Combermere School Update: Failing Leadership the Cause

Vere Parris, Principal of Combermere Secondary School

Vere Parris, Principal of Combermere Secondary School

The Combermere Secondary School is one of the oldest in Barbados and has accumulated a reservoir of goodwill through the years –the envy of many. It pains the BU household – littered with Combermerians – to observe the public spectacle being played out at the school in the past year. The revelation by staff, parents, students and others that there is an environmental concern in the form of a stench has exposed the lack of leadership at the Waterford compound and by extension the ministry of education.

It is known that Principal Vere Parris does not command the respect of the school personnel in a manner to make ‘Joe Clarke’ proud. He is considered a weak and sniffling headmaster who avoids conflict at every opportunity. Under his watch the high standards at Combermere that historically fed the reservoir of goodwill have been sliding. The Common Entrance pass mark to enter Combermere is exceeded only by Harrison College and Queens College. The point: the school receives some of the best young bright minds from the primary system to mould and should be able to compete with the best. The school has been failing to deliver.

The ministry of education updated the public this week, maintenance work is currently being carried out at the school and the expectation is that reopening of the Waterford University is imminent. This is good news especially for the students preparing for CXC/CAPE certification. Unfortunately It is reasonable assumption to make that CXC productivity at the Combermere Secondary School will dip next year.

The BU household expects the interpersonal conflict all and sundry know exist at the school is also addressed with the priority it deserves. The job of educating our children is serious business and all stakeholders must be held accountable by the ministry of education. If one were to judge from how the Alexandra Secondary School matter was dealt with it leaves one to question the competency of ministry personnel. We live in hope!

The other issue BU is not comfortable and will search out clarification is the postulation by Principal Vere Parris that sabotage is to blame for the recent event at the school. Principal Vere Parris admitted on October 7, 2016 the wells on the compound were sealed. The fact the wells were seals confirms to the doubting minds there was an environmental issue. We are aware that complaints about the stench were known from Week 1. Further, after the wells were sealed it is also known there was no abatement of the stench or complaints.The clarification being sought by BU is how do we filter that there was no abatement of the stench based on reports after the wells were seals and the Principal’s spouting in the wind of sabotage. The BU household is reminded of the claim by minister of finance Chris Sinckler in parliament that he had received a death threat.

One wonders if the docile headmaster Vere Parris is being played, the objective, to deflect blame form those most deserving –the ministry of education.


  • Fraud and crooks is the cause, its from the top down, They just dont care, then try to act as if they care, Government leave people in bad conditions to the end, We now have to hope no one is sick or get sick for a long period of time,

    we need to keep picking this apart there is a much bigger Picture, and it all will fit well when all part , rules and laws are put in place , An Audit will show where the waste begun and on going,
    Their are names and people paid to do their work, someone needs to be blamed and fired, Others need to be voted out,


  • Maybe somebody has been promised a nice fat juicy contract to build a new Combermere school, in return for providing significant election funding. Maybe somebody has been promised that their land will be acquired for the a new school, and in return they will give a nice contribution to some election campaign.

    But I am only a Simple Simon and not at all sure how these things work.


  • The docile headmaster is not being played. The docile headmaster is not a fool . The docile headmaster is old enough to know the difference between an uncovered well and a closed well ..a broken stoppipe and unbroken one. The madness of what has been revealed should produce outrage from a concerned public instead of painting the messenger of the message as being stupid
    David that article stinks to high heavens it needs to place among the garbage some where on the BU sidewalk


  • i have come to the conclusion long ago that this DLP regime constitute a public nuisance in this country Barbados.Its the most reactionary government in the history of Barbados.It just cannot get anything done without subterfuge and casting blame on the Unions and the former administration which BU is constantly reminding the DLP sympathisers that that BLP administration was changed because of their failure to deliver.With all the professional expertise out there in the community,with the professional help available from UWI and other tertiary institutions am I to understand that simple management of plant and equipment must mushroom into civic disobedience.I am not sure that this government understands a simple commonsense approach to problem solving.It must always be an “us and them” combative style of governance.


