Barbados Labour Party Launches The Silly Season At Haggatt Hall

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Noel Lynch in action at Haggatt Hall on BLP platform

Although Prime Minister Stuart has not yet made known the date of this country’s next general elections, the Barbados Labour Party and particularly its leader Master Tactician Owen Arthur found a way to announce, at least from their vantage point, the start of “The Silly Season”. What else is there to deduct from the charade that given its hype, turned out to be nothing more than a storm in a teapot?

At the very same Bussa Roundabout in January of 2009 persons gathered there were given a dose of the aphrodisiac labelled Dialogue Of Deception and Bajans were in bed with the Democratic Labour Party. Last Sunday they gathered for what in the truest sense of the the word was nothing more than “OWEN’S MEACULPA.” (miaculpa). Gone was the hostility that became his trademark of late, replaced by the all important need to present a united front.

Sunday night Owen Arthur’s zeal said forget Geritol, there is potency in opportunism. Did he not think we wanted to hear from his lips the status and future plans for the one he appointed as co-leader and broke the camel’s back in the first place? Such might have been as weak and lame as the explanation given for the cheque that found its way into his personal account, but it was warranted none the less. Much time was spent in his attempt to show government’s blatant disregard for law, as if this were a new phenomenon in Bajan politics.

Permit me to call to the Gentleman’s attention the fact that it was his party that built the school in St.Michael Central against the advice of the chief town planner, and then shifted the zone lines without regards to the consequences contained therein. That single action cost the tax payers perhaps three times more than it would have cost for the removal of any posters.

From where I sat Kerrie Symmonds who was heard to say “I always tell the truth man!” came over as a better listen than his leader. He tried to stay on point and would have gained more credibility if only he could have found the gumption to tell his audience when was there dissipation of the cloud that has followed Noel Lynch through Starcom’s doors since he spoke best to the issue of transparency.

At the end of the night all that one could glean through the lens of objectivity was the simple fact that the Barbados Labour Party bunch did what Barbadian politicians do best. Tell their party faithful what they want to hear. What they do however is always something else—-just ask the faithful fools like me that made the trek to Bussa back in 2009.

Something tells me ah got nuf cumpny, nuf nuf.

0 thoughts on “Barbados Labour Party Launches The Silly Season At Haggatt Hall

  1. @ onions
    Bf go listen to the debate! ther is plenty to be learned by both sides.a real eyeopener . The tax was implemented to restuct the ailing BNOC and is not a reflection on the price at the pump

  2. Who in CLICO would go after Mr I will not lie, cheat or steal or his estate? Who in CLICO would go after Greenverbs? Terence Thornhill? He cannot talk, he would have to go down with the rest.

    Parris suing CLICO for money because he is GREEDY and more GREEDY. But I suspect that with all he has, he is the most unhappy man today!

  3. prodigal

    And so can you ! after all IT IS YOUR MONEY! Now go get the BALLS and find 200 hundred people or more and Suit the living sh..t out of the now defunked CLICO.Parris is GREEDY but maybe he is a FIGHTER and determined not to be used and abused by a multimillion dollar corporation unlike you who rather bellyache and take political sides which is getting you know where . Now go FIGHT for what is rightfully yours like PARRIS

  4. WILL Illgotten gains ever bring true happinesss ?

    IS it true or not that swindlers, racketeers and ‘smart alecs’ only reign for a time ???

  5. To all those DLP ostrichs, stop hiding your heads in the sand. We all know, it is not only what is demmed true, but in the PUBLIC’s opinion did happen. Funny thing it is the PUBLIC that votes NOT THE LAW, therefore the public are the most important. My Greatest P.M Errol Barrow, once said “if you want justice, stay out of the law courts.” Justice will be served and some big people will go crazy because of the pressure placed on them from the public. To all you DLP ostrichs, stop playing 20/20 politics and keep your eyes and ears to reality and see the DLP is disentigrating. I once said there will be a political volcano to erupt in this country, the red flag is now waving, the top will blow pretty soon

  6. Yeah Scout the DLP know how well THE BLP FABRICATES STORIES and put them in the public domain as FACT so we will remain ostrich and rightfully so in an attempt not to be hoodwinked and bamboozled into a false PERCEPTION of the BLP unthruths.

  7. ac
    Talking about fabrication!!!!!!!! What happen to the number of forensic enquiries/investigations that the DLP had fooled the voting public with that they would conduct IMMEDIATELY they get to power? Namely, Hardwood project, 3S project, the Clico money donated to the BLP/OSA, amoung others, to date, not one has startedand the term of office is drawing near. Are these BLP fabrications or DLP promises? Maybe the DLP can save some money in this hard economical times, and since they don’t have the cash-cow Clico to support them this time, not print a DLP manifesto, since it don’t seem to worth the paper it’s printed on.

  8. So Scout what you want was for the government to waste taxpayers money chasing OSA and the BLP who by then would have use every trick in the book to hide their political worngdoings. btw the CLICO story in being investigated and not forgetting that the FOI would have been by now law if the BLP would have stop him and hawing and putting up all kinds of reason to delay its passing

    • The BLP is not the reason for the delay of FOI, It is the Prevention Against Coruption Bill aka Integrity Legislation which both parties have agreed to send to committee.

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