Barbados Tourism Product Authority Undergoing Another Restructure

We recall a time not so long ago there was the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), then the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) won the government in 2008 and a decision was taken to change the structure. The BTA transitioned to the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) and the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA). It is at that time the former minister of tourism saw the opportunity to get rid of Adrian Loveridge from sitting on the restructured BTPA Board.

Ten years later the BTMI and BTPA are about to suffer another transition.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Dear Prime Minister Mia Mottley,

    As Leader of the Opposition I said I would ask these questions directly of you this morning of the 17th day of September just over 100 days after your ascendancy

    Do you see these scum & wannabees who want to be part of your Thought Leader team as correct to make these statements about non resident Bajans?

    Do you think that it is sensible for them to come on the international site Barbados Underground and say thing like this?

    On September 16th at 12.15 p.m. Lorenzo had Enuff? says”…Therefore,persons like you,Sargeant and Hants need to step back and let persons who live here determine their own destiny,and face the conseqences of their decisions….?”

    Is this the message that your “inner circle” should be projecting to the rest of the Bajan community living overseas?

    Are bajans overseas to believe that, as long as you are not on the 2×2 rock, people automatically becomes outsiders who, as Lorenzo had Enuff, your henchman at large has said here, “must STFU and let wunna run everything?”

    Is this the message that you want to have out there as being the “Prime Minister’s Directive” regarding non resident Bajans?

    Please let us know what is the real message that you want non residents to be aware of, unless what Lorenzo (had Enuff) is now unless the self appointed Public Relations Officer Lorenzo is saying how you feel.

    Are we to understand that “unless you change the constitution again”, no non resident bajan shall comment on or contribute to ANY DEBATE about Affairs Bajan?

    Leader of the Opposition
    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    PS I have not been paid as yet as leader of the Opposition and would appreciate getting a direct deposit come to my US Bank in New Jersey at the Donville account


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Lorenzo you had Enuff?

    Let me show you how small a man? you are, and will always be.

    You were given a directive from Barbados Underground, a directive that comes from Mia Mottley herself, which was, and is, “do not estrange the diaspora by your petty small island statements”

    So we all know that you get wake up early with a whatsapp note that said “Lorenzo you had Enuff? “go immediately to Barbados Underground and give an apology to the Diaspora”.

    And like the sycophant, but arrogant pig headed lapdog that you are, you get up at 5.34 a.m. and look for someplace to stick your so called apology.

    Chairman Mia Mottley, to whose pooch you constantly apply your lips verily CHANGED THE CONSTITUTION OF BARBADOS TO BRING BACK THREE BAJANS FROM THE DIASPORA.

    But you come here to Barbados Underground and insulted that complete subset of people OF WHOM MIA HAS IMPORTED 3, a subset who remit more money that you ever will in 1933 lifetimes to Barbados. (1933 refers to the Enablement act mia is pushing to silence the same Diaspora and bajans whom you are not telling STFU)

    Look at the format of your apology!!

    It is couched in the very slime that characterizes all your contributions to BU.

    De ole man could disavow you of your idiocy as to my employer status in a few seconds WITH RH videos of employees but I will not that.

    What I will do is immortalize your statement about “Bajans in the Diaspora needing to STFU forever by having the grandson create a Stoopid Cartoon that you will be credited with/for, for forever.

    Yet, in the face of your dislike of Bajans in the Diaspora, Mia’s Director of Communications is one Charles me Love you Jong Time!!

    You people have to learn that because Mia Mottley is in the driver’s seat @ today that DOES NOT MAKE HER GOD.

    Furthermore there is no guarantee that Mia WILL BE IN THE HoA UNTIL THE NEXT ELECTION you buhkvunt AS THE UNTIMELY DEATH OF DAVID THOMPSON OF THE FATTED CALF BRIGADE should have shown an ignorant swine like you.

    Let me rachet this up a notch or two so that you start to comprehend THE POWER OF THE DIASPORA and what IT IS GOING TO DO to change the fortunes of the IMF Barbados


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Let me do this for the horde of waste foop clowns who surround Chairman Mia Mao.

    1.I now issue an official challenge to the BLP suck pooch brigade (led by Enuff of Lorenzo and Lorenzo had Enuff duo and to the GoB) that de ole man will show how the Diaspora can be engaged effectively.

    2.I now further state that this Diaspora Engagement shall require a “Put Your money where your Effing Mouth is” or STFU element for pooch suckers like said Lorenzo Had Enuff and your buddy and others in the “Hop Along Cassidy Community”

    3.For every $$ de ole man generates toward this Diaspora Engagement, I challenge you two of the Duo Lorenzo had Enuff & Enuff of Lorenzo to MATCH EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR.

    4.If you cannot match this money or the other “Diaspora Resources” that will be secured then you shall never post again on Barbados Underground or on any blog here or elsewhere under those two suck pooch names & WILL SHUT THE FVC& UP (as is your chant.)

    (I was going to say never again under any other name but the two of you are dishonest to the core so we will restrict it to your current names heheheheheheh)

    5.We need to set a time for this so de ole man will say 135 days for let us say $1 million dollars?

    Man/Woman up to the challenge and put your virtual John Hancock to the page that is IF YOU HAVE BALLS OR A PUDENDA that is equal to the task heheheheheheh


  • All:
    Very sad. The Bajans living outside, used BU to correctly lick up Stuart and Sinckler for years.
    Suddenly imbeciles telling them to shut up and don’t question anything.

    This is a shame but all the calls for national unity and all hands to the plough would fail if these people don’t stop behaving as if they alone should say what they like.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    But to the Substantive Matter of Tourism which Mr Loveridge put here and which has yet to attract any meaningful contribution

    In summary he says …the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) was changed to the BTA then to the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) and then the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (BTPA),
    now the BTMI and BTPA are about to do the same transition…

    I considered the point that Loveridge is making and consigned it to the category that Brother in Arms Bush Tea calls “shifting of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic” euphemism for the bunch of them ent really got a clue about what to do.

    So de ole man will provide some pointers as to what has to be done with our tourism product to beef it up.

    This list is condensed from things already done heheheheheheh.

    This is the action list as opposed to moving the chairs but de Thought Leaders ent going be able to do this.

    Also cause de ole man ent plan to fatten cockroach for fowl de who concept ent her neider

    1.Promoting awareness of cultural heritage – Traditions, Rituals, Language, Dance, Music, Literature.

