Judge Randall Worrell Joins the Call to Decriminalize Marijuana

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
The Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Worrell

The Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Worrell

We are in full support of High Court Judge Randall Worrell’s call to decriminalize marijuana for personal purposes. We are also in full support of his position that our court system is clogged up with old cases involving marijuana charges. We do not condone drug abuse in any form but we believe that if cigarettes can be legally sold, there should be sales of marijuana as well. At least we know that cigarettes destroy millions of lives annually and place tremendous pressure on health services.

We hope that a more progressive approach is used in assisting those afflicted with the addiction of marijuana. We strongly believe that prison should be used for the punishment and rehabilitation of hardened criminals and not those who for one reason or another find themselves addicts. We know that many kids today are addicted to their parents’ prescription drugs and there are those amongst us who are addicted to medication. Certainly a modern judicial system cannot continue to waste time, resources and prison space on what are unfortunate human maladies. Our kids today are under constant pressure and sometimes they fall victims to habits that cannot be cured by excessive floggings or imprisonment.

We are equally concerned about the use of alcohol by our very young citizens and find it very hypocritical, that we are content with turning a blind eye to the heavy intake of alcohol in our communities. Alcohol is also a drug and its addiction is widespread. We are also concerned about the role the heavy use of alcohol plays in instances of domestic abuse , the financial ruin of many families and non –productivity in the work place. If we intend to seriously tackle addiction, we must be prepared to do so at all level.

Justice Worrell and others entrusted to hold up the law would also be aware that the small dealers and users who end up before the judges are mere pawns in the drug industry. While we do not encourage the so-called small man to engage in any form of illegal behaviour, we cannot deny that the big financiers and those in high up places seldom find themselves before the law courts. The simple truth about marijuana is that it was allowed to take root in the society, when it first surfaced in the late 60’s.

However, we are not dreamers; we realize that legalization of marijuana will not find tremendous support, in a society that is known for ignoring reality. Therefore the decriminalizing of the use of the plant for personal/medical purposes may be more palatable than its full scale legalization. While we welcome the good judge’s position, we now call on those of similar ilk to be more forthcoming with other matters that disturb us and are boarding on, or are in themselves, criminal acts.

One that stands out is the persistent and consistent reports of the Auditor General, of what appears to be widespread disregard for our laws of governance regarding the proper financial accountability by several government or quasi-government departments. While we are chasing the drug pushers we seem to be condoning white collar crime. We remind Justice Worrell and others that stealing is also a very serious addiction especially when aided by political activity and office.

We hope that Justice Worrell’s progressive stance will be a turning point for a judiciary that relishes in the tradition of keeping a stiff upper lip. As we have said before, the taxpayers do not pay judges to just put on robes or wigs and quote the law. We pay them to be the guardians of society and therefore hope that the brave example of Justice Worrell is emulated by his other distinguished and erudite colleagues.

155 thoughts on “Judge Randall Worrell Joins the Call to Decriminalize Marijuana

  1. Now that Judge Worrell’s simple users are shooting tourists in broad daylight, I hope the Judge can now see that this social scourge is much much more dangerous than he or his smoking buddies think that it is.

  2. @Simple,

    All I am saying that to enable this one would have to ensure that legislation adheres to the current internaitonal standards i.e. medicinal use as per states in USA.

    ”Simple Simon | March 18, 2013 at 6:19 AM | And even while it it is ok to imprison a block boy, who want’s to imprison a big shot’s son?”

    You ARE joking right?? Where you been living the past thirty years?

    What befuddles me is how the ones of us who fight the ‘honourable fight’ and try to do things the right way. have to put up with crap, have our pay taxed to the hilt but those who live lawlessly get assisted an protected every time from their own nonsense.

    I know of what I speak and I am sure many others posting here do too.

    That said, my view is legalise it as I said above, let the farms and pharmacies get some of the revenue, they work hard and pay taxes.

    Why should the xhitheads make all the money?

    And many objections to legalise will come from those who are drug lords and pushers… its their monopoly and cash now now, after all that is being threatened.