  • I spent many years as a young lad playing cricket at Combermere on the weekend just before the fellas and myself ventured over to the white man can field which was walking distance from the school. I remember as well as playing table tennis with the Combermere guys who actually sucked at the game because as yall well know Roebuck Boys Primary produced some of the best table tennis player back in the day . Players such as Gregory Riley and Ricky Hoyte, former West Indies cricketer just to name a few.


  • I haven’t seen the school in years and therefore, I only hope that that is an old photo of the school.


  • …………It is known that Principal Vere Parris does not command the respect of the school personnel in a manner to make ‘Joe Clarke’ proud. He is considered a weak and sniffling headmaster who avoids conflict at every opportunity…………

    If uncle Vere was ‘strong’ and bombastic like uncle Jeff this letter writer would be singing a different song. In addition to sceptic wells being sabotaged, this man is being sabotaged as well. From the moment he came to Combermere many senior teachers resigned and has taken a laissez-faire, stand offish, don’t carish attitude with regards to their duties. I don’t understand why they are doing it. Yes, he is docile and soft spoken, but the teaching body at the school don’t want to give him a chance., and seem to want to get him out by any means possible.


  • As Bushie has said on multiple occasions, the first step in resolving the idiocy in education in Barbados would be to fire everyone in the ministry of education, ….from the minister to the janitor … with the exception of a single receptionist – whose job it should be to advise all callers to refer to the principle of the respective school on issues.

    That Mr Parris could stand before so many parents and children and admit that he merely passed on instructions from the ministry (about exactly when the school would reopen) speaks for itself….. and the lame shiite about sabotage is not even worth mentioning.

    @ Kevin
    They should indeed get him out…
    If as principal he can oversee a situation where these teachers are playing the ass and causing the children to suffer as a result ….. and he is UNABLE to get rid of then, then they should get rid of him….
    How the hell can teachers not teach a class for a whole term …and still be on salary…?

    Call back Jeff Broomes for their donkeys… or bring back Beast……


  • @Bush Tea

    There is too much politics affecting so much of what we do these days. Where does the buck stop? It is obvious if you speak with parents, old scholars et al there is no respect held for Parris. When is he due for retirement?


  • But why go there willingly on weekends to give lessons in the alleged conditions


  • “Bush Tea November 25, 2016 at 11:08 PM # As Bushie has said on multiple occasions, the first step in resolving the idiocy in education in Barbados would be to fire everyone in the ministry of education,…”

    Presumably this is for not firing the teachers that clearly do not care for the students or the future of Barbados. Anyone can be unmanageable. It takes special people to progress.


  • Isn’t the teachers and the BSTU who brought this matter to the fore? There was remedial action taken and this gave truth to the fact there was some issue?


  • Sabotage is the issue here and should be top of the list as the most concerned . uncovered man holes, broken stop pipe means that hands were associated with committing those actions The head master statements and comments cannot be simply flushed and disregarded,
    Then again if one adds the discontent that is being raise for the dislike of the headmaster one can assume that all these devilish actions are being done to undermine the credibility of the headmaster and to cause friction and panic in all out attempt to have him fired
    Society no longer stands as warriors for truth but warriors for anarchy lies and deception


  • @ ac
    You have been talking so much shiite …for so long… on so many topics, that it is now well past time for you to make a sensible point…. even a broken clock can manage that….

    Sabotage shiite!!
    Anybody who runs an institution with over 1000 teenagers and who is surprised by occasional acts of ‘sabotage’ is a jackass of monumental proportions. Shiite woman!! EVERYBODY knows that there are aways some children (some well over 21) who delight is doing such nonsense.
    They cannot be allowed to close a whole damn school.

    Systems must be in place to deter such idiocy; to repair damage promptly; and to ensure that others think thrice before repeating such acts.
    Joe Physics planted trees around that same damn school in the days of REAL vagabonds like Caswell and Walter …. and not a boy dared to pick a leaf….

