Reality Check.
    No one gives a Damn about Barbados in the Big wide World.
    Bringing it DOWN or building it UP.
    Its about CHOICE of where to take a break, and RELAX (note that word RELAX).
    IF ANYONE has to stop and give SERIOUS thought as to the safety of them selves or their loved ones,about Murder , maybe shot, Raped ,Ignored by the Law,falsely accused of criminal acts,really you can just about name anything as the DPP Charles Leacock has shown himself to pay no respect,to Rhyme ,reason or lawful process.

    They just flick the page to the next destination.

    They WANT a NO BRAINER. They DO NOT want Barbados.
    They want to RELAX. GET IT?

    You would have to be Insane to make a statement as you have done about bringing a country down.

    Forget the old; GOD is a Bajun Crap.

    We just a flyshit on the face of the world map,people just DO NOT CARE if we are UP or DOWN.
    Most people who used to come here are LITTLE people who used to BOAST.
    “OH I just holidayed in Barbados!!
    Ask the professor and his wife,both stabbed whilst staying INSIDE an exspensive rented villa. The couple shot while shopping in Bridgetown.
    THE BASTARDS dared to Complain.
    What the PHUC are they up too, laying there in a Pool of blood Maligning our dear little rock?

    Barbados has LOST its VIRGINITY,its become just an old shagged out , shell of a destination ,inhabited by,Thieving politicians , Guyanese Pimps of law and order, Masterfully controlled Police,and not even the semblance of a legal system.

    Governed by a political class who still believe the World can be “just Ignored ” as Tourists are only in Barbados for TWO WEEKS and then the next set of idiots arrives to be Fleeced.
    The previous lot having just “Vaporised into the Ether”

    They never really existed anyway ,Barbados just Gracious ,ALLOWED them to come and be fleeced and abused, then PISS OFF and take thier Complaints elsewhere .

    Barbados has CEASED to be a DESTINATION, perceived as being desireable.

    People like you,helped make it so.
    People who beleive that if they repeat an idiocy often enough it becomes a fact.

    The people who inhabit the REAL World, realise when they read such rubbish ,EXACTLY what the reaction of people like you will be to them, IF they ,as Barbadian tourists,have problems.
    In trying to get JUSTICE they are perceived as engaging in a PLOT,with others, to Bring Barbados DOWN.
    Its EASTER!!
    Jesus Christ SAVE US.

  66. @ Dr Love
    “Barbados has LOST its VIRGINITY,its become just an old shagged out , shell of a destination ,inhabited by,Thieving politicians , Guyanese Pimps of law and order, Masterfully controlled Police,and not even the semblance of a legal system.”
    … seem to be coming to grips with the concept of “brass bowls”….. 🙂

  67. [quote] Carson C. Cadogan | March 31, 2013 at 7:14 PM |

    Fractured BLP

    “Wunnah put Dottin there , wait till wunnah get back in to correct your mistakes or wait till he resigns or retires.”

    Well said.[/quote]
    i really hope you all are only yardfowls and not elected officials and i would hope the elected officials don’t think with their asses like you two.

  68. Dr Love
    Were you mugged in Barbados. What venom! What I want you to remember is that YOU or people of your ilk do not decide whether Barbados sinks or swim; there are forces that control beyond your puerile imagination.

  69. @ Doctor Love

    While I don’t agree with all of your submissions I think that some of your last remarks have merit i.e. Barbados no longer a destination of choice, fleecing tourists & 2 week shelf life cycle, promoting throughput instead of building relationships.

    Incompetent men, in “important positions” without a clue on how to pro-actively deal with the steadfastly diminishing image of Barbados, once a peaceful tranquil island, now seek to impugn the characters of the victims of the increasing crimes .

    Couple that with the “PLOT fanatics” (a few of these incompetent men/women also believe that the Jamaican Tourist Board is funding the crime in Barbados) and we have an economy perched on the brink of disaster

    To “Effectively Manage Fallout” you would thing that there would by now be persons who recognized the problem as it was progressing and who had the competencies to deal with it, in utero, before it veered out of control.

    It is a stupid man who when faced by the victim of a rape, insists that the victim (in this case 2 women) is/are wrong.

    Ask Peter Wickham to do a poll of any woman on the street to see if a rape victim (i) does not know her rapist but even if she did not more importantly (ii) how she feels when a man who ent get de doggie push up in he, telling the news dat the doggie belong to annuder man?

    Now I want you to extrapolate on this sentiment that Wickham’s poll will confirm and answer me this could the Comish possibly have any sense to stick to his pronouncements?

    You mean to tell me that, after all these incidents of crime against tourists, there is no person who can be relied on to guide the strategy of how we manage incidents like this when they happen? This is not the first time this has happened, it happened when David Symmonds was AG under the BLP’s previous administration.

