Mia Mottley Accuses The Barbados Labour Party Of Reducing The Rights Of Women And Young People And Announces Her Withdrawal From the Race To Contest Chairmanship

Read Mia Mottley’s Letter to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) announcing her withdrawal to contest the post of Chairman

Mia Mottley MP

On May 22rd this year, I announced my intention to contest the post of Chairman of the Barbados Labour Party. I made it clear that I was running on a platform to secure for every member of our Party the right that all Members of Parliament enjoy – to participate and vote at our Annual Conference, our highest decision-making body.

In 1951, the Right Excellent Sir Grantley Adams fought for and won the right for every adult Barbadian to vote. On this 60th anniversary of that momentous victory for Barbadian democracy it is only fitting that his Party, our Party, should enhance our own internal democracy by ensuring that every member has the right to vote. Indeed, this is consistent with section 11 of the BLP Constitution, which states as follows:-

“The purpose of this Constitution is to provide for procedures and practices which are democratic and efficient to the end that all Barbados Labour Party members may participate meaningfully and effectively in the deliberations and activities of THE PARTY.”

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81 thoughts on “Mia Mottley Accuses The Barbados Labour Party Of Reducing The Rights Of Women And Young People And Announces Her Withdrawal From the Race To Contest Chairmanship

  1. What utter nonsense reducing rights of women and young people! It will simply mean that a person CANNOT vote three times for a candidate! OR is this what they were hoping for? How can a person really effectively be a delegate and contribute meaningfully at the conference sitting in possibly three different organs.Something really smells in her reasoning.Again this year she smelt the coffee and ran!!

  2. I served the BLP for many years, but was forced to withdraw from amongst them for a number of reasons, particularly the behaviour of Mia Mottley. She appears to be spoilt and must get things her way or no way.

    I cannot therefore sit idly by and allow Miss Mottley to portray herself as a victim in order to garner sympathy. Let me therefore give you some idea of how she respects the party’s rules by giving an example using the treatment meted out to me. In 2002 at the close of nominations for internal party elections I was the only person nominated for the post of General Secretary. Initially, when I heard that I was nominated I intended to withdraw but I was persuaded to leave my name in nomination because it would have looked bad if the BLP could not attract one candidate for the important post of General Secretary. I was therefore elected unopposed. During the conference I has reason to leave Combermere Hall where the meeting was taking place to assist in the bar because the person that was delegated to work did not turn up. While I was there someone came outside and started to abuse me for withdrawing in favour of Miss Mottley. That was the first time that I knew that I had withdrawn. Miss Mottley became General Secretary and amazingly she had not even been nominated when nominations closed.

    My understanding is that she sent in her nomination two weeks after nominations were closed.

    While I am at it let me address another self-serving section of her letter. She wrote,

    “While the National Council has the power to propose Standing Orders to the Annual Conference and any Special Conference, it does not have the power to ratify them in advance of the Conference. It is appalling that it has acted in this manner”.

    Now read for yourselves paragraph 86 of the BLP’s Constitution which states:

    “There shall be elected at the first meeting of the National Executive Committee after the Annual Conference a Standing Orders Committee consisting of three members which shall make recommendations as to the Standing Orders to the National Executive Committee. The National Executive Committee shall then be empowered to formulate The Standing Orders of THE PARTY and to make such amendments from time to time as it deems fit. The Standing Orders when so formulated or amended as the case may be shall be considered for all purposes as if they form part of this Constitution and shall have effect accordingly”.

    She then went on to ask if internal victory at all cost for certain interest is worth jeopardizing the party’s image. She should do what I did back then for the good of the party, Shut up!

  3. The BLP style lights, action, cameras the Razzmatazz the way the BLP like it.

    I will tell you that Mottley is a spineless beast to be spitted on as she has by Arthur but still want to be holding on for the scraps from the table of power is very sickening and sad for a woman with the bite that she carries.

  4. Wuhloss David,

    A few days ago I warned my BLP liliputians on this site that a tsunami of the magnitude witnessed above was pending.

    Since last year (2010) BLP Annual Conference Owen Arthur and his 5 man gang have refused to address the issue of voter padding/rigging as expressed by Rawle Eastmond and others in the BLP.

    So here it is the BLP members cannot interpret or respect their party’s constitution….and want Barbadians to trust them with our National Constitution ?

    And Caswell Franklyn only after Mia Mottley’s throat because when Mia took over from David Simmons……she had to call in Caswell Franklyn’s car loan from government.

    That in itself speaks about his ” CLEAN HANDS”

    I hope potential trade union members note his name and ANTECEDENTS !

