Caribbean, a Nation in Sports

Submitted by sportybajan

Stephen Lashley, Minister of Sports

Just the mere fact that the West Indies Federation has been over since 1962 is enough indication that West Indies and Cricket is now an ancient concept, long past its glory days. Even if  we can return to the top of this colonial sport, is it enough to sustain our individual national pride, and make us stand out as one regional people?

I submit that Track and Field now already does that, and therefore must be heralded as our lofty nest. We must embrace the sport greater than we once did King Cricket, to do otherwise would be to deny the future generation of their heritance to the throne of sporting kings.

What Cricket has once given us Track has now surpassed. Olympic Games 2012 – Caribbean Domination Women’s 100m = Gold, Bronze, Men’s 100m = Gold, Silver, Men’s 400m hurdles = Gold, Bronze, Men’s 400m = Gold, Silver, Bronze.

The Track And Field has only now started. For Barbados to get back on track with the Caribbean where Oba had placed us, we first must remove the present free loading administrators, starting with those on the AAA’s council. President Mrs. Maynard is now on her official 9th Olympic tour, and has never been an athlete…

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  1. @ David
    We must start at the beginning and build upwards. There is a feeling in Barbados that only if you are rich or hold some high position in society you should be head of a Sports Association; this notion is embedded and becomes part of the narrative when prestigious trips abroad are up for grabs.

    I am “not suggesting” that rich people should not be part of the mosaic, because that would be nonsense. However, if we are to excell beyond Barbados, an examination is required of the way we do things to get the most out of the human “potential” available. . . . and there is plenty.

    Remember the West Indies Cricket Team only became a unified fighting force that went on to great things under the captaincy of Sir Frank Worrell. Before him it was thought you had to be rich to captain West Indies. Some islands have already started that “thinking” revolution, we should never be ashamed to learn when there is a need to do so.

  2. Why start with President Mrs. Maynard, why not the Minister and work you way down.

    Look it may be that the Olympic franchise in Barbados in “privately” owned. If this is so, attaching National significance to an Olympic agenda may be misplaced.

    • @BAFBFP

      It does not matter if the BOC is privately owned. If we had a National Strategy it would guide funding decisions etc.


      Perhaps the democratization of cricket was driven by the social revolution of the 60s. Of interest is where cricket now finds itself as well.

  3. My thoughts:

    – (sadly) Test cricket is dead. Maybe for other than India, Australia, Pakistan and England, all cricket is dying. Is IS over for the Windies, not from a talent viewpoint, but that other sports and avenues are now more important to the citizens, potential participants and spectators.
    – as athletics, remember Wes Hall, Sobers, Lara, Holding, all began as alternate athletes, the first three also being excellent soccer players and the last a 400 metre runner. Talent has different avenues, cricket was the best available then, this has changed.
    – athletics, Mrs.Maynard has always been there working and working, do you really think others will take up that mantle, willingly and wholesomely? I have my concerns. I will not join the critcism of her.
    – Management structure and costs, I agree this needs to be looked at. Someone like Mrs.Maynard keep, get rid of other freeloaders.
    – Structure, needs to support athletes, who cannot (I know this for a fact, from more than one locally top current athlete and one young top current amd potential future star) find the funds to travel and compete, which they need to develop, something is wrong, when they are getting funds for athletics from ther lotto.
    – sports and society – Barbadians have not supported sports much in the past, and they do not do so consistently now.Barbadians do not support their own like the Jamaicans and Trinis, in Barbados yuh get ‘who he /she tink he / she is, want money tuh travel tuh USA tuh compete..steupse). Barbadians are poor supporters of their own. One has to go ‘outside’ to achieve success, i.e. American University or such.

    An athlete in Barbados MUST work and comete, they will not survive after without a job, so they are thus compting as amateurs against athletes competing only, already a disadvantage.

    Conclusion: Without the American University scholarships, Barbados will not get any future medals.

  4. Do we know just how many athletes and how many “officials” travelled to the London Olympics? I would bet that the athletes were outnumbered.

  5. It’s not in the nature of Barbados officials in any endeavour to learn from other more successful countries or enterprises. Barbadians have a self-annointed “superiority” such that we don’t need to learn from anyone. That’s why we are slipping back in tourism, exporting, even international business. Don’t even mention sport!

  6. One of the issues is the reluctance of corporates like Lime and others to use advertising dollars for development purposes. In Jamaica,Bahamas etc they dump a lot of money in sports.

  7. Remember that Cable and Wireless used to pump a lot of money, a small portion of their massive Barbados profits into cricket, they no longer do that.

    Note another point, is that in the good ol circket days, if a man played for Windies he had a come and go job at one of the islands big companies, no questions asked.