    Note that de ole man tell wunna what it is but not how to do um I sorry but…

    2.Ensuring that the Product both incorporates and upgrades “Grayscale Vendors”. (Euphemism for de poor man for those of you who dont know the term) Quite simply put “you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear’

    Pudding and souse does not get served to you on a Saturday in a pig pen. So the plant has to be improved even for the poor man & woman else as good as Pudding & Souse is (except you are Jewish) it ent going attract anyone to your counters.

    3.Ammmm just what do tourists want to see and experience when they visit Barbados? Has anyone ever done any really in-depth report/analysis of this? De ole man doubts it!

    You got to give the people what they want

    Again I am a simple ole man untrained in dese marketing degrees dat Billy and Layne and de rest uh wunna got but I do know one ting dat i get taught well heheheheheheh

    A good listen to all the song gives some nuggets but I want to focus on that single line and underscore its pertinence to our Tourism product.

    If Cheffette’s buffalo chicken wings are a number one seller do you think that they would cancel that dish and bring in ostrich’s feet?

    What does the People’s Republic of China rip off from the US market, ignore their patent protection (just like the government of barbados but unlike them…) then mass produce?

    They look for the main sellers and then replicate them, Barbados has to find out what the main sellers are and ‘replicate” them.

    I will close this vacuous submission by saying Tourists want authentic experiences and once one can create that authentic brand that will be what they follow.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item that speaks to the substantive topic I think


  • Come on William…
    What sad what??!!

    You, more than most, have always said that BLP /DLP same shiite…. (actually NDP, SB, etc too 🙂 )
    So why are you surprised that the former yardfowls have now reversed roles?
    Is this not the game?

    Lorenzo now sounds like Fractured and AC has morphed into Maripoka …and sounds like the old Prodigal.
    Boss, if you had been around circa 2008 you would have noted the EXACT same transformation…

    Why do you think our ass is grass…?
    It is NOT because we lack talent, opportunity, options, assistance or even creativity….

    It is because we have the inmates running the damn mad house….
    with their yardfowl soldiers dispensing the Koolaid…

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  • Piece,

    Your language.


  • The problem with most government entities is HR, we keep hiring WRONG and expect to get RIGHT. Lots of people in these entities get the job by who they know, which organization they are in or connected to, and favours, etc.. We have a very poor appraisal system in government that leads to non-productive or low productive persons, unsuitable persons and generally poor fits being promoted. We also have good workers not being promoted, victimized and generally treated badly by poor management. We lack vision, forward thinking and proper planning in government. We have management that is stuck in past solutions for new issues and generally poor decision makers.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin


    Sometimes, as you sit and watch this filth playing out around you, it is not always possible to intellectualize through this wickedness and take “the higher ground”.

    This is people’s lives that these scum are destroying and do so with ease!

    While they live in affluent homes, and do whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it, with all of their family members, and post the cruises on their Facebook pages, we the poor people and sheeple suffering!!

    I for one, am not doing that pup no longer Hal, and I going agitate to support anyone else whose matter is just, to speak out against these travesties.

    It is wrong for them to sit down and teif with Impunity. They just doing it to the right people but like de ole man tells you “as sure as the sun will set this evening wherever i rose today, they will do this game with the WRONG EXCUSE MY FRENCH, FVCKER and with that wrong person ALL THIS INGRUNCE GOING STOP!

    Some of us have new lawyers at the Smith & Wesson firm. I do not know (nor do i care) about yours Hal.

    And I have spoken here as per a prophecy, find a man or woman, who ent got much longer lingering AND YOU HAVE ” ACTUATED” THE COME TO JESUS MOMENT figuratively and literally that is needed and which Chairman Mao refers to.

    They used to kidnap embassy staff in *** years ago and they did it with russian staff members.

    THe Russians went and found the family members of the kidnappers and returned them in pieces of the course of a week, a finger, all the fingers, then the hands, then the feet and the russian kidnappings stopped.

    People play by these scum’s rules and these animals DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT TYPE OF REASONING and do not mind that one may have taken communion yesterday, today you may need to ammmmmm …..


  • Piece,

    Everything you say is right. We are in debate with a nation short of talent. Many of them with degrees and titles who misconstrue this as intelligence.
    The trick is to discuss the issues and not drop to their levels. They become abusive when they cannot challenge your views. We know who the habitual culprits are – and they are encouraged by the chairman.


  • Piece all I got to say to you finally,when you finish ,ranting and raving like a 10 year old child I will still be here.Therefore calm yourself before they take you to the Mental.You do not own this blog and you might impress a few on here with your cartoons and as you state all the hits you get,i do not give a damn.You seem to believe you are special and can criticize people but when you get criticize you throwing a tantrum,well that is tough because the only person can stop me expressing my view of your ignorance on this blog is David Bu,capiche.Therefore I state to you again nobody voted for you ,let the persons voted for do their jobs ,simple.and finally you did not answer the question so I repeat,What have you ever run besides your mouth with your oversize ego,i gone that is my final reply to you jackass.,you could like it or lump it.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Hal Austin

    Hal the thing is what is the message that they are seeking to deliver?

    In one breadth you hear the sycophants say “all hands on deck” and in the vein of Lord Nelson at his death “England (Lil Bim) expects every man (and woman and in betweener) to do their duty and then you hear Lorenzo saying “non resident bajans, STFU!”

    Look at the statements of Ryan Straughn while speaking to the NOW representative as the government of Barbados starts their new strategy to export Bajans to new Labour markets

    “…“The mindset of only working in Barbados now has to be changed and I think that now it is up to us collectively to demonstrate there may be (not maybe) opportunities for us to leverage outside of Barbados and as Barbadians we must take the bull by the horns and take advantage of those opportunities,” said Straughn.

    “It is not just expansion of domestic activity but it is expansion of Barbadians going outside of Barbados earning a living and remitting those funds back,” he said.

    Yet you have Lorenzo you had Enuff? delivering a new type of message to bajans living overseas and the ones that they have tricked the IMF that they will use some of the IMF money to train and export them, IF SAID STAFF LEVEN AGREEMENT IS APPROVED.

    But here are Lorenzo’s words immortalized.