    The problem comes when the ‘Principal is really a principle’, …who merely awaits directions from ‘above’ and pass these on to those ‘below’…. making sure that he don’t offend anyone, and hence end up like Jeff Broomes.

    In such circumstances, anarchy ALWAYS reigns….and with idiots like you in charge, other schools will follow (or more correctly, come to public knowledge) soon.

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  • Bush shite ac talking shite.. but for the life of me cannot understand why you so readily eat most or all of it ,, bon appetite


  • You cant help can you. ac stays relevant on the blog by taking extreme and hignorant positions. She only knows what she reads in the online news any way.

    On a more relevant note have you heard about the female teacher who cant teach if the children wear scents/lotions?

    The school needs a headmaster with balls. There is a strong culture any leader at the school has to deal and Parris is NOT the man.

    St.Michaels has leapfrog Combermere.

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  • Thinking about Combermere brings back great memoties of the days when the kids who intended the academic institution in the neighborhood were revered with respect and jealousy at the same time. I love the Combermere students of my day because their weren’t as stuck up as though guys who attended Harrison college .And I lived not too far ftom Combermere and was schooled adjacent to Harrison College.


  • LOL @ ac
    Whackers don’t eat shiite, it exposes it to sunlight…
    What Bushie does is whack all the bush from around your shiite and leave it naked for BU readers to see the kinda nasty scratch grain that you are being fed.
    No apologies, it is what whackers do!


  • There is also talk about tension between several stakeholders at the Waterford University. What do we know?


  • @ Bush Tea

    I like your 8.39 AM response to the AC, spot on, the long neck yardfowl head always down picking, the pass out scratch grain is recycle


  • David,
    You seem to be against everything. You speak derisively about :”…the female teacher who cant teach if the children wear scents/lotions?” Why do you adopt this attitude. Almost every restaurant or eatery in Toronto, and many places that serve or sell food, has signed warning about nuts etc in the products. Allergies, and sensitivities to chemical containing substances are known to be dangerous,AND EVEN LIFE THREATENING. and if the lady is sensitive to, or allergic to the chemicals in scents why should she be pilloried for this. Reaction to scents and the inability to work in these atmospheres are understandable, and must be accepted. The gym I attend everyday, has a no scent policy. No perfumes, powders, lotions or anything that is scented, is allowable. Many other business places are now adopting a no scent policy.
    Bushy, you must not apply political motives to everything, and think the solution must be draconian behaviour. No whacker needed. A surgeon does not use a kitchen knife in an abdominal operation, or even to open an abscess. He uses a scalpel.
    Look in the mirror and if you are satisfied with the mirror image, you would realize that the whacker is not needed as often as you would like to use it. You would be more understanding. In his early days at Caw’mere, the MAJOR USED TO HAVE PUBLIC FLOGGINGS, then he realized that there was more good achieved by instilling discipline in a more humane fashion. The values instilled had a greater effect, as Pride was built up in the Caw’merians. Never mind about leapfrogging. Caw’mere is still tops. As usual, a solvable problem was blown out of proportion, draconian measures were taken without discussion in a non- combative atmosphere, and the general abusive attitudes were adopted, without investigation, and in the face of a lack of knowledge about the true situation. People have to learn to step back AND LEARN NOT TO BE SO CONFRONTATIONAl.


  • @Alvin (AC)

    You ignore the substantive issue and focus on a down the line point? What are you asking, for the student to NOT wear scents? If the teacher has bad allergies in the class room then it is not the job for her. Note BU did not mention the teacher who is always late or absent.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Alvin Cummins November 26, 2016 at 10:34 AM…You are way too mild on this matter, ‘syncophantly’ so. How can Caw’mere still be tops…By what metrics?

    Admittedly, I have been far out of the loop in recent years but having been in the trenches for many years prior I can refute your simplistic remarks. Unfortunately the broadsides being thrown here at Vere Parris were also hurled from his earliest days as principal.

