Murder or Manslaughter? Depends on Who is the Killer

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

In the case R. v. Sussex Justices, ex parte McCarthy I1924), Lord Chief Justice Hewart, in quashing the conviction, said: “Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”

On November 8, 2008, 16-year old Anna Druzhinina died a horrible death at the hands of Omar McCollin and Teereth Persaud, who received 16 and 21 years respectively for their crime.

I have heard this case discussed by several persons, all laymen, and all of them, like me; believe that this child’s killers have gotten away with murder. As I understand it one will walk out of prison in 12 years and the other in 15 years and 9 months. That is a small price to pay for such a gruesome killing.

They were originally charged with murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. While I have the highest regard for both the judge and prosecutor, and personally believe that their integrity is beyond reproach: I am of the view that one or both of them should have recused themselves from taking part in the case. My belief has nothing to do with any wrongdoing or bias on the part of either the judge or the prosecutor, who accepted a plea and did not allow a jury to deliberate on the evidence in a murder trial. From the layman’s perspective, it has everything to do with the appearance that justice was not done in this case. One of the killers, the judge and prosecutor are all Guyanese. For that reason, and only that reason, there is an appearance that justice was not done in this case.

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  1. What I hadnt counted on is the the dark side of Barbados is inhabited by some very vicious , arrogant,self opinionated, dreadfull individuals that have had their bloated egos fed for years by the poor black people who know they have to say Yes’um ” to these indivduals or suffer a serious consequence.
    These people forget they simply translate the Law and uphold the law and really Beleive THEY ARE THE LAW. They are GOD.Never speak back to GOD or you are STRUCK DOWN.
    My daughters mother had been to a Jamaican lawyer called Dawn Sheilds Searle.who from information I gleaned thro the following years of harrowing torture I was put thro by the Trial Judge Mc Corrmack. ,
    Ms Searle was close to a Judge called Marie MCCorrmack and Sheilds Searle KNEW that this judge had a son who she had left for some considerable time with another woman,so long her son called the OTHER WOMAN MUMMY>
    The case had been arranged that it was heard by McCormack, as she was to be suckered I presume by Sheilds Searle as she was open to it as she had had the same experience with her son as Shealds Searle was putting my Childs mother as having had with me and her daughter.
    It worked admirably and I must admit that even tho at the time I was angry I realized they Sheild Searle played to win regardless of the human resutts..
    The court case had been started without me, it was set up from start to finish.
    My daughetrs mother has started all the proceedure and then asked for her daughter.
    I never did get a summons to attend the hearing which McCprrmack would only have in her Chambers.On almost every occcassion.
    I guy truned up in my yard and just shouted from his driving seat.MR JACKSON. I looked over the balcony and said ”
    WHO’s asking”.
    A whole pile of papers were just thrown out into the windy yard.
    A voice said ! AM. YOU’RE SERVED.
    The car drove off.
    I scrabled about in the yard and colected most and saw it was a statement from my daughters mother that her child had been kidnapped and she was looking for her allover and found her in Barbados with me and some Court papers of which some hhad blown away..
    I called the court to find that the trial had already been started and got the date of the next hearing that I went too.
    The mother had also informed the Court in the course of the hearing that she and her BOYFREIND were earning the equiviant then of 2000B$ a week so she could quiote easily manage to keep her daughter after she took her back from me in a very nice fashion.
    How can you have 2000$ a week and get legal aid.?
    But she did and the case went on for YEARS and I am told that it became the MOST EXSPENSIVE LEGAL aid EVER GIVEN.
    I would like to ask a question .IF you are the keeper of the PUBLIC purse and you KNOWINGLY allow someone for personal reasons to claim and get legal aid aren’t aiding and abetting some sort of illegal action?

  2. When does one seeking answers or asking questions become provocative it seems to me that unless one”S opinion is in sync with the majority , their freedom of speech is labeled Provactive so what if i am “provocative ” so be it

    Island gal. Are you the blog police Now. Don;t get on my bad side.

    • @John

      As Simple Simon suggested please take a break if this is hurting


      There is something called being sensitive to a situation.

  3. When I did enter the Chambers ,McCorrmack informed that I was “reprehensible” a few other choice words and that she McCormack had experienced the same anguish my daughters mother was experiencing.That do I understand what suffering a mother goes thro when her OWN CHILD runs past her with his arms out calling for the other WOMAN as MUMMY.She kept fussing round my daughters mother , was the seat ok was the Aircon Ok did she want anything?She said to me YOU have let this happen in this case and I (McCorrmack )will not tolerate it.I am going to break your relationship and put this child back with its natural mother.That this had happened to her and it WAS NOT going to happen in this case.
    I stood up and protested .Mccorrmack “sit down and shut up you we have let you say too much already”.
    I had done nothing ,she had me virtually arrested.I say that because she confiscated my pasport told me I cannot leave the country and said I must take my Passport to the British Embassy accompanied by an officer of the court and that he would wait out side while I had my daughter STRUCK OUT of the British pasport and that she McCormack, had arranged a Barbados passport be ready at immigration and I must then go an fill in the forms and pick it up.
    I complained to the British High commission .McCorrmack refused to let the High Commission person in Chambers.
    I then started getting phone calls at 9 pm and 10 pm from the Child care saying they had been ordered by the Judge to take away my daughter and put her in a childrens home and I would not see her again,UNLESS I got the Barbados passport that was waiting at immigration at that moment.
    Where the lady worked that gave me help thro the years with my daughter care,McCorrmack called her boss and asked that Rose should be dismissed from her Job..
    What I relize now is that McCorrmack could do any of what she did to me legally,she couldnt touch my daughter she was aBritsh citizen ,this terror regime by McCorrmack on mke was to try to make my daughter a BARBADIAN so Mccorrmack could then do as she wishes..
    McCorrmack terrorized me and used means that were not legal to try to acheive her ends.
    (does that rinng any bells about what is happening at this moment how the DPP is reported to have changed everything to suit his purpose??)(also the DPP writing the Judge dealing with my bail while I am In UK in Medical care and trying to getmy bail revoked?)

  4. Small island that has been broken in too many places, mess on top of mess. Since independence, didn’t know which way to go, still don’t.

  5. My daugheter got very sick stressed and screaming at night ,pee’d the bed and got skinny and skinny.I was in fear of her little life ,They showed her NO MERCY,McCorrmack I am sure would see my child dead rather than get down from her bloated ego.She gave her mother an order that she could take my daughter away from me friday thro Monday.My daughter went berk,when her mother came she tried struggle away andt he mother cought her byu the throat in an arm lock , and squeezed and my daughter fell unconcious.The mothers cousin Rrusty who had brought her in his car to pick up my daughter shouted at the mother “I gone You kill the Fucking child jus so he cant have her” Then she let go and my daughter fell in the dirt and her mother got in the car and went.
    The next weekeend Mcorrmac still allowed the Friday thro Monday, my daugher was just terrorized.It didnt seem to matter to McCorrmack or Sheilds Searle in the Court yard in that week I told sShields Searl how sick my daughter was and please leave her in peace to recover ,that the child was at that momnet in bed unconcious with a fever and temperature of 101 Sheilds Searle, said and in front of my Lawyer.GET IN OUR WAY AND WE WALK ON YOU.
    They did come to my house at 10 oclock at Night and were trying to drag the unconciuos child out of bed and take her.
    They were accompanied by the police.
    I spoke with officer in charge and asked did the Police Commissioner know what he was aiding and abbetting,I gave him the doctors note I had shown Shields searle that my daughter MUST not be MOVED.
    When the police man read this he asked if they were crazy and to leave the child in peace and get out of my house.

    OK simon you are right.I am too overwrought.I take a break and get some sedation.
    I want to finishthis I have carried this for years and I am sick of it.

  6. Oh this is good, this is good. I know that Jeff and the others will be snarling about calling names in public and only hearing one side of the story, but I is a man that would not normally read comments that go past four paragraphs …

  7. I want to hear the other side of the story or at least see some documents. This would make a good movie. Two best sellers in just a few weeks! David, BU is on a roll.

  8. Problem # 1
    White man + Black woman

    Problem # 2
    Men are presumed to be the villain in cases like this unless proven otherwise.

    Given the allegations, John should produce some physical evidence, court orders,transcripts etc.

    First and foremost he should try and take care of his health.

  9. It is a pity that John did not have the chace to talk to Denis Johnson when he was going through these horrors.

  10. Quoting John Jackson “Where the lady worked that gave me help thro the years with my daughter care,McCorrmack called her boss and asked that Rose should be dismissed from her Job..”

    Wait!!!so the Jamaican woman felt so powerful that she felt she could have a Bajan dismissed from her job

    Well, well. It is high time that our Bajan young men stopped rescuing young Jamaican women.

    Let dem ah stay in (West) Kingston

  11. Same woman give me grief when she was in charge of legal aid and I applied for assistance. She told me “you working for enough that you can afford your own lawyer”

    I could not.

    And “N” she had not examined my expenses, which at the time exceeded my income.

    And no I am not spendthrift or extravagant.

    Was just dealing with a difficult, long term and very, very expensive family situation.

    So no legal aid for me.

    But since I am a Bajan and a lot smarter that any Jamaican I got through without her.

    And yes without the legal aid paid for by MY TAX MONEY.. My TAX MONEY was also paying the Jamaican woman’s salary, and my TAX MONEY is currently paying her pension.

