260 Year Old Waterford House In The World Heritage Buffer Zone Destroyed

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Waterford House - Photo Credit: Nation newspaper

I don’t see anything stirring in the bowels of BU over the disgraceful demolition at The Garrison [Waterford House] a couple of days ago? I appreciate this criticism may be a little quick off the mark as it has been prompted this evenings televised news item featuring ‘Lord of the Lies’ himself – our very own Chief Town Planner – doing his best to justify the demolition of a 250 year old building with the usual barrage of obfuscation he employs when trapped in a corner through his own ineptitude. Typically in such moments he produces a blend of irrelevant factual material designed to divert attention away from the remaining lies and innuendo.

On this occasion the latter are just too numerous to detail – but one serious question should be asked. “Why was an independent structural survey not carried out on the property in regard to its overall safety and its possibility of being merged within the new requirement, especially as the building was one of several in the heritage area that are the subject of a current request for ‘listing’ as buildings of significance. Someone should be digging deeply into this fresh example of  vested interest trumping public benefit!

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  1. The truth is that we, and by we, I mean the Government and a vast majority of Barbadians only pay lip service to this heritage thing. We have a policy of “Out with the old and in with the new”, as ably demonstrated with household furniture and motor vehicles. This probably arises from the fact that when it comes to the question of maintenance ,of any thing, we are woefully lacking.
    Waterford House is going to be the first of many, old buildings on this stretch of road that will fall under the wreckers ball. There are also many buildings , part of the Garrison heritage , just out of view of the travelling public that are in very bad state of disrepair,what are the plans for these buildings?

  2. Why would they need to push down this building? When the Crab Hill police station was being rebuilt on the old site, the station was housed at another location until the new one was completed, Why move the existing station when the existing station can be demolished and rebuilt? Maybe they want the site for the Savannah Hotel;

  3. Pleas and frantic attempts by two members of the Garrison Historic Consortium Inc. came to nought yesterday when a building just outside of the Garrison Historic Area was demolished.

    just outside are the operative words. True or false.

    • @Hant

      According to reports it is outside the historic area but in the buffer zone which skirts the area.

      The buffer-zone is suppose to be a protected which invites conversation before wonton destruction of old buildings.

  4. David I am a supporter of preserving old heritage buildings but we must be mindful of the cost of restoration and maintenance in a small country like Barbados.

    It is also not enough to restore a building. It is important to continuously maintain it.

  5. There are international agencies that provide funding for heritage sites. I’m not saying funding is automatic. If a rare and beautiful tree can be destroyed to make way for so called development and not incorporated into the development site itself – anything can be. I no longer expect sensible action from persons supposedly acting in the best interest of Barbados. Universities what how to retain what we are giving up daily. We call this development and growth. Societies must move on. Forgive me for being cynical. I expect by the time I am old, to see pure concrete all over Barbados. The developers will find a way.

  6. Yes, Waterford was just outside the World Heritage site but what has not been said is that research suggested that it was annexed into the Garrison facility during the 19th century. In this respect alone, there needed to be more research and, if sufficiently proved, it could have been added to the site at a later date. The mere fact that we have not done so, is an effective negative on our ability to manage our WH site.

    Whether a former Garrison building or not, it is one of the only remaining in the area of similar age to George Washington House, which is still being researched. Important comparrisons needed to be made and it would have helped our understanding of how, or why, these building were being built in this way; part of our architectural development, which is ongoing.

    Hastings has already lost much of its ‘old building stock’ and this particular area has been in a development phase for quite some time. The direction it was going (an interesting mix of old and new) was supportive of the activity that would be eveloving within the WH site and along the new Boardwalk. The current proposal (which has Town Planning approval) is to place a ‘mega’ police staion on this site which appears to be contrary to the best planning options. These options could have used Waterford House as a genuine authentic heritage attraction to augment an otherwise ‘new’ Hastings.

