Will Our Children Become Refugees In Barbados?

by Agyeman Kofi

I have but one favour to ask, after reading my rant and you think my rant from my Soap Box is a legitimate. I ask that you  add your voice by commenting and forwarding to everyone on your contact list and ask them to do the same. We have 115,312 persons in Barbados on Facebook and the politicians need to know how we the voters feel. I have a negative friend who tells me Bajans are too busy  to care about their rights unless it directly relates to them and I am wasting my time. Help me prove him wrong!

So let me want rant as the politicians have being saying recently and reiterate  its not my intention to promote anarchy. My only aim is truth,justice, equality, transparency and integrity as well preservation of the social fabric.

In 2011 the only things bajans seem willing to fight for is cake at PriceSmart. Many of you want to reap corn but not plant, but freedom is only gained and maintained through fight.

Why in 2011 neither the ruling DLP or the opposition BLP have seen the common sense in introducing Alien Land Ownersip Legislation. Our grandparents were slaves on the plantations and were rewarded with parcels of land after much exploitation. Many, in money ignorance have being selling and who aint selling, getting it compulsory acquired. Could our politicians be suffering from a case of using their bowels more than their brains or them just visionless.

South Africa with a land mass of  1.2 million square kilometres have found it necessary to introduce Alien Land Ownership Legislation. Yet, in Barbados the people who have built Barbados are being relegated to enclaves such as Coverly where they get to own a house with very restrictive covenants on their dying bed at age 65. Are my people thinking? Do the average Barbadian understand what is a legacy.

Foreign investors must be welcomed and in the free market system its only fair that land fetch its greatest economic value but at what cost in a country 166 Square Miles. How many of you are aware that many low level civil servants and low income persons have to be working for in excess of $2500  or join with someone to get a mortgage? Questions we need to ask ourselves, will our children and children be uprooted and be citizens without a home thanks to the purchase of land by foreigners with cash to spare. After the feting and partying are we so drunk in our docility to be unable to demand better from our politicians.

It would be wrong and highly irresponsible of me to ask Barbadians to boycott the next election unless the parliament of Barbados deems it necessary to gives us Alien Land Ownership Legislation.

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  1. The political directorate has always pushed the argument that Barbados relies on foreign investment, therefore to enact alien land holding legislation is seen as a deterrent. Who cares that history is replete with examples that this is not a sustainable strategy.

  2. If something is not done real quick we are going to lose our birthright. Why is it that a Barbadian cannot purchase land in Trinidad, Antigua, St.Kitts I do not know where else but every cat and dog could come here and purchase land.Politicians need to stop taking the money form these foreigners and get down to the real business of looking after the needs of the future generation.I consider this legislation as “sustainable development” for want of a better term. How is it possible that a Swiss who only relocated here in 2007 could form a company with Burdass from Royal Westmoreland and purchase all those lots from COW Williams in Apes Hill. He has 3 children, he is 40 yrs old he is obviously making provision for his kids. How could an Irishman come here purchase 7 Villas belonging to Sandy Lane and then sells them to other Iirshmen one of them being the man involved in the latest Ponzy scandal Mr. Obrief.How could an Englishman walk off the streets and acquire a loan fro Barbados National Bank for $693,000.00 purchase all that land down St.James, build that white elephant, and said he is selling the condos but not to any bajans, well now those perspective buyers are now in trouble since the papers were not finalised, they cannot get the keys, and he did not pass Central Bank regulations to get the loan but he got it more land for the foreigner. What are the politicians doing, we need a change.

  3. once a bajan can get up bathe, get dress and get in he car wid the window up and air condition on, he aint care about none of the above. dah’s how foolish we is. dey cud sell off all de land to de foreigners dey aint care.

  4. Remember our lavish lifestyle which has to be paid for. 70 cents from every dollar sprints from our shores. It is an equation which has to balance, what do you propose to replace the forex earned from real estate fdi with?

  5. Once the land is gone from Bajan hands it is gone forever! Instead of people complaining about returnees – who are in fact BAJAN – and in most cases will leave their property to family – they should be thinking about Tom, Dick and Harry.

    Many countries do not allow people to just walk in and buy up whatever they please.

  6. @pretty blue eyes
    my heart bleeds for what you have written but i feel that nothing would be done in our lifetime. we have a dependency mentality from our ‘pr-free’ days. we depend on the WHITE man to come and buy up our inheritance because we have been taught that we do not deserve better. that is why i have taught my children to buy up England too.

  7. Why does the white guy have to be blamed for wanting to buy?

    It is black politicians that are fully responsible and answerable to all Bajans that are permitting this travesty without properly thought out land use and foreign ownership policies. This is the crux of this matter. Sensible policy will accomplish foreign currency attainment, homes and jobs for Bajans. Voters must demand more of politicians who are only interested in feathering their own nests. Do you really think pols care about the peeps on the street? Who could put big $$$$$ in their pockets and believe me they dont care about race of origin as long as the Queen or dead Presidents are plentiful.

    Bajans should also buy in foreign lands too! I own an excellent piece of Toronto, my sister owns piece of Shepherds Bush in London etc All Bajans should work towards both goals where practical.

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