Caribbean Wax Museum is the Latest Attraction

Caribbean Wax Museum

Caribbean Wax Museum located on Maxwell Road, Christ Church

Two enterprising entrepreneurs Art Edwards and Frances Ross have introduced the Caribbean Wax Museum to Barbados. Barbadians and visitors alike are now able to visit the Maxwell Road, Christ Church attraction to view life like sculpted characters in the form of Sir Garry, Mighty Gabby, Usain Bolt, Brian Lara, Fidel Castro, Marcus Garvey and many other famous Caribbean persons. The members of the BU household wish Edwards and Ross all the very best in their novel endeavour.

The Caribbean Wax Museum is open Thursdays through Sundays, from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. See for more details and their Facebook page.

66 thoughts on “Caribbean Wax Museum is the Latest Attraction

  1. Wax museums are rooted in medieval European history and I have no idea why anyone would think they are a good idea in the 21st century.

    But setting that aside, if I were creating a tourist museum in Barbados today, I would be thinking glass, modern lighting, display rooms etc. Don’t see that here.

    • @chad99999

      If you read the links you would have gleaned the following:

      Edwards explains that nowadays “wax,” when applied to waxwork figures, is a generic term, and that the likenesses are made from a variety of materials. Using store mannequins as the base and a series of photographs as a guide, they duo employs silicone rubber and resin to make molds and to cast the heads and exposed body parts, including the hands. The eyes aren’t glass; they’re made from polyester, acrylic and epoxy, and Ross individually inserts each strand of hair on the heads, eyebrows, and even fingers. The result is a more lifelike look and feel, which you can experience for yourself since (gently!) touching the figures is encouraged.

  2. The second half of my comments were about the design of the building and its signage

    Looks like a converted residence, shuttered and “closed” to economize on the costs of air conditioning. Just the opposite of the open design features I would have expected.

    Unless the intention is to create a creepy dungeon with a frightening aura.

  3. To the indomitable Arthur Edwards and his partner Ms Ross de ole man expresses my profound congratulations per your Herculean effort against all odds read your forays with the Micro-enterprise Development enemies sorry agencies that are supposedly mandated to help SME’s (down)

    People like Chad of the many 9’s and Alvin Cummins are incapable of seeing Stage 2 of these indigenous enterprises as would the respective Micro Enterprise Development institutions that Art would have had to contend with.

    But the ole man will try to give a little insight into where a student of Edwards should be taking this WHEN Edwards dies, AS WE ALL SHALL DIE.

    Prosthesis Manufacture a la Barbade where hands and legs that would be crafted for robotic skeletons could be manufactured here.

    But of course that would be “a vestige of medieval Europe” for the black, talented Edwards and his white partner Ross, and a bridge too far for an indigenous effort to aspire to.

    “The fault dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings.”

    It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE TO TEACH INNOVATION AND EQUALLY A WASTE FOOP TO INSTILL A MINDSET OF INVENTION among hewers of wood and drawers of water.

    Let us gather to kill the Edwards’ of this likkle rock call Bulbados for if they are allowed to bloom and flourish, whuloss, pretty soon we going have a cadre of thinkers and self enfranchised niggers and “lest we may, prevent!!”

  4. I was lip synching through 2017 when I read this, here is a suggestion, instead of wax images of politicians, why not the real deal? We could hardly tell the difference

  5. Congrats on the effort, wishing you success.
    From the number of AC units on the exterior, Solar power may help if it doesn’t have it already.

  6. A wax museum in Barbados .A giant step from a local in attempting to prove that barbadians has equal talent and can rise to the same level of expertise as other international sculptors

  7. So much for the ‘Karibbean Nation’.

    That idea has always started and finished to the extent we could copy other people.

    Copy this!

    We now have a number of stock market listed companies engaged in the promotion of a number of products derived from marijuana.

    When are we going to chart a different path? How come since Rasta came, circa 1945, that we have not been able to commodify any of the elements of that social movement?

    Like cigarettes we’ll soon be importing Jamaican ganja from the USA, under patent, as well. Instead of the reverse.

    But Karribbean people ain’t shame though. Always copying some brassbowl body else.

    And even the Bajan who possesses the most beautiful lexicon of swear words in the world like talking ‘rasssbowl ’bout proper english.

