Which Direction Is The Political Wind Blowing In Barbados

The political temperature is rising in Barbados as both political parties gear up for a general election due by early 2013. The contest is expected to be one of the most interesting for many reasons. On the BLP side there is Owen Arthur who led the country during a period of economic prosperity. On the DLP side there is Fruendel Stuart who finds himself in the role because of the death of David Thompson.

This is an unscientific poll by BU to test how the wind is blowing.

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  1. @ Sargeant
    I get it everything that is critical of the BLP is “s***e or Crap right?

    No Sargeant………wait a big man like you don’t know what Crap looks like yet ? Especially when it come in that form…lonnnnnggggg and smelly.
    Shame on you Sarge…

  2. One cannot help but notice the deafening sound of silence that has occasioned on this bright red Valentines Day of many a DLP contributor to this blog.Could it be that because of the color RED being same the color of Valentines trivia ( flowers etc). has etched a similar resemblance of the colors of a particular now popular party, and has cause temporary a pandemic on the minds of these few waywards ?. These once potent bloggers have seemly reclused to a false sense of comfort, after a pending onslaught, predicted in a recent so called ” foo foo” polls.

    Bloggers like CCC, ac,Bajanfalife and not forgetting abominable Sarge, all seem to have somehow today, loss their tongues. Maybe a meeting has been called by a pending new leader to finally implement what he has started, given that for some, it is a red letter day.
    What ever the reasons,Valentines or not, it would be remiss of the Ole Onion bags not to have noticed these things and hope that those worthy nemesis-es have somehow been jolted back to reality and are resolved to sound all alarms to their powers that be ..it is time to get rolling…you have been weighed and found wanting.

  3. @ ac | February 13, 2012 at 11:56 PM |
    You are making the assumption that you have a monopoly on the production and sale of dumplings.
    In a real market situation buyers would go for the lower priced dumplings (assuming equivalent quality) and you would lose your market share.
    Simple economics called common business sense!

  4. @ Old Onion Bags
    I do not live in the Cbean so specifics would be difficult, however be defensive and VERY LIQUID where practical (being able to change your mind and get out quickly is critical, be very worried about BANKS (many financials) as the largest 50 in the Western World are BANKRUPT, dead but walking slowly still)), get out of the US$ arena where practical and into Gold, Silver, and Diamonds( be very careful of counterfeit theft in all instances) Place money with well run organisations that sell necessities eg pigtails, pork (snouts, trotters etc), flour, other bulk goods. Research investing in high paying RUM Bonds pay attention to liquidity and management eg it appears that RL Seale has provided for far more Aged Rums than the bigger boys, naturally the rich top 10% will still drink the best, I certainly dont drink anything under 7-10 yrs.

    This situation can and will spond weird markets, eg now bonds are a good defensive place BUT if interest rates/ inflation start to spike then all hell will break loose in 5-10yr maturities. That would be the time to switch into Precious Metals, Diamonds, Oil and Agricultural commodities to benefit from rising prices.

  5. Money brain
    We know the global situation is harsh, but this administration, blamed the former one of the same things they are doing now. To make matters worse, too much money is being spent on little things to try an catch votes, we spent thousands of dollars on a David Thompson Football Tournament, now we;re looking at spending thousands mone on a David Thompson Cricket T20 Tounament. This is O.K when money id flowing but when things are tight, we must cut back on our ad hoc spending. Additionally, we have put ourselves in somw finacial holes that we are finding it hard to get out of, Millions and growing for Barrack, millions for 3S, millions for Logan, yet we’re talking about a $800 million new hospital, new schools, millions on new marina, millions on new Cruise Pier. Bajans not stupid, we were fooled last elections with promises that even to today are still only promises. the DLP sound like a parent who every Christmas promises the child and never delivers, you would know how that shild would feel.

  6. @ The Scout
    I certainly agree and indeed I have been asking the politicians to awake from their somnolence and take a non-partisan approach by bringing the VERY BEST BRAINS to the table to brainstorm the solutions to BIM’s predicament.

    The Europeans and Americans are in serious trouble that history clearly says will take 7-10yrs to solve. Bim has the advantage of small size to maneouvre quickly in the right direction, failing which Bim will be crushed by unfolding events in the Western World!