    What a sorry bunch in the Fractured BLP Party !

  5. The women of Barbados will deal with Owen at the next general election.
    He replacing a real woman with a mock woman.

  6. @ Just asking for what?

    I agree with you. Mia must have a good stomach to come back for a second load of crap from Arthur. – but time longer than twine

  7. But wait who wearing the pants and who wearing the dress in all of this ??

    It got me confused for real, this story got some real bite to it tonight in truth !

    I here bussing ma guts laughing,

    It took a while but it now come home to roost the evil that they inflicted in their time of power and control now come back to bite all of them, they say pay back is a bitch and long may they feel the bite and the pay back, an evil corrupt bunch of vagabonds and crooks.

  8. Ya Lie !!!

    And Caswell Franklyn only after Mia Mottley’s throat because when Mia took over from David Simmons……she had to call in Caswell Franklyn’s car loan from government.

  9. You hit the nail on the head here my friend, this must leave you to wonder what this group did while serving as the gov’t ?

    Did they also tamper with the voting in the general elections ?

    After all, if they clearly and obviously were prepared to tamper with their internal voting process what would they stop at to control the treasury and their personal funding agency the gov’t of Barbados ?

    Fractured BLP, Since last year (2010) BLP Annual Conference Owen Arthur and his 5 man gang have refused to address the issue of voter padding/rigging as expressed by Rawle Eastmond and others in the BLP

  10. David, What can she ask and expect to get out of that asking ?

    The barrel right now as it is is empty for her the Arthur faction have spoken and take it from me the others will fall by the wayside very shortly as well, I put it to you that now he has put Mottley in check he will remove both of her remaing supporters in Eastmond and Forde in short order, they are no longer relevant to his program or plan and out they must go.

  11. Mia should remember is better to be carried up on the backs of those who want you for higher office than trying to trample on the backs of others in the naked scramble for power.

  12. Fractured BLP | September 19, 2011 at 9:25 PM |

    From what you have written, I can tell that your first draft was in crayon.

    Mia had nothing to do with calling in my car loan. Back then we were on good terms and she offered to speak to the Prime Minister on my behalf. I declined the offer, and put the Government in court instead. The court returned my car on the first day of hearing and I was eventually paid $11,000 for my troubles.

    I don’t beg favours when I have right on my side: I use all legitimate means available to me. My hands are quite clean, even the High Court agrees. I don’t tell lies, not even to discredit someone: I can do a better job with the truth.

  13. When I read the contents of Miss Mottley’s letter I see many unrelated points which only suggest that Miss Mottley smelt the rat and has decided to chuck in the towel before she is beaten in the contest. No other candidate has complained about the process. No other candidate seems to think that he/she is without a chance in the election to the NEC I .Ithink she is calling Sir Grantley’s name in vain because Sir Grantley always had a Delegate Conference in his time. There was no place then and there is no place no to holld a members conference in Barbados. I have tried to find out where members are disenfranchaised. I would like some one to show me. This tirade simply explains Miss Mottley to Barbadians and I think they will see her as she is.She isl trying to make statements hoping to get sympathy. Barbadians are foolish. I can understand the Dems gloating, This impasse will not help them, They are too incompetent.

  14. What Mia is saying, “if I can’t be the leader of the BLP in the next elections, I brekking it up.” What a disloyal party menber!!!!!!!! Even before David Thompson’s death, I heard Mia was behaving in a manner that was no siuted as a leader of the opposition, it is alleged she was spoken to but she was unrepentent, therefore to save face the BLP was forced to remove her, this information while serious was confidential and such could not be made public, little sip-bits were released in the weakileak. However, it seems Mia is now a ragging BULL and is destined to destroy anyone or anything that comes in her path, the unfortunate thing about it is that she has a following. Obviously Mia does not have the BLP party of the interest of Barbados at heart, just her own selfish gains. I hope the DLP don’t try using this to get her to jump ship because she spell disaster for any party once she cannot have her way; right now the only persons within the DLP that is capable of handling Mia are Sinckler, Estwick and maybe Kellman, she will run havoc in that party in a short while. Mia’s only goal right now is to become P.M of Barbados and she would steamroll anyone or anything that gets in her path, God help this country if this ever happens.

  15. I think there is still time for some purging within the party and still be ready to, if not win, show a strong presence at the next general election, failing this and if they allow this cancer to grow, they will be beaten almost as badly as the DLP was beaten in Owen’s second term.

  16. @Scout
    How is Mia trying to break up the BLP? Since Owen’s UWI speech Mia has been very circumspect in her comments, and public actions. With this latest “attack” she feels an injustice was perpetrated against her and she wrote a letter outlining her grievance and you can conclude that she wants to break up the party? Are you serious????

