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Rush to Sell Hilton: Benedict Peters???

The two main political parties held national political meetings on the penultimate weekend BEFORE the May 24 General Election. After wading through much of the rhetoric and palaver three questions peaked the inquiring mind of the blogmaster. Hopefully they will be answered in the public interest BEFORE the general election. Why the haste to sell the Barbados Hilton hotel BEFORE

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Will Chris Sinckler Answer Questions Posed by Mia Mottley?

The Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley at a press conference this week asked Minister Chris Sinckler to answer eight questions. The questions are pertinent sane observers will agree given the perilous state of the economy based on reports delivered last week by Governor Cleviston Haynes and this week from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). Again pertinent because the draft

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Chairman of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Jeff Cumberbatch Responds to Minister Chris Sinckler

In response to Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s criticism about the length of time the Far Trading Commission (FTC) has taken to deliver its final decision on the application for SOl to acquire BNTCL, Chairman of the FTC Jeff Cumberbatch shared the following press statement [16 November 2017]. The final decision on the matter is to be made on November

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