    Barbados can be a bad, bad, bad place in truth.

  12. @ David,

    But Dave is this really about the Barbados of which I am a citizen? If this story is true I would really have to hang my head in shame for this country!

    • De Hood

      If you plan to hang your head in shame about the atrocities being perpetrated in the name of justice in this country; you will walk about bumping into things because you would never hold your head up.

      My heart also goes out to Mr. Jackson in the episode with his daughter: I feel his pain. I, too suffered while trying to have access to one of my daughters. In order to try to keep me from having access to my three-year old daughter, a Government Minister took her to a doctor and tried to convince him to write a report to suggest that I had sexually assaulted my child. Luckily for me, no one had ever violated my child and I lived to fight them another day.

      On weekends when the little girl was spending time with me, the police would constantly turn up at my home saying that they were ordered to check on my child. I would refuse them and suggest that they should come back with a warrant. Eventually, one constable confided in me that a particular Minister would call a senior officer who in turn gave instructions that he was obliged to carry out.

      I wrote to the Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, about the behaviour of his Minister: I am still waiting his reply.

      Sent from my iPad

  13. Asides:
    This retelling is cumbersome.So much gone on and so long it has gone on for.But it relates totally to what happened to me in the last 6 years and particularly the death of Anna.
    Documents :I was kept starved on written information,and after all this was thro,I just was glad. I will have some documents left ,I am in UK and they will be in Barbados.
    Mcormack had most of the meetings in Chambers .I did not ever see any transcript taken
    .Did I know that Damaged ego would raise its retributional head 12 years later and still not have sated its requirements for” slap down” on the trangressor.That I might even NEED documments.I thought it was OVER.
    How many documents have you got from 12 years ago?
    But like I said earlier ,you do not argue with GOD and escape retribution at some point and as I understand the old adage”Revenge is a dish that should be eaten Cold” and they ate theirs and no doubt enjoyed it and will call at some point in the future for “seconds”
    I did nothing but any father would do and try to protect his daughter from damage.For this even now ,satisfaction is required from who ever has perceived a personal slight or a dirt mark on their reference in the History of Barbados.
    I did not instigate one iota of what went on,looking back now detachedly,the only thing I did that was wrong , was standing by my daughters mother and NOT letting her die.
    Many of her own colour advised me “to just walk away” They knew Barbados life better than I, but its easy to be wise in retrospect.I live by my concience and I could never look my daughter in the face knowing I took the easy way out and let her mother perish.
    Yes it has been a long and very painful road but ,the one person you can never lie to is yourself,I can look back at myself in the mirror and not feel shamed.
    Margo Greene ,God Bless her , stood in the way of a lot of colateral damage that should have hit me.At the finale of this egostistical nightmare Fiasco,McCorrmack called Margo in for a tongue lashing and as Margo related to me ,words like “Having been made(Mccormack) to look like a fool internationally”.
    If I remember anywhere near what Margo said ,it was “she tried to take the skin of my”(anatomy). I appologised to Margo for putting her on the spot and asked her what she replied to McCormack.She said “Nothing ,she knew she got involved where she should not have” .
    Hal Gollop, stood his ground and told McCorrmacks side kick The Honerable Fredric Waterman ,they he would “come for him” if one hair of my daughters head was hurt. This was at a hearing ,where Mccormack handed things over to The Hon Freddy and kept her head down.
    Whether Margo and Hal would be willing to relate what they saw and heard ,only they can answer

  14. Reading John Jackson’s story fills me with so much anguish for him and his daughter this has brought tears to my eyes. As I have stated before this is the makings of a blockbuster film.

    AC you are one insensitive Shoite and I make apologies for saying that. Why can’t you shut up and open your ears for once.

    @John we will wait for you to continue, please take your time.

  15. True! David. You can’t make this up (unless you’re living in a fantasy land)

    All of it is interesting but I wonder why some names keep popping up in these recent revelations. Why are’nt some relatively unknown names featuring rather than the ones we know so well. Looks like we’re being treated to view of some of Barbados’ upper crust that is seldom seen.

    This BU FOI may be even more revealing than the real thing.

  16. @David
    I hope you are lawyered up, too many names (and most of them lawyers) being bandied about this blog for someone not to be offended. You may label my earlier statement about “hornet’s nest” as being the understatement of the year.

    @Check it out
    Why are you concerned about names? Let Mr. Jackson tell his story, he will fill in the blanks.

  17. Sargeant; Looks like both of us are concerned about the names.

    Carefully read your post following mine and see that you show a deep concern about the names also. And note It seems to be you who is subliminally threatening David and perhaps Mr Jackson with something that you think they have to be “lawered” up for. Indeed, the part of your post addressed to me seems to be totally at odds with your earlier advice in the same post to David.

    Perhaps you should ask david to remove the last part of that post as it makes absolutely no sense in the context of the first part. I wanted Jackson to continue naming names, You wanted him to stop, I presume, or could it be that in your heart of hearts you wanted BU to be shut down? hmmm!

    Definitely not up to your usual standard.

  18. Yep… again the horrible thing is the Googling of a name … It is more than likely that the wrong things will pop up and that is where the concern will be. There was a British IMF consultant that contributed to this blog, Living in Barbados, who is now living in Bermuda who had Word Press take action for a similar concern a few years ago.

  19. Sargeant wrote “@David “I hope you are lawyer-ed up.”

    As long as the “names” were involved in the events they will not sue.

    They will not want to see their names in International newspapers.

  20. isgal look a..hole. you seem to have a bug stuck up your behind name ac that is fine with me. for all iknow the episode above i have not commmented on. girl go pull some weeds and stop calling my f..king name.

  21. i have more than one ocassion stated the injustice done and the punishment not befitting of the crime. Now yuh sorry calling me names . People like you have a tabloid mentality and reacts to articles in such manner but when one tries to see a differing point of view you ass coming screamming obscentities . Bit…h

  22. Is this judge marie mccormack the wife of the former chief justice David Simmons?

    I don’t understand the part about a child mccormack had that was taken away,is this a child before her marriage to david simmons?

    If she is indeed david simmon’s wife, I understand that she is a nasty piece of work and gave that former principal of Queens College Coleen Wynter hell when Mccormack was on the QC Board.

    Is she the same person who Amused said messed up the registry when she was in charge?hmm

    Dawn shield searles is a poor,poor jamaican woman who came here to Barbados after doing law here and stayed on here trying to build her practice.

    The day will soon come – if we don’t fight it – when bajans will be second class citizens in their own country and all the cum-yuhs will be perlixin and pompasetting all over we.

