Next Tuesday’s DLP Budget: An Instant Sugar Rush Of Feel-Good

Former Chairman of the NAB and BLP Supporter

Barbados is fortunate to have had some giants as Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Persons like: Tom Adams; Owen Arthur and Errol Barrow easily come to mind. By all accounts, these men were not ‘bluffers,’ neither did they ‘beat around the bush!’ The entire country could rely on them because there was a feeling that they knew exactly what to do and when! Oh, how have things changed!!!

Barbados has been under DLP rule for almost four years now and yet, the DLP’s check-list of achievements is so un-flattering that it does not convey that the Government knows what it is doing or what to do, to get the country out of the mess it manufactured in large part. In fact, you could say that: the DLP is an “upside-down Government in reverse” – those things that should be up are down and those that should be down are up. As an example, unemployment, the cost of living, crime and inflation – should all be down but they are not. The foreign exchange earning sectors should be producing but they are not. Real incomes; consumer and investor confidence should be up but they are not. Little wonder that, (despite access to the fatted calf) even die-hard Dems, also feeling the pressure in their pockets, are asking whether the DLP is fit to run the economy because it just does not seem to be: “up to the job!”

Let’s be as fair to the DLP, as we can. The recent Moody’s downgrade is evidence that the policies contained in its Medium Term Fiscal Strategy (MTFS) are simply not working. Yet, that strategy is the DLP’s best idea but it is clearly not good enough. The deficit was supposed to come down, but it went it significantly. The national debt is increasing and not for capital works projects or to build productive capacity – as would be expected. The simple reality is that the DLP is borrowing to pay day-to-day bills. Given the DLP’ dangerous economic mismanagement of the Barbados economy, the brutal reality is that there is no painless way out of the mess it has manufactured.

The simple reality is that the policies of this DLP Government are making things even worse than they need to be. With the society already ‘taxed to the max,’ the DLP has no alternative but to reduce expenditure. Spending significantly more money than it has for the past four years and adding more entitlements without the creation of matching enterprises – was always going to cause problems. But its plan to cut public expenditure is to take more money out of a contracting economy – already in trouble due to a lack of consumer and investor confidence. The result will be that any tinkering on the expenditure side will have to be match by increased revenue. However, the problem is that the society is not reasonably capable of paying more taxes at this time. The nightmare for the Government may be to reduce taxation by the amount of any expenditure cut. But, given the questionable record of the DLP Government, which many believe – does not know what it is doing (and has therefore exposed the society to unnecessary hardship) there is no guarantee that any attempt by it to get a grip on public finances – will engender confidence and encourage private spending to replace the cuts in public spending, it proposes.

The DLP likes to blame the global financial crisis but the discussion has gone way beyond that. This is where monetary policy kicks-in and – in the up-coming budget, the Minister of Finance should have a lot to say, especially given the S&P downgrade of the United States and efforts by China, Australia and the Swiss – to keep the value of their respective currencies, below the US dollar. The issue of pegging therefore seems relevant.

In order for the upcoming budget to make sense, especially given that the DLP’s MTFS is yet to – the Minister will have to announce measures to reduce the debt; the deficit; the cost of living as well as measures to get the foreign exchange earning sector moving and the key performance indicator (KPI) trending in the right direction. He must also announce (1) a job lost prevention plan or (2) a job creation initiative. Perhaps, the private sector would have asked for a reduction in Corporation Tax. I suspect that any similar courtesy to the Small Business Sector (would most likely) also receive support from the Opposition.

Given the severe hardship, which DLP policies have created in our society, I would expect the Minister of Finance to adjust the Land Tax rates or bands and adjust Old Age Pensions; the Reversed Tax Credit, payments for Welfare Recipients; Person with Disabilities and HIV/AIDS – upwards, over a three-year period. Clico Policy Holders in Barbados and the OECS will also be listening.

Any Opposition with well-honed-skills would immediately ask the Minister about the status of that $80 million BNOC debt. This is important, especially since it was the excuse used to increase the Excise Tax. If the BNOC debt has, in fact been repaid, then the Excise Tax should immediately be slashed, or reduce to reflect the amount already repaid, especially since the Government would, essentially – now be collecting money illegally. This would either require a refund (hardly likely) or a Validation Act (seems more logical).

I would also expect a reduction in road taxes, especially since it was said in the 2008 Budget that road taxes were being increased to pay for the same ABC highway, which the DLP also borrowed $165 million for. It was said then that in a full financial year, increased Road taxes would yield $34 million in a full financial years.

While I do not anticipate any reduction in the VAT, a sharp Minister of Finance – who understands the need to promote good health and wellness, healthy active and productive ageing – would announce a date for the implementation of a Wellness Allowance and, what would comprise the revised basket also containing nutritious foods. Given the increase in crime, a waiver on the installation of surveillance equipment, similar to water tanks – would, no doubt, be welcomed by the law-abiding element within our society.

Generally, I think Barbadians will want to hear, what exactly it is, that a DLP will allege it can do in the next two years when it obviously lacked the capacity to – in the past 4. Aware of that fact, next Tuesday the DLP will deliver an instant sugar rush of feel-good. The absurdity is: the nastier things are getting, the more the DLP seems to be sticking to its outrageous story that the global financial crisis is to blame. The sad reality is though – the DLP really does not have a plan B. The up-coming Budget is just a distraction to give false hope.

The Medium Term Fiscal Strategy was the DLP’s Master Plan A and its big idea. Two years after, it is crystal clear for all to see that the DLP’s best is simply not good enough! Therefore, what you will hear next Tuesday – will be yet another variations of that plan A, which is to spend less and tax more in the expectation that at some point the economy will grow and in the meantime Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s will downgrade some other unfortunate countries, rather than the-badly-mismanaged-DLP’-Barbados, and despite its perilous fiscal crisis.

