Barbados Tourism Product Authority Undergoing Another Restructure

We recall a time not so long ago there was the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), then the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) won the government in 2008 and a decision was taken to change the structure. The BTA transitioned to the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA). It is at that time the former minister of tourism saw the opportunity to get rid of Adrian Loveridge from sitting on the restructured BTPA Board.

Ten years later the BTMI and BTPA are about to suffer another transition.


  • Inniss,

    “there were many, many successes”. LOL.

    Only DLP-stalwart praises Big Sinck. Big Sinck is some kind of Ultra Nemesis. The failed Barbadian system of education allowed this man to study at UWI at the taxpayer´s expense. He implemented his failed financial plans for 10 years and did never correct his error to raise taxes. He was never able to control the budget.

    Big Sinck is a threat for Barbados and the Barbadian version of Maduro.


  • Two high profile resignations from two important boards in Barbados in less than a week.Are the cracks in this inept already discredited government about to be blown wide open?
    I wonder why David of BU is quiet on these resignations.


  • What are the two high profile resignations Negroman?


  • Will we ever address the problem of the HIGH TOURISM LEAKAGE RATE in Barbados tourism? Will we ever address the problem of poor hiring in the civil service? When will the we address the culture of IMPRESSIONS performance as oppose to REAL performance? When will we move our country out of the ANALOG mentality into the DIGITAL THINKING and RERALITY?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Piece,
    I don’t have much to say. It is terribly sad to witness the terminal decline of Barbados. Aljazeera, employed the headlines ” an orgy of corruption” to describe the governance of The Maldives. Such a headline could be equally applied to Barbados. Barbados, unlike The Maldives, does not have a history of murdering journalists and imprisoning politicians, civil servants and those who may oppose an incumbent government. As Social media raises its game and exposes the depth and depravity of rampant corruption as practised by our politicians and our leaders then we are likely to witness a shift in government tactics. We should never underestimate the tenacity of our crooked politicians who are desperate to keep their skulduggery secret. Such individuals are capable of arranging for the execution/murder of others.

    Our numerous leaders have failed the country and will continue to. Poor Mia, she and her cabinet are part of our problem. She has no plans on her horizon to act on corruption. She is merely a continuum of routine and old discredited practices that protect the corrupt in our society. At some stage in the near future we the people are going to have to make a stand and lead from the front.

    Aljazeera, opens our eyes to the nefarious tactics employed by the corrupt government of the Maldives; it highlights the probable criminal methodology practised by our politicians which allowed them to acquire wealth to the detriment of the well being of their country and their fellow citizens.

    As for me, I can not assist you guys in your endeavour to bring change. My only hope is that the good citizens of Barbados will prevail and shake off this tyrannical and blood-thirsty leadership that has prevailed over fifty-two years.


  • “David Simmons said “the party was so out of favour with the electorate at the time,that when they were leaving the last cabinet meeting before the poll,the then cabinet Secretary had waved them goodbye with a DLP manifesto in his hand.”


    That was the 1986, 24 – 3 defeat”.

    ……………………………………………..And then Barrow died and there began the rot …..Sandi!


  • @ Talking Loud
    The problem with Mia (and most traditional politicians) is that they honestly think that they can use all kinds of illegal and unethical tactics to gain political power – and then somehow change style …and enjoy a transparent, ethical period of leadership success.
    It does NOT work that way.

    What a man soweth ..THAT also will his donkey reapeth…..
    You CANNOT start wrong …and end up being right
    The LAWS of Nature (Karma) contradicts such logic.

    We therefore have a catch 22 situation….
    Honest politicians who do the right, ethical things will NEVER be elected by mendicant brass bowls…
    On the other hand..
    Crooked, low class, selfish politicians will ALWAYS do well …because they will pander to the mendicants and BBs

    ….BUT then they can only reap what they have sown….
    Thus, … a people ALWAYS get EXACTLY what they deserve.

    ALL SOLUTIONS to national social problems are rooted in the general populations…. and in particular, to that population’s predisposition to repent from doing EVIL (brass bowlery) ….. and to seek God’s face – in the sunshine of righteousness…
    (by seeking to do the RIGHT things as best we know…)

    Looking to brass bowl leaders for salvation is like emptying your topsy upwind…..


  • Ah Bushie boy

    You on to something in that first paragraph to Talking Loud.

    You need to expand on that using the argument in that paragraph as the theme.Capiche lolllllll.

    Sorry bushie.Just mekking some sport at Lorenzo.Ha ha.


  • Remember Mia has the distinction of not only being the first female prime minister of Barbados – but also the distinction of being the first prime minister WHO INVITED 5 KNOWN DRUG LORDS TO ATTEND THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF PARLIAMENT.

    Now that is a prime minister for you !


  • @ T Inniss..
    Is she not their prime minister too…?
    How are they different from the non-leper / CLICO robber / Central Bank money launderer?
    How is that different to having invited Dumbville Inniss to the opening?