  23. Finally after all that the mother and the Court had put my daughter thro she became very ill,and she was admitted to QEH in a semi concious condition.They did not know at first what was wrong with her.
    I slept at the Hospital.The following night the Doctor came and told me my daughter was a Type 1 diabetic, while my daughter was asleep,I drove home for an hour to wash and shave.
    I was in shock,type 1 diabetes is very dangerous, altho according to instructions I had in Barbados ,would not have you beleive so.
    At the time,and after she left Hospital, I was given some fast and slow insulin that I had to mix myself and a very large needled syringe. About as much instruction as how to use it as you would give someone to prepare a cup of tea.
    When I came back the Doctor came again to me and said “we have made a mistake ” You daughter is not diabetic”
    I sank on my knees and cried,I was just so gratefull,my daughter did not have a terminal illness.I could not stop crying and shaking, I felt as tho I was disintegrating.It was very disconcerting ,I am a strong person and have never been like this in my life.
    I sat in the chair by her bed with my head in my hands, alternating from extreme to extreme.
    Thank God she .just slept.
    When she awoke ,I just needed to cuddle her and try to give both of us strength.I do not know if QEH has altered now but then, there was very little compassion and parents were treated like they were soldiers in the army and a little stupid.I watched a cleaner,clean the ward floor,she dipped a mop in a bucket and went half the length of the ward with the same mop,before it saw the inside of the bucket again.
    The doctors were unapproachable,and when they approached you it was brusque and unfeeling.
    Later down in the day,the Doctor,came again to me.
    I was told.”We have made a mistake” your daughter HAS GOT type 1 Diabetes.” and then just walked away.
    I dont think in my life , ever I had such a feeliing.
    It was like everything in this world had just left me, I was marooned in space,I was on an uncareing planet of Aleins.
    I was distraught, heartbroken, angry, upside down inside out and back to front.I didnt know what to beleive or to do, subjected to this incompetance and trapped my McCorrmack as she had my passport and was controlling me.
    As a father like a nuetered person.These people had me in a Prison, I could do nothing to help my child.I looked around and despared,I felt as tho I was being destroyed peice by peice by these,”Gaurdians of Barbados law and Order”
    I just wanted to pick up my child and run.
    McCorrmack at the time was still pursueing her stated objective of breaking my relationship and putting the child back with her natural mother,the mother came to the Hospital a few times and I mean a few and on what was her last day before she flew out,came ,stopped by her daughters bed ,gave her a kiss on the head and told her”Mummy cant stop with you, as I have to get my hair done to look pretty to go back to England.” “Bye bye darling keep well”
    That was the last we saw of her.
    While my daughter was in Hospital in Diabetic shock and still fluctuating beteen balanced and unbalanced control;its called the Honeymoon period; its as the last of your insulin producing B cels are dieing,and you become a total type 1 diabetic.Reliant on Insulin injections for the rest of your life.
    MCorrmac arranged another hearing ,but for some reason the Judge who took it was called “the honorable Fredric Waterman”( please remember that name as this man carry’s the past with him on his shoulder like a spectre,he appears never to forget anything and takes everything personally)
    At that time Hal Gollop was representing me.
    Hal presented papers to Waterman about my daughter,he did not read them.
    There was a farce of hearing at which Waterman ordered me to take my Daughter out of Hospital and on an International flight to Uk and hand her over to her Mother.McCorrmack had ordered my daughter be given to her mother,I was told.
    I just flat out refused. Waterman was very angry, and talked to me as tho I had personally affronted him.His attitude was like that of a contoller a gestapo,I had to do as he said or be punished.
    Its a demoralising situation,frightening overwhelming ,and I beleive it was designed by McCorrmack to be just that.They were useing my Love for my daughter as a weapon against me, terrorising me with it , threatening me with her safety at every opportunity.
    Care board calling and saying she was going to be put in a childrens home and I never see her again unless I got the Passport from Barbados immigration dept..
    I submitted to McCorrmack, and went to the British High commission with the Officer of the Court and my passport and asked for my daughter to be struck out, ,then was met at the door of the High Commission and my passport taken from me and given back to Mccorrmack.I after went and got the Barbados passport as mcCorrmack ordered me, and picked up the waiting Barbados passport for my daughter.
    Waterman the judge in the case proceeding, told me when I refused to take my daughter on a plane to uk that:.
    This was the point where Hal Gollop jumped up and said “if you do, if ONE HAIR of this childs head is harmed ,we will be coming for YOU SIR”
    I always had a soft spot for Hal after that.I could have jumped up and Kissed him.
    He was a Boney Sir Gallahad.
    SOMEONE was able to STAND up to these Bastards.
    The Honerable Fred Waterman was visably shocked,He told Hal Gollop to sit down,he asked what he meant by that.
    Hal said “YOU SIR have a ? paged document in front of you, a Doctor is saying this child is in diabetic shock and cannot be moved and YOU SIR are intending to take her from Hospital and to the airport give her to a stranger and put her on an international flight to UK”
    “IF you DO, beleive me SIR and one hair of this childs head is harmed,WE WILL COME FOR YOU”
    Waterman looked furious, he picked up what I took to be the ? paged document Hal referred to, flicked at it like he was reading, 3 seconds later put it down and told us “The child stays in Barbados”
    I think that moment became a festering sore ,against ME, in the side of the Honorable Fredric Waterman .He never forgot and certainly I believe ever forgave.
    You will see what I mean if you can read to the end.
    So temporarily my daughter, was saved from these insane representatives of Barbadian Justice.
    I bought a computer and spent every waking minute learning about diabetes and how to look after a newly diagnosed diabetic.My daughter was released from Hospital to me.
    I came to realise how poor was the treatment then and how old were the implements given for parents to use without any real instrction.
    Because fo the Honey moon period, newly diagnosed Diabetics are Volatile,also my total lack of skill giving injections,made life a nightmare.
    I would take her skinny little arm in my big hands and feel so Clumsy and that I was hurting her, I was fearfull to at first pierce her with the very long needles,I just didnt want to be the one adding more pain to her little life.
    I had fast and slow acting insulin in two bottles,I could have killed her if I had messed up.
    All of this I was doing ONLY by trial and error,I was in trauma every time I injected her.
    One day she fell down unconcious,I thought she was dead,I picked her up put her in the back of the car and rushed to QEH,where I was met with Supreme indifference, a guy, a porter or ward orderly took her from me and SAUNTERED along on the way to where she would be treated. He stopped and spoke with a freind about CRICKET.
    I was frantic,they said she is OK just a relapse give her some sugar and she will come back NO PROBLEM.
    Later I found out that each one of the episode leaves a tiny PERMANENT brain damage,I asked other parent and found most of the kids were regularly IN SHOCK.
    It was then I knew I had to get my daugher OUT and someplace she could be treated and treated with concern and care ,not like she was something that was a trouble.
    I asked McCorrmack thro her Chambers for Permission to take my daughter to uk for Specialist treatment.
    As they had been terrorising me to get her there anyway , I thought they would say yes.
    McCorrmack said NO.
    I went to Chambers with my lawyer,and McCorrmack said she would not agree as I could not say HOW LONG I would be away for .So as she didnt know she could not allow it.
    I told her HOW can I tell you how long ,thats why we need my daughter to see the specialist.
    That was not good enough she INSISTED on a TIMESCALE.
    So I just shut my eyes picked a# and said 6 months.
    She allowed it.
    I got a flight the next day to uk.

  24. OMG what is running through the veins of these judges? What kind of judiciary do we have? BARBADOS and BARBADIANS PLEASE WAKE UP!

    • @John

      What would be good is if you give your Attorney Hal Gollop permission to post a concise brief on BU which corroborates your report.

  25. The child I refer to,that Mccorrmack said was hers and she had left with someone for a very extended period,that then didnt know her or want to know her.
    (Thats what triggered her terrorisation of my daughter and my self ).
    I am told the son she has, is the one that likes to; “dressup”.
    She tried to wipe her concience clean on me by useing my life and destroying it in the process.
    IF her action in leaving her son did, in HER mind make him an oddity.That was HER action not MINE.
    I was just a simple guy living and loving ,no trouble to anyone.
    To cleanse HERSELF, her Soul,her concience,, she took the entire resources of the Island of Barbados, and tried to CRUSH me with them .Shredding my life with her insanity,but she WAS the Law,so I had to eat it up and spit it out.
    But she never felt she had succeeded, my child was NEVER placed back with the Natural mother BECAUSE of McCorrmack,s terror campaigns,
    .People like her NEVER forget,that is why I beleive a lot of the orchestrated manipualtions of evidence to todays courts regarding the men who killed Anna emmenates from someone with a very deepseated inner need to “cleanse ” them selves.
    Wipe their feet on me, Eat their dish of REVENGE very cold and relish every spoonfull.
    You have seen these people in operation,they are above the plebian mass in their minds.They are the elite,and will go down in history as saviours and heroes.
    GOD help you if you get in the way of it.

    I am ONLY relating what happened to me and why it led ,I believe, to the events of recent years and ultimately in the Death of Anna.
    I can only say the names of people who were directly involved, either beneficially or destructivly

  26. David, I am only too happy to.
    Hal WAS my lawyer at the early part of this nightmare.
    Later Margo Greene,who I will always be grateful to,did the major part,
    I did write to Hal by email and speak on his cel phone about appealing the finding of these Courts concerning the death of Anna.I sent him all the newspaper reports showing how Charles LEACOCK had in the reports been shown to have altered at each hearing evidence he gave as truthfull.
    Hal never replied.
    But yes if he wishes and has information still ,he has my full permission.

  27. If this is true I can now clearly see that the position that Amused took about the apparent one-sidedness of the AX enquiry and the rush to justice might have had some rational basis.

  28. For readers just reading this blog on Anna’s murder for the first time, you’ll want to start with the oldest posts first and read them in order. Especially to read the serial posts by Anna’s father, John Jackson, as he explains background information that culminated in Anna’s death. sign up to get posts sent to your email inbox to follow this unfolding story.

  29. All of you reading please understand I WISH I WAS MAKING THIS UP.
    I lost TWO daughters over these people.
    I am a little slow today as the reliving of all I had tried to forget is stressful in the extreme,
    I do not beleive it will in Barbados make ONE IOTA of difference.

    People are to frightened anymore to say out loud what is in their minds.
    I feel that the Current DPP Charles Leacock is Guyanese thro to the soles of his shoes,he appears insensative, insincere and unable to relate to reality.
    If you had a problem in your family would you expect a stranger who does not understand ONE things about how you function or feel to help you solve it.
    HOW can a woman refusing sex be “provocation” and seemingly in Leacocks mind justification for the Horror that ensued.
    I saw of him in the trial of McCollin reportedly LOAD all the misdeeds on the GUYANESE; PERSAUD.
    I read and was read actual statements these murderers both made to the police,if what was reported is true .LEACOCK just lied and lied,it was not a mistake of judgement by him.
    Its NOT FOR LEACOCK to decide what Justice is ,to set up one person and let the other get away.
    PERSAUD IS A VICIOUS KILLER BUT he is also a MAN and whatever, like us all, should get JUSTICE .
    If the answer is NO. like every other problems that takes from us what is ours BY RIGHT and BY LAW.
    We need to GET RID of the OBSTRUCTION that stops us from GETTING our rights.
    We did not see a fair and just trial in EITHER of the Trials of Persaud or Mccollin.

  30. @john

    We have given you a lot of leeway to tell your story. It would be negligent of BU not to remind you that you are using your name and therefore should be correct in your use of language.

    The BU household continues to sympathize.

  31. @mash up and buy back | December 27, 2012 at 9:27 AM |
    “Is this judge Marie Mccormack the wife of the former chief justice David Simmons?”

    Marie McCormack is the Jamaican wife of former Chief Justice David Simmons. David Simmons is also a former Member of Parliament and Barbados Labour Party Cabinet Minister.

    Ms. McCormack is also former Registrar of the Supreme Court of Barbados.

    These are verifiable facts in the public domain.

  32. @mash up and buy back | December 27, 2012 at 9:27 AM |
    “I don’t understand the part about a child mccormack had that was taken away,is this a child before her marriage to david simmons?”

