Can Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart Rally His Men?

Let me have men about me that are fat,

Sleek-headed men and such as sleep a-nights.

Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look,

He thinks too much; such men are dangerous

Julius Caesar Act 1, scene 2, 190–195


credit: Nation newspaper 13/12/2011

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart was the man trusted by the late Prime Minister David Thompson to manage the affairs of state during his sickness. It was a difficult time for the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) we can all agree, the protracted global economic slowdown would not have made the situation better.  Stuart, his failings as a human noted, was a calming influence during that time. Some like Peter Wickham argue that he appears to be slow in decision-making. Besides the fact Wickham has overstepped his professional boundary as a pollster, one wonders how would he have known what considerations Stuart had to deliberate over to make those decisions he felt were slow in coming. Could it be that Wickham is simply sharing his opinions which like ours have no empirical support?

The reality of the matter is that our parliamentary system requires the leader of the political party to have the support of the parliamentary group in order to perform the job. When the leader is Prime Minister the procedure to remove him may differ compared to what occurred in the case of Arthur (the Gang of Five) and Mottley.  In both cases there is a common factor, the leader needs the support of the parliamentary group.

BU sources have confirmed that Prime Minister Stuart does not have the support of the majority of key players in the parliamentary group and the party. Some are willing to go public while others are scared and prefer to be protected by the shadows. The charge laid by DLP disaffected members is that Stuart has failed to lead.

Prime Minister Stuart should be aware of this situation by this time if he wasn’t before and is astute enough to read the tea leaves for himself. BU has already advised Stuart to ring the bell and let the people decide. How he does it is up to him. Will he defer to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler who appears to be the popular choice or will he be nasty about it a la Sir Lloyd. If the disaffected parties can hold their nerves it seems obvious that the DLP cannot venture on the campaign trail unless swords are returned to their scabbards and all line up behind the Old Head or the young Turk.

Some question how the transfer to Sinckler should occur. There is the emerging view in the BU household that the Governor General is not required to call an election or to submit to Prime Minister Stuart’s call for an election if he demands it. Provided the DLP has a leader that is able to form a majority government, the Governor General has the authority to remove Stuart and give the job to Sinckler. The idea that there must be a general election may not be supported in the law.

The parliamentary model of government as it affects how we change leaders often leave a bitter after taste but it is what it is. The same occurred with Mottley when her support shifted overnight to Arthur and left her on the outside looking in. BU supports the call to amend the law so that the people vote for the leader and pre-empt a few people in smoke filled backrooms who currently influence the selection process. We need to protect our fragile democracy from those with deep pockets who in the current system find it easy to manipulate our politicians who carry a ‘hungry look’.

There is enough evidence in the public domain to support that there is a palace coup unravelling in the DLP camp. Sinckler’s continued denials will dent his integrity the longer it takes to accomplish the goal. Many conclusions maybe drawn but the one which comes to the top of the pile is that this is imperfect timing for the DLP.

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  1. and scout can you please show us the smoking gun so far the nation can;t retrieve it. maybe you can give them a helping hand., Scout my man”Pull de trigger:Btw why is it surprising that the AG hasn’t said nothing. Sinister indeed!think you have been reading too many tea leaves maybe what you might need is a Bush TEA bathe , BUSH TEA Where art Thou!ac calleth thee

  2. @enuff

    That poll was reportedly commissioned by members of the private sector a while back. It was also reportedly leaked by them.

  3. David
    Agreed, the Nation MUST produce proof and the only proof is a copy of the letter. I think at this time somebody’s credibility is at stake, if this letter is produced and the signatures are there, Mr Stuart has no choice but call a general elections. It would be foolhardy on the Nation to print such a story without concrete proof, failing to produce the information could mean the closure of the newspaper. Was it not printed in the Barbados Today too?

  4. It would be interesting to see what will happen if the Nation cannot provide the proof and the Nation has to pay out thousands of dollars? What happens if they do like the Government and delay for years the payment? will the Courts level against them? Or has a precedent been set by the Government?