    If only persons of integrity were invited …wuh all the damn food would have to be thrown away boss…



    I certainly don’t make those false equivalencies.

    Equating Donville Inniss who has only been charged and NOT proven guilty or even Leroy Parris whose sale of those special insurance plans started under owen Arthur and not the Dems (so if there is blame it has to be borne by all including persons who made bad investment) – to equate that with Drug men who have ben charged and convicted for serious crimes some as heinous as murder,or for the destruction of our young black men and sometimes even women – No skippa – I can’t associate myself with that remark.

    Too far East is West my friend.


  • So these drug lords have been been proven guilty …and are allowed to walk around free?
    Funny legal system we have then Boss..

    Or are they just as ‘known’ as was Dumbville, Lowe, Parris et al…?
    …indeed as are a LOT more…?


  • @Bush Tea

    You wisdom is impressive.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother In Arms Bush Tea
    @ THe Sage Annunaki

    [[Square Brackets time.

    De ole man notes that the two of you will from time to time speak out about the various iniquities perpetrated by any and all bajans without any deference to any set of Criminals

    De ole man only got to open me mouf bout Chairman Mia Ze Jong and whaplax the duo of Enuff and Lorenzo does jump in pun de ole man.

    Who wunna know or who wunna is in real real life?

    De ole man is jes a po’ bajan who ent nobody but who is wunna? heheheheheh


  • David of BU I believe Dr Headley former chairman of National Conservation Commission Board and Lennox Chandler the ministry of agriculture nominee on the board of Barbados Water Authority are two high profile departures from those respective boards.


  • @ Piece
    Bushie is just a little shiitehound Bajan bush-man …trying he hand with a big-ass whacker….

    But it is NOT WISE to mess with his stepfather….
    or indeed with any of his unseen bodyguards….

    Who BBE bless (not to mention adopt)
    let no brass bowl curse….

    Put another way…
    Touch not BBE’s adopted…
    ha ha ha


  • Bush tea

    Did you note my words charged and convicted.That has been recorded among some of those so named.

    But what are you really defending ?

    I noticed the excitement created by your position.Thankfully If I am the only one standing – I will state – it is despicable that a prime minister will have no problem giving 5 known drug lords special place at an official government ceremony – where the very police who have had to run them down,prosecute them and escort them to Prison – now have to gave them courtesies expected -only if reform had taken place.

    Hell even Ninja man would have been better.But that’s just my position.Feel free to disagree.


  • And? What is the problem with drug lords? They are just typical native Barbadians.

    Crime, corruption, nepotism, poverty and no future prospect belong to the Caribbean like chicken, sun, rum, calypso and voodoo.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    While you are commenting about the invitations to the HoA for the 5 druglords why not comment about the job at MTW for the St Phillip one by Michael Lashes!

    Whu after all you need to be fair and honest with your observations as we get sanctimonious…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for T. Inniss and the DLP Drug Lord


  • “…………or even Leroy Parris whose or even Leroy Parris whose sale of those special insurance plans started under owen Arthur and not the Dems ( started under owen Arthur and not the Dems……. ”


    It is an extremely difficult task for political yard-fowls to be FAIR and HONEST.

    We all know “of those special insurance plans” T. Inniss referred to.

    Just to remind T. Inniss…….the DLP took over the “reins of government” after winning the Tuesday, January 15, 2008 general elections.

    In August 2009…… (19 months AFTER the Owen Arthur led BLP administration was voted out of office)…….

    ……….the Supervisor of Insurance PROHIBITED CLICO International Life Insurance (CIL) from SELLING new business.

    In February 2012, (4 years AFTER Barbadians “saw the back” of the Owen Arthur led BLP administration)……….

    ………..the RBPF filed criminal charges against former executive chairman of CLICO Holdings, Leroy Parris, and then president Terrence Thornhill. They were accused of CONTRAVENING an ORDER by the Supervisor of Insurance in August 2009, which PROHIBITED the company’s subsidiary CLICO International Life Insurance CIL) from SELLING new business.

    The two were reportedly charged under Section 185 of the Insurance Act, Cap 130, which states that anyone found guilty is liable to a fine of BDS$1 000 or a year’s imprisonment “and where the offence is a continuing offence, by a further fine of BDS$250 for every day which the offence continues.”


  • Piece

    Before you jump in to throw your lashes with the rest ,you need to make sure that you have your facts correct before you make these accusations which will be like spitting in the air and the spit coming back in your face.

    Seeing that you always want to be on the good side of the blog moderator David, you should be acutely aware of him raising with me – this same point you are making.

    And so to refresh the memories of you and all the other similar thinkers – let me repeat what I said then.

    While I cannot and will not support any minister of government including Lashley – who from what I was told was the lawyer of Bounty before he became a minister – fraternizing with known drug lords.