    Dear mashup… The MAJORITY of children in the English speaking Caribbean are born before their parents marry.

    This is a verifiable fact.

    But a lot of Caribbean people would be deeply ashamed to write the date of their first child’s birth, and the date of the parents marriage on the same page.

    Personally I don’t understand why.

    We have ALL ENJOYED SEX before marriage.

    But we seem deeply, deeply invested in playing it ain’t so.

    But I don’t know whether or not Ms. McCormack had a child before marriage.

    Because I don’t really check old people’s business.

  33. Before I was allowed to Leave ,McCorrmack had every “protection” she could think of written into my being allowed to be in UK.She made “rights” for the mother and “conditions ” I must adhere to, she didnt ever mention ONE word about teatment for my daughter or reports to her on that ,just whatever that would give the maximum amount of agravation to an already very difficult situtation.
    You must remember that all this added enourmousely to costs and in Barbados Lawyers are not inexspensive and McCorrmack allowed legal aid to the mother every difficulty McCorrmack could put in my way she did put in my way.
    I had to sell all my farm equipments,anything I could raise money on.
    Oh yes and I had the Sexual assault ploy used,the mother called me in Barbados and said she was informing the police and the “Nation” that I had been having sex with my daughter since she was two.
    It didnt surprise me ,I was only surprised she hadnt tried it earlier.
    I asked her WHY you would filthy the name of your own child.
    She said “if I throw enough Shit , some will stick,you live there and I dont”
    The child care Board did reports ,they submitted to Mccorrmack.The mothers family who had never before acknowledged my daughter was alive,according the the Child care had been intimately involved in her life and saw her to be “some sort of crazy mixed up kid”because of her having to live with me.
    A really illuminating experience,was when one day I sat outside the High court in the waiting area ,my daughters mother sat a few seats along with and old freind,glowering at me.
    At one point I cought her eye,as the area was virtually empty I asked her( I called her by name) Why are you doing all this ??
    She turned Full face onto me and spat the words at me”YOU BASTARD YOU BASTARD”
    You never MARRIED me I am going to FIX you before I am DEAD”
    Mcorrmack cleansing her Concience and her Soul on one side and the Mother on the other side;bent on my destruction BOTH useing an innocent child to do it.
    As I arrived in UK,the next day the police raided the House at around 4 am in the morning,said they were acting on information received.
    I booked and immediate appointment for my daughter with the specialist and went to see him in London .
    He was very unhappy with me and what I was useing to treat my Daughter with.It seemd as tho he thought I had off my own back got this ,”stuff” cheap and used it on the child.
    He said ,why are you useing this ?This type of thing was stopped 20 years ago,I am not surprised your daughter is in shock so often .My God do you think you are injecting a horse”
    This shoots the insulin straight thro into her muscles and she goes into shock.
    He called into a nursing specialist who laid our an array of beautiful proper treatment kits.
    I asked how much they cost?They were free??
    In Barbados I paid over 200$ for a tester ,only to go back to the supplier two weeks later and be told they were obsolete.
    I made a home again for my daughter got her into school and tried to normalise her life,she was terrorised,couldnt sleep,pee’d the bed 3 times a night,had nightmares,the only way I could make her feel safe was to let her sleep in my arms.

    My daughter attended the local diabetic clinic and the results were very good . I learned how to control her sugar levels and keep her life level. NOTHING of what I had was available in Barbados,yet as the 6 months was due up Mcorrmack started ordering me to carry my daughter back to Barbados and all the progress wasted.
    I fought it for a long time
    The specialist sent a letter to Mccorrmack saying my daughter should stay in uk for treatment and that she was not fit enought to undertake international flights.
    McCorrmack wrote back and ORDERED my daughter was brought to Barbados Immediately so that she could be treated where the doctors were competant and would make her fit .
    Then Mcorrmack said IF i did not bring her to Barbados she was making an order that the Mother should take her from me and keep her herself.The mother was in Barbados at the time and McCorrmack did ,make such an order.
    I was at my wits end, and somewhere in my mind was phrase “on the mercy of the Court”
    Why it came in my head I dont know,but at the time I was desperate, so I took my daughter to London to the Supreme Courts.I really didnt know what I was doing but this phrase “the mercy of the courts” just stayed in my head.
    I asked to see a judge and was interveiwed.As I spoke the officers seemed to get very interested and told me they would get me before a Judge in 20 mins.
    I was ushered into a very overpowering court room and a man in robes and wearing a wig asked me to go thro why I had asked for this “mercy of the Court”.He didnt say there was or was not such a thing.
    So I just let go with all my daughter and I had been subjected to by Mcorrmack and everything that was worrying me to death.
    He didnt say much, a question here and there and let me run out of words.
    Then he said he personally would like to thank me for showing up this situation and that I should rest easy as from this moment NO ONE ANYWHERE would ever trouble or move my daughter again .
    He put her under the protection of the Court.
    He said when the mother comes from Barbados with this PIECE OF PAPER she must go to him.

    If he wrote to Mccorrmack or not I do not know ,but I can only presume this is why why Mccorrmack called in Margo Greene at that time, in Barbados, and made the tongue lashing about being “made a fool internationally” or words to that effect.
    My daughter and I then were able to live as human beings again.
    That was until the mother arrived back in UK and realised,Mccorrmacks paper was only good for the toilet.
    So she stated she was unemployed and and invalid and started a High Court action to take my daughter away in the UK getting full legal aid again.
    Around this time I had a sort of medical collapse .I was driving suddenly I felt I couldnt breath,and I felt I was going unconcious.I was near the Hosptal so I just went in went in A&E and they put me in a ward .
    My daughter and I were due to have a meeting with with her mother at a youth center,so I called her and told her I was ill and that as there was no one else, as she had asked and pressured for so long she would at last be able to take my daughter.
    “WHAT” she said” Take her I DONT WANT HER”
    I told her it wasnt a choice,I was ill and she needed careing for.
    In the end after some legal rearranging ,my daughter went to her mother.
    My daughter was distraught and all I could do was ask her mother “PLEASE you know she only knows me,let her be free to talk with me and see me whenever she wants till I am well.”
    Obviously her mother then had to be made her legal carer, when she was, she had orders made that if approached or called I could be arrested.She shut my daughter off to me totally .
    My daughter is now 22 years old now refuses to ackowledge me as her father

  34. Even though I know of a number of cases where Mothers took children and totally indoctrinated them against fathers and what john jackson says is therefore possible. I think the story of the other side is necessary.

    • @Checkit-out

      We don’t have a domestic court and many of the judges who preside over criminal and corporate matters have to do the domestic thingee. It is messy and most times the odds are stacked against the men.