    The best creative Bajan brains will develop actionable strategies,
    1 encourage the “export” of people to countries that can better use their skills, while this already happens more is required.
    2 import peeps/ organisations that have jobs in manufacturing, admin, etc examples are back office for Ins Coys, Stockbrokerages, banking,
    3 make a big push in off-shore medical services/ operations at much lower prices than in the US eg Thailand et al are big into this why not Bim which is much closer, speak English, have the hotel rooms etc
    4 Construction/ infrastructure projects like the Hospital are a great idea once certain conditions are met ie facility is needed, Politicians dont thief too much money for the upcoming election funding ( their primary goal for that project now)

    Got to run but we need true statesman like leadership now, NOT hiding under the desk and hoping for the best!

  7. | February 12, 2012 at 4:12 PM |>>.posted by David : Blog” Incompetence who is to Blame ?”

    Emera’s quarterly profit doubles…….CEO attributes enormous profits to Caribbean Investments…(murder)

    ALL THOSE PROFITS……ARE OUR LOSSES ..by yet another incompetent decision…….those advisers from BL&P who benefited from this calculated conspiracy should be locked up or made to leave the island for treason..I know you agree Bajanfa life and you too Sargeant ..right ?

  8. UPDATED 6:27 p.m.

    Emera Inc. saw its profit nearly double in the fourth quarter of 2011.

    The Halifax-based energy company reported earnings Friday of $46.8 million, or 38 cents per share, for the three months ending Dec. 31. That compares to $24.1 million, or 21 cents per share, for the fourth quarter of 2010.

    Emera attributed the growth to increased investments in the Caribbean.

    For the full year, the energy producer posted record earnings in 2011, with profit rising 26 per cent.

    Consolidated net income was $241.1 million, or $1.99 per share, last year. That’s up from $190.7 million, or $1.67 per share, in 2010.

    Chris Huskilson, Emera president and chief executive officer, called 2011 “a great year.”

    “We had another record year for earnings, we delivered strong shareholder returns and we made significant progress on our (service) strategy,” he said during an analysts call.

    Including accounting changes, net income was $213.7 million, or $1.77 per share, in 2011. That compares to $176.8 million, or $1.55 per share, the previous year.

    The changes included adjustments related to the company’s Bear Swamp hydroelectric holding in Massachusetts and gains on an acquisition by Caribbean subsidiary Light & Power Holdings Ltd.

    Huskilson said earnings per share increased 14 per cent year over year, after adjustments, which exceeded the company’s goal of a four to six per cent hike.

    “We were very pleased with this result.”

    Nova Scotia Power contributed $123.5 million to Emera’s full-year net income in 2011, a 3.6 per cent increase. The electrical utility added $119.2 million to the parent company’s earnings in 2010.

    During the fourth quarter, Nova Scotia Power provided $22.2 million in net income to Emera, an 11.5 per cent hike. The utility’s fourth-quarter contribution in 2010 was $19.9 million.

    Emera attributed Nova Scotia Power’s net income gain to $23.3 million in income tax recoveries due to a refiling of 2006 to 2009 tax returns. The tax recoveries more than offset decreased electric margin from industrial customers and higher pension costs, the utility said.

    A Nova Scotia Power spokeswoman said Thursday’s layoff of about 40 employees across the province wasn’t tied to the latest financial results.

    “The results announced today, they do indicate that we had a strong year last year,” Jennifer Parker said.

    “But the changes that we made are really looking at 2012 and how we can reduce costs in the business and how those savings can be passed on to customers.”

    Emera also reported quarterly and full-year earnings increases in other parts of its operations, including Maine and Caribbean utilities, pipelines and also in services, renewable energy and other investments.

    Emera stock ended trading Friday at $33.30 per share, down four cents from its close Thursday.

    About the Author

  9. So EMERA ….on a killing spree and we down hay got a pack of jokers mis-managing things for us …delivering us to the POOR HOUSE.



    RESCUE REBUILD RESTORE…….you agree now ac ?

  10. oinions assuming that the cheaper price is of equal or similar quality . yes people do tend to test cheap and yes my profit matgin even with less customers would be higher because it would take aproximately 1/1/2 customer to make up for one dumpling of lower rate.

  11. Dear ac
    Firstly,Onion was not the one who accosted you about the dumplins matter..
    Secondly, as to Emera, they should get rid of ( put them out the country) all those advisers who were promoted to management positions in LPH for acts of treason.Thirdly they should fire Jasper( the jester) the so called financial guru who knows nothing about investing and appoint you ac for the next 10 months to keep my office seat warm.

