Stuart Winning the Leadership Race as E-Day Looms

Fruendel Stuart leads Arthur in latest CADRES Poll!

Click image to read Nation newspaper report – photo credit: Nation Newspaper

Based on the most recent CADRES poll Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart is winning the leadership race. What must be of concern is that the Wickham poll was conducted before Minister of Agriculture David Estwick delivered one of the most powerful presentations of the campaign so far at the NCF on Friday night.

How will this translate in the individual constituencies with a 3.4% swing in play makes it a very interesting general election.

0 thoughts on “Stuart Winning the Leadership Race as E-Day Looms

  1. @ Burning Red

    Pray tell us why you think that Mia has no respect, or words to that affect. If she were the leader of the BLP, that is where I would be casting my vote. I don’t think it kosher for you and others, like Perlixin Pearlie, to cast aspersions at others based on hearsay, rumours and perceived lifestyles. We don’t know what may befall us and/or ours tomorrow, next week or next year. Live and let live.

  2. I think that Dr. David Estwick’s presentation at the NCF DLP manifesto launch was a clinical destruction of Arthur and the mock B Mascoll.Arguably,one of the best platform speeches ever in Barbados.

    Clyde Mascoll is being given too much influence by Arthur in the BLP and those who know Mascoll know that he he thinks of himself first.
    The BLP hiearchy need to stop Mascoll from destroying the BLP as he is helping the Dems in evry election since he crossed the floor.Mascoll is turning out to be a bigger help to the DEMS than many thought.

  3. @IG246
    “The US election polls said that Romney would win by a huge landslide but the results showed differently”.
    Were these Republican skewed polls? No reputed national poll had Romney winning.

    @ Amused
    MAM’s only weakness, which is also her great strength, is her loyalty to her country in general and specifically to the party of her grandfather and her father and she has, in my fond view, the potential to be far greater than either.
    Are you implying that her grandfather and father were men of great distinction? Well I will grant you that her grandfather as Mayor of the City of Bridgetown for many years may lay some claim to being great but her father? Her father is a household name in his own household but in Barbados greatness is allotted to many people, some of us could even claim to be poor great. What is this fixation that you and Miller have with Mia anyway, Joan of Arc? Miller should remember how the saintly Joan met her demise.

    The results of the poll must have Freundel ever the historian gloating, he must be saying to himself “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” (Mark Twain).

  4. Not BU the BLP have a rude awakening coming their way when the north middle and the East, the West and the South rise up and dismiss their old and tired looking leader, when Mottley done with Arthur he will sent to the political BLP trash heap, Mottley will have alongside of her maybe Frizzled Fowl Forde but not a soul else from those that ganged up to gang rape her from the leadership of the BLP. Arthur gone, Symmonds gone, Gail Marshall gone, Pain gone, Toppin gone she is on track to being the only MP to remove so many of her party in one fell swoop.

  5. All those wishing to contribute to the BLP being asked to make all cheques payable to Fitswilliam, Stone and Alcazar, attorneys at law?

    Will that firm be audited by the DLP if they will and it is true?

  6. @ Sargeant | February 17, 2013 at 1:15 PM |

    Wow, what a volte-face from the Sarge!
    Is this the same loyal officer who in earlier contributions took Wickham poll to task when they were not favouring Freundel and the DLP?
    Such a ‘turncoat’ of opinion is called intellectual dishonesty and professional disingenuity, Sarge.

    The cost of being born is the debt owed to death. One cannot exist without the other on the same coin called Life.
    As for our political Joan of Arc, it’s morally superior to settle one’s inevitable debt fighting for your country (as an old soldier like you should know) than being visited by the grim reaper for lying, cheating and stealing.
    Remember the motto of the West Point Academy now relocated to St. John’s parish Churchyard: “I shall never, lie, cheat or steal”.

    Sorry Hammie Hill, but just had to rub that little salt in the mortal wound.
    (Your friend of last resort and final confidant(e), Anubis).

  7. @ David

    Why did your Nation Newspaper decide run all of the CADRES poll graphs and figures in black and white and NOT colour as has been the case with every other poll?

    Media dishonesty in high places.

  8. @ Pat

    But wait now look this blessed First Sunday in Lent you come to call my name in foolishness. Hear you “I don’t think it kosher for you and others, like Perlixin Pearlie, to cast aspersions at others based on hearsay, rumours and perceived lifestyles.” Dear-heart, I understan where you coming from, but dont get tye up Pearlie talks de facts.When Pearlie get news Pearlie does check it once and check it twice like Santa Clause in da song and Pearlie dont talk out til Pearlie know that wuh she talkin is de facts. Yuh get dat? Facts, not rumour. All like now so I get a sweet wun lil while ago dat I checking cause when I talk um out pon dis internet um gine be murda pon dis internet hey. But yuh see, I gotta mek sure da um is true first, cause is Lent and de Devil out and nuhbody in settin nuh trap fuh me. But lemme give ya a hint… a certain party panicking and duh gine got a crisis meeting today at a certain body house, but guess who in invited. Murda!

    Anyhow Pat dear-heart me and you is still friends, so come long down and get some sun pon yuh skin and see yuh famblies and ting and spend some a yuh Mercan or Canadian money. Eat some souce, drink a cocoanut water, belch and feel good. And vote DEMS.

  9. @ Burning Red | February 17, 2013 at 1:42 PM |

    You mean you accept the Wickham poll findings of Stuart being the preferred leader by a 3 point margin but dismiss the findings that the BLP could get 17 seats as opposed to the DLP 13.
    So if Owen, Pain, Toppin and Marshall go who would be going from the DLP camp to make Wickham poll look reliable?

    BTW, Symmonds cannot go if he is not holding seat.

    Let us see how much red you see for you to run from that, “bullcow”!

  10. @TO THE POINT | February 17, 2013 at 11:47 AM | Man whu you mean by “amused who never needed encouragment to stretch the truth to its limit”? I live in a world where it is “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” That means I am not allowed to be economical with the truth. Gimmu a break, do.