  35. In 2000 I once again went back to Barbados as they say a sadder yet wiser man, and started to pick up the pieces of my life again.Having sold my house in UK I was in funds.
    I got the house back in condition and some of the land,planted some crops and got back in routine
    Believing that all my troubles were now behind me,I decided to start importing as I could see from people there was a need for some sensible quality low priced foods stuffs and started to look around for a premisses.
    I found a place in Blackrock and after some groundwork ,saw that Mr Andrew Bynoe of Carlton AI was the owner.
    We negotiated price and came to an acceptable price for us both.
    Mr Bynoe asked what I would be doing with the property as he did not want a supermarket as it would be a competition for his own one 700 or so meters along the street.
    I advised him ,I wanted a cash and carry and he started to make conditions of what I could or couldnt sell.At which point I lost interest and indicated as such to him.
    He did change tack and say that a cash and carry would be acceptable but not a supermarket, so we struck a deal. I did not realise then that this was not a legal agreement .
    After I had bought the Land. Town and country planning would not look at my Plans,I dont mean would not make a dedcision ,they just ignored them,I wrote to the prime Minister on numerous occassions.So I could only trade from a very small area and this was useless.During that time I was in the small area I ran into endlesss problems with the local blackrock police,the station was run By a Station Sergent Brewster.
    I was attacked by a guy with an axe,the police didnt come, I had robberies and the police didnt take any action.I cought people stealing ,and never saw them in Court.
    After a while I was frustrated so I called the PM office and was able to speak an aid,I asked him if he would be in the office a certain time and he asked me why. I told him I was sick and tired of the runaround I was getting when I was trying to make a business and provide employment and provide sensible prices for the public and that I was going to bring my staff to him in a Minibus at that time and HE can explain why they were allout of work.
    He asked me ,can I give him a few days to deal with it.
    Why not it was 3 years anyway.Not that week but the week after I had a call from T&C would I please come and pick up my plans stamped and passed.
    So I got on building my new cash and carry, as I finished and started to sell from it I had a letter from Mr A Bynoe saying I was in contravention of an agreement NOT to run a supermarket on the site and required me to stop or face legal action.I carried the letter to Hal Golop for his advice,which was good and I discover if I remember rightly Hal called it a “Restraint of trade ” which is not allowable in Law.
    I saw a letter he wrote to MR A Bynoe explaining that any such agreement was not allowable,and to please check the Law before he wasted his time and money on legal action.
    I never heard another word on the matter .
    But had a considerable stiffening of attitude from black rock police,so much so, I asked around a bit from people I knew ,and was told that Sgt Brewster who was “the man” at Blackrock police station was also providing Moonlighters for security work for Carlton Supermarket .I never found out if that was true or not true.
    So I just took it as a coincidence.
    When I was attacked by the guy with an axe I complained bitterly to Black rock police as they did not attend and the uniformed segent told me “you have a licenced weapon sir, why you do not defend yourself.
    Then a local criminal ,was cought by me stealing a case of mixed vegetables, I threw him off the premisses,later as i came back from the bank with change, I had my back to the yard, he jumped out with a bottle in one hand and a big rock in the other and swore and cursed at me and came forward in an aggressive manner and said he would kill me. Luckily I had laid my rifle across the bags of cash,.So I picked it up turned at him and gave him a warning that if he proceeded as he was I would be obliged to disable him. He then decided that discression was the better part from valor and retreated making threats of my imminent demise.
    I called Blackrock police they did not attend, so i drove to blackrock and filed a complaint which they said they would log. Then desk officer was writing what I said.
    I was some time later unloading a container of detergent power at the back of the yard, I again had to go to bank for some change , while I was away the guys unloading called accomplices on the cel phone and a car was loaded with detergent powder.
    I came back quicker than I normally do and saw the car and realised a theft was in progress.I drove my car across the front of the car loaded with the stolen soap and called Black rock police, after an extended period a jeep with two officers came from blackrock.
    I told them what had happened and they told the men to unload the soap.
    Then to my amazement they told them to go along.I was angry and asked what the hell was going on .They just told me I didnt understand the Law of Barbados there was NO ROBBERY because the men were still on my property so nothing had been stolen.Got in the jeep and drove off.
    I went to police complaints in Headquarters in town and filed an official complaint,never heard another word.
    During this time I was in the line for Cheffette and a big lady in a security gaurds uniform in the car in front,said I just bumped her car.I hadnt,but she got on bad and would not move and blocked Cheffette,They called the police,she was told to move,they examined her car and she showed them a damage that had been caused by sticking a # plate on the paintwork and that was small.
    We all went away.later I got a private summons to attend St Mathias court ,I had three witenesses ,she was just on her own and was claiming 1850$. I lost the case and was ordered to pay.Altho all she had said is he hit my car and i had three people who were passengers who said I had not. I said I will not pay I want to appeal.
    Not remembering at the time The Honorable Fredric Waterman was an appeal court Judge.
    When I got to the appeal court, I went into Court and there were 3 judges .The middle one seemed to have all the talk.He told me “We dont want to hear anything from you, just show us HOW you did not damage the womans car”
    I thought that little rude .So I asked him to look at my evidence.I said “its says at the top of the list for damages; 150$ for the estimate” The middle guy looked down his nose at me and said “I CAN READ”
    I said to him, “well you may need to put on your glasses as in very small print at the bottom its states quite clearly.”If the work is done by ****** that the 150$ for the Estimate WILL NOT be charged”.
    I said “and as it has been charged it shows that no work was done and all that you are holding is an Estimate.”
    The middle guy looked at me then the womans lawyer and says to him.”well was work done on the car or not?”
    The Lawyer folds his arms and stands straight and says” I really couldnt say(and whatever the title of the judge was) mlord”
    So I think ,cant say. so I dont pay.
    But then the Middle appeal Court Judge says to me OK ,Yes will take off the 150$ and pay the lady1700$.
    It took me about a month to work that one out.
    I thought about the Honorable freddy and his anger at me refusing to take my Daughter to UK and I realised the middle judge said what he said because he knew I would never pay in a million years .But also the woman got off scot free ,no costs. These guys smart or what.
    After that,I was served while I was in blackrock with papers for a case by a woman sueing me to take away my house as I was married now and had been so happily for a long period, Iwas surprised..
    When I read the papers I saw it was woman that I had a relationship with around 14 years back and we did get married but for a very short time as she was a professional lady who made her living scamming guys.I found out and in UK applied and got a divorce. Years before.Now the strange thing was this matter if it would have had any standing at all,which it didnt , would have only been in the UK AND it was over the time by afew years.
    Even stranger was this lady was NON National and was given legal aid to sue me and had been on the island for a year without papers.
    TO my SURPRISE when I checked WHO was Chairman of LEGAL aid it was THE HONORABLE FREDRIC WATERMAN.
    So I rang him up I wanted to know how a NON national could get LEGAL AID on case that could only be heard in UK and was out of date anyway.
    SO when I called ,I was a little wary because I know the honorable freddy is no idiot.So I said I am calling about a case before the courts am I allowed to Speak?
    “Yes of course he said!!”
    THAT was as far as I got.
    Would you say that is a normal reaction by the Chairman of the legal Aid??
    I said NO not at all .”Youjust told me all I need to know thankyou”
    SO Beverly Waldrond went into Court for me and she told me”Cut and dried ,they must be idiots to even allow this its out of date and not of this Jurusticion”
    Of course they were idiots, they could afford to be ,THE TAXPAYER FOOTS THE BILL and JOHNJACKSON get the problems.
    MS Waldrond as is her way was absolutely right the case was dismissed and John Jackson awarded 12500$ costs.
    WE came out of court and the Legal Aid lawyer was there with the woman .
    I said” I dont want to talk to this woman Beverly just arrange payment of my Costs please”
    Beverly as bold as brass tells me.” Costs, not me .” “YOU DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE UP AGAINST” “Get another lawyer to get your costs”
    So is there is another Lawyer out there my costs still need collecting , we can do a deal.
    You see what I mean about these people never forgetting or giving up.WHO THE HELL COULD I BE UP AGAINST there are only these FEW people on the Island who have ever butt up on me.
    The last section is the most serious ,I feel that a continuation of “slap Down” on me was the cause of ANNA’s death.A course of events set in motion,to punish me,that ended up as an Horrific murder

  36. Got to be real careful of young men and women who seek to associate themselves with [seemingly] rich white foreigners.

    The question should always be asked why me? why not a fella/girl from your village? Why not a fella/girl that you went to school wid? or went to Sunday school wid?

    Only proceed when you have received clear and truthful answers to these questions.

  37. I luv this BU thing … This year has been the best to date … WOW imagine what next year will hold. Andrew is my friend … or use to be … HA HA HA

    • @John Jackson

      ALL have all read your account with rap attention but there are some clarifications we need to better understand your account:

      St Matthias is a magistrates court not a high court and the matter of a traffic accident would be heard by a magistrates court. How are you making a jump from magistrates court to court of appeal? You should be aware also that transcripts are always available from the high court?

      Is usually the job of the lawyer who won the case to deal with the taxation the costs. Regarding how the matter of costs was awarded. Please clarify.

      You say that you moved from Hal Gollop to Dawn Searles, Beverley Waldrond, Margot Greene and others. Why did you have to change so many lawyers?

    • David

      Appeals from the Magistrates’ courts go to the Court of Appeal.

      Sent from my iPad

    • David

      I am still waiting several years for a transcript of an appeal that I was involved in. I appealed against a ruling in the Magistrates’ court: in the appeal the Magistrate conceded that she was wrong but the Court of Appeal still ruled against me. I applied for a transcript but the decision was too perverse I suppose.

      I represented myself and after I made one of my submissions, the presiding judge, Peter Williams said that was and intellectual argument and that I was not an intellectual so I was not qualified to make that argument. I was merely pointing out that the magistrate was not qualified to make the particular decision, and that the matter could only be decided by a judge. The magistrate conceded the point but I was not supposed to win.

    • Regarding getting transcripts, after Crane-Scott’s sentencing and court was adjourned, I asked the clerk, martial and officials inside the court room for a transcript of the judgment and I was told REPEATEDLY REPEATEDLY that I was not allowed to have a copy. They said they had never heard of such a thing, that a person is allowed to have a transcript. In vernacular, this is stonewalling, pure and simple. Not having grown up in Barbados, I’m no fool, so I just kept repeating my question to have them tell me the procedures for getting the transcript.

      It took me 15 minutes of haggling until the clerk agreed to ask if I could have a copy of the judgment. After an hour of waiting I was given the website and told it would be posted by the next morning. After TWO days of endless phone calling and messages, it was posted. I do not think it would have been posted this soon without the pressure.

      When I entered, I was told I could not take notes and ordered to put my notepad away. What kind of secret court system is Barbados running when no one can take notes even with paper and pen and everyone is told they cannot have a copy of the transcript?

      On my first court attendance, I was told I was not permitted into the court room until Persaud’s case was called, even though criminal court is supposed to be open to the public. I asked repeatedly to be allowed into the court, but was refused. So I had to wait outside for an hour while other cases were heard. The criminal court is SUPPOSED to be open to the public! When Persaud’s case was called, I was escorted in, told where to sit, with all eyes on me, as if I were the accused. And then the judge let lose on me about sending my Victim Impact Statement to her. When she finished, the clerk escorted me out even though court was not adjourned.

      On the day of the sentencing, I had to INSIST I be let in to the court room as soon as the judge was seated. I could not enter before then.

  38. @Caswell
    I represented myself and after I made one of my submissions, the presiding judge, Peter Williams said that was and intellectual argument and that I was not an intellectual so I was not qualified to make that argument
    And wunnah criticise Waterman for his statement “you are up here and they are down there” or words to that effect. Seems like the Judiciary and or the Barbadian Intelligentsia are prone to making condescending remarks to the Hoi Polloi.

    BTW Caswell ever hear the phrase “ A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”?

    • Sargeant

      The actual saying is: A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.