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  1. On Brass Tacks today, I think it was Peter Boos who made a good suggestion, that is for a government for national administration should be formed between the best brains from across the country to get Barbados out on this Crisis. I’ve said it before and he also said it today, this crisis is too deep to have intellegent brains not being involved because they are from a different party, we need to unite and save barbados. Please stop the petty party nicpicking, behave as matured people

  2. Bovell writes….”DLP will allege it can do in the next two years when it obviously lacked the capacity to – in the past 4.”

    4+2=6 a term of office is 5, and this current government was elected to office 3.7 years ago.

  3. BU has posted several blogs going back two years calling for the need to be bipartisan in these challenging economic times. If we want to see what rabid partisan politics can do one just has to look at the US Congress since Obama has taken office.

  4. It is profoundly clear that both the DLP and BLP must be sent packing from the parliament of this country.

    Indeed, the DLP and BLP are two intellectually politically bankrupt discredited factions that have been presiding over the destruction of many of the affairs of this country.


  5. Ever since the death of Errol Barrow in 1987, these two incorrigibly insensate groups have failed to produce the types of intellectualisms and politicisms required for helping to take the country into the deeper parts of the 21 st Century and beyond.

    Rather, the main aim of these groups has been to foster the personal, corporate, cronistic and familial interests of their so-called leaderships and their (parties’ /leaders’) major associated financial backers.

    A far cry from the 50s, 60s and 70s, when it was clear that the main purpose of the DLP ( formed in 1955) and the BLP ( formed in 1938) was the achievement of fundamentally progressive, national goals and objectives.

    So, it is clear that, in many cases, these factions have replaced the national with the personal, and the social with the financial.

    So, Down with the DLP and BLP – two backward archaic groups.


  6. @David

    Does this bipartisan team consist of people in or out of elected office? I can just see it now Owen working with a group of people he called “wild boys” or Clyde engaging with his former colleagues about economic affairs.

    Wake up and smell something…….

  7. @Sargeant

    Yuour comment only serves to expose the problem and why there is a pressing need for politicians to place country first. It is not ike there is any great philosophical divide between the parties.

  8. DLP Still Price Gouging & Choking and Robbing Barbadians

    With crime and the fear of crime, said to be ‘on the increase,’ it does not help knowing that the very DLP Government, which we elected to represent our interest and to serve and protect us from harm – is the very one taking the lead in ‘choking and robbing you.’ Hardly a good example for the brazen criminal element in our society!!! How could it?

    My Fellow Barbadians, wasn’t it on July 19th 2011 – when the ruling DLP caused the price of gasoline at the pump, to go up by BDS.$0.06 and on the very morning that the price of oil on the world market fell by US$0.29 or fifty-four Barbados cents: from US$97.21 to US$96.92 a barrel? Could it be that: because of the fiscal crisis it has manufacture for our country – the DLP continues to “juck-out-our-eyes” and price gouge us on petroleum products and land tax?

    Barbadians: “The price of a barrel of oil, “TODAY” on the world market is US$81.50 – a massive US$15.42 or BDS$30.44, less than IT WAS on July 19th, when the price at the pump in Barbados went up, and yet, the DLP continues to choke and rob you.” Then: why now reduction at the pump?

    Surely by now that alleged BDS.$80 million BNOC debt has to be repaid! If it is, then the Excise Tax should be slashed and announced in the up-coming Budget but the greater point would be that (in the absence of any Validation Act) the DLP is also collecting money illegally, especially since the Minister outlined that the Excise Tax would only remain at its current rate, to repay the BNOC debt.

    This entire DLP-price-gouging-fiasco warrants an urgent public inquiry! Somebody ought to be made to appear before a Committee of both Houses of Parliament, to give evidence.

    Barbadians: YOU ARE BEING CHOKED AND ROBBED BY THE DLP! Again I ask, is “crime down,” or: “under cover?”

  9. @HB – your price gouging argument falls apart when one considers that we fuel our cars with gasoline not oil. While the oil price is a component of gasoline prices it does not perfectly correlate because the refining process and demand and supply effects on the refined product are in the short periods of time that you reference driven by different factors.

    Now the decision by the DLP to pass along the full cost of fuel, as opposed to subsidizing it and running up an opaqe debt at BNOC, was the best policy measure they’ve put in place for the last nearly 4 years. So they are not chicking and robbing on this commodity – merely causing you and I to accept reality and live with the cost of it. If someone wants to drive a gas guzzler, let him bear the full cost.

    The only suggestion you make with any merit is the slashing of the excise tax which would have two benefits – a little ease for consumers at a time when the BNOC debt should be at least smaller than it was and to score political points as we consider elections are less than 2 years away. Though I doubt you would agree that the DLP scoring political points is a positive.

  10. The CBC evening news (August 10th) reported on the closing of this year’s summer camps. Featured was Minister Lashley lauding camp leaders for their good judgment as well as their efforts at instilling necessary values-based lessons to campers to partly justify Government expenditure for such a program.

    The clip’s final segment featured a five year old girl taking the stage to perform Rhianna’s “Man Down”. If this is indicative of the good judgment of those in positions of leadership and the values-based lessons being absorbed by campers, Government is again squandering taxpayers’ money.

  11. In my opinion, the government cannot continue to hide behind the Judical Managers of CLICO and BAICO. They are reminded that there are at least 44,000 policy holders, all of whom can vote together with their families. They have continued to “kick he can down the road”, but they can’t escape unless they do something soon to give comfort to policyholders. Let them be warned!

