Time To Get Real

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David Cameron, UK Prime Minister (l) Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State

The recent debate about gay rights started with the UK Prime Minister saying that in future some UK aid would be linked to adherence to “proper human rights”. His statement was related to one of the recommendations of a Commonwealth report which recommended ending bans on homosexuality.

The UK’s stance has not been well received in Barbados but it is important to note that despite the uproar, this is only peripherally aimed at us.

This for two reasons:

– Most importantly, we do not receive any aid which will be subject to these criteria. Please note this well. We receive no money from the UK which is at risk because the UK Government has decided to bring in these rules. It is therefore a complete non-issue for Barbados.

– The policy is aimed more at States which ban homosexuality completely. See for instance Uganda’s proposal for an “offence of homosexuality” which would normally make any homosexuality carry a penalty of life imprisonment. This would be increased to a death sentence if the offender was HIV positive.

But make no mistake; the pressure will continue to mount.

As an example. Hillary Clinton has just made a speech at the United Nations in Geneva, where she said that US Government Agencies will now “consider gay rights when making aid…… decisions”.

With the USA taking this position, we have to recognise that the game is really starting to change across the world.

You can say its colonial pressure; you can argue the Biblical interpretation; you can debate the morality. What is clear is that in the near future, if we want to continue receiving international aid and loans, we will have to review our laws.

The by-product might be that Barbados will be a more tolerant place.

152 thoughts on “Time To Get Real

  1. David there is nothing flawed the fact is that homosexuals have had for years hid their true identity by living a lie because they sleep or engage in heterosexual activity does not change what their true identity is the same can be said for heterosexual males who are confined in jail for years and who resort to homosexual acts as a mean to an end.

  2. AS far as homosexuality is define the law of buggery says it is punishable. Now what does that law do to better a society except to cause division and discrimination. the law is useless and the time has come for it to go it has outlived its usefulness whatever that was supposed to be . To entertain such a law in itself is immoral.If Barbados wants to keep it on the books the punishment meted out by the worldwide gay community would be more than enough to make up for years of having it on the books.

  3. Do any of you really think that being gay is a choice? Why am I not gay? Why have I only been attracted to women?

    Why do I still get a hard on when I see a naked woman? Why has bulling never crossed my mind?

    David have you ever been attracted to a man? Caswell same question.If not, how can you think that a man would choose to be a bulla and be subjected to the ridicule of homophobic Bajans?

    Homosexuality and Lesbianism are not lifestyle choices except in the case of some who prostitute themselves and engage in any perversion that they are paid for.

    Try this novel idea. Treat gays as human beings. Let God decide if they offend his laws.

    • I have never been attracted to a man: I was always too busy being attracted to women. If I take the argument being used by some on this blog that sexual preference is genetic, I am genetically a heterosexual since I come from a heterosexual father who sired fourteen children.

  4. the sodomy law trying to reverse reverse the homosexual lifestyle have in turn caused homosexuals to have offspring withheterosexual and as a result the fruit have not fallen far from the tree. The moral of the story it is not good to force people to live a lie, BTW the sodomy law was intended to increase the birth rate. Now a law which was to protect society from deviant has in fact created chaos and mayhem.

  5. Caswell you have proven my point.

    I believe that what consenting adults do in private should not be dictated by the Government.

    the operative words being consenting and adult.

    I still have difficulty accepting the concept of gays marrying or raising children but they should be treated just like us who are heterosexual.

    • Hants

      You have me lost now. Which point I have proven: do you mean the point that I am now an airline pilot.

    • @Hants

      You ask a good question, it is like saying why do some people try to avoid committing crimes because we are aware of the consequences i.e. incarceration but others do the opposite.

  6. That people do not choose to be gay just like you did not choose to be heterosexual.
    we are born what we are gay,straight or bi.

    • @ac

      We are all entitled to our views. More importantly we are entitled to share them in the spirit of promoting freedom of expression.

    • Hants | December 12, 2011 at 2:28 AM | That people do not choose to be gay just like you did not choose to be heterosexual.
      we are born what we are gay,straight or bi.