    @Observing. Enjoying your post greatly. A master-class.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright | February 17, 2013 at 12:24 PM | You have given me a terrific laugh. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but with a lot of it.

  11. @ Pearlie

    Um doan madda who dem get now, if the dey toss Owen After overboard, dem LOSS. If dem get Owen After to proclaim Mia as Deputy PM, dem LOSS. If Mia fire Owen After and lead the BLP in Election Day, dem LOSS. If Dale Marshall put on a woman’s dress and go to a transvestite party, dem LOSS. If George Payne take off he hat and show he ugly big head, dem LOSS. If Toppin stop hopping, dem LOSS. If Noel Lynch became intelligent overnight, dem LOSS. If Blind Clarke stop wukkin and lusting, dem LOSS. If Denist Agard pull out all of dem nuff nuff horse teet in Sandra Husbands head, dem LOSS. If Lynette Eastmond start back eating Cheese and left Owen After, dem LOSS. If Santia Bradshaw became a political grasshopper like she father, dem LOSS. If Cynthia Forde rebuild she chattel house sitting pun prime real estate, dem LOSS.

    Whatever the hell dem do now, dem STILL LOSS.

  12. David (not BU) | February 17, 2013 at 2:03 PM |

    The people don’t want back Owen After, you can’t get that thru your thick skull? De man is damaged goods and badly damaged as well and running up and down Barbados saying ‘Call the Damn Elections Fruendel’. What an idiot, as Fruendel said he like pig clambering for Saturday to came so he can go to market. He is bacon, saugages and souse.

    Fruendel really make him look like a Nit Wit tho.

  13. @ David (not BU) | February 17, 2013 at 2:03 PM |

    Confession is good for the soul!
    Now for the No. 1 ‘bullshitter’ for the past 2 years.
    The prize goes to the lying buffoon Sinckliar.

    Now you see why the miller is so much against the BS par excellence.
    He can fool you guys here on BU but the miller smells a ‘bullshitter’ especially in the arena of Finance and Economics the same way a carrion fly smell a decaying carcass 10 miles away or even the horny Fractured BLP can smell an ovulating bare pooch cat called ac down on the farm in Deacons.
    Piss off, Mr. Bullshitter Sinckliar your days in the sewage are over, one way or the next.

  14. BU David. Pearlie tekking a break from writing pon youre internet til polling night. I gine come and peep now and den, but Pearlie keeping she mout shut fa now and keeping she news ta sheself cause Pearlie breadfruites heng low and nuhbody in blaming Pearlie fuh nuffin. Next ting ya know dem gine say Pearlie influence de polls. Murda! Anyhow, Happy elections to all! See wunna polling nite. Ah gone!

  15. Miller

    I agree with you re Sinckler. He tried to make people believe he knew what was going on but all the while he did nothing in attempt to appear smart.

    Don’t let your heart be troubled, Sinckler will have a very minor role in FS new Cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs or some such. Dr. Estwick will be made Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs and either Michael Carrington or Richard Sealy will be made Deputy Prime Minister.

  16. @observing

    checkmy blogs on theax issue, if ur mememory serve u correctly,i was saying that broomes could not be trnasferred, but after reading the constituion i had a change of heart. Thats why u need emperical evidence to make decisions. I was man enough to point out why i changed my mind, but pay me no heed go campaingn for the b’s while i for the d’s . how u like that. blessed sunday. u ahd lunch yet?

  17. @ Peter Jilkes | February 17, 2013 at 2:17 PM |
    “If Denist Agard pull out all of dem nuff nuff horse teet in Sandra Husbands head, dem LOSS. ”

    Peter Pearlie Gilkes you really perplexing and doing dixie today. You even maket he miller laugh about the dentist and horse “teet”.
    You are really Keeping it clean on this blessed “Sun” day after returning from Church to feed your bare pooch cat called ac.
    But before you take a turn in the miller do you realise that your punning could back fire on you?
    “Dem Loss” is what the Wickham pool is showing.

    But we must compliment the Dems on a well thought out strategy to discredit Owen. The have come up with the brilliant idea: “Why not use $3 million of the Families First financial legacy to bribe Peter Wickham to manipulate the findings to make Freundel look good.
    After all, Bajans like to vote for a popular leader and if Freundel is promoted as the preferred leader why not go that way but let it look as part of the balancing act as if the Dems are trailing in overall stakes by a similar margin.
    Four days is a long time in an electoral campaign season and any thing can happen to bring a last minute surge from the propaganda impact.

    This is a ‘do or die’ general elections campaign since many people can fall if the Dems are removed from office including Leroy and his backers. The ‘Families First’ Account can be the subject of a money laundering investigation.

    So you can add the following to your jingle and parody of lies:
    “Even if we pay that prostitute Wickham $3 million to sell his professional ass the Dems still LOSS”.

  18. @Pearlie

    yah goin and left ac by she self. you better come back here and blog and stop that foolishness u aint coming back till near elections. I am ordering u back to blogging. how yah like

  19. Reality is that, following Sinckler’s crass comments, he has lost all credibility with international bodies and orgnisations, such that neither he nor Stuart have.any.
    Babados needs to deal with international organisations and businesses to even survive.
    Neither of these two can carry Barbados forward.

    Mark my words. Before three years is out, either Donville Inniss or Estwick will be leading the DLP.

  20. The poll is a statistical measure; it has a statistical margin of error of +/- 5%. Therefore a result of 3.4% in favor of either party is a Statistical tie. There is still a very real possibility of a 15/15/ stalemate, a one term for the DLP, or a lost for the BLP. Six ball left, Six runs needed. But that is a view one must have if the poll is their only window. If you mix that with on the ground reports, you can come away with a totally different view. I get the sense from the DLP who don’t pay as much attention to Cadres polling as the BLP, that they like what they have been seeing and hearing on the ground; From the BLP I get the sense that the September poll aside they haven’t been seeing the response to match on the ground.

