Gospel Singer Bobby Jones Is Coming To Barbados

World renown Gospel artist Bobby Jones is coming to Barbados

It seems the government is serious about tapping into the religious tourism market. Recently the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) announced the coming to our shores of world renown gospel singer Dr. Bobby Jones. We are told religious tourism is a 10 billion dollar industry and Barbados – by staging the Bobby Jones Concert – has sent a strong signal to the international market it wants a piece of the action.

Barbados has built a good reputation for staging religious shows with Gospelfest a shining example of what is possible.

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  2. I pray and trust that the Church’s leaders and the Ministry of Tourism are exercising care and caution.

    There are areas of Christian thought, and because of thought, then also of life, where likenesses and differences are so difficult to distinguish that we are often hard put to it to escape complete deception. So skilled is error at imitating truth that the two are constantly being mistaken for each other.

    It is therefore critically important, that the Christian take full advantage of every provision God has made to save him from delusion. These are prayer, faith,constant meditation on the scriptures, obedience, humility, hard serious thought, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit.

    These are the times that try men’s souls. The latter times are upon us and we cannot escape them; we must triumph in the midst of them (1Tim:4:1-2)

    Strange as it may seem, the danger today is greater for the fervent Christian than for the lukewarm and the self-satisfied. The seeker after God’s best things is eager to hear anyone who offers a way by which he can obtain them, particularly if it is presented by someone with an attractive personality and a reputation for superior godliness.

    Now our Lord Jesus Christ, that great Shepherd of the sheep, has not left His flock to the mercy of the wolves.. He has given us the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit and the natural powers of observation. “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good,” said Paul (1 Thes:5:21). “Beloved, believe not every spirit ….” wrote John (1 John 4:1). “Beware of false prophets …Ye shall know them by their fruits,” our Lord warned (Matt:7:15-16)

    Please all, understand that while true power lies not in the letter of the text, but in the Spirit that inspired it, we should never underestimate the value of the letter. The text of the truth has the same relation to truth as the honeycomb has to honey. One serves as a reptacle for the other. But there the analogy ends. The honey can be removed from the comb, but the Spirit cannot, and does not operate apart from the letter of the Holy Scriptures. For this reason a growing acquaintance with the Holy Spirit will always mean an increasing love for the Bible.

    Lastly, it is no sin to doubt some things, but it may be fatal to believe everything. Faith never neans gullibility. Credulity never honours God. The gullible mentality is like the ostrich that will gulp down anything that looks interestingn and sad to say, there sre too many Christians with no more discrimination than the ostrich.

    >>> > > >> > > > >< > > > > > >
    From The Website Of “Gay Christian Movement Watch” http://gcmwatch.wordpress.com/2007/11/24/gospels-dr-bobby-jones-appearing-in-gay-movie/
    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
    Gospel’s Dr. Bobby Jones Appearing In Gay Movie
    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

    If you’ve ever watched the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, you know something is wrong spiritually. With Bobby Jones. Over the last couple of decades Dr. Bobby Jones’ name has become synonymous with black gospel music and its terrible reputation as an incubator of homosexuality. And yes, to the utter shame of God’s church.

    But perhaps Jones is now coming out of the closet with an appearance in a homosexual movie. And its not good.

    Jones is playing the part of a preacher in the movie Dirty Laundry which is produced by homosexual activist Keith Boykin and his male lover Nathan Williams. The movie is set to be released December 7 in Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, and New York. The homosexual political group, Human Rights Campaign is sponsoring a 12 city tour of the movie. Maurice Jamal, the lead character, writer and director of the movie is a man who says his one of his favorite websites is the gay sex-hookup site [we wont mention it].

    How can two walk together except they agree? Amos 3:3

    Boykin launched a tirade against major black ministers [caution: link may contain unsuitable photos] who have opposed homosexuality by insinuating that they themselves were homosexual. Why then is Bobby Jones in Boykin’s movie?

    Dirty Laundry isn’t just a funny movie about black folks. It has a defined agenda, embedded in the humor. As is usual with homosexual activists, they want you to stop thinking homosexuality is a sin and think of it as just another benign expression of love.