  12. @X

    I am not usually so forward, but your comments or critique hinges on the superficial and appear to be made when you were imitating the performances of an ass. If the fuel at the pump has been moving upwards with the change of oil prices, what is wrong with a similar correlation as for reasons it should correspondingly be reduced. I do not mind partisan people mouthing off; but I do hate to hear jack asses braying.
    On what grounds has this been the best policy measure in Barbados when all of the major productive sectors in Barbados have been negatively impacted; unemployment has increased not based on the ratios given, but by the net contributions paid by NIS and the companies very records. It is a shame that in 2009 when I was in Barbados, I called for an evaluation in terms of dollars and cents on that policy; more than 2 years later, there is no evaluation, the exponential rise has been excessive in relation to where the price of oil currently stands, and an ass can bray how wonderful the policy is? I just simply wish that Bajans would think for themselves and apply logical reasoning.
    The Dems have done some things right (when they actually get to doing something), but more often than not they have failed to even touch the imagination of some of their most ardent supporters who are guided by reason and fair play. Whether the Bees have provided sufficient evidence, the choice is with the voters. But please, anyone on either side that I sense are deliberately misleading the public, I SHALL expose. To hell with banal and backward politics.

  13. to X:
    Why is George Brathwaite so anger with you. You made your argument, so did mr. Bovell. George you need to argue about the merit of the argument and not be calling X an ass, as you an ardent BLP supporter is mistaking him or her or it for a DLP supporter. George you need to brief in your expositions, if you want people to read them

  14. A reasonable article – I have been wondering why our energy prices seem to be so inflated in relation to other countries with similar economies…

    Someone please pull the latest figures and correlate them against the market prices…

    X – The price of the shipment of petroleum product is not actually known sometimes until it is about to land in BIM. Also, from what I understand, the price is linked to world market prices…

    If this information is incorrect please point me to the correct info.

  15. @lemuel, thanks. And I’m not even a DLP supporter that was his mistaken assumption – I’ve only voted once and it was for a B. I just feel that everyone should bear the cost as opposed to living in fairy tale land where Governments subsidize your consumption and that this was a credible policy change.

    And for his benefit, I didn’t say there was no correlation – just that its not perfectly correlated and in cherry picked, short time periods you can’t expect it to be always move together, especially when you are comparing one commodity with one of its many derivatives. If he wanted to make the argument that the adjjustments are calculated incorrectly he would need to consider a lot more data. I personally do not believe that the data would support the assertion – but its not my argument so I’m not going to run it.

    I don’t know what else the DLP has done right – I am at the end of my list. Bus fare subsidy = more fairy tales, specifically that it would stop kids from catching ZRs. I guess maybe the RiRi concert was good, but that was more BTA led than a DLP policy. Not increasing police funding seems to be coming home to roost. Maybe Brathwaite can suggest what these “right” things were?

  16. @X

    Agree with you to some extent that as a people we need to start focusing on what behavioural change is required. Many in the BU family like Crusoe, Straight Talk, Bush Tea, Terence and many others have forewarned about the need to make lifestyle changes. The BU household has full supported the position.

    If one reads Henderson’s submission it clears is a case of BLPites using the same tired arguments which matches the tired policies of the government.

  17. @David
    “same tired arguments which match the tired policies”

    Herein lies the rub.

    “If you always do the same thing, you will get the same result always”

  18. @ X and David: George Brathwaite is 100% correct! Here is why: Page 88, Budget Presentation, 2008:

    “Cabinet has also agreed that the pricing of refined petroleum
    products and LPG should be done in a more timely manner
    without having to be brought back to Cabinet each time
    there is a change in price of the imported product or a need
    to change the local prices of the products.
    The price of petroleum products and LPG will be adjusted
    monthly by the Ministry of Trade on the advice of the
    Division of Energy based on the prices paid for these
    products by the importers and in accordance with the
    formula that has been approved by the Cabinet.
    The only change that the Cabinet has made to the formula
    for the pricing of these products since the prices were last
    changed is that the component included for the recovery by
    Barbados National Oil Company Ltd has been increased to
    cover losses sustained by BNOCL when local prices did not
    increase, even though import prices had risen sharply.
    The prices of petroleum products, LPG and natural gas will
    now be set by the Ministry of Trade without intervention by
    Cabinet on the basis of a formula approved by Cabinet and
    applied to the current import market prices with effect from
    August 2008.”


    In simple English, even if oil is purchased at $30.00 a barrel and the price goes up to $300.00 a barrel, Barbadians will pay at the pump as if the oil was purchased at $300.00.

    Isn’t the reverse now happening, where oil has dropped from some US$96.92. to US$82.33, and yet – “ABSOLUTELY NO” reduction locally at the pump, despite what the policy or the LAW provides. Budget provisions becomes law.

  19. @ Observing
    “If you always do the same thing, you will get the same result always”
    These days are such funny nights that this ‘rub’ is no longer even true.
    Even if you always do what you always did
    you cannot be assured that you will continue to get
    what you always got….

    Remember Granny Earth?
    when ever she felt ill and tired she simple had a hot cup of bush tea, a good night’s rest and BINGO!… she was back on her feet.

    But there comes a time when, no matter how much bush tea she drinks, and how much rest she takes… the inevitable occurs. THAT IS LIFE….and death.

