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  1. Just want to let the B U family know that Structure dismissed the competion last night in Toronto. John the king of deception and the rest of the crop-over whores( that’s the name given to one guy,but there are many more)will come to the realization that they can’t keep a good man down.

    • Found this write up on the show:

      I listened to the Canada Calypso Monarch competition final last might, on 105.5 Fm Radio Station, and the winner was Barbadian born calypsoian “Structure”, who won the title many times before. Structure is the winner. His performance was better than the other competitors were.
      However, I must say that I am very much disappointed in the bias attitude of Trinidadian born journalist Doyle Marshall. Mr. Marshall did not want Structure to win the crown. He was pro Beginner supporter and he wanted Beginner to win. The female Trinidadian commentator also showed her bias and some forms ignorance, by looking at some issues as Trinidadian interest, rather than the Caribbean community in Toronto and the wider GTA.
      I must say thanks to commentators Orlando Sitney and Jim Lewis for their honesty and their respect for Structure as the winner. Jim Lewis and Orlando Sitney predicted that Structure is the winner before the judges gave the decision. Yet, still Doyle Marshall was showing his anti Structure bias.
      There were two Grenadian calypsoian in the final, Redman and a female singer Spice. Mr. Marshall did not like Spice. He went as a far as saying, he do not know how she made it to the final. However, Spice came 5th in the final. Redman, who was a former monarch, came 7th.
      The reason why some OECS Canadian based calypsoians avoid taking part in Canada Monarch Calypso competition is, because they are tired with the Trinidadian bias insular attitude with it comes to calypso and the judging competition.
      Structure was the audience favorite, and the judges did the right thing. Finally, Grenadian born former Canadian Federal Member of Parliament, Jean Augustine, place the crown structure head as the winner.


  2. I could not remember that guy’s name but both he and the lady exhibited a level of ignorance in relation to the art. As commentators they forgot that we the listening public saw the show through their eyes,therefore such bias and personal preference never should dominate their broadcast.

  3. It was indeed a great night for Structure and Barbados, and again i am hoping that the minister of culture and the NCF can open their eyes and see the work that this guy [Structure] is doing and has been doing over the years to push the art form and fly the bajan flag in canada…..It is time for the bad treatment of the overseas base calypsonians to stop……we need a voice in competition at home, just like the locals, and not beign treated like outsiders! infact outsiders are treated better than us! just take a look at the POSTER! remember that song! the POSTER! by HOLLY!….well ok then!….e are still awaiting some answers from the NCF, The Minister of culture, and from John King……stop hiding and come out and say something…….Great job …It was a vintage structure in the Toronto finals….

  4. RPB has social commentary as well this year but it is what the DJs will play. Also bear in mind he is one of the few professional Calysonians in Barbados. He has to pay the bills!

  5. I guess the Bajan possee will be in Toronto next weekend for the Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival ( formerly called Caribana ).

  6. Rupee’s, “I Am A Bajan” may be catchy and well deserving but for those of us from yesteryear, let us not forget Sach Moore (sp) with “I’m a Proud Barbadian.”

  7. Now the reason i mentioned that the calypsonions should be given the option to register online or in person, is very simple! some of the tent managers either forget to register the overseas base artist! [as in really forget!] or they forget and keep forgetting [ as in, forget on purpose!] which brings me to John King [Tent manager of The Big Show!] Now he was responsible for registration of his tent, and somehow [FORGET] to register an overseas artist in Structure! [The current calypso king of Toronto] on arrival in Barbados, just before the preliminary round, he ws asked if everything is ok! as far as registration is concern! and he said everything is ok! and you are good to go…[ meaning Structure]….It was really not so, because after checking with the NCF, Structure found out, that he was not registered by his tent manager,..when contacted! the tent manager said that he left the paperwork at the NCF. But the NCF official said it was not so. Now all this is madness!!!!!!! and we need to hear from JOHN KING! and the NCF, because this is not going under the carpet!! this is the second tme that this happen!!!!! to STRUCTURE! so we need a voice form the NCF!!!!! and registration online from 2012……..more to come on the NCF this time, because all this, is just part 1 ok!…….lol i gotto laugh! for real!

  8. @ DAVID

    That’s the question we all want John to answer ok!….And on the most important night of his tent…he was a [no show] ah wonder what happened that night! remember he said early in the season that he would face the judges for party monarch!…..but he was absent on the night and did not proformed…….other commitments may be!!!!!….well only John can clear the air for us then!……David! this business is not as clean as it sometimes look from the outside ok!….and this is why we need answers from John, for starters……..I still have part [2] to bring ok!


    The local newspaper listed TC performing in another tent to judge her party song. This might suggest Big Show Tent was not judged!

  10. David the Bizzy Williams / Hallam Nicholls / Digicel, Tent has not delivered well this year they are reports that is is disjointed and not managing well, they omitted names to be judged and the communication has been poor, no wonder that there is confusion within the tent set up.

  11. I hope that the fans saw festival stage tuesday, and heard from the man himself Structure [ who is now back in Bim]. My question again is:- why would a Tent manager be absent from his tent, on judging night! …and he was not judge for party monarch in any other tent, like TC did o!!!!…..they are lots of problems with this tent……And poor management….what i amsaying is- even if the tent was not judged for party monarch [ and this was not the case!] thetent manager should be present on the night,,,,The most important night of your tent…..calypso judging night! and you are absent! was it an emergency!..that kept you away…Answers please!

  12. Rupee’s video featured above has made it all the way to the final of the PEOPLE’s Monarch run by Starcom beating out Fruendel by Adrian Clarke.

    It comes up against Mista Dale today.

  13. Call it a conference, call it a commission, call it what you will the fact of the matter is that Brian Structure Thornhill ,his witness and their attorney met with representatives of the National Cultural Foundation. It was here that he was given the assurance that he had met the qualifications necessary to face the judges. That night along with the other members of “De Big Charade” Structure took to the stage, with the understanding that THIS WAS COMPETITION. Not by the N C F ,not by tent manager John the king of deception,but through a reporter from Barbados Today Structure was informed that his performance was not judged. Are you kidding me? I sure hope not, for those responsible for this travesty shall come to the realization that an ant’s nest and Structure’s Hometown Fan base is one and the same.

  14. Mr. Minister people fa de most part like you. Ef you want dat to continue ,you better explain how dis ignorance happen pun you watch? When it is time fa praise wunna love to tek a bow, so dis one pun you head.Da Poster is a disgrace. Dis ent bout Machel, dis bout disrespect. Alison is de soca queen a de world ent she? Just watching dah girl walk does mek any red blooded man think bout de first time.You mean ta tell we dat she could’nt be de face a da poster? Wunna should be shame. My friend tell me wunna feel dat by kissing Kamla ass dat way would mek it easier fa red-jet,but I doan believe she. I was thinking dat de bajans should boycott de foolishness,but den again what was B N B is now T N T , so what de hell I know,other than this. Wunna Should Be Shame.

  15. Haah!!……You remember Observer’s Damage!!!….lol, well de damage is already done!…. by the Big Show tent manager and the NCF….and we ain’t sweeping this one under the carpet ok!…So it’s still time for some answers from both parties involve!…….and an apology and refund to Structure!…..And wait ah minute!!…Just what the hell were you thinking when you saw that Poster Mr. Minister!???…..Are you feeling ok!?? Just checking! because i am worried about you!…My God what’s next huh!????……

  16. Wherever you go, whatever you do…
    H A V E A F U N-F I L L E D & S A F E C R O P-O V E R W E E K E N D!!

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