BLP and DLP Laughing at We

“Eternal Vigilance is the price of democracy”

  • Thomas Jefferson

In recent days the blogmaster has been reflecting on the fact professionals in Barbados that have accrued questionable track records do not seem to suffer reputational and career damage.

What triggered the reflection?

Thousands of innocent Barbadians whose only ‘crime’ was that they trusted successive governments to properly manage the affairs of state invested in government paper and as a consequence have been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.   However, successive government continue to RECYCLE professionals and prominent others to Boards and other positions without being ‘disciplined’ for glaring non performance. Some will say it is the people that created the predicament we find ourselves. The blogmaster will say not all of us, it is a first past the post system!

It has been a disappointing feature of the Mottley government to witness a few names popping up on Boards and diplomatic postings which can be described as a slap in the face of Barbadians. Where is the political morality?

It is early days in the BLP administration but the saying first impressions count haunts the blogmaster. John Citizenry must play our part by increasing our vigilance.

Here is an old blog posted March 16, 2015 titled A Culture Of Diminishing Corporate Governance.

A Culture Of Diminishing Corporate Governance

The CLICO Mess has brought into focus a bigger issue, the lack of a reliable governance framework. BU maintains we have witnessed a catastrophic regulatory failure which continues to challenge all jurisdictions CLICO operated. This view is contrary to William Layne’s who continues to dumb down the role of the regulator.

The CLICO Mess has exposed corporate governance as only a term of art, to be used by the learned in our midst to demonstrate astuteness.. The mind boggling revelation by ex-CLICO directors on the weekend that many decisions made by Leroy Parris was down unbeknownst to them. Who are some of the directors you ask? Tony Marshall a retired Barclays banker who would have operated in a corporate environment at a senior level – Tony Marshall in your position as Chairman of the NIS Board the public wants to know what is the status of the financial statements. Here is a reminder of your Press Release.  Dr. Basil Springer a local management guru who founded Systems Caribbean Limited before he sold it. Woodbine Davis a former Solicitor General, Leslie Haynes, a member of the legal profession who wears silk and the former president of the Bar. To Dr. Frank Alleyne’s credit he has pleaded no comment.

It is not enough for these ex-directors to distance themselves from Parris and CLICO, they need to explain why if they were kept in the dark about decision taken by the company why they remained on the board of directors in one case for 14 years?

BU family members millertheanunnaki  and An Observer  engaged this matter on another blog – see the following exchanges:

See relevant link: The Company Director Checklist – Barbados

[millertheanunnaki]Put on your thinking cap and delve into your legal training, experience and presumed knowledge. In spite of the Pontius Pilate like and even a cock crowing Peter disavowal by some of the former members of the Board of Directors of CLICO is it still possible for these directors to be sued jointly and severally for negligence or lack of due care?  From what was expressed in the newspaper, it might be possible to draw a conclusion that any fiduciary responsibilities entrusted to the board of directors were continuously neglected with no publicly stated or expressed concerns raised with the executive management of the business.  A very sad reflection on their overall supervision achievement along with the Auditors apparent indifference. What are the chances, legally speaking, of an aggrieved policyholder bringing a case of contributory negligence-or in the case of BIPA a class action suit- against these directors and by inference the independent auditors who would have expressed a “fair” opinion on the reliability of the financial statements prepared by the executive management – read full comment

[An Observer] Man you are now getting down to serious OBJECTIVE discourse from which we may both benefit and which it is hoped will make fellow bloggers better informed.  you have done a public service by reproducing sec 95 of the Companies Act of Barbados . That section immediately follows the heading  ” Duty of Directors and Officers ” . This section clearly imposes a STATUTORY DUTY OF CARE ON ALL DIRECTORS. In my view therefore , if you have such a duty of care imposed upon you then , concomitantly , you may be censured for a BREACH OF THAT DUTY. It is therefore to be inferred that I hold the view that Directors in breach of that duty imposed by the Statute may be brought before a court of law. I believe that the disavowal by those Directors of any knowledge is a piece of corporate mumbo jumbo and really unworthy of repetition by serious commentators. They should therefore be taking steps to instruct counsel on their behalf, notwithstanding that one of them is himself a QC – read full comment

[millertheanunnaki] One is glad- or even “gay” in its original meaning- that a keen observer is able to appreciate the multi-faceted tentacles of the law that can be extended if only to garner a modicum of restitution that can be brought to the aggrieved policyholders- primarily to those holding priority life insurance contracts, and secondarily, vested pension interests – read full comment

Then for anyone to set aside the potential invocation and application of provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering & Income Tax legislation would be relying to much on the miniscule fines that can only be imposed under the superficial opprobrium and pussycat “slap on the wrist” penalties available under the legislation regulating financial instruments marketed by the Insurance industry – read full comment

To reinforce the point that directors on boards in Barbados seem to be serving to garner director’s fees –  those who attended the BLP Haggatt Hall meeting heard Opposition Leader lamented the Auditor General’s Report which confirms that many statutory corporations and government agencies are many years behind in presenting up to date financial statements.