  5. ac
    Wednesday’s Nation is not out as yet. Let’s wait and see what other information they come with tomorrow. Can’t put all the news in one paper, then they would lose sales, you give it piece by piece, so a?c my friend wait for tomorrow and see who the cowardices are.

  6. OH SCOUT ;Why get into the what wil or shoudu or couldu. Never mind all that . Right now we only concentrating on the Nation delivering the letter.Maybe by tommorow the only fire might be the Nation going down in a blazing inferno fueled by the public fury.

  7. scout i have waitedfor about three days. if i wait any longer i might get constipated. BUsh man would tell yuh it is not healthy to keep that kinda stuff in the system fuh too long. Becase BB might put the kinda end yuh not hoping for!

  8. @Enuff

    @ David
    You really believe it is a hoax? That letter coming at Haggatt Hall next elections. lmao

    You mean Hats, Smiley Wuk fuh Wuk and See-Through going to need so much time to forge the signatures? lmao more

  9. David | December 13, 2011 at 7:49 PM | This matter is simple, forget the smoke and fire business. The Nation can stick to its story but it now has to produce that letter.

    The Nation does not have to produce anything until a lawsuit is filed. If the Nation has libeled anyone, let them sue and stop this dry talk

    • @Caswell

      Come on, don’t go legal. The Nation in its frontpage story on Sunday based that article on a letter which it purports to carry the signatures of 11 DLP members from the parliamentary group who sought an audience with PM Stuart. At least three members out of the eleven have subsequently called the nation story a lie. The Nation to protect its integrity needs to produce the letter. Why should it have to go to Court if the letter is in the possession of the Nation?

    • David

      I am not getting legal. If the nation does not produce the letter, those MPs who are crying out would have to put the Nation in court to protect their good name. If they sue and the Nation produces a letter then it would become a matter of perjury when they file affidavits in court knowingly swearing to lie. If you have a conviction for perjury you can’t be a member of parliament. I prefer court judgement, not political spin.

  10. ac
    Everyday that a piece more information is released, more papers are sold, if all the information is given on one edition, then that’s only one sale. You seem frighten? Why? The Nation has to bring the proof or else.
    I agree, but will the insurance pay for such reckless journalism?

  11. @ Cornwell
    UWP in StLucia out after one term, Standard & Poors changes our outlook to negative, IMF confirms unemployment is 12.1% (not a word of dissent from GoCB or Government by the way), NIS funds Four Seasons and a DLP poll done since June before all these negatives shows the DLP down and out. Yet the BLP concocts a story that there is a plot to oust PM Stuart?
    Wheel and come again, this is all damage control. How a DLP owned poll get in the Nation’s possession?

  12. C.F
    You are so right, the Nation is innocent until proven guilty, if they do have the proof, call their bluff and tell them go ahead and file a case.

  13. Butt head tha’s if there is anything to produce. and then again why risk losing million of dollars in revenue via readership and advertisement plus legal fees when it would be easier to deliver the letter . Right now holding on to such important information is more damaging to the paper and its stock holders.

  14. Denials Denials but to no avail. It seems that some in the DLP are confirming that there was a meeting at Dover. It seems that some are saying that they know nothing about the letter. If that is so then it seems to me that their friends and colleagues are prepared to implicate them in the action and so they must train their ire on their friends. There is a letter I dont think that is in dispute. Who signed or did not sign is not so important if they have expressed their minds on the matter. What I think is so unconscionable is that it is reported that there was a parlimentary group meeting at George St. where they could have discusssed their concerns. Stuart is only a man if they felt that they would lose with Stuart I think they should say so but to leave a meeting where they could have told him so and go some where else is cowardly and dastardly. They are puny men and should be treated as such. Their exposure is necessary not because they have expressed their view but because they did not stand up like men. Think on these things

  15. David
    If you get 3 out of 11 in an exam you are considered a big failure, If only 3 or 4 members can come forward they too have fail miserably. They need to come forward as a united group and deny the charges or as I said there is fire coming from that smoke.