  21. On Owen as Leader:

    The one major mistake that Arthur has made for this election, is not soundly endorsing Mia Amor Mottley, future Prime Minister of Barbados, as his Deputy.

    THAT is the real problem. In doing so, it would have given the people what they want and shown that the BLP is indeed strong and has overcome its issues.

    Then to compund the issue, according to news reports, that idiot Lynch apparently made a remark while on the platform, about Marshall being Deputy PM, that further puts a spanner in the works.

    However, I also have some reservations on the poll, as Stuart really has done little to engender comfort as to his ability and proactivity.

  22. Crusoe you really think Specks like Barbados are thought of at international levels? chupse! and further to this that Arthur who can hardly speak better than a child would taken more seriously than somebody else? Don’t polite professionalism and international diplomacy fool you that Arthur has captured international praise and attention.

  23. @Hinds,

    When we go to arrange terms on loans, when we need to work with Caricom and any international convention, it is relevant.

    And the ‘bald pooch cat’ does not cut it.

  24. I started by saying that even if Stuart is the preferred leader, that don’t mean he will win his seat. I will not differ from that statement. First of all, I am not believer in polls since as we all know, polls are conducted in any area and probably, the people being interviewed at the time could be a B or D. Suppose Murphy’s Law is brought into play and 90% turn out to be sympathisers for a particular party. Just think about the result. However, being someone who followed politics from the 90’s and always predict the winner…..I can say without fail that the ruling party will receive only 10 – 12 seats. I will reserve any comments on Friday.

  25. guess what i went to a different church today not my regular church and lo and behold the minister was preaching about integrity. i almost fell of my seat. BTW i don/t know him and he don’t know me., but this Integrity issue is catching on like wild fire. another note of interest that all the while OSA was in the streets campaiging Stuart took his to the churches , Could really make a difference with the christian and evangelical votes. Tek dat in wunna pipe and smoke it. PM STUART BOSS MAN

  26. @ Adrian Hinds | February 17, 2013 at 3:40 PM |

    ” and further to this that Arthur who can hardly speak better than a child would taken more seriously than somebody else? Don’t polite professionalism and international diplomacy fool you that Arthur has captured international praise and attention.”

    So on whom does that reflect?
    Imagine a well-educated sophisticated, proud and discerning people electing a government for 14 years headed by puerile leader incapable of communicating with anyone above 7 years old.
    What does that say about the Queen and her Privy Council who bestowed the title of “The Right Honourable”?

    What a laugh you are, Adrian, making ‘mock’ sport of your own people and Head of State!
    Keep it up, mate, you are more funny than a barrel of black ass monkeys.

  27. @ ac | February 17, 2013 at 4:14 PM |

    The god you believe in is, hopefully, the same god that Stuart does not believe in and to make mock sport and think that your god is some toy to use and abandon is committing an act of ‘Hubris’, if you know what that means.
    It’s like going to church on Sunday and afterwards on every occasion heading straight to the rum shop to drink a pint and a half; playing stud poker in the evening after picking two fares with no condoms on- one in Nelson Street and the other in Bush Hill and expecting to sleep with your wife later in the night or early next morning and don’t expect things will catch up with you.

    Listen ac, Integrity is not a piece of advice you can go to church to acquire. Neither is it something you can acquire by marketing yourself as a “good” person.
    It has to be something innate not thrust upon you for political expediency.

    One wonders if the same Freundel the new found god fearing man has forgiven David Thompson for all the things said about each other and denuding OSA is Parliament.

    “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~William Shakespeare, Hamlet

    “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”. ~Mark Twain
    “A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company.” ~Charles Evans Hughes
    One wonders if Leroy Parris is considered “good company” for a man of Integrity.

  28. Miller the quality of your contributions has sunk to an all time low .

    You should be arrested for contriving the substance of information appearing on pages 23A and 27A in the Sunday Sun of 17th February, 2013.

  29. It is with a heavy heart that I now return to this BU site as I witness the actions and word of our esteemed leader have our BLP now cast in darkness.

    I recently warned my BLP comrades on this to call on Mr. Arthur to level with the people of Barbados. That they did not do and now we are again hours away from the DLP exposing Mr. Arthur in public again.

  30. miller there are people in the bible who believed in God and their integrity shone through no matter what tempations of the world handed them. The minister focus was on temptation and how ones uses their integrity to overcome the lust of the flesh like greed and selfisheness for material gain. i wish the same could be said for the RT HON. whose lack of INTEGRITY has become his undoing.

  31. @fractured
    What wash hands what. Every time I reply to one of your posts I go and get hand sanitizer and mouthwash. My hands are and will be always clean!

    @adrian hinds
    I’ve been sharing me “picks” and thoughts for about 2-3 months now. A pop over by BU General Election Picks would give you a glimpse of my evolving thought. I’ll hit refresh on Tuesday morning and give you my final score.

    Mercy bowcoop. I try!

    Just Observing

  32. @ Fractured BLP | February 17, 2013 at 4:59 PM |

    I am sorry, “Fractured”, if I quote from writers you are blissfully unaware.
    Sorry, but I just can’t see reading the Nation Sunday Sun as a priority. Maybe the Mail on Sunday or Sunday Express or even the Sun on Sunday.
    The miller treats the Nation Newspaper the same way he treats the CBC television. Just another form of rare boring entertainment and unsophisticated light reading or viewing just to keep away the sprite of boredom especially when one is confined to the daily throne.
    So what’s so interesting in the Nation that you come to disturb the miller’s day of rest with your consistently boring intrusions?

  33. @TTP
    Comrade! Well effin I did nose dat you was one of dems I din gine gih ya such a hard time!

    On a more serious note, I take your word regarding the change of heart with Broomes. I won’t even bother searching to try to prove you wrong. Just remember that every disagreement does not come from the mouth of an opponent. And, sometimes knowingly sparring with a friend (rather than cussing he out) makes you stronger for the real battle.