    Is that what you are trying to equate to Bounty from St Phillip asking the representative from St Phillip and former lawyer for a job – and that compared to what Mia did with those 5 drug lords? Sigh

    Every day I understand even more why G.P calls this place a Rum Shop.


  • @T.Inniss

    Using your argument or defense would Stuart not have known or made aware about the questionable Lashley hire?


  • That is the first thing you should ask yourself my friend.


  • @T.Inniss

    What say you about the dishonest DLP MP Carrington who was Speaker of the house


  • It is God damn shame when mention of Mottley behaviour or choice of friends that are of despicable character that the caravan and the cast of clowns parading of defenders of Mottley would dare to retort with a finger pointing in another direction give me a f…ing break
    No wonder barbados reputation continues to hit an all-time low
    First a PM who would dare invite drug lords to the people’s Parliament better known as the House Assembly is assine and better yet the lowest of lows
    Yeap barbados has finally reached the banana Republic Status


  • “Yeap barbados has finally reached the banana Republic Status…..Hooray….”

    Remember, the “Banana republic Status” was clearly seen on the horizon………when

    ……..your economic policies failed to achieved the desired objectives…..

    …… refused to accept alternative economic policies from those that heeded your call to “bring solutions” (including “your own” David Estwick)….

    …… cussed and insulted local, regional and international economists that offered you alternative solution (asked Marla Dukharan)…..

    …… June 2014 after Moody’s downgraded Barbados credit rating from Ba3 to B3……and your inept PM Stuart responded with “what they say has as much value as what you would see in any garbage dump collected by the Sanitation Services Authority.”

    And perhaps more so, after credit rating downgrade #17.


  • Look watchman save yuh breathe for George Payne and DeTeets Marshall
    Wuh social media cussing them two stink stink everyday


  • Yeah bro Artax Say what! any how nothing worse than laying with mangey dogs and catching fleas yuh hear
    Maybe yuh ought to send a memo to the PM since you seem to be one of her foot soldiers whose desire is to put love of PM over love of country
    Yuh ought to be ashamed of self


  • @Mariposa

    Our House of Assembly have had some questionable characters over the years. To date a former DLP Minister is in the USA awaiting punishment for his reprehensible actions, the Barbadian voters did punished the most despicable characters on the 24 May


  • Yuh right on two counts
    But get this the new occupants even worse
    Have you heard what is being said about the minister in charge of land and housing
    Word on the strret says that govt got the biggest fox one George Payne watching the hen house


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    With reference to my “obsequious deference to the blogmaster” heheheheheheh.,

    If only you were to know the full nature of the BU BORG and my “behind the scene” encounters with them, you would not accuse de ole man of such “genuflection”.

    De ole man doan really ammmmm “bend too good”, a trait which my grandfather said was not desirable.

    He said “you have to be like the coconut tree and bend in the maelstrom son, or else the hurricane going brek you up like that mahogany tree in Grace *** back yard.

    Consequently there are things that just dont sit right with me and I will speak about them to whomever.

    You do me a disservice kind sir if I only saw your post 0f 4.20 p.m. and commented on that.

    De ole man ent really know bout the PM’s hugging experience with all 5 of the drug lords and me grandson like he ent seen this picture either.

    And I do accept that prime minister hugging drug lords and minister hugging sorry hiring drug lords are different degrees of dishonourable behaviour but for me I dont discriminate. to much.

    I thought that your were casting a stone while living in the glass house of life.

    All two of them are wrong


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for T Inniss


  • Ghee whizz how low can anyone go to compare Min Lashley job requirements as a lawyer to the despicable actions of the PM head and in charge of the justice system to being associated with drug lords known law breakers
    Instead of her hob nobbing with these law breakers she should have offered these bandits as examples with words in effect athat barbados have no tolerance for law breakers
    But then again look at those she put to write laws and head integrity commission
    Need i say no more


  • Mariposa

    What worse ? Payne is alleged of questionable land transaction, the late Barrow ,and his friends were alleged to left a man, at sea , who saw them sodomising.


  • The country is slithering down into the centre to nowhere and we persist with these empty arguments.


  • Some mariposa and T.Inniss need to be reminded by people who know of the DLP


  • @ David there is always the SINdustries if all else fails.

    Legalise marijuana, legalise gambling casinos,legalise gay marriage for tourists.


  • Can help but remember

    Some Hoteliers living and feeding off govt assistance,which brings me to a pep heave where hoteliers in barbados after asking and on the verge of receiving concessions from past govt were refusing to sign an agreement by past govt where it stated that the purchasing of local food product by them is necessary and must be agreed upon by the hoteliers.. these hoteliers were baulking at such an agreement even though the agreement would be of great help financially to the local farmers and agricultural industry


  • @ Hants September 18, 2018 11:55 PM

    Do you really think the Barbadians on the rock, who are socially conservative like the Taliban in Afghanistan, will ever do that? Not me.They are unwilling and possibly unable to change. Just look at the IMF programme which lacks any prospect to cut down the very bloated public service.


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