  3. Like i have previously said, i used to be a policeman in **.

    Crimes that are committed (i) during inclement weather or (ii) on weekends and holidays are less likely to get responded to by policemen BECAUSE during these times policemen are in “sleep mode”

    In fact, the most successful offenses in history are fought when the enemy is in sleep mode or some similar state of non-vigilance – i give you the Easter Offensive better known as the Tet Offensive when the North Vietnamese kick the US’ asses.

    There was a time when real policing involved police officers getting off their asses and going into the neighbourhoods and greeting community dwellers through “walking the beat”

    Irrespective of how high tech forces have become, competent Police Officials, led by in our case, a incompetent Attorney General, who breaks all the laws, and a likeable Darwin Dottin, there is a need for the police to get off their asses and patrol the streets of Barbados.

    Yes we have one or two bad boys lingering in the corners to rob unsuspecting tourists, and Bajans when we sleeping pun night, but, for the most part, our lawbiding citizens, would welcome a policeman’s face in our district.

    An no, not the ones who does stop in every rum shop and leech a drink from the proprietors, but the ones who took the oath rather attestation seriously “I, … of … do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable”

    And if dem going sit down pun dem asses all day long, then get the Barbados Chamber of Commerce ask de businesses to take up a donation to buy cameras for all of Bridgetown, in addition to the equipment at District A, to monitor all of Bridgetown.

    Of course you going have to move SSgt ** who does use the existing equipment to zoom in pun de bubbies of de young girls but we need to do something quick before the cruise ships stop coming to BIM

  4. Fellas, we all know how Barbados works; when time to lock up or destroy the poor no problem, but when time to lock up or destroy the political class or people with social standing and connections nuting doing.

  5. @Piece Uh

    Not a bad thing if the cruise ships decide to bypass Barbados because it would trigger a mode which we have been historically comfortable – crisis mode.

  6. To David:
    The crisis mode shall be that the criminal element would now becoimg into homes and businesses in broad day light committing crimes as they see fit. Then the Judges and that crowd would have to vacation regularly overseas to get some peace and quiet.

  7. There is a theory in criminology called the “Broken windows theory” essentially it states that if you ignore minor offences they gravitate to major ones. This was supposedly used by Rudy Giuliani to fight the pervasive crime in NYC when he was Mayor as people were arrested for urinating in public, vagrants were carted off to jails etc.Thus when I read that the police ignore marijuana smoking in public and people smoke up with impunity in the presence of elected officials I wonder if there isn’t some merit in applying this theory in Bim.


  8. @ Lemuel | March 18, 2013 at 7:02 AM |
    “Now that Judge Worrell’s simple users are shooting tourists in broad daylight, I hope the Judge can now see that this social scourge is much much more dangerous than he or his smoking buddies think that it is.”

    Welcome back Lemuel. Long time no read!

    But before we rattle intellectuals sabres just an opening feint to stimulate your store of commonsense.
    Can you explain to us why this scourge is so rampant in an environment where marijuana is an illegal tradable commodity and carries with it very heavy criminal fines and punishment including incarceration? It appears then that by making it illegal and criminally unattractive these methods of deterrent are ineffective.

    So where do we go from here? Anyone caught with any quantity of marijuana should be put to death immediately as pertains in some jurisdictions?

    We would suggest you deal with what the learned judge has to say rather than impute personal or private motives to his public pronouncements. Is the Judge making sense in terms of dealing with the problem? And if not what is your alternative suggestion or solution to the problem?

    We can offer you one that is somewhat up your “high” street.
    Treat the marijuana tree the same way your god of the Garden of Eden story treated the tree of good and evil and of knowledge and meditation. Your god did not destroy the tree but left it up to man to decide. Deal with the addictive side of us frail humans. Don’t blame the plant your god created.
    The miller will use the tree for its natural beneficial qualities and leave the smoking aspect (for which humans are not designed) to those who wish to be transformed into altered states of consciousness, even to zombification.

