Barbados Labour Party Goes To Haggatt Hall To Press The CLICO Matter


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The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is riding the CLICO Mess to go on the offensive. An indication of the political significance of the meeting is the fact that it will be held at the Haggatt Hall location (4/03/2012). This is the location which the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) used to lure thousand during the final days of the last general election to reveal information about the famous cheque for $75,000.

No one can deny, as many predicted, the CLICO noose is tightening around the necks of the DLP.  Political pundits continue to speculate how the DLP will toss this CLICO albatross from its back.

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  1. @ !

    That attempt at a diversionary tactic will not work. Derek Alleyne needs to go and work for his pay and stop rehashing old stories that we heard when Denis Lowe was Minister responsible for UDC. That interview was an admission that he has failed; and UDC only gave out loans up to $25,000 the last time I checked so one wonders where he got $300,000 and $500,000 from.
    The point is the DLP knows about the loan portfolio being in red, who the main culprits are and who is responsible, but welcomed the individual back to the fold with opened arms. Note the community Derek Alleyne highlighted to have benefited significantly from UDC during the Bees. In other words ask your party’s MP.

  2. @ PDC:
    “For, Mr Arthur and Mr. Stuart and their respective henchmen and henchwomen apparently feel that while each of their joke parties trade verbal barbs and insults and play mind games with the other that, the broad masses and middle classes of people will continue to watch helplessly and confusedly on, without they doing some things to salvage their own critical states of affairs – which these two older ignorant parties are basically ignoring.”

    These are the workings (mechanics) of the political game. Without the broad masses and middle classes who are the pawns or common men there will be no game on.
    What do you expect a political heaven and paradise in a human world? At least we are not living in Syria or Sudan!

  3. @I | March 5, 2012 at 7:49 PM |
    “Everybody know that Dale Marshall is a waste of time and the rest of the BLP cupboard empty in terms of talent.”

    So what is in the DLP’s house? Or should one conclude that there is neither cupboard nor backing cabinet? Remember, “I”, those who live in glass houses (or without sin) should not throw (can cast) the first stone. “I shall not lie, cheat or steal”. The evil that men do lives after them!

  4. We in the DLP have many persons who can assume leadership unlike the BLP. If you had choices why go back to father time, i mean why?

    Sinclair, Jones, Kellman, Donville, Michael lashley, Estwick all possible choices.

  5. @ DMC | March 5, 2012 at 8:48 PM |

    It is noticed that you have not made any provision for the continuity of Mr. “Molasses” to be in charge in the medium term. I agree with you that any of the possible choices mentioned above could be the next Leader of the Opposition. Except, of course, for Chris the Unclear whom every body now hates. The wind has been taken out of his sails and he is politically adrift and can run aground anytime now. Just listen to the man speaking these days, Not like the arrogant pompous buffoon of pre-coup vintage but as a meek, babbling whimp that even OSA can shout “boo” at and watch the once fearful scarecrow fall like a withered leaf from a tree.

  6. @Christopher Halsall who wrote ” isn’t it so unfortunate that there isn’t a viable third alternative?”

    Wicked slap shot,,,,back of the net. lol

  7. “2. Owen Seymour Arthur……Divorced with several outside children while still married, married his secretary , a known alcoholic and wife abuser. An old scallywag!”


  8. @DMC
    “Sinclair, Jones, Kellman, Donville, Michael lashley, Estwick all possible choices.”

    I have to reconsider your support of the DLP If you can seriously consider any of the above named as serious possible candidates to lead this country.

  9. ”The resolution of the CLICO debacle . Settlement to policyholders must involve Government’s financing. What financing options can OSA recommend? Issuance of bonds, special levy, VAT on financial transactions for a limited period? We want to hear. This is a CSME problem.”


  10. !. I refuse to response to your rebuff regarding the monies that were lent to those poor entrepreneurs. What about the big businesses that are heavily indebted to lending agencies due to the slow down in business. Entrepreneurship is a risk in the face of any bank furthermore an inexperienced Government agency with a soft heart and taxpayers money playing with. This scenario has been in the public domain since 2008. Why the last minute rehash or is it a PR stunt to confuse people about the Clico fiaso? Wheel and come again.

  11. “In a June 5, 2007 cable, the harshest criticisms were levelled against the then Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley. The communication, which was sent by former Ambassador Mary Ourisman, raised questions concerning Mottley’s suitability for leadership but also made bold statements about her lifestyle.

    This cable was sent by Ourisman following a meeting with Mottley. The ambassador reported that “former Senator Phillip Goddard, an excellent contact of the Embassy, recently confirmed to the DCM (Deputy Chief of Missions) in a private conversation that internal BLP (Barbados Labour Party) leadership is absolutely determined that Mottley would not lead the party, should they be returned to power in the next elections”

    has this changed?