    The man himself is rather cerebral, dignified and seemingly purposeful in approach but from the outside looking in it seems that he has been forever under the cosh as an ineffective leader. Perception can very often cloud reality.

    On the other hand also looking in, it appears that Mr Perkins (Perko from school days) of St. Michael’s was absolutely more effective in marshaling his various stake-holders to his school’s benefit. I suspect he too also ‘carried out’ orders as Parris did but whether he modified slightly, shouted louder or whatever the perception of the two schools is now baked it as the latter being better than the former.

    People like Bushie or David who both appear to have a deep institutional knowledge of that school whether as pupils, teachers or like Dompey long standing fans know that this environmental problem is a result of years of ‘falling’.

    I have no idea if Parris is the genesis of the ‘current era’ problems but as leader he definitely is partially culpable regardless.

    And BTW Bushie didn’t your revered teacher-mate (I am presuming here) Charles Pilgrim or was it DeVere Moore (de memory failing) have to ‘follow orders’ too in that brouhaha about accepting a student through those ‘back gates’ of which Dompey has found memories! smile…just saying!

    Oh, @Alvin if one is a teacher with such strong allergic reactions den one either needs a very strong prescription or another job. Is it even worth mouthing such folly that at a school where you can manage a class of maybe 5 different sets of 33 students during any one day depending on your schedule will NOT have strong scents of some type…artificial or other.

    That one sounds quite impractical to me. A bit of hyperbole on the original story, no doubt.


  • Ok . so he is an effective leader. So what are you implying that his leadership is reason enough that sabotage be warranted in order for the ministry to take remedial action in removing him
    It seems as if there are some who would rather point the finger of fear and panic in the school than tackle the bigger problem of actions which can affect the health of teachers and children
    Hoping that the headmaster would take a firm stance on this issue and take whatever he has to the DPP where this sickening threat done can be uncovered and find the perpetrators ac would be most willing to fund a reward in effort to find the bastards


  • Are you brain dead?

    Have you read this submission without applying a jaundice perspective?

    Do you comprehend that when Parris admitted the wells were sealed in October immediately after complaints continued about the smell from students and teachers?


  • @Dee Word

    Are you not a little disappointed a few old staggers like Bushie, Gabriel, Miller et al have not stepped forward to support the PTA and have left it to MacDonald, Phillip Nicholls and a few other. Guess there is Elvin Sealy who represent the ‘codgers’ -:)


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @David, ‘old codgers’ indeed. To call some of those names you have above I remain completely discombobulated that the Waterford institution could even be mentioned in the same breath of the word ‘closure’ with such a wall of well-established names of former students still vibrant and active at top levels of Barbados society.

    Maybe the 50 years celebrations is a good omen of sorts as I expect many Bajan tourists coming home to celebrate will also include old scholars who would be shocked at events and will lend voice as well.

    But as said before, this debacle is also an ironic symbol: many of a youthful 50 year nation raising intemperate voices to call for the demise of a 300+ year institution.

    Amazingly amusing; if not ragingly ridiculous!


  • Teacher has a problem with students wearing perfume. Make students only use underarm deodorants. School is not a brothel.

    ( Teacher should also seek medical attention if she has allergies.)

    Trees stinking up the school cut them down ( or dig them up and replant at Ilaro court…lol lol )

    Stink smell emanating from sewer system. Call in professionals and solve the problem.

    Headmaster incompetent. Fire him or promote him to the Ministry of Education.

    SOLVE THE FACTING PROBLEMS…… IDIOTS. ( sorry. I din mean it.)


  • Why should i read the submission .i heard what Parris said and to the extent he has pictures as proof regarding his comments. Not at all much interested in taking sides just interested in peeling the layers of this rotten onion to see what lies beneath this stinking smell


  • WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT the Combermere School was battling several environmental issues, principal Vere Parris strongly believes that some of the problems encountered were as a result of the school being sabotaged. – See more at:


  • If Mr Parris is so incompetent then it is time to make him Minister of Education. Isn’t that where they go? I hope he has an incomplete grasp of the English language too with a flair for inventing words.