    And yes, I had lunch, washed it down with some angostura bitters lemonade, belched, caught niggeritis, slept for 3 hours and here now drinking an evening brandy while watching the sun go down. You are welcome to join me. 🙂


  34. @ ac | February 17, 2013 at 5:14 PM |

    Why this need for further biblical evangelical validation and reinforcement?

    And to think that one of the most vile, evil, wicked, lying and vindictive persons on this blog was in attendance only goes to show that God is really love.

    Didn’t Bonnke, few weeks back, make the necessary impact and sealed the deal between Fiendel and your god’s people?

    Or was it a dud that needed some more local input if not expertise in lighting the fuse to the gunpowder to explode under OSA and the BLP?

    Was the obeah man Rev. Durant part of the gunpowder plot or was it left to the manipulative dean emeritus of St. Michael row to lay the trail of gunpowder?

    It would do you guys a world of good to leave God out of this and stop asking him to get in the affairs of evil men and women unless it is to clean their hearts.

    The last man who tried to manipulate your god is now fighting with the devil to overthrow him.

    A word to the wise is sufficient. Diabetes is a silent and deadly killer and Ilaro Court is a lonely place at night for a confirmed bachelor with dead or sleeping things all around and in between. We don’t want another Tom Adams on our hands right now.

  35. LOL. I love reading this blog. It appears that now this poll has come out and seems to be suggesting that the DLP has a good chance at winning, many bloggers who appeared neutral politically, are now showing their true colours.

  36. @Miller
    Your memory must be failing you I never commented on the polls good or bad in Barbados, in fact my contribution on these pages for this election has been minimal. The only poll that matters is the one that we will know about sometime in the late evening of Feb.21,otherwise dogs know what’s good for poles.

    I was just having some fun about you and Amused’s infatuation with Mia and your comparing her to a latter day Joan D’Arc who presumably will save Barbados from the dastardly French running the IMF or from those Trickydadians trying to take over Bimshire.

  37. @Crusoe
    Reality is that, following Sinckler’s crass comments, he has lost all credibility with international bodies and orgnisations, such that neither he nor Stuart have.any
    Bajans really full of themselves to think that International bodies pay any attention to comments in a local Election. The only way that Sinckler’s comments would command any attention would be if he promised to launch a jihad against the US or Europe, the International bodies will deal with whomever forms the Gov’t on Feb.22.

    As an aside former Canadian PM Brian Mulroney when he was Leader of the Opposition commented as follows about an MP when the Gov’t appointed him to an Ambassadorship, “There is no whore like an old whore”. Mulroney later became PM and was well known for his friendship with Reagan and entertained by the Queen etc. until his recent misadventures but that’s another story.

  38. I have read both manifestos and I recognized while reading the posts that I have a serious problem with hypocrites and that is what the Dems are. The DLP 2008 manifesto was a document riddled with gimmicks and offering no explanation as to how they were going to achieve these goals. The Dems on this blog refuse to acknowledge this and have the audacity to say the BLP manifesto is meant to put forward “pie in the sky” ideas.

    On the other hand, the BLP manifesto of 2013 sounds “too good to be true” to some who are skeptical but at least they give a brief insight as to how exactly they plan to tackle major problems such as the payment of UWI, the CLICO policy holders and the cost of living which the Dems did not dare mention in their manifesto. This means, in my opinion, that they will not even attempt to tackle this problem IF they are returned to office and it will continue to spiral put of control.

    The BLP even attempted to give explanations as to where the money for their ventures is coming from (eg levy, foreign reserves etc) and what approach they have to take (eg public-private sector partnerships). At the launch they told you how much each measure in tackling the cost of living would cost in a pamphlet that was handed out and that Clyde Mascoll explained. They also admitted that the VAT cannot be fully restored to 15% immediately and that a new hospital may be too costly to build in the short term just to highlight a few of their realistic points. Those statements seem very practical, realistic and honest to me and for the Dems to dispute that would be hypocritical.

    The DLP manifesto was quite interesting in terms of proposals and I found some of them very innovative but there was ABSOLUTELY NO explanation given as to what measures they plan to implement in order to achieve these goals. This vagueness made me very weary of the manifesto. I have been extremely skeptical of the DLP since the IMF lie and even more so after the exposure of David Thompson’s deep involvement in CLICO.

    I also have to mention that many of the DLP proposals sound long-term. Long-term proposals are important but they have totally neglected the possibility of any immediate fixes. In fact, some proposals cannot be implemented while Barbados’ economy is still reeling so they cannot be implemented in the next 5,10 or even 15 years. (Admittedly many of the BLP proposals were long term but they offered many more short-term solutions that the DLP). This should be a big issue because we all want immediate relief (COST OF LIVING!!!!) until long-term solutions can be fully implemented.

    Is the 2013 DLP manifesto a repeat of the 2008 manifesto? Full of wonderful ideas with no intention of implementing them? Is the BLP playing the 2008 DLP game and coming with a document full of lies and gimmicks?

    With all of that being said, if Barbadoans are prepared to be analytical then the BLP will become the government come February 22 simply because they offered some explanation and addressed serious short-term issues. If Bajans want vague proposals that sound good and are prepared to ignore the lack of solutions for the cost of living and other major issues, then the DLP will remain in office. That is my take.

  39. @damani
    Excellent synopsis. I’m unsure though how much of the electorate will drill as deep as you have and analyse in as thoughtful a manner however. Other things sway the average voter.

    The flipside is some will prefer the “safe” vagueness of the DLP over the ambitious “try something” gusto of the BLP.

    Thursday will tell.

    Just observing

  40. Barney Lynch cannot overcome the 20% beatdown he got in 2008 from Stuart. The writing was on the wall Barney in 2003 when he meagerly won against Stuart by 116 votes. Stuart beat him in 2008 by 810 votes last election.