    Now it is Granny Earth’s turn….. and wanna ‘doctors’ can speculate as much as wanna wish….dust to dust

  20. Let’s see the big picture, it’s NOT important which party wins the next elections, what is MOST important is that Barbados gets out of this rut. Let’s stop talking B or D, the only B we should be seeing is BARBADOS and the only D is DELIVERANCE. It makes no sense this country is in trouble and half of our people with a contribution to make, some from the BLP and some from No Dam Party many of whom are only interested in help this country moving forward, but because they are not from the ruling party, they are muzzled; that is childish. After Barbados has lifted it’s head out of the water, they can resume their fight for a public show but certainly not now. If our dollar is devalued most of these very politician are going to jump ship and head for greener pastures but most of us are not that fortunate.

  21. DLP Already Shown the Red Card making Tuesday an exercise in more time-wasting:

    It would seem that the result of the recently conducted poll – serves our DLP Government notice that: “its dangerous mismanagement of the Barbados economy” and its ‘willingness to hold Barbadians taxpayers hostage and punish them with increased taxes,’ each time the DLP gets it wrong – has consequences and will no longer be tolerated.

    The honeymoon is long over and a bitter winter with the DLP would be guaranteed.

    If dumping the DLP is what is required to save Barbados – then that is far preferable to waiting until our country is downgraded to junk-bond-status or finds itself again in the hip-pocket of the IMF.

  22. @Bush Tea
    True words. Nothing lasts forever. Every cycle must come to an end and begin again. Just have to enjoy this one as much as possible while posting on BU in between 🙂

    Partisanship is too ingrained in our local culture. Even promoted blindly by those with agendas. For the ideal you’re asking for to happen new leadership will have to take over.

    @Henderson, or anyone for that matter
    Is there a difference between “mismanaging the economy” and “mishandling the recession?”

  23. @ Observing – Here is your answer:

    Series two: “DLP’s Time-Wasting Sequel.” Parliament: Next Tuesday, 4:00 p.m.


    I keep hearing the surprising argument that despite a US downgrade, United States’ bonds and stocks are being gobbled-up. I would think that the reason for this is very simple. It has to do with protecting your country’s domestic interest.

    In this regard, China might even buy more US debt – adding to the $2 trillion it already owns – as oppose to ‘selling what,’ or even ‘any of what’ it now owns. The simple reason is that – the more dollars China sells on the market, the US dollar will fall. “For China, that would mean that the Chinese currency, for example, would then become more expensive, making Chinese exports more expensive on the world market.

    This is what you call: ‘a government, acting in its country’s national strategic interest.’ It would seem that the Chinese, like other countries – are extremely concerned about their exports becoming more expensive, which would have implications for economic growth within their respective countries and also, implications for domestic employment.”

    This shows the folly of: “the DLP’s hard-line; iron-fist, inhumane immigration policy of ‘willy-nilly’ deporting people from Guyana and the OECS,” many, whose only crime is, that they were the victim of Barbados’ lapsed immigration policy.

    The OECS was Barbados oyster, buying some 52% of our exports. Secondly, it did not occur to the DLP that Barbadian Agriculture needs immigrant labour from Guyana and the OECS, hence the need for harmony between our country’s immigration policy and its agriculture policy. And the DLP talks about ‘food security!’

    This is another example of a long list of reasons why the DLP was shown: “The RED CARD,” in a recent poll. It is further proof that next Tuesday’s exercise at 4:00 p.m., in Parliament – will be series two of the DLP’s: time-wasting sequel.

    “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” – Oliver Cromwell

  24. @ Henderson Bovell

    I am not sure if you buy vegetables in the Cheapside Market but in case you don’t, ask Mr. Caswell Franklyn, whom I see every Saturday morning who provide Barbadians with the majority of the produce on sale. He, like I stops and chats with every vendor and he will tell you that Guyanese Indians, St. Lucian and Vincentian Blacks rent 90% of the stalls. I have been seeing these same faces every Saturday for the past 10 years since I returned to Barbados. They have never been deported. They and their families live comfortably in Barbados. As far as I know, the bad blood between Barbadians and Guyanese was mainly caused by the Guyanese who were living and operating illegally in Barbados. I have two greatgrands who attend Luther Thorne Memorial. When I pick them up on evenings, I see many mixed race children (Black Barbadian-Guyanese Indian parents). It pleases the heart to see how well the Guyanese Indian dads look after their mixed race kids.

    For your information sir, Guyanese are still coming in their numbers. Read the following article.

    REDjet reports incredible results PDF Print E-mail
    Written by
    Monday, 20 June 2011 01:20
    -since launch of Barbados/Guyana flights
    SINCE the launch of its flights between Barbados and Guyana, REDjet, the Caribbean’s first low fare airline, has recorded “incredible results” owing to the support received from the Guyanese market. REDjet’s Director of Business Development, Robbie Burns made this disclosure last week, during an interview with the Guyana Chronicle at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal.
    He said: “Since the launch of the service from Barbados to Guyana, within four weeks we have achieved all of our targets for the first quarter, the route has grown 25 percent.”

  25. @ Chuckles:

    So tell me then: who is responsible for the increased tourism numbers from Guyana, Trinidad and even parts of the US? The BTA or Low Cost Carries like Red jet and Jet Blue – even if numbers are up from America but spend is down?

    Since the Caribbean is Barbados’ 3rd best tourist market, should this country be praising Redjet and not the BTA for increased numbers, especially since these increased number from Guyana are coming: “IN A RECESSION?”

    Doesn’t that also highlight the fact that unlike Barbados – the well-managed Guyana Economy – “NEVER WENT INTO RECESSION?”

  26. @Henderson

    You sabotage your argument everytime you compare the performance of Guyana’s economy to that of Barbados. One is export led the other wholly dependent on services along with its heavy importation bill.

