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  1. Of interest the European sovereign debt has claimed MF Global. They had hedged on the debt of several Euro Zone countries and paid the ultimate price, albeit however depositors close to US $700M is at stake. When will it end?

    MF Global’s Collapse Draws FBI Interest
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    The fallout from MF Global Holdings Ltd.’s collapse intensified as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission voted to issue subpoenas to the securities firm and the Federal Bureau of Investigation planned to examine whether client funds are missing, according to people familiar with the situation.
    The two moves are the result of a discrepancy of hundreds of millions of dollars in the New York company’s books that was discovered just before MF Global tumbled into bankruptcy Monday, according to people familiar with the matter.
    It isn’t clear if the discrepancy, about $900 million as MF Global raced to sell itself over

  2. Mr. Cozier, your move – http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/bico-seeking-partner/

    A. Freeman | October 1, 2011 at 1:25 PM |
    Mr. Cozier (CEO, Banks Holdings Limited), shares in Barbados Dairy Industries Ltd. (aka Pine Hill Dairy) have not traded on the regular BSE market since 21 May 2010. I suspect that this has resulted, at least in part, from the consideration that was being given to having the BDIL shares delisted from the BSE. That now being the case, BHL, alike recent initiatives by ANSA McAl and Neal & Massy, should move to acquire the remaining shares of BDIL in exchange for shares of BHL. BHL may go a bit further and explore the net benefits of acquiring BICO, again for shares of BHL, with the objective of merging the operations of BICO and BDIL. In short, we need to see some action directed towards increasing the shareholder value of the group, rather than waiting for a foreign investor to acquire our investment at a less than optimal price.

    • @A.Freeman

      You are suggesting you have no problem with yet another Bajan company being eaten by a T&T conglomerate?

  3. Now they may have enough internal share to make the BDI possible. for a possible bico investment they want cash in exchange for shares so bhl share exchange is not plausidbe. While bico shareholder may be look for another investor i don’t think they want to sell all of their shares at least not for the less than the right price. With bhl retained earning that is possible. the argument against such a deal is make of super conglomerate on the island. No new shares can be issues without the the people who loan banks the money for brewery approving so a share swap seems unlikely. so retained earning would have to take a hit if they wish to move with that plan

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