  17. Are we to believe that Mia Mottley is such a Monster, so bad for Barbados -in spite of her tremendous success in her constituency- that Owen Arthur would risk the integrity and unity of the BLP -which he said within recent times that he is fighting hard save- and also risk a good showing in the next election that he would as Peter Wickham mused in his recent article treat to a former Deputy Prime Minister, and Leader of the opposition in such a publicly distasteful way? We all know of Arthur’s propensity to “legally defame” Barbadian citizens; —- is no one safe from this man who liken himself unto Fidel Castro? I must ask Owen Arthur as Sincler did in his Budget rap up “What is it about Bay street that you Owen Arthur is in such a unfocused hurry to return there? What?

  18. Mottley is certainly and very clearly used goods, little did she or the BLP know that by 19 th Sept 2011 that the part would be in such an uproar and divided and figting so viciously.

    She obviously stands for nothing having received the first political salvo form the office of the UWI until now and she has not had the balls to say to Arthur so long good bye, I done with that !

    What makes her want power so badly that she is prepared to have every aspect of both her private life and her public life exposed to the public in a most vicious and nasty way knowm to man , woman or lesbian ?

    Bearing in mind that with power on her side she was no candy either as she hired her women at the CBC like there was no tomorrow, and gave the Carol Roberts construction work that was beyond her abilites, nor can we forget her threat that if local construction companies did not fall in re the matter of Chinese workers at Four Seasons that they should know that they would receive a VAT and TAX AUDIT, so she aint too nice either.

  19. I must ask Owen Arthur as Sincler did in his Budget rap up “What is it about Bay street that you Owen Arthur is in such a unfocused hurry to return there? What?

    When you have finished asking him that, ask the people actually living in Barbados, if they would facilitate his hurried return to Bay Street?

  20. MM is just proving to bajans both blp and dlp why she is ready to be PM, and that she is not a team player and is self serving.. All for the love of power.

  21. Mia and Owen have both engaged in personal short term Mutually Assured Destruction. Owen has no forseeable long term and Mia’s long term is moot. They have also ensured that the BLP will be in the political wilderness for quite a while. In the meantime they have both done the country a grave disservice by leaving it in the clutches of a far from ready DLP at a time when the country needs a strong, well lead, and sensible Party in Power.

  22. Mr. Boyce, note that NOW is planning a significant lobby during the next general election. It is reasonable to assume that NOW’s efforts will focus on the advancement of women. Please ensure that MESA is as influential and that men are not in anyway disadvantaged.

  23. Imagine the President of NOW saying that she intends to play a major role in the next elections for the advancement of women. Is this the same woman who the DLP treated with scant respect just a while ago? When she was removed, I did not hear of the DLP keeping down women and all the crap I heard her saying today?

    If only these people knew why Mia was removed, they would be ashamed to back her.

    As for Peter Wickham, he should really shut up. His views are no longer relevant. I heard him carry on Mia so scruffy one night on VOB’s Tell it Like It Is program, I was angry. It was the occasion when there was the judgement in the B/dos/T’dad fishing dispute. He was so rude and condescending, refused to let her talk and finally asked her do you think spending 11 million dollars on this was a good use of taxpayers’ money. He said I dont think so, it was a hollow victory and cut her off. So I find it strange that he who is so discredited, now is defending her.

    Trying to redeem himself to become relevant again???

  24. Scout I must agree with you . Well said.It is clear , if she can’t lead then destroy, but she nor the rest of Barbados really do not know the members of the BLP . Try to destroy their party and they will take you to pieces..Stay tuned.

  25. It is I who declared one rule for men and another for women. It is I who said that as long as I lead this party for which I had no intention to run again, but only in good faith because I am recalled, that I feel Cyntie and MAM should know their places. Politics is the hunting ground of real men. Women make good deputies, ask Billie or even Mia. It is I that say men may do de dog with other men wives, daughters, girlfriends, and get away wid a smile or skin teet. It is I who say dat women cant do nothing wrong except be virtuous followers to I Tacitus. Georgie, I am not done wid you; I cuss you about your mother before and I will do it again.

  26. Both Mottley and Arthur can go to hell in a pan cart, neither of them have any honour or morals both are as bad as each other, vagabonds to the bone.

    Keep the fight going I heard that joker Linton trying to see no wrong with Arthur where was he living ??? did he not see the VECO ore DANOS issues ?