  12. “Mia continues to alienate the core of the BLP supporters by talking nonsense in public, while simultaneously making herself popular with ‘youth’. Hmmm and it is the opinion of you learned gentlemen that this somehow means that the party must accommodate her ambitions and demands? If she is so popular, surely she does not need the party for anything. So what would be her motivation for accepting any deal the party may offer?”

    Raquel Gilkes

    I am trying to find out if the Barbados Labour Party knows which way is up.

  13. @Carson C. Cadogan | March 5, 2012 at 10:17 PM |
    ”The resolution of the CLICO debacle . Settlement to policyholders must involve Government’s financing. What financing options can OSA recommend? Issuance of bonds, special levy, VAT on financial transactions for a limited period? We want to hear. This is a CSME problem.”

    Not a cent of taxpayers money until those who perpetrated this massive fraud are behinds bars and denied of their ill-gotten gains including an “estate”. Once done then we can talk compensation from the public purse.
    Hear me CCC, loud and clear, CCC?

  14. All this talk of Mia replying to the budget smacks of desperation to me.

    But who am I?

    The blogg owner DAVID says, “Brilliant” as he tries desperately to curry favour with the Barbados Labour Party.

    I cant understand how he is mixing up desperation with brilliance, he seems to be getting old and senile!!

  15. CCC. Your constant diatribe must be punished with “Laughter’ and should be ignored. Here it is we are dealing with an issue that affects the majority of people and you becoming personal. BTW. Is this the same Carson who was recently praising MIA?

  16. “Mia Mottley was never going to be able to ‘stamp-out corruption’ (election rigging and vote-padding) within the BLP and she is right not to participate in, thereby validating a process, which middle-ground Barbadians (who are not political) find horrible and highly offensive.

    You do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that this latest salvo is a calculated and unprovoked attack on women and ‘the Barbadian middle class’ by a group of men within the BLP, who seem to have reached agreement, that no woman or middle-class Barbadian is ‘acceptable’ to lead them; the BLP or this country. Vote for them – Yes! But lead again – absolutely not! It would therefore seem that someone has been able to get into the head of (what could only be) a vulnerable person within the BLP – perhaps questioning if any such person is going to allow the BLP to end-up in the hands of a woman or a middle-class Barbadian.”

    Sunday’s night announcement concerning The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley is mere window dressing.

    Barbadians will not be fooled.

    • @Cadogan

      It is brilliant because what are her options?

      She responds and immediately has to line up behind the team or refuse and face the wrath of the party because of the appearance of not being a team player.

  17. @ an observer,
    “All of Barbados knows that everything is NOT well with Mia and Owen, BUT, they are willing to put differences aside (publicly) for a common goal. Even the willingness to foist this perception in the midst of what everyone knows is reality shows a willingness to do what’s necessary when it’s necessary. Something the country is looking for. The ethics and morality of it is another story.” ……………………….

    And all is well in the DLP???

  18. “Wuhloss! This must be a different Noel Lynch speaking last night at the political rally. It can’t be the same Noel Lynch who sued to prevent reporters from asking him to declare his assets…

    On March 25, 2007, thousands of listeners of the Down To Brass Tacks radio show were stunned as Barbados Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch ran out of the studio after being asked on air to comment about his personal wealth and Integrity Legislation. The emailed question from a listener and comments by moderator David Ellis abruptly ended the Minister’s participation as he angrily ripped off his headphones, stood up and left the studio. Lynch then sued radio journalist David Ellis and the radio station, who paid rather than go to court.

    That is how strongly Noel Lynch believes that government members should be unaccountable elites. He sued to ensure that never again would anyone dare to ask a government minister about where the assets came from.

    And let’s not forget that in 14 years of majority government Noel Lynch and his BLP ignored citizen calls for Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information.

    Now Noel Lynch has the temerity to stand before a crowd and call on Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to “pass the law” to make public officials declare their assets.”

    Barbados Free Press

  19. @Carson C. Cadogan | March 5, 2012 at 10:45 PM |
    “…….but,but……..millertheanunnaki. Those were your words.”

    Carson, you have omitted my designation /qualification -May 2012). Forget already?
    Anyhow I have not paid my dues so the designation has been returned because of Mr. Molasses.

    Those words were also expressed as promises by the late PM, Mr. Molasses and Chris the broken weather cock.
    But you would agree that a promise is a comfort to a fool whether from the B side or D side. Ask Al Barrack if you doubt me.

  20. DMC | March 5, 2012 at 8:48 PM |

    We in the DLP have many persons who can assume leadership unlike the BLP. If you had choices why go back to father time, i mean why?

    Sinclair, Jones, Kellman, Donville, Michael lashley, Estwick all possible choices……………………………….

    You are the latest of the DLP jokers to come on this blog. You actually have to gall to mention these names as leaders…………..

    Denis Kellman??? the biggest joker ever to become an MP, no wonder DT never gave him a ministry not even on his dying bed (hey and you all have the gall to talk about rifts in the BLP)

    Cant be Michael Lashley…..he cant leave Barbados, poor soul all he could say for years was that he had to clean up the mess the BLP left and look now the BLP will have to clean up after him…….