  9. @ David,
    As promised, I’m back, Quite a lot to write about, directed at quite a few people so let us continue the conversation on this important subject, so here goes.
    @New Blood “two former PM used marijuana in high office”.
    So what!
    does this mean that if they had committed more serious crimes (like murder) does this mean tha your should also go out and kill? Get real man/or woman, my mother always drilled into my head “Never follow a multitude to do evil.”
    @Hants.who seemed to think that no one should be punished for a “little spliff”
    In some countries (Singapore and Saudia Arabia, Malaysia) the penalty for any amount is DEATH. There is a sign at the airport that lets you know this when entering the country and there is a container provided for you to drop any drugs in before you enter the country because after that you can expect the full weight of the law; no probation, no suspended sentence, no criminal record, just Death.
    Justice Worrell recommended DECRIMINALIZATION not LEGALIZATION, as a consequence you would still be subject to incarceration and fines is found with the drug.
    @Miller; sho suggested that because Marijuana is a God given pland it should be alright”. All plants are God given. Why not just go out and eat the fruit of the Manchaneel tree. It is abundant and
    god given.?
    The solution to the problem is very simple and twofold. 1 If the law says not to smoke weed or for that matter tobacco (how many know that it is illegal to smoke tobacco in a public place in Barbados), DON’T SMOKE.Nothing says you HAVE to smoke. 2. Obey the Law. if the law says drive at forty miles per hour, drive at forty miles per hour.why do you Have to drive at one hundred. Obey the law, or be prepared to pay the price, whatever it is.I had promised to present the dangers to health posed by marijuana and compare it with the other two controversial drugs tobacco and alcohol. I tried to download the photographs to this site but have had a lot of difficulty, so instead I will give the web sites for the effects of Tobacco and Marijuana. One of them is: http://adam.about.net/encyclopedia/Normal-lungs-and-alveoli.htm this will then lead you to the photographs on the other carcinomas: amall cell, adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma etc.These are mostly caused by tobacco smoke. It is believed that because Marijuana smokers inhale more and hold the smoke in their lungs longer, and because the concentration in the tars in smoke are greater in marijuana smoke, that the cancers in the lungs of marijuana smokesw will produce such cancers sooner. (Bob Marley died of cancer at a relatively young age) However while the tobacco affects the lungs primarily, marijuana attacks the Brain. The active ingredient in Marijuana causes changes in the brain structure, and accumulates over time. In other words it si not destroyed once it gets into the system, nor is it detoxified.This is what happens to alcohol. Alcohol is a poison, but the liver; the largest chemical factory in the body, detoxifies it. The cells of the liver have the capability of detoxifying this poison,enabling alcohold drinkers to recover quickly. Unfortunately, during the process some of the liver cells die in the process. However the liver has the capability of regenerating (replacing) these cells, if enough time passes before they have to detoxify more alcohol. What happens when persons are habitual drinkers is that over time more and more cells are killed off before they have time to regenerate. As a consequence, as more cells die off the liver becomes unable to perform its function, people become more unable to tolerate the alcohol and they will eventually die of cirrhosis of the liver. So the three drugs, alcohol (liver) tobacco (lungs) and Marijuana (brain) have equally disastrous results and costs to the society in health care.Marijuana impairs judgment and motor coordination, thus contributing to accidents while driving, there is an association between marijuana smokers and mental illness worsening the case of persons with schizophrenia and psychosis.I have written a lot today. In another blog if people are interested I will give more medical information. An in case people are wondering about my bone fides: I have both practical and educational qualifications to discuss this subject since I have been associated with the laboratory analysis and examinations in this area for over fifty years. Bothe in terms of the microscopic and macroscopit examination of specimens and histories of these three drugs.

  10. @ Alvin Cummins | March 19, 2013 at 1:55 PM |

    Let us settle for a compromise, Alvin.
    Since we have established that all three substances are extremely dangerous to the human body and mind why not let us protect those who are unable to protect themselves and say “NO” to all drugs.

    Let us ban and keep all three illegal.
    What do you say, Alvin?
    You think your Minister of Finance would be keen to go that route knowing full well that the tens of millions collected from sin taxes on alcohol and tobacco consumption. Don’t mention the AG requesting more resources for the Police to fight moon shining and bootlegging.
    Let us hear you. Don’t run and hide behind a money tree.