  8. That museum was launched last year. It was in one of the on-line papers. I saw some of the wax works and plan to visit next time I’m on the island. I think it is a good effort by an enterprising baje.

  9. Why do we have to be critical of everything a local tries, but pour praise on foreign national, when they do worse. If you have nothing noteworthy to say, be quiet. Congrats free thinkers on your insight.

  10. My God David .. You good as shite .. Ha ha ha .. Good friends are hard to find, but when you find them yah suppose’ to keep them … Amused you getting this ..?

  11. I dont know if your tax laws are exactly like canada, but lets assume they are all expenses for the business are deductible, the larger repairs on building etc go to capital costs and can be recaptured on sale, You make the building with the long term view in mind business goes under and you have a nice personal residence. What I have found over the years is having a business or rental property is the only buffer against being taxed to death, and if turns out to be profitable more the better. Good luck to them nice to see someone trying something but I still see a waterpark as a winner if the sargassum comes back or worthing is just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. Let the ole man enter with a different viewpoint

    1.It is a given that, unless the pair are doing some sort of “Virtual” encounters with the parties that they are displaying there would have to be a venue to host the subjects on display.

    2.It is a given that unless the pair are multimillionaires or that they are Sir Kyffin’s relatives or have some connection to money, that they would have to have a venue for such displays.

    3.It is a given that there should be some temperature controls for the displays or we could jes put de shyte in Heroes Square

    4.It is a given that the location of the enterprise should be in the tourist belt and not at the Animal Flower Cave or some forlorn place and as de ole man understand it, the building is pun de main road, on the right hand side just after you lef Oistins.

    5.It is a given that rental of commercial space in Barbados is prohibitive, some would even say exclusionary, for entrepreneurs that is unless Bizzy Williams provides the space for de niggers dem and den every body does say “how nice busy is” and “how busy like black people and black Bajans” and how “Bizzy wife Black and ting”

    So a black man and he white business partner, tex dem money and invest um in whu Chad 99999 call a medieval ting and find a location close to de tourises, dat is not rent prohibitive, and while a converted house, is a beginning and seems affordable but dem getting castigate fuh being an entrepreneur?

    Ammmmmmm whu does Chad 99999 do again? udder dan castigate Jeff Cumberbatch pun evah ting dat he does right heah pun BU?

    Wunna dun know whu Edwards mistake is right?

    To be born black!!

    Indeed the verse that springs to mind is “….Then surely I was born;; With monstrous head and sickening cry; And ears like errant wings,; The devil’s walking parody; On all four-footed things…”

    I give you “de nigger…Art Edwards” and of course closely followed by “de niggah mentality…” and wunna know who dat is…

    As de ole man was commenting in dat EMERA article recently de white boys does be saying “dere is no need to put shackles on their wrists any more, let them beleive the lie that they are independent for 50 years, and emancipated before that, but we has dem by the balls of slavery genetically embedded in their collective consciousness”

    “…Slavery on English soil was unsupported in English law and that position was confirmed in Somersett’s Case in 1772, but it remained legal in most of the British Empire until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833…”

    But de ole man tell wunna dat it are alive and well in 2017.

    Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves….

  13. Baf

    You should see the local businessmen driving through Miami looking to copy names of businesses.

    Could you imagine?

    Not ‘theifing’ industrial patents or anything significant, but popular names of businesses.

    When we first saw this we could not believe it.

    One businessman was saying which sounds good, which did not.

    You really think such a national ethos could ever create anything unique.

    • Let us accept that Edwards and Ross have talent and like artists elsewhere they have a right to display and exploit said talent to the fullest.

  14. @ Wise Pachamama

    Inherent in your observation of being

    (a) in one single vehicle which had at maximum 30 people (I will assume a Greyhound Bus capacity) and
    (b) hearing the obvious dearth of ideas, that afflicted these people and so called business men

    thereafter you arrived at the conclusion that, because of the shortfall of these 30 passengers that the national ethos could “never arrive at anything unique”

    I can only say that de ole man is again saddened at this 3rd day of January 2017 by your conclusion that we are in such a dire place.

    Indeed that was why some time in November I took a “vacation” what the wise AC (an oxymoron to be sure) called a self imposed exile from the hallowed halls of Barbados Underground.