  27. austin
    show me one a dem dat in love power n I would show you a idiot. she is not alone star-boy. you would like lil power now yaself ta remove me from BU but ya power-lessss in dah respeck. LOL. ( do thra a tantrum pun me now)

    ya got ma cryinnnnnnnnnnnn. whey you now cum frum boe? ya insane.

    Peter Wickham silence Mia? NOt in a towsand years. You in no wah you tawkin bout. It would tek ten mo Wickhams ta quiet dah ‘roarin-lion’. doan mek sport.
    But lemma hear de rale reason why Mia was removed nah. N doan tell me na shoite bout ‘it was she lifestyle’ causen you kno n all a we kno dat Owen did fcukin evry Mary, Jane n Sue n breedin evry Tom, Dick n Harry. So doan cum wid dah but gimma a lil hint.


    I am a woman in Barbados and yes we will deal with Owne Arthur in the election by voting for him. He has the fortitude to deal with a bully in a woman’s body but pretending to be a man. She cannot speak for us women. We know the truth.


  29. J.Selena
    So wait, when you state dat ‘we woman will vote for Owen ……………..’ aren’t you speaking for us women too? So why can’t Mia de Maguffy, speak fa we too? She isn’t a woman like we too? (doan ansa dah)
    But be careful how ya spread proppa- ganda bout she trap in a woman body hare? de las time I check, ya does still get sew fa li-bull n ‘definition’ a characta. watch ya lipz.
    You soun rale bitta bout she. She try ta b/eat you tu? Kool de pas-shun.


    Real women have the right to speak for women. A real woman would never let anyone who is not designed to do the job well b/eat her.


  31. All of this talk about who could speak for women, I am the real deal. In vagina monologues cats of all types talk, but I Tacitus say that MAM not talking for anyone; she nor Cyntie. I doing all de talking and Georgie and Dale got my back. It is them fellas that cannot win without me. It is the BLP that cannot win unless I get a pint of see thru, bash a few more women, cuss a few more journalists, and rescue the country from the wrong hands and from MAM. No woman aint leading me, so it is I Tacitus that will speak for the women and young people. I may not be a perfect example because apart from late nights out wid de boys and girls, I have been known to let my demons get the better of me. Yuh tink I gine let MAM or any of these women in the BLP lead me? Where? They do not know where Ilaro court is; they want justice and to better the country, I want power, power, power and people to fear me for I am Tacitus.

  32. Oh boy…rather than a being a political issue, it seems people are turning this into a battle of the sexes. Women are obviously desperate to see a female, or anything that resembles a female, become PM in Barbados.

  33. J.Selina
    Any woman, be she mock or real, can speak for me.But a married man, be he mock or real, that goes around spreading his sperm n breeding every Mary, Jane, Sue, Tom, Dick or Harry cannot speak for me. He’s making a mockery of the institution of marriage, which I respect dearly. Don’t tell me that is nothing new because Mamma Mia’s ALLEGED ‘preference’ is nothing new either. So I say, ‘give Jack his jacket n Jill her jill-pot’.
    And yes, some women will spite him for what he did to Mamma Mia which to me is nonsense. Politics is stranger than fiction. I don’t delve too deep. Who I like, I vote for n who I doan like, I vote for too. All n de same.

    • Is it that the Christian Right in Barbados is about to witness the issue of morality sit squarely on the political agenda in the upcoming election?

  34. No battle of the sexes! Don’t you understand, in the end my greed and desire for power, and knowing that people feared me before and will fear me again once I get Mia out of the way first, Georgie second, and Dale third, then who will be left but me in the seat of power. This is a man’s job, short as I am, I am powerful, I am Tacitus.

  35. Is the present P.M of Barbados a married man? Does he accept being the father of a child? how did he become a father? Wasn’t that child concieved out of wedlock? Did the Right Excel. Errol Barrow father a child from someone other than his wife? What is bad for one is bad for all, so we either condemn both or none at all

  36. Zack
    Not a fair statement ’bout us women. We’re not dat daft to want a woman, any ‘semblance of a woman become PM. Hog pupp Zackius. Gih we lil mo credit.

  37. Tacitus
    ya demon.

    So why cry-down Mamma Mia for her ‘alleged’ sexual preference. She is a lesbo n he is a village ram.
    Scout you tying up yaself when ya draft in Freundel but you is Joseph wid many ‘coats’ so I in surprise. He in marrid so he cannnn be an example of whorism. Ef Barrow get sum whil marrid, he is a village ram too.
    Leff Freundel fa ma do. stupseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Bonny Peppa
    Did you say the P.M is married? who , to you?
    All of them is the same bunch of …………., the only difference is that it is believed some take it to higher levels with international flare.
    Yes, I have many coats, I keep telling all who would listen, I can speak my mind about any party, none of them is holding any favors for me. When I see them from both sides we converse, that is why David ( god rest him in his grave) and I was so friendly, I never told him what he wanted to hear, I always told him how I feel about a matter. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes he agreed with me and other times we agree to disagree. Call me B or call me D it makes no difference to me. It might seem strange to some people but there is little difference between the two parties.