    BTW, every tree that your god made was not meant for eating only those in the Garden of Eden. You would not eat a mahogany tree but use the wood for building or to make furniture. There definitely was a marijuana tree there since a twig was used to cover Eve’s privates from the hungry eyes of Adam. Look carefully and see the 5 leaf blend of good old Eve bewitching the hallucinating Adam. LOL!!!

  11. @ Miller,
    How do you KNOW what trees were in the Garden of Eden? How do you KNOW there was even a Garden of Eden/ Does this mean you believe the creation story despite all the evidence that the creation story does not “hold” water? In addition if there was such a need “to hide Eve’s naked ness there are MANY other tree that would be more suitable. this postulation is only used by the marijuana users to try to justify what they want to perpetuate. There is no NEED either for the marijuana plant or to smoke its leaves.What do you mean “who are unable to …say NO to drugs.” It just needs the will power. Every one has that ability, if they will exercise it. If the law says no then it is no. If people persist then the Atttorney General should get the house to pass legislation increasing the fines for posession and enforce the penalties for those who can’t pay the amount of money charged. This way the amount of the “Sin tax” will bring in more money for the treasury. If they want to contribute to the treasury, then they are free to do so but don’t complain when the fine is more that they can pay.
    As I said, in Singapore they don’t give in to the druggies. The penalty is Death and it is enforced, even when persons from other countries whose governments ask for leniency, they are ignored.. We have to adopt the same determination to ENFORCE our laws.
    I am sorry but having seen what marijuana does to people I can never compromise. I have lost too many friends to that weed…friends who were talented, who had much to contribute to society who died or suffered needlessly because of the effects of “weed”. Timothy Callender, a talented artist and writer and myself entered Mona together, I watched Timothy’s deterioration as time passed, exemplified visually by the changes in his paintings and drawings. He progressed to other drugs and died from a cocaine overdose. My other good friend Ralph, a briliant physicist, doing his PhD started to smoke in Mona, he was subsequently shot by police for attacking them with a cutlass, while under the influence. He only smoked marijuana and did not drink. His brain got messed up. There are so many other examples. I am sorry I cannot condone the use of such a dangerous drug. Despite what people try to argue, it is DANGEROUS. Once the brain is messed up A very long time passes before it can get back near to normal.

  12. @ Alvin Cummins | March 19, 2013 at 6:02 PM |

    Alvin, what kind of red herring you are trying to drag across the debating trail?
    Even Timothy overdosing on coke would have spotted your specious reasoning from a mile in Lucy’s sky.
    The question posed to you is if you agree that all drugs should be made illegal and banned from sale or trafficking.
    One can only conclude from your response that you would keep things as they are (status quo) because alcohol and tobacco- despite their known and widespread deleterious effects on the human body and mind- should remain legal since they perform the role of being productive cash cow for the Treasury.

    The late great Harold Wharton would not have been too impressed with your style of argument. You cannot bring into any discussion your god of good and evil and leave out or omit the beginning of the myth.

  13. @ miller
    I am not dragging any red herrings anywhere. Your question was whether I agreed that tobacco and alcohol should be put in the same category as Marijuana and made illegal. Alcohol and robacco are not presently illegal, while marijuana is. that means we would have to pass legislation making them illegal (tobacco and alcohol). persons who imbibe alcohol and develop liver problems can be cured if it becomes serious. recreational drinking is not dangerous. the liver can heal itself without any ill evvects. In other words consumption of alcohol does not normally result in liver damage. cigarette smoking and the resulting lung damage can be reversed with cessation of smoking.and lungs can be restored and even lungs can be transplanted. Marijuana damages the BRAIN. the accumulation of the drug cannot be removed and the changes in personality cannot be reversed. we have two lungs so one can be replaced, we have one brain that cannot be replaced, nor repaired from the type of chemical damage that results from inhaling marijuana smoke and the accompanying chemicals; which are not found either in alcohol or tobacco.This has nothing to do with the money from any taxes. I am talking medically. The brain cannot be repaired.I am not concerned with the “begining of the myth” for I think for myself and rationalize whether what is propounded is logical. As a consequence it does not matter who propounds the myth.Throughout history many myths have been propounded by many different persons, how many of them do we follow slavishly? (no pun intended). As a consequence it matters not who propounded the creation story, to me it is not logical and I ignore it so the creator of the myth is of no consequence to me, and in case you are wondering I don’t believe in any god of good and evil..