    Let us see if Chairman Mottley will refute them publicly


  • Piece,

    Ryan Straughn is not the cleverest of our MPs. Did you hear his speech on the mini(emergency) Budget. Here was an economic minister and he said not a single thing about the economy. It was a political speech about what the government would do. He spoke as if he was the prime minister – and got away with it.
    His speech about exporting labour is ill-thought out, if it is reported accurately, and lacks an historical dimension. Has he ever heard about the tens of thousand of people Barbados has been exporting since the abolition of slavery? As an economic minister he must be familiar with the brain drain.
    But the statement typifies everything about this government: remittances in place of sound economic development; exporting highly educated cheap labour and more. The BLP is a party in office, but not in power..


  • @Piece

    I really want to ask you what is your agenda………..

    You have heard and seen the massive destruction that the DLP did to this economy for ten long years. You blogged and got your grandson to create very effective posters highlighting the gross malfeasance of the DLP.

    Pray tell me what the hell do you want Mia Amor Mottley and her team to do to reverse the rot they inherited in 100 days…… goodness man, have a conscience.

    I listened to Ryan Straughn at Deighton Griffith School on Sunday and he said that if we thought things were bad…..they found things 100 times worse. The government was deducting NIS from the public workers and never paid the funds to the NIS for three years…….$300 million dollars……

    This Finance team cannot understand how a government can bring Estimates and then a Budget to the House yet so much of the expenditure was not met. Where has the money gone? Well we have a clue based on the report of the back page of the Sunday Sun and the other revelations a few weeks ago.

    You need to get out and hear what is going on and give the government a chance to right the wrongs they inherited.

    You are better than what you are posting daily.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    “…I initially resisted the idea of Global Entry—I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d be paying $100 for, and I’d already resigned myself to long lines at my home airport, JFK, for the rest of my life.

    But as a travel editor, I was spurred to dig deeper. What exactly did the process entail? What were some not-so-evident benefits? Fast forward: I was approved for Global Entry last October, and I’ve never been happier with a purchase. Here’s what I learned….”

    Ms Wu continues

    “…Imagine a dream world in which you can skip the majority of the airport security line, keep your shoes and belt on, your liquids and laptop in your bag, and breeze right through. This is called TSA PreCheck, and you are automatically eligible when you pay $100 for Global Entry (if for some reason you only want TSA PreCheck, it’s available for $85).

    While I don’t recommend this for all travelers, I’ve consistently started arriving to the airport 20 minutes later when I’m flying an airline that participates in this program (more on this later), with absolutely no stress.

    Aside from this already great perk, you can expedite customs on your way back into the U.S. when flying internationally. Most major airports are equipped with Global Entry kiosks (and even during the holidays, at JFK, I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes for a kiosk). And you no longer have to fill out those blue customs forms. (Am I the only one that dreads contorting myself in my airplane seat to pull out my passport every time I have to fill one out on the plane?)…”

    You misinterpret “grieving in my soul” for us bajans for arrogance Lorenzo you had Enuff

    The issue that keeps me on the edge is quite a simple one.

    We have been, AND STILL ARE, “playing with our doggies while the world passes us by and the Office of Inspector General has reaped, and continues to reap, hundreds of millions of dollars with meaningful technologies while we got Thought Leader ministers talking bout exporting bajans to remit FOREX.

    Why have you not taken my 135 day challenge my man are you scared? But I agree with you.

    IF YOU CANNOT STAND THE HEAT get out the badword kitchen…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Prodigal Son

    Let me explain for you “what is my agenda”.

    I understand what Mia is fighting with my man much better than you think.

    I comprehend what she has to do with the team that she is accompanied by, I get that TOTALLY.

    What I do not and will never get is THE NEW TEAM of people coming to effect the same rape of Bajans.

    In whatever form or fashion SHE HAS TO MAKE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT SHE IS CLEANING UP SHOP and that it is irrespective of whether it is BLP or DLP agents.

    We, the SHEEPLE, have no confidence in these foxes counting the chickens, so what does she do Prodigal?

    We have an economy that is in shambles and for which we have had to go begging the IMF for operational cash.

    We have a judiciary that is totally messed up that even prior to Teets and Pain was haemorraging.

    We have a police force that is struggling internally with cops who are being paid by drug lords and contending with a murder a week from that warfare

    and we have an economy that DOES NOT KNOW how to generate money…

    Yet we are saying all hands on deck and asking people to be patriotic when THERE IS NO MECHANISM FOR PEOPLE TO FEEL PROTECTED FROM THAT 3 POINT SYSTEM chewing them up.

    We, need to see something different Prodigal, not all this PR and plaster on wounds.

    Here is what I would suggest.

    The first Challenge relates to the Judiciary and all things that “flow” from there.

    Appoint Dean Jeff Critchlow to Chair a Special Entity, which will operate out of the Office of the Prime minister to manage all these legal issues and among other things, operationalize this Integrity in Public Life sham. Let him bring men and women and relevant technologies to facilitate much needed Whistleblowing avenues that will show BAJANS that she ent part of the problem BUT WANTS REAL CHANGE.

    I voted for change Prodigal, not a coat of primer. Show me that Mia really cares and is not into the pretty psychographics of Red T-Shirt messages. Been there and done that.

    You might not recogniize this but the BLP administration has 135 days to make things happen and not just talk about them.

    As it relates to the crime thing.

    As an extension of that Whistleblowing thing that Dean Jeff Cumberbatch will run, and which Senator Caswell may possibly be coopted to serve with, get a Whistleblower app and distribute it to peoples phones and run a program about “IF YOU SEE A CRIME, SEND US A LINE”

    So if i got a criminal activity in my district as an old bajan who does see and know things i can tap my app and securely report what is going on to Dean Jeff’s technical team.

    He will send that on to a specific unit in the police force for investigation and intervention and at the end of 3 months IF TYRONNE GRIFFITH & THE DPP ENT GOT SOME RESULTS IN THIS MURDER MAYHEM, “SHIFT DEM SCVUNT” cause i know that you cant fire them, but appoint another person with that specific responsibility to make this happen.

    Thirdly, have the same Dean use his relationship with Eddie Ventose at the University of the West Indies and create a policy immediately for Intellectual property.

    Reach out to the United States Embassy and get them to facilitate specific resources for Ventose to tap into the US PTO systems that exist at today to bring barbados into the 21st century so that people can feel confident that when i come and share my ideas with Edison Alleyne that the ideas ent going get teifed and sent to Mooooo Williams or de feller Stables (purposely mispelt for them to siphon of the concept for dem private sector friends.

    THis is about sheeple being enfranchised Prodigal not talk.

    either you deliver or we going replace you too.