  • The PM made reference twice to something about taxation as it related to IBC’s and domestic corporations, which she seemed to be unaware of. Does anyone know what she was referring to?


  • “Barbados does not have the resources or the skilled investigators to investigate corruption, fraud or thefts from the people by government ministers?”

    How do you know that???

    It is an irresponsible comment……..probably NOT based facts…….but what you BELIEVE to be true.

    Or……… you may want to share with BU how you know this information is true.

    (But knowing you, you will “tell us” (1) you came about that information from a relative working in the RBPF or (2) you are not willing to divulge how you know it’s true……’s all about “making up things to keep things interesting,”….. hahahaha).

    The FBI also provides training local law enforcement in providing information on fingerprinting, corruption and kidnapping. And I know police officers who received such training. Some were also trained at the Bureau’s lab, located in Quantico, Virginia.

    If you were to “say” police officers trained in specific areas work in divisions “outside” their area of expertise, I’ll agree. For example, an officer trained in counter terrorism works in the traffic division


  • “Did Mia call in the FBI to investigate the former ministers from DLP government and the money missing from the treasury and Pension Fund…..”


    Does the FBI have jurisdiction in a foreign country?

    Can the Barbados government ask the FBI to INDEPENDENTLY investigate corruption allegedly perpetrated by Barbadian politicians and public officials……….

    …………. or can the government ask the FBI to PROVIDE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to the RBPF …..but without being DIRECTLY involved in the investigation?

    Or is the FBI more interested in cases such as those involving international fraud against the US government, situations that pose significant risks to U.S. national interests and international corruption of federal public officials?

    It is a known fact the US has FBI agents or legal attachés stationed at its embassies…… who are primarily concerned with gathering certain intelligence and sharing it with the host country’s law enforcement agencies, as well as specific US agencies (e.g. information of terrorists or individuals who may be seen as threats to the country’s and US national security).


  • @ Artaxerxes

    Ammmmmmm you like you been getting more information bout these sovereign matters during the time that you were vacationing from the Blog.

    The fact of the matter is that the former administration, mindful of the rape that it had perpetuated upon the Bajan populace, sought to abscond with the proceeds of their ill-begotten gains to the United States, the UK and Canada.

    The Incident of Pornville getting locked up in the United States with the illegal proceeds of a bribe is just the tip of an iceberg, but that got all of them shi##ing bricks and all de trips to Miami suddenly stopped.

    Looka, as it relates to all that AG talk by “Dale” (you notice how she calling him by he first name pun TV?) Mugabe has to protect her godchild’s father, Stinkliar from similar incarceration.

    Especially, considering how he and de Head Boy thought that they could fleece de GoB of all the money and then ammmmm export de money to amurica and den run way dere.

    But now dem “lik up” causing, effing dem go to amurica to collect or touch dat money, dem or their agents, going get lock up real quick.

    Ironically, notwithstanding that Photo Session between De Pok#y Snatcher Chump and de Po#ey Biter, de BLP administration is waiting, and hoping, for a swing that is against Trump in Congress.

    Their’s is a hope that a Democratic swing in the equation MIGHT mean the resurgence, and critical positioning, of their agents who may be emboldened to intercede for Pornville.

    These are the games they are playing…


  • “Does the FBI have jurisdiction in a foreign country?”

    If they are invited in to investigate…they come.

    If any of their citizens are affected by a crime of fraud…ie…the fake Washington University, they do not need an invitation…they make a polite request.

    If any laundered money passes through a US bànk…ie….Donville Inniss…they do not need an invitation to haul in anyone..

    This is common knowledge,


  • “Barbados does not have the resources or the skilled investigators to investigate corruption, fraud or thefts from the people by government ministers?””

    Based on fact, they are very good at disappearing files..apparently that is all they know ..and that .based entirely on facts, from the Supreme Court to the Police …files ALWAYS disappear…….