  39. Even the bravest men are frightened by sudden terrors, so who is MAM that she play she aint frighten for me when everybody else in the BLP and Barbados, especially the women and yutes fear me? Who she think she is? Well I will destroy her and show her that I am Tacitus, I am to be feared, I am ruler of Barbados. Wait and see that bajans will forget about Veco, Clico, and the plotting against Mia and mek sure that I Tacitus return to my home at Ilaro court. Start putting the see-thru on the table. No riding off in de sunset, no more latex, I am Tacitus your ruler and what I do in the eyes of Bajan women and young people is right.

  40. Not at Deputy PM, not as Leader of the opposition, not as chairman of the BLP, What did Arthur mean when he said to Mia that the BLP party needs her? What do the Arthurites mean when they said that “Mia’s time will come?”

  41. Owen and the BLP will have to convince the MIA is not fit to be a leader.

    Was it extremely bad judgement when they made her deputy PM or Attorney General or their Leader.

    What has she done to be kicked to the curb?

  42. @Adrian

    Not at Deputy PM, not as Leader of the opposition, not as chairman of the BLP, What did Arthur mean when he said to Mia that the BLP party needs her?
    That was just public consumption; nothing would please Arthur and his disciples more than to see Mia depart the BLP stage.

    Somehow I don’t think they will get that satisfaction.

  43. @David

    I am Tacitus the ruler of Barbados who is awaiting the return to my throne. Let me tell you something my friend, reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader. It is I who give good reason why MAM cannot lead the BLP or Barbados. I sat in front of the cameras and told all of you that she is not fit to lead although she saved my ass from being deposed as leader one fateful October day. It is I that show judgement in timing my return while King David was on his sick bed. It is I who will show reason and judgement in getting Bajans to see that I am their only hope out of a recession. Now to Georgie and his pal Dale, I know what they are after but they lack both reason and judgement. Who the hell can they lead? I will leave Dale to the other Marshall but Georgie, I will personally see that I have his political head on a platter. Recently I sit and eat and drink with him in his house, but he does not trust me and I do not trust him. But it is I that Bajans want to lead them, not Georgie. I resent all of those lawyers, I want economists like Clyde plus he has the same demon that stops me from sleeping at night. I will give Clyde power over Georgie, Dale, and MAM. I am powerful and they all know it, all I did was to tell Bajans to accept that Clyde has a place in my Cabinet and Parliament and now all I have to do is to get that has been from St. James North to bend to my will. He will learn from the damage I dished out to MAM. I am Tacitus, I am the ruler of the BLP and Barbados, I have no room for lawyers, women, or young people unless they sing my praises night and day. Born to rule with reason and judgement, I am Tacitus.

  44. TACITUS | September 21, 2011 at 12:20 PM |
    I am an advance being (compared to you here) from a distant place. I am able to determine source by merely having sight of words and I say you are a female lawyer rather than a male economist.

  45. David
    tek my foolish advice, doan engage TACITUS in na convasashun hare? He is a escapee from Jinkins. De mental van lookin fa he. De man sickkkkkk.
    Murdahhhhhhhhhhh, David de man TACITUS is got me peein myself evva day. Ban ‘e fa ma David.

    I like de line ‘I am Tacitus’ badddddddddddd. you tek you jinkin-tablits fa de day yet?

    Bro Scout
    I tell you in my bajan parlance dat Freundel IN marrid. IN =ISN’T. ya ketch de drif ol boy? good.
    But I whun turn dung a proposal from he a’tall. Jess my kinda guy. Gentle, kind, loving, tall, slim, intelligent, intelligent again, smart, sexy. No, he in got to be handsome. LOL. And I prefer beauty from within.

  46. @Alien
    Do you not see what I do to females that are lawyers? I plot, I disappoint, I appoint, I destroy them because I am Tacitus. I am powerful enough to get women to turn their minds against other women not on the basis of lifestyle but because I am Tacitus the ruler of the BLP and Barbados. A drowning man or woman will catch at a straw, and since I am the only man with the scrotum to demand back the post of ruler of this fair land Barbados, then females and lawyers, youth, they will all bow to me. Even Georgie and Dale will bow to me when they see that I have tricked them too for they are lawyers and I have no time for them.

