DLP needs to Play Catch-up

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

BLP Convention on the weekend drew a large crowd

It is almost a foregone conclusion now. After this weekend’s  Barbados Labour Party Convention in  Queens Park, the Bees have shown that they have risen to the occasion with a renewed vigour. We have attended many conventions, but none as important as this. Energizing words from people with a mission and purpose.

This weekend showed that the Bees have been agitated and re-activated with a sense of vigour. As Hon. Mia Mottley has purposed at meetings, “Barbados is at a cross roads. Our future lies in the hands of this electorate, elections being the watershed. “These elections will decide whether we sink or swim for a next two decades.” It is that important a decision, the BLP, and its supporters were rallying to the cause. Never in the history of conventions has the atmosphere been that charged. It is as if they could not wait, each supporter, to propel their party representative to a seat in Parliament, with eagerness and resolute, with dispatch of course.

Snip clips….
A special award for Stuart for making it that EZ.  ****A Sleeping Giant admitting he was sleeping for four years**** Imagine a  MTFIZ RIP plan with intentions to retard the money multiplier and keep money out the ‘ hands of the people. Sheer nonsense — first to be reversed.

Yes indeed, it was an electrically charged event this weekend, well planned and executed without a stitch. Unlike a parallel occasion on the ‘other side’ of the hill. The BEES have brought together some of their resources to ‘max out’ this vent. A preview and small show of what is planned to be unleashed on an enemy, when the bells rings. No wonder some cannot find the testicular fortitude. It will be a massacre, no landslide. With full compliment and blessing of the Bees.


39 thoughts on “DLP needs to Play Catch-up

  1. Old Onion Bags “These elections will decide whether we sink or swim for a next two decades.”

    two decades???? wunna planning a Dic or clittatorship?

  2. Allow me to quote the Prime Minister for you:-

    “Personally, I would not, if I were in the position of any leader of the BLP, put Mr. Serrao in the very difficult position of now having people watching him”, Stuart added”

    Serrao will find it far more difficult than hiding behind a moniker on a blog.

    Another quote from the Prime Minister:-

    ……..”if you put on soldier-man boots be prepared to bear soldier-man blows.”

    It is going to be cat piss and pepper. Welcome MASSA.

  3. How many of you remember the DLP reaction to Owen’s proposal for JOBS JOBS JOBS-30,000 JOBS ?????

    Well let me tell you this : Owen’s proposal at the conference has sealed the DLP ‘s fate
    Owen has just won the election with that set of proposals. You know one senses a moment and one can sense this as the moment when the DLP lost the election—IT DUN !!!

    BLP = 29 SEATS
    DLP = 0 SEATS

  4. “I dont want to speculate on what (the opposition’s) intentions are but given what is going on right now, removing all of these – as far as I can see- will just make a bigger hole in terms of the Government’s finances and the deficits that the Government is running.”

    Ryan Straughn

  5. “Calling for more information on where an Owen Arthur Government proposed to raised revenue, he added: “In order to make the allowances tax-free again, reduce the VAT and all that, you have to absolutely GET RID OF SOME OF THE STATUTORY CORORATIONS OFF THE BOOKS, otherwise it will just create amess.””

    Straughn conceded that there is merit in the Fruendel Stuart administration’s attempts to preserve vital foreign reserves now at $1.35billion because of the precarious position of Barbados two key tourism markets-Britain and the United States-”

    Ryan Straughn

    In other words if you want to wreck the economy, then vote back in the BLP!!!!

    If you are a civil servant and you want to loose your job then vote back in the BLP and they will get rid of you.

  6. Barbados Economic Society believe that creating economic wealth is based on increasing taxes which simply cannot work. The more taxes you place on people the less money will be circulated and the less money Government will get from the various taxes, thus the contraction of the economy that is now affecting us. Again, this is the reason that we are getting less and less from the tourist dollar because we are taxing our way to doomsday. Do like the Indians, reduce your items and give yourself the opportunity to attract more customers, free up your cash flow and smile whilst going to the bank, pay salaries, utilities and re-stock. Or you can keep your prices high, with no customers, but remember, you still have to pay salaries, utilities etc and gamble with constant over-drafts.

  7. I was surprise at the comments of the President of BES because it seemed that all the economists were bending over backward to please Owen Arthur.

    But a blind man on a horse could see that Owen Arthur and Clyde Mascoll do not have any answers to this present crisis. Sell everything and give back everything.
    He said that he will reverse all DLP policies. JUST ASKING, If he is that big a man let him say he will roll back free bus fares and stop the summer camps.

    But Onions don’t you think that it is a big disgrace that Owen Arthur has not spent collectively 24 hrs. in Parliament since February this year.

    All the people jumping on the PM but he goes to Parliament every Tuesday to do the people’s business but Owen Arthur collecting his salary and not going to parliament.
    Not a word from CASWELL.

  8. Carson: I am sick and tired of this Civil Servants nonsense. Ok, you brag about not sending home anyone, but can you state the amount of civil servants that were employed in 2008, how many were sent home that the BLP hire prior to the 2008 elections, how many BLP party supporters were replaced and what is the final total ending July 2012. Yuh need a black lead or a lead pencil wid a piece a double line paper to give me an answer?