    The only way that your reality changes is to change it yourself.

    That is what Edwards and Ross have done, and are doing, self actuation.

    Wise One, when one is beseiged by cvunts like “Pot Holes are Keeping the accidents down” one has to be extremely wise in how you plot your path to retirement.

    I can imagine the other buhkvnt at the QEH will soon be saying “Health Costs at QEH are decreasing because, if you take sick, and are referred to the QEH, the prospects of not having toilet paper to wipe your pooch is keeping people well”

    It takes for some serious innovation read “thinking outside of the box” to keep a feller alive and kicking under these female rabbits.

  15. @ Vladmir

    Is de ole man so predictable that putting this phone monitoring inserting next to the poor ole man compliments guaranteed to get the ole man to start a campaign against de DLP and their phone monitoring practices?


    Whu this cel phone and land line illegal practice ent begin under de DLP, it commenced under the BLP wid Mottley and Darwin and the then PS of National Security.

    SO no amount of “V is for Vendetta” videos and voice anonymizer software cannot wash out the genesis of this legacy of peeping Tom practices of both of wunn in the BLP and the DLP.

    Steupseeee wunna could have chosen a less controversial topic to start the disinformation campaign wid whuloss….

    You mean de ole man going gots to write de script fuh wunna doah?

    1.Go to The Honourable Blogmaster and ask him to give wunna the topics that were most vociferously prosecuted here on BU
    2.The ones with over 250 responses are useful indicators
    3.Those with the logarithmic swells is the best topics e.g. Cahill etc
    4.Dem dat got the repeat swells and “reload” quotient e.g. however you re-title dem does bring flies to de shyte, dem is the articles dat wunna got to concentrate pun
    5.Nobody really gives a shyte bout phone tapping AT LEAST NOT DE INGRUNT POPULACE IN BARBADOS. Dem care bout unemployment, crime, roads, garbage, gangs, killings, QEH, taxes, lack of prospects, imminent devaluation, de facto devaluation with the decreasing power of the Bajan $$ to buy tings, DownLowe and Cahill, Stinkliar, Fumbles and Four Seasons, tings like dat

    Dese tings bout phone tapping is fuh de United States and Trump tings dem

    Bajans ent care who hear dem mekking arrangements to foop Miss Headley dem want de dirt pun ammmm Stinkliar, and Fumbles, and Sealy and Kellman and Whisper Boyce and Michael Lashes and Lil Caesar

    You understand?


    wunna gone and mess up edwards ting doah jes because he had was to cuss Timothy at EG FH or I or J or whatever dat letter is,

    Man even if wunna was to show de video wid dat feller who is de onliest man in Barbados who turn he chair when dat ingrunt woman Maxine McClean was talking pup man dat wuh have had more impact dan putting dis video heah

    Look and wunna see dat voice ovah ting? pay a body in america to do de voice script instead cause yuh cant unnerstand whu de body saying


  16. Piece under the rock

    We are able to forgive the unenlightened businessmen, maybe

    But the creatives who are supposed to be the ones giving our society a new vision of itself cannot be wholesale copiers, as well.

    They must be the avantgarde. There has to be a difference.

    We’ve found that most of what passes for art in most of the Caribbean is not unlike the McDonald’s cookie-cutter franchise.

    We’re talking about so-called leading artists. People who become ‘famous’ by copying others.

    We know the reactionaries here on BU will make the ofttimes rejoinder about Pacha seeing ‘red’.

    Well, this is 2017 and you can’t really want change unless you are prepared to brek all the eggs.

    There can be no social baby in any holy water not to be thrown out. If we are to be serious.

  17. It saddens me to see how we treat our creatives. No one understands how difficult it is in this country to do anything creative, or to devote one’s life to creativity. There are always those who instead of giving some positive feedback of encouragement, find it important to mash people down into the ground for what reason? Because of jealousy? Because they did not think of the idea first? Why do we even have to know that Art Edwards is black and his wife white? And why do we always have to follow it up with comparisons of who white got money and who black ent got?

    Lord can you please tip the barrel over NOW so the crabs can once and for all get to climb out free? Barbados needs your intervention. Here we are in a New Year and it start up already without even the slightest break of goodwill.