  • Principals cannot fire teachers. If that was the case Jeff Broomes would still be at Alexandra. The teachers at Combermere have not produced an exhibition or scholarship winner for many years before the present principal. The question is WHY? after being number 3 in the pecking order for the common entrance highest marks.


  • @David
    “The Common Entrance pass mark to enter Combermere is exceeded only by Harrison College and Queens College”

    You might want to add St. Michael’s to the list of schools with entrance marks higher than Combermere , especially for girls.


  • @Bush Tea November 25, 2016 at 11:08 PM “fire everyone in the ministry of education, ….from the minister to the janitor … with the exception of a single receptionist – whose job it should be to advise all callers to refer to the principle of the respective school on issues.”

    No need to retain a receptionist. A simple voice message placed on the telephone will do.

    So fire the receptionist as well.


  • Curious,
    You hit the nail on the head, but you like myself will be ignored.
    All secondary schools in Barbados should be compelled to publish their CXC, CAPE and other exam results. These individual results are sent to the ministry of education by the CXC and the ministry sits on them.
    They get away with it because of a weak media and PTAs who do not challenge the ministry. Where are the militant unions?
    As a school boy in the 50s and 60s, even individual GCE results used to be published. When did this stop?
    With published results, PTAs will be able to put pressure on schools to improve.
    The nonsense of the traditional First and Second grade schools dominating local education is part of the self-delusion that makes Barbadians proud of themselves.
    Once you have published results we will know which teachers are adding value and which are not.
    I was once told by a senior education official that at least one teacher at Lodge school fails children then approach the parents with an offer to give them private lessons.
    That should be a criminal offence. I am sure that person is not the only one. It is the quality of education, not the building, that is important.


  • Sad to say that one of Barbados sons of the soil and revered by many as a great educator Matthew Farley has died
    May he rest in peace condolences to his family


  • Hal Austin
    If what you wrote about a teacher deliberately failing children so as to line his pocket with extra money,firstly you can be sure that teacher is a member of the Fatted Calf Brigade,secondly that teacher lives in CH CH East and is a follower of the 5 million dollar man known as the black lip fellow lowdown.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    I still wonder why boys require lower marks than girls in the exams to enter these secondary schools and despite girls needing higher marks, the boys are still failing miserably….it is unfair and a stark disparity and unbalance that girls in 2016 in a so called educated society, have to work harder and achieve higher marks in the useless common entrance..


  • ……….Principals cannot fire teachers. If that was the case Jeff Broomes would still be at Alexandra. The teachers at Combermere have not produced an exhibition or scholarship winner for many years before the present principal. The question is WHY? after being number 3 in the pecking order for the common entrance highest marks……….

    There were winners under Ms. Dorren Pile. My graduating year had an exhibition winner under Mr Parris. He wanted to go to 6th form at HC but Combermere refused. You just check how much scholarship and exhibition winners end up at HC & QC but are from other seconday schools.


  • Rest in Peace Mathew Farley. A life of service to many.


  • Who would have thought the day would come when parents would seek to transfer their children to other schools. This is according o head of the National PTA as reported in the Nation newspaper.


  • i would too if their is sufficient reason to believe saboteurs are running amok on the school premises which will make absolute sense from removing your child out of danger


  • mary-redman

    Sabotage ‘not likely’

    26 November 2016

    CLAIMS OF SABOTAGE at the Combermere School are not squaring with timelines, says president of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) Mary Redman. Her comments came after Thursday’s meeting at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic with Combermere School officials,… Read More

    – See more at:


  • i took her serious once but since then i have been questioning her mental capacity seems as if at every occasion she has a fight to pick on her hands .For Mary Redman it never ends.. if it is not total chaos it cannot be right ,


  • @ curious November 26, 2016 at 4:37 PM #
    Principals cannot fire teachers.
    Which explains why the solution to our education woes is the complete dispersal of the MoE.