    Let’s hope all those FILES Dale Marshall is gushing about that they checked out..don’t ALL suddenly DISAPPEAR before international auditors arrive or before Mia finally decides she needs FBI help.


  • Artac…go take ya meds…too early for psychotic breaks.


  • If ya were in St. Vincent Gonsalves would have already pumped ya up full of drugs and shipped ya off to Cuba to end ya psychotic breaks…once and for all.


    Did Mia call in the FBI to investigate the former ministers from DLP government and the money missing from the treasury and Pension Fund, I am yet to hear that from the regurgitated rubbish Marshall spewed, Barbados does not have the resources or the skilled investigators to investigate corruption, fraud or thefts from the people by government ministers..

    Mia seemed rattled.

    Mia needs to stop blowing HOT AIR, she and her sidekick Marshall and call in FBI…I am getting a sense that she is the hold up in having FBI investigate her buddies in DLP…what is she waiting for, another scandal.


  • “If any laundered money passes through a US bànk…ie….Donville Inniss…they do not need an invitation to haul in anyone….”

    You should note Inniss was arrested and charged in the USA.

    Yes, some of the information you outlined above is common knowledge and was also included in my contributions.

    I agree the government can “invite” the FBI, but their role would be to offer technical assistance…… and not to independently conduct investigations of Barbadians allegedly involved in local crimes.


  • Why are you always on about “psychotic breaks”……..

    ………..after all, it was not me who admitted to making up things to keep things interesting”…..that is symptomatic of someone who is looking for attention, characterized by “behaving in a way that is likely to elicit attention, usually to hearten oneself by being in the limelight or to elicit validation from others.”

    Now that is what I call a “psychotic break.”

    And you are WRONG and misleading this forum……..

    ………..the government CANNOT invite the FBI to INDEPENDENTLY investigate “money missing from the Barbados treasury and Pension Fund…”


  • AND…me thinks FBI already have a very valid reason to step in, particularly if any of the fake university, victimized students from India got US citizenship…

    Ah got very little time for psychotic breaks today…that ya meds..

    “A usually reliable source with connections to the FBI Field Office in New York has told the Guyana Guardian that, the investigative body automatically has an interest because of the fact that at least two of the students who are affected by the fraud, are American citizens that were residing in India with their respective parents.

    It is also part of the wider responsibility of the FBI to look into money laundering cases, where stolen or fraudulently obtained monies were directly or indirectly funnelled through the US banking system.

    Calling it a billion dollar a year fraud industry, Former FBI agent Allen Ezell estimates that half of the new PhDs issued every year in the U.S. are fake, while more than 75% of the Masters and Phd’s issued in other countries outside of the US are believed to be fake.

    Since helping to close down dozens of offshore universities outside of the US over the years, the Feds have repeatedly pointed to a network of people, ranging from Ministers of government to Diplomats of many foreign nations corruptly cashing in one way or the other, in exchange for aiding the establishment and operations of degree mills, which often parades with questionable accreditation statuses or political endorsements.”


  • Take ya meds..


  • Mia was the one said on the political platform she will call in whomever she has to to pursue the culprits of that massive theft from the people…read FBI…even if she did not mean it…she does have it as an option…you retard.


  • And looka look…

    “Admitting that they are indeed interested in an international scam involving two offshore universities in Guyana, and one in Barbados, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are now taking a closer look at the operators and operations of several offshore universities in Guyana and the Caribbean.”


  • “A concatenation of the decimally challenged former Minister of Finance, one Big Sincks (HE WHO MIA MUGABE IS THE GODFATHER sorry GOD MOTHER OF HIS 3rd child) Cris .007 or is that .7 Bonds and five 9″s


    No wonder FBI has not yet been called in to help yet …as promised by Mia on her campaign trail of tears.


  • Perhaps you’re the one who needs to take “your meds,” because you are confusing TWO different issues.

    You to “bob and weave” between issues and presenting information to make it seem you are correct.

    And you need to stop becoming hostile and abusive when challenged and proven wrong. You also need to stop misleading this forum.

    The University of Washington situation is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the DOMESTIC issue of “money missing from the Barbados treasury and Pension Fund.”

    Your “copied and pasted” article re: “A usually reliable source with connections to the FBI Field Office in New York has told the Guyana Guardian that, the investigative body automatically has an INTEREST…… BECAUSE of the FACT that at least two of the STUDENTS who are AFFECTED by the fraud, are AMERICAN CITIZENS that were residing in India with their respective parents.”………

    ………proves “beyond any shadow of a doubt” and that you’re WRONG and don’t know what you’re “talking” about.