    Sarge don’t pay these people no mind. Daily I have to correct people in the New England part of North America that Barbados is not part of Jamaica. Chupse!

  41. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWN …. Those people had me up till after one wid hanging speakers shouting loud loud loud … I must be an ASS. But I measure individuals and organisations on PERFORMANCE when compared to what Could Have Been Achieved. I have had a very good look at both Parties over time and have decided, finally, that there is a third option, tell em both to kiss my Royal Ass..! … Seriously, in any event, one or the other will be pledging allegiance to Royal and her heirs in a couple of days time, why should I not want to stick my Ass in for consideration too …?

    As for the posts over the past few weeks … YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWN …!

  42. Leveraging foreign reserves is leveraging money that is borrowed, and that also consist receipts from the sale BNB and ICB. In essense the BLP would have borrowed money and sold these assets to finance current consumption. are these not things they accuse to the DLP of doing?

    A major plank of the BLP argument against the DLP is that they would not honour their promise to lower VAT after the 18 months. they are now telling Barbadians that too will not be able to reduce it anytime soon.

  43. @observing Thanks. I personally prefer for a party to “try something” even if it ends up failing than to throw their hands up in the air and say ..there is nothing we can do so lower your expectations.

  44. @Adrian but they did say they will lower it IMMEDIATELY on food and electricity then lower vat on other goods on a phased basis. And your point is?

  45. @Adrian

    The BLP proposes to utilise the forex to build out capacity development strategies. Bear in mind as pointed out by Trained Economist we can’t spend forex read we have to find local dollars.

  46. And BTW the Nation did sponsor the pole … as was claimed by an earlier commenter … I have done my bit until after elections …. Foolishness ..!

  47. damani i dont want money in my pocket that after the ttreasury is emptied that i gonna have to repay in taxes. what the people need are jobs that would put money in the pockets. money in the pocket after the treasury is raided is highway robbery and an insult to the intelligence of right thinking barbadians .who de hell what to have to pay back so-called free money. don’t mek me lauf.

  48. @ac you obviously didn’t read the BLP manifesto (scared it would burn you like Ronald Jones suggested?). It would take me too long o explain to you in simple terms how the BLP plans to “ease the squeeze” so I suggest you read the manifesto (it’s on and then come back with an argument based on facts.
    Then we can have a real discussion. You would do well not to be blinded by your party affiliation and I urge you to be analytical.

  49. OSA say barbados is broke so where is the big windfall of political gift basket gonna come from. giving something means that there is a source from whence it came. Damani explain …….

  50. @ac

    People want jobs and that is true. Tell that to the 16000 private sector persons who have been laid off under your government. And to dispute your argument before it comes, no nonsense about maintaining public sector jobs because it is obvious that a government wouldn’t lay off it’s employees because then they surely wouldn’t be re-elected.
    The private sector employs more people than the public sector does so it is a priority to facilitate the creation of more jobs in the private sector.
    I can only judge the two political parties by their performance. Under the BLP the unemployment rate was left at 6.7% down from 24% when they took over from Sandiford. 35,000 jobs were created in that period as well. Remember 16,000 jobs were lost under the current government and unemployment is at 11.7% I believe.
    Now ask yourself who has proven that they have the capacity to create jobs? And be honest.

  51. @ac

    Sighhhh…Expenditure exceeds revenue under this government so indeed the country is broke or will be broke soon, so their proposal is to use some of the foreign reserves, reducing BNOC profit and passing on the savings to the consumer as well as public-private sector partnerships, reducing bound rates on certain goods to name a few. But the manifesto will tell you where the money so coming from in a more comprehensive way than I can so I again urge you to urge read the manifesto and stop clutching at straws.

  52. oh ! well you said it the FOREIGN Reserves. Don’t you realised that if the the BLP is serious about putting money in peoples pocket , it would make more sense instead of gambling the foreign affairs with speculative gimmicks it would be far wiser to use those money to stimulate growth by pursuing worthwhile new manufacturing industries wether it be renewable energy or investing in the entrepreneurial spirit of the nation. our people are our best investment that is why millions are invested in education tapping into our people reservoir of knowledge which can reap dividends and is far better than raiding the treasury. .

  53. @dmani

    tell mia, as i know u r close to her, that the blp handed over a big deficit to the govt, estwick’s presentation show that when the dlp took over there was a samll surplus. go see his presentation. David gave the link and then come back and discuss.

    I know u r trying to give mia hope.

  54. @ac they never said they will use ALL of the foreign reserves. Especially after a downgrade to JUNK and with the IMF watching us closely.
    But you ate absolutely correct by suggesting that they stimulate growth. That is EXACTLY what they said they will do in their MANIFESTO (are you sure you aren’t a closet Bee).
    Just btw,the alternative electricity plan was laid in parliament in September of 2007 (formulated by Liz Thompson who won an award for it)
    The BLP (Mia Mottley) already created the YES programme in 1995 to promote entrepreneurship and IN THEIR MANIFESTO have outlined plans to expand the entrepreneurial programme by decriminalizing unregulated vending, recapitalizing the innovation fund with $20 mil (these are prime example of investing in our major resource..the people).
    You really should read it in all honesty, especially this section about “new entrepreneurial culture” and see that EVERYTHING YOU ARE SUGGESTING IS RIGHT THERE IN THE MANIFESTO.

  55. The poll show what most of us think. Owen is a possibly a scoundrel and Stuart is”reputed to be a nice guy.”

    My personal opinion of Owen Arthur is rooted in what he is supposed to have done to a family member and is therefore biased but those of you who like to talk about “being on the ground” should be able to say what Bajans in Barbados really think.

    If the DLP lose I want Mia to be prime Minister asap.

  56. @to the point

    You know absolutely nothing about me so do not assume. I have never even had a conversation with Mia Mottley. Heck, I haven’t even met her (i admire her intelligence from afar) LOL! You are obviously mistaking me for someone else. If you knew my age you would probably faint because not many of my age are willing to analyze politics the way I do.