  27. Mr. Clyde Mascoll is highly regarded as a brilliant Economist. I am not an Economist. His article was published yesterday (Friday, August 12, 2011) mine on August 10th, 2011. We did not speak. I am not privy to meetings of the BLP’s Economic Team (even if some take place) and yet he writes:

    …”A policy of balance with respect to wage increases must be approached as follows: (1) workers earning less than $18 000 per year who qualify for the reverse tax credit must receive a wage increase;

    (2) workers over $18 000 but less than $25 000 who neither pay taxes nor receive the reverse tax credit must receive a wage increase; and (3) those who earn $25 000 must receive a combination of income tax relief and wage increase.” -Economist Clyde Mascoll


    The above links gives access to his entire article. Read mine again, especially as regards: Budget suggestions. Remember, Mr. Mascoll is an Economist, I am not. So! Let’s hear it…I am listening!!!!

  28. @Henderson

    Out of curiosity how do explain an economist speaking to the prescription needed with such certainty? You make the argument seem so simple. Does Mascoll still think we have a fiscal problem with the economy?

  29. If these BLP economists know the solution to fiscal difficulties, why do they not sell their expertise to Greece, Ireland, Britain, China etc? Economists what? Because they have passed an exam in it?

  30. The government has to stimulate spending in the economy by getting productivity going and getting the private sector involved alongside reclaiming CARICOM markets and foreign direct investments. I do not subscribe to salary raises at this time until these measures are dealt with. I do however believe that there should be an easing of the tax burden and incentives must be provided for the private sector. Moreover, the public sector despite the rhetoric must become dynamic and efficient hence an elimination of wastage. Starting point since these are crucial times, lower the number of Cabinet members and ensure that they are more accountable for the happenings in their ministries. Example, it is unsatisfactory that the Minister of Tourism speaks about high levels of tourists and after months of that talk, there are no $dollars attributed to intake despite the Central Bank stating quite clearly that foreign exchange decreased in the last period under examination. Barbados has to get a grip of things and the PM must challenge his ministers to produce or go. Those are the hard facts, it cannot be about the preservation of friendships or maintaining internal political support. Leaders lead, managers manage, and the followers follow when there is a clear vision and expression of purpose.

  31. @Henderson Bovell
    “Mr. Clyde Mascoll is highly regarded as a brilliant Economist.”
    By you , and who else?
    Is this the same Clyde who gifted $2m of taxpayers dollars to Hardwood Housing, and said after the principal abandoned ship, he would do the same again.
    Give me a break , the man is clueless as to entrepreneurial business.
    His pretty words may impress you and your fellow yardfowls, but those with actual experience on the ground, recognise the vacuity of his economic analysis and laugh in the face of his supporters.

  32. @Straighttalk

    By David Thompson and Owen Arthur, two former Prime Ministers. While I do not share all of his thoughts on the economy, who are you or me to challenge him? Looks like the UWI at least endorsed his credentials as an economist and I think his 1st degree was 1st class honours. I also think he was good enough to be the lead spokesperson for not 1 but 2 political parties.
    Anyway, I do not think everyone will subscribe to him and most of it is based on party politics. Let us examine what he says and see the merits or demerits of his arguments. Does that make sense to you?

  33. “My personal observation is also that some of our Branches are not meeting, the Zonal structure is dysfunctional and therefore our Party is displaying considerable weaknesses when we should be at our strongest.”


    Guess whose words – the above (which describe the morale in the DLP) are!!!

    The economy is in “D’cline” so the the DLP!!!!

    Look-out for a “gravy-train” budget next Tuesday!!!

  34. Here is a further hint of a DLP-FIRST-COUNTRY-SECOND “gravy-train” budget next Tuesday:

    “If we are unable to give the average Barbadian hope of a better economy, an ease regarding their direct and indirect taxes, improved amenities in the vicinity of their homes, better social services: general roads, heath care, housing for the lower income group along with a more efficient public infrastructure we will not win the next General Election.”


    Again, guess who is speaking above????

  35. Here is how you know the DLP is seriously rattled by the results of the recently conducted poll – and has already conceded defeat:


    “Our great Party (DLP) will be engaged in a very difficult General Election in the very near future, I do not have to tell you that it will require the Cabinet, the Parliamentary Group and the Party apparatus to be working in harmony to ensure a victory.”


    Again: guess who is speaking above!!!???? Does this mean: “a gravy-train budget” next Tuesday?

    Will the DLP attempt what Mr. Barrow warned Barbadians about: “allowing politicians to bribe them with their own money.” Will next Tuesday’s budget be what, David Thompson refers to, as: “POLITICAL HUSH MONEY.”

  36. Here is confirmation that even DLP members have lost confidence and hope in the DLP:

    ” I also note with compassion, that there is a lot of anger and frustration among the Party’s Rank and File.”


    Even die-hard dems feel let-down and betrayed by the DLP’s broken promises and the fact that it has so betrayed their trust and confidence.

  37. The BLP has launched a two pronged preemptive strike against the Gov’ts upcoming Budget and both GC Brathwaite and H Bovell have the same theme i.e. that it will be a “feel good” budget to ensure that the DLP gets reelected..

    They are both singing the praises of the brilliant economist C Mascoll (next thing he will be mentioned in the same breath as Keynes). Economist shmeconomist who cares? The man who caused the greatest harm to the US economy ….. well since the meltdown at Lehman Bros. never even studied Economics. John Chambers, the Chairman of Standard and Poor’s Sovereign Rating Committee majored in literature and philosophy and has a Masters in English Literature.

