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Causes and Solutions of Our Crime Problem

Submitted by DAVID  COMISSIONG, Citizen of Barbados CAUSES Barbados owes a great debt of gratitude to Ms Cheryl Willoughby, Director of the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit (CJRPU), Ms Sabrina Roach, Research Officer at the CJRPU, and to Mr Sanka Price, Nation Newspaper reporter, for so clearly outlining the fundamental causes of our country’s crime problem in two articles

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Crime Wave

Against the background of a spike in the number of murders for 2019 – up by 200% compared to 2018 – the attempt by Deputy Commissioner of Police Erwin Boyce to assure the public that although the increase in the number of murders for 2019 is a worry, the overall crime rate was down to support his summation that Barbados

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Inniss, Tasker, Innes Matter Filed Under DROSS by Barbados Authorities

The following report is reproduced by BU for many reasons. At the top of the list is the lingering curiosity by some Barbadians questioning whether local authorities will pursue this and other matters. The expectation is not meant to slur the character of anybody but to satisfy a reasonable expectation that justice must be seen to be done.. Barbadians have

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