      I hope that you don’t really believe that nonsense. You are born either male or female: you then choose to be heterosexual or perverted, it is as simple as that

  7. yeah freedom of expression is healthy and also in the spirit of humanity a person human rights should also be free .Only a coward would vehemently fight to deny a person those God given rights the right to liberty and to pursue happiness. When people actively seek to deny anyone their human rights it would be long before they quote scripture and verse toting bible in hands to deny others what they believe is wrong.

  8. To Ac:
    You know what is remarkable about your frustrating experience now; Miller stroked your ego and your fell right into his trap. Now you are sounding more loony than the Bible thumpers that you so despise. The journals of Nature and Morphology are not written by christians; they are written by scientists; they believe in evolution just like you. The only difference is that they are intellectually honest, and not taking a sprat for a whale of the tale that is gay and lesbian. I suggest you should contact Peter the spy man Wickham and Mia for advice.

    When they were looking at the gene for alcoholism they found about six to seven possibilities along the DNA strand. The only thing they can be specific about are those genes responsible for genetic diseases, and homosexuality is not one of them. I hope you AC is not for electricity cause you shall need help from light and power.

  9. lemule one thing for sure is that bible thumpers are quick to demonise those who opposed any of their point of view using biblicalbigotry and hatred as justification. however to quote your bible”You shall know them by their fruits”

  10. Caswell Franklyn | December 12, 2011 at 8:44 AM |
    “I hope that you don’t really believe that nonsense. You are born either male or female: you then choose to be heterosexual or perverted, it is as simple as that”

    Easy Caswell! This dogmatic, black or white, simplistic analysis ofhuman behaviour won’t work among intelligent people. Life is not like that at all. Or else, how would one categorise the well-known to you fella who worked with the travel agency?
    Those who are without sin, cast the first stone. Clean your own home before criticising those with untidy places.

  11. To AC:
    Run away with your tail between your legs. That foolish approach that has been utilized against persons who seek to stand for the Word Of God shall not work with me. You can accuse me of any thing, but I am not intellectually dishonest like you. I do not believe in something because some one I know believes in it; I know where I stand and how I stand. You are the worse AC without any electricity.

  12. @ readydone | December 11, 2011 at 9:17 PM |
    “lol before it was name AIDS it did name GRID or Gay-related immune deficiency”

    Thanks readybone! You have now provided us with a ready made explanation why AIDS is endemic to sub-Sahara African and Caribbean countries with large populations of African descent. These countries have some of the highest incidence of AIDS and AIDS-related diseases any way in the World.
    Based on you premise that AIDS is a homosexual disease one can therefore conclude that there are more male homosexuals per head of population in black communities that there are among white English communities.
    What a pity that you have not only found where “GRID’ originated but also who are the primary transmitters of this very serious disease.

    Please respond to debunk my argument or to clarify your position.

  13. To Miller:
    How are you keeping my friend. It is good to see up so early in the morning foisting your errant philosophy on the unsuspecting on BU. Laugh nah don’t get up set.

  14. Lemule the real truth is that standing between you and God is ignorance and a total depleteof tolerance towards your fellow man.your selfrighteousness is sorely devoid of compassion.yet you call yourself a christian.

  15. “millertheanunnaki | December 8, 2011 at 5:15 PM |
    So how come your god blessed Solomon making him the wisest man on Earth with a harem of 700 wives and 300 concubines? How about King David from whom Jesus descended…who sent a man to war to be killed so as to “get at” his wife?… Forget about the Bible when it comes to morality for modern humans, for god’s sake!”

    did u not read to end of those stories? EVERY ONE of them paid the penalty for their sins and God did forgive them BUT the seeds were already sown and they paid the penalty. yes Jesus came thru the seed of david, what point are u trying to make? the soul that sins will be cut off from God. U will still pay for ur sins IF u choose to ignore God and die unwashed and naked (without the blood of Jesus)

  16. This argument becomes funnier every time I have to tell it.
    Firsts up you have to realize I said WILLFULLY chose not to reproduce. Meaning if every man was to turn gay tomorrow, the human species will be nonexistent very quickly, for that one reason Gay cannot be right. No reason to bring god, religion or anything but common since into this argument. And common since says gay is not feasible.