  • @ Piece
    THis is about sheeple being enfranchised Prodigal not talk.
    What makes you think that you can get blood from stone?
    What do you NOT get about a bridge TOO far?

    You are espousing concepts that are associated with PROUD, self-respecting, educated HUMAN BEINGS.
    But you are expecting this of brass bowls, who are mendicants, … aspiring after albino-centric piss…

    Dream on Boss… dream on.


  • St. Lucia News Online

    Sandals clarification on withholding tax claim
    By Sandals
    9 hours ago

    (PRESS RELEASE) – Sandals Resorts International has noted sustained efforts to try and tarnish the good name and reputation of our company by parties who continue to misrepresent the issue of a $24M Withholding Tax claim by the Inland Revenue Department of Saint Lucia on insurance costs; a matter which was finally and appropriately resolved in 2017.

    These are the facts:

    Sandals Resorts International objected to these assessments in accordance with its statutory rights under the Income Tax Act, and consistently maintained, in correspondence and discussions with Inland Revenue and the Ministry of Finance, that the assessments were not justified and were incorrectly determined, and so should be withdrawn. Let us repeat that, the assessments were not justified but were incorrectly determined and should have been withdrawn. SRI’s objections were based on professional advice on this matter, and a legal ruling in 2011 by the OECS Supreme Court that is relevant to withholding tax assessments in Saint Lucia.

    It is important to note that US$15M or over 62% of the claim was in penalties and interest after it was allowed to continue to drag out by the former administration in spite of the Ruling and in spite of assurances that were given to our financial representatives Grant Thorton. This is clearly stated in a letter sent to our Regional Financial Comptroller in March 2016 by Senior Partner in Grant Thornton Mr. Richard Peterkin, who noted that at the request of the Chairman of SRI, he met with the then Prime Minister (Dr. Kenny Anthony) on two occasions prior to the last elections to discuss concessions relating to a proposed 150-room expansion at Sandals Grande.

    The issue of the Withholding tax assessments was specifically raised and despite assurances from the then Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister that the matter would be addressed; there was no communication from Government to Inland Revenue, which continued to accumulate significant interest on the old Assessments. It is important to indicate that there were never any legal efforts to collect these taxes claimed to be due.

    There are two things we wish to point out:

    – Both the former Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister agreed that the incentives would be granted, and both were fully cognizant at the time that this included addressing the withholding tax issue.

    – If these claims were valid, why were no legal efforts made to collect them for so many years, an action which allowed the interest and penalties to grow to more than double the actual claim.

    Since the former Prime Minister was fully aware of the circumstances surrounding this matter, it is very unfortunate that members of his party are among those being allowed to consistently misrepresent this issue to the public of Saint Lucia.

    Sandals never and does not owe the government of Saint Lucia any outstanding money. Rather this dispute with Inland Revenue over withholding taxes on insurance premiums was an old and exceptional matter that required resolution if SRI was to be able to finance new investments on the island. Indeed the only purpose served by delaying it was to have derailed the expansion works that were planned for the Sandals Grande Saint Lucian.

    It’s resolution last year has now allowed us to proceed with plans to invest close to US$250 million in a new hotel (including real estate) which will provide 1,000 construction jobs over two years and over 600 full time jobs when finished for the people of Saint Lucia, not to mention the many farmers, taxi drivers, tour operators, vendors etc. who will benefit from the additional activity.

    In spite of continued efforts to distort this issue, with the apparent intention of causing harm to Sandals Resorts and its 1,800 team members, 98% of whom are Saint Lucians; we wish to assure both our team members and the people of Saint Lucia that Sandals Resorts remains a true friend and partner who this year celebrated its 25th anniversary in Saint Lucia.

    We assure you further that the Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia – as we are in all territories – is fully compliant with all taxes, statutory deductions and payments in line with the concessions granted to us, and which have been similarly granted to many hotels in Saint Lucia.

    We are and will remain committed to the growth and development of Saint Lucia and its people, and will continue to play our role in the enhancement of the island’s hospitality sector

    Copyright 2018 St. Lucia News Online.

    Andrews Media Services Corporation.

    Gros Islet, Saint Lucia, West Indies


  • I hear you, Piece……. what ever……all l am saying is you need to simmer down and give her time….. your way of doing things certainly is not her way…….. we all want a better Barbados and it will happen.


  • This talk about exporting Bajans to work overseas is nothing new. Walter could correct me if I am wrong. But I recall, when he was a very popular, call- program host, he expressed a similar opinion.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Prodigal Son

    I am very calm.

    If I were not calm you would know.

    It is just that you have never seen an always on switch heheheh

    This is for the IGNORAMUS who was seeking to lie about the Staff Level agreement meaning ghat Barbados has consummated the IMF loan.

    It comes from the IMF faq page

    “…Typically, a country’s government and the IMF must agree on a program of economic policies before the IMF provides lending to the country. A country’s commitments to undertake certain policy actions, known as policy conditionality, are in most cases an integral part of IMF lending (see table). This policy program underlying an arrangement is in most cases presented to the Fund’s Executive Board in a “Letter of Intent” and further detailed in a “Memorandum of Understanding”….”

    The presentation to the Fund’s Executive Board HAS NOT HAPPENED AS YET therefore Lorenzo had Enuff is lying AS IS HIS CUSTOM IN OTHER FORA.

    Even in the smallest of things he will come here and tell a lie though IF YOU WERE TO MEET THE CHARACTER you would understand that he really does not understand these processes but pretends that he does.


    Tell your Chairman to up her game as it relates to intellectual property protection and public private sector agreements.

    Once she shows publicly what her policies are and have such converted to incontrovertible law then de ole man will give her easement in that area.

    Bring men of honour to the fore of her Integrity dealings and give the teeth unlike what was done to Frank King at the Fear Trading Commission and i will give easement on her ENABLEMENT Act.

    Have People like Jeff lead up her Judiciary Reform matters and I will give easement on certain matter but not Pain and Teets unless Teet receives proportional sanctions and Pain gets disbarred.

    Engage serious Thought Leaders who are not going to get paid and produce nothing and I will give easement for carte Blanche assault on her team of 21 of her 26 incompetent ministers.

    Until then you can expect that the observations will continue cause, even though I know she is working hard, it is not going to work with this lot at the helm. DEM just as bad as de DLP.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with a recent item thank you


  • re we all want a better Barbados and it will happen.