    @Bonny Peppa
    I love you so much Bonny that I can make you my deputy and I can get all to turn a blind eye to you. I am Tacitus, I can raise you up or I can put you down. Bonny, I do not want to crush you, so join my team and support me in whatever I do. I will not trick you or deceive you in the way that me and my inner demon plotted the overthrow of MAM. Can you imagine I got them stupid lawyers to follow me? Toppin, Dale, and Georgie. I wonder if I did not pull a fast one on Eastmond if he would have followed me too? Bonny, there is a place in Parliament for you next to Clyde. All you have to do is to help me get rid of Cyntie and Rawllie now. The fatted calf for the DEMS but I gine give you dominion of all those women and lawyers in my kingdom of Barbados. Bonny, you cannot lose with me; people like COW waiting to get me back on the throne so we could all benefit. No fatted calf, the treasury is ours and Clyde will be the finance minister although I am the economic genius and ruler. I Tacitus am here for you Bonny Peppa and all women who accept me as their ruler and leader. I Tacitus the son of a shopkeeper, ruler of the BLP and Barbados.

  47. @Bonny

    You too wicked, u is a stuctun meeker, levave tacticus for me, whoever he/she is the too witty and clever with the satire nuh.


    continue your satarical writing, one of these days i might join you in your weiting sryle.


    Does it matter if tacticus is male or female, economist or lawyer.

  48. @David

    in the next elections george will be beaten, all the money he has cannot saved him, Mia will ensure that George and Dale have a rough time and Rommell the opportunist dont seem to be letting up. Those are the two positions, of the thirty postions that are going to be contested that i will pay a keen interest in.

  49. @Alien

    Yes, I could be Missing In Action, but I am not MAM. In fact, I am missing in action because right now Freundel is living in my house and sitting on my throne. Alien, I am Tacitus and I am the ruler of the BLP and Barbados and I need to be back on my rightful throne. I need to be at my vindictive best because a lot of the women in this country getting too big for their boots and the young people getting to believe that they have a say in how things should be run. I am an economist, the economy comes first, I can buy you and your vote with money but I cannot buy your soul unless I make you corrupt just like me. Can I make you an offer? All you have to do is to support me and never go against me and never support a woman whose ambitions and intellect suggests that she could be a leader. Barbados is too small to let the women have their way. I am Tacitus, and with you Alien, we can have money in the bank and get to rule over all of these stupid lawyers and women. They defend crooks, I create economic growth; who you rather side with knowing in the end that we could always buy their services? I am Tacitus and I love Bonny Peppa! Remember to tell Bonny that she should not make me irritate the allergy, that blasted latex.

  50. Tacitus
    Lordddddddddddd help ma. You gun kill me even befo i get in de House. De watah runnin dung ma face n leg. Lordddddddd help ma. But I doan like Clyde a’tall so I in wanna sit dung nex ta he man. Put me side- a Mamma Mia, Jess tell me wah I gotta do ta help you get rid a Sin-tee n Raw-lee. But I doan like de fella wid de hard cheek bones needa. He name Toppin or sumting so. O gesus croisss n doan tawk bout dah parrat frum Sin Gorg. De bigges puss-cee ta eva walk up dem parlament steps. Looka Tacky, I gun mek a suggestshun ta you; wah bout we forming we own party n startin fresh? Get a jumpstart pun Mamma Mia, causen we like we got bare khunts pun we side ya. Wah u tink? N de onlies woman pun de teem gun be me.

    But Tacitus
    I ondastan dat you whun leh a ‘bottle’ stan pun you fadda shelfs at he ol shop in Rows Hill. Dah is tru? Anyting dat look clear or brong, I ondastan dat you does move wid. I hare dat he does gotta move all de J’s fluid, Dettol n Savlon offa de shelfs when you visit, causen you doan pick n choose when it cum ta you drinkz. Anyting brong or clear in a bottle you does jess open n drink so he had ta protek ya from pize-ening yaself. He doan mind ya pize-ning yaself, but not at he shop. Ga sumway else n do um. Like Illara Corte.
    You gun gotta control yaself wid dem drinkz doe.Sclerosis a de livva in ezee. I wood kno, I had um twice. Yessss, from dem same drinkz.

    LOL. de man Tacitus is a mad mun. I does laff till I cry n whet myself readin he postses. BU nevva had nun sa mad. He is de whole comedy-fest in one.

  51. Mr. Boyce, a reasonable start to the MESA lobby, but let us go all the way – a mandatory paternity test at birth.

  52. Oh lord now, a mandatory paternity test at birth? Man I tink dat shoud only come about if there’s any doubt by the supposedly papa. dese dna test expensive as hell.
    I does back Mr. Boyce causen i kno dat de laws a Babadus mek fa de women mos a de time regardin chil’ren. some women in ezee.