    What is there that would cause the FBI’s to “automatically have an interest in “money missing from the (Barbados) Treasury and Pension Fund” you constantly allude to?

    Unless it is proven the “missing money” has in some way violated USA’s national security, involved in the bribing of US public officials, politicians or private citizens.

    ……… the FBI will not “automatically have an interest” in our domestic affairs.

    Go and read the following link……


  • Art…ah made a promise to myself this morning after showing up your idiocy, that I will not answer anymore of your posts, because you need help and for your own sanity..

    ….after trying to provoke Simple into a nonsensical argument, which she rightly ignored, ya decided to pursue one with me, even though it is even more stupid than the one ya tried with Simple…

    So..this is me, ignoring you.


  • @WW&C
    so tell me, what exactly does the PM mean by Affirmative Action?
    Does this refer to the letting of government contracts to the LGBTQ members? Or the mandatory inclusion of minorities in the electoral process? Help mah.


  • NO……I think by now you realize that Mia and her ministers use words that they themselves don’t fully understand…as Piece keeps saying over and over ..

    ….the words affirmative action when used in US automatically relates to minorities…smallest number of people in the general population ..Blacks, latino etc who are or were given priority for education given their discriminated status etc..

    “an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education; positive discrimination.”

    I don’t see how she could be talking about Barbados’ minorities in that context when it is the members of the majority population more likely to be the ones suffering poverty, being victimized because of government policies and discrimination …

    I had hell even on here trying to get people to realize that the Black majority population = the most people on the island

    and the minority population numbering no more than 20 thousand collectively = the least amount of people on the island

    So ah guess Mia and her ministers are STILL confused..

    At one time the idiots of parliament and their masters were trying to convince the MAJORITY population that they were the MINORITIES on the island..and that the minority population numbered in the hundreds of thousands …they nearly got away with it too..

    until the Blogs came along and set that evil, deceitful lie straight.

    .I am being kind when I say these clowns in government should all be locked the hell up, they are a disgrace.


  • WARU

    It’s a good thing you DON’T READ my contributions.

    You showed up your own idiocy when you admitted to posting untruthful information to BU, “just to make things interesting.”
    I believe you’re so obsessed with BU that, in the event you don’t have anything meaningful to contribute, you “make up things just to make things interesting.”

    Also, referring to the FBI being interested in the Washington University of Barbados, MAINLY because two Americans were duped……is similar to the Barbadians government inviting that law enforcement agency to investigate a domestic issue…..

    …….clearly displays what a jackass you are. And you feel proud.

    That, my friend…. is the HEIGHT of stupidity. But I’ve always held the view that you’re a compulsive liar (and LONELY, old, self righteous jackass with too much time on your hands, hence you trolling the halls of BU from early in the AM to late in the PM, posting the same shiite day after day after day)….

    ……and by your admission and other factors taken into consideration……you “validated” my observation.

    Your credibility will obviously come under MORE scrutiny….. because anything you write, other than the ideas you regurgitate from other people’s contributions………… will be taken with a “pinch of salt.”

    Things such as you living in Canada or working for an investment company…….may just be figments of your sick imagination.

    As it relates to Simple Simon, you are grabbing at straws……she did not respond to David BU’s contribution either…. and everyone knows she usually posts all her comments during the evening.

    Fortunately for you, there is medication to treat and control mental illness…….

    …………however, and unfortunately, there is any medication, prescribed or over the counter……. that could treat a liar.

    Keep reading my contributions and fretting yuh self…..yuh lonely, compulsive lying old bag….


    Uh gone.


  • @WARU:
    Are you telling me that it has been 20 long years since you left Bim in disgust for Toronto? Seems like almost yesterday.


  • Lol…Bajans, it is a little more complicated than that, but it is definitely been 20 years I have been watching how those two governments operate AGAINST their own people and immersed in corruption while stuck in their 1950s time warp.

    We now get to witness them both disintegrate and go the way of the doh doh bird…become extinct.


  • Thing is, I know your story and it stuck in my mind. The creatures are getting their just desserts. A woman with a business and getting shit at every turn. Sad, sad, sad….


  • No one is shedding any tears for any of these politicians/lawyers/ministers anywhere , that is for sure, they deserve every second that their nastiness and crimes against their own people are exposed to the world until they do are permanently REMOVED from the parliament by the people.


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