  16. TRUE TO FORM> Doesn;t these “SOME” that you are speaking of have names. Please don’t take us down that hypothetical road of twist and turns again.and while you are at it please bring the letter along. until then we will not believe the story that you are posting

  17. Is there any proof in the humor that there will soon be a NEW THIRD party formed by disidents from the two major parties?
    Like my friend

  18. Would this NEW PARTY be large enough to claim a right to govern the country? Unlike the NDP who took over the opposition, this party is rumored large enough to be the majority party in parliament and thus entitled to govern the country.

  19. ac
    Don’t get so worried, if there is a letter, the Nation would have to produce it at some point in time, I believe the Nation too have their attorneys, so don’t rush the brush. Politics on the whole is a game of twists and turns, at the end the only losers are the voters and the general public. I’ll sit back and enjoy with dismay the outcome of this political Soap Opera

  20. To Carson Cadogan:
    Stop splitting hairs. A letter written to Freudel Stuart was given to the Nation Newspaper. The only thing you seem to be holding on to is if it was signed by the gang of eleven. That is not the point the letter indicated to the PM that the people wanted to discuss a few things with him. Freundel told them he would only meet people one by one not a group. This why Donville was able to say he met with the PM over the weekend; he said that as a comment in the News. Splitting hairs here does not make the dastardly deed disappear. It seems that most of them got cold feet so all did not affix a signature to the letter. But the fact is that there is a letter. So stop your non sense.

  21. To Scout:
    You seem to be seeing what i am seeing. Sinker knows as did Branford Taitt when he went up against Barrow that he has no more future in the DLP. Mia also knows that she has no future in the BLP. Never mind what stupidity is put up here about who she controls, so they must try a Barrow break away. Richie was not successful may be they shall be, but not with my vote.

  22. Methinks the fellas are unhappy with Stuart but in the face of a party rank and file scared by the memories of 1994 and maybe uncertainty about Sinckler as the leader, the concerned parties probably decidedly to leave unwell alone.

    If Stuart dismisses the whole matter and goes on as usual the damage to the DLP from this spat may actually be quite small. They still have othe problems of course. Th elites and King-makers in Bim do not want Stuart that is his bigger problem.

    Now George Belle’s comments is one of the reasons its good to live long. Now Belle the old radical, who wanted to tear up everything, is part of the status quo, young people must stay in their place and wait their turn. No matter how much crap the older heads doing, stay in your place, deal with it and wait your turn. Well, well.

    His views are part of the reason why our politics remain so problematic. For these people, the PM can only be a maximum leader.

  23. Belle and protege, Tennyson Joseph seem to want to frame things purely in terms of ideology. Maybe whatever his other qualities Stuart is just seen as an ineffectual leader.

  24. To Poor Class:
    Put aside your bias; George Belle hit the nail on the head as to the reason for this seemly rash piece of political behavior. Mia is in hurry before she gets that heart attack from obesity to be PM and Sinker before he gets his heart attack is also in dastardly hurry to become PM. What Sinker does not know is that that man Stuart loves being a PM, health or no health.

  25. To Poor Class:
    Are you one of the supporters of the rebel eleven. It seems so by your hard take on people who have nothing to do with the dastardly situation, or is this a DLP strategy to move the conversation elsewhere.

  26. @ David

    The Nation MUST prove it’s a credible news organisation given that the varacity of its stories are being called into question by some MP’s in their denial of being involved.

    The Nation MUST as a minimum produce the letter and anything less than a true copy print of the letter showing all 11 signatures, will leave that news organisation in very serious trouble.

    In the event that the Nation newspaper does NOT print the letter, then the management at that organisation must know that someone will shortly after a reasonable period has expired start a facebook page calling on Barbadians and advertisers to STOP by their newspapers and STOP advertising with them.

    The key now is for entities like the Advocate, Barbados Today, Barbados Underground and the Barbados Free Press to demand that the Nation produce the letter failing which they will be branded a uncredible news organisation.

  27. Lemuel for you people everythijng is party politics eh. Instead of giving us serious analysis the political scientists are spouting based on their own agendas. Wickham wants Stuart out, Tennyson Joesph loves Stuart with the old guard socialist views that he shares and belle keeps saying people must bow to power and office.