  53. Rigged Democracy, Borrow-and-Spend record – proves BLP not fit to be a government

    “Bonasera… Bonasera… What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully? Had you come to me in friendship, then this scum that ruined your daughter would be suffering this very day. And that by chance if an honest man such as yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.” – Vito Corleone: The Godfather

    “Campaign Donation” deposited to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s personal bank account. Barbados political elites break laws without fear.
    BLP Resistant to Change, Above the Law and Answerable to No One

    by an anonymous reader

    It would seem that on two occasions now, Mia Mottley tried to use the existing rule and electoral system within the Barbados Labour Party to run for the Office of Chairman of the Party and on both occasions she has had to withdraw because of “RIGGED DEMOCRACY.” A woman, coming-up against an unfair system and against the most powerful men in the BLP – who had already announced an: “Incoming Chairman,” long before nominations for the post were closed and even before a vote was cast – did not stand even a sporting chance.

    The BLP is now functioning like a law unto itself and it must be held accountable.

    Perhaps that is why Miss Mottley seems to be pleading with the people of Barbados for justice and to hold the BLP accountable, in order to preserve our stable democracy, the rule of law and good governance. The very strong is never supposed to take advantage of the weak. When that happens, the society has a duty to act.

    Having become the victim of a unfair system on two occasions now (and after sounding the alarm and signaling to the country that all is not well within the BLP) it is up to the electorate and the taxpayers of Barbados (who pump an annual subvention into the BLP) to recognise that the BLP is just not ready and give it a lot more time to try and get its act together. Secondly, since the BLP does not seem to be able to regulate itself, creating much political disturbance in the country annually, that is the surest sign to the country – that it is simply not ready to lead.

    The BLP seems to be of the view that Barbadians like money so much that the mere talk about the economy will automatically cause the entire country to ignore everything else that is not right within the BLP and change the present stable-Government. But on careful analysis, the BLP’s argument that Barbadians should vote for them because they managed the country well 14 years ago – seems seriously flawed!

    The truth is that fourteen years ago, the world was being run on debt and huge deficit financing, which now have to be repaid or brought under control. Simply put: the alleged growth of the past ‘decade-and-a-half’ or so – was a “mirage.” Plain and simple! Tourists incurred huge debt by way of loans and credit just to travel to Barbados. That debt now has to be repaid and until it is – people will not travel as before. Reduced arrivals to Barbados are therefore not a fault of the present Minister of Tourism.

    Years of plenty but borrowed money to travel or not – tourists came to Barbados in mass and yet – the then BLP Government kept borrowing!

    It played fast and loose! A massive bill for the Warren’s Building; then Clico and the BONC debt are some of the examples of its alleged: “sound economic management.” If after 14 years as the Government and the BLP cannot even pay its phone bill – that should tell you something about its allegation of sound economic management. Vote for what and why? Even after being given time in 2008 to reflect, there is nothing new or fresh about the BLP! Instead, it still seems tired; stale; resistant to change – above the law; answerable to no one and unable to connect with the youth.

  54. My question is simple; should any one person at any well executed voting system be allowed to vote three times on the same issue? It appears Mia wanted to take delegates who would have voted three times each as a delegate from a different segment of the BLP; that’s not demorcracy.

  55. It is said that if you say something long enough and regularly enough people would eventually believe it. That seems to be true in Miss Mottley’s case. People keep saying that she is smart but her actions over the last two years would tend to belie any such assertion.

    Last year she challenged George Payne for the chairmanship of the party which did not make a lot of sense. If she suceeded it would have united the political leadership and chairmanship in one person, thereby placing almost absolute control of the party in her hands in the event of an election. You would recall that the late David Thompson was ailing at that time and some political scientist or rather political alchemist were predicting a general election in the event of his death.

    However, by challenging George Payne, she angered the one person whose vote was assuring that she remained Leader of the Opposition. It is no secret that Arthur and Payne were no friends, but that single act of challenging Payne made an enemy out of him, and you know what they say, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Her actions therefore united Arthur and Payne against her and as a result she was toppled as Leader of the Opposition. She was not smart enough to know that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. She sank her teeth into George Payne’s hand and for that single act of disloyalty, and no other, she lost the leadership of the Opposition, and she still did not capture enough support to oust Payne.

    She generated enough noise around her efforts to capture the leadership of the party that she brought the once secretive dealings of the BLP into the open. As a result the enemies of the party was able to use the mess going on in the BLP to deflect people away from the inept handling of the country by the Government.