    There was a deficit under the BLP administration because they were engaging in infastructural investments such as:

    New Coast Guard HQ
    Airport upgrade
    Kensington Oval
    Highway expansion (4 lanes)
    New Judicial Building
    Development of Oistins Bay Gardens
    Independence square upgrade (with Errol barrow statue)
    Jubilee Gardens
    New Dodds prison
    Swan Street
    Expanded cruise terminal
    Barbados Hilton

    Those are a few I remember off of the top of my head. There were also a few investments that were not infastructural such as Project Oasis, Edutech, YES programme etc. You can see at least see how that deficit was accumulated. Under this govt the

    Deficit is not a dirty word as Estwick would have you believe (deficit is higher under the DLP btw in any case) because all countries have deficit at some point in time, especially when they are undertaking projects.

    What the focus should be in on is current account deficit. Current account deficit is when tou have to borrow to pay for wages and other current expenditure. It is dangerous to have to borrow to pay wages. It is tantamount to taking out a loan from the bank to pay for a light bill.

    The DLP has had current account deficit for their entire time as government: $256 mil in 2008/9, $557 mil in 2009/10, $647 mil in 2010/11, $284 mil in 2011/12 and $260 mil in 2012/13 (not including the $100 mil from NIS). Under Owen the BLP has NEVER had a current account deficit.

    I am no economist, I have not even finished secondary school as yet and I don’t even study economics at school but I made it my business to research (online and otherwise) why current account deficit is so dangerous to incur. I also got my numbers straight from the central bank.

    @to the point when you research for yourself (like i did) and don’t only listen to what politicians say on a platform then you and I can have discussions, same conditions as with ac. It is a shame that persons so much older than me refuse to research for themselves.

  57. According to the poll,the race is close,and by Wednesday a clearer picture will emerge.Whichever party wins,there will be heavy job losses in the public sector.I recall in the 1991 election,Henry Forde spoke on platforms about pending job losses(I think he said 3000 public sector workers would be sent packing)and Sandy was large and up front saying it was all lies and deception by the BLP.History will repeat itself in this election and the level headed among the uncommitted 33% will ensure that the result will not be the same as in 1991.The truth will out!The DEMS did nothing for the last five years but drained our NIS resource to prop up an administration that is bloated and if bajans do not see the threat to the country that’s threatening,then as the late NY Mayor Ed Koch said “the people voted,the people must be punished”.

  58. David. What is the true amount of Clico policy holders? Is it 15,000 or 35,000? How is it that people are unable to get their money from Clico but the PM confirmed that he was informed to collect his money that matured since 2009, but he refused to collect. Please elaborate.

  59. tell me why

    u have not listened to what the pm said attentively he said that there are no 30 000 clico polyholders in barbados and he gave a figure of 14-15000, but u can ask owen who has no integrity. I hope u r assking david to upload the note owen wrote to Stuart asking him to take Mia.

    No wonder owen has no integrity, he lied to the people of barbados that he said it in ligth bantar, but did not tell them he wrote a note. Who can be trusted?

  60. @Demni

    u forgetting one thing, that liar owen kept the true deficit hidden by engagain in off balance sheet financing, if u know what that mean. He has always been dishonest, and the PM showed tonite that he cannot be trusted.

    Go learn some honsety and then come talk to me. You and ur party r discredited and the PM drove the final nail in the coffin. Little children had no right playing with sharp edged tools yah hear.

  61. @Ac

    tell damani to go get a copy of the note from freudel. Nothing the blp can be relied on with owing aurthur in charge.

  62. another sad day for the BLP as they continue to see their leader OSA exposed for his ruthlesness and unethical behaviour towards his own like a caged animal who devours its own for survival, Survival in the sense that OSA had come to the realistion that MIA was being seen as an assets to his party victory while he was being viewed as a liabilty.Getting her out of the way would have removed that perception he thought in his twisted illogical mind. OSA a man NO ONE CAN TRUST!

  63. On television last night …Of People and Place Sir Don Blackman was elated as much as he sought to be clubbable……but this one’s from epic movie Gladiator ….shadows and dust Blackie boi…shadows and dust…
    We have a time bomb on our hands people….

  64. @ac


  65. Onions

    Time bomb or not, Fruendel has already put an end to Owen Arthur’s ambition to be Prime Minister again. What a clown he would have to be to send a hand written to Fruendel Stuart begging him to take Mia off his hands.

    Barbadians want a respectable Prime Minister not one who takes cheques written to him personally, who cashes those cheques on Election Day (21st March 2003) and maniacal enough to want destroy a fellow party member and who whom he has wronged.

    SHAMEFUL. Time clean up politics in Barbados, time put OSA into retirement for GOOD.

  66. I see now all DLP hangers on excited and uncontrolable.
    “ONETRICK Pony” Having performed well on ONE point.
    All of the “ATTRIBUTES” affixed to “ONETRICK” are about the same as could be given to an innocent well meaning CHILD.
    Where has “ONETRICK” been for the last HOW LONG???
    WHAT has he EVER achieved?” Riducule thats all. “SLEEPY” Leader of the gang of DWARFS.
    WHEN he EVEN looked as THO he CARED about ANYTHING let alone BARBADOS.
    WOULD any one even have KNOWN if he had been BURIED alongside the last “HONEST” PM THOMPSON??
    Of course we can see that he REALLY CARES now?
    The TROUGH about to disappear of course the PIGS are Squealing.
    WHO Spent 500,000$ on a PM Jolly to Australia,when KIDS in Barbados need operations and are being kept “Waiting”
    “Playing ” like you are CLEAN.
    Head Honcho of a gang of Political RAPISTS touted as of INTEGRITY HONESTY ,cos you never actually been cought(YET) with your “Dick” in.

