0 thoughts on “Sanjay Manjrekar On Brian Lara The Great

  1. I am appalled at not a “SINGLE” comment on a game that could have been ours by DESIGN* (and not adoption) but moreover, about a man who UNDOUBTEDLY* is the GREATEST* cricketer the world has ever seen…

    As West Indians, we should be proud of the achievements of our MASTERS* – regrettably, POLARIZATION* into our own separate camps based on nation-state status means that LARA* (though West Indian) is a TRINI* and hence as BAJANS* we do not celebrate him in the same way we would Sir Gary…

    How pathetic!!!

    As sociologists we put it down to the NARROW* perceptibility of homogeneous societies who often refuse to look outward but whose inward fascination with issues of subjectivity tend to create SHALLOW* views of the external world and how it is interpreted…

    • @TB

      Sir Hilary summed it up well in one of his many books, we are a collection of small and insular nations.

      This state makes it difficult for us to assign star status to our greats especially when the likelihood that we pitched marbles together is real.

  2. What is evident from the video is that Lara’s style of battling had a lot to do with his success. The arrogance bordering on contempt was all part of the mental domination of the opposition. When we compare Lara;s approach to current day we understand why the opposition is no longer fearful of the horizontal bat of the West Indian which bordered on unorthodoxy.

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