  9. Clone

    Why don’t you let sleeping dogs lie. I do not condone Arthur’s absence from sittings of Parliament but are they really doing any substantive work in the House. They are not putting promised legislation on the books, instead they waste precious parliamentary time debating some stupid anniversary of diplomatic relations with Cuba. Mind you, I did not hear any of these hypocrites, on either side, mention anything about Raul Garcia. Also there was a debate on the national youth policy,WHY? I would have preferred to hear a debate on FOI and integrity legislation. They are find things to debate in the Parliament to make up time. THEY HAVE ALREADY RAN OUT OF IDEAS.

  10. There you have folks, dont ask Seethru another word about not attending Parliament.

    It is ok for him to receive taxpayers money while pretending to work for it.

    I want to be just as lucky as he is when I grow up.

  11. If Mr. Arthur is saying that the Parliament is poor rakey and he is not missing anything. Why doesn’t he go and raise the debate. Why did he take back opposition leader in a poor rakey parliament? He is being paid a salary and is earning it dishonestly. That is not a problem for him because politicians seems not to understand honesty.

  12. Here we go again whines from the nefarious quandary….. just let me say up front…..this feed,now seemingly fallen on deaf ears and sleepy eyes, (unlike as in the case of Wickham), was not scientifically acquired…. . However,as was with his ‘pelican’, such could only draw pique and a shouts of nostrum from the oblivious. But all is well here, with this soul……” nougat of kings is but fodder to fools”……nitro in the belly of the horse, though now imperceptible, shall one day draw lament from the impertinent transitory….Enjoy your veal today but beware the bowels of the python tomorrow….

  13. (1) Parliament is poor-rakey and dominated by DLP majority. How much difference will Owen’s presence make ?


    Add to it, the old archaic language of “Methinks the ayes have it ” and all that bull and you have nothing but BOREDOM !!!

    …AND then you have examples such as Freundel Stuart and Kenny Best :both talking shite only of a different texture:one talking soft shite, the shit that comes with diarrhoea and the other talking hard shit , the one that is associated with CONSTIPATION.

    One does hurt yuh belly
    The other does hurt yuh Botsy
    –Same Difference
    LOL ; LOL ; LOL

  14. Now if they had an inkling of commons….they would realize as Wick Wick cautioned…”with passing days they looking worse”..now even ac would agree to that….less we forget heads Must roll…(.I never took that lightly).

  15. jan jan

    Seeing that all you BLP jokers are happy with the man not earning his HUGE salary, receiving money under false pretenses, that is, pretending to work, when others do it I hope you BLP clowns dont get vex.

  16. Ha onions wunna keep dreaming that the DLP gonna give the corrupt BLP the election on a silver platter yuh not see how chris slice and dice mia yesterday in parliament too bad she de only one getting the body blows in parliament for OSA while in the meantime laughing all the way to the bank collecting tax payers money for not even bothering to pick he teet.

  17. the final blow soon come relax. stuart and sinckler and henry feel them can kick bout estwick and make him look bad in public when all he trying to do is get things done? when he resign from the cabinet and refuse to speak on the DLP political platform the DLP will then be truely dead and buried.

    Peter Tosh has a song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnkz_8jjNqA

  18. @Carson C. Cadogan | October 31, 2012 at 10:31 AM |

    jan jan

    Seeing that all you BLP jokers are happy with the man not earning his HUGE salary, receiving money under false pretenses, that is, pretending to work, when others do it I hope you BLP clowns dont get vex.


    Since you are so concerned about others pretending to be working, are you not spitting up in the air and letting in fall right back between your eyes? How is it that you are supposed to be working for the taxpayers’ monies and could be on BU 24/7 spewing your filth?

  19. @David 9:02

    Straughn has one solution to our economic problem. Cut workers. Full stop. I’m not surprised at his stance

  20. Prodigal Son | October 31, 2012 at 11:27 AM |

    You all are stooping real low these days.

    You are now referring to the TRUTH as “filth”. My Lord!!!

    BTW “Perlixin Pearlie” has announced that millertheanunnaki(neitherBnorD) is really Kerry Simmonds, I know he had to be an idiot.

    What I dont understand is why is he running for a seat in Parliament?

    Every seat he get his hands on he cuts up.

  21. Prodigal Son

    Rev. Critchlow still waiting for the answers about the MILLIONS wunna tief from the treasury.

  22. Which private commercial bank will be willing to lend TheTransport Board $ 14 Million… letter of comfort or not…..Their audited financial statements prepared for 2009 points to $54 Million in LOSSES…..I could just picture the bank manager….using obvious fit and correlation analysis…
    projections 2010—- $74 million loss—–2011——$ 96 million loss——2012—$115 million loss. “Are you all crazy ?”

  23. and to think onions that under the great economist OSA that the transport board loss over 150million and the inefficiencies were twice in volume as losses wait did he not ssay that the BLP planned on correcting inefficiencies after 14years HA. what a revelation

  24. Now ac
    You must now see why…. we MUST seek to PRIVATIZE… the TRANSPORT BOARD…….ask Johnny my Boyce…..

  25. @Just a Ass King

    Somebody just call me and tell me you pon here talking my name but I now see you talking about somebody name Perplexin Pearlie! You really went school in August fuh trute. Look, I aint got no time wid you. I got some clothes here to heng out and den me and my girlfrends gine down St james to hear Freundel and Husbands. So you stand dere scratching you head bout who Pearlie is. Yuh nusiance!

  26. Well well weel, looka who we got visiting…Perlixing Pearlie! Pearlie how yuh doing? I hope yuh stop skinning cuffins and showing yuh tail at people, remember the last time yuh did dat yuh ketch a cole in yuh tail. RFLMAO Tek a parasol wid yuh when yuh going to hear fumble. Yuh need protection from de hot sun!

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