    We all know that what we have is a choice “Take it or leave it”!!
    You ever seen a Dog MIAOW or a CAT Bark!!
    What is , IS and always WILL be be .D’s is D’s
    Our “ONETRICK” looking to jump back in the bed and get some “well earned (well PAID)rest”.
    “FRuendelstiltskin” will wake up again in ANOTHER 5 years.


    For GODS sake ,do we need a POLITICAL CHILD as our leader, we need a MAN of experience and ability ,PROVEN ability ,NOT the “Fumbelings” of a “GOOD BOY”
    Me personally give me the “Devil I know” and NOT the “DEVIL I dont”
    I will say OSA is up for us all to see and understand ,warts
    and all,he is a MAN of the people .There is NOTHING we do not ALREADY know about OSA.
    You CANNOT say that about “ONETRICK”
    “ONETRICK” for me is too”Smart” too “Slick”.
    It is said th eyes are the mirror of the Soul,”ONETRICKS” eyes dont say anything GOOD to me.

    BARBADOS needs an MATURE EXPERIENCED MAN at the WHEEL not a BOY Fumbling with his “DING A LING”

  67. @jUST


  68. DEMS FEEL THEY WINNING……FOLLY…WHY WORRY …LIKE BEFORE LEFT DEM….if they say is so, is so remember?

    “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Tubby Liard, (ably aided and abetted) by one twitchy Ariel, who say DEM din provoke a fellow Dugid to call tubby a scunt ( with apology) in Parliament.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    And like one low Dung beetle who say DEM ain’t swap no 19.9 acres of Bagatelle dump lands for 9.9 acres of River Bay fertile and “whey my cut” .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Serta Slumberer who say the Deloitte Report WAS LOST, in which was clearly shown $3.3 million passing thru a company called D T Thomps Associates.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a(once) Fresh Milk Cartoon which say that if the expiry date of certain milk did long pass, it should soon be gone. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain martial Lucian who say Thomps Associates din involve in no passage of $ 3.3 million to nobody on her watch.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Tourist Seale who say no family and friends connections din fly on GOL Airline to Brazil on largess and do the samba.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Jonesing Minister who say he din see no King Report on Alexandra school on his desk and he din know what was going on.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Molassesy fellow who say he forgive and forget his once ‘eagerly compatriots’ and all is well in Aire D Campe..and that this had no influence on the school bell calling late nor no connections to the heads, tails and seats SOON rolling ALL bout in nuff school yards .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like ole flunking Geese who Quixs to scandalize people but was accustomed getting nuff poorakey marks and is still last in ‘class’ to this day. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a miss Lashley boy chile, who was accompanied by certain unknowns first class en route to the Olympics costing tax payers $17,865.89 and he din the only one either. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Ivy fellow who some how come upon a law degree but still having nuff problems handling the Queen’s English. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Cowboy Dan who din learn NOT to carry his guns to town, however now buy a pink poodle to accompany him to Brambly Cross, even though a pitt bull is his preferred canine of choice..“If DEM say is so, is so“.. But wait wha about the five John Deere tractors?

    IS LIKE ALL A DEM WANNA DO AS DEY LIKE… but not for AS LONG as dey like.. MARSHAL OWEN GIVE DEM 5 MORE DAYS….to pack up and get outta town.


    1 Start where you are. YOUR BRAIN
    2 Use what you have. YOUR HAND
    3 Do what you can. VOTE C.U.P


    VOTE ON THE 21st DAY OF THE 12th FEBRUARY MONTH, OF THE YEAR 2012 =9 21+12+12=9 HIDDEN MATH,, its not 2013 as yet.They pick this date for a reason ,

  70. As I see it both these parties are the devils we know all too well, It will continue to be a win win situation for both parties and a lose lose situation for taxpayers, until taxpayers are able to rid the country of each and every one of them.

  71. @all
    today’s paper confirms the conundrum. Under Major issues, 69% of persons are concerned about cost of living, unemployment and the economy while only 8% are concerned about leadership.

    Yesterday under performance in their respective position (PM or LOO) and approval/disapproval, the difference between Arthur and Stuart is marginal. But yet we have 39-36 in favour of Stuart with a massive ‘bump” for Stuart.

    Would be good to see the ratings on individual attributes but it’s clear that Stuart has increased in the eyes of the electorate (not hard since he was viewed so lousily before) while the attacks on Arthur have taken their toll. Neither of these observations can dictate what will happen on Thursday given that the swing is still enough to carry seats away from the DLP. Let the ground game begin!

    Just Observing

  72. It is funny how all the time the polls were lying and now they are correct. It also seems as though Barbadians have short memories and are easily deceived. Do you the people of Barbados remember the promises made by the DLP last elections? The cost of living was to be their main focus; and what did they do? Within the first 3 months of their tenure they imposed all the taxes they could on the people of this island. They even wanted to tax the phone cards that people who cannot afford to pay a monthly bill use. Here we are suffering from heavy taxation, massive jobs loss in the private sector, persons working 2 or 3 days and could hardly feed their families, no leadership for the past 5 year, ministers who verbally abuse mere citizens for their point of view and the country at a stand-still because the persons we put there to work for us are pessimistic and think nothing can be done because of the economic climate. Are we really going to be fooled once again by those incompetent people who were elected for the past 5 years and are now coming out of hibernation? Are we going to vote for a party whose views are that of sharing the fatted cow with party supporters only or are we going to be responsible and elect a government who sees to the need of all Barbados. I know where my vote is going and it is one less vote for the DLP. I will also ensure that all of my immediate family do the same as we all feel the pinch and CAN’T TEK DEM NA MORE.

  73. @ We Dun Wid Dem

    You are not reading the political cues corrently little man. The next poll on Tuesday or Wednesday will show that the swing is in favour of the DLP. This is Wickham moving to get his polls to co-incide with the reality on the ground. Remember a pollster is only as good as the accuracy of his last poll and that is compounded if that last poll is the one before a general election.