    Athletes today no longer have that luxury, so to compare those past glory day guys to those now is a unfair.

    And yes, as per Peltdownman, the clique that is Barbados has its pecking order, that is the largest issue, note all the lawsuits at football, cricket etc, when the fellas fight for the spoils, at th expense of the sport.

    Egos and cliques run Barbados.

  8. CrusoeAugust 7, 2012 at 6:32 AM |

    Mrs.Maynard has always been there working and working, do you really think others will take up that mantle, willingly and wholesomely? I have my concerns. I will not join the critcism of her.

    My concern is the working and working she is doing is all about her own benefit. Attending nine Olympic Games as a freeloader official is good work if you can get it. When sports administrators put the athletes first Barbados will improve that will not happen anytime soon. Listening to the officials from Stoute to Maynard to Muscle Mary and Ronald Jones its all about them. Ordinary Bajans can only hope and pray for the poor sports men and women who have to work with those egomaniacs and parasites.

  9. My daughter was a former Barbados athlete and all I can say it is all about the officials and not about the athletes. Mrs Maynard has worked hard and probably the hardest working official in the AAA. She alone cannot change what has been happening in Athletics She is doing what she can do and many times alone. Yes many of the officials haven’t a clue and are in it for the ride. Talking about rides, one year the team was attending a meet in Texas and flew into one of the main airports. Then they had to take a 3 hr bus ride to El Paso got in after midnight while the officials flew to El Paso and got their beauty sleep. My daughter had to compete early that same morning after a few hours sleep. The conditions these athletes have to endure are rough. She was injured during an event and was told that she had to continue. Many of the other athletes asked her why was she still there with an injured hand that was swollen.

    All we have is mouth and talk is cheap and we are full of hot air. We will never get anywhere until there is financial commitment, to discard all political connections and favoritism. I will recommend all local athletes look elsewhere for training and representation because they are not important until they make headlines. Take Ryan Brathwaithe, he has been trying to go on without much financial assistance. Yet money can be found things that are not as important. We ent ready yet! Just a whole lotta hot air!

    We are still trying to become the envy of the Caribbean and working hard at it too only to become the laughing stock. We are known only to have one love and that is the love for money… that says everything about us.

  10. @islandgal ”We are known only to have one love and that is the love for money… that says everything about us.”

    Marshall like pitched up, between the pads and stumps clattering past the keeper!

    Too true.

  11. Crusoe, those in track in Bim disagree with u, in fact the President lives in the 70’s and is THE PROBLEM, what people say is that because she is white then she can raise money and get things done, but that has not been proven, in fact nothing is being done athletes are suffering, and she has many a bias, people like u with those armchair comments bout leave her are what is compiling the problem, and killing track in Bim

  12. @trackman,

    Armchair comments? Maybe I am not involved in track like you, fair enough, but then why when for a long time you used to go in the office she was the ONLY one there, working and organising?

    That is my concern.

  13. I will not mention names but I was on a flight into Barbados from England and an adult official with a young boy player came away from the group of young cricketers and tried to sit in our part of the cabin. The stewardess would not allow it, she told him to go back with the group, he thought he was something special. I smiled only in Barbados . . . . . so much for team spirit.

  14. every four years this discussion commences and then it fades for another four years.

    The Government of Barbados was quick to commission of inquiry that will cost tax payers between two hundred thousand and five hundred thousand dollars to employ members of the legal fraternity and other elite academics. It recently commissioned a report on poverty that saw the spending of half a million dollars to some lucky PhD. The report has now been shelved for eternity. It is due to commission another report that will cost a further half of a million dollars on the effects of global warming. These figures in the eyes of the Governor of the Central Bank are trivial … but the policy is clear as to which type of skills are to benefit from any spending in the community. Athletes, like farmers and a myriad of producers are at the bottom of the heap. Political Parties are not comprised to serve these types … Sorry. Form yah own damned Party …!

  15. Hi BAFBFP
    I am reluctant to call names because the person was not a Government Official or a Politician and to involve a young person would be a little unkind, as he was not the prime mover he was only a follower . . .sorry.

  16. Heard on the news the Minister Stephen Lashley is off to London at the taxpayers’ expense. Another unnecessary waste of foreign exchange. Doesn’t the country already have enough official representation at these games?

    Maybe if Ryan Brathwaite emulates Kirani James the Minister’s visit might just be worth it.
    The popularity of Usain Bolt at the London games has started to pay huge dividends to Jamaica with an unprecedented enquiries and bookings to visit the land of the Lightning Bolt. Crime and drugs are no longer of interest to visitors only the BOLT effect.
    Maybe Lashley could put aside his short man syndrome disability and take a photo with him standing next to the Bolt with Ryan on the side. Besides its humorous effect it can be used as a sporting PR plug to show the world that we in Barbados means business when it comes to making sport especially in the BOA and the AAA. We will wait and see if the promise of a revamped stadium will materialize and actually start next month. Or should it be taken in the same light as the promised Integrity and FoI legislation before the coming elections?