  28. I am intrigued by the fact that the apparent decision to “invest” NIS money in Four Seasons has come to a head just ahead of the time it is rumoured that elections will be held!!

  29. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see one of Bims two major political party engaging in a potentially self destructing, if not in the least, a weakening internal conflict. I firmly believe that Barbados is being held back as long as these two parties remain intact.

    If the reports are correct, that these eleven parliamentarians have approached the PM with concerns about his “style” as if to suggest that he and his approach is the reason they are likely to face defeat in the next election, they are wrong. The economy is defeating incumbent governments all over the globe; what the DLP is facing is bigger than Fruendel’s apparent hands off approach. The DLP’s best and probably only approach to surviving the next election, is to continue talking positive, is to demonstrate unity of purpose, to highlight any and all positives to be found in the economy and to contantly remind the country of the likely reasons they got rid of the BLP.

    I dismiss concerns about a no confidence vote, and further discount any likelihood that such would be successful, and more specificully that it would be successfull to the benefit of the DLP. Things may have change since the last successful no confidence vote against a sitting PM. Sandy may have been the last PM to suffer the humiliation of a no confidence vote and still retained the power to call elections. So that currently if the alledged eleven disgruntle DLP parliamentans were to support a no confidence vote along with the nine or ten BLP members, Fruendel would be immediately strip of his office and the power that comes with it – unable to call elections – the GG would have to insist that Parliament get on with the business of governing which may include having to choose a new PM in the current parliament, still guided by the constitution which simply states “the parliamentarian who commands majority support shall be the PM- thus NOT making it certain, that the leader of the eleven will be that person. It could be one of the DLP parliamentarians who abstain from or vote nay in the no confidence motion or it could the Leader of the BLP.

    Even if the eleven were to have their way with no a confidence vote, and its leader were to become the PM, the economy and the added treachery of thier actions as is the potential perception of sufficent voters, could result their efforts being a lost cause. At the end of it all, it is the economy stupid.

  30. @ac and like minded minds
    I assure you that I am in for the long haul. I am a 100 % Bajan and I shall fight for the integrity and good reputation of my country. For those of you who know politics, the top is now spinning in mud. Time will tell and I assure you that something happened which pre-empted the PM’s statements on Friday and certainly Kellman’s clarity that he could not be part of any suicidal mission. One cannot deny that the meetings took place and concerns were raised and support was solicited. I may be a BEE but the political divide only realistically separates those too blind to see otherwise. Always remember that the DLP is a suckling made from the fabric of the BLP. At the end of the day, I am willing to take on bets; who sold out whom and who is the beneficiary. Sinckler has been duped to believing that he is prime ministerial material not realising that he has not yet proven himself to be an effective minister in any portfolio. My full support remains with the Office of the Prime Minister of Barbados. If you doubt me, dare FS to touch that Cabinet without repercussions.

  31. @ac
    Cassius never spoke of any LETTER; indeed I know of no letter. I know about and saw the TEXT MESSAGES that were sent by Sinckler..You must be more careful in your reading ac.

  32. The Nation said it is sticking by its story. Wen a paper says it is sticking by its story it must have credible and irrefutable evidence that it is on the ball. Never mind what some may say you can bet your bottom dollar that there is some credibility in the published story.Some times we think we can split hairs but the story remains believable when it seems that the PM has responded to it.
    Some people are quarrelling with the men for writing the letter. I cannot quarrel with them for writing a letter to the PM. If they think their chances of reelection under the present regime is reduced I think they should say so and say so loudly.but I think it should be done in caucus so that all can air their views. I do not think Stuart is capable of winning the next election. the concerns of the 11 must be addressed and a solution found. Immersing this prblem is legalese and simplistic nonsense wil not tackle the real problem,. That problem is FS and the only question is can the DLP win with Stuart? Surely more than half the team think not. Why should I think any different.
    Think on these things

  33. political scietist if mr thompson can forgive mr stuart for his bitter attacks upon him at an annual dlp conference and mr estwick can forgive mr brathwaithe and mr ince for publicly trying to prevent him for running fror a seat he now holds for life; then anybody can forgive anybody in our political scheme of things.