    One of the biggest problems we face is that many of us cannot see the ‘money’ in heritage development and always question the cost of it all. The business of heritage and heritage tourism is very lucrative and more predictable than either beach or cruise tourism. However, we can’t ‘play’ at it, we have to get 100% on board or our efforts and our money will be wasted.

    Waterford House was just the start of a series of events that will directly effect the credibility of our WH site and the ultimate potential loss of revenue to our country will make GEMS look like chicken feed. It may have looked like Wednesday was another case of dealing with a situation at the last moment and too late. In actual fact it was the culmination of three years work by he National Trust and the Garrison Consortium to save this building and the series of dominoes that now look set to fall.

    • When Barbados got the inscription World Heritage Site one can only assume there was an audit of old sites undertaken in the Garrison and its immediate environs.

      Secondly the responsibility of maintaining the inscription and importantly sensitizing Barbadians to the importance of preserving history must have been factored.

      So far events to date suggest other wise.

  7. I am willing to give some time to address these matters. If anyone is interested PM me on Facebook …

    Douglas Trotman

  8. Planning, implementation and continuous consistent follow through are completely different things.

  9. @ David,

    I am not aware of any audit of buildings done since inscription. There were two reviews of Listed buildings, within the site, done in 2009 and 2010. There is a plan to survey 21 of the 115 Listed buildings within the site which contains approximately 1,600 properties. As an indication of what these figures are supposed to mean: Only about half of the historic military buildings within the Garrison area are actually Listed.

    In respect of your second point, this building was demolished by the AG’s Office. The ‘people’ on the street were shocked!

  10. Here in ST. Lucia the Pitons are a world Heritage Site, and the agreemenet recognizing it as such, clearly stated what could be done in the designated area, failure to adhere to this would result in it losing the status.
    However after just spending the last 6 months in my faathers homeland Barbados, I find Bajans see no personal gain in having this acclaim.Please tell me what happened to the Pride in the countries motto,all I saw was everyman for himself and to hell with the country.

  11. @Peter Stevens

    Do you care to comment on the Chief Town Planner’s response. He confirmed the Barbados Museum was involved in the communication about Waterford House. He certainly gives the impression there was no objection offered.

  12. I use this road about four times a day and for years I have wondered who owned this property on such a prime location to allow it to deteriorate to such a condition. I had no idea that government owned it. I am sorry it was demolished. Some people say that when properties are left to rot like that, it is more costly to refurbished than to “mash up and buy back”. Maybe that was the thinking.

  13. @ David,
    I cannot comment on the position of the Museum, but the National Trust were certainly asked to comment and they did so, in objection to the proposals. However, the Chief is not obliged to concur with the advice given by the Trust or the Museum as there will be other considerations that he must also take into account. My main concern is the suggestion that its non-Listed status was grounds to allow demolition.

  14. It begs the question why the Chief Town Planner would mention involvement of the museum an not the Trust. Isn’t the Trust considered the led Agency in matters of aged buildings?

  15. Sharon Alleyne | March 2, 2012 at 4:06 PM |
    Here in ST. Lucia the Pitons are a world Heritage Site, and the agreemenet recognizing it as such, clearly stated what could be done in the designated area, failure to adhere to this would result in it losing the status.
    However after just spending the last 6 months in my faathers homeland Barbados, I find Bajans see no personal gain in having this acclaim.Please tell me what happened to the Pride in the countries motto,all I saw was everyman for himself and to hell with the country.
    We from top to bottom have all misunderstood the words of President John F Kennedy,and have adopted the motto, ” Its not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you.” Hence the demise of Pride,……. and Industry, which will shortly be in the hands of China.

  16. Just got back from TnT last week… What a trip! Muh feet still stinging. In four years our neighbors down south have developed six lane highways with impressive flyovers. Stupendous mauls, even in once under-developed areas like Chiguanas and the Gulf areas, as for Trincity … my God! Down town Port of Spain can boast of some magnificent sky scrapers with a cultural centre to match that thingy in Australia, and wunna gun look at me and talk ’bout “World Heritage Shite” ..!?