    Again this year she challenged for leadership only to withdraw from the contest and wrote nonsense which clearly put the BLP under the microscope for the seond successive year. While this is going on attention is drawn away from the Government again. She has exposed the ugly warts on the backside of the BLP, which has enhanced the chances of the DLP at the polls. I call that smart only if it is her intention to make the BLP unelectable and she would emerge as Prime Minister after the DLP’s second term.

  56. “I call that smart only if it is her intention to make the BLP unelectable and she would emerge as Prime Minister after the DLP’s second term.”

    My dear Watson, you exhibit remarkable powers of insight and deduction.

  57. The Destruction of the World will be wrought by women so go ahead and vote for women and let women vote for women and such nonsense. It is inevitable so dont quarrel with this submission. There was a reason why women were not allowed to vote.WOMEN WILL DESTROY THE WORLD !

  58. I am old enough to remember that Mia’s grandfather campaigned vigourously against Grantley Adams and the Barbados Labour Party. Also, I seem to recall that her father resigned from the House and the BLP in 1976 and immediately took up a diplomatic posting in New York on behalf of the Barrow Administration.

    Her forebears did not suceed in destroying the BLP, so it now appears that she is taking up her family’s tradition in seeking the demise of the BLP. It is only left to see if she would suceed where her distinguished forebears failed.

  59. Thanks Caswell for reminding those with short memories and informing those too young to know.It was compliments to her father that the BLP got Billie Miller into the House of Assembly and went on to win the ’76 general election and usher in the Great Combination under Tom Adams.Trust me her attempts to destroy the Labour Party will lead to her demise.

  60. @ The Scout.That was exactly my argument about people being allowed to attend the conference as delegates of three organs at the same time.You would be entitled to be issued ballot papers for each one of those organs that you represented thereby being able to cast a vote THREE times for the same person.Is this what the master plan was?Is that the new definition of democracy?Why are none of the other persons seeking office complaining about the system?If you think the padding of a branch list is a problem now for candidate nominations go to a members and not delegates conference with one man one vote and see what happens!!!

  61. here we go again. it’s deja vue all over again. OSA throwing Mia under the bus. who OSA think he is? hey buddy you have really f”up this time. what a way to go i must tongue in cheek thank you for giving the DLP a second chance. You fuh sure is a legend but only in your mind. Man have you sure find a way to mash up and break up the bLP. Men on one side women on the other. Being an alley cat you should have know better. You Go MIa “Games On’ Fuh sure when the smoke is cleared you might be the only one left standing to put “Humpy Dumpty back together again Dumpty .

  62. It is I Tacitus that is happy to know that although Caswell Franklyn who has been known to fondle with the little ones, prefers me over the woman who showed up his mischief. One thing about Tacitus, I prefer them meeting the age of consent rather being flowers not yet in full bloom. Caswell, in many other languages besides english you are a perverted wretch. Be as it may, what is the hulllaboloo if Mia is set aside if I remain the ruler of the BLP and Barbados? When I become ruler on my throne, the new BLP headquarters will be on Bullens Avenue.My new chairman fuh Bullen and Georgie fuh anything once dale bullying his way in. These days the BLP fuh Bulllen’s and I as ruler will ensure that it is Bullens and nothing else, sorry to the women of Barbados. No cocks, no bullen, no MAM.

  63. WHAT nonsense is Taciektus , Tacitus or whatever the name is talking bout ?
    Is this a straight jacket needing individual ?

  64. Progressive
    Mia is behaving like a spoilt child, for goodness sake how can any right thinking person can expect any one delegate to vote three time for anyone candidate and we call that demorcracy. That is such infantile thinking. I’m ashame of her or anyone who supports her with that foolishness.

  65. Bonny Peppa
    I hay laffin my ass off at my previous post cause I doan kno wah happen day. i gotta stop drinkin sa early in de day. fa tru. Now ya see why I cannnn axcep Tacitus offa?
    I gine n call AA. No not, Alleyne Arthur. I mean Alkaholiks Anonimus.

    Hiccc, hicccccc

  66. Who are all these dunces talking about three votes at the BLP Conference. This has never been the practice according to Miss Mottley and a good friend of mine who has attended every Conference since 1957.

    The vertically challenged crew are going to reap what they sow in the end. A bunch of misfits who are not interested in the Party or the country, but only their own power and personal agggrandisement.

    One thing for sure, some interesting days lie ahead as the true battle of the short Titans from the North ensues as to who is really in charge and who has the ultimate power and control.

    I see an implosion on the horizon.

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