Are BOTH Major Political Parties Capable of Lifting the Political Debate?

BLP and DLP – our political leaders

BU is disappointed that despite the Barbados economy being gripped in a protracted depressed global economy, the national political debate continues to be about privatization, and of late, the poorakey behaviour unleashed in parliament last week.

BU joins with ordinary Barbadians to suggest worthy topics deserving of national debate:

  • How do we increase productivity in all sectors?
  • Making our governance framework more robust
  • How to more aggressively rollout the renewable solution (including waste to energy)
  • Amending the education system to align with national priorities
  • Source funding to build out a framework to drive the cultural and sports industries (national lotteries)
  • How do we incent consumers to buy hybrids – install renewable energy sources etc, etc, etc.

To debate any of the topics mentioned lends currency to the label that Barbadians are an educated people. And that we are attuned and aligned to what the key strategic priorities are at this juncture in our history. Forget the flowery nation building articles which have started to populate the local press. It is time to get real!

Many agree that there is no significant philosophical divide between twiddledee and twiddledum. BU concedes however that on the issue of building out a Renewable Energy (RE) program, kudos must be given to the government. It is a life changing strategy which has deep implication for how our little country will sustain an appealing standard of living moving forward. As we approach our 46th year of Independence BU views government’s strategy to diversify energy needs as critical.

Can they be more efficient in the implementation of RE? Yes!

The Opposition Party promises to continue its policy to subsidize fuel is myopic in our view. In the same way a parent sometimes has to make unpopular decisions affecting the household, the same can be attributed to government.

BU endorses government’s strategy of greening the economy.

131 thoughts on “Are BOTH Major Political Parties Capable of Lifting the Political Debate?

  1. Please stop referring to members of Parliament by foul terms such as Retarded and as the below copies of comments by some on this Thread


    A CUSS BIRD Like Duguid a CROOK and a FRAUD a WOMAN BEATER like Symmonds, or a DRUNK and Corrupt LIKE Arthur or a VICIOUS WOMAN BEATER and LESBAIN like MOTTLEY or be of UNCERTAIN GENDER like Gail Marshall and be willing to LIE and STEAL MONEY

    Kerrie 1000 pouds of blubber Symmonds | November 29, 2012 at 5:24 AM |
    Alleged wife beater Kerrie 1000 lbs of blubber Symmonds on a lying roll.
    We dont know if its his time of the month.

    The BLP is a relic organisation of the past….being led by a parro economist who is driven by thiefing money and cussing Mia Mottley.

  2. “poorrakey onions” shoot yuh got the virus too”lying” like OSA you trying to fool and .nuh wonder “onions” go to spam even the computer smell yuh rotten dirty tricks,BOO! HA!

  3. It has become tiring to listen to the politicians debate private and public transportation in Barbados. This is a beast which been well fed under both governments.

  4. David
    I wish had the money to buy Transport Board lands included. A subsidy from government for OAP. police and school children, and some duty free concessions to get my fleet in shape and bus stops upgraded.

  5. @ Yagga Rowe

    “stop calling people names

    Who you warning and who exactly is you? Stupse!!

    Kerrie Symmonds pelt nuff nuff nuff licks at all kind of people all about Barbados, in the Senate, on political platforms and even on this here blog and you come bout hey today play you warning someone, man carry ya mudder c__t, ya idiot. Kerrie ain’t see nuttin yet, a star aint even pitch good yet and wunna fraid. This weekend gine be his introduction in what the DLP got in store for him in this election cycle. De man was in the Senate when his wife file a police complaint against him for cutting up she car seats and if I recall, putting some hand in her. That is the BLP Senate material. Now people saying he tek piece of money for an immigation matter and huff the doctor money. Other people saying he waylay money belonging to Preconco or Mark Maloney.

    Symmonds ain’t the one always walking bout Barbados and telling everyone who would listen, B or D that he gine get that boy Mia Mottley in the end?

  6. He like Duguid is a foul mouth empty vessel that has little good to say about anyone other than himself, he is empty, shallow and devoid of grey matter.

    He hates just about everyone and everything and has love for one thing money and will do any and everything to get his hands on money legally or illegally.

    • @Enuff

      The discussion about privatization is being politicized at the moment. Yes it is worthy of debate but not at the expense of other overarching issues.

  7. Simply sickening. These debates are reaching an all time low with political focused bloggers using these blogs to abuse others. I can see these comments are orchestrated, maybe, a room filled with computers with operatives and a political strategist directing the language and the subject to be attacked. BTW, both parties are filled with same sex members. One have nuff lesbians and the other nuff homos. Regardless, both sexes are human being and we must live along side both.

  8. Tell me Why

    Democracy is a pantomime that is all … That is all that it has ever been, and there is a very good chance that that will be all that it can be. Man play the game wid the rest ah we nah … You cannot change the opinions of a body of idiots by beating over the head with reason,. Do you not think that every politician in every democracy in the history of the world knows this? Man they playing like the rest ah we …

  9. We do not want back Big Black Ugly Board Nose. the BullFrog Face, the orangataun mouthed nor the measly mouth cigar smoking whore loving one that breed up a Jamaican stripper neither. We dont want them nack

    • @Enuff

      This point was made before the silly season started. There are not many government that can win an election based on economic policy.

  10. Democracy is a pantomime that is all … That is all that it has ever been, …

    baf very interesting assumption. however i prefer to believe that with all the inherited problems brought on mostly by the laws to protect the few, that it is the only form of govt that gives people an appreciation and love for freedom.’

  11. Wait ac you talking to me now … I still trying to decipher what you say. Of course I would agree with you straight up because you know I likes you, but I think you deserve better than that …

  12. David the debate has not been lifted. It has descended into naughty school yard game of taunts about who foop who woman.

    No wonder our Parliament is so bad.

    We raised and schooled these rascals.


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