    • @BAFBFP

      Have to agree your last comment is on point? By investing in the development of two or three of our most promising athletes the return can be very high to the benefit to the country a la Bolt Blake. But it does not even have to be at the Blake level?

  17. Yardbroom

    We know that it is policy on the airlines, particularly BA, not to have Economy travellers fraternizing or switching seats (inter class) on flights with Business Class or First Class passengers, even if they are related. Its just not done old chap, although I’ve seen that policy breached on BA a number of times. So the Official should have known this. So was it possible that he/she might have been only seeking to visit with someone in your part of the plane for a short time only, not to abandon the rest of the team.

    Were you travelling First or Business? Do you know the circumstances under which the Official and the Young player sought to join your Class? Did the Official seek to go into Business or First at the beginning of the flight, to get an upgrade in other words or was it during the flight? Was the trip being subsidized by BA? Did the Official and/or youngster have relatives or friends travelling in the same class that you were in?

    While I take your point that it might have appeared that the Official was seeking to abandon his / her charges. Was this necessarily so?

    • Why would Minister Lashley feel inclined to visit London if we take what BAF says as true?

      Should he
      not use the time to canvass or get the CIB proclaimed or something?

  18. David

    Thank you for the support. But there has been an elephant in the room for as long as I can remember. The CIB is once again another huge waste of tax payers money, probably adding up to ten million dollars when all of the bills have been tallied, (legal fraternity again, plus senior civil servants’ time over ten years and counting), another classic excuse to keep certain types in pocket at the expense of everyone else. My point is that if athletes, agriculturalists, food processors, manufacturers (designers/fabricators/assemblers) and all other types of PRODUCTIVE activity are seeking support from the highest public officers they should form their own damned party …. fah real!

  19. WHERE is this article going ??
    WHAT is the point ?
    I dont like this article because it pretends to be saying somrthing but id actually saying nothing that I can follow and I hope somebody can enligthen me

  20. WHY is the Minister of Sports at the Olympics ?
    WHAT de ass he going there to do ???
    Run ???
    Wasting Tax-payers on shite that is what it is—- Str8 .

  21. Lashley left today Tuesday for the Olympics
    Per diem ?
    Free Travel ?
    Friends ?
    Cant beat being a Minister, dont mind Steve Blackette talking shite

  22. @BAFBFP
    “My point is that if athletes, agriculturalists, food processors, manufacturers (designers/fabricators/assemblers) and all other types of PRODUCTIVE activity are seeking support from the highest public officers they should form their own damned party …. fah real”
    Looks like you are coming around to Bushie’s plan for the Cooperative party. (how else will you bring the productive people together?). LOL….you like you got your chops on Caswell pick after all…

  23. The Minister gone to England to talk to the Olympic people about introducing Road Tennis in the next Olympics in Brazil. It is very official business …

  24. Is there anyone with the cojones to call AAA or BOA to find out if with 4 quality sprinters/hurdlers in London will Barbados field a 100m relay team. St.Kitts with a pop of 38,000 has a sprint relay team in London.
    High hurdlers are extremely fast flat runners and the Bajan foursome, the hurdlers and Ramon Gittens, could ask some questions of a few of the teams other than the Jamrockers and Yanks.
    It wont be a surprise if the useless officials living large in London already turned down the assembling of a sprint relay team.

  25. David

    If I disagree with you, knowing how wrapped in the flag you are, I run the risk of having you post of the Utube version of the National Anthem, so I gun give you the benefit of the decision, but know this. Venus Williams former world number one, Victoria Azarenka present world number one, Gail Monfils and John Isner top twenty players in the tennis world were in Barbados seven months ago and this asinine Minister proceeded to embarrass the whole country (and not just the tennis fraternity) with his antics and over abundance of attention to this road tennis detraction. If there was any promotion to be done, this guy should be last in line for the chance at the job

  26. Cheupse!! what start out being comments on the advancement of Track in the caribbean and why Bim is left behind now end up wasting time with idiots trying to score political points,you see why sports can’t get any better bout here? What the hell a minister have to do with team admin, selection or treatment of athletes, this is not at his level, shit man, this is about selfish ass little people running the BOA and organizations like AAA who make sure they take what athletes work for,has the aaa tried to provide funds for olympic hopefulls? when last we see an international meet in Barbados? Cheupse!! Leave out Lashley nonsense Cheupse!!