  14. @Dr. Love,
    That sort of answer is to be expected from some sections of the population. Shows they are short on substanceee and understanding.

  15. @ Alvin Cummins | March 20, 2013 at 3:02 PM |
    “Marijuana damages the BRAIN. the accumulation of the drug cannot be removed and the changes in personality cannot be reversed.”

    Alvin man you are the best. Even if a donkey comes up to you and starts to talk and whispers to you that he is a Jesus incarnate you would argue that he does not know what he is saying since he simply a jackass.

    But I agree with you to some extent. The smoking of mary jane does damage your brain. I am always concerned about the many politicians in our Parliament who could get up on their “high” horse and talk so much brainless crap. They must be high on something other than spirits, you agree?

    But Alvin, suppose the miller wants to cultivate the plant in his backyard not to smoke- to change the natural chemical balance (the miller does not smoke since he is not a chimney)-but to use as a culinary herbal delight, and tea infusions and homeopathic addition to the medicine cupboard would you object to that? And if so, on what grounds?
    Remember we will be saving some forex here in the form of import substitution.

  16. (Miller Man act subtle)
    Get Hustling get hustling get hustling
    With a 100 weight of collie weed coming from St Anne’s, St Anne’s
    With a 100 weight of collie weed coming from St Anne’s, St Anne’s
    Can’t afford to get arrested
    I don’t have no papers on me now
    Can’t deal with no time down a GP
    and so you know and so you know
    I got to go
    100 weight of collie weed
    coming from St. Anne’s, St. Anne’s

  17. This report on a pilot who crashed his craft and died along with one of his passengers (the other 2 were injured) makes interesting reading and may add something to the marijuana debate. I think that most of us don’t want out pilots to be high except leterally. Maybe Dr. Georgie Porgie can comment on the chemical/toxological part of the report and its effects.

    Transportation Safety Board of Canada. Aviation Investigation Report A11W0151

    On the day of the accident, aspects of the pilot’s planning, flying technique and decision-making were inconsistent with regulatory and administrative requirements, the company operations manual policy, and safe flying practices…The quantity of psychoactive components in the pilot’s system is considered to have been sufficient to have resulted in impairment of cognitive processes. This would likely have had an effect on planning and conduct of the accident flight. It is possible that the pilot, under the influence of cannabis, avoided the higher workload of IFR flight in IMC, choosing to remain visual for the trip to Lutsel K’e. Random testing of employees in safety sensitive positions may mitigate this risk….The concentrations of cannabinoids were sufficient to have caused impairment in pilot performance and decision-making on the accident flight…Post-mortem toxicological screening revealed the presence of cannabinoids in the pilot’s system. Femoral blood contained 50.1 nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml) of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta9-THC), and 21.6 ng/ml of carboxy-THC. Pleural fluid contained 11.9 ng/ml of delta9-THC, as well as 41.8 ng/ml of carboxy-THC. Urine contained 272 ng/ml of carboxy-THC. Considering the significant amount of THC in the pilot’s blood, the TSB considered confirmation by retesting. The small quantity of remaining femoral blood sample precluded retesting.

    Flight simulator experiments have demonstrated that THC has wide ranging effects on human performance, including impairment of working memory, coordination, tracking, perceptual-motor performance, temporal perception, and vigilance. The effects of impairment increase with the complexity of the task. A blood delta9-THC concentration over 5 ng/ml is the threshold considered to be necessary for possible impairment.