    To all the English Lit majors there is hope, to all the Economists hopefully a job somewhere where they will provide solutions to the economic woes engulfing the world.

    As the English major is inclined to say,. “Brilliant Economist”? Much ado about nothing

    • @Sargeant

      Read somewhere that one of the downsides to the global muck up is that economist will not be the most marketable in the future.

  38. @Sargeant

    Your comment is funny. I merely stated facts on Mr. Mascoll. On the upcoming budget, i am here in the UK far removed from Mr. Bovell despite the ease of technology. Moreover, my article would suggest that it is not so much a feel good budget but a political expedient budget. If for you they mean the same thing that is a matter of interpretation. Nonetheless, your comment was enjoyable to read, keep talking, someone may shine a light your way and CS may oblige and prepare a way for you.

  39. Anybody noticed that GIANT KITE flown by …… was it the CANADIAN DLP BRANCH President? I didn’t hear the full report clearly, and I am trying to get the information. But he did say something about Barbadians living overseas are expressing great desires to VOTE in the General Elections of THEIR COUNTRY!!

    Wasn’t someone warning some months ago, (I think it was my friend George Braithwaite) that the (D)eceptive (L)ying (P)arty would attempt to use overseas voting to leverage the outcome of the next elections?

    Isn’t this bare-faced Kite Flying a logical follow up to almost monthly fetes at Ilaro Court for visiting Bajans, and the inordinantly humongus interest paid by DLP people in those Bajans of the Diaspora. True, they are very important people too, and we LOVE them as our very own, but watch the motives of the DEMS!as though the DEMS believe that they can woo this (soon-to-be) constituency with jumbo shrimp prepared every-which-way, curry goat, all kinds of fancy finger food imaginable, and DRINKS flowing like the Mississippi River with its banks busted?

    Watch out for new legislation allowing overseas voting. I hope at least that those Diplomatic Bags bringing in the Overseas Votes are VERY CAREFULLY MONITORED! Let’s not forget that with the DEMS, all kinds of funny things happen with Diplomatics Bags. Remember Sweet Cam Cam, and those drug-laden bags from Venezuela when the Sweet man was Foreign Minister?

  40. And no, this had nothing to do with the TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR CHEQUE from Sweet Cam Cam, payable to Sidney Burnett Alleyne allegedly for “medication.” That cheque was exposed on the floor of the house by Tom Adams, The Great Errol refused to extend the courtesy of a next day reply to his stupid budget in 1976. Needless to say, Tom, in his immediately demanded reply, was devastating. He gave new meaning to being “unprepared”

  41. @George C Brathwaite

    I was never any good at riddles so would appreciate your explaining the following cryptic statement “keep talking, someone may shine a light your way and CS may oblige and prepare a way for you”
    If this is an inside joke let me assure you that I am on the outside

  42. Truthman Burton, Kerry Symmonds surely you can do better than this ! it is very sad that people pay you to represent them in court and this is the nonsense you are capable of, no wonder Mr Boolani wanted back his money he paid you the week before elections to obtain his Immigration status that you never got for him and he has hounded you down to get you to pay him back his $ 25,000.00 hard earned dollars.

  43. O.L., (same person as Sargeant), you are such an idiot!

    Still, I want you to say something about that hot air balloon sent up by DLP Canada Branch, flying the banner, “Bajans resident overseas wish to vote in Barbados General Elections”

    Am I the only one who has noticed the frantic Bajan Diaspora activity these pass four years? A clear indication that this move to overseas absentee voting was coming!

    Who in George Street put that idea in Reynold Austin’s head? A slimey, tricky move (thought to be smart, but really dumb), to use an almost unknown person like Austin to float the idea! HANTS and others in Canada, is there such a strong lobby up there for this? I smell a potential electoral fraud rat. You smell it too?

  44. Is the circus back in town? The clown called Truthman Burton is auditioning for a job and he fits the bill, all other applicants can go home. Clown how could you on one hand write that you are not the person whom other bloggers say you are but on the other write that the person posting as “OH Lord” is “Sargeant”?.

    Clown I have said this before and I will say it again. I find it distasteful going into a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

  45. Mr. Sargeant, my Brilliant One, your unintelligent statement and stupid attempt to denigrate me, may sound profound to you. You are effervescing and flowing over with your brand of wits, but your so-called cleverness reveals an embarrased man, an angry man, sorely dissappointed that the much vaunted DLP deceptive message of CHANGE in the 2008 General Elections, has not materialised at all!

    The freshness of the CHANGE promised by the DLP, and so eagerly expected, surely vents with the putrid (not fresh) scent of a large bag of flying fish, or shark meat left in MP1 or MP2, and parked outside the parliament buildings in Bridgetown, in the blistering heat, with the windows rolled up for 2 weeks!

    I say that, …. because within days of the fancy public swearing-in of the DLP Cabinet, in the elegant ambiance of the much-maligned Kensington Oval, (provided by the visionary BLP) the DOWNEY or DISICLIN fresh-scent of the DLP message of “CHANGE” had been overpowered by the stinking, rotten, odour of the George Street quagmire, business as usual!

    Oh I just love it when I get under the skin of you George Street CLONES. And YES Sargeant, THE CIRCUS IS BACK IN TOWN; here is the itinerary:.

    (1) FIRST PERFORMANCE beginning on Tuesday 16 August under the BIG TOP in Parliament Square, featuring One SINCKLER Bull Cow (OOPS, I meant SINGLE BULL COW), and an assortment of “CORNWELLS” on the front bench!