    Now now ac, do I detect a bit of a nonchalant attitude by you of throwing hand in the air ? I have told you already it is time to cross over to the A- team every sense, and disassociate yourself from these losers who are hell bent on making an ass of themselves with all these magnificent blunders.
    Did you hear Min.Blackett only today on the news ? Well I tell ya..

  12. man onions today is all about Love and i am spending this day doing that even OSA although that is hard to do! look i going out and spend some money in the barbados economy tonite hope you do the same.

  13. Emera profit CAD$46.8 million, for the three months ending Dec. 3 2011

    Lime is reported to be making humongous profits according to what in read in BarbadosToday.

    Bajans seem to have a whole lot of disposable income.

  14. Car in Canada cad$16,000 = BDS $31,000….$300 monthly with $1,000 down.

    Car in Barbados BDS $73,000….$995 monthly payment with $7,000 down payment.

    At least rum cheap.

  15. @Old Onions

    Bloggers like CCC, ac,Bajanfalife and not forgetting abominable Sarge,
    Abominable? Are you speaking of the Yeti? Dem is harsh words but you only attack the ones that land the telling blows and I didn’t even bring out the heavy artillery yet, anyway I am glad that you and your cohorts celebrate Valentines day (or as we call it Singles Awareness Day) but couldn’t you have shown a little love to Rawle or Mia or Cynthia?

  16. @David .
    The results of this poll don’t make sense . If as in each case there are TWO contestants..DLP / BLP and Stuart / Arthur, the tally of votes MUST show 100 % as there is no category of “NONE”. Why then does the tally only reflect approximately 50%?
    Well you did say it is an unscientific poll !!

  17. @ observer
    Take the medicine with a dose of salts…if that would help..
    The poll shows correctly the swing ..of things….an any rational thinking observer on the ground would confirm this.. but,maybe you are” ova n away”

  18. @ sarge
    Abominable…I know fa sure dat you know is all good political bantering..
    Nothing offensive…as to Mia and Cynthia…I don’t try to” get in between” these two especially on this V-day…..Onions may get crushed.. i know you would like dat..ole friend..lol

  19. Old onion bags.
    If you are satisfied with anything that gives comfort to your bias , well enjoy yourself. However, if perchance you are an intelligent, objective , observer, I am sure you must question where the remaining 50 % has disappeared to.
    In the meantime, KEEP SMILING ! It certainly helps.

  20. @ old onion bags..
    I am not ” ova n away ” ; I AM RIGHT HAY and perfectly able to WITNESS the destruction of the onion bag, old or otherwise. LOL. Peace my friend.

  21. @ observ
    I am not quite sure what you are getting at but when I add all FOUR categories..they come back to 100%..this being the case ( would have to ck with David)..otherwise…….
    Those that do not vote during an elections as far as I know, are not counted..

  22. Well now ! If you are here …this is different kettle of fish..
    You have been blinded by the white car lights @ night
    You are FortyAcres and a mule…and still believe the world is Flat and Pythagoras wild fowl died in flight…HA

  23. @Observer

    It was a poll with the functionality to give a ‘random answer’. Logically most who voted for Arthur voted BLP. The result though unscientific gives a total view of how those who participated view support for the party and leader. No doubt we will have more of these polls but the two we have had so far show some consistency in the result.

  24. Just an observation, it may not be statistically significant but Owen Arthur is ahead of BLP figure while Stuart is behind his party figure. What the heck???

  25. @ Bajan Truth

    What are you really saying ? Could it be that the party could do even better without Stuart ? Or Arthur is top dog in directing his party ? Say what you mean..

  26. @observer don.t be blindsided by that pool.almost two weeks ago the voters of ST.James rejected OSA pick as to whom they wanted to represent them. now the BLP diehards have been silent on that obvious rejection shown to OSA by the people of ST.James and they refusal to rally around him that was a defining moment and most worthy of political thought than the rambling poll here

  27. @ac
    “two weeks ago the voters of ST.James rejected OSA pick as to whom they wanted to represent them.”