    Next magazine said Dirty Laundry is “equal parts Brokeback Mountain and Birdcage.” Both are homosexual movies.

    “It’s almost as if black families have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell policy.’” Williams says “there are still not many healthy images of gay people of color, which makes it hard for all of us to understand the experiences of the gay minority, be they Latino, black [or] Asian.”

    Make no mistake about it, this movie is aimed at the black church community with the help of the most visible name in gospel music. With this appearance and his association with such profanity, Jones is declaring war on the sacred principles of God’s Kingdom. Why is the Church of Jesus Christ allowing the filthy co-mingling of the sacred and the profane? Crowned the “Ambassador of Gospel Music” Jones was feted by the “superstars” of the industry. No wonder there is such a putrid smell coming from gospel music these days.

    And how soon will its stench reach the nostrils of God if it already hasn’t?

    Update 11.25.07

    After looking at the pictures and credits of Dirty Laundry, we noticed Jones’ backup group the “Nashville Super Choir” is also in the movie.

    More checking on Bobby Jones reveals he is more inclined to believe that homosexuality is genetic, thus not sinful. Listen carefully at the words of this fool people are running after for affirmation in the “gospel music industry:

    Bobby Jones of the popular TV show “Bobby Jones Gospel,” is one of the few in the industry to say he does not believe that homosexuality is entirely behavioral. “I’m too intelligent for that. I do listen to what experts in the fields of human sexuality have to say about people and what happens to them when they reach puberty, the changes that happen in adolescence. You know, the talk shows have done a lot to educate me, too,” he said.

    This was from a October 1994 newspaper article. What information is Jones referring to from “the talk shows” and “experts in the field of human sexuality”?

    Update 11.27.07

    Gay magazine says Bobby Jones “enthusiastically” supports gay rights.

    Among the points to celebrate is the involvement of two of Broadway’s Dreamgirls, Loretta Devine and Jenifer Lewis, long-time gay rights activists and diva icons as “Lorelle” and “Effie,” respectively. Co-star and gospel legend Dr. Bobby Jones was equally enthusiastic, pushing for the message to aid in healing both the black and gay communities.”

    UPDATE 11.28.07 Response to false charges by Keith Boykin.com

    Gay activist Keith Boykin is falsely reporting that GCM Watch ”a right-wing so-called Christian group” is “threatning to protest the movie” Dirty Laundry. We are advocating nothing of the sort. We could care less if someone went to see the movie. Neither are we attempting to block any financial success the movie may gain. We are calling into question the participation of Bobby Jones and his “enthusiastic” support of something so ungodly it could never qualify as “entertainment” under the most lenient of Christian standards.

    Contrary to Mr. Boykin’s assertion that the rift between the church and the homosexual community is created by “right wing zealots”, the rift is with God. It was God who set the unchanging standards of sexual morality. The church because it is under HIS authority and HIS command and are required to hold HIS standards in place.

    We should note that after the imprisonment of his cousin John the Baptist, for confronting sexual immorality in the leadership, Jesus began preaching a bold message:

    Mark 1:14-15 Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

    Bobby Jones’ attempt to circumvent these standards is what is causing division. It is grossly immature to think a movie with such misguided purpose will heal any such divisions.

    Additionally, Bobby Jones’ support and participation in this movie is indeed an attack on the church and the sexual moral standards which God requires us to adhere to. Bobby Jones can no longer expect us to be silent while he promotes this heresy in God’s house. Like John the Baptist, we will publicly denounce his ungodly actions.

    Further, we are calling on gospel artists with integrity and those who have not sold out to mammon, and the idol gods of talent and personality to distance themselves from Jones until he repents. If he chooses not to repent, we further call on the artists to refuse future appearances on his show and make public statements as to why. We are calling on every pastor and bishop who knows that it is time to draw a line in the sand, to refuse Jones and and any associated gospel music personalities use of their facilities until an authentic repentance has been publicly witnessed.