    Estwick… really think this vulgar loud mouth man could be ever be a leader

    Donville Inniss……….to promote porn in this country, hell no

    Sinckler…omigosh…..have mercy, Lord… dont you see that he aint got a clue about what he is doing, the plot failed so he said he does not ever want to be a leader

    Jones…oh no, Jones aint interested, he could not even solve the AX matter, a simple education matter, you really think that Jones could lead a country??? You thing running a country is running football.

    Wheel and come again. Poor DLP, no wonder FS could not pop the necks of the GANG of 11, the cupboard is bare.

    • One has to admit Noel Lynch turnaround (less than 5 years) by declaring his assets is interesting if not laughable considering his tirade which was soundly criticized on social media.

  21. Fellow bloggers,

    I urge you to ignore the rantings of CCC. He needs to divert the attention away from the cruel revelations of the operations of CLICO on the dead king, the queen and Leroy Parris. Ignore his foolish postings. Desperate people do desperate things.

  22. Listen to the little rum bunny OSA at Haggatt Hall last night. He constantly looking at his watch, mumbling and jumping around form one topic to the next and get the facts and names wrong. He does be good when he first get pun stage (on account of the rum I suspect) but then whenthe rum does wear off he does talk bare foolishness.

    MIA go gine take OSA bait and respond to the budget from CS when for the last 4 years he OSA tell any and everyone who would listen that it was you who approve the Dodds Prison deal while he was out of the office for your good friend Glyne Bannister and pocket the millions?

  23. DAVID

    I hear you.

    This is the election for the Barbados Labour Party to loose. The BLP will be rid of Seethru and The HON. MIA AMOR MOTTLEY WILL TAKE HER RIGHTFUL PLACE at the helm of the Barbados Labour Party.

    Seethru cant stop it

    He knows that he is a facing a hat-trick of defeats at the hands of the DLP come next election and he is scared stiff.

  24. All Mia has to do is to bide her time.

    The elements are on her side.

    She does not need any gifts from Seethru!!!!!

  25. Brilliant the least! Hypocritical the most! here is a man OSA who over the past 4years demonise MIA in every which way and now for his own political gain expects the intelligente of the electorate to believe all is well within the BLP and himself with MIA as for the CLICO matter when the FACTS are borne out by the DLP not PERCEPTION as being done her on BU daily OSA and the BLP government would have to answer for all that has happen in this debacle and DT 3million paycheck would pale in significance. Just wait and see. NOEL LYNCH is calling a BLUFF one that is surely gonna bite him in the arsss. Just listen to him apologising to whomever he took liberty to invoke their name at the BLP fiasco called The CLICO GOT YAH MEETING. But just wait to see who get who in the weeks and months to come.

  26. @ac

    The window of opportunity is closing where the government can deposit information of wrongdoing by the BLP to stem the swarming tide of public opinion. Bear in mind there is the economic situation which has the CLICO and Barrack issues in tow.

  27. @ ac | March 6, 2012 at 5:39 AM |
    “But just wait to see who get who in the weeks and months to come.”

    So DLP YH, can we look forward to the police applying to the magistrate courts for warrants of arrest or issuing of summons against the BLP alleged crooks?
    Or can we expect to treat your hot air as just signals coming from an empty vessel not even worth the paper the AX accord is meant to be written on. Molasses spilled in Portvale sugar factory would flow up Mount Hillaby by the end of next week before the DLP administration got the guts to bring charges of malfeasance in office against the key members of the previous political administration.

  28. @Carson Cadear Cadagon
    All this talk of Mia replying to the budget smacks of desperation to me.

    Carson are your serious ? Do you really want to put up yourself to that of joke category for all us bloggers to redicule ? Fine with ME.
    What have you been smoking or rather drinking Carson ? DESPERATION ?
    Are you saying that the most reverened PM of this hemisphere… of 14 years experience… who most articulately enjoys these debates in parliment, suddenly is inept or at loss on how to reply.. to sofar “nothings” from a group of proven so far incompetent school boys whose only motive shown to the Bajan populace is drawing a salary(parlimentary) and eating parliment food.
    Carson I say with no remorse or reservation…truly thou art a member of the DLP party aviary family and possibly cousined to the reigning calypso monarch’s Cornwall as truly belong to the barn yard and not to be showing up your ignorance for all to see with your paltry attempt at the art of blog.

  29. David et al…
    Due to problems being encountered posting on this blog ( LIME sabotage notice) ….any errors occasioned are non intentional and are regretted.

  30. CLICO pensioner and policyowners NEED to PICKET PARLIMENTARY prooceedings now with placards …and stop being so passive…this PM Stuart seemingly only responds to Marches…..DURING THIS BUDGETARY and ESTIMATE upcoming proceedings…time for AX teachers to demand STAGE II

  31. It was an interesting turn of events yesterday hearing Lynch calling David Ellis on Brass Tacks to say that a minister’s private assets should be known to the public. The man had Ellis almost speechless.