    Where did you get that from ? So what are you saying that Douglas Skeete was OSA pick ? ac I credit you with more than that….you are sliding..had too much wine last night probably….malicious innuendos…once more clutching at straws….What you all should be doing is cullin and muzzling ministers who say the wrong things…foo foo polls nah..look who talking

  28. @ac

    There is a reality on the ground which you are obviously not plugged. There was the CADRES poll which provoked the Eager 11, remember? Hopefully the principals behind the DLP will heed the word making the rounds and respond in the window which is rapidly closing till election date.

  29. Aye Aye Aye ..hear David.
    Look if Chris gets bold and attempts another contortion ..(and he doesn’t do it half way)……if successful ..all bets are ON that Freundel won’t hesitate to call the elections.This the MPs won’t want as they would lose 10 months income…now tell me, think they would be will to fore go such ?…..this is the trump card and its working.

  30. re the small discrepancies in the poll, I think they might be explained by people voting for either Arthur or Stuart and also choosing not to vote for either party. fwiw, I for example, voted for Arthur as I thought he would be a better choice as leader to Stuart but I did not vote for either of the parties. In addition, to complicate matters, some people might have voted for a party and not for a leader or chose to vote for the DLP leader and the BLP party or the BLP leader and the DLP party. There are various permutations and combinations that could lead to the results seen. But they should all total up to 100 percent, I think.

    Given the Owen Arthur / Mia Mottley situation in the BLP and taking notice of Caswell’s posts re. leadership, I was trending towards thinking that Freundel Stuart might have been the best choice at this time but his lacklustre handling of the eager 11 affair and his totally one-sided and imho short sighted handling of the Alexandra affair, coupled with his seemingly well demonstrated inability to make timely decisions on anything , suggested to me that Owen Arthur was by far the best choice at present (Mia and Chris Sinckler now being out of the race). The BLP still has some way to go to convince me that they have the depth and resolve to take over the reins of Government, even from a DLP admin that seems to be almost totally inept and bumbling so far with a few exceptions notably in Tourism but, even there, there have been strange decisions.

  31. What is genteel Mr. check-it doing in a political post? That was my first question.then I read on…there it was AX…cunning ole fox

  32. Old Onions. I think you might have got it right, I might well be a member of the genteel poor and getting poorer by the day.

  33. In an earlier post I said that the BLP must use these numbers to do a number of things .One is to improve the profile of the party. The way to do this is to ensure that MPs ans candidates are given shadow ministries so as to build up and out the candidates profiles and the party’s position in the eyes of the public. Arthur needs help with the work and I am sure many would want to to improve the party;s numbers.There is a need to do strong canvass in many areas to concretize these numbers in a real way with candidates engaging voters about what the BLP has to offer on a one-on-one with these voters.

    With the DLP marginally ahead of Freundel suggests that the party and public have not warmed to Freundel and many are repeating what the eager !! were saying. We cannot win with you..For a newcomer, a leader should be the’king’ or the ‘queen’ in terms of popularity. Stuart’s numbers are barely tolerable. If the Dems think that these numbers are are not reasonable what are they going to do about this? Or based on what the leadership has done what can they do now?
    Based on the way things are going thing will get worse . Possible downgrade., the acceptance that poverty is on the rise and the failure to tackle all the immediate problems, like they will vanish by a magician in a circus.The ringmaster must crack the whip and do more than talk about charisma and standpoint. Think about these things.

  34. We were told by the PM in early December last (on his return from T&T re the fishing debacle) that a new GG would be appointed very soon, even early in the New Year. What is going on here? Or are we going to wait until the pending arrival of the Royals and a refurbished Pilgrim House to know who is the new appointed GG. I hope it will be a woman! Any one for Maizie-Barker Welch?

  35. UNCERTAINTY hangs over the impact on LIME’s operations of news of possible Cable & Wireless Worldwide takeover by the world’s largest mobile telecoms company Vodafone.

    If it happens Bajans will be able to support Formula one Racing.

  36. i will keep saying people not going to vote for the BLP because of the past but what they can do for them in the present.the blp is relying on the past to win the election and it is going to take nmore than that

    • @ac

      You are absolutely wrong.

      The Barbados middleclass is anti-DLP because of the withdrawal of the allowance support.

      CLICO policyholders are anti-DLP

      The sentiment of these two groups should be of enormous concern to the DLP.

      PS. Did not even add the average household who are currently shouting, it is the economy stupid!