    Maybe once the barrel tip, we can praise and give thanks for those who try their best to do something good for their little island!!! Just maybe. So please help us Lord by showing us a miracle for this New Year. Tip the dyamned barrel do!!!

    Nobody understands how difficult it is when people with vision and art of any kind have do things one step at a time. Why? Because funding is always little (and what is there seems to disappear into the wrong hands or ‘something’) and banks do not give loans to creatives just so, particularly as the visionary in them was killed the moment they stepped into such hallowed halls and the “care about people and dreams” goes right out the window…and when when those same people finally make it, after all the sweat and tears, the nights of no sleep, the counting of every little cent not knowing if ya even can pay ya rent, or eat a sweet meal, those who should be supportive only have ill to say.

    By the way, ya think that an Art Edwards would not have liked to have a mirrored huge building with perfect air-conditioning and areas for great showcasing? Ya think that the gentleman and his wife must not be dreaming of the day? Man! artist in this country treated like the scum of the earth in these parts, not even a National Art Gallery ’bout hey, with all the buildings available going to rot, DEM cannot even find a little money for such endeavours, would not even give way and old building for nuttin’, hanging on to them till time to bulldoze in the middle of the night. Find money for big party all over the world though – oh! yes! ‘DEM’ can. Bankers doan mind also putting money behind a set of rotten investors, lose to them and its alright but the little man or woman with a creative idea? Owe the bank a dollar and you behind by an hour in paying it back an see what happens?

    Get thee behind us negativity. It is 2017 peoples. Try ya best and put your positive foot forward and see how great it will make you feel. Go visit the Wax Museum and help a fellowman to go forward, and while you are at it, visit some art galleries and look at the beauty, you might shock yourself and your family and buy a painting!

    Art Edwards due to my own struggles as a creative, I have not been able to visit yet but believe you me when I say I will be there soon. That is for sure.

    • One can only hope and pray that the product people at the Barbados Tourism Product Inc, Kerry Hall and company, have endorsed a communication to the tour and taxi companies to include the CWM on the itinerary.

  18. The only draw back I see in this venture in particular is most people wouldnt go see some of these people in real life and pay admission ,

  19. Belly hurt Agree . A friend told me on Saturdays he would bake burn and family a d friends would visit and feast to the hearts content along with giving all kinds of advice.
    The minute he told them that the freeness would cost nobody showed up.
    My people as u stated have the crab in the barell mentality and for what ever reason hate to see each other succeed.
    As usual the criticism would come long and hard with a sickening hope of wanting to see the individual fail
    Then the mantra goes i told u so.
    We as a people would never go farther than what we expect for ourselves and truth be known it is Nothing

  20. At least the Wax Museum caters for the wheel chair bound. There is a ramp on the right-hand side of the entrance.

  21. @ Lawson

    “that looks soooooo much like him or her!!”

    Your point is a very interesting point and should be examined for the gem that it is worth.

    1.Who is being crafted and put in the museum is going to decide who will go see what is in the museum.

    2.If i put an effigy of a Fumbles in the Wax Museum for example, or if i commission Edwards to do the whole DLP buhkvnts then we all know that the place would not last a month OR WOULD IT??. Imagine if Edwards were to run a campaign that said “Come and KICK each one of the lifelike looking DLP puppets for $35!!

    Dat place would be ram off!! and he could do doubles for each of them and have late night openings when people could carry 2 x 4’s and beat the stuffings out of the mannequins.

    And Live Streaming, for a fee, so that more Bajans can see how the common Bajan can bust loose some blows in the eff upped DLP administration

    I can do some free Posters for Edwards and we can call it “Virtual Therapeutic Healing” or “Come and Do Your Bit to Purge Barbados of Evil.”

    3.Who is sculpted is going to drive the market AND THE MORE DESIRABLE MARKET THAT EDWARDS WANTS IS GOING TO BE TOURISTS

    So Art must have a repertoire of figures in his museum that MAKD PEOPLE SAY “that looks exactly like him, or her”

    His product must be FLAWLESS because anything less is not going to cut it.

    As good as a Museum or a place of interest is, we rarely visit it twice, even if it is Disney World!! The “refresh” read content has to be really captivating for us to go to Buckingham Palace twice.