    Isn’t this the same man who sued VOB on this similar issue, and won?

  32. I suspect the BLP will be bringing a FOI act in their manifesto when next elections are called, and Lynch is “Toein’ the Line”

  33. @ Guy Fawkes | March 6, 2012 at 10:04 AM |
    “I suspect the BLP will be bringing a FOI act in their manifesto when next elections are called, and Lynch is “Toein’ the Line”..’

    But would this make sense? Have we not been promised such legislation before next elections by the current PM? Or does he intend to bring Integrity legislation without the tools available to the public to “police” the integrity of the legislation. That is, Freedom of Information along with Data Protection legislation accessible to John Citizen. we will wait on Mr. Mollases for the “Dispatch” of this long promised girdle of our fragile Democracy.

  34. Why Mr. Molasses just don’t CALL ELECTIONS.. and stop all this anarchy being experienced to Bajans before things escalate to unmanagable.
    He has no ideas and just seem to be playing devil’s advocate….EVERYBODY from Brass tacks to Bridgetown to this blog nowadays seems very angry with everyting and every body…. a sure sign of choas coming

  35. @old onion bags | March 6, 2012 at 8:33 AM |
    “CLICO pensioner and policy owners NEED to PICKET PARLIAMENTARY proceedings now with placards …and stop being so passive”

    The representative(s) of this “violated” group have been told that there will be nothing left of the CLICO carcass other than the bare dried bones when the vultures in suit walk away from the rot. The six million so far would probably end up around $10 -12 million. These vultures know that the chances of the EFPA holders recovering their investments are as remote as Barbados resuscitating its sugar industry to the state when sugar was King. The intent of the professional boys and girls is to leave the bare minimum of the starving cash cow (policy holders premiums) as to partially meet the life insurance contracts (insulation against risks) and which are actionable in any court of law even against the State vicariously through the acts of omission or commission of its servants. The rest are “weaker” contractual undertakings with the concomitant /associated risks of profit or loss (EFPA’S)with expected long-term entitlements but not rights (pensions); but with the possibility of discretionary reimbursements whether in part or in full from the residual pot of assets. Hence, the vulture-like behaviour of those in the know of these “observed” technical things.

    The vulnerable people and the greedy rich who are victims of this scam are “too proud” Bajans to be caught dead with placard in hand willing to put aside class differences and making a spectacle of themselves for the gossip mongering Bajan public to identify and later mock.

  36. @David
    Thanks for the correction.

    The 180 degree turn by Lynch doesn’t make sense, but when one places it in the context of an election on the horizon and the CLICO corruption charges being metred out by the BLP I don’t put it too far from them to believe that Stuart having played at this ball [integrity legislation] which is a little outside his off-stump, that if he swipes and only nips the ball, then they could catch it and run with it.

  37. Right now the DLP is abou the businees of The people not like the BLP desperadoes Slashing and burning mentality throwing any and everything into the public trough for all an sundry to deveaour. the DLP agenda is not what the BLPities would want .BTW the first horse out the stable not always the one to win

  38. I read the hurt in the comments of the DLP sypathizers as they try desperately to explain how their party was found with not only their hands but their entire bodies in the cookie jar of Clico. But David and the other bloggers on this blog would recall my many writings and warnings about what was going on at Clico between Parris and Thompson. Time has been my ally.

  39. @Royalrumble

    What has rustle you from your hibernation?

    Good to see the handle around.

    Looks like the BLP is pulling out all the stops.

  40. The Dems on this blog can cut out the lot of long talk. Let’s talk solution for the thousands of policyholders. I am of the firm view that before the taxpayers money is taken up to bailout this private company, the assets of both Parris and Thompson should be confiscated and sold to replace some of the money. Thompson cannot be jailed now but Parris can and we must secure his passage to Dodds with dispactch. Their assets are in the billions.

  41. They say on the news 5.00 pm that is, that efforts are being made to TRACE the $10 Million paid to CLICO by David from the Treasury,Where else you think this money gone ? Not in St.John, not in St.Philip, the dead king Laundered it liike the $3.3 Million to Leroy and St.Lucia I am willing to bet.GO ASK LIVING us the paper trail of poor peoples money.Loser every one of them !

    • @Onions

      Is your statement correct?

      The 10 million is alleged to have been repaid by CLICO Mortgage and Finance now Capita.

      The 10 million was a loan from the Central Bank to safeguard against a run on deposits.

      The logic according to the report was that CMFC fell under the ambit of the Central Bank.

  42. @ David
    How come this so called loan cannot be traced……….worse …into which account and if a safegaurd…..should the amount not be seen on some account today as it was never meant to be expended ?

    • @Onions

      It was loaned to the mortgage company and we understand from the Nation report today it was repaid.

      The only issue is why it had to be repaid in installments?

      It would suggest CLICO Mortgage Finance had a cash flow problem now Capita.