  27. @Trackman

    How can we have serious conversation about a national strategy to mobilize and target resources to sports and exclude the political directorate?

  28. All this article seems to serve is for folks to get their knives out to carve up individuals, do these issues only surface only when the Olympics roll around?

    Let me address the gist of the submission first “Sporty Bajan” asserts “Just the mere fact that the West Indies Federation has been over since 1962 is enough indication that West Indies and Cricket is now an ancient concept, long past its glory days”

    I have been very critical of WI cricket and its administrators but it seems that someone has become “googly” eyed at the Olympics and wants to discard Cricket for some pie in the sky. There is old saying “a sheep head a day is better that a Cow head a year”. If WI cricket didn’t exist in its present form the powers that be couldn’t put it together today, they can’t even reach consensus on an Appeal Court to serve the region but we are to abandon cricket for some nebulous pursuit.

    Sporty Bajan continues “What Cricket has once given us Track has now surpassed. Olympic Games 2012 – Caribbean Domination Women’s 100m = Gold, Bronze, Men’s 100m = Gold, Silver, Men’s 400m hurdles = Gold, Bronze, Men’s 400m = Gold, Silver, Bronze”.

    First of all those medals in the 100 metres were won by athletes from one country -Jamaica- the 400 metres hurdles was won a an athlete who represented the Dominican Republic but was actually born in the Bronx, went to school in the USA and lives in the USA; the 400 metres was won a Grenadian who could be described as an outlier, it will be a long time before a small island produces another athlete of the same caliber. There is only one island in the English speaking Caribbean that garners the world’s attention when it comes to athletics and that’s Jamaica whose athletes have been winning Olympic medals since 1948. Trinidad has won one Gold medal (Hasley Cawford 1976) Sure another island may produce an exceptional athlete who will win at some future Games a la Kirani James but to abandon Cricket for “Track and Field” is a ridiculous notion and borders on the farcical.

    • @Sargeant

      The bottom line, we don’t have to produce Blake like athletes, just have a solid sports program where our athletes can find scholarships and or access opportunities at universities in the USA and other countries around the world. The opportunity by such an approach is greater for our youth than it is for cricket. Not saying we should dismantle cricket but the opportunities for young Bajans in sport is greater than the unifocus we have for cricket if we judge by resources expended. The CWC2007 is a case in point.

  29. yes Olympics in Barbados is just not about the athletes but more about the officials, government and private. Out of a population of 288,000 we have 6 athletes participating, we hail the primary and secondary sports yet at this juncture we could hardly scrape up 10 athletes on the other hand I suppose we have12 officials there. The AAA would not allow a young athlete to take part in the games, why, it isn’t like we have 500 athletes going and we need to eliminate. Why is Stephen Lashley going to London, the reason sound so half dead, this a another waste of tax-payers money.

  30. Hi Checkit-Out, August 7, 2012, @ 6:36PM

    I hear all you say and thanks for your input. However, I have travelled long enough – as I am sure you have – to “understand” a conversation with regard to seating that took place in a seat in front of my wife and I.
    “I” will let the matter rest.

    Hi islandgal246
    Ryan Brathwaite is looking good. He was second in his heat but “note” his time was faster than the other heat winners. However, in the High Hurdles anything can happen. . . fingers crossed.

    @ David (BU) August 7, 2012 @ 7:43PM
    Perhaps, this is only a guess, the Minister feels there is a chance for Ryan Brathwaite to do well and wants to be in London. I could be way off-base so I should say that.

  31. Sargeant

    You make good sense. I am no fan of Cricket, but I do admire the fact that it is a unifying institution BY DESIGN, which is not the case with other sports. We use to have a Caribbean Tennis team for playing Davis Cup but the international rules forced us to set that plan aside. We used to slap together a West Indies football team for international friendlies but that also has long since past. The UWI is no more Caribbean than the placement of the signage outside of each campus, but wait, there is still the CXC and a couple of regional institutions that have stood the test of time like the OECS sub regional single currency that Barbados should be a part of

  32. i wish ryan well i hope that the good showmanship by BOLT and James would be a motivating factor and gives him the additional drive to do well for his himself and his country

  33. @Sargeant, ”but to abandon Cricket for “Track and Field” is a ridiculous notion and borders on the farcical.”


    Sorry Sarge, but it is not about abondonment. It is about market, demand, supply, ability to compete.

    The market for cricket is more and more just India, Australia and England.

    Cricket is over, sad to say, both from a market available and from our declined ability to compete.

    And David is right on sports program and scholarships. And we should not limit ourselves to track, other individual sports that get scholarships like tennis, soccer (our plauers can play for multiple teams, soccer is the true international sport.