  37. It is the economy! din,think for once that the people not going to be looking for answers from theBLP on how there are going to improve the economy before casting avote in their direction. in fact didn,t the people of ST.JAMES sent a message to OSA showing a lack of trust in his leadership.I am looking at their numbers and the nmessage it sent.

    • @ac

      Again your reasoning is simplistic, in this instance they will vote against the government and NOT for the BLP.

      Alo to many Arthur is seen as someone with experience and who headed the country in times of plenty.

      That is the perception which Richie has correctly stated is all that matters in politics.

  38. ac | February 15, 2012 at 1:58 PM |
    “…… from theBLP on how there are going to improve the economy before casting avote in their direction. in fact didn’t the people of ST.JAMES sent a message to OSA showing a lack of trust in his leadership”

    When were there bye-elections in St. James?

    I recommend that you advise the DLP to change their leader if they are to stand a chance of winning the next general elections. He has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. I for one wanted to see him succeed and was prepared to give him a bit of time to sort himself out and assert his leadership skills. But as the saying goes: “you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse”.

  39. @ac
    “din,think for once that the people not going to be looking for answers from theBLP on how there are going to improve the economy ”

    Incorrect. They will say that they didn’t find answers in their current choice, and will change in the hope of finding something better. That’s the nature of Caribbean politics and Barbadian people. The DLP weren’t voted in because people thought they were saviours. They were voted in on an anti-BLP mood, full stop. The converse can very well hold next elections as well.

  40. You know ac it seems like you are hell bent to spend another 14 years in the wilderness..it seems you are determined to join the BLINDMEN you once fought off so fiercely.
    Look woman OSA is the only one that can bring this country out the doldrums..( not even Mia if she were leader)..I just went to town and I have never seen trade in the city at this ALL TIME LOW..everbody ..I mean everybody, all my store owner friends kept asking me when this Man go call elections..that they can’t exist much long..indian store owners have resort to laying off all staff and attending in person. REAL Employment more looks like 26%….They also inform onions that business in St.Lucia and Curacao is still better than here and that the merchandisers want to know why the bajan buyers are no longer coming…..you ac need to go to town for yourself and see why this country CANNOT ENTERTAIN ANOTHER TERM from Mr.Lathargic. And I am not just saying so for so….I have never seen things so BAD.We are on the brink of a total shut down if something don’t happen and happen FAST..mark my words…

  41. @ac
    I think that a leader may have his will but people will have their way. Unlike in the DLP where three, yes three persons who they people said they wanted were rejected by the High Priests and Deacons of the DLP. That is rejection of the people expressed wishes and I think you should explain this. In St. James North the BLP people voted for whom they wanted and they got their man and no one has tried to foist anyone on them. Do you think this was right?
    It wll be Arthur vs Stuart .Who can you convince to vote for Stuart in the DLP? the Clico investors, the middle class, teachers,the Barrowites whose leader had no charisma according to the PM ,the working clas who has not had a raise in 2 years,the members of the DLP who have no standpoint or philosophy,thepeople who pay NIS who do not want their contributions paid into Four Seasons,. the St Philip group who feel that their land has been taken away from them and many believe that Lashely is in cohoots with the developers ? I cant call all,. These facts will be iimportant. I did not look at the economy and their handling of theconomy. I did not look at the over taxation. I did not look at the levies on the old peolple who have to buy drugs. i did not look at the cost of living. I look at the houses which were for working clas people which are now at middle income prices. And that more than half are not being sold because the people say they are not worth the price. I did not look at the gun incident in Parliament. I just thought that these may be some of the things that the DLP may have to answer ac. Tell me what you think?. Think on these things.

  42. Correction : Unemployment

    As I have heard in here before the longer they postpone the WORSE will be their chances..as cash is quickly drying up and unemployment rising..now if the PM were a true strategist he would view these things like a true Napoleon and plan when is the BEST TIME..but nooooo only yesterday he was seen in MP2 hand thrown back and relaxing, like a true Emperor ..enjoying the largess of the people.