    Look tear the flippin’ buildings down do … we now got some real catching to do …!

  17. @ BAFBFP | March 4, 2012 at 2:01 PM |

    Welcome back, fellow rebel! Missed you except on Brass tacks with our favourite man and fellow rebel DJ. Glad you enjoyed yourself in the land of the hummingbird and now flying fish. You sound as if you really enjoyed ‘de carnival’. Hope you did not accidentally jump in the back PW (LOL!!).

    So you see what T&T has achieved in respect of infrastructure for its 2020 goal of “Developed World” status. How ‘all ya’ think T&T get that money? Charging its fellow CSME ‘pardners’ world oil prices while at the same time subsidizing its manufacturers and exporters to produce goods and services to supply the T&T owned and managed wholesale distribution and retail outlets in Caricom with the same receipts including management fees and profit remittances from CSME ‘pardners’ paid in US dollars from their mono industry economies called tourism and land selling to foreign rich people.

    Boy ya, T&T is way ahead of Bim but we ain’t want to hear that and still think we are the bee’s knees of CSME if not the World.
    Anyway, welcome back to stoke some fire!

  18. BAF
    Are sure you went to T&T sound lot in resembalnce to the USA the evil Empire that you resent so much! Don’t we all moderinisation ala the USA.
    BTW i was thinking what had become of you! Next time on your trip try fishing in T&T their waters just for oldtime sake

  19. Gees friends, i am touched …. really!

    I am very clear in my mind that we were indeed f#cked up the ass by our Trini neighbors and all along the joke media folk here were selling bajans on the picture that it was OPEC who was to blame …!

  20. “For ol time sake” … ha ha ha …I ain’ gun lie but I believe I see a couple a’ flying fish costumes on some of the children … ha ha ha

  21. Hi Peter steven
    I now complete my recommendation on the historical and relics bill, please send email

  22. Any persons who are interested in the preservation of the listed building in Barbados .I can send a copy of my recommendation to the Act . and you will see the issues why these building will always be a problem with the planning Department . email me and I will send document explaining hand on isssues RyanThorpe69@hotmail.com ( that why the country are rated for corruption)

  23. @ Ryan Thorpe and Douglas Trotman

    I doan know about the rest of the BUians in this here rum shop but I take affront at the blatant insult that you have employed in your trolling the BU halls with this “write me at Facebook or my email address ”

    First of all, I don’t know either of you from bull foot.

    You both could be BLP OR DLP OPERATIVES or worse AC or Dompey trying to get my personal details which David the Blogmaster has preserved from Mia the Wiretapper, Adriel Dimwit Brafwit, Michael Lashes and DEM fellows who locking you up for expressing you opinion pun Facebook and de Internet

    Secondly as is the custom on BU wunna is supposed to present wunna pontifications here in this rum shop fuh we to see and to decry, cuss wunna and tear apart infantile or well reasoned posits as we cyberspace megalomaniacs does do.

    Thirdly, it would appear dat wunna now hear about BARBADOSUNDERGROUND and how even the State Department operative at the Us Embassy does come here and troll to see de temperature of the community, dat is a euphemism fuh CIA.

    wunna tink dat Stinkliar and AC does be rambling when dem complain bout the inflammatory remarks dat inciting de Standard and Poors and Moody people DEM.

    Very poor internet manners – trolling for legal business, real email addresses and peal offs fuh wunna web sites, wunna shud be banned forthwith like Donkey sorry Dompey, man dis IPad always autocorrecting me words!

  24. @ the chief town planner and MTW

    First order of business at the property.

    Expand the road and, even if wunna ent got all de money to do de road works, call Rayside, Sir COW or wunna boy Maloney and get DEM TEMPORARILY WIDEN IT and install a similar roundabout like that on in front of Cawmererians and the Rifle Range

    That is singularly the cheapest but the best roundabout in Bulbados.

    The MTW staff member who thought that up should be given a knighthood, seriously, simple but effective.

    It outdoes the OBLONGABOUT at Warrens!!!

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