    And neither should we limit ourselves to USA scholarships. The English country cricket fiasco should prove that.

    How about scholarships in China, Russia, France, Germany, Israel and Brazil?

    Gain understanding and contacts across the world for future Barbadians.

    That equates to political and business ties across the world!

  34. Crusoe what you have failed to realize is that Barbados does not need anyone, they envy us for what we have (i.e. nutting) and people are lining up to get into Barbados and to take everything from us….Stupse

  35. Crusoe

    What if the University of the West Indies or U of T offered scholarships for athletics/swimming or other types of non-academic endeavor as well. The international nature of what you are saying is not lost on me, but what about keeping your otherwise gifted people at home where they could train and have access to meaningful academic scholarship as well? In other words, why should the offering of scholarships be left to outsiders alone …?

    • Why not let us seriously study and implement best practices or aligned with the Jamaican program? It would be money well invested; an effort most Bajans would tolerate. We continue to ignore how sports can serve as a key to open the door of the psyche of a people to achieve full potential.

  36. Crusoe you do know because of IPL in India cricketers with limited talent like the Bravo bros, Pollard etc are multimillionares not to mention Gayle and Samuels. How can you say a game boosting the bank avccounts and wealth of the likes of Roach, Narine, Dwayne Smith etc is dead and over?

  37. less we forget barbados is a tiny insignificant island that most people don’t even know exist.
    i lived in Canada for 25 years and as a trades man went to thousands of houses and customers always asked where my accent was from.
    i would say barbados and they would say where?
    never heard of it.
    you cant be you are not black they told me.asked me if we wear grass skirts down
    If you have lived in barbados all your life and never lived abroad in big countries
    like USA ,Canada etc.for more than 5 years constant with out returning.!!!!!!
    you have no idea how badly barbados stacks up to civilized countries.
    piss poor !all government offices are badly run.
    ya cant get nothing done quickly or efficiently.etc.
    i will soon be leaving as i can not stand it much god are we animals?
    no government insight into motorcycle lanes,bicycle lanes,efficient transport along side the road as not to block the traffic.seems all government offices are corrupt or slackers.dem just collecting a pay check.
    time to go home yet?hang up in your ear if dem on cell phone with girlfriend..
    outrageous duty put on everything. what some body dead and mek wunna god.
    na .
    Olympics when barbados walk out people other than English must be shaking their heads.
    CERTAINLY NO MORE ROOM FOR CARS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Harry you must thank your lucky stars that you went to live in a big country like Canada. That you can only find a job as a tradesman and continue to convince people that you are not black. I am happy to hear that you really don’t have any plans on coming back home unless thing get really tight up there and you run back to the backward island you have left. Remember you will not do tradesman work down here because people like you could only take jobs like a manager and don’t have the skills but your colour is all you think you need to get by. You must apply to COW Williams and I am sure that a management job will be found for your colour. Yes we are not perfect and have a whole heap of things to correct but leaving the island is not the solution. We at home will encourage people like you to come back and help us become civilized.

    Onions why don’t you behave yourself and learn something from this white Bajan? He is only saying what all dem udder white people afraid to say bout we. Why get vex? Let us ALL work on improving the areas that are lacking and let them know who feel that dem colour could help them ent gine wuk anymore. Or am I mistaken?

  39. LoL! Somebody needs psychotherapy… Seriously no one italking bout dismantling Cricket, but taking other sports people serious, as they are those who probally work twice as hard with no respect,and no funding. Why must Cricket continue to take the hog and others suffer,and cricket is not king anymore, let us support those who can acheive and stop stick our head in sand only pushing cricket

  40. Look Isgal
    You got too much long talk fa dat Racial Bison ………Do like me ..KISSURASSUIGRUNTBITCH. … put he in his place…

  41. @ harry | August 8, 2012 at 9:06 AM |
    ” less we forget barbados is a tiny insignificant island that most people don’t even know exist.”

    So, harry, aren’t you ashamed to be born in Bim out of a genetic lineage that through decades of incest has degenerated into the worst physical mental specimen ever walked on the face of this Earth? Now that you are in the island take a journey down Church View St. John and see a physical manifestation of yourself. Maybe a little genetic mixing with some other race would save your sorry ass.

    But there must be some iota of good about that nasty piece of work called “harry”. Why don’t you redeem yourself by naming and shaming the government into taking immediate corrective measures to the following seemingly intractable situations?

    Remove the thousands of uninsured and unlicensed vehicles from the potholed roads of this 2×3 place. While at it, do something about the poorly maintained commercial vehicles especially the ZR vehicles. The black smoke emanating from these carcinogens dispensing mobile units from poor quality fuels is totally out of sync with the hypocritical image we try to project about caring for the environment and sensitive to the causes and contributors to climate change. Even our PM is on the PR bandwagon but not putting his muscle to the job of removing these asthma causing and polluting road hogs or iron pigs.