      I am not a lawyer. Mind you, our system jails semi-literate people, usually young men, who are forced to represent themselves, against trained prosecutors, because their offence is not covered by legal aid. They find themselves without representation before a prosecuting magistrate and a trained prosecutor, so nine chances out of ten they are convicted. I believe that most of them would not be at Dodds if they had lawyers.

      Sent from my iPad

  39. Sargeant wrote“ A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client”?

    Not in Barbados Sargeant.

    A fool and his money soon parteth and de Lawyers taketh.

  40. What the jackson legal scenario is showing up more clearly than others is what the poor,not highly connected man or woman must endure at the hands of judicial officers.

    Remember we are the ones who paid for their education but insted of getting thanks from the lawyers we get rip-off by many and get treated as though we are dumb-wits.

    I mash -up calling Right Now for a stipulation to be made for all students doing a Law Degree and using tax payers dollars – TO BE REQUIRED TO GIVE BACK AT LEAST 40 HOURS OF PRO BONO WORK TO NEEDY PERSONS AFTER THEY HAVE QUALIFIED..

    The truth is that the average black bajan or even white bajan would not have the courage to speak out about judges and big name lawyers and even if they tried the newspapers,radio or t.v. companies will not allow them.

    Fear of being victimised pervades everything in this small country.

    While I am sure that all things may not be exactly as John Jackson sees it,I am glad that he has vented if only to remind us that in this paradise underneath the glitter there are certain powers and factors at work.

    But then again,this can be said I suppose about any country,some countries more so than others.

  41. @ David


    Cases started Hal as lawyer,
    pause in proceedings
    Hal unwell
    Margo Greene asked to assist,I am in Uk getting my daugher treated Margo dealing with the iodocies being doled out to me.
    Beverly Waldrond is an /the expert on the matter that was in hand ,I may be a “fool” on a small matter but in big matters I get a professional “fool”
    Was two totally different matters .
    Like a GP for a cold and a surgeon for a brain operation.

    Dawn Sheilds Searle was a lawyer my Daughters mother used NEVER myself.

    As a matter of fact, ONCE at the very very start of the case I went into Court with Sir Henry Ford, lovely man ,I have great respect for him
    Mc Cormac told him in chambers “Sit down and shut up Henry” and he did,cost me 4750B$ for that. Bow Wow.I needed a dog that bites.
    Also as “new boy on the block” BLP and DLP ??What the Hell that mean???
    Now I know.

    St Mathias Mag court yes.
    The lady awarded costs against me of 1850B$
    She was as I understand the security gaurd there.( or worked there in some way)
    Because the clerk came across to her as she sat in front of me and said her name and told her “You de star of de show today girl”

    I got the papers and filed my own appeal.It hardly makes me foolish to make a clear obvious submission to a court,what it makes them when they turn the Law upside down to get at me .You only can answer. It was like an, In and OUT 15 minute thing.

    Transcripts: .Yes I am aware they SHOULD be available, as to actually being available I think that would depend on who you were and WHO wanted or DIDNT want you to have them.

    Police action SHOULD be available after I was attacked with an Axe by a guy,It never arrived.
    Persaud stole(alledgedly) 100,000$ from me and tried to kill/stab me with a big kitchen knife.
    Police should have taken action. NEVER DID.
    You EVER know ANYTHING on BIM that SHOULD happen THAT DOES happen?Apart from you paying the Government anything you owe and maybe getting Born and BURIED.
    I am 100% for Barbados,wanted to be buried there(after having died naturally of course)
    I accept without reservation the warts , scars and local idosyncrasy, love it , it REAL its LIFE.
    Colour there as many “Bras bowls” White as Black,some people you would invite in your home other never ,its NOT because of Colour its because of them.
    When I was on my own up at Palmers ,a rough looking black guy came in for grapefruit,looked as tho he would cut your throat and not flinch.(he was actually a butcher)We had a chat he met my little daughter he went with his grapefruit.About two hours later he came back with a BIG pot of Rice and one of Stew and said he could see it was difficult for me so he got his Madam do a cookup for me and my daughter.
    We still good buddies.No white person ever did so for me.
    What I cannot live with is degradation of Human Rights, and an elite that can,have people eliminated physically or financially. Black or White.
    A Psuedo Democracy.
    A lot of my Black freinds say”John you gotta learn HOW to make that skin work for you”
    Count me out on that one.
    I dont want nothing that aint Rightfully Mine or LEGALLY mine.

  42. @
    Sorry I missed out the Case where Ms Waldon acted for me..
    Obviously not being the “fool” on that occassion ,the costs were asked for and allowed by the court,I remember the judge saying to(the clerk?) ,enter that Mr Jackson awarded 12500$ costs,I presumed that my Lawyer would know how to claim.So thats what I asked her to do.

  43. A hurt, angry, sad, horrified & disappointed Amy Beam just left my house. We were discussing the case in it’s entirety & I smell a rat.
    Where is justice? Did he just call it a day & walked out of that courtroom?
    I am a mother, & I cannot imagine some person or persons brutally murdering my innocent child in cold blood……… for what?

    I cannot imagine what the parents of this beautiful young lady went through when they discovered that their child’s life was taken……. & how!
    Not to mention close friends like Amy who suffered along with the parents of Anna. Not once but twice Amy experienced the murder of this poor beautiful, innocent young lady, who had her whole life ahead of her.
    Never will she be married & have kids, making her parents doting, proud grandparents
    Those monsters who took the life of Anna never showed remorse for the brutal murder of this young lady. Never once did they apologized for this senseless murder. YES MURDER!
    So devastated were her parents, they had to go as far away from the scene of their daughter’s “Murder” in an attempt to live a somewhat normal life.

    Justice was never served in this case. The system failed Anna, her parents, friends & the Society on a whole.
    Let a family member of a prosecutor, judge or police officer (God forbid) ever fall at the hands of monsters such as those who took the life of beautiful Anna, you will see the gallows swing & swing high!
    Sad indeed is the day when justice was ignored & cold blooded killers were given a slap on the wrist & a paid vacation in full at that five star hotel we call Dodds.
    What a sad, sad, sad day indeed.

    • Agree that the guilty person in this case should have had to face a firing squad and be buried in an unmarked grave.

    • Dee, thank you for your understanding and vocal support. I know you understand what Anna’s parents are suffering, since you have been through something similar in this country. I wonder how many assaults and murders are never reported. I think the public should be told the annual count, same way we are informed of the annual number of traffic deaths.

  44. @Caswell at 9:30 am “the presiding judge, Peter Williams said that was and intellectual argument and that I was not an intellectual so I was not qualified to make that argument.”

    Is there a published list of “qualified” Bajan intellectuals, and if so where can I get a copy? And is Peter Williams the keeper of this list?

    Read a document once prepared by one of our expensively educated lawyers, and I tell you if my little Johnny who is in class 3 had written something so badly, I would disown him. I hope to God that she is NOT on the intellectuals list, since she is clearly semi-literate. I really don’t understand how UWI could have graduated her.

    Damn waste of my tax money.

