Trinidadians "Take-Over" Of Barbadian Kadooment Bands

Big stick over Baje

Published on: 6/21/07.


SOME THICK FANS wanting to jump with the popular Baje International Kadooment band feel they’re getting the thin end of the stick. A complaint about discrimination and the unavailability of large-sized costumes has been making the rounds, claiming that only a limited number of “special orders” – which includes double and triple extra-large costumes – were offered to customers by Baje’s band, Lost Tribe. According to a few full-sized women who wanted to jump with the band, Baje only made five “special orders” for each of its eight sections.

Source: Nation

Read this news article and almost choked.

Hell, even the Kadooment bands getting “take-over” by the Trinidadians. This morning the story broke that fat people who want to jump with the popular Crop Over band Baje International are being told a loud, NO! The “official excuse” provided by the band leader Richard Haynes__only five “big costumes” were made for each of the eight sections of the band. Consequently Baje International is unable to satisfy the demand from the “big, fat and thick” Barbadians.


Now really Mr. Haynes! Please don’t assimilate the behavior of our politicians.

A reliable BU source confirmed that the close collaboration of Barbadian bandleaders with their counterparts in Trinidad has seen a CSME flavored alliance. If Barbadians want to jump in the popular bands during Trinidad Carnival, the Trinidad bandleaders have demanded a reciprocal arrangement. The Trinidad market is now a cheap source of materials for Barbadian bandleaders which has led to the current state where significant “spots” in Kadooment Bands are being reserved for Trini revelers as a way to sweeten the Trini alliance. BU have no issue with Mr. Haynes at Baje, all we ask is that he comes clean with the nation. The popularity of Baje International with Trinis this year is linked to Rupee performing on the big truck. BU recognize the effort of the National Cultural Foundation to encourage Trini’s to jump in Crop Over.

BU wish Baje International all the very best for Crop Over 2007

9 thoughts on “Trinidadians "Take-Over" Of Barbadian Kadooment Bands

  1. don’t why anyone want to jump with baje and those kinda bands anyway look and see if most of the designs aint the same as the ones from last carnival. too little material, bikini, beads and feathers. only section they would win in the biggest band. taking away from the true meaning of cropover.

    And besides big and thick is beautiful, Mr Haynes why not show that off too.

  2. Did we not read somewhere that barbados is the 12th country on the obese list? Seems reasonable that big people should be accommodated.

  3. We like them, big and fat and thick, NOT!!!
    Why don’t these women just go on a diet instead of getting on bad and talking about discrimination?

    Obesity causes all sorts 0f diseases, start looking after your health for goodness sakes, what are you going do wait till one of these fat women jump up in a band and catch a heart attack before we do something about the real problem in this country when it comes to weight,which is that there is to much fat on the road.

  4. Crop Over is we Bajan ting. Yet wunna allow Baje, Power X 4 and dem so to bring dem recycled costumes from trinidad every year, charge people a big set o’ money to jump wid dem, yet we got local band leaders who designing and mekking costumes don’t get recognised. I don’t care who get vex wid me, dem bands like Baje and Power X 4 are bands for wanna bes, all dem who trying to fit in the in-crowd. Yet dem dun know dem bands doan care nutten ’bout dem. $400 for a thong and beads, get real. I like to see the original small bands, the ones that cater to we bajans and bajan girls who look good even ef dem big but know how to respect and carry dem selves pon we road to we bajan music.

  5. Lisalight, seems you have problem wid thick people. Maybe you are one o’ dem lil hard@$$ people who trying this American ting ’bout to be beautiful u got to be boney. Wunna lil anorexic freaks better know what being beautiful is all about!!!

  6. lisalight u must be a real bone shaker, cause u in know that it would be impossible for everybody to be light like u.

  7. Hey Lisalight, You seem to be suffering with some internal racial problems. Black women originated from a strong and and healthy heritage. Where do you get off criticizing the sisters and their weight. Before you wish death on the black sisters go back to your history books and examine why and how obesity continues to plague our society. Trinidadian society is made up of a more diverse group than Barbadian society. Thus no need to compare.

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