    To the person that said black people have to most aids because they have the most gay, that argument is easy to debunk using common since, unfortunately that is in scarce supply. To put it simply you have been lied to. I will try but you have to note these simple points to follow this argument.
    1 most of our education comes from the television.
    3 most of the things shown on television come from Hollywood
    4 the people that poses the type of thinking to orchestrate the trans Atlantic slave trade did not one day grow a conscience and stopped what they were doing.

    Slave owners want to get rid of black people now after we have built the new world, computers and robots can take our place now. Aids is not as prevalent as we are told, we get messages true the said Tv all the time saying wear condoms or die, when in fact we are only encouraged to were condoms to slow the black population growth. I bet you never questioned why there is no cure for aids as yet.
    Every motion picture that comes out of Hollywood has a gay black male in it. Is the ratio of gay to human that high? Or is this a deliberate miss representation, and if it is deliberate what is to gain from this?
    More gay black males mean lest babies born.

    To put it simply you have been lied to.

  17. To AC (without electricity):
    If I have been self righteous towards you, a thousand pardons. But you are still wrong and shall be wrong tomorrow and the next day and even after that. What makes it difficult for you to admit that you are wrong that little ego or an enormous set of pride.

  18. lemuel it is all about principal.there is nothing ethical or moral or Christian like when one is denied their human rights.there is no right or wrong just basic humanity and doing unto others as you would like done to you. The problem that most gaybashers have is the inability to reove the sexual aspect and see the person as a “Human being” come to think of it. THe ones with the problem are the gay bashers because there they cannot separate the sexual aspect from the human aspect. maybe what gay bashers need is psychiatric help so they can understand what is consider the total biological as well as physiological that makes a person a human being and it is not only about sex

  19. We wanted CHANGE and we got it up our arses without de vasseline! Now de pain tah much tah bear.

    The above quote came from another comment by Islandgirl 246 on another post. If you wanted more proof that buggery is unnatural Islandgal has informed us that you have to use vaseline or else the pain would be too much to bear. In natural sexual activity a vagina produces its own lubrication. I suppose that the only natural lubrication that an anus can produce is feces. Is that so BAFBEP? Somehow I believe that you would know.

  20. Quoting Caswell Frankklyn “You are born either male or female: you then choose to be heterosexual or perverted, it is as simple as that”

    I hope that you understand that thee are a fair number of heterosexual perverts.

  21. Quoting Caswell “Don’t buy into that nonsense that you are homosexual if you have some attaction to someone of the same sex.”

    So Caswell while you were still in your virginity and had not tried any kind of sex, were you heterosexual? since you hadn’t tried anything?

    • Random Thoughts

      Before I had sex I was neither heterosexual nor homosexual, but I was trying for a long time to become heterosexual with no success and I stuck it out until I achieved the joy of becoming heterosexual. Unlike me, some of you, like BAFBEP, give up trying to be heterosexual because of the delay in getting started and resort to becoming homosexual. You do not become heterosexual or homosexual just by desire: you actually have to engage in the practice. If you became something just by desire, I always wanted to be an athlete so therefore I am if your argument holds true.

  22. Quoting Caswell Franklyn “if a person’s homosexuality was passed through the genes then his father would have been a homosexual and would not have had children in the first place”

    But Caswell what if my father was diabetic and I am not? And what if my mother had hypertension and I do not? And what if my sister has cancer and I do not.

    Caswell you know nothing at all about biology and you know even less that nothing about genetics.

  23. What if homosexuality is nature’s way of slowing down population growth. Because I expect that homosexuals on the whole tend to have fewer children that heterosexuals, and what if in the abscence of artificial contraceptives this was nature’s way of ensuring that the world’s population did not become unsustainably large?

    If I wanted to a sustainable method of permanently slowing population growth I would make about 5% of the population homosexual. I would also eliminate female fertility at about age 40, all it menopause if you wish.

    Maybe this is exactly what mother nature has done. Since there are fewer people thare are enough resources for all of us.

  24. Caswell Franklyn. Frankly speaking you need help some serious psychological help.you seem to be still searching to define your sexual identity. your are in serious denial. Hurry please go get some help! it is mind boggling to think that a person of sound intellect would utter the garbage that was written in the above post. Caswell it is never too late, stop hiding!

