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Enlightened Rastafari

Like many who were teenagers in the 1970s, the Rastafarian idea, promoted through reggae music, was popular. Their claim to follow the teachings of the Bible convinced me that they were not only brothers in humanity, but brothers in faith. I researched their claims, and was shocked to see “Jah” written in my Bible. During that period of my life,

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A Heather Cole Column – The Bargaining Chip

Slavery was wrong but it was upheld as right by our English colonial masters in the British West Indies and North America to justify its existence for 300 years. They used slavery to create lavish empires off the backs of black slave labor and when slavery became unprofitable, the Europeans ended it without compensation to our forefathers. Marijuana was good

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

The proposal by the government to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes is likely to have a significant impact on employment relations in general and the workplace in particular. To date, the local proposal for legalization does not contemplate recreational marijuana use but, given the likely concomitant increase in the availability of the substance with legalization, it seems

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