  34. to mr stuart’s credit he seems not to be bothered by the purported machinations of some of his disciples otherwise he would not leave the country not once but twice.barbadians tend to know everybody’s business how come we cannot substantiate the comment that the supposedly disaffected members approached the GG without success before resorting to the letter approach.

  35. Cassius i am of the assumption that you are privy to some of the intricate details surrounding this political madness but most important i would think that one such of yourself who seems to know what is happening would be privy to information of the whereabouts of “A letter: and have categorically denied not knowing about “A letter”i find it interesting that as close as you are to the scenes of the crime that you you know who the murderers are but can’t associate them to the weapon in this case the letter. The plot thickens.

  36. @george Brathwaite

    What bLong Haul? what integrity ! Btw barbados still waiting for integrity legislation . Since you like to BUZZ find out what plans does the BEES have for putting integrity legislation on their platform in the upcoming elections , Before you spin out of control try not to dig yourself too deeply in the mud believing the :Yellow journalism of your favourite soon to be defunct Nation newspaper

  37. @ ac.
    Yes dear ac, I AM PRIVY TO THE MADNESS and it was not difficult to so become, given the obscene and barbaric approach of the plotters. You will in time find out that THOUSANDS of people WORLD WIDE are also privy to the madness. They too have seen the BB text messages. When you yourself see them, do me a favour, just let me know you have finally seen them. We must together make every effort to protect this beautiful land of ours, which beyond any doubt, finds itself in the hands of a man of the highest moral standards and integrity, from all attempts at destroying the traditions we have fought to establish and hold dear. THAT IS MY SIMPLE AGENDA my friend.

  38. @ ac.
    . ..and dont be drawn into any sterile debate about integrity legislation in Barbados, IT WILL BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT , nigh impossible under our present legal scheme for ANY GOVERNMENT to put MEANINGFUL legislation in place to do what politicians since the days of the Barrow/Adams era have been talking about. Ignore the constant rantings about this from one group when the other has replaced it in government.

  39. very interesting forone who have been close to the madness i will take your word on what you know including that of not knowing about the letter which is the most damaging part of the madness As for the integrity legislation i am fully aware that it would never happen too many skeletons in the closets.

  40. miller
    You wouldn’t have to vote for that new party right away, once they command a majority, they would automatically become the government of the country. What they would have to do is immediately start adjusting upward the living conditions of Barbados, by dropping the cost of living and enact the Integrity Legislation and Barbadians will vote them back in when the general elections are called in 2013. This will make Mia P.M Sinckler Dep P.M and the Owen and Fruendal supporters (yardfowl) will be left on the paling.

  41. ” He who alleges MUST prove ”
    The Nation News insists it has a letter prepared and signed by the “EAGER 11” then naturally the Nation News will have to produce that letter.
    Those who claim they have no knowledge of / or did not sign any such letter would have to consider the impact on their credibility……IF INDEED THE PURPORTED LETTER…….IS AUTHENTIC.

    Sunday 18th December , 2011 could be MISERABLE DAY for some……in this the Season of ADVENT !

  42. @ David

    The Nation Newspaper is yet to print that it has a letter signed by 11 MP’s. That may be the inference some are taking but in a strict legal sense I don’t think expressly printed that.

    By the way, what’s the name of the lady at the Nation News who is very close to OSA, the name is slipping me at the moment?

  43. The Scout | December 14, 2011 at 10:06 AM |
    “This will make Mia P.M Sinckler Dep P.M and the Owen and Fruendal supporters (yardfowl) will be left on the paling.”

    MAM is staying put in the Beehive as the Queen. Soon the drone will disappear from the scene and all her worker bees will clean the hive of tainted honey from Jemmotts lane. The wild bees from prior park will accordingly be dispersed and everything will flow like milk and honey. Those who the gods have anointed cannot be destroyed by evil men.
    Rephrase your sentence quoted above to read:
    “This will make Mia P.M and Sinckler Leader of (the Opposition)”.

  44. To Miller:
    Now you are showing your slip or as we used to say can can. Your Gods can not wish whatever they want but the God who intervenes in the state of men shall decide if that shall be or not.

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