    Crime is crime and any action which highlights the fact that the RBPF seems to be more responsive to crime against tourists as opposed to Crime against the Bajans (Kampus Trendz arsonists walking about free for months with any arrest) is to say the least is insensitive and, to tell the truth, shows the incompetence of those responsible the RBPF, the AG, the DPP and the PM. Yes, the buck stops at Fumble and when he was there, Seethru.

    If you see that the incompetent buffoons can’t be fired, reassign them to some ostentatious position in another ministry where they can’t do any harm BUT make an example of them so that their successors know what your standards are. (BUT THEN I AM SPEAKING ABOUT MEN WITH BALLS)

  70. @ David

    “A Deterrent to Crime” or alternatively titled “Let CBC do something useful”

    Every time i catch a criminal in BIM for any crime, I would march he cross de station yard and parade he face pun a special TV segment before the news pun CBC

    I catch someone, I gine parade he. As big and bad as dem fellows is, when de wumens see dem in de hands uh de law, dem culprits pus**y ratio does drop significantly.

    In Barbados, as in some part of the Caribbean, it is still the rational of the girls to lef out dese fellow being “da boy is a criminal, he going get lock up, and bull and i dont want HIV”.

    That is simplistic reasoning but as disjointed and illogical as it is this is still how a segment of our population, thinks.

    Embarrass them bad boys publicly and once “their currency” among their ilk diminishes, they will pause.

    Add a big orange jumper suit and a community sentence for the borderline criminals – make them clean gutters, the highway, abutments and gullies, in full view of Bajans and dem friends pun de block, and i guarantee you that we will see a change in this bad boy attitude that graduates into shooting tourises on Hinks Street

    Of course Pilgrim and he brudder Commis song gine rise up against dat,

    Anarchists with pretensions for silk.


    I note

  71. sorry about the “Balls nailed to the seat” remark, i was starting another submission about police officers who no longer walk the beat but drive around in their Suzukis as if their parts were/are nailed to the seat.

    This is one of the reasons that community policing has failed so miserably in Barbados because the 4×4 is now part of the backsides of our policemen and all they do is zip through the neighbourhood.

    And we wonder why the criminals are increasing in our society??

  72. ac…………………I was busy reading posts on this blog from people who actually know how to make sense in their comments………….now i will give you a wee bit of attention……………..most of us have noted that you do not bother to read 9/10 of any post, maybe only the first line, we also know of your inability to comprehend basic information and process same into any intelligent replies…………….therefore, you are forgiven for your house nigger comment, you continue to show us you are unable to do any better. I do not believe in any house DLP or BLP, can you say the same???

  73. Congratulations Miller,

    Just heard it announced on the BBC news that your boy Owen Arthur would be taking up a position at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    It was reported that the IMF was very keen to have among its staff an Economist who had experience in wrecking a once thriving economy.

    No doubt OSA handling of the Barbados economy between 1994 – 2007 made him an unmatched candidate for the IMF job.

    Cheers !

  74. @lemuel
    Love it man.
    Whereas I dont agree with what you say but I will stand up for your right to say it!!

    I see you agree with that sentiment also?

    Means “childishly silly and trivial”??
    Where do you see that in my submissions?
    means “Extreme malice and bitterness”
    The truth struck a wrong chord in you my brother
    I would have expected better from you.
    My “Ilk” ??
    Means what?
    Different from your “ilk”
    Presumably then, you see “YOUR ILK” as superior?
    Please ellucidate on the difference between “the ILKS”

    Barbados sinking or swimming is not “UP” for a decision,unless you inhabit Mars, is is an actuality.

    “There are forces that control” REALLY!!!
    Name SOME and WHAT they control.?
    I mean like constructive positive things,not graft, corruption and misuse of authority.

    I liked you joke about “was I mugged in Barbados”
    Name someone who WASN’T.
    WE live here !!We are MUGGED continuously,legally Mugged.
    But of COURSE you are right,one must not Speak about the reality of our Homeland , we must speak for “World consumption” and REALLY beleive ALL the rest of the WORLD can be HOODWINKED ,continuously,by our “Sweetmout”

    @Bush Tea.
    Yeah it sorta creeps up on you bit by bit over the years.
    Either that
    or the brass Bowls have become more prolific over the last few years.
    What ya think?
    @ Piece uh de Rock.
    Yes I try to be meritorious.
    Maybe you can enlighten Lemuel as to where.
    Wasnt there somewhere in law the phrase” “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,so help me God”
    How can we excuse the fact that Barbados now is without law.
    A living parody,justice for those who can afford it or arrange it by connections.
    Does your heart not sink and the breath not still in your chest,when you realize the Corruption of the Law by those specifically put in positions to administer it properly.
    This DPP Charles Leacock,maybe he is just the “Knife ” wielded by others,but he is also , an Alien Acid that eats at the root of all we hold dear.
    Maybe that “Knife” should be removed,at least rendering the “wielders” less of a threat.
    His judgements seems fatally flawed,to the total detriment of all of Barbados.
    Has the PM any idea of the reaction ,that people who live in Lawfull societies,have when they read the type of statements that Leacock makes as routine .The disbelief ,the awe, the foreboding,.It does not act as an encouragement to have anything to do with anything connected with Barbados.