    (2) SECOND PERFORMANCE beginning on Thursday 18 Aug, (don’t know the venue yet) when the real Circus Clown, a Silent Clown this time, will be the only participant for the top Presidential job. There seems not any need this time around for the DIRTY POLITICS and UNDERHAND BACK-BITING DEALINGS evidenced in 2006 with the circulation of a DERISIVE MANIFESTO against the then alive David Thompson.

    To parallel one of FREUNDEL’S questions to the DLP FAITHFUL from HIS 2006 manifesto ATTACK on the late DAVID THOMPSON , I similarly ask the DLP FAITHFUL:

    “What has transpired since the ascension of David Thompson, in January 2008, and more so, since his death in October 2010, to encourage you or anyone else, to want the member of St.Michael South to lead Barbados anywhere at this time?”

  46. When contradiction meets crisis you get chaos and the DLP:

    “any reduction in taxes by the Finance Minister tomorrow – would constitute a reversal in policy and confirmation that the DLP does not know what is doing.

    Secondly, that any such reduction will serve as further confirmation that the DLP; its flawed policies and not any global financial crisis – are primarily what is causing the social and economic pain for Barbadians.

    Watch and see the down-side of ” gravy-train budget!”

  47. Truthman Burton, in the cut, thrust and parry that is part of the debate on this blog I have the singular talent to get under your skin. This is just another occasion where I have irritated you to no end and you have resorted to what you are good at .i.e. hurling invective at members of the other Party. I don’t count myself in that group because I have never joined a political Party but if you want to include me why should I challenge your assumptions.

    I couldn’t denigrate you if I tried your every utterance is proof of that, BTW are you sure that you are not the individual that some claim you are? It is curious that you brought up rotting fish when that individual spoke about 300 lbs of blubber perhaps it is coincidence that both of you have an affinity for marine life.

    If you want to write about infighting and backbiting you should look no further than your own Party where there is an Owen faction and a Mia faction and George the King maker. Is Owen Speaking to Mia? George and Owen “gree back’ after not speaking for several years. Does that mean that George is not speaking to Mia now? Is Dale loyal to Owen or George? Are any of the “Elders” who George dismissed as so much fluff speaking to anyone?

  48. This is not time to talk about in-fighting within the BLP or the DLP, this is time to be TRUE BARBADIANS/BAJANS, please see the big picture and let’s try to get barbados back on a steady path and then resume your fighting. You sound like a couple cussing each other while the aircraft is tumbling through the air to earth at a rapid speed.

  49. @Sargeant

    You are either a forensic scientist or a very good fisherman. lol. You have caught a big fish with little or no bait. lol

  50. With the Barbados Economy still in recession and with a serious fiscal crisis; and with the cost of living, inflation; crime as well as the fear of crime – on the increase, compounded by unemployment being extremely high by modern Barbadians standards and under-employment, equally as alarming – the question any Strategist would ask is: why would the DLP choose to bring a Budget the same week as it is having it Annual Conference – especially in circumstances where it has to keep one eye on the electorate, one on the election-clock and a third-eye on the IMF and rating agencies – unless it is planning to roll-out the gravy-train?

    I understand Minister Kellman’s pain and his frustration (as expressed in several comments to a post on Facebook, I posted, but which was removed). After-all, his out-going DLP is ‘a Party in retreat.’ It is likely that tomorrow it will announce expenditure cuts. Simply put, the DLP will confirm that it is not investing in Barbados’ future. So that, from tomorrow, it could be likely that until the end of the financial year ending March 31st 2011 – all the DLP will be doing is: paying wages and salaries; NIS contributions, utilities and accommodation.

    Having already understated expenditure to entities like the UWI and the Transport Board (to hide the true deficit) any alleged savings from expenditure cuts announced tomorrow – will simply go towards the very Supplementary that will be necessary to bridge the gap between what was originally budgeted and what the real Line-Item in the Estimates, ought to be.

    The only way to mitigate the economy shrinking too fast is the try to match the amount of cuts by placing disposable income in the hands of Barbadians. This is where the “gravy train” comes in. However, intelligent observers will know that this is merely trademark reversal of policy and further confirmation that the DLP does not know what it is doing.

    Tomorrow’s Budget will be: “yet another DLP time-wasting-exercise,” that will hardly fool Standard & Poor’s which has already downgraded the mighty USA. To say that the DLP is in panic mode is therefore only telling half of the story!!!!

  51. You flatter yourself Sargeant. What cut and thrust and getting under my skin are you speaking of? As I said before, you are a solid example of an angry, embarrased, and sorely dissappointed man in relation to the glaring failures of the DLP’s promised “CHANGE” and “FRESHNESS” , hence my comments on the bad smelling rotten fish …. nothing to do with Senator Kerry.

    Embarrased to the extent that you are ashamed to admit your George Street connections, even though to your credit, and proof of your blind loyalty, you support them in your every post.

    Both you and Hammy Hill are so unnerved and consummed with finding out who I really am, you just don’t know who you are bowling at, so on every occasion you run up to the “wicket,” what you see in your mind’s eye at the other end of the “wicket” is a dizzying array of top class batsmen: Kerry Simmonds, Clyde Mascoll, Dale Marshall, Peter Simmons and all of those other illustrious names you purport me to be under my pseudonym “TRUTHMAN BURTON.” You fellows have elevated me to a level of importance that humbles me!

    No doubt you are awestruck, so nobody is you serve up such drivel on this blog. Kind of reminds me of Kellie (a good man with a good heart) but considered to be the “jack-in-the-box of parliament”, jumping up to his feet every minute, yet saying very little of substance. I shall waste no more of my valuable time with you. Enjoy your upcoming CIRCUS EVENTS according to the itinerary I have set out in my previous post.