  • we all want a better Barbados and it will happen.
    It certainly won’t happen if it depends on clueless jokers sitting around waiting on the world to end.. or by misguided leaders who actually think that they have the answers that eluded OTHER brass bowls.

    Human beings were made and ‘given dominion’ to take control of this earth and to mould it into a place of which even BBE would be proud. We were given the resources, the time, the intellect and the support needed.. to succeed at this simple SELF-SERVING task.

    Brass Bowls that we are…. we have INSTEAD allowed greed, illogical religion, jealousy, spite, BUT MOSTLY selfishness – to lead us to cut our collective noses to spite our faces.

    Even now… with the appropriate PRIORITIES and with community-centric and cooperative efforts, it is STILL possible to experience the success and JOY that results from playing by BBE’s rules….

    BUT this requires HUMBLING ourselves of false pride, seeking GOD’s face, …and REPENTING from our FOOLISH (and failing) albino-centric ways. We would THEN see a healing of our lands and our dreams actually coming true….
    …much like Bushie has come to experience at a local level – as an adoptee….

    We are MUCH too proud (and brassy) for such an approach.. BUT the FACT is that:
    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land…..”


  • @T.Inniss

    You have been following PM Mottley’s itinerary in the USA?


  • Not really


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    Interesting view expressed by our newly elected government. Have they given up on the local population?

    “Barbados needs to speed up its immigration process for non-nationals who could hold the key to the country’s economic future, says Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson.”


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

    You see why I am saying that Mia is surrounded by 21 clowns?

    This clown has learnt nothing from Captain Hutt’s History lessons.

    Look what the clown says as part of the cutting edge of the THOUGHT LEADERS team

    “…Barbados needs to speed up its immigration process for non-nationals who could hold the key to the country’s economic future, says Minister of Home Affairs Edmund Hinkson.”

    How de badword can I make this leap?

    We bajans can’t get enough money to buy a decent piece of the rock yet he talking bout speeding up the immigration process as being central to economic future of Barbados

    Imagine that a citizenship by investment programme unofficially being implemented as the solution to our economic woes

    And a reverse colonization initiative being enforced by a BLP minister that will contribute to the further disenfranchising of bajans.

    Well done Eddie well done.


  • She has surrounded herself with individuals elected by the people in a free and fair general election.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

    You see that article from Al Jazeera?

    How many bajans you think going see that ?

    How many give a flying badword about It?

    And how many going read it here on BU?

    Yet the duo of Enuff of Lorenzo and Lorenzo you had Enuff? Would call you a tin foil wearer needing to go to the mental.

    When I say to a feller “your call logs are being monitored by *** and *** is not the police, dem calls me a conspiracist yet when I show how Jeffrey Beasley if the SSA was fired people would say speculation only.

    But de udder fellers dun know de ole msn ent lying.

    If we do not insist that the government of Chairman Mia Mao take the high road wunna going be incarcerated in wunna houses in a few years.

    Unlike de ole man who ***

    That is a brilliant story and find Talking Loud and Saying Nothing

    But de sheeple ent really give a badword


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    You are absolutely wrong about that Honourable Blogmaster

    “…She has surrounded herself with individuals elected by the people in a free and fair general election…”

    Mia will tell you differently but she cannot.

    She would tell you “…She is surrounded by individuals elected by the people in a free and fair general election…”

    And that is a completely different situation than what she is saddled with at today.

    At another time I am going to name the 21 buhvunts that assail her leadership every day.

    Why you think she has that software on her phone that looks at every single ministries spending daily?

    Is this out of trust or expediency?

    You think she can leave Pain or the Opposite of Wives or Oblong Head to run their ministries unsupervised?

    What is my endgame?

    I want to show every single bajan what we are dealing with daily.

    And in so doing make these piss poor performers up their game or be exposed as posturers

    We the people are NOT in the idiocy mode no more.

    $600 MILLION from the IMF tells our collective asses that we are in ducks guts and can’t afford this luxury of ministers mekking RH mistakes

    Certainly Mia going to every bad word conference shows you that she is not prepared to do it.

    And if we elected her, why should we just go to sleep? You does go sleep at Barbados Underground?

    If it does not happen for you Honourable Blogmaster why should it happen for us?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here thank you


  • So why you didn’t also say that Freundel had surrounded himself with individuals elected by the people in a free and fair election.

    You ever see a young girl wearing a tight dress that fitting she like a second skin and as she walk one side of the dress ride up and soon as she rush to pull it down the other side ride up.

    That is how Mia got wunnah – you got to be rushing from side to side fixing your argument which just a mere months ago you were lambasting the other side for.


  • I want to remind those on this site that always shouting out about redwash and 30-0 – cast your mind back to April 2017 when the BLP oldsters who now chomping down eating at the fatted calf – held a meeting called ‘Conversation with the BLP Elders’.

    This is what two of the elders had to say: “Sir Louis said that leading to the election he had a distinctive feeling that the BLP was facing defeat,a feeling which was also shared by Sir David Simmons.

    David Simmons said “the party was so out of favour with the electorate at the time,that when they were leaving the last cabinet meeting before the poll,the then cabinet Secretary had waved them goodbye with a DLP manifesto in his hand.”


    That was the 1986, 24 – 3 defeat.

    Today for you tomorrow for me – so rejoice not.

    The narrative that the BLP WANTS STUCK IN PEOPLE’S MIND IS THAT THE LAST DLP GOVT WAS THE WORST EVER.But once we have honest historians – then we will see that as in the case of Sir LLoyd Sandiford’s administration,a dispassionate,objective perusal of ALL the facts – showed Sandiford to be worthy of much deserved praise – after much maligning and condemnation by the BLP and its propaganda arm – The Nation Group of Companies.

    THistory has its way of righting some wrongs and eventually the BLP saw need to Knight Sir Llloyd for his tremendous contribution to this country and to the courage he showed in making necessary but tough decisions.

    Remember that with all this glory that Mia is cloaking herself with – she has now started her journey and 100 days in – people are dissatisfied and starting to grumble and seeing the PR MEDIA Stunts as just hot air.

    Once there are honest and objective historians,economists and media personnel – Freundel Stuart’s prime ministership and Chris Sinckler’s stewardship as Finance will also be examined and once ALL the facts are examined – then we would find that along with the Mistakes made by them – there were many,many successes.

    However if we leave this examination up to the likes of David Ellis,Peter Wickham,Sanka Price,Jeremy Stevens,George Belle,Ezra Alleyne and the like – then the mantra of the worst govt ever – and the lost decade would constantly be repeated – to be lodged in citizens’ brains as though it is fact.