    4.Schoolchildren and technology

    Marcus Garvey or Bob Marley talking through and interactive podcast will fascinate young children, IF HE CAN GET THE FIGURINE”s MOUT(H) TO MOVE IN SYNC.

    But your point is taken Lawson, how can his product be so different to (a) attract (b) wow (c) generate continued interest and longevity of his offering and (d) mek de man money.

    This is what THE LIVING LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE IS GOING TO BE Lawson, Edwards has to shift us from the past, leverage the present and sculpt us, rather our children dem, a bridge the future that touches our past.

    I do see a drawback though with those Purge Barbados Nights though

    I see fellows like Ronald WeJonesing and Verla DePieceuh getting up in Parliament and talking bout de Rule of Law and Sedition.

    May you imagine if me and BellyHurtEvenMore go up deah wid my two glocks dem and I buss 3 good shot in Stinkliar botsie whuloss dat man going go straight to de Commissioner of Police Griffith and tell he dat men shoot he in he botsie!!

    I can see it now Piece Uh De Rock and Belly Hurt attempt Treason in Bulbados.

    Adriel Slant Eye Nitwit has brought a case in Barbados’ Court in front of Marston glib son which states that, by proxy facsimile the two did cuntspire to grievously wound De Honourable Ministers with Glock and 2×4’s

    And aftah all de cussing dat i put pun David Come Sing a Song I doan tink I gine get nobody to defend me, not even dat feller Gabriel. and Amused, may he rest in piece, cant even come to de ole man assistance.

    And, given dat i doan got much uses fuh de RBPF you dun know dat dem gine wash me way in blows in District A to whichin you cud tell me whether dem find de Station Sargeant who nearly kill Nazzim Blackett yet?

  22. Sadly, the creative industry will never establish its roots in the narrow-minded island called Barbados. African art is revered and taken seriously throughout the world. Picasso was strongly influenced by African art.'s_African_Period

    The Caribbean island of Haiti has always produced prodigious artists.

    Nigeria and the entire African continent have always excelled in art in all its forms. But we in Barbados have always been the poor relations amongst the black diaspora within the creative industry.

    We will forever remain a blighted group of dullards only interested in liming, long talk, wuking-up and playing the fool.

    We simply will never be classed as a serious people. Art is a SERIOUS business and is an extension of a people who have a deep inherited culture.

  23. Vincent you think that I should tell Piece Uh De Rock that I is Art ..? Imagine ac of all people mekkin’ pleasant and sympathetic comments… Well Thanks to all a wunna and thanks to David for putting this message board out there.

    Sorry that Amused din know, but ROK knew who I was, as did Carl “The Sniper” More who makes it his business to kill anonymity in Barbados.

  24. Art

    Wuhloss……buh looka muh crosses doh an ah did juss bout tah telya stan fah from dah wuffles fella call Baffy…….Chuckle………looks like Peter can tell the world now……keep the Baffy though as Bushie prefers to cuss anonymouse peeps……..the non nom de plume club officially welcomes you……ah wonder when de udder breadfruit swapper gine come out…..hahaha

  25. @Vladmir, thanks for the reminder which we saw on wikileaks about the Israelis helping out Barbados in intercepting communications. The majority of Bajans would not need to worry only those ignorant enough to challenge the status quo.

    Those you love Barbados will not harm Barbados neither will they be deterred by surveillance by the authorities. Most bloggers and the outspoken is fully away of the RBPF illegally eavesdropping. Mia Mottley can tell you all about it.

  26. What I like about Art’s work is that it is about the region and Bim,not about America,Europe,Africa,India,China or anywhere else.

    The time is long overdue for us Pelaus to start creating our own brand and show the world that we are not some forgotten appendage of anywhere else.

  27. I looked at the website as I do plan to visit the museum.Could someone please change the title “Characters on Display”.Its not very flattering.

  28. @ Vincent

    As Lawson said earlier there is a “interest quotient” that first has to be satisfied BEFORE such superlative indigenous work parlays into any $$.

    Suppose Mr Edwards and his wife Francis decided to do a SIr Gary’s or a Riri’s it is easy for a feller to identify with either of the two MORESO than if he was to sculpt Ronald WeJonesing.