  45. After the robbery of 100,000$ from our business strongroom,which I alledge PERSAUD carried out and when I went to him and asked he return the cash and Him then alledged by me to have attacked me with a Large Knife in the course of which he got shot in the upper left arm,the police attended ,Persaud was removed I was asked questions by the police and they kept my gun as it had to be as evidence they said.
    They sent me home, no question of arrest.They saw the situtation and acted on what they saw.
    The next dayI went into Blackrock policestation at around 9 am “to clear up the papwerwork” was how the officer worded it.Again no question of arrest.
    The officer was just in the process of finishing the paperwork,when the Station Sergeant Brewster came into/on duty in the room.
    He was just walking caually and cooly ,on seeing me he stopped in his tracks and had a very breif exchange of words in a whispered fashion so I could not hear.(that in itself struck me as strange and unsettled me somewhat) I mean all I saw of the man after suggested he was overbearing ,and made it clear “he was the man”
    So why have a schoolboy like whispering session instead of his normal(I
    am in charge ) attitude.After the very brief exchange , he straitened to his full height and turned to me, pushed his finger very strongly into my chest and shoved me backward into the chair.He had a real”GOTCHA” look on his face.He then spoke very strongly and clearly , no whispering” STAY THERE YOU I AM DEALING WITH THIS NOW”
    He took the policeman dealing with the matter off the paperwork, and I was kept in limbo for the next day and a half,I was not offered any drink or food until late evening,then I was put into a cell at Disrict A , I suffered an Asthma Panic attack, they put me in handcuffs and two police men pulled me out and shoved me into the back of a police car and to QEH.I was seen by a lady doctor, who treated me with absolute distain, as I was in hand cuufs so obviously worthless, she said I was not in any danger and ,the two policeman bodily shoved me out thro the waiting room and back in the car.
    Making comments about “he smart mekin like he asthmatic”
    Back to district A,I could not breath properly and asked to sit by a window.They shoved me back in the cell after having taken away my Asthama inhalers .
    I asked for my inhalers ,they ignored me.
    The next day I was taken from the cell to a shower block where I was watched by police to have a shower and put back on my clothes and taked back to blackrock.In all this time NO ONE said why I was being held .
    I had called Hal Gollop but he was off Island((unavailable) his son Steve came,they would nor let me have station bail, altho I undertstand now it should have been done.
    Steve did virtually nothing and left ,the situation for me remained as it was before he arrived.
    After we arrived at Blackrock I was sat on a bench and ignored.
    Later they asked me did I want to make a statement and i said no why should I ,I just acted in self defence and what were they doing about the robbery and the attack on me.They never answered at any time on those questions.
    Just , Stn Sgt Brewster who came up to me and said aggressivly”you seem to be worrying more about the money than the man you shot”
    Later around 12.30 I was told I would be put before the court on a charge on Serious Bodily Harm.
    I protested that it was ridiculous, Persaud robbed me and attacked me.
    I was ignored.
    Later I was taken to the police in town fingerprinted and photographed.
    The police officer who had been at the incident three days before was not allowed to go into Court
    .He told me that they ( Brewster) told him to wait in the charge room.
    Now he saw and knew ALL that had gone on and Sgt Brewster stopped him giving his evidence to the Magistrate.
    Do you not think that is unusual?
    Why?.He saw and knew everything,yet his sergent who had been at home in bed at the time of the incident or at least nowhere near the incident, chose to order him away from the Court and give evidence to the magistrate himself.
    I regard that as very suspect.
    I was led across the Courtyard a policeman holding my arm and up the stairs and into the court of Mis Pamela Beccles.
    A very stern but totally proper person.
    The court was convened and the hearing began,when it came to giving evidence SGT BREWSTER STOOD UP.
    He said he wanted me incarcerated in Dodds as of now.
    Miss Beccles appeared surprised, and said Why”? I have had you bring men here who have KILLED someone in self defence” You have NEVER asked for That.”
    Miss Beccles seemed to relax a little and said AHH! Murder??”
    Sgt Brewster COULD NOT answer.
    Ms Beccles asked him again he did not answer.
    Miss Beccles said ,have you a doctors certificate??
    NO maam said Sgt Brewster,
    WEll have you seen the man said Ms Beccles
    No Maam Said Sgt Brewster!
    Miss Becles appeared be getting a little irate
    She said pointedly “Well have you SPOKEN to the man then!!”
    Brewster quietly said “No maam”
    Ms Beccles said in a very strong tone.
    She did and we sat and waited patiently and me very nervously, as an everyday honest normal business man being threatened with incarceration in Dodds was a very sobering thought.
    Then Ms Beccles came back into court obviously not happy.
    Blammed the desk with her hand and practically shouted at Sgt Brewster .
    So I was released.
    It was also reported by the nurses on the ward persaud was in ,that he was issueing theats about getting even while he was ther and the police were visiting him.
    Ther was also at that very time a warrant out for PERSAUDS arrest as he had beaten up a man called Allan Aker and burst Allans Eardrums.Sgt Brewster did not take any actoin on the warrant.if he had my diaghter ANNA would be alive today as PERSAUD would have been serving time for the attack.
    After the hearing I went into Blackrock and asked for my Gun Back as the Commissioner of police ofice advised me they should as I was NOT guilty of any Crime and it was a properly licenced weapon .
    Sgt Brewster refused to instruct it be returned to me. I told him.”are you try to get me and my family killed”
    “This man (PERSAUD) already atacked me,you know I lived out in the wilds and have to carry money”
    He just gave a sort of half smile,shrugged his shouldes, turned his back and walked away.
    Sgt Brewster NEVER did charge PERSAUD for the robbery on me or his attack on me.He NEVER reporte or acted on the reports from the nurses that PERSAUD was threatening revenge on me and he ignorde the warrent already our on PERSAUD for the injuries PERSAUD inflicted on Mr Aker.
    When I asked the police about PERSAUD and why SGT BREWSTER failed to charge him .”WE ARE CHARGING YOU ,WE CANNOT CHARGE HIM IT WOULD CAUSE A CONFLICT” was the police answer.

    Now IF you had just witnessed your self all of this what would be immediate thoiughts that would jump in your head.
    YES I think exactly the same. IT STINKS.
    Even after PERSAUD murdered ANNA they still persue the charges on me and go to the extreme of wanting to sit PERSAUD NEXT to me in the Magistrates Court.Well WE ARE both on ACCUSED bench aren’t we.
    OR do you think there is another motive by whoever arrages things?
    Let me ask you a question?
    IF your young girl child had been tortured and murdered bu Ftlth like Persaud, and they sat him close next to you .?
    Could it possible be that they did this on purpose for EXACTLY that result or are they just TOTALLY without feeling.

    Charles LEACOCK DPP of Barbados:
    I was at a small dinner party and everybody was just chattering.I never knew who the hell this little runt of a guy was, he sat opposite me but up the table to my right,well dressed quite handsome in that slick sort of greasy Guyanese devious but smart look, as you do when in new company I just sat chatted and looked around and did mental evaluations of people.He seemed hog the limelight and enjoy the deference some people were showing him,so I tried to place him in a catagorie, I concluded by his dress and talk ,not poor and his hands were clean and well kept, that he was either a Lawyer or a Pimp.
    Dont laught and say how you tell the difference,I really thought that.
    These were just fleeting thoughts, and the conversation came up about the Chinese State Construction co ,who by the conversation ,had build or were going to build DPP Charles Leacock house,if I understood right.
    Of course I hadnt been introduced to him so I didnt put the fats to the face.
    So I put my two cents worth in as i had just employed them to do a renovation for me and they had robbed me.Started work got me to pay and then disappeared to do the Government Building at Warrens for MILLIONS so my mottley job was History,.
    So I tolf my little bit and how theywould only do the job if I paid in cash of shore into 3 nmaes Chinese accounts in NEWYork.
    Well as I finish “Shorty” across and up the table declares in a huge pompous voice “I CAN HAVE YOU ALL PUT IN PRISON” and directed at me.
    The room goes quiet and I am a little embarrassed and MORE than a little pissed off,that this short assed sod is talking to me like he IS something, because now to me he is looking more like PIMP every second, of course then I didnt know at all that I was talking/ looking at a man that would figure so stongly later in my life called DPP LEACOCK.
    Had hje been closer I would have “batted his ball” so I just called back.”Dont talk wahtever you can do; do it ”
    Who the hell was this short assed moron?
    Did he not hear I have been robbed by these slant eyed buggers and HE is saying I CAN BE IMPRISONED.
    The host realising that things were getting a bit tetchy called “John this is Charles Leacock DPP here in Barbados”
    Truthfully I didnt give aFlying Fart who this pompous little person was.
    Obviously totally without class to do as he did.
    He looked across the table at me and in a normal voice repeated what he had said.
    I said “well then you better do then hadnt you!”
    Case closed as far as I was concerned,
    After dinner the host said “Charles ” would like to have word with me, which he did in a reasobable but authorative tone .Just tolet me know WHO I was in conversation with.
    He asked the facts and said he thought he could mediate with the Chinese co as he knew them very well.
    Well now my hard earned and lost cash came back on the Horizon I was all ears.
    Later I had several telephone conversation with DPP Leacock about the matter and it went exactly NOWHERE.
    I had to engage a Lawyer and sue the company .after all I had signed contracts and bank slips they had been paid in full IN ADVANCE and anybody with one eye could see the work as described in the contract was not done.
    Strangely my papers wereNEVER presented to the Court , a court date was NEVER given, the chinese then counter summonsed me that I owed them money and stopped them from doing the work.
    Now I know I smart BUT so smart as to pay ALL IN FRONT and then STOP the company from WORKING.
    NO Nobody is THAT smart.
    So the thing dragged on and on and ON.
    No court date No NOTHING.
    One day I am walking into First Caribbean Bank, to confirm a cheque that had been given to me when WHO do I see ,legs croosed ,very smart and looking 100% the part BUT DPP CHARLES LEACOCK.
    So I sit next to him.He does not acknowledge me. “Hello Charles.” feigned surprise”oh hello John”
    “Charles what happened to my money and the China State Construction Company”???

    Charles Leacock DPP of Barbados replied ” ITS GOING NOWHERE WALK AWAY FROM IT” and then I think I went Invisible because it appeared he could not see me as ,he never said another word and just studied the large breasted girl at the counter.Well I looked where he was looking and thats what I could see.
    NOW IN Barbados I THOUGHT to make STATEMENT like that the DPP would have at least to have some sort of trial or some legal process.BUT I never got called to one ,so HOW did THIS MAN DPP OF BARBADOS come to that conclusion??
    I have to contact the Rodent officer and get this place looked at ,DEFINATELY I can SMELL a rat around here someplace.??
    You got that problem too??
    Would you buy a used car from this man??
    Now I revert to the question of evidence given BY DPP CHARLES LEACOCK. by now you have read the reports by newpaper official court reporters.
    Do they or do they not say the DPP CHARLES Leacock gave evidence at each trail that contradicted TOTALLY his previously given evidence at other hearings.
    Now I am not a lawyer so ergo a fool but I didnt THINK that could happen under the current Laws of Barbados.Am I wrong??

    PS MY 12500 $ costs that the Legal aid should have paid me is still outstanding
    Is there a Lawyer out there with Balls that is willing to collect for me.50/50 split.Now that cant be bad can it.

    • @John

      So I put my two cents worth in as i had just employed them to do a renovation for me and they had robbed me.Started work got me to pay and then disappeared to do the Government Building at Warrens for MILLIONS so my mottley job was History,.
      So I tolf my little bit and how theywould only do the job if I paid in cash of shore into 3 nmaes Chinese accounts in NEWYork.
      Well as I finish “Shorty” across and up the table declares in a huge pompous voice “I CAN HAVE YOU ALL PUT IN PRISON” and directed at me.