  43. Certainly the teachers, especially those at the AX school and most members of BSTU, who are now realising that the P.M tricked them into returning to school. I’ve read Mary Redman in today’s Nation newpaper, still hoping that something would happen. This is not the same Mary Redman that was so adamant, that Mr Broomes MUST be “separated”. Things have gotten so bad that she is setting up or has set up one of the teachers to commit an illegal act and blame it on instructions from the principal. It sounds so much like in the beginning when Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent for eating the forbidden fruit. this time according to the report, the serpent ( mr Broomes) made him/her do it. History repeating itself

  44. It would be advisable if the agreived techers at AX would co-operate with Mr Broomes and hope for him to foul up, than to harrass the gentleman, because in the end they will come out the biggest losers

  45. i hear the MOE is dragging its feet in this matter and is prolonging the inevitable . i hope that the PM take a hint from what almost became another debacle at AX . it is time for him to act. No more stalling waiting arouind on the advise and opinions of others . The Issue of stage Two is necessary and now. no more excuses.

  46. @ ac
    Looks like that dead ya….Freundel played a cunning ole fox on this one…Jeff Broome smiling now…..like I told ya ac time to stop backing those Crabs….it will be disappointment after disappointment

  47. what barbadosa is experiencing is not only subjected to this economy and .people are aware of the many countries who are experiencing economic upheavel and turmoil but again i must re-emphaise is what people want to hear are answers and the blp has yet to deliver. until then people would continue to complain and the BLP would say nothing as how they would affect change hoping that would be enough to win the election

  48. Go look in the FBIB : Funny_Del Bankrupt Intelligence Bank . for your answers..ac maybe you might find something that somehow escaped the torturous tax regime ..implemented by yours truly and sundry. We await the sweet song of the gong before you can see ours.

  49. @observing

    Not yet from the BLP. However i heard that food prices would continue to rise into 2015 maybe OSA might have an answer to combat that. Still Waiting

  50. Scout; I didn’t see today’s Nation newspaper. Could you or anyone else, precis the Mary Redman interview for those of us who might be interested and did not get a paper today?

  51. Checkit-Out
    Mary Redman when askjed what is happening, could only say she expects the P.M is working on the matter and she is awaiting his response to the implimentation of stage 2. She also stated that when the results of stage 2 are announced, she will be ready to deal with CXC. From her response, it appears she is at sea as to what the P.M will do next. Remember that when the teachers returned to school, she was all smiles because it appears she was given the assurance by the P.M that stage2 will happen quickly. She is just one more that experienced the P.M’s bark without any bite.

  52. @ ac | February 15, 2012 at 7:51 PM |
    “Not yet from the BLP. However i heard that food prices would continue to rise into 2015 maybe OSA might have an answer to combat that. Still Waiting”

    There is truth in the statement that “Bajans” have short memories.
    But let us tell you, ac, OSA never made promises of reducing the COL. It was the mantra of the DLP of Jobs No. 1, 2 and 3 to lower the COL. OSA gave reasons why food prices were so high because of imported inflation and even suggested that Bajans who have a plot of land can help themselves by doing a bit of “backyard” or “kitchen” gardening. He was vilified by the DLP for this suggestion that would “take Bajans back to the land from which EWB had freed them. The BLP was then accused of being in cahoots with the local mercantile cartel to keep food prices outrageously high. But time longer than twine and what is said and done in the darkness must come out in the light. Even a “duppy” would agree.

    So, ac, keep waiting on the DLP to honour their pledges regarding the reduction of the COL and the importation of fruits from Dominica by the boat loads. What about the removal of VAT from all food items and electricity? (The international recession can be a good alibi for this one).

  53. @miller

    BTW miller i did take OSA advice and plant a garden and my water bill cost me twice as much and the top soil well never mind and don;t include my labour because i do have to pay myself or someone to till the land. so much for Master economist OSA! Simple but TRUE! Oh i forgot the african snail which ate most of what i had planted forcing me to return to the supermarket. Good idea or what just another one of OSA gimmicks enough to make me laugh !

  54. ac
    If I’m not mistaken Owen cousin Haynesley also tried encouraging bajans to work the ground. I remember when things got tight under Sandiford, mant people dug up portions of their lawn and planted food crops.