    Here’s a quote for the road from the 2008 DLP Manifesto : “The Barbados Labour Party administration is ultimately responsible for the fact that ordinary Barbadians cannot enjoy a comfortable living in this country. It is the job of the government and the role of the state to intervene in the market to correct failings of the system and re-balance inequities therein. ……….. Barbados can and should rest assured that a Democratic Labour Party administration will do something tangible and meaningful about this vexing issue of the cost of living because we are beholden to no one.”

    What do you think about these (P)olitical (L)ies & (D)eception from the backward DLP? Get it? PLD? DLP BACKWARDS?

  52. @The Scout | August 15, 2011 at 3:56 PM |
    “This is not time to talk about in-fighting within the BLP or the DLP, this is time to be TRUE BARBADIANS/BAJANS, please see the big picture and let’s try to get barbados back on a steady path and then resume your fighting. You sound like a couple cussing each other while the aircraft is tumbling through the air to earth at a rapid speed.”
    Hi Scout, I AM a TRUE BARBADIAN. I am showing my patriotism by warning against these George Street deceivers. Every single time they hold office in this country, they put Barbados in the dump! As usual, the rescue team is waiting. Somebody dependable is on board that hurtling aircraft, and that somebody is wearing a strong all-embracing parachute! I don’t have to tell you who it is.

  53. Truthman Burton, I am minding my business and have zero interest in establishing your identity, from what I gather from your ramblings you are inexorably linked to OSA (not Mia ) and you are hoping that he will be PM again so you can locate your trough.

    Awestruck is not a word I would use to describe anything that you did, Pity is the word for a man who has to explain his own feeble attempt at levity. I don’t blame you for hightailing out of here, I would too if I lost every debate on this forum but you will be back as you are a glutton for punishment.

    What business is it of yours where I reside? All you need to know I am a registered voter in a Ch.Ch constituency and when the bell is rung I will be there to exercise my democratic right.

  54. Sargeant, when I came online this morning, and saw your usual diatribe, including false opinions about me, I thought : What a rude, “smart-mouthed” man.

    (1) I don’t want to know your business. I was merely wondering if you lived in Canada, because I thought of asking you about the sudden appearance of a strong Canada DLP Branch lobby for potentially fraudulent absentee voting.

    (2) You have queried my identity on more than one occasion, so your protestaions fall flat. While your curiosity is of no importance to me, you DO itch to know who I am!

    (3) One thing you are right about: The DLP HAS made me an UNWILLING GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT, and so have they made ALMOST EVERY BARBADIAN. Four years of mismanagement and punishment is what this Government has dished out. Added to that, it turns out that their 2008 ILLEGAL Bill-board mantra, “Ready To Serve” really meant internal feeding from the “Fatted Herd”, not serving the people. One term is all they will get.

    (4) Are you describing what you and I were engaged in, as a DEBATE which you won, when like literal slime, you slipped and slided around every stinging comment and question I have placed before you?

    And finally, David Estwick appears to have pulled out his verbal Smith and Wesson, and is pointing it at Freundel’s head. Estwick evidently has a heavy heart and he agrees with me about the prevailing anger, frustration, and disappointment within the ranks, a consequence of the DLP’S utter failure at governance. I quote from his long letter to the councils of the party as he challenges for the post of General Secretary::

    “.I also note with compassion, that there is a lot of anger and frustration among the Party’s Rank and File …… In my opinion, and according to feedback from Party Faithful {the rank and file especially}, plus the wider public, at this time, the Party’s political voice is largely silent. Continually on radio programmes we hear that the public is losing trust in the party and its ability to influence society.”

    As Henderson Bovell constantly declares, “The DLP does not know what it is doing, and it does not know what to do.” They have brought about much “unhappiness with self” within their ranks, and unhappiness with self is the worst kind of unhappiness there is ……. look at what JUDAS eventually did to himself because of that same thing.

  55. Truthman Burton, what can I say? To quote P E Trudeau “I have been called worse things by better people”. You don’t even recognize the words of the man whose name you purloined, the muck raking WC Burton- Hinds. He used to begin his columns with the phrase “I am minding my business” and an astute individual would have picked up the reference but alas you adopted a moniker but knows little about the individual or newspaper from which you fashioned your name.

    Unlike you I have never joined a political party so any questions about the DLP in Canada would be best addressed to their members. I can’t hold a candle to you when it comes to sliming people as you are a past master of the art, I will refer anyone interested to the comments you placed under the topic “where Barbados Gwine”as a starting point..

    One last request, could you provide one example where I expressed any interest in your identity? I know enough that you only want to BLP to regain power if Arthur is the leader, the prospect of diving into that trough has you giddy in anticipation.

  56. Given that the primary aim of yesterday’s Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals was to: “address the issues and the fiscal performance within the Barbados economy, to stabilise and expand the economy and to take Barbados to a higher level of economic accomplishment,” are you sure that the measures announced will:

    (1) Restore consumer and investor confidence; (2) Put Barbados back on a sustainable growth path; (3) Reduce unemployment back to single digits; (4) Reduce the rate of inflation and (5) the cost of living; (6) Reduce the deficit to acceptable levels or (7) even reduce the national debt and (8) Reverse the over-reliance of the DLP on NIS Funds?

  57. This old article…..
    Seven days short of another year and how much tings remain the same…”an upside down Govt.”.wid blunders and trickery like mad…..We saddled wid a CIRCUS……RING THE BELL STUART …..YA CONFIDENT

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