    So if he does a Bolt with an Obadele and some notable WI sprinters that might parlay into a niche which seeks to highlight (a) local talent such as his and (b) regional champions.

    My buddy Hants sent me a link to one Fleur East and you dun know dat de ole man gone deah to see and whaplax she in Kenya doing philanthropic work!!

    Imagine if one uh wunna Big Boys heah pun BU was to get RiRi got to Mr Edwards and do a similar type of “underwriting” where Edwards would do a Rihanna Commissioned

    “Entourage of WI and Latin American Athletes!!”

    So Edwards would do one of Rihanna first of course but then he would start from the DR through to the tip of Chile choosing only the very Best.

    Wunna see what dat means fuh RiRI becoming involved in highlighting local talent while giving support to the region and the Latin Americas?

    But den again Vincent dat would mean dat Edwards would get rich doing something that he loves and it would truly bring Wax Works out of the Medieval Age dat one Chad talk bout so you can be sure dat none uh de big boys who read dis going promote that

    Why dat would mean supporting the fellow who turn he back pun de Minister of Foreign Affairs when she was talking shyte.

    I have seen the much more Rihanna Fenty and I am seeing that she wants to leave a legacy beyond the Grammy Stage.

    One uh wunna should contact her and see where her mind space is and if it is akin to that of Fleur East, given the fact that Riri recently went to Jamaica and supported Jamaican food vendor Lenroy Williams, whu wunna tink bout de ole man ingrunt idea?

  29. Barbados isn’t African…it’s extremely strange, everybody knows that.

    Quipu (Quetchua)/ Pepperz (Bayjun)

    Quipu is a writing system, it’s the potters in skinners.

    Our hair isn’t African…end of story, sorry. My hair is on my head, but it’s on the bottom of our tree, the bearded fig tree…we’re not like England…I’m a pure-blooded noble…Europe doesn’t know B from bullfoot couldn’t spell Ada backwards when it comes to West Indian nobility….our hair is incaican.

    Pehp.perz (hair strand types and arrangement) – hair strand characteristics as in baybee hay’ay’r kuhai’ayan nig.guh sweet scawtch bawn.nit in blak pehp.puhrz rustee plattup in kaw’awr’n roa’oaz awr singul platts awr ing~yee puh’ai’een.nappul in wawn in tuu awr tree widduh muff
    Potters in Skinners- writing that is scattered

  30. @ Vincent,

    This is why we in Barbados have continually failed to form our own identity. Using the term Pelaus is the equivalent of putting oneself in a strait-jacket. You are effectively detaching yourself of your Negro ancestry. I have always identify myself as an African.

    I have no idea what this Pelaus class stands for. We in the UK have seen a massive surge in our mixed race population over the last thirty years. A large percentage of this population (in the UK at least) does not identify positively with their African roots.

    Vincent, take a look at some of those images in the link below. Our Negro ancestors were inspirational artisans. This is why NIgerians, especially those of Yoruba extraction, continue to excel in virtually every sector of the creative industries.

  31. Bajans don’t know or appreciate fine arts. It is not taught. There is just the old museum and there is not much in there, it’s just history. Every country I visit, I make it a habit to visit the museums and art galleries. It helps to understand the people. I, myself, have an extensive art collection including Bajan, Canadian indigenous, Inuit and European artists. The Inuit are carvings. I have soapstone and two small jade carvings from the jade capital of the world, BC.
    I have a Fielding Babb in watercolour (60’s), one of my favourites of the Careenage, with the Barnes building in the foreground. How many of you on here remember Barnes and all the steel and iron beside the river? The only problem I have is the $$$ to insure the damn things. It so expensive I have not added the last 5 or six pieces I picked up to the rider.

    BAFBFP, we know you are not Art Edwards. We also know you may have invested in the Wax Museum. We know you know Mr. Edwards from when the two of you worked for the same entity. I know all dis and I live in Kanehda. I am sure lots down there know who you be.

  32. @ Exclaimer
    A large percentage of this population (in the UK at least) does not identify positively with their African roots.
    Skippa …Vincent neither!!