    • AC

      Owen Arthur can be blamed for a number of things but he can’t be blamed for your brown fingers. LOL

  55. ac wrote
    “BTW miller i did take OSA advice and plant a garden and my water bill cost me twice as much and the top soil well never mind and don;t include my labour because i do have to pay myself or someone to till the land. so much for Master economist OSA! Simple but TRUE! Oh i forgot the african snail which ate most of what i had planted forcing me to return to the supermarket. Good idea or what just another one of OSA gimmicks enough to make me laugh !”

    ac, you forgot to mention that it was the party you support who within the first year of attaining power, raise water rates by 60%. Everybody’s water cost went sky high and it was a contributing factor in raising the cost of living. I still remember the dead king on DLPTV saying that his advisers suggested raising the rates 100% but he felt that the public outcry would have been too great.

    That’s a caring government for you. By the way, salt, bleach and snail pellets kill the snails effectively.

  56. @Prodigal

    And to think that with de measly surplus the water bill had to be raised wunna keep talking wunna crap not at all impressed . the measly surplus was not enough to fill a couple pot holes in the street and keep guvment running.

  57. ac
    wha happen you running looking bout fa holes or what..can find you nah way ..like ya hiding ? Who vex you boa ?

  58. @ old onion bags | February 16, 2012 at 6:57 PM |

    It seems “ac’ is losing it. The DLP apologist has been very incoherent and rambles here of late.
    Probably the juice from your onions are getting the better of the poor soul and is crying his or her heart out at the reality check that the bleeding heart party has messed up big time and poor EWB is tossing in his watery grave. Can just imagine the Skipper asking himself: Is this the outcome of my experiment of expanding free education for all? I know lightweight shit usually floats to the top for the fish to eat but ,my God, for the man at the top to describe me as not having charisma! Not even Cammie that broke back “him” in the mountain would agree!
    How ya like that one, ole bag?

  59. Miller D beast tonite

    Oh laud…anunnaki ya got me brekkin up…Broke Back Mountain boyds does rife at night..ac could tell ya.
    Man ac ..is time ta jump ship….we holdin a long rope for ya…hear

  60. miller,

    You have me laughing bad! I too was taken back that a man with absolutely no charisma could say that EWB did not have any! I wonder what the old Dems are saying.

    ac, poor soul my logic floored you, the surplus was only measly…2.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Wow you all only deal with big money.

    I have a large pot hole in my road which was done by Rayside, you think you can help me get it fixed? You really think that Bajans forgot that your party raised water rates by 60%. No, the DLP has a record to which the electorate will hold it accountable. And to think that there have not been any mains replacement as they said the increase was to cover.!!

  61. @Prodigal Son

    You really think that Bajans forgot that your party raised water rates by 60%
    Didn’t some Minister in the BLP Gov’t announce a hike in Water rates and Arthur overrule him? So who was subsidizing the cost of water all these years? If people weren’t paying for water from one pocket they were certainly paying for it from another as taxes. Sorry that shouldn’t be taxes perhaps it was some loan from an International Agency which is now on the books as debt.

  62. ole onions and the BLP you all keep talking about the PASt and use it as a measuring stick for to win the election bunch of foolishness and hogwash wake up this is 2012

  63. After all the attacks and couinterattacks the Question still remains in the mind of Barbadians HOW WILL THE BLP FIX THE ECONOMY ? still waiting for answer. I have heard all the mistakes that the BLP say the DLP made but no constructive arguments on how the DLP would implement policy to make a difference rather the BLP is hoping that 14years of the past would be enough to convince voters they are the REAL deal. well never thought it would be that easy to FOOL people!

  64. @ac
    As I have told you…for ideas go to FBIB
    Freudell Bankrupt of Ideas Bank………..look see the air…tax that…..look see the clouds ova a house tax that……look see the grass tax that….cuz ac …..WE GET TAX PUN EVERY THING ELSE already now..think of it…nutting else to tax and this is why Funny_D in pause.

  65. Owen Arthur is to be blamed for a number of things ?What things ?
    Man shut up do !

    the above is for Caswell Franklyn period

  66. i know the BLP got no ideas just talk alot of b/s and hope that enough would stick. all you BLPites are long winded talking heads and full of crticism with no real objective but that only to WIN

  67. @ac
    You are arguing blindly again. If we were to look at the DLP’s 2008 manifesto you would find yourself struggling, especially considering that the recession would have been known circa 2007.

    Let’s not make it about who can “present” a solution now, let’s make it about who’s best able to enact a solution, motivate, inspire, reassure and engender the confidence of the electorate.

    If you want you can dig up the BLP’s manifesto of 2008 and see if their promises then were enactable or realistic. Then you might begin to have an argument. Just observing and trying to help.