  • RE That is how Mia got wunnah – you got to be rushing from side to side fixing your argument which just a mere months ago you were lambasting the other side for. TRUE TRUE TRUTE FUH TRUTE

    SHE CAN ONLY BARK ………AND BITE……….oh me am


  • re Once there are honest and objective historians,economists and media personnel – Freundel Stuart’s prime ministership and Chris Sinckler’s stewardship as Finance will also be examined and once ALL the facts are examined – then we would find that along with the Mistakes made by them – there were many,many successes.

    mr t innis sir! please kindly list the “successes ” of which you speak above


  • RE She has surrounded herself with individuals elected by the people in a free and fair general election.


    SO CARES IF MIA WAS elected by the people in a free and fair general election?



    RE You see why I am saying that Mia is surrounded by 21 clowns?


    RE This clown has learnt nothing from Captain Hutt’s History lessons.
    BAD ANALOGY THERE PIECE. Captain Hutt’s History lessons WERE POORER THAN PISS!

    RE @T.Inniss

    You have been following PM Mottley’s itinerary in the USA?



  • T. Inniss

    The DLP led by Freundel and his Bandits was a case of “fool the PEOPLE 1,2 times” and the result was a DLP-0 to BLP-30 . So Mr Yardfowl, you have the next 5 years to pick and Shiite all over BU .


  • Success is subjective


  • RE Success is subjective

    but the 30-0 response TO THE DEMS SUBJECTIVE SUCESS was OBJECTIVE! UH LIE?


  • @T.Inniss September 18, 2018 8:18 AM
    “Once there are honest and objective historians,economists and media personnel – Freundel Stuart’s prime ministership and Chris Sinckler’s stewardship as Finance will also be examined and once ALL the facts are examined – then we would find that along with the Mistakes made by them – there were many,many successes.”

    Are those “many, many, successes” your euphemism for 23 discredited downgrades and putting the once ‘A’ rated country to that of junk bond status and placed on the cusp of currency Devaluation?

    Just name one of those “many, many successes”?
    Like destroying the legacy of EWB?

    The only thing that was left for the last administration of deceivers, liars and pimps (aka Pornville Inniss and Co) to do was to return Barbados from Independence (aka friend of all, satellite of none) to being a financial and social vassal of a Middle Eastern caliphate for just a $5 billion mess of pottage.

    Didn’t the same Sir Lloyd learn from his own mistakes while the economy was batting like “Garry Sobers” and firing on all cylinders by posing the most pertinent question posed to the recently ousted administration: “How did we get back here?”


  • @pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Barbados switches to e-passports,

    Does this fit into the potential MiA Jong key Tong surveillance and information gathering theory.

    I got a Canadian passport.


  • @GP

    Very true, LOL.


  • The difference T.Inniss is that Stuart had 10 years plus to demonstrate the leadership to get the job done, he Rh failed.


  • @ Prodigal Son September 17, 2018 9:56 PM
    “I hear you, Piece……. what ever……all l am saying is you need to simmer down and give her time….. your way of doing things certainly is not her way…….. we all want a better Barbados and it will happen.”

    PUDRYR’s early expressed concerns will continue to find resonance on BU unless MAM and her 29 musketeers demonstrate that they are genuinely serious about making those who financially raped the taxpayers are brought to the real financial Jesus.

    She needs to investigate immediately the tax affairs of those who raped taxpayers over the past 8 years by charging those humongous legal and consultancy fees.

    Have these financial bandits paid their full share of taxes on these amounts, including the $3. 3 million CLICO heist by Greenverbs and the BWA $1.5 million leak to the Golloping chambers along with the $3.1 million BNOCL/BNTCL oil spill?

    What’s wrong with reassuring taxpayers and poor people who have been forced to carry additional loads since June 2018 that these concerns of blatant tax evasion will soon be put to rest?

    Wasn’t her own ministerial reputation recently smeared along with her father’s on a political platform who was portrayed as one big tax dodger aided and abetted by the his well politically-positioned daughter?

    What’s wrong with asking that equity be applied to ensure that the rumours of massive tax evasion by friends associated with her accusers are indeed just only rumours?

    What’s wrong with a publicly-announced enquiry (as in the case of her old man) to ensure that every thing ‘tax’ associated with those recipients of largesse from the Treasury and State-owned entities is above board and they have paid their fair share to the common kitty just as it is being asked of the ordinary man or woman having to face a monthly water bill?

    PUYDR does indeed have some early legitimate concerns. For if you start wrong by appearing to be in breach of your promise to the suffering people then you will find it most difficult to earn the trust of the same people when harder times kick in when the IMF programme really starts to have its ‘fully-biting’ impact.

    Why must ordinary working-class people at the statutory bodies like the BWA be losing their livelihood when $1.5 million has been siphoned off without some of that financial waste waster ending up ‘back in’ the taxpayers’ kitchen garden?


  • T.Inniss


  • Inniss,

    “there were many, many successes”. LOL.

    Only DLP-stalwart praises Big Sinck. Big Sinck is some kind of Ultra Nemesis. The failed Barbadian system of education allowed this man to study at UWI at the taxpayer´s expense. He implemented his failed financial plans for 10 years and did never correct his error to raise taxes. He was never able to control the budget.

    Big Sinck is a threat for Barbados and the Barbadian version of Maduro.


  • Two high profile resignations from two important boards in Barbados in less than a week.Are the cracks in this inept already discredited government about to be blown wide open?
    I wonder why David of BU is quiet on these resignations.


  • What are the two high profile resignations Negroman?


  • Will we ever address the problem of the HIGH TOURISM LEAKAGE RATE in Barbados tourism? Will we ever address the problem of poor hiring in the civil service? When will the we address the culture of IMPRESSIONS performance as oppose to REAL performance? When will we move our country out of the ANALOG mentality into the DIGITAL THINKING and RERALITY?


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Piece,
    I don’t have much to say. It is terribly sad to witness the terminal decline of Barbados. Aljazeera, employed the headlines ” an orgy of corruption” to describe the governance of The Maldives. Such a headline could be equally applied to Barbados. Barbados, unlike The Maldives, does not have a history of murdering journalists and imprisoning politicians, civil servants and those who may oppose an incumbent government. As Social media raises its game and exposes the depth and depravity of rampant corruption as practised by our politicians and our leaders then we are likely to witness a shift in government tactics. We should never underestimate the tenacity of our crooked politicians who are desperate to keep their skulduggery secret. Such individuals are capable of arranging for the execution/murder of others.