    Remove the garbage and debris from the gutters and pavements especially after the poorly done weeding jobs. Leaving the debris on the sidewalks for weeks on end is totally unacceptable. This deliberate blocking of the pavements is a continuous eye sore to both locals and tourists alike and reflects rather badly on the hygiene habits of the residents. Bim can learn a lot from Bermuda where tidiness and environmental presentation are concerned.

  42. I prepared to bet that the Jamaicans men will drop the baton in the final of the four by one but the women on the other hand will scrap for the Gold in record time with both US and JA breaking the old mark …!

    • @Trackman

      It would be interesting to know the percentage of the National Sports Council is allocated to cricket.

  43. @Harry,

    I jave not lived in Canada, but have visited on business. Interesting how your experience and mine differ. When the hotel staff i.e. waitresses etc ask where I am from and i say Barbados, they certainly know, they generally saw ”awww, I wish I was living there, visited there and loved it’, or some such anecdote.

    Always have such friendly treatment from the Canadians, nice people.

  44. After reading Oba’s letter in the Nation this week I’m calling on the Minister of Sport to establish a Commission of Inquiry into Oba’s claims that Barbados was robbed of an Olympic bronze in Sydney 2000 because of incompetent officials. As Ax is subject to Inquiry so should Obas’s charge. We must name and shame the officials involved.

  45. islandgal246 be sayin: “islandgal246 | August 7, 2012 at 9:00 AM |

    My daughter was a former Barbados athlete and all I can say is all the same IP address David PS I run outta room on google online albums an I lookin fa more space, heah? For pictchas a plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heah???? Ya got ma bawlin stupse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. And er, lullz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heah???????????????? Bawlin ya gotma

  46. i got a right to my opinion that is my second home is Canada.
    [best economy in the world] i will persist from there to destroy this racist country barbados has turned in to..keep talking your bajan shi- Small fries.
    where i live blacks are not necks and hells angels may give you a little trouble ,small time for old onion bags go fuc- your self .
    and island girl i can see you never been no where because trades men make more than office workers in Canada.
    as usual here the poor blacks are used to do manual labor and paid a fraction of what real trades men make abroad.
    you know i really don’t care .i can not wait to get to funk out of this hell.
    best wishes.
    happy days.

  47. cruso must be lovers of the people here to your face .
    but behind your back you just another negroid.
    and as you say you have never lived in Canada so you actually paying to be treated changes after 6 months or so.go check it out.
    Canadians may say they would love to live here till the under belly and the bugs and the fungus and the shouting and traffic.
    after 3 months or so they change their mind.
    any i don’t really care was just saying look at the map of the world and see for yourself how small barbados is only obvious.
    but if you think you all are important in this world keep thinking so cause tourist like to come and go in the ocean and rent a rasta..
    usually those types are the scum of Canada.
    best wishes to all. oh onion bags go fuc_ you self.
    by the way i don’t subscribe so i don’t read your stupid replies .
    i have spoken.
    good bye

  48. Harry where I have been you have NEVER gone, Thank your God that Canada took you in. In the eyes of Canadians you are on the lowest ladder. You are just another ekkie bekkie trying to pass up there. Now take your racist comments and shove it up yuh rassclat. Tek yuh brekfus sausage and and shove it up yuh behind, I forget , it ent long enough!

  49. The Harry johnny should be taken seriously the overwhelming majority of white Bajans think just like the stinking racist cockrat.

  50. A Minister making an excuse on the fly with no track record is promising a high performance program for the next Olympics (ALL puns intended). Now tell me was the previous Olympics not held just four years ago with enough time to start this program in time for the current games? Was this Minister not the Sports Minister four years ago? I mean who the hell does this guy think that he is fooling?

  51. @ Torontonian | August 8, 2012 at 4:42 PM |
    “The Harry johnny should be taken seriously the overwhelming majority of white Bajans think just like the stinking racist cockrat.”

    That piece of “decent” Bajan cussing got me in stitches. The word “cockrat” aptly defines ‘harry” whose filthy mind can only be filled from the sewers where such vermin thrives.
    But what he is saying about how local whites see the stupid blacks has a ring of truth about it.
    How else can you describe the recent rat shit spewing forth from the mouth of the man at the helm of the Olympic luxury jaunt and freebies awards? These guys just see the athletes like their house servants; just there to make their lives comfortable and live in luxury. Again he will blame the black athletes for being lazy, indiscipline and talentless.

  52. islandgal246

    The officials should be insisting that the Gold medal be stripped from this crock Kostas Kenteris, that is where the effort should be placed. Oba would then be given the Bronze.