  33. Piece;
    “…and Alvin Cummins…”
    Why you people like to call my name? I have not visited the Wax Museum, and I have not commented. I have only now seen the advertisement on BU, and have been trying to visualize its exact location. In any case I would not comment negatively, for despite adverse comments about me, I am very much a creature of this country, and will “big-up any attempt a person makes to start and run his own business, and will do whatever zi can to make it successful. Wax museums ar found all over the world, and if a couple of entrepreneurs decided to open one in Barbados they should get all the help they can. And if someone does not have positive things to say they should shut up. I will certainly visit the place and give it my support.

  34. @ Alvin
    “….for despite adverse comments about me, I am very much a creature of this country…”
    What adverse comments are these Alvin?

    Well not stinking Bushie….
    Do you understand that the truth is a defence against libel? Bushie merely diagnosed you … it was not really ‘adverse…’

    ha ha ha

  35. Vincent ha ha ha .. even when yah decide to come clean, people always know better … Ha ha ha.. It is a curse. Now how de hell Piece know about the “turn the back on Maxine incident ..? But that must have been three years ago .. and yes she was talking shite

  36. I can see a lot of tourists going there because it is one of the few places on the island where a bunch of people standing around are not asking you if you want a taxi or trying to hit on your wife and daughter.

  37. Its quite funny: We have burger king; foreign owned banks whose history is linked to slavery; we have halloween parties; import almost every piece of furniture; buy expensive paintings by foreign artists; buy music made by foreign artists; wear clothes imported from Europe; have classical music programs at Holders Hill; bring in north american musicians to perform; and I can go on and on. We enter foreign universities to get diplomas and all of a sudden because a fellow decides that he is going to make wax images of Caribbean people all hell brek loose! Really.
    I wish the venture the very best of luck.

  38. Well, people can’t keep talking the nonsense about the fiction of a Karibbean consciousness when it suits those purposes, if everything stated above is also true.

    You can’t have it both ways.

    • @Pacha

      There is nothing wrong with applauding the entrepreneurial effort of the two artists. How they develop the business will speak to the concern you have.

  39. @David

    Creatives all over the world suffer greatly as they try to bring beauty, spiritualism, the sublime, into our lives.

    We have stated before that when one understands where the real creatives have to venture to find same it would became clear that that price is too high.

    Nobody here can have as much respect as Pacha for the genuine creatives of our world.

    But because that is true it should not mean that we are to be forever opened to the infiltration of imperial norms, morays, customs, traditions. And without limitations.

    At some point, if we want to define ourselves as being unique, we must determine the limits to American cultural penetration. Are there to be any limits at all?

    Admittedly, we know not where those should be. But it seems to us that the frontier is perpetually in retreat.

    In other words, instead of the creatives representing organic cultural expression they devolve into agents for imperialism.

    Businessman merely seeking to make a dollar, as raison detre.

    In those circumstances, there are no more creatives. Only businessmen/women.

    If this is the world the marketers want, let them gallop on.

    For they well deserve the legacy of Bernays, Lippmann.

    • @Pacha

      Understand the thrust of your concern. Where we differ is that there is nothing wrong with a creative exploiting their talent to make money. Especially in a restrictive economic environment. They have to eat no?

  40. I don’t know if the creators have done it or not but they should ask the people whose images are in the museum to donate and outfit for the wax figure. Then have the press there to capture them dressing their images. They should also have a little souvenir shop selling things that would appeal to school children. Rhianna’s lips, Bolt’s lightning arm, Sobers bat, or such like. I would put a little stall in the yard selling mauby, lemonade, sorrel and bread and fish, ham and cheese cutters. Don’t let them leave there and go to Oistins to fill their guts.

    Barbados had and still has some very good photographers but they never capitalized on their talents. People like Willie Alleyne let the tourist board make millions off him, while he still poor. Years after his death, Ansel Adams photos are selling like hot cakes. His posters don’t go cheap either.

    I am still waiting for the Colonel to put out his picture book of Barbados, which he promised years ago.

  41. Exclaimer January 3, 2017 at 8:56 PM #

    Once again I will explain Pelau…….

    In the early 1970’s in London a group of us West Indians were having a discussion with a group of Africans from the west coast,we windies started by attempting to embrace them as our brothers only for them to state certain indisputable facts:
    a….we have no tribe
    b…we have no language
    c…we are adulterated and no longer african…the term bastards were freely used
    d…they acknowledged selling us into slavery without any regret

    based on the above I did some research and introspection and concluded that they were correct.