  43. @David – You mean after all the BLP pimps run up and down this blog for the last week suggesting that 10 million dollars from the Central Bank was in somebody pocket , the Nation newspaper reports today that the money loaned to CMFC has been fully REPAID with Interest!
    The BLP bloggers are so busy slandering and maligning people that they cannot entertain the facts.
    I wonder why the Nation could say this and nobody at Haggatt Hall on Sunday had the “integrity” to mention this.

  44. Nationnews report “The controversial $10 million the Central Bank of Barbados placed at the disposal of former CLICO subsidiary CLICO Mortgage and Finance Corporation (CMFC) in 2009 has been repaid in full and with interest.”

    David is this true?

  45. and there are more FACTS! Not PERCEPTION. or a vivid imagination on ones part. The window of opportunity another glorious “PERCEPTION”

  46. So Central Bank money went to CMFC, NIS money went to the credit union to ensure Capita and policy holders with CIL are left to suck salt? There must be a better way looming…

  47. Quoting ole onion bags at 7:35 a.m. “the most reverened PM of this hemisphere…”

    Dear onions: I know that you like Arthur and the BLP, but there in no need to exaggerate.

    I don’t think that Bajans revere ANY Prime Minister.

  48. carson the embassy also reported that the DLP was falsely accusing the the BLP of corruption to gain ground in the election campaign. you seem to trust their reports so you can trust that one.they also said that the DLP received 34million from clico for campaign funding. try not to be selective in your forwarding of information true or false.

  49. @ David

    Seems that Royalrumble has returned in time for the final run into the home stretch. 🙂

    Welcome back, Royalrumble. All we need now is to see the Doc GP appear now.

  50. Miller and Old Onion and, perhaps, an Observer;

    The Central Bank provided $10 million in 2009 to CMFC (A very well run company free of all the shenanigans of the other CLICO subsidiaries) as partial insurance against any runs on the company emanating from the fallout of the CLICO collapse in Trinidad (As after all CLICO, barbados was different and was a well run company). This was under the direction of the Minister of Finance, DT. It would appear, however, from today’s Nation newspaper, that the then Governor of the CB should take mose of the plaudits for this master stroke

    Also in 2009 the NIS (again presumably under the direction of DT) provided the monies for BPWCCUL to take over CMFC. We have not yet heard from the NIS directors how this constituted another master stroke.

    There was no run on CMFC, as far as I am aware. Therefore it might be reasonable to have expected that the Central Bank would have been repaid at around the same time that BPWCCUL concluded the takeover of CMFC from the proceeds of the loan, or non reimbursible loan, or whatever, from the NIS (Unfortunately I dont think those details on the transfer have been published so far) i.e. it would have seemed prudent for the BPWCCUL execs to have negotiated for the $10 million to have been included in the monies NIS extended to them for the takeover.

    Instead, we are told that CAPITA, the new company that arose like a phoenix from the ashes of CMFC, has now repaid the outstanding loan to the Central Bank in a manner reminiscent of the country people of yore and the system of small payments to the itinerant “coolie man”. bit by bit by bit.

    Caswell also has been telling us that CAPITA is having some problems related to the takeover and that the takeover might indeed be infecting BPWCCUL, a very well run Credit Union, at least from my limited interactions with the clerks when I go there to withdraw my savings, now on a fairly regular basis, to try to keep afloat .

    Ya think I got it right. Correct me where I’m wrong.

  51. All of you BLP jokers are wasting your time.

    Five more years on the opposition benches.

    The people of Barbados are not about to go back to their vomit.

  52. As for Owen”Seethru”Arthur he is on a hat-trick of defeats by the DLP.

    We will let him get his hat-trick, we will not disappoint him.

  53. Mr Random thoughts – if i am gathering from your response that everything that comes out of the mouth of a politician on a political platform is gospel truth then you are extremely gullible and should change your blog name to idle thoughts. i can understand the party faithfuls burying their heads in sand and defending indefensible party positions out of blind love for the institution; but you say that you a non- affiliated. Well God help Barbados if the majority thought like you. SIR, we need to be able to discern and ignore empty political manipulative self serving mouthings for what they are worth. A few months ago, Mr Arthur was throwing Miss Mottley to the wolves in the harshest possible way. Last night at Haggat Hall he is bringing her back into the spotlight to reply to the budget. In 2006, Mr stuart lambasted Mr Thompson at the DLP annual conference and stated that “he is not fit and able to lead the DLP anywhere”. Two years later, he was Mr Thompson’s deputy even though he was reported in an interview as saying that he never ventured into the office of the Prime Minister until he assumed office.Before returning to parliament, Mr Stuart labelled the Social Partnership a “Philosophical Absurdity”, a few weeks ago he was praising it as the best thing that happened to Barbados. A few years ago, Mr Mascoll was elected to lead the floundering DLP in a bruising battle against Veteran Mr Taitt; a few years later he was unceremoniously dumped even though the fortunes of the party had greatly improved under him.The problem is that we do not hold the political leaders to account for their ambiguous statements and actions. I am a bit disappointed at your response SIr, because facts are facts. History is informative and your children ought to be taugt the truth not what we imagine or wish for.