    This election has come down to this, the people do NOT want a damaged leader, they don’t want to be embarrassed about their Prime Minister and that being so, Owen Arthur is damaged goods in the peoples view.

  74. @ David

    I am prepared now to declare a 23 – 7 victory for the DLP. In this regard it is easier that I list those BLP candidates who will be elected on Thursday than the DLP winner, they are:-

    1. Owen Arthur
    2. Mia Mottley
    3. Cynthia Forde
    4. Gline Clarke
    5. Santia Bradshaw
    6. Ronald Toppin
    7. Ian Gooding-Edghill

  75. @Observing(…) | February 18, 2013 at 10:29 AM | As I warned before. DLP-ites, please do not gloat. It is not over and gloating is a complete turn-off for the undecided. Continue to fight for every vote. A little humility (and humour) would go a long way right now.

  76. @O THE POINT | February 18, 2013 at 1:13 AM |
    “u have not listened to what the pm said attentively he said that there are no 30 000 clico polyholders in barbados and he gave a figure of 14-15000,”

    I have listened to and the PM said that the 30,000 was the entire Caribbean not just Barbados. so am i to assumed that in Barbados alone, the figure is 14-15,0000 policyholders and the other 15-16,000 is made up of policyholders from Guyana, Trinidad, Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia, St, Vincent, Antigua, St. Kitts. BAHAMAS? SHOCKING….


  77. I posted this earlier but forgot a point”
    it seems obvious that Arthur will lose his seat, Freundel will keep his and the BLP will win the elections but i am hoping too that George Payne, Dale Marshall and Noel Lynch will also lose theirs. What Arthur did to Mia will come back to haunt him in this elections.

    the DLP is the only political group that has sought since the death of Errol Barrow to sacrifice the salaries of public servants at the bottom of the salary scale. they did it in the 1990s AFTER Sandiford had given his cabinet, Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Depts and Directors a huge wage increase, calling it a salary adjustment. four months following, he introduced a wage cut of 8% across the board which obviously affected those at the bottom and in no way touch those at the top.. the BLP won the elections in 1994, Arthur returned the 8% wage cut. the DLP won the elections in 2008. Thomspon cautioned that he was looking into wage increase and denied that he will give the public servants a wage freeze. yet in 2011 Freundel, his cabinet, PSs, Dep PSs, Heads of Depts and Directors got salary increases with back pay retroactive 2007, it was again called a salary adjustment. a Director who would be at the bottom of those at the top got $25,000 back pay, u could imagine how much then the PM, Cabinet, Permanent Secretaries etc would have gotten. while that was going on Ronald Jones was pleading with teachers not to push for a salary increase and Sicnkler was doing the same, since ‘the economy cannot accommodate it.

    Public servants at the bottom have not gotten a salary increase since 2008. with all the untruths mixed with truths about the public service, it is no wonder that no one cares about that group that is often abused verbally. the DLP will understand the public servant’s level of anger and frustration on Feb 21. yes, the economy is in shambles but the DLP made it worse.

    1) bragging about giving free busfare to children who totally abuse the system, giving free houses to those who do not contribute and have no intention of contributing to the system,

    2)spending vast amount of money on summer camps


    As it stands right now, those fathers who have to pay child support are probably smiling to themselves, knowing that if they do not pay, the country will do the job.


    the rich do not need assistance, the poor gets it and the those in the middle who contribute have an income so they cannot be considered for any kind of hand outs. why could they not introduce some kind of financial assistance to those in the middle who ALWAYS make the ultimate sacrifice? we are not begging but if the DLP can willy nilly give houses to those who could care less about themselves why could they not introduce some kind of programme where the middle class could benefit? Barbados is the only country in the world where the middle class is punished for being middle class and the poor is rewarded for being poor. if it continues like this, i imagine that some weak person will purposely put themselves on the borders of poverty to get that house that they have been denied. nothing wrong with assisting the poor but for heaven sakes, stop robbing the middle class

  78. I cannot believe that in this 21st century, when so many businesses are being closed down in Barbados and employees are sent home that the ruling party, DLP could actually claim as their road to fame the folowing:

    1. a refurished cafeteria at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    2. a refurbished post office at Oistins, christ church
    5. A walk-over at the Pine
    6 High rise housing (how many in these housing are fully employed, how many are illegals, how many are unemployed?)

    if that is what is coded as development for the 5 years they were in control of this island’s resources, then that is a total embarrassment to anyone looking on.

    Four Seasons is still a mess after Minister Sinckler took $60 million from the NIS and GAVE it to that company. that money could have been better invested.


    My God you could have done better than that

  79. @Smooth Chocolate | February 18, 2013 at 7:53 PM |
    ” Barbados is the only country in the world where the middle class is punished for being middle class and the poor is rewarded for being poor.”

    i did not see the original blog but this is fantastic and so accurate, i was in recent discussion with a medical doctor who has been living here for about 20 years and his diagnosis is the same. it boggles our minds that the middle class in Barbados do not benefit from any taxes they are contributing. something is wrong when a party could take over the reigns of an island and in the face of recession, hand out houses to those who refuse to contribute, put illegals in government rental units and yes it actually happens. I know of young employed Barbadians working for salaries up $2,600 monthly, who had applied for a rental unit and was denied only to discover that illegals were given keys…check Country Towers, St. Michael

    it looks to me that this government relishes the desire to finance those who will not give back and yes, punish those who have the ability to contribute. sad times in Barbados





    SPEAK UP !


    Tell me where i can find the information that PS’s got a salary increase, aprt from the 10 percent public officers got when the new administration came to power. David Thompson was advised against the magnitude of the increase.

    R u aware that there were post that were considered related and hence because of the relativity, there had to be adjustments, for example, u had some postion where Heads were in the S4 Grades and there was a need to move them to the S3, thats why some postions were adjusted. someone like u should know better, but then again, why am I surprised about ur logic.

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