    Delta9-THC is the principal psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana, hashish, hash oil, and certain hemp products. Delta9-THC is metabolized in the liver, with the formation of psychoactive and inactive compounds. Carboxy-THC is an inactive metabolite. THC compounds are stored in fatty tissue, reaching peak concentrations in 4 to 5 days. Metabolic products are eventually excreted and total elimination of a single dose may take up to 30 days.

  18. Oh dear, look Simple now gone and thorw a spanner in the argument to legalise.

    Strong evidence anti……re extended to drivers etc.

  19. @ Miller,
    I don’t want to say I told you so, but I alse read the report, referred to by Simple Simon, on the pilot who crashed the plane. In answer to your question re growing Marijuana and taking it in a form other than smoking, I should explain. The chemicals are in the plant itself so whether it is used as a tea, eaten as part of a salad, or smoked the chemicals are in the plant. If you take it into the stomach, it passes through the stomach, is digested while it is passing through, and the results of the digestion are passed through the blood stream into the liver. the active ingredient (THC) passes into the blood stream and also goes to the brain, attached to molecules within the blood stream. When it is smoked the same chemical passes into the blood stream attached to the blood cells, also going to the brain. I gave you a website to visit, go there and see the number of chemicals in the plant and the medical effects on cognitive and motor functions. Don’t take my word for it. Many heads wiser than mine have thoroughly researched this substance. My old people used to say”Hard ears you won’t hear, don’t care you going feel.” If the young people (and many older ones )don’t want to heed my advice, maybe I will meet some of them in Broad street.probably in the garbage cans by KFC, or Sheffette.

  20. @ whoever
    For further edification: 1ng =0.00001gram, thus 5ng/ml is equivalent to 0.00005gram/mililiter (0.00005gram/mililiter of blood) about one grain of sugar in a tablespoon of water. So if you take it as tea, one of the things you can’t be sure of is how concentrated it is . for example if you boiled mauby bark you will know how bitter (more concentrated) it is the longer you boil it. Same thing with marijuana, you have no idea how concentraed the various chemicals are in the amount of plant you are boiling.

  21. i aint hear none talk bout where all dat cocaine dem puting out on de streets an dont telll me ghetto youths makin it cuss i live bout dem parts an i aint see none dem boys wid a lab in dem yards or bedroooms familly members tekkin up de rest of de rooms and as for de yards chanttis in de to

  22. @ Alvin Cummins | March 22, 2013 at 7:01 PM |

    Doggone Alvin, you have won the propaganda battle. Everything on the Internet is indeed the truth. All the miller can say is that he is now convinced from that other book of propaganda that the tree responsible today for mankind’s physical and mental defects and his “evil” ways is an engrafted version of the same tree of good and evil and knowledge in the centre of that pristine perfect paradise with a wicked dangerous plant to destroy poor imperfect man.

    Alvin according to your reasoning the sugar cane plant or even the potato, rye and barley should be so treated as evil and wicked vegetable matter loaded with the same dangerously destructive chemicals found in rum whisky vodka and gin.
    We now know, Alvin, why many Bajans are so criminal minded, congenitally ill and socially dysfunctional.
    It’s the amount of marijuana they consume. Just look at the quantity of the recent haul down St. James. It certainly can’t be the alcohol because those in Parliament and in other very “high” places are very much healthy and functioning effectively in carrying out the people’s business.
    Is the miller being illogical in his reasoning? If he sounds so just put it down to the many herbal infusion taken as a young man.

    But Alvin just to rib you as a parting shot. Don’t you think that by decriminalizing the use of the plant there would be no drug barons to refer our vulnerable people for financial assistance as strongly and proudly advised by the “cool” head of our land of paradise who seemed to have been stoned out of his drunken mind to get up before a nation of level headed people like yourself and make such a comment laced with arrogant contempt for those poor souls eating out of garbage cans or even those in need of a fix of a hairdo or nail job?

    The same book your old people also used to read strongly advised: “Those without sin, cast the first ‘stone’!”