  54. Carson I must let you know that whether I support Mia or Owen I am supporting the BLP but.there is one thing that I would not support and that is the fraudulent taking of innocent people’s money while claiming to be representing and looking out for their interest.

    In other countries Parris would have been in prison and his assets confiscated and Mara would have been relieved of Thomson’s assets.

    If the DLP is reelected to office in the next general election, a very impossible task then Barbadians are ignorant to what is good governance.

    Your political leader, his party colleagues and his friends cannot blatantly steal poor people’s money, leaving them broke and pennyless and them ask them to further support them in office.

    Policyholders in Clico were robbed by non other than a former PRIME MINISTER and his friends and colleagues who have amass millions and living well while the policyholders are scrunting.

    if Owen and the BLP can loose an election for receiving a gift of a couple hundred thousands dollars to fund a campaign then why should anyone expect the DLP to retain office for transferring (stealing) millions of policyholder’s money and depositing it into their personal bank accounts both at home and abroad?

    Does this seem right Carson? Do you support this kind of behavour from your Government?

  55. The BLP list of candidates is extremely weak . An opposition leader has to pretend to embrace a woman who he cannot stand and who his colleagues despise because the cupboard is bare.
    The BLP could not dare put Dale Marshall, Wuk Fa Wuk or Georgie Porgie Payne to reply to the estimates or budget.

    Mascoll hiding behind a newspaper column before he go down in St. Michael North West and tek he licks like a man.
    If the BLP feel that they will walk over the people of Barbados with this group, they got another thing coming.

  56. @Royalrumble

    if Owen and the BLP can loose an election for receiving a gift of a couple hundred thousands dollars to fund a campaign then why should anyone expect the DLP to retain office for transferring (stealing) millions of policyholder’s money and depositing it into their personal bank accounts both at home and abroad?
    Thanks for confirming that the DLP was not the only recipient of the political graft that flowed from CLICO, the local Branch plant followed the lead of its Head Office and ensured that its political eggs were in both baskets. Duprey was Godfather to both Manning and Panday and the local Don followed suit.

    One could only hope that the locals calling the shots at CLICO be compelled to sing like canaries at some legal proceedings in the future, the music would come with a sticker “ Political Advisory” not to be sold to the naïve.

  57. @ Check-it
    As informed I am having a torrid time on networkblog… and unable to reply to those DLP-ites as I would like (I).Nevertheless Check-it… as usual you are on the ball with “CAPITA rising out of the ashes like a pheonix. bit…anybody with common financial sense could see what has transpired.
    It’s called covering a paper trail. I expected a lil better of David not to have read between the lines of the Nation article and all.

  58. Bajan Fa Death
    Why dont you resume your old name …..everyone know its you …so” dead man prosecuter.”..take ya lick like a man

  59. @ Sargeant | March 7, 2012 at 10:07 AM |
    “One could only hope that the locals calling the shots at CLICO be compelled to sing like canaries at some legal proceedings in the future, the music would come with a sticker “ Political Advisory” not to be sold to the naïve.”

    There will be NO legal proceedings! Pure & Simple! Who will initiate them? Do you realize that some of the same perpetrators of this massive con game are still on the job practising the thorny art of skullduggery and like true felines in the bush covering up the mess by destroying the toilet paper trail to cover the lp ass. These guys know too well the art of CYA.

    As long as the local white business or elite social class or the local East Indian community savings are not involved the greedy blacks, poor innocent pensioners and naive life insurance policyholders would have to carry the can and hold the stick end o f the ‘sh*ty’ CLICO stick.

  60. @ !
    THE DLP WiLL lose the next elections…..Ok so stop misbehaving.
    That is a known ok…to say otherwise is like saying Messi cannot play football, or Fruendel is a man of urgency.Get the point ! ?

  61. I blame the BLP for letting this CLICO situation get this far. Which current member of Parliament could have prevented this CLICO mess and did nothing – Owen “Seetru” Arthur.
    Now, he has the audacity to tell the gullible BLP followers, he could not do anything about it. Arthur is the biggest liar in Parliament and the policyholders will not be fooled.

  62. @ ! you can blame the BLP all you like . I dont expect you to do anything else. If you absolve the DLP of the blame then we cannot expect anything different. But you can fool your self. You are simplistic but no one expects anything else . nothing will help you you are going down in the next elections . you are going to have to find someonel to blame for it . I advise you to blame OSA for your next defeat, I hope that your are not fooled by this post.Think on these things

  63. @true to form –
    Don’t pop the champagne yet. Save it for many years to come. You see the candidates the BLP presenting – Do you seriously beleive that they can usher in some new reformist agenda. Keep Dreaming.
    The arrogance of the BLP candidates is already showing in opposition. These people are motivated to get power to rebuild their bank accounts and contracts. Why you think Muscle Mary reappear.
    Barbados will not be fooled by the BLP spin machine.
    Is is not interesting that the opposition leader spent nuff time on Sunday talking about the economic period of 1994 – 2008 but when people talk about the GEMS insider deals, the UDC wastage, the putting of millions of YOUR money in a hole in St. Andrew and countless other questionable transactions of that period they are accused of rehashing old stories.
    A old trickster like Seetru Arthur cannot change his spots and the people for Barbados will see right true his charade and trickery.