      See the quote above. This is the clarification requested about Leocock blurting.

  46. PS
    I was try to type to fast Sorry.
    Also my typo gaffs. Sory This computer cant spelle.

  47. @david

    David we are talking of a man that got where he is by useing his intelligence and stays where he is by any means he has at his considerable disposal.
    Do you really feel he would “BLURT” anything.
    No he was alone.he spoke in a tone that was audible from a few feet NOT the whole bank
    I only said I sat next to him,where does it say or infer “many others”
    The only reason I saw him so easily was he was at the end of all the empty seats seated with his right side to the column.facing into the cashiers some 20 feet away


  48. @mash up and buy back.
    How you get that handle?

    Mash up,
    BE SURE of ALL I say LIKE your LIFE depends On IT.
    I got nothing to gain, and I already lost everything in this world I held dear.
    Even now my wife been diagnosed with early onset Parkinsons.
    NOTHING going bring that back or my Anna..
    Whatever else I got you want it ,its yours.
    I aint for sale.
    And what they got is too dirty for me to even look at.
    I shut my mouth on this for years ,cos I dont like trouble.
    If its only me BRING IT ON but I had loved ones Bit by bit they destroyed all.
    Now I got no one to worry about .So I tell it totally as it was..

  49. Fine John.

    Charles Leacock is a short,guyanese jackass that got what he never expected here in Barbados.

    We bajans are too docile,that is why Myrie and leacock and Mccormack and shields searles could do what they do with such confidence.


  50. @david
    The first of the two statements he made .Now I understand.Thanks foir the clarification.
    Yes 100% must have been at around 15 people heard him.He just outed with it like he was addressing a person in Court
    I dont think it was my handsome face that hushes them to silence:)

  51. @Mash Up
    I was in court in the early 90’s when John Knee,the lawyaer for the defence in a murder trial for a guy called hammy charged for the murder of a guy called fishy with Her Majesty’s representative presiding and the prosecutor was this guyanaman.The guyanaman made reference to the implement used in the act and called it a chopper whereupon John Knee pounced on him and to the court said”Ya see he talk bout a chopper,that is a guyana term,not a bajan term,he is nothing but a canecutter from BG”.Later there was talk outside the court that the lil fella from guyana was the protoge of the benchman that the benchman teach he how fa prosecute,so the benchman does believe what im say is gospel.So the accused get turn down,appeal and get sentenced to 5 years instead.Since then the prosecutor driving a benz at we taxpayers expense and the jokers in the big church mek this short man chancellor of the church ‘o england in buhbaydus!!We gine to de dawgs,slowly but surely.

  52. Actually chopper, Collins, sword, whompa,[cane]bill are all Bajan terms use for a large sharp implement used for cutting sugar cane, bush and rarely people.

    So I don’t know what Mr. Knee was carrying on about.

    Mr. Knee may know law, but methinks he come up lil short on linguistics

  53. @ David.

    I am torn ,as I do not wish to cause trouble,but to get these people like Charles Leacock brought to book means I have to go to the international press.The Goverment of Barbados are scornful of its inhabitants,taxpayers and workers.
    Because I think you can clearly see ,for me, that there is not any Law in Barbados,that cannot be broken ,twisted or rendered useless by any one connected enough.Therfore pointless, a futile exercise to ask for its protection and Justice.
    These atrocious attacks on me,ranging over many many years; were not by accident ,they were vicious ,retributional and totally premeditated, as was the Murder of our daughter ANNA.
    Please some body explain to me what I did that was against and real written Law of Barbados.?
    How LEACOCK is still employed as DPP of Barbados is Obscene and an affront to all of the honest everyday Barbadians.
    The police, as in the person of Stn Sgt Brewster ,late of Blackrock, now I understand after the British High Commission intervention; transferred to District A,was a terrorist, an enforcer ,his actions were no more than an orchestrated attack on me ,to close what was then my business, and have me put into prison without cause and as a delayed punishment from those I stood up to when they tried to destroy my family and take away my daughter.

    .Further gun related charges were; after the murder of my daughter ; put on me by Sgt Brewster, and he knew the person he used, to support the charge of assault, was a life long habitual criminal.
    Brewster then put me in a position to be threatened and blackmailed by this individual on ,this mans release from Dodds.
    Like he had by his previous actions placed all my families lives in jeopardy, the result of which Anna was tortured and murdered.
    This can be directly laid at Sgt Brewsters door.If he had applied the Law of Barbados and not followed retributional actions under instruction.Anna would be alive today.
    I doubt Brewster EVEN cares.
    When I had to attend Blackrock Police Station EVERY OFFICER,gave me support and condolences EXCEPT SGT BREWSTER he ignored me.

    Is this really how Honest hard working persons in Barbados can be treated with Impunity.
    Well GOD help us all.
    Doesent it make any reader of these words uncomfortable , fearful lest they to incurr the wrath of these ego inflated individuals , who regard us as merely disposables,like the Nazis looked at the Jews.
    These people knew if their plans to have me incarcerated in Dodds; had come to fruition ,I would be DEAD by now. It was a planned execution of me so that no fingers could ever be pointed at them.
    Where does this vary from the actions of the Nazi regime.??
    All Citizens of Barbados serve a purpose but do not have any real unaproachable rights..
    They are good people they do not deserve this.

  54. @John

    Yours is a sorry tale. It is difficult how to advise except to say your battle if you decide to go ahead will be a tough one. Many of our public officials and by extension government appear to be impervious to public pressure. Who knows if your assault will be the tipping point.
    Barbadians generally are unaware of what you talking about.

  55. @David
    I would be obliged it you or any readers have legal knowledge of how best I should proceed. Whom to direct my requests at/ to.
    I have been advised to ask the AG for a Judicial revue of the DPP.
    As if proven his actions would be cause for his removal.

    Hard struggles I have had over the last 15 + years , so strucggling hard will not be a new experience.
    If it results in the exposure of these people then I am at least to have the satisfaction,that my Duaghters Murder was not just trodden in the dirt and made worthless.
    Many Thanks
    Also any readers :if you have ever been theatened by the DPP please come forward

    • John, it might help people to contact you confidentially if they have an email or phone or intermediary person they can contact to share info with you. I am happy to relay any confidential information. I am easy to find online.

  56. Bush Lot woman tortured again by masked attackers
    -heels of feet cut
    By Stabroek staff | 1 Comment | Local | Monday, December 31, 2012

    A 37-year-old woman was yesterday badly tortured when two masked men and a woman barged into her Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice home around 9:45 am, one month after she suffered a similar attack.
    Devika Prettipaul sustained cuts to her lower lip and ears with a pair of scissors. The assailants also used the scissors to cut off the balls of her feet and then showed them to her.
    They wrapped her wounds with pieces

    Remember where the killer of my daughter was from.
    Not easy people.
    Where is the DPPP Charles Leacock from?

    Seems compassion is something in short supply among that Nationality.
    Frankly I would be worried having one as Guardian of Law and Order in Barbados.
    He certainly did not have compassion for my daughters suffering and was reported to have changed all of his evidence to the Courts for what can only have been to get lighter sentences for these torturing Murderers.
    Are you aware of how these two killers made my daughter Anna suffer?
    The DPP Charles Leacock COULD NOT find them guilty of Murder.
    Next Joke Please!!

  57. I love what you guys are up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve included you guys to my own blogroll.

  58. @ John Johnson

    “I cried because I had no shoes, until i met a man that had no feet”

    We ole men have alot of time on our hands while waiting on the Harbinger that is going to take ALL OF US.

    Someone called Gustavo reactivated this thread yesterday and I, wanderer forlorn sojourner and latecomer to BU that I am, spent some time reading this travesty of justice.

    That there are Madame McCormicks and Charles Leacock’s who thread this earth is nothing new, they incarnate at a rate that is frightening.

    That they are here entrenched in our society with such power and exercising it with such venom leaves a bile in the mouth of the reader.

    I really feel your pain Mr. Jackson.

    I always say that GOD, Deity, The Causeless Cause, the BBE know who to test with what because each man or woman has a different response to every stimulus.

    I quote from Martin Luther King to put a context to my ending remark below.

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

    This ordeal, particularly that horrendous act that ended the life of your daughter Anna, would have been my threshold and mine would have been a different Columbine response. One of my grans was at St. Winifred’s and spoke of the fact that this “white” girl who she respected and loved had died in this way. She was distraught during that time and in recounting the incident remarked that Anna had seemed strangely “pensive” in the days leading up to her death.

    More than 5 years would have passed and Anna for many of us, like Tiffany Harding, Kelly-Ann Welch, Shanna Griffith, Nikkita Belgrave ; Kellishaw Olivierre and Pearl Amanda Cornelius (Campus Trendz 2010) are all memories that 99.9% of the population will have forgotten.

    Mr John, very few of us give a shoite about these young lives truncated by SEVEN criminals and scum of the earth like Omar McCollin, Teereth Persaud, Jamar Dewayne Orlando Bynoe, Renaldo Anderson Alleyne, SSgt Brewster, Madame Justice McCormick and Charles Leacock

    Ecclesiastes 3 King James Version (KJV)

    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
    A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
    A TIME TO KILL, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

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