    • @Miller,
      I am not fighting a propaganda battle. I am trying to inform people about the dangers of this drug in terms of its effect on health as well as the society as a whole, and its implications and repercussions. It is no sense comparing it with the sugar cane plant and the utilization of sugar. there is no camparison. Each plant has different ingredients; just like Africans and Europeans are human beings but with different characteristics (colour, likes dislikes etc). Actually the sugar cane , and by extension sugar,is necessary for a healthy life.. Glucose is absolutely necessary to provide the energy to live. It is when people misuse or adopt a non productive lifestyle that there are detrimental effects.Anyhow that is another topic. since you keep refering to “the garden of eden” you should also remember that the reason for the supposed expulsion was because the mythical figures were “given” the ability to CHOOSE. Similarly people who CHOOSE to use “weed” must also be prepared to suffer the consequences. Remember too that Justice Worrel is talking about “decriminalizing” and not “legalizing”. I can see the logic of his “intention”. At the moment when anyone; especially youngsters are caught with any amount they are charged for a CRIMINAL offence; using an illegal substance, and if found guilty they are sentenced and a sentence is imposed. They thus have a criminal record recorded. This lasts for the balance of their life. Suppose for instance that before this the student was a good student getting good grades, with good prospects. Suppose the opportunity arises for him to migrate, maybe through a scholarship etc. The presence of that criminal record (over possession of an illegal substance) will be detrimental to success in obtaining entry to school, job, travel, and maybe even getting a job which requires a certificate of character.All because he made the CHOICE to become involved with that illegal substance and thus become labeled a criminal. So you see the sociological repercussions. As I said before, the same old people also said “never follow a multitude to do evil.” Each of has the ability to CHOOSE to follow the multitude or not.I am only pointing out to people the danger of making the choice based on the correct information. the rest is up to them. Having seen he effects and educated myself about the effects I choose not to get involved in any way.I am not “throwing” stones. I am an educator.

  23. Dear Kiki:

    How can we know that the herb mentioned in Genesis 1:29 30 is marijuana?

    What if the passage refers to marjoram, or basil, or parsley, or thyme, or even to bananas, which by the way is also botanically a herb.

    Why do the marijuana smokers/eaters so insistent that the passage refers to marijuana. Is it that they are looking for a justification?

    What if I feel the same way about bananas as other feel about marijuana?

  24. @Alvin
    Please refer to Diabetes on the WEB and see that Sugar IS TOTALLY unneccessary to us for any other reason that we LIKE it.. Our bodied simply demand sugar as we expose our bodies to its continuous use and develope a”Sweet Tooth”.(You understand??”) Its like useing a drug on a regular basis,.The body gets used to it and when the level of the “DRUG” in the body drops the BODY demands more to conteract the “Balancer” that the BODY is producing to keep the body level again.Very very simple.
    The body has all the energy it needs, produced by Glycogon releases by the A cells in the pancreas and the conterbalance is Insulin produced by the B cells in the same pancreas.
    Normally the receptors in the body relate the various states to the A or B cells and Glycogon or Insulin are released..
    What we do need are complex carbohydrates,these are broken down SLOWLY by the body and released gradually,so as not to make “Spikes in Bloodsugar.
    Sorry wrong again
    But thanks for the extra dose of “Manure” fuh de kitchen Garden.:)

    • @Dr. Love,
      I forgot to wish you well with the kitchen garden. I hope you are growing lots of vegetables. By the way I forgot to tell you Sugar does not cause diabetes. Carbohydrates and a sedentary (lack of exercise) life style does. (more assistance for the garden…manure like

  25. @Dr. Love.
    for your information I am a diabetic type 2, and I know what I am talking about. I bow to YOUR knowledge.

  26. @Alvin
    Sorry to hear that man.
    Life is bummer some times.
    My daughter too.I spent 5 years studying type 2 .
    her specialist told me “this childs care is the best I have ever seen”
    She 22 now .
    I dont have “Knowledge” just a collection of research facts that I related to reality and her as person.Its a very individual thing.
    But Type 2 is no Joking matter Take care and eat right and exercise.
    Peace and love brother.