    Our numerous leaders have failed the country and will continue to. Poor Mia, she and her cabinet are part of our problem. She has no plans on her horizon to act on corruption. She is merely a continuum of routine and old discredited practices that protect the corrupt in our society. At some stage in the near future we the people are going to have to make a stand and lead from the front.

    Aljazeera, opens our eyes to the nefarious tactics employed by the corrupt government of the Maldives; it highlights the probable criminal methodology practised by our politicians which allowed them to acquire wealth to the detriment of the well being of their country and their fellow citizens.

    As for me, I can not assist you guys in your endeavour to bring change. My only hope is that the good citizens of Barbados will prevail and shake off this tyrannical and blood-thirsty leadership that has prevailed over fifty-two years.


  • “David Simmons said “the party was so out of favour with the electorate at the time,that when they were leaving the last cabinet meeting before the poll,the then cabinet Secretary had waved them goodbye with a DLP manifesto in his hand.”


    That was the 1986, 24 – 3 defeat”.

    ……………………………………………..And then Barrow died and there began the rot …..Sandi!


  • @ Talking Loud
    The problem with Mia (and most traditional politicians) is that they honestly think that they can use all kinds of illegal and unethical tactics to gain political power – and then somehow change style …and enjoy a transparent, ethical period of leadership success.
    It does NOT work that way.

    What a man soweth ..THAT also will his donkey reapeth…..
    You CANNOT start wrong …and end up being right
    The LAWS of Nature (Karma) contradicts such logic.

    We therefore have a catch 22 situation….
    Honest politicians who do the right, ethical things will NEVER be elected by mendicant brass bowls…
    On the other hand..
    Crooked, low class, selfish politicians will ALWAYS do well …because they will pander to the mendicants and BBs

    ….BUT then they can only reap what they have sown….
    Thus, … a people ALWAYS get EXACTLY what they deserve.

    ALL SOLUTIONS to national social problems are rooted in the general populations…. and in particular, to that population’s predisposition to repent from doing EVIL (brass bowlery) ….. and to seek God’s face – in the sunshine of righteousness…
    (by seeking to do the RIGHT things as best we know…)

    Looking to brass bowl leaders for salvation is like emptying your topsy upwind…..


  • Ah Bushie boy

    You on to something in that first paragraph to Talking Loud.

    You need to expand on that using the argument in that paragraph as the theme.Capiche lolllllll.

    Sorry bushie.Just mekking some sport at Lorenzo.Ha ha.


  • Remember Mia has the distinction of not only being the first female prime minister of Barbados – but also the distinction of being the first prime minister WHO INVITED 5 KNOWN DRUG LORDS TO ATTEND THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF PARLIAMENT.

    Now that is a prime minister for you !


  • @ T Inniss..
    Is she not their prime minister too…?
    How are they different from the non-leper / CLICO robber / Central Bank money launderer?
    How is that different to having invited Dumbville Inniss to the opening?

    If only persons of integrity were invited …wuh all the damn food would have to be thrown away boss…



    I certainly don’t make those false equivalencies.

    Equating Donville Inniss who has only been charged and NOT proven guilty or even Leroy Parris whose sale of those special insurance plans started under owen Arthur and not the Dems (so if there is blame it has to be borne by all including persons who made bad investment) – to equate that with Drug men who have ben charged and convicted for serious crimes some as heinous as murder,or for the destruction of our young black men and sometimes even women – No skippa – I can’t associate myself with that remark.

    Too far East is West my friend.


  • So these drug lords have been been proven guilty …and are allowed to walk around free?
    Funny legal system we have then Boss..

    Or are they just as ‘known’ as was Dumbville, Lowe, Parris et al…?
    …indeed as are a LOT more…?


  • @Bush Tea

    You wisdom is impressive.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Brother In Arms Bush Tea
    @ THe Sage Annunaki

    [[Square Brackets time.

    De ole man notes that the two of you will from time to time speak out about the various iniquities perpetrated by any and all bajans without any deference to any set of Criminals

    De ole man only got to open me mouf bout Chairman Mia Ze Jong and whaplax the duo of Enuff and Lorenzo does jump in pun de ole man.

    Who wunna know or who wunna is in real real life?

    De ole man is jes a po’ bajan who ent nobody but who is wunna? heheheheheh


  • David of BU I believe Dr Headley former chairman of National Conservation Commission Board and Lennox Chandler the ministry of agriculture nominee on the board of Barbados Water Authority are two high profile departures from those respective boards.


  • @ Piece
    Bushie is just a little shiitehound Bajan bush-man …trying he hand with a big-ass whacker….

    But it is NOT WISE to mess with his stepfather….
    or indeed with any of his unseen bodyguards….

    Who BBE bless (not to mention adopt)
    let no brass bowl curse….

    Put another way…
    Touch not BBE’s adopted…
    ha ha ha


  • Bush tea

    Did you note my words charged and convicted.That has been recorded among some of those so named.

    But what are you really defending ?

    I noticed the excitement created by your position.Thankfully If I am the only one standing – I will state – it is despicable that a prime minister will have no problem giving 5 known drug lords special place at an official government ceremony – where the very police who have had to run them down,prosecute them and escort them to Prison – now have to gave them courtesies expected -only if reform had taken place.

    Hell even Ninja man would have been better.But that’s just my position.Feel free to disagree.


  • And? What is the problem with drug lords? They are just typical native Barbadians.

    Crime, corruption, nepotism, poverty and no future prospect belong to the Caribbean like chicken, sun, rum, calypso and voodoo.


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    While you are commenting about the invitations to the HoA for the 5 druglords why not comment about the job at MTW for the St Phillip one by Michael Lashes!

    Whu after all you need to be fair and honest with your observations as we get sanctimonious…


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for T. Inniss and the DLP Drug Lord


  • “…………or even Leroy Parris whose or even Leroy Parris whose sale of those special insurance plans started under owen Arthur and not the Dems ( started under owen Arthur and not the Dems……. ”


    It is an extremely difficult task for political yard-fowls to be FAIR and HONEST.

    We all know “of those special insurance plans” T. Inniss referred to.

    Just to remind T. Inniss…….the DLP took over the “reins of government” after winning the Tuesday, January 15, 2008 general elections.