  64. ! | March 7, 2012 at 10:02 PM |
    I blame the BLP for letting this CLICO situation get this far. Which current member of Parliament could have prevented this CLICO mess and did nothing – Owen “Seetru” Arthur.

    you can the Blame the BLP for the fact that your mouth smell stink and want washing —asshole !

  65. LP the King of the land called ”Greenverbs has been charged for disobeying the instruction to stop selling policies. What a slap on the wrist!
    One would be most surprised if this charge holds up. Too many loopholes in that very weak piece of regulatory legislation. Maybe “Observer” can set me right if I am wrong.

    The thorn in the side of this “dayrellian” hill soon becoming a mountain of a scandal is also to face similar charges. Yet this prickly “plant” might still be attached to the same organisation, it is alleged was brought into disrepute, misused authority and allegedly broke the law in the execution and performance of the job professional requirements.

    What a joke if the still allowed to spread its spores on the job!

    Stage One in train! Now what about Stage Two that can be initiated simultaneously with stage One? Invoke the Anti-Money Laundering legislation and Income Tax Act investigative provisions in order to try to seize assets. If the investigations reveal that the assets are NOT associated with any proceeds from crime and the relevant taxes paid then return them withpossible compensation for loss of use. If in doubt hold unto them and let the Courts decide. The many “seized” pieces of property from alleged Illegal Drug Enforcement forays are testament to the capacities of the relevant law enforcement agencies to do their job as required by the LAWS of the Land.
    “Justice Must Not Be Done But Must Seem to Be Done”!

  66. @ millertheanunnaki | March 9, 2012 at 9:13 AM |

    “Justice Must Not Be Done But Must Seem to Be Done”

    If ONLY Justice is done is not only good but must appear so also.
    So the above quote should read:
    “Justice Must Not ONLY Be Done But Must Seem to Be Done”!

  67. You know Onions plan to stop talking and watch the DLP self destruct….now they serving Leroy Parris 3 weeks after… 1 week after seen in Jag and Range Rov….oh BOY…if he is found guilty …in which case Caswell says… He wont be !….$ 1,000 or max 1 year…NOW exclamation ! your words …talk about if the DLP think Barbadians about trickery..?? Mekkin bare sport man.

    ONE TERM fellas…word on the street ..they say they can’t wait either…lol

  68. Bajan Fa Death …
    JUST SHUT UP OK….you cloak,..who you think you fooling ?.. can’t even show FACE (first anonymous name).. because once.made a fool of yourself…and now hiding…a true to form DLP chink.

  69. @Porter
    I know the truth hurts but you could also try some remedial classes to work on your obvious lack of vocabulary.
    Man, your cussing sound familiar- I hear that is how Owen does cuss Mia behind she back.

    I blame the BLP for letting this CLICO situation get this far. Which current member of Parliament could have prevented this CLICO mess and did nothing – Owen “Seetru” Arthur.
    Now, he has the audacity to tell the gullible BLP followers, he could not do anything about it. Arthur is the biggest liar in Parliament and the policyholders will not be fooled. If Arthur had stepped up to the plate in 2006 the policyholders might not now have to suffer.
    He did nothing to address the obvious problems in CLICO when he had a chance but then again in 2006 he was busy trying to “include” Mascoll and clearly took his eye off the CLICO BALL.

  70. boy can dem BPLities cuss badnasty especially when the little short man OSA name is mentioned in connection to his lack of oversight of CL financial.after all he laid the groundwork for attacking the DLP and any and every body connected To Clico failure but so conveniently forgetting that he was PM for most of the time CLICO was in business. OSA is salivating like a mad dog in heat in is hungry thirst for power which must be quench by the gullible electorate and his longing of days gone by when he hoodwinked the electorate with his vodoo economics which they are paying for dearly today.

  71. @ Miller
    “…..too many loopholes in that very weak piece of regulatory legislation..”
    You are so correct in this assessment . Do have a careful read of s 184 of the Insurance Act under which the COMPANY , NOT MR PARRIS and MR THORNHILL, is being charged for breach of the statutory regulation . The provision makes it possible for a number of named company officials to be brought before the court to answer for the actions of the company . I am here reading the Weekend Nation and note that the Slinger article states that Mr Parris is due to appear in the Magistrates Court ” to answer a CRIMINAL CHARGE ” . Well maybe his lawyers will find this interesting . It is NOT a criminal charge . If it were someone would have been ARRESTED ; a Marshall would not be looking to serve a SUMMONS . The loopholes will certainly be exploited by the lawyers for Parris and Thornhill . In fact , the said article indicates that Thornhill”s lawyers are already before the court with some kind of a challenge . We shall see what turns out . In the meantime , Peace my brother ; respect.