    Who in their right mind would create an institution where the boss CANNOT fire an employee …. or even dock their pay…? …or apparently even look at them to directly….?

    What kind of joker would accept such a job?
    …only someone with no balls and who is prepared to be treated like a messenger….carrying messages between the MoE, BUT, BSTU, PTA, students and staff.
    What results can we expect?

    What a shiite job.
    No wonder all our schools are nothing but dating centres for horny teens.

    And the whole society is so ff’ed up, that when someone seeks to bring some common sense and discipline to the situation – (like Jeff Broomes and the Principal at Springer,) the whole brass bowl society jumps up and call for their heads….

    Let us not fire teachers.
    Let them continue as they like…. and to collect they pay….. and then force the children to pay them AGAIN for private ‘lessons’….
    What a brilliant system for brass bowls intent on self destruction.


  • Reverend Morris has not hid the obvious of having a serious dislike for Parris , seems that at every occasion he castigates the principle ,Today he goes on another tirade of his usual raves and rants in the Media to lambaste the Principle .
    This bobble head claims to be a Reverand is the most fraudulent ever , as he seems to be carrying a spirit of spiritual immaturity called vengeance which pours out from within him whenever he speaks ill of Parris.
    What is even worse is his unfettered nature to be a bullying force of contentious activism setting a false example to his students as a way of solving problems
    Any one who should be removed from the halls of Combermere should be Morris as he sets a poor example for good standards by which any student should follow in his attempt to cause division among his peers and the school environment in general
    Morris has now become a loud mouth advocate for bullying tactics to accommodate his agenda for the removing Mr, Parris which is another malicious and vicious form of sabotage


  • Anonymouse - TheGazer

    A comment made by WWC that girls must attain higher marks than boys to enter these secondary schools. If this is true, then it is wrong.

    If this is true then our 11+ exam is not a merit based system but is sexist in its application. Women (all) in Barbados should be on the warpath to rectify this obvious act of discrimination.

    it is quite possible that the difficulties being encountered by the nation are a culmination of these little pockets of ignorance that are embedded in its fabric. Blocking one group and advancing a next at the expense of the other. Then seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no eiol when exposed.


  • @ ac
    Clearly you cannot be expected to follow this, but none the less…

    You are 100% correct about Morris.
    His donkey should have been in the road decades ago….

    That we can have principals and MoEs – KNOWING this even better than we in the public do, and seemingly UNABLE to solve such an OBVIOUS problem, tells us that the root problem is not Morris (who was always an obvious jackass …just like you – no fault of wunna own), but lies with ineffective leadership.

    Would NOT the solution then be to change the inept leadership?
    Have you any idea how many other SIMPLE issues remain unresolved for lack of leadership?
    Firing Morris only solves ONE problem.
    Who then will solve the other thousand…?



  • @ TheGazer
    Girls stay home and do their homework.
    They are teacher’s favourites.
    They are not subject to testosterone urges when in proximity to boys
    They all go to lessons for hours on evenings and weekends.
    They tend to follow the rules, keep themselves clean, smile in teacher’s face etc.
    They obviously then get high marks, because all this requires is regurgitating what was said in class and practised in homework.

    Boys (under age 14) are confused, obzokee, animals who are mostly driven by emerging testosterone urges that control they very existence.
    The don’t have time with meaningless homework…(except some aspects of biology)
    They piss most teachers off.
    They go to lessons …if cute girls are also going.
    They like their teachers – if they are young and cute
    …and of course they don’t get very high marks when asked to regurgitate mundane shiite about geography and history.

    If a society is idiotic enough to put these two groups into a common learning environment, then AT LEAST we have to develop a relativity factor in comparing marks.