  75. Dr Love………… struck a chord…………..I have lived in some bad areas in New York, and NY can be dangerous, through the years back then, done quite a bit of traveling, always go to Trinidad country I love, can also be a dangerous country, I have never had any crimes committed against me in any of these dangerous countries. The only country I have been mugged on the streets or had my house burglarized was Barbados, in the 80s and 90s. Never heard Mottley calling that any type of terrorism, is it because it continues to be black on black crime??maybe she would welcome a public debate on this subject before she ends up with more foolish utterances.

  76. Why i am bothering to respond .it is/iobvius that WELL! WELL! haven.t got an original thought of your own of your own .giving your various comments including ac it is always in agreements with others or wherever the wind is blowing Anyhow i will say that your comment on MIA was “spoton” and truly an original indeed somtime you ought to practice more often as it gives creedance to your comments and makes you look less phony. Now get to hell out my face.You phony ass used yuh brain even if others disagre

  77. Bitch u don’t have to wish me Well! just stay to ” fukkk” out of my “f” ing face ! phony arsss. and we would get along finebut next time before you open you phony mouth to attack ac check self yuh first .

  78. @ ac | April 1, 2013 at 5:13 PM |

    You are very vicious! What is happening? Are you beginning to feel the effects of the dismantling of the machinations of that damned deceitful lying party called the ACDLP?
    Or do you want a taste of the miller’s foot in your mouth to shut you up for while you rest in orgasmic contentment?

    You are being exposed as a fraud more and more every day. The straw that caused your ass to fall to the ground is your contention that the recent threats to the survival of our tourism industry are nothing of national importance to be of immediate concern to the PM.

    Just go ahead and blame OSA for the current state of affairs. You can even blame him for the current drought and water shortages. Yes OSA undermined the rain god and sabotaged the BWA operations across the Island.

    You will soon be in for a bigger shock when that liar Delisle tries to “doctor” up the report on the First Qtr results of the country’s economy and forex performance only to be slapped down by the international credit rating agencies and the IMF country assessment review in two months down the road.

  79. AC
    I have had my run ins on this blog. Dear you do not want me in your face it is not sweet. All I am asking you to do is to continue to speak to Well Well. All I am wishing you is Well Well. You vex cause she prettier than you. I see you shivering like a hurting frightened animal; remember there is always Well Well.

  80. miller vicious not ac. just saying nobody overstep their bounds with ac. especially when using the “crab in the barrell mentality to unleash unecessary vomit in ac face. how dare anyone called ac “mentally deranged ” they got to be out of their “frigging mind to think that ac would take such torrid coments lightly. Hey Disagree all they want but getting personnal is as bad as striking a match under ac backside.

  81. AC
    Let me apologize fast, I thought that thread was for me. Only when I read higher up did I realize to whom you speak. I still believe that Well Well prettier, with those soft curly locks.

  82. LEMUEL Where are those soft curly locks on the top of her head or on that grey swibbly briar patchyou are so used to mowing , tell me lemule you seem to know alot about WELL! WELL!

  83. AC…………….you sound jealous………………lemuel…….leave her alone before she strokes out on us, then there will be no amusement.

  84. The non-sensical muthings of the leader of the BLP is in par with their followers who on a daily basis continue to rant and rave about “how bad things are. The 9omillio which was proposed by the BLP does nothing to generate jobs or increase productivity outside putting money in people.s pocket .

  85. When one looks at the younger woman in this terribly unfortunate case one cannot help remembering Patty Hearst the heiress to the Hearst of California billions.

    Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a freak Caliornia group the Symbonese Liberation Army. They held her captive for awhile apparently raped and abused her. Unbelievably the next sighting of Patty Hearst after her abductucion was with a wicked looking AK47 holding up a bank. Patty Hearst was not poor suffering for the lack of money she was worth billions. But here it is she joined her captors not only to rob banks but sworn to the SLA cause of violently overthrowing the government of the USA.

    The victim became a criminal apparently forgiving her captors and becoming one of them. It is not that far fetched when you witness what is happening with the unfortunate rape victims. Stranger than fiction sums up some of the outcomes of these horrible circumstances

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