    I,like the majority in the Caribbean are the progeny of many tribes from all over the world and can call none home other than the Caribbean……Pelau is a traditional dish amongst members of the region consisting of many meats,fish,fowl&vegetables and that is the best way to describe ourselves.

    I have extensive knowledge of the Empires,Tribes and languages of Africa as I do of China,India,Russia,Europe etc,etc.

    You may continue to identify with whatever and whoever you believe in……to each their own…….mine is to know your multiple history and chart your own fresh course as a proud Bastard/Pelau.

  42. @ David

    No. Where we differ is determining where imperialism is to end.

    We have do difficulty with people making money

    But is mekking money the ultimate issue?

  43. yes… money makes the world go round as mrs gucci said I would rather cry in a rolls than laugh on a bicycle. Materialism is what drives us forward for king and country wanes after a while.

  44. De ole man wonders if Edwards or Ross or any of wunna literati have seen this?

    And how many of you have (the stomach to) read it?

    It certainly puts a spin to what is art and what Edwards seeks to achieve but it makes us aware of the real time dichotomy of our lives

    If Edwards were to do a facsimile of any DLP minister though, he would not encounter any such disgust for they have no uts in them though some do say they are full of shyte.

  45. My goal simply is to represent Caribbean personalities as accurately as my skill will allow for the benefit of current and future generations, and in a manner that has not been previously attempted in Latin America and the Caribbean. I am a visual artist without apology, and give not but a shit whether or not I and my partner offends the academic sensibilities of those who should know better…

    Much of the clothes on the figures are donated by the people who are being depicted.

    Enuff of this … bull shit

    Moving on

  46. One notes that on January 4th at 5.36 p.m. one ball headed effer, whom a few of you claim to be Art Edwards, rose to cuss all well wishers and sooth sayers alike on this 4th day of 2017.

    And since that entry not a man Jack ent say another word.

    Why is that?

    DO it gots anyting to do wid de fact that this seems like one biting the hand(s) that are seeking to “feed” the CWM?

    Do um have anything to do with de fact dat most every one of the bloggers, barring de Medieval commentator, were either supportive of the initiative?

    Do um gots anything to do wid de fact dat de Honourable Blogmaster, in an attempt to support local talent, went above and beyond the call of duty to insert this item to shore up said talent.

    Well unna fellers may sit down deah and say nuffin since wunna get cuss, but my black ass going say dat dis is one situation where the efforts to support SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN REWARDED WITH DIS SORTA A LANGUAGE.

    We is not all of us your enemy – Move on pun dat.

    And before wunna jump pun de ole man dis 2017 jes remember dese words.

    “I shall lift up mine eyes unto the Hills from whence cometh mine help, mine help cometh from the LORD who hath made the Heavens and the earth, HE shall not suffer mine foot to be move, yea HE that keepeth Israel, shall neither slumber nor sleep.

  47. The reason Baffy that i spoke to a Phase two for your Caribbean Wax Museum was most assuredly lost on you as it was probably lost on many others

    But the ole man gots a few moments to put my comments (what you called Bull Shit) into context

    “For 34 staff at a Japanese insurance firm, that vision just became a reality.
    Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is laying off the employees and replacing them with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can calculate insurance payouts.

    The firm believes it will increase productivity by 30%.

    It expects to save around 140m yen (£979,500 / $1.2m) a year in salaries after the 200m yen AI system is installed later this month.

    Maintenance of the set-up is expected to cost about 15m yen annually.”

    My simple point is that while you begin with these wax figurines, while you are not making sex dollies what you should understand is that, with the advent of Robotics, the shelf life for wax figures is going to be 5 years, 10 years at best.

    Virtual Reality and Robotic Simulants are going to be the next WII game videos and therefore the interest of the discerning visitor is going to be “more sophisticated”

    The future is changing Baffy it is not staying still for old menses like me and you and either you see that “change a-coming” or it will take you and crush you in its teeth….a word to the wise is sufficient

  48. I understand exactly what he is saying Vince. Mine is a skill that took decades to develop and he is promoting technology that is centres in the making, and it is called mankind. I have still got a small window of opportunity here and I will use it.

    This Piece guy is quite a character

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