  72. WUNNA really think that somebody going to vote for Freundel Stuart as Prime Minister ???


    WHAT has Freundel Stuart done as Prime Minister to endear him to the wider Barbadian public ????
    EXCEPT for DLP yardfowls , who can Freundel and by extension the DLP convince to vote for Dem ???

    DONT you know that before the latest revelations about CLICO THAT PEOPLE HAD DISMISSED THE DLP???
    DONT you know that the CLICO latest news has sealed the fate of the DLP ???
    DONT you know that never mind what you say now , the DLP is getting One Term –O-N-E T-E-R-M
    WHY dont the DLP accept these things ????

  73. @ David .
    I am now in the process of catching up with the news and , as previously indicated , the contributions on BU over the last two days . I have just read a report of some comments attributed to Chairman of the BIPA Miss June Fowler and was enjoined , like the Psalmist David , to invoke the assistance of The Great Architect to ” keep thy servant from presumptuous sin lest they get the dominion over me ” . The comments carried in today’s Sun on Saturday do reveal a certain level of presumptuousness by Miss Fowler. It would seem that the good lady is relying on the impression that the ” bigger and badder ” you appear to be the more effective your effort would turn out. She has heaped scorn on the ” MINORITY MINISTERS ” who dare to comment on the CLICO issue as it relates to Government’s obligation to the policy holders and in the process has upbraided the Speaker Mr Carrington and Minister Mr Dennis Kellman for their personal views . Now for Miss Fowler to consider that she has a greater claim of right or justification to be speaking out on this matter of NATIONAL importance , even though her organisation has retained legal counsel , than these “minority ministers”, does smack of a huge chunk of PRESUMPTUOUSNESS which she may do well to purge herself of or keep away from . And to glibly repeat that ” BIPA was not on any political agenda” might simply be begging the question on a matter that has now been placed at the heart of the political discourse currently taking up the attention of the public . In addition . the BIPA ads ” which were created by some of its members ” will hardly assist in removing the belief that there might be a political under-current pushing the whole exercise . Miss Fowler should do well to consider that now is the time for more thinking and less shouting .

    • @An Observer

      Heard the ads and one can only assume there is a political agenda.

      The motive is obviously to win public sentiment which is of weighty consideration to a government managing in a recession.

      Can the government act with the matter under judicial management?

      In other news one of the regional countries, don’t recall which on, is taking Lawrence Duprey to Court.

      This matter is set to play out over a very long time.

      Why should it be a slam dunk that taxpayers should fund greedy EFP policy holders to the tune of 300 million? Then the rest of us suck salt?

      Let us liquidate the assets first and see what we are left to divvy up first.

  74. @ David.
    I am reliably informed that the number of persons /entities who have bought EFPA policies forms an insignificant proportion of the total CLICO insurance portfolio . It would be interesting for us to get real figures. If Government is to be called on to bail out these policy holders , consideration must be given to the efficacy of tax payers dollars being used to the benefit of this SMALL EXCLUSIVE group in preference to the benefit of providing protection for the MUCH LARGER number of persons who might be disadvantaged by the CLICO collapse . Maybe Miss Fowler, who probably has inside information can assist us in this regard.

  75. Justice must not only be done but must be SEEN to be done.

    In other words, do justice.

    The shine a light on it so that everybody knows that justice has indeed been done.

  76. Somebody is putting it in the Fowler woman head that she is a big shot and can say and do as she pleases. Methinks its the BLP the same party that allowed Parris to do what she claims he did to her. Another somebody needs to put the Fowler woman in her place . Dont be surprise if she declares her hand as a candidate for the BLP>

  77. @ An Observer.. | March 10, 2012 at 4:32 PM |
    “If Government is to be called on to bail out these policy holders , consideration must be given to the efficacy of tax payers dollars being used to the benefit of this SMALL EXCLUSIVE group in preference to the benefit of providing protection for the MUCH LARGER number of persons who might be disadvantaged by the CLICO collapse .”

    NOT ONE RED CENT of taxpayers’ money should be used to pay the “gambling debts” of these EFPA’s holders. They do not hold life insurance contracts or with vested interest in a registered pension plan- either private or occupational. These EFPA’s were just pretty sounding certificates of deposits that were embellished with promises of high returns; similar to a lady of the night with a very short dress, high heels and lipstick.
    Instead of leaving their discretionary savings at the conservative banks the lure of an exciting ‘quickie’ with high returns offered by slick salesmen and promises of secret kickbacks to fund managers was their greedy undoing. The adjective “Executive” says it all. Let them sue the Board of Directors for negligence and lack of due care. I am certain that the amassed personal fortunes of those who served on the Board would be far in excess than the amount required to compensate the EFPA greedy suckers. A clear case of “caveat emptor”!

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