  27. @Alvin
    Ther are 5 types of Diabetes..
    Type 1 diabetes is not caused as you say..
    Type 2 yes, it is a contributing factor,that which you describe.The bodies receptors do not function correctly even tho your body may/is still
    be capable of producing insulin.It is exacerbated by overweight . wrong diet(I.E.Too much sugar) and exercise(lackof).Nowhere as yet proved that they are the causes.
    Type 1; is caused when the body creates antobodies, which attack the B cells in the pancreas ,because of many reasons NONE of which are to do with what you overeat or “sedentary” life style.. Usually there are heriditary factors (Did the patients Grandparents have type 2) also what is known as the “Final insult factor”
    This is when you are predisposed to type one and undergo some extremes of stress or illness.This can also be a factor in type 2(the stress)
    5% of your body weight is pancreas and you can have a “Normal” body reaction to sugar even when the destruction of your A cells by the bodies malfunctioning autoimmune system has destroyed 90% of your B cells.10% left and you can still stay level.
    At that point the next small fall in B cels and Type 1 , manifests itself strongly, and the body is in what is called the “Honeymoon ” period as the rest of the B cells are destroyed(They are your insulin producers) .Once the destruction is complete you are a full Diabetic type 1.
    Reliant on Insulin for good health and balance of your bodies sugar levels.
    The reason you do NOT need any sugar (unless you go Hypo)is that the body absorbs “processed ” carbohydrates at too fast a level and unless you have fantastic reactions, total understanding and really upto date monitoring and application equipment you are “out for the count”.
    Each epsisode of “unconciousness” causes minute but IRREPARABLE brain damage.
    Complex carbohyrates on the other hand are only slowly broken down and used by the the body allowing your mechanically applied Insulin to cope with the build up of bloodsugar.

    Type 2 also need very strict diet control and exercise,but generally not injections ,rather other types of control.some do have injections but that is not the norm.
    Sugar is really applied as an “Emergency”but rarely,diet is crucial.
    People can have type 2 for years and not realise it.
    Diabetes is incidious ,in its attack on the organs and once passing into adulthood the body does not repair those damaged organs.
    Yes you are OF COURSE 100% correct that Sugar does not cause what is known as SUGAR diabetes,is was know thus, because the urine became loaded with sugar and became sweet tasting;when as the kidneys could not cope with the overload and spilled it in to the urine(Simplified) .An old way mothers would test for “sugar” as we call it was to taste a person Pee’.
    The other types dont matter to you as they are mainly due to Pregnancy.

  28. @ Simple Simon
    29 Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the [a]surface of all the earth, and every tree [b]which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you; 30 and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the [c]sky and to every thing that [d]moves on the earth [e]which has life, I have given every green plant for food”; and it was so.
    If you are a true christian, you follow your bible

  29. @Simple Simon.
    Who wrote the bible? How do you know that the translations taht have reached us are accurate? How many plants you know that produce seeds that are poisonous? Was the garden of eden like the amazon forest/ Who could check out all the plants? think on these things. Sorry I am not a “true christian” because of my own reasons. There are too many hypocrites and charlatans in christianity.
    @Dr. Love:
    No problem. I keep my glucose level under control by regular monitoring,attention to my medication’s requirements correct dosage and regularity, exercise (I go to the gym every day) I watch my diet, and enjoy life. I do not allow things to bother me so that I have stress, and keep occupied (writing this blog) writing books,(I have two published, and recently finished my third one) and plays (four) and musicals (three). My nephew is Type 1 through heridity; father, grandfather, aunt, and has some complications. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Keep it under control. I am sure you know exactly what to do, and of course you have the best thing..knowledge. You have studied it through the resources available to you and acted on them. I wish more people would do this, then the incidence of the complicationa ans the risk factors that cause the accompanying conditions :hypertension and the possibility and probability of stroke or heart attack, or the most traumatic of all amputations. So good luck with your daughter.keep her away from KFC etc.
    I enjoy chatting with you..

  30. Footnotes:

    a. Genesis 1:29 Lit face of
    b. Genesis 1:29 Lit in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed
    c. Genesis 1:30 Lit heavens
    d. Genesis 1:30 Or creeps
    e. Genesis 1:30 Lit in which is a living soul

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