    In August 2009…… (19 months AFTER the Owen Arthur led BLP administration was voted out of office)…….

    ……….the Supervisor of Insurance PROHIBITED CLICO International Life Insurance (CIL) from SELLING new business.

    In February 2012, (4 years AFTER Barbadians “saw the back” of the Owen Arthur led BLP administration)……….

    ………..the RBPF filed criminal charges against former executive chairman of CLICO Holdings, Leroy Parris, and then president Terrence Thornhill. They were accused of CONTRAVENING an ORDER by the Supervisor of Insurance in August 2009, which PROHIBITED the company’s subsidiary CLICO International Life Insurance CIL) from SELLING new business.

    The two were reportedly charged under Section 185 of the Insurance Act, Cap 130, which states that anyone found guilty is liable to a fine of BDS$1 000 or a year’s imprisonment “and where the offence is a continuing offence, by a further fine of BDS$250 for every day which the offence continues.”


  • Piece

    Before you jump in to throw your lashes with the rest ,you need to make sure that you have your facts correct before you make these accusations which will be like spitting in the air and the spit coming back in your face.

    Seeing that you always want to be on the good side of the blog moderator David, you should be acutely aware of him raising with me – this same point you are making.

    And so to refresh the memories of you and all the other similar thinkers – let me repeat what I said then.

    While I cannot and will not support any minister of government including Lashley – who from what I was told was the lawyer of Bounty before he became a minister – fraternizing with known drug lords.



    Is that what you are trying to equate to Bounty from St Phillip asking the representative from St Phillip and former lawyer for a job – and that compared to what Mia did with those 5 drug lords? Sigh

    Every day I understand even more why G.P calls this place a Rum Shop.


  • @T.Inniss

    Using your argument or defense would Stuart not have known or made aware about the questionable Lashley hire?


  • That is the first thing you should ask yourself my friend.


  • @T.Inniss

    What say you about the dishonest DLP MP Carrington who was Speaker of the house


  • It is God damn shame when mention of Mottley behaviour or choice of friends that are of despicable character that the caravan and the cast of clowns parading of defenders of Mottley would dare to retort with a finger pointing in another direction give me a f…ing break
    No wonder barbados reputation continues to hit an all-time low
    First a PM who would dare invite drug lords to the people’s Parliament better known as the House Assembly is assine and better yet the lowest of lows
    Yeap barbados has finally reached the banana Republic Status


  • “Yeap barbados has finally reached the banana Republic Status…..Hooray….”

    Remember, the “Banana republic Status” was clearly seen on the horizon………when

    ……..your economic policies failed to achieved the desired objectives…..

    …… refused to accept alternative economic policies from those that heeded your call to “bring solutions” (including “your own” David Estwick)….

    …… cussed and insulted local, regional and international economists that offered you alternative solution (asked Marla Dukharan)…..

    …… June 2014 after Moody’s downgraded Barbados credit rating from Ba3 to B3……and your inept PM Stuart responded with “what they say has as much value as what you would see in any garbage dump collected by the Sanitation Services Authority.”

    And perhaps more so, after credit rating downgrade #17.


  • Look watchman save yuh breathe for George Payne and DeTeets Marshall
    Wuh social media cussing them two stink stink everyday


  • Yeah bro Artax Say what! any how nothing worse than laying with mangey dogs and catching fleas yuh hear
    Maybe yuh ought to send a memo to the PM since you seem to be one of her foot soldiers whose desire is to put love of PM over love of country
    Yuh ought to be ashamed of self


  • @Mariposa

    Our House of Assembly have had some questionable characters over the years. To date a former DLP Minister is in the USA awaiting punishment for his reprehensible actions, the Barbadian voters did punished the most despicable characters on the 24 May


  • Yuh right on two counts
    But get this the new occupants even worse
    Have you heard what is being said about the minister in charge of land and housing
    Word on the strret says that govt got the biggest fox one George Payne watching the hen house


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ T. Inniss

    With reference to my “obsequious deference to the blogmaster” heheheheheheh.,

    If only you were to know the full nature of the BU BORG and my “behind the scene” encounters with them, you would not accuse de ole man of such “genuflection”.

    De ole man doan really ammmmm “bend too good”, a trait which my grandfather said was not desirable.

    He said “you have to be like the coconut tree and bend in the maelstrom son, or else the hurricane going brek you up like that mahogany tree in Grace *** back yard.

    Consequently there are things that just dont sit right with me and I will speak about them to whomever.

    You do me a disservice kind sir if I only saw your post 0f 4.20 p.m. and commented on that.

    De ole man ent really know bout the PM’s hugging experience with all 5 of the drug lords and me grandson like he ent seen this picture either.

    And I do accept that prime minister hugging drug lords and minister hugging sorry hiring drug lords are different degrees of dishonourable behaviour but for me I dont discriminate. to much.

    I thought that your were casting a stone while living in the glass house of life.

    All two of them are wrong


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance please with an item for T Inniss


  • Ghee whizz how low can anyone go to compare Min Lashley job requirements as a lawyer to the despicable actions of the PM head and in charge of the justice system to being associated with drug lords known law breakers
    Instead of her hob nobbing with these law breakers she should have offered these bandits as examples with words in effect athat barbados have no tolerance for law breakers
    But then again look at those she put to write laws and head integrity commission
    Need i say no more


  • Mariposa

    What worse ? Payne is alleged of questionable land transaction, the late Barrow ,and his friends were alleged to left a man, at sea , who saw them sodomising.


  • The country is slithering down into the centre to nowhere and we persist with these empty arguments.


  • Some mariposa and T.Inniss need to be reminded by people who know of the DLP


  • @ David there is always the SINdustries if all else fails.

    Legalise marijuana, legalise gambling casinos,legalise gay marriage for tourists.


  • Can help but remember

    Some Hoteliers living and feeding off govt assistance,which brings me to a pep heave where hoteliers in barbados after asking and on the verge of receiving concessions from past govt were refusing to sign an agreement by past govt where it stated that the purchasing of local food product by them is necessary and must be agreed upon by the hoteliers.. these hoteliers were baulking at such an agreement even though the agreement would be of great help financially to the local farmers and agricultural industry


  • @ Hants September 18, 2018 11:55 PM

    Do you really think the Barbadians on the rock, who are socially conservative like the Taliban in Afghanistan, will ever do that? Not me.They are unwilling and possibly unable to change. Just look at the IMF programme which lacks any prospect to cut down the very bloated public service.


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