    Update 11.30.07 Eyewitness account of movie screening

    This is posted only as reference by an individual who was at the screening of the movie Dirty Laundry. In light of criticism charging that we were unfairly judging the movie and Bobby Jones, please note these comments posted unedited.

    “I must weigh in on this subject because I was able to attend the first screening of this movie with the cast and crew. I had no idea what the movie was about until i saw it but when it was over i almost slid out of my chair i could not believe ANY christian would be involved in the mess that was going on the screen! Now i dont want to give away the movie but It is just as messy as some of you think it is, I also got stuck sitting next to Dr Bobby jones who was all smiles from beginning to end, I slid down in my seat as he and his camp acted like you know what around me, which I guess was appropiate for the movie we were wacthing (forgive me Lord!) I was just so shocked that not only him but the superchoir appeared in this movie. Now if you are wordly, this is an AWESOME MOVIE minus the Gayness, but if you are a christian and you think the movie’s going to take a Holy Ghost turn, you are MISTAKEN!”

    Update 12.01.07

    Yesterday, Dr. Jones was sent an email containing links to our initial article and the resultant open letter. The email requested a public response to what we believe is a breach of truth and a wanton disregard for the spiritual welfare of the church of Jesus Christ. Subsequent to the email, a call was placed to the Nashville office of Dr. Jones advising them of the email and reinterating our request for a response.

  3. Guest, I totally share your happiness that God is not like human. What a great tragedy it would be if He were.

    But let’s discuss it calmly and maturely. Please explain exactly what you mean by “ranting and raving.” You may possibly have information that I did not consider.

  4. Thank you mindful christian for that information concerning bobby jones and his participation in a gay movie.

    I believe it was Wes Hall as minister of tourism and a recent born again christian who pushed bobby jones on the barbadian public years ago during a gospel fest.

    You could tell that that man was not a deeply spiritual christian man,but a buller enjoying being around young men in choirs.

    Richard sealy whoever advised you to bring back bobby jones – who incidentally does not have a big following in main street christian cirles in america – they should be fired.

    The man is false as a 26 cents peice.

  5. @ DAVID

    “Can one assume from your postings that you are anti-gay?”

    That is a leading question COUNSELOR!!!

    Let’s put it this way my dear brother – “I AM PURE PRO-BIBLE”…

    If FOLKS* want to ARGUE* with Romans Chapter 1:18 – 32 that’s between them and the ULTIMATE JUDGE* (Jesus Christ)…

    But let me ask you a similar question!!!

    WAS THE APOSTLE PAUL* “ANTIGAY” (whatever in HELL* that means) when he said the following:-

    “”Do you not know that the UNrighteous* will NOT* inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. NEITHER* fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor HOMOSEXUALS, nor SODOMITES* (including in this group are men who like to BUGGER* women in the BUTT*), nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners SHALL* inherit the kingdom of God. And such were “SOME OF YOU”. But you were “WASHED”***, but you were SANCTIFIED***, but you were JUSTIFIED*** in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)…

    Again, let me be CLEAR* – if FOLKS* want to ARGUE* with SCRIPTURE* that’s on them BRUV* – I have contestation or wrestling to do with anyone…

    As we both agreed in the past – THE TRUTH* NEEDS NO BARRISTER OR DEFENCE COUNSEL!!!

  6. Many who think they are going there (heaven I suppose) and those who expect they would be seeing many others there is going to be very disappointed.

    Those who make it there and would never expect to see certain people there are going to get the surprise of their life. People may think they are fooling God and others but they are fooling themselves

    It’s about time people start looking at themselves and stop looking at others. God is not going to ask you about someone else, he will ask you about YOU. Each wo/man gives an account of her/himself.

    What someone eats/drinks is not going to send another person in the toilet.

  7. Cuh dear
    LOLL, luv it.
    ‘fake as a 26c. piece’
    I does say ‘fake as a 3 dolla bill”. Dat is a new whun.

    but wid all dese false-ass wanna-be ‘christians/ followers of Christ’, na wonda sheedans like me sa confuze. stupseeeeeeeeeee

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