    After age 14 the whole situation reverses, with the girls looking for what they did not put down, and the boys now maturing at an accelerated pace.
    Of course having been deemed a ‘failure’ before this change, the boys are then directed to the blocks or the ZR industry to manage their accelerating maturity….. while the ‘bright’ girls run off behind dreadlocked men…

    Trust Bushie Gazer…. the whole system is shiite, designed to manufacture brass bowlery.


  • @Bushie

    An interesting and provocative perspective.


  • LOL @ David
    Interesting? ..provocative…?

    How about ‘accurate’; ‘honest’; ‘indisputable’ and ‘enlightened’…

    …a little praise never hurt a bushman…. 🙂
    ha ha ha


  • Brilliant Bushie. ‘accurate’; ‘honest’; ‘indisputable’ and ‘enlightened’

    Now how do we correct the “problem” ?


  • @Bushie

    Why is Morris allowed to criticize his employer with (gay) abandon?


  • @David,

    A Principal / headmaster is a manager not an employer.


  • @ Hants
    Managers manage.
    Parris is (and all the other ‘principals’ are) messenger(s).

    Bushie STARTED with the solution.
    Get the rid of the root problem … the ministry of Education.
    You then have to set up schools as independent bodies with their own Boards to direct policy, and with staff to MANAGE the damn places.
    The government then gives a stipend for each student enrolled, and a bonus for each one that successfully completes the school program…. all audited by the enhanced Auditor General’s office.

    Parents then have the right to opt for whichever school they prefer – provided the student meets the criteria set.

    The system then takes care of itself.

    ….oh … and we can appoint a Minister of Education to give speeches at speech days and talk shiite in parliament….. but cannot appoint a boy.


  • @ Bushie,

    Your solutions will not work in Barbados. The parents are too brassbowlerized to follow your program.

    Radical change will not occur in Barbados without a “revolution” and a Dictator.


  • Thank you Hants, but Bushie is well aware of the wisdom of your advice.

    Shiite man, Bushie is even shocked that ANYONE ‘gets it’ in the first place …. far less to follow such community-centric advice.

    Your last statement is wrong though…
    Radical change WILL occur in Barbados….. REAL SOON.
    it will be hell….

    …especially AFTER they dedicate the monument to Satan at the Garrison tonight…..


  • The decision to make all schools ‘mixed’ rather than single sex was political, not educational. Women are out-performing men all over the world.
    I said this in a speech to the Commonwealth Secretariat in Barbados a few years ago.
    Even in Saudi Arabia there is a women’s university of technology, which is providing better results than the male equivalent.
    In every western country there are now a higher percentage of women in higher education than men.
    In the traditional professions, law and medicine, there is a growing number of women at all levels.
    In teaching, another good example, men have almost been forced out of primary and infant teaching, and it is slowly happening in secondary education too.
    We need to talk. Something is taking place. This is taking place even within the same family.
    One thing is for sure, ‘failed’ bys are not just to walk away. It is a ticking time bomb.


  • @ Hal
    It is not the boys who have ‘failed’.
    It is society that ‘failed’ to capture their talents and respect.

    As a result, that same society will fall to their disgruntled, angry and anti-social control,
    ….because REAL talent always end up on top….

    If we discard that natural ‘talent’ to the blocks and ZR cultures, then it is these that will eventually become the forces that control and direct our society…


  • “Singapore has the highest-achieving primary and secondary pupils in international education tests in maths and science.”

    The concluding comment in the above cited news item is: “But he said that there was no apparent link between class sizes and level of achievement.

    “The key is the teacher,” he said.”

    However when it comes to the results at the university level:

    “South Korea and Singapore, both high achievers at school level, are below average in the graduate rankings.”


  • David

    Could you post a link here to the Headley findings article appearing on the back page of todays Sunday Sun,it is very informative and suggests that the MoE and the school administration are guilty of gross neglect.


  • Thanks David.


  • The BU household notes with great interest the paid notice by the Combermere Parent Teachers Association in today’s Sunday Sun.


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