  25. ac lliliputhian islands like barbados has had to sell our souls by bending to the whims and fancies of more developed countries, their concomitant deviant behaviours and international schemers as well to make ends meet. are you asking that we sell our bottoms as well to the highest bidder? no, while we must seek as a christian community to embrace and not discriminate or ostracise the weak and the vulnerable and those with deviant behaviours like thieves, paedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians and persons with preferences contrary to society’s norms; we should not encourage such deviant norms by by giving legitimacy through legislation. persons with deviant behaviours like homosexuals and lesbians would always be with us in the minority ahnd hopefully so otherwise society would crumble. i would not have the guts to leave my teenage son in the hands of my homosexual so honestly i just cannot support legislation of the behaviour. to those who do, god bless.

  26. Balance that is your personnal belief but when confronted and put to the test in the political world the difference is like day and night unable to withstand the realities of everday life realities that would contiue to keep us constantly fighting amongst us ourselves.Realities that tell us that life is comprise of many shades.and realities that tells us that we are not just one people but many people. Balance i do understand your approach i too have held those beliefs and some of them i do hold on to but i have also learned that there are those among us who even thoughthey are different also contributes in many ways to this world in which we live and they should be treated equally in the same manner that others are treated with dinity and respect.

  27. treated equally in what way ac by legalising marriage between two men and two women. i tell you that i have know persons of such sexual aberrations living in barbados from birth and they have never been marginalised even a former deputy prime minister was known to be so inclined and to random thoughts- bring me the statistical evidence to show where alcohol consumption in this country of high alcohol consumption has done untold damage to a society of over 275.000 persons compared to the damage done by drug addiction or would be done if deviant behaviours like homosexuality were bestowed with parliamentary acceptance.

  28. @ balance | December 14, 2011 at 5:49 AM |
    ” … no, while we must seek as a christian community to embrace and not discriminate or ostracise the weak and the vulnerable and those with deviant behaviours like thieves,….. ”
    Balance, do yo think we should forgive and forget Leroy Greenverbs for relieving thousands of Bajans of their cash? He might just meet two of the criteria you set out to fervently condemn. Remember he was and still is a “pal” of mighty men in very high places. Remember this saying: “dogs who sleep in the same kennel tend to have the same fleas”.

  29. Balance the marriage issue is one that other countries have a problem since that marriage is traditional and accepted worldwide between a man and a woman this is going to be a big hurdle for the homosexual to jump. However some countries understand the legal issues that homosexual confronts when after being in a long term relationship if one or the either is terminally sick, the law does not permits the other partner to make basic decision . Laws that allows heterosexual couples certain legal rights are not available to the homosexual couples and they see marriage as the only alternative. These are hard issues and society were not prepared for them. not even the Bible

  30. 5 When a man hath taken a new wife, he shall not go out to war, neither shall he be charged with any business: but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he hath taken.
    Deuteronomy 24:5

    Imasgine how happy new wives would be if their husbands were given the first year of marriage off from work in order to “cheer-up” the new wife.

    How come I have never heard a preacher make a sermon on this passage

  31. no, MILLER i cannot forgive mr parris and by the way mr parris has nothing to be ashamed of in his use of the queen’s since he is in good company with our present minister of education that said i cannot forgive him nor mr thompson and i have spohen bitterly on this forum about mr thompson’s role as pm in this sordid affair for which he has been accorded hero worship status. come next year, i want my 30.000 thousand dollars by hook or crook. and AC not once in my comments on deviant behaviours have i referred to the good book to support my comments. AC homosexualty deals with faeces it is unhygienic and and we call in the public health inspectors to deal with unhygienic issueswe do not legalise them. i gone.

  32. balance the gay sexuality aspect has been dealt with .that part has all be dealt with and their lifestyle sexually is never! and i reapeat NEVER going to change no matter what people thinki of it.

  33. The country of Isreal even though it hasn’t legalised same sex marriages. recognise same sex marriages in other countries. There are laws in israel against homosexuality but The High Court of Isreal granted honouring same sex marriages in other countries.

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