Prime Minister Stuart a Pressing Matter Deserves Your Attention

Submitted by Peter Rabbi
An intriguing case

An intriguing case – photo credit: BBC

I think that this sordid mess concerning the Derrick Crawford issue has more than gone far enough. It has now reach to a stage where it is before the British Parliament with a recommendation that a travel advisory be issued against Barbados. We can only wait and see but we can logically anticipate a fall in tourist arrivals from that market. In addition to that, if a civil suit results from that we the tax payers of this country will most likely have to compensate Derrick Crawford, a known criminal who has been a parasite preying on visitors for years.

I do think that this is a serious indictment on the AG who has either refused to or believes he is powerless to act on this issue.  I can only now call on the PM to do something. I was in total agreement with the way that you handle the Alexander issue, but certainly Mr PM if that industrial dispute that did not even meet national proportion attracted your attention; should it not be more compelling that this issue that has reach global proportion merit some attention?

Would anyone really believe that these two women could possibly be mistaken, they are fighting this every step of the way, they seem to have some peculiar knowledge of what ever has taken place. They are using they hard earn cash and concentrating the time and energy and should not be dismissed as they were. I would have understood the position taken by the COP Mr Dottin if it was one victim but certainly not two educated and mature women. Can anyone say with any certainty if there was in truth a third victim?

What will it take for the powers that be to act? I believe that it has passed the stage where it can be done but if those in position had given this issue some attention, pay a listening ear to the victims and do the necessary damage control, we would not now be in this position. We can no longer let the perceived power that we have master us but we must master the power. We are now in a global environment within minutes what happen here could be all over the world as this issue now is.

My friend Mr Stuart, you have a good policy, he who humbles himself shall be exulted and he who exult himself shall be like Mr Dottin the laughing stock. Have a meeting with those women, at the highest possible level as it has now gone pass the police force and let us do what we can to SERVE, PROTECT and REASSURE.

May God Bless you.

  • AC
    I wish you Well Well.


  • Bitch u don’t have to wish me Well! just stay to ” fukkk” out of my “f” ing face ! phony arsss. and we would get along finebut next time before you open you phony mouth to attack ac check self yuh first .


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ ac | April 1, 2013 at 5:13 PM |

    You are very vicious! What is happening? Are you beginning to feel the effects of the dismantling of the machinations of that damned deceitful lying party called the ACDLP?
    Or do you want a taste of the miller’s foot in your mouth to shut you up for while you rest in orgasmic contentment?

    You are being exposed as a fraud more and more every day. The straw that caused your ass to fall to the ground is your contention that the recent threats to the survival of our tourism industry are nothing of national importance to be of immediate concern to the PM.

    Just go ahead and blame OSA for the current state of affairs. You can even blame him for the current drought and water shortages. Yes OSA undermined the rain god and sabotaged the BWA operations across the Island.

    You will soon be in for a bigger shock when that liar Delisle tries to “doctor” up the report on the First Qtr results of the country’s economy and forex performance only to be slapped down by the international credit rating agencies and the IMF country assessment review in two months down the road.


  • AC
    I have had my run ins on this blog. Dear you do not want me in your face it is not sweet. All I am asking you to do is to continue to speak to Well Well. All I am wishing you is Well Well. You vex cause she prettier than you. I see you shivering like a hurting frightened animal; remember there is always Well Well.


  • miller vicious not ac. just saying nobody overstep their bounds with ac. especially when using the “crab in the barrell mentality to unleash unecessary vomit in ac face. how dare anyone called ac “mentally deranged ” they got to be out of their “frigging mind to think that ac would take such torrid coments lightly. Hey Disagree all they want but getting personnal is as bad as striking a match under ac backside.


  • AC
    Let me apologize fast, I thought that thread was for me. Only when I read higher up did I realize to whom you speak. I still believe that Well Well prettier, with those soft curly locks.


  • LEMUEL Where are those soft curly locks on the top of her head or on that grey swibbly briar patchyou are so used to mowing , tell me lemule you seem to know alot about WELL! WELL!


  • AC…………….you sound jealous………………lemuel…….leave her alone before she strokes out on us, then there will be no amusement.


  • The non-sensical muthings of the leader of the BLP is in par with their followers who on a daily basis continue to rant and rave about “how bad things are. The 9omillio which was proposed by the BLP does nothing to generate jobs or increase productivity outside putting money in people.s pocket .


  • When one looks at the younger woman in this terribly unfortunate case one cannot help remembering Patty Hearst the heiress to the Hearst of California billions.

    Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a freak Caliornia group the Symbonese Liberation Army. They held her captive for awhile apparently raped and abused her. Unbelievably the next sighting of Patty Hearst after her abductucion was with a wicked looking AK47 holding up a bank. Patty Hearst was not poor suffering for the lack of money she was worth billions. But here it is she joined her captors not only to rob banks but sworn to the SLA cause of violently overthrowing the government of the USA.

    The victim became a criminal apparently forgiving her captors and becoming one of them. It is not that far fetched when you witness what is happening with the unfortunate rape victims. Stranger than fiction sums up some of the outcomes of these horrible circumstances


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