  53. Ryan Brathwaite’s story is a sad one a young man set to conquer the world in 2008 declines inexplicably to a trundler an overwiehgt one by 2012 less than 3 yrs later and he is only 24. Will the lean mean machine who split and beat the American juggernaut in 2008 ever return. Pity.

  54. @harry | August 8, 2012 at 9:06 AM |
    “i lived in Canada for 25 years and as a trades man went to thousands of houses and customers always asked where my accent was from.
    i would say barbados and they would say where?
    never heard of it. you cant be you are not black they told me.asked me if we wear grass skirts down”

    u lived in canada for all that time and still have a blue collar job?

    LIE NO. 1 = people would tell u they NEVER heard of Barbados yet they know that the majority of the population is black? what rubbish are u trying to put over to us intelligent bajans, unlike yourself?

    LIE NO, 2 – they never heard of barbados but yet they assumed that these same people wear grass skirts? boy, by now u should have a level of intelligence so that even if u attempted to lie, it would be difficult to know the truth.

    LIE NO, 3 – i lived in Canada too and NEVER had anyone EVER asked me those stupid questions, in fact they loved my accent, they know the island and longed to visit but said,it was expensive here, they also admire the fact that it is governed by blacks. if no one knows about Barbados, how is it that Hollywood starts visit here often Simon Powell,(who has property here), Orpah (who has a home here), deceased Michael Jackson (who has a home here), Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, and the list goes on, what about claudette colbert who retired here etc? i have may FB friends who as soon as i inform them where i live, the conversation takes a turn to how exciting, how jealous etc, now it seems to me that u have an extremely difficult time in Barbados, u seemed like one of those ecky beckys who all look alike. u have migrated to Canada and still have not improved ur standard of living, that has NOTHING to do us bajans, descendants of slaves. u seemed really jealous or envious of us who live here, why? is it because that u realize that in spite of how small Barbados is, the black bajans no longer give a damn about what white bajans, and even lease about the poor ecky beckys such as who i perceive u to be? u are just like some people who leave here, returned and angry because, u see many bajans living a more successful life than u, i know because i have heard the comments of people like u, who have left for 20 yrs and more shock to see how the people and country has develop. don’t be mad at us, there is time for u to improve ur standard of living in Canada, while u are at it, please for heaven’s sake, read books, study etc but do expand your intelligence before u come on this blog with such transparent dribble that u would expect from a 6 year old, who is not mature enough to cover all basics when attempting to lie and trust me, i know u are lying


  55. @harryharry | August 8, 2012 at 4:09 PM | ”cruso must be lovers of the people here to your face . but behind your back you just another negroid.”

    So, you are calling the Canadians hypocrites, that is not very nice. So, you dont like bajans, now you dont like Canadians either?

    Do you like anyone?

  56. A little bit of perspective: The IOC has a successful commercial enterprise in the form of the Olympic Games held every four years. They parcel out the broadcast rights to deep pocket media organizations and make a mint out of license fees for various products which carry the slogan “official xxxx of the Olympics” they even have an official condom “Durex” although much play is not given to that but in the Athletes Village these popular items are dispensed freely. The boys and girls have to let off steam sometime and I have heard that that it is not only “Citius,Altius,Fortius” on the field but in other places.

    There is the unspoken bragging rights attached to each country’s medal count it used to be the number of Gold medals but that has been subtly revised by the US media since the former East Germany (with the help of drugs) and the former USSR started to haul in more Gold medals than the USA In the current Games the American broadcaster (NBC) now has the total medal count which places the USA ahead of China although the latter has won more Gold medals. Time was when the Olympics was the venue for gifted Amateurs but there are professionals from all sports including Tennis and Basketball. Golf is being introduced in Rio so look for PGA players to join the other millionaires.

    Poor countries e.g. Barbados do not have the resources to compete with the large countries to ensure that its athletes enjoy the best training facilities have access to the best equipment and are attached to the best coaches. In Canada e.g. the Gov’t provides a monthly allowance for “Carded” Athletes which is supposed to supplement their living and training expenses, athletes are also sponsored by some commercial enterprises which provide assistance so they can train year round. Canada has won one Gold medal at this Summers Games, Australia which also has an extensive Sports program with a large budget has won four Gold medals so far.

    China has done well in the Aquatic and Gymnastic events, how do they do it? China has large “Academies” where children as young as five are taken from their parents and trained in some specialty for years on end until they arise at the Olympics ready to take on the world. The Chinese look for certain characteristics in these children e.g. if they have large hands or feet they have the potential to be good swimmers etc. there is the story of a female Olympic diver who won Gold for China but she was so isolated from her family that she didn’t know that her grandparents had died a year earlier and that her mother had breast cancer for several years.