  68. @ac…..Take ya licks like a true manwoman and Hush….and when the bell rings tek up ya staff like BajanFalife….and mek fa D wilderness,carry ya water too because Ole onions not giving nothing.
    Even you in your right senses know what is happening in this beautiful country is a down right travesty.This DLP government has completely ran out of ideas and just STALLING for time..drawing salaries.You should be shame as a Bajan(if you are)…knowing this.Would you really like them to get another 5 yrs to continue experiencing this ? People complaining from the DLP selling out Skeetes Bay land, to throwing away the BL&P shares and Barbados being made a laughing stock.You really want people to be eatin a tin a sardines a day while Doyle &Co…foot high and coolin off with a martini ?
    You just like A.Bynoe….loss all ya marbles and just fouling up thru ya mouth.
    Now nobody gine in the Supermarket..he sending people to beg for the A1 workers on Brass Tack……fool with a mouth…that’s what’s coming ova with you beggin for ideas for the DLP.
    We aint giving you no ideas either (so stop begging) cuz ….Funny_D or Mr.Physical Deficit would still come back and ask how to implement them.
    Get real do !

  69. old onions,

    You noticed the Nation’s front page story yesterday that 500 persons filed for unemployment in December, can you imagine how many more would have filed for unemployment in January. And not a word from this so called Minister of Finance. He called a press conference at a known supporter’s place when there are so many government offices that could be used for free (sharing the fatted calf again) the day the BLP had their Annual Conference to announce that there will be 2% growth in economy. And not a word on this front page story.

    Did you notice him on DLPTV on Wednesday night looking really subdued (or even frightened) announcing that they were bringing in Paul Volcker? I was shocked at his timid appearance.

    Something must have happened (I will have to work my DLP friends) because Chris Sinckler has not been himself since the plot was exposed. The gang of 11 have been mostly silenced by Fumble. He seem to be a lamb in his own ministry whilst MR PHYSICAL DEFICIT has all the say.

  70. @Prodigal Son

    Why are you tugging Sarge’s tail? He like many DLP supporters are ruing their luck that yet again their party has to govern in a nasty recession.

  71. @ David
    “supporters are ruing their luck that yet again their party has to govern in a nasty recession.”

    You just unknowingly put forward another perspective……whenever the DLP regains power, ( the BLP would have just been ousted thru a recessions),the DLP grasp the opportunity on the false pretense that they can bring about CHANGE, but in truth don’t know heads or tails what is going on.
    Now that this recession is going on longer than previous, the are left holding a lion by the tail…ouch

  72. Prodigal and BLPITESwe noticed everything and we noticed the BLP stringing along the electorate with promises of NOTHING. good ploy when you think of it even onions not in the loop on this one.

  73. @ac
    I often wonder where you always getting these soft, limp and nonsensical innuendo for attacks. I think like the bajan saying you just want noticing…
    Talk all ya like…..ONE TERM…ONE TERM…. ac WRITING ON THE WALL
    My advice is:
    Go out by Mannings and get a piece of wallaba post to make a staff and Furniture Ltd for piece of tarpolean to make a cover…because ac, the night go be long and the days tough when time to head back to the WILDERNESS…..Family FIRST go be family LAST……
    And I hope wanna never get another chance to F_up this place so again, never….sounds familiar..fa real den

  74. @ac
    in true inimitable style you missed my point.

    you can’t condemn BLPites based on their lack of proffered answers now, if, given the past 4 years the DLP has not enacted the majority of its own promised solutions from its 2008 manifesto. Far from that they’ve acted in ways that some persons feel “hurt” and they’ve had to contend with (or lumber through) challenge after challenge and problem after problem, some of their own making.

    You need to find a better argument to persuade voters than “dem ain’t bring solutions so don’t vote for for dem”. Solutions come during the campaign. We all know this. In the absence of solutions a record is used to judge. Based on a record capability is established. Based on capability people make up their minds. Who can they trust (not as a person), but to lead the country effectively. the DLP’s difficulty is that after 14 years in opposition, the DLP now has a record to compare, which some consider as “wary” as the BLP

    Just observing and still trying to help.

  75. @ Observing
    Even if you gave ac Compass Map and GP navigation device…she will convenient miss a point.She is a Mary Redman.( pun dispatch)

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