    Jamaica is an example of a poor country with limited resources which has produced several outstanding athletes much like Barbados used to produce outstanding cricketers, perhaps the cricketing Nations could persuade the IOC to adopt Cricket as an Olympic Sport and Barbados may upset someone and win a medal.

    Just a few observations from a limited perspective.

  57. The HARRY situation.
    harry does not live in Canada, he lives in Barbados but he – and his clandestine supporters – or others are embarrassed by his comments. Now he tries to pretend he is not a white Barbadian living in Barbados . . . pathetic. Just re-read what he wrote from the beginning on this and another thread on “Bussa” the trail is simple if you join up the dots. If you want to “tell” a lie harry you must have a good memory and be good at it.

    What galls people like harry, is that Black people have the audacity to express a contrary opinion and they cannot tie them to an ox-cart in the plantation yard and flog them to within an inch of their lives.

  58. Sargeant

    You just had to take a swipe at China nuh …! I wonder how many athletes there are from the US that have relatives and friends who are currently in detention with out the possibility of ever having a trial, as per the Homeland Security Bill?

    And this talk about Barbados having limited resources has been rubished with the call for a useless Commission of Enquiry that will cost SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND F#CKING DOLLARS. And do not forget that last month Stuart up and lef for Canada to “drum up some business”. How much business did he drum up? Where are the figures? Two weeks ago the Minister of Industry was off to England with an entourage to “drum up some business” … Again how much returns can we expect. Just two days ago another lawyer fella jump pun a plane and run to England to “Network” … A half million dollars to commission a report on Poverty that is now shelved.

    Seriously Sargeant, Barbados does have more resources than is being let on. It is just where and on whom such resources are being spent … Feel me?

  59. @ harrie
    harry does not live in Canada, he lives in Barbados but he – and his clandestine supporters – or others are embarrassed
    You lie-ing bastard you…as the english say…trashy

  60. @BAFBFP

    You just had to take a swipe at China

    Actually I was taking a swipe at a few things; the commercialization of the Olympics; the extreme measures that some countries take to win medals and the difficulty that countries have in winning medals considering that they have far more resources (economic and population) in comparison to Barbados.

    As to the Chinese……–standing-girls-legs-young-boys-hang-bars.html

  61. Sargeant

    So there are cultural differences and do not believe everything that you read from the established Western media houses. Wonder what the Dailymail has to say about Bolt …?

  62. Don’t get yourself all knotted up.As I posted on an earlier site harry using another name posted on an blog about 1 year ago some similar nasty things using the ‘N’ word and he admitted then he was an indian.

    He is obviously enjoying the attention he is getting.

  63. Shoudlnt bolt be gracious towards his country folks who competed with him, i have become turned off his behaviour. He can learn something from the pompus americans who ackmowledge their coutryfolks even if they dont even win a medal. Bolts selfishness was evident in the relay, he pompasetted before congratuating the other team memebers. when he won the 200, blake had to wait until he did some push ups before he was ackmowledged. I though I was the only one who was prepared to comment about his behavour, but even some of my online acquaintances noticed his unprofessionalism in dealing with his county folks. The American wmoen relay runners cover themselves with the flag to celebarte, the reLAY was a team effort, not a bolt effort alone. SHAME ON YOU BOLT, BUT CONGRATULATION IN WINNING YOUR THREE GOLD MEDALS. BLAKE I AM ROUTING FOR YOU ALL THE WAY FROM NOW ON.

  64. @ to the point

    take it easy maybe he was overwhelmed and excited at another win. don;t read much into it. and don’t be sidetrack by those who might have their own agenda .

  65. @ To the point | August 13, 2012 at 7:26 AM |
    What the hell has BOLT done you? The man is a showman like Muhammad Ali. That is how he attracts attention and gains popularity.

    It’s all theatre and show to bring millions of dollars and publicity Jamaica’s way.
    He is more popular than Rihanna and is really a true and productive international ambassador for JA. What a man! Marley + Bolt + Fraser-Pryce + Blake = Jamaica’s Finest


    To the point why don’t you stick your point where the sun doesn’t shine!

  67. @millertheanunnaki> Bolt is not my cup of tea like a few I’m skeptical of the Jamaicans its seldom mentioned but the Jamaican girl Frazier Price who won the hundred was banned for the use of a performance enhancing substance. She alike Gatlin is on the comeback trail. She alike Gatlin cheated. The jury is out on the Jamaicans they should be congratulated but there is a whiff of suspicion in the air.
    Notorious producer of illegal steroids Victor Conte reckons